January 2018 Monthly Challenge–Bring on the New Year!!

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January 2018 Monthly Challenge–Bring on the New Year!!

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  • Day 2 NZ NFD Raining here today. Very welcome it is too. Happy day folks.

    Day 2/FD/Melbourne Australia

    Firmly on the Dry Januarian’s wagon and looking forward to my first fast day in over two weeks. Starting weight 57.5 kg following a drop of .8 overnight – water retention due to a long flight. Firmly under my goal or target weight of 59kg set by WW but above happy weight of 56kg. Busy day ahead taming my vigorous garden after heavy rains whilst away. My cucumber vines have taken over. They really are behaving like triffids and have even climbed my fruit trees!

    Welcome back @chickensrock @elektron @stayinthin @lilymartin and @goldensun
    Welcome @kymboc @venusguri @nsaints @oh no nearly 50 @sassyfast @mickyd_2fat @healthytoo @oddsocks15
    @mcnorma and @oddsocks15 l found eating one meal in the evening easier than spreading calories over the day. Eating small meals throughout made me hungry. During the day I drink heaps of fluids and have a cup of miso soup at lunchtime. The salt helps. On NFDs I focus on portion control and load my smaller plate with heaps of vegetables, a small serve of protein and healthy carbs. Eliminating processed foods has really helped. It also helps to work on eliminating bad habits. In my case it was packets of chips/crisps and ridding the house of all temptations. As Dr Mosley said willpower is greatly overrated! I have none.
    Welcome @ruth145 focussing on one fast day at a time really helps to stop that dieting mentality. It’s the first way of eating I’ve found to stop yo yo dieting. I’m 65 and have been below goal for nearly 3 years.
    @fatrabbit you are truly Inspirational. Newbies with lots to loose I recommend reading @fatrabbit’s posts. For further inspiration search for buttonboots on the forums. Her posts helped so much when I started. Truly inspirational. Saddly she hasn’t posted for awhile. @buttonboots I hope you are staying well.
    @daffodil2010 how wonderful. Are you involved in the Dakar Rally?
    @bigviking and @emmataylor alcohol really is the 🐲I wish I could cork the bottle and enjoy a glass of wine with meals but I can’t stop at 🍷 I always pour 🍷🍷🍷 which leads to 🧀🧀🧀! So I’m firmly on the wagon for January.
    @at you are the glue that holds us together. 54kg was my aspirational weight. I made it but found it difficult to maintain, hence 56kg is my happy weight. I applaud your dedication.
    @debster251 I loved your poem on the December Challenge
    @anna6 and @diverdog hope you recover soon.
    @miraclelou 5:2 and decluttering a la Marie Kondo made a huge difference. I like to think I decluttered my lifestyle. So much happier. I began both in 2014 and have maintained my house and weight ever since.
    @awilson well said 👏
    @goldensun congratulations one of the joys of this WOL is being fit enough to enjoy grandparenting

    I’m loving my new iPad, especially being able to use the spreadsheet and the split screen view. Sorry about the long post. They’ll get shorter once the novelty wears off. Have a wonderful day everyone

    Hello all Day 1 NFD NI

    I see some oldies (meant in the best possible taste) have also come back to the fold
    @rainbowsmile and @chickenrock to name but a few.

    I have had a quick read through some posters on December’s challenge (been on computer for nearly 2 hours) and will continue to catch up on a few more over the days – to re-inspire me.

    @debster251 – congratulations on your new family member. I will catch up on more of your posts – haven’t read the poem yet so will look forward to that.

    @pashaw – so sorry to learn about the loss of your husband. My thoughts are with you and your family as you come to terms with the gaping hole left in your lives.

    @bert1802 – I haven’t read through your posts but intend to to catch up on your life as you bring an unique take on life that I enjoy reading about.

    @Strawberriesandcream – inspirational! Well done you. You remind me of a quote – Some people want a change but don’t want to change. I congratulate you for recognising and making the change that will achieve a much more healthy mind and body.

    @at – more of your posts have also yet to be read. But as always your care to the members of these challenges is second to none and for that I thank you.

    For those you have moved into maintenance – don’t forget to highlight your name in our spreadsheet. This lights up the path for those who are still travelling.

    For me since I had my foot operation I have found things tough, it was not as easy to get back as I had mistakenly thought. I’m still attending Physio but both he and the surgeon are pleased with my progress. I also think as well as being a tortoise I have a bit of bear in me – I just wish I could hibernate over the winter months. I’m not sure if I suffer from SAD but I certainly feel at times depressed, then I feel guilty – what reason do I have to feel depressed? I hate being cold and even when I actually did a fast day, I found feeling cold hard to bear. But maybe I was not as prepared as I could be, so note to ones self BE PREPARED.

    I also thought about my journey over these last few difficult weeks and liken it to the board game ‘snakes and ladders’. I was making my way up the board quite well and then suddenly stepped on a very long and slippery snake and have slid quite a way down – not back to the beginning but enough to feel my clothes feel tighter than they did. But I have thrown the dice again and will begin the climb back up once more- as I have asked myself many times – What is the alternative? So with all your help and inspiration – newbies and oldies alike – I have climbed back on the wagon.

    We sadly lost one of our new chickens (Chickpea) – not sure what happened. She looked a bit forlorn and sad one minute but then picked up and was pecking about. we were keeping an eye on her but when she took a turn for the worst a day or two later we made arrangements to bring her to the vet but she unfortunately died before we got there. She may have had gut and or crop problems, although we do add ACV to their drinking water. Still no eggs from the other girls but as the days start to stretch I am looking forward to their arrival with anticipation.

    We also had to have our cat put to sleep on Christmas Eve – He had disappeared on the Friday and when one of my sons found him late afternoon he was leopard crawling along not able to stand up. We thought he had been hit by a car but the vet after xrays ruled any injuries out and thought it more than likely a blood clot. They did a CT scan which showed an abnormality to the heart and although they put him on a drip and warmed him up sadly there was little or no improvement to the feeling in his front paws. I called to see him on Sunday and it was heartbreaking so see him try to crawl. I had to make the decision that was best for him. I still miss the jingle of his bell.

    My son’s trip to NZ is ever so close now – next month and he is off on his big adventure.

    Tomorrow I will take my head out the sand – see the damage on the scale and complete my first fast day of 2018.

    Day 2 – NFD Mornington Peninsula, Australia

    Spent the last hour reading all the overnight posts. Thank you @onahealthyhigh – it feels great to be back on the forum. It is so inspiring to read how everyone is going with both successes and setbacks as this is a true reflection of life. I should know as I heavily fell off the wagon in the latter part of last year. But I’ve dusted myself off and am happy to report that the first FD felt great. It made me wonder why on earth I dropped the ball when it feels so good to have a break from thinking about food and just get on with life? The scales were kind to me showing a nice “dispatch” this morning so feeling an extra spring in my step as I head out in the garden with my dogs and chickens. Planning for a morning tidying up around the fruit trees then a swim in the pool. Have a lovely day everyone!

    @oddsocks15 I’ve always gone for liquid, 0 calorie fasting days. I’m afraid, once I start eating I struggle to stop at 600 calories, so find it easier not to eat at all.

    Day 1, UK , first FD .
    It went well I think, had one meal in the afternoon, and some home made Kefir in the evening. I have a bit of a problem with discipline, I tend to think 500 or 550 cal is the same. I think I went over 500 but still, I’m not complaining.
    On a side note …. where do you people find all these nice smilies I see in so many posts? I don’t see them anywhere :/

    HI all Please can i join unsure if I add myself to spread sheet or someone does it?

    I’m sammie 26 from Gloucestershire this will be coming up to my 3rd year anniversary doing 5:2. I have so far lost 4st 4lbs and would like to lose another 1.5-2 stone.

    Today is Day 1 and it’s a NFD tomorrow will be my first fast of 2018. My goal is to break through the plateau I have been stuck in since July !

    Day 1 – Massachusetts – nfd

    Hello new and old friends! This is only my third month on 5:2 and it is indeed working for me, so I am excited to stick with it. Nothing else really has. My big problem is sugar. Everything else I can control, but it’s always a little chocolate here, a little chocolate there, a piece of cake and then a diet is ruined. 😫 So starting this month I am going to try the no sugar on weekdays rule. My weekends are often filled with social events that makes it difficult to avoid sweets, but I think I can manage during the week…. with you to hold me accountable! Let me know if anyone wants to join me. This is probably a no brained for you guys, but I really struggle with this! The good thing is with this WOL I have still been eating sweets all along and still been managing to lose weight, but I don’t anticipate I will be able to keep doing this and lose as I get closer to my ideal weight. I am 5’2” with a small frame, so I think my ideal weight would be somewhere between 110-115 with a BMI of 20-21. My goal this year would be to reach my ideal weight by my birthday and enter maintenance! That would be so exciting.

    I start my first Fast of the year tomorrow! Looking forward to reading about your journeys.

    Perth, Western Australia
    Day 1 – NFD
    Day 2 – NFD
    Happy New Year fellow IF’ers.
    I can’t believe I actually lost some weight in December. Considering how much I consumed and far fewer FDs, it’s amazing. Less than 1kg until I reach my goal weight!

    Day 1 NFD Oregon, USA

    Hello! Is it possible to still join this? I have known about this plan for a while and wanted to do it, but I am really motivated here at the beginning of the year, and I think this monthly challenge sounds like a great idea!

    Thank you and happy new year to all!

    Day 1, Mountaintop PA, FD

    The enthusiasm for January, the first month of 2018 is invigorating. I am 71 and have been walking and hiking with my Fitbit for 4 years. I thought I was at my goal last spring and then I lost 10 more pounds maintaining since October-November 2017. 50 total pounds gone. I was a US 14-16 and now am enjoying 8’s and 10’s. I can almost fit into the dress and jacket I wore on my wedding day nearly 50 years ago. Maybe that day will come in 2018.

    Fast days usually Monday and Thursday. I Enjoy a 400 calorie protein waffle with berries, banana, kiwi for breakfast and a 300 calorie dinner salad with protein dinner. 700 to 800 calories per day.

    I walk 3 to 4 miles most days of week, weather permitting. My Fitbit keeps me on track. Lost 32 pounds in 2014 and 2015 and maintained for 2016. 18 more pounds lost until my current maintenance weight of 140-142. Sticking with the Fast 5:2 recipe for health and vitality.

    I started the Intermittent Fasting to help my husband lose his belly. I lost mine and he is still struggling. Never give up. I now eat smaller portions, enjoy LCHF (Low Carb High Fat) and a sugar treat now and then. FD’s are dry and that is enough for me.

    Congratulations to the maintainers and good luck to the newbies. Thank you to @mjrbcd44 for hosting.

    Hi all, I’m new to all of these and excited to join you in January. I need to lose 15 lbs to get to my ideal weight.
    First day is tomorrow Jan 2nd for me. Looking forward to your posts and support.

    a Wilson would you please add me to the ‘dry January list’ thanks. I’m from Caloundra on Wld Australia. 🌸

    So good to hear from you again @steffieeagle
    your journey is very inspiring! Amazing progress (and you’re right at the weight I’ve set for my goal.) Looking forward to reaching it in 2018.

    I’ve already got you on there @healthytoo
    ….and the list has already worked for me. Usually when I’m cooking dinner, I put on music or a podcast & sip a glass of wine. Not tonight! I thought of our Dry Wino pocket list & popped open a fresh fizzy water to sip while cooking instead.
    Thanks for keeping me strong!

    The Dry Januarians pocket List is growing!.
    Planning a No Wine (No Whine!) start to the New Year? Add your name to the list for extra support!

    @toddybear (beginning on the 16th)

    @happymargo Thanks for the warm welcome back. You too are very inspiring dealing with your health issue last fall. All good now for you. I love your description of the foods and exercise on your colorful calendar. It will add up to quite a graphic achievement. All of our stories help others steer the IF Fast 5:2 course. We want to be healthy.

    Already started HCG diet a day ago. Feeling very light and low energy 🙁
    Anyways, i am going to update my Previous weight and 3 days after hcg diet weight in next few hours.. (Soon i am going to complete 3 days HCG diet)..


    @shannon123 I’m curious, what is the HCG diet? I noticed you blog about it. How does it fit with fasting?

    Just googled 🤔

    Day 2, NFD, Norway

    @mjrbcd44 thanks for hosting this months 🙂

    Happy New Year, finally time to get back on track.
    January will be my 6th month doing this, and so far lost +/- 10kg (22lbs). I havent weighed-in the last week of December, a mix between “forgot it” and “didnt dare to”, but i will do it as soon as i get back from work today, also need to do my measurements, found out it has been a whole month since last time. Over the holidays i’ve gained ca 1,1kg (2.4lbs). Not happy about it, but how can one not gain during these slack times 🙂 Just have to pull up my sleeves and do my best for the new month and new year. Only 64 days until my New York/Miami/Bahamas-trip!!

    Day 2, FD, Melbourne

    Today was my first fast day in well over 2 years. I’m really happy as I was scared I would get hypoglycemic (which I have done in the past), but it’s almost dinner time and I had no issues.

    I’m also really impressed with my determination this time around; my husband wanted to take me out to lunch and I was able to say no. Eating out is one of my favourite things in the world, and probably part of the reason for my weight problem.

    I had breakfast and lunch today, but I think I’ll try skipping breakfast on my next FD to see if I’m less hungry. Was interesting to note that I felt cold today, which the newbie post explained.

    I normally tend to overindulge on the day after a FD, so I’m hoping that I won’t tomorrow.

    1st fast yesterday and I managed a water fast with two coffees around 34 cals. Not too bad but there were moments!
    Today I’m going to try and be careful what I eat esp with regards to carbs. I’m hoping to be a little more relaxed at the weekends.
    Looking forward to hearing how everyone else is doing. The book that Emma recommended ‘the obesity code’ is really good, I’ve been listening to it on YouTube. There is also one in intermittent fasting which I will listen to once I’ve finished the first one.
    Have a good day everyone

    Thanks for the advice about FD, I feel a little less scared about it now!!

    First day back at work after Christmas break today 🙁🙁

    Day 2, UK, NFD
    80.3 kg. Yesterday turned into a FD. I think January will be an AFD month for me until the excesses of December have been shifted.

    Day 2-FD-Uk

    First fast of 2018 bring it on x

    Day 2 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – FD

    Good controlled day yesterday, just over 600 calories consumed. Tons of water. Many toilet trips, I felt I was whooshing…but still the same weight this morning. My face still looks a bit puffy and I am waiting for my TOM so probably explains the weight plateau.

    Back to work today. Only 2 days to work then my trip!! I want to get to 132 by tomorrow 😱
    It’s going to be a liquid only fast…..I find an LFD works well with me. When I first started the WOL I would never have thought I could fast on liquids only, let alone do back to back FD’s but I have been inspired from my early days on this forum.

    So welcome to the newbies, keep posting daily, read others stories. Have the courage to try something new and you never know, it might work for you ☺️

    @onahealthyhigh No, we are not involved in the Dakar 😄 How cool if we were 😀
    This trip to Peru is to watch the start of the Dakar Rally. It’s a bucket list item for my DH, he follows the Dakar (especially the motorcycles) avidly every year, and this year we helped in a crowdfunding for one of the riders to bring a camera crew along. So, we decided to take the plunge and head over to see him off! We were going to try to follow it through Peru but logistically it’s a nightmare…..so instead we are going to be tourists for the rest of the time. I really am so excited about this trip ✈️🏁

    Happy 2nd January all

    Day 2 Preston Eng-NFD
    Did my first FD on NYE and if I’m honest I kind of enjoyed it (in a weird sort of way)🤔 Yesterday was controlled (1500 Kcal ) and I managed to get through that quite comfortably too. Today is another story though, this is going to be a tricky one! Back to work for me then straight on to a football match (MCFC v Watford) this evening, and its usually chicken burger and chips plus fries, plus sweets, plus cake, plus more sweets, plus, plus plus plus….. You guys gets the picture. 🙈 I do intend trying to eat little and healthily but gotta to be honest, it won’t be easy. Wish me luck guys and I’ll let you know tomorrow how I get on.

    Hi joblott44, well done and try and keep strong tonight – easier said than done I know. I had first fd yesterday and it went ok – so trying to be ‘controlled ‘ today!! I notice you are in Preston? I’m just down the motorway in Kirkham.
    I’m feeling positive at the moment and I think being part of the challenge helps – it’s often isolating doing a diet on your own. Have a great day and I’ll look out for your posts

    Day 2 UK NFD

    Yesterday turned into a fast day again as my mouth still hurts and eating holds little appeal at the moment. So I only ate a bowl of dahl with fried mushrooms and some spiced pears at 5pm. I estimate this was about 800 calories which always works for me. I am now 140.8 lbs. BMI 21.1. Getting very close to the ten stone milestone…I

    Another soggy day. Not sure how to get the work done. I don’t mind getting wet but it feels mean to turf the rabbits out to clean their beds, and the bedding I put in would be damp too. But they really really need doing…

    Day 2 Belfast NFD

    A confused puppy put me off yesterday’s plank, which was hard enough without a little furry face smuffling around my neck. She has to get her last injection next Saturday, then it’s a week until she is allowed out. I can’t wait to go exploring the woods with her. Pilates doesn’t start back until next week so I must stay focused.

    @goldensun – welcome back and congratulations on your new grandchildren.
    @pashaw I was sorry to hear of your loss. Coming to terms with the emptiness in your life must be hard. Sending you cyber hugs.
    @coda – you’ve certainly been through the mill my friend and I’m so sorry to hear about your little furry friend. We look forward to seeing you back.
    @shinything – are you posting from a phone/tablet or a laptop? On my iPad keyboard there is a little smiley face at the bottom left of the keyboard.
    @leggit – Sugar is my biggest downfall. I’m with you!
    @joblot44 many of us here enjoy fasting. There’s something wonderful waking up the next day to an empty feeling!

    I’m re-posting a link that @mjrbcd44 posted last month.

    Today’s a big clear-up day. Decorations to the roof space and a good clean. Therapy for sure. Have a good day everyone.


    Day 2, Cornwall UK, NFD

    Did a good Fast Day yesterday but I am really feeling the hunger, even after a good breakfast. It seems some fast days are ‘hungrier’ than others. Just have to make sure I don’t over-eat today. Maybe have a few nuts.

    We had a lovely walk on the beach New Year’s Day and I’ve noticed a big change now I have shifted 17kgs. I used to have that feeling that my extra pounds where following half-a-second behind me when I walked and I didn’t like it! I noticed yesterday that feeling is now gone. So for all you people out there with a lot to lose (I’ve another 24kg to go) this is a reminder that you start to feel the benefits way before you reach your goal weight. This feels like a ‘reverse marathon’ – my body feels better as I get into the race!

    Day 2, Cornwall UK, NFD

    @debster251 – can you remind me of the details of the ‘plank challenge’ please? I love my yoga and we are in a two-week Christmas break so am really missing it. I can do about 20 seconds of a ‘plank’ at the moment, so some improvement would be good!

    Day 2, Gozo, Malta, nfd

    I’m still sick 🤕. Thanks onehealthyhigh for your good wishes. It’s not possible for me today to do a fast day.

    Have a good healthy Tuesday everyone.

    Day 2 – 🇬🇧- NFD

    Yesterday’s FD went well however no shift on the weighing scales, not surprised in light of my over indulgence!

    I started running again yesterday which may also have something to do with it – i recall a thread about exercise & 5 2 and water retention.

    Will keep it controlled today with another FD tomorrow 😊

    Day 1 Newcastle UK NFD
    Day 2 Newcastle UK FD
    Well here we go again looking forward to getting back to sensible eating after the over indulgence of Christmas & New year. Hoping everyone had a merry Christmas & wishing you all a happy New year.
    Didn’t get on the scales once until this morning omg. 205lbs. August last year I got down to 180lbs. My personal test will be to get back to that weight ASAP.

    Day 1, Wales, UK, FD

    weight: 53.5 kg

    I am new to this board, but not to the IF idea. 🙂
    I am looking for an online community to offer and receive support and encouragement.

    I haven’t put fasting into practice consistently (until now- I hope!). One reason I haven’t dived in till now is that I am currently at a healthy weight. However, I used to be very active and felt like I was ‘healthy’. Since moving to the UK from South Africa I have been sleeping, eating, drinking and sitting a lot more than I used to, and I can feel it!

    I am looking to improve my relationship with sugar and booze, and I am hoping that might have positive side-effects for the amount I sleep too. I usually feel like I need around 10 hours of sleep each night to feel rested, and I feel like that is too much. I have noticed that I sleep longer and deeper if I eat a big carb-rich meal for dinner, and can barely fight off a nap after chocolate and ice-cream.

    I would like to see how my sleep differs on FD nights compared to NFDs. I think that this way of life has so many benefits: for brain, heart and vascular health, that I want to do it anyway, but I am curious about whether it will impact on my sleep too… and if it does – it would be life-changing!

    My goals for January 2018

    Two FDs per week (black coffee only)
    Limit sugar on CDs and NFDs
    Alcohol once per week
    Record sleep
    Reintroduce exercise

    Day 2, Wales, UK, FD

    Weight: 52.6 kg

    Yesterday I felt surprisingly good! usually when I fast I feel horrible- hypoglycaemic, nauseous, weak, dizzy, horrible taste in my mouth, shaky. I was hungry- but didn’t feel sick!

    Today I didn’t feel sick or weak on waking up either. 🙂 This has never happened before. So today is my second FD in a row. Let’s see how this goes!

    Looking forward to getting to know you all. 🙂


    Day 1, Wales, UK, FD

    weight: 53.5 kg

    I am new to this board, but not to the IF idea. 🙂
    I am looking for an online community to offer and receive support and encouragement.

    I haven’t put fasting into practice consistently (until now- I hope!). One reason I haven’t dived in till now is that I am currently at a healthy weight. I used to be very active, but since moving to the UK from South Africa I have been sleeping, eating, drinking and sitting a lot more than I used to, and I can feel it!

    I am looking to improve my relationship with sugar and booze, and I am hoping that might have positive side-effects for the amount I sleep too. I usually feel like I need around 10 hours of sleep each night to feel rested, and I feel like that is too much. I have noticed that I sleep longer and deeper if I eat a big carb-rich meal for dinner, and can barely fight off a nap after chocolate and ice-cream.

    I would like to see how my sleep differs on FD nights compared to NFDs. I think that this way of life has so many benefits, for brain, heart and vascular health, that I want to do it anyway, but I am curious too about whether it will impact on my sleep too… and if it does – it would be life-changing!

    My goals for January 2018

    Two FDs per week (black coffee only)
    Limit sugar on CDs and NFDs
    Alcohol only once per week
    Record sleep
    Reintroduce exercise

    Day 2, Wales, UK, FD

    Weight: 52.6 kg

    Yesterday I felt surprisingly good! usually when I fast I feel horrible- hypoglycaemic, nuseaous, weak, dizzy, horrible taste in my mouth, shaky. I was hungry- but didn’t feel sick!

    Today I didn’t feel sick or weak on waking up either. 🙂 This has never happened before. So today is my second FD in a row. Let’s see how this goes!

    Looking forward to getting to know you all. 🙂


    Day2, Melb ,Aus FD

    Day 2……Florida…….FD

    Ugg! I do not want to go to work today, only because it’s so darn cold here…..we are sitting in the mid 30’s this morning……Does Mother Nature not know Florida is suppose to be warm! What a piss pot, she has been lately!

    I did wake up to over 50 emails for this forum, so it will take me a min. to catch up!
    But I will…… I just had to limit to half as I really should try to be on time for work today…….

    I did notice a couple newbies, were wondering what a typical FD looked like. Let me say first, everyone approach theirs different. There is no wrong way, however it works for you, is the best way.
    Here’s my day…..
    I start the night before around 8 pm…… this is the start of my fasting period. Waking in the morning until I head to work which is about 3 hours, I drink three cups of coffee with sweet n low and 4tbsp of fat free half and half, this is about 50 calories Yes, I do measure. During the day, I try to drink water but normally just drink my diet my dew. I eat lunch around 12:30-1:00 pm, which is normally some type of vegetable or small salad…. nothing over 50 calories… I get home around 5:15, and I have another coffee while making dinner, then dinner with the family. I do not eat something different from them just what ever it happens to be. I try to keep it around 400 calories, sometimes I’m under sometimes I’m over……
    I do chew a lot of gum……
    Each and everyday, Fasting does get easier, beginning symptoms fade and sometimes you will find you’ll have an accidental Fast with out realizing it…..

    Lastly, do not use the scales as an indicator that this WOL works……It will not be truthful with you. most lose more inches then lbs…… this is what you want.

    Okay, I must be off…….

    I’m going outside to stand, so if anyone asks just tell them I’m OUTSTANDING!

    Day 2- Colorado USA – FD

    First FD of the New Year. Going for hot calorie-free liquids all day. Then see if I feel like eating a small (under 500 cal) dinner or not. I do have loads of veggies ready to go if I do decide to eat (cauliflower, cabbage, spinach, zucchini & cucumber.) They’re very filling! Absolute life-savers. Makes me sad for OH that he dislikes them so much. Maybe with creative recipes he’ll find a few to enjoy!

    I’ve got to run now…just barely time to lift weights before showering for work. I’ll catch up on posts later.
    Everyone have a terrific 5:2 day!

    Day 2, South Wales, FD

    @mjrbcd44 – Thanks so much for hosting this month! I’ve added my details to the spreadsheet.

    I am looking forward to a reboot after the hols, but pleased not to have gained anything!

    I have 9lb to go until my goal weight and have lost 29lb since April 2016
    @cornish-jane – I agree entirely, I’m feeling the benefits even before getting to my goal!

    Second post
    Congratulations on your achievements @CornishJane. So many times, people have complained about the scales not moving, but have noticed clothes getting looser or physical differences. When I was stuck on a plateau I actually noticed my belly didn’t get in the way so much during my Pilates class! You’re doing fantastically. 👍

    The links below are for a couple of clips. I personally find the elbow plank much harder than doing it on extended arms. Good luck.



    Good to see you back @SteveToonTaxiDriver. You’ll soon despatch those extra pounds!

    @bert1802 – another cracker ending Lol!

    @anna6 get well soon!

    Day 2, London, UK, FD

    Well, I’ve finally caught up with 4 pages of posts!!!!! So, 3hrs later, here goes!!!!

    I saw my ATL (All Time Low) weight after the 2nd week of December, then I fell headfirst into the Xmas chocs & treats…….. THEN I went back on the booze after staying dry until 22nd. Sufficed to say, there HAS been a gain, not only from my ATL, but from Dec 1st weigh-in, I’m now back to Nov 21st weight……… Uh-Oh!! This is my 2nd Xmas on 5:2 and once again I’ve spectacularly hurled myself off of the wagon!! Must do better next Xmas!!! But, as @bigviking said “it’s a heck of a lot lower than where I was a year ago!” (32lbs in fact!!) which chimes beautifully with my all-time favourite courtesy of AT ……. “If I quit now, I will soon be back to where I started. And when I started, I was desperately wishing to be where I am now”…………..… I really need to find a place to tattoo that!!!!

    @diverdog, keep us posted on your experiments and remember that red wine certainly falls within a plant based diet too!!!

    @lilymartin, good to see you back, that reset button is there for a reason!! I’ve had a few 1000 calorie days, patted myself on the back & said “Yep, successful FD complete” ………………… Eeeerh, No!!!!!

    @mjrbcd44 – congrats on the (limited!) NYE night out, everything in moderation!!!!

    @coda, so glad to see you back, sorry for the loss of chickpea and your cat, no more pets for me …………… I just can’t bear the loss.

    @bert1802, you are indeed OUTSTANDING!!!!!

    I can’t wait to get back to work on 9th, because FDs at work are soooo easy, I’m sure once the house is empty of goodies (baddies!!) I might find home-FDs easier……… It’s really a mental thing about surrounding myself with ….. “Stuff” which I don’t do at work.

    Thank goodness for this forum and particularly for @simcoeluv ‘s timely post below, otherwise there WOULD have been tears!!!!


    Jan aim – Join the Dry Januarians & get back to below 154lbs (so aiming to lose 8lbs!!)……..Simple!!!!! I will also be using the spreadsheet, which I haven’t done for several months; however, I think laying it ALL out there will keep me more accountable.

    Pocket Dry-Januarians list
    @soup dragon
    @Oh no nearly 5 0
    @toddybear (beginning on the 16th)

    I’m sure a lot of newbies will be fearful of FDs then once you’ve complete one you’ll wonder what the apprehension was about and actually look forward to the next one!!! I think that’s what we call a confidence boost, having weight issues makes you doubt your ability to control your life…… “Why not ME!!!!” ……….. Just remember when the skinny people start berating you for ‘starving’ yourself, just smile politely and keep on keeping on!!!!!!!

    I hope everyone, new & old, is managing this start to the year with deserved optimism!!!!! Onward & Downward people, we’ve got this!!!!

    Day 2 USA (Utah visiting) — NFD

    FD yesterday went over 500 to about 750, but that was because my daughter brought me a lovely glass of white zin while watching college football. I still only managed one small meal that was quite healthy (baked salmon, Spanish rice, and green beans). And alll but one team I was rooting for won their bowl games.

    Congratulations to all of you January wine-free peeps. It seems like allowing those calories a few days a week for a glass of good red or rose is a way I can treat myself. I don’t seem to have any problem having just one glass with a meal, so glad it’s not been a problem.

    My UT daughter’s new boyfriend is a family practice doctor, and we were at his home for the football games and supper. I don’t know if he had ever heard of 5:2 or not, but he has now! My guess is if he has any patients who need to lose, he might even recommend it.

    Silver Sneakers exercise today then I am giving my pint of blood here for the first time. The radio said they had quite a shortage.
    Onward and downward.

    Day 2 Akron OH FD

    I missed day 1 because I was down in the dumps for some reason I can’t quite understand, I didn’t feel like talking to anyone or communicating. So glad I feel much better this morning.

    @bert1802 love your ending!

    @ultramel, you have come to the right place, there is so much support and encouragement here; you will feel right at home.

    @Stevetoon those extra pounds do not stand a chance.

    @pashaw my thoughts, hugs and prayers are with you.

    After all the over indulgences over the holiday, I was starving by 2:30 during my FD yesterday; the sugar dragon was out in full force. I will just have to tame the beast. I have extra motivation to get back on track because I joined the Maintain Don’t Gain challenge at work and our final weigh in is coming up on Monday; there is no room for error. I really want to win the free month of fresh meals delivered to your door; so here’s fingers crossed.
    I did not have time to read all the posts. But I noticed we have a bunch of new friends, I want to welcome you all to our group and thank you @mjrbcd44 for hosting us this month.

    Day 2 country West Australia NFD
    yesterday’s FD was just over 800 calories so it was a CD.
    Will try for a FD tomorrow when I go to work.
    I find it much easier to fast at work than when I am at home and around the house a lot.
    Mad dogs, Englishmen and Aussie farmers go out in the midday sun….
    Today spent the afternoon rounding up sheep in 37C heat and really feeling the effects now with a headache. Wouldn’t normally do such a thing but the sheep work must be done …
    Good luck to all 5:2ers.
    We can make 2018 awesome.

    Day 2 Wisconsin NFD
    Hello Everyone,
    Had plans to read ALL of the posts last night but only made it through about a fourth. I find the posts so helpful for my own progress and also a great way to get to know other posters, so I will continue to read later today.

    Happy with my NFD yesterday. Avoided sugar and did equivalent exercise (did not bike). Today have lunch plans (late holiday gathering) but know the restaurant well and plan to order a salmon salad sans dressing.

    To the gym this morning for biking (5 miles, rolling hills), yoga and tai chi.

    Good luck to everyone. We can do this! Take care, Markie

    Day 2, USA, NFD

    Hi Mjrbcd44 – I’m a bit late to the party but would like to join in. No need to add me to the spreadsheet tho as I just use the one on this site.

    I had a complete blow-out in December, so much so that I even stopped jumping on the forum. And as so many have pointed out, the forums help with accountability and keeping me honest. No forums, no accountability and I dare not get on the scales. I can FEEL how much weight I’ve put on without needing to see the number on the scale!

    So, back on track this year, and I am aiming for a B2B Wed/Thurs this week, and back to my old routine of FDs on Mondays and Thursdays.

    Good to “see” you all here – both familiar names and newbies.

    Day 2, USA, Missouri Ozarks, FD

    Hello all, Happy New Year! First day back at work since December 19th so I am rearing to go.

    And, ready to get back on the “fast” track. Get it, haaha….

    My ideal weight is 145, my weight this morning was 150.2 so I enjoyed the holidays but the damage is not so severe that it won’t be corrected this month. Well, that is the plan and I do feel motivated.

    I love the beginning of a new year – all the blank calendars and day planners – just ready for our life to fill in the pages.

    My best to each of you, so proud to share your journey.

    Hello all Day 2 FD (first for 2018) NI

    So far so good.

    @sjc91 – I see you have been added or added yourself to spread sheet – welcome
    @leewill – I have added your named to spread sheet – add whatever other information you wish – welcome
    @imanazie – as above and welcome
    @shinything – I can only add emojis when on my phone apart from by hitting : and ) one after another you should get a smiley face 🙂 – welcome.

    Day 2 – Massachusetts – FD

    Good morning everyone. This sickness just keeps hanging on! But I’ve scheduled my first FD of the year today and I am going to give it a go with soup nearby in case I feel unwell. I completed my fasts last week when I was sick with this cold and felt no different, so I think it should be okay. I’m not exercising right now, this cough prevents me from working up a sweat and the cold weather prevents me from taking a walk (it’s 8°F out right now!!), so it’s a good thing you can still lose weight without it.

    The good news is I got rid of all the chocolate yesterday! The bad news is… I did it by eating it all. 🙁 I know, I know, not a great way to start off. But my weekly sugar restriction starts today! Going to really need to stick with it… already have plans for parties and brunches for the next two weekends.

    Good luck today everybody!

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