is it essential to follow your Tdee and BMR

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is it essential to follow your Tdee and BMR

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  • Hi Guys …

    I worked out my Tdee and BMR using the FD calculator and it seems to be alot of calories to be eating for my recomended Tdee and BMR!!, I didn’t even eat this amount before I started this 5:2/ADF lifestyle!!. Is it essential to follow somewhere close to these guidelines?. I really don’t feel like I wanna eat my recommended tdee and BMR cal’s, I mean … I can eat this amount but I’m afraid I’ll put on weight and fat if I do as it does seem quite a lot of cal’s!!!. I’ve also only been doing this 5:2 for 9 days so far and still fine tuning but, really enjoying it as I do look towards my fast/feed days!!.

    Any advice?


    Hi and welcome:

    First, everyone is different and those numbers are estimates. I know my TDEE, and the calculator on this site (and several others) calculates a number several hundred calories a day higher than what it is. If I ate to those higher numbers, I would lose little, if any, weight.

    I recommend that you try this calculator and use the ‘inactive’ setting to start: My general thoughts on TDEE are here:

    Here are some tips if you are just starting out:

    Good Luck!

    Hi simcoeluv

    Thxs for the info and the link …. Just tried the Tdee calculator on the mayoclinic link … even on the “inactive” setting … the cals were bit high for me .. but of course I can eat that but as I said before … just a bit afraid too!!. I then change the setting to active which actually “me” … then obviously .. the tdee was quite a bit more!!!. I don’t think I’ll try and go near that tdee but it’s good to know that I’m eating under the recommended tdee and BMR.

    But hey thxs again Simcoeluv .. appreciate the help!!. How you fing the overall eating plan? .. easy or did it take some time to adjust??… can you give let me know a bit about yr eating plan .. ie .. what you eat on fast days and feed days??.

    Thxs and kind regards


    I’ve been doing 5:2 for about 11 months. I travel a lot (over 4 months total last year), and choose not to do 5:2 when traveling. I generally don’t gain when I travel, and lose about a pound a week on 5:2. I’m down about 25 pounds overall.

    My eating plan is simple. I eat 600 or fewer calories of exactly what I feel like eating twice a week. On the remaining five days, I eat exactly what I feel like eating, but make sure that on average I’m consuming around my TDEE.

    It is the first diet I’ve ever been on that allows me to eat what I want (I did not say as much as I want) when ever I want to eat it. It is also a ‘cheap’ diet, as my overall food consumption is much less and my food bill reflects that fact. I, like many, find that eating fat and protein is quite beneficial and helps cut my hunger on diet days.

    Good Luck!

    my tdee I calculated at 1724 and my bmr at 1437. I have been following a 1250 cals a day and have lost nothing, but I don’t think I could possibly eat the tdee it seems way toooooo high. could I meet somewhere in the middle

    I would eat more calories than 1250. I ate in-between the two numbers and lost weight.


    You have not given enough information for me to make a recommendation.

    How long have you been doing 5:2? How much are you eating on your diet days? Or are you just eating 1250 a day seven days a week?

    Basically, the way to lose weight the fastest is to eat nothing. Anything above that slows down the rate of weight loss until you get to your TDEE, when you will lose no weight at all. When you eat above your TDEE, you will gain weight. It is really that simple.

    So if your TDEE is 1724 and you are really eating 1250 (even seven days a week) you should be losing weight, unless we are talking a time period of less than a month.

    I just put my goal weight in the calculator instead of my actual weight of (186) and it put me at a tdee of 1501. that seems more doable to me. I have been eating 1250 for about 2 weeks for seven days a week. I am officially planning to start the 5:2 Monday july 14,2014. at 186lbs my actual weight my TdEE was 1724 my bmr 1437 so 1501 is more or less in the middle. Can I do that? with my fast days being Monday and Thursday at 500 cals. Will that work for me??????????

    Hi Mama:

    As it has been only two weeks, you are probably dealing with water retention issues which will go away over time.

    Your real TDEE is used to help estimate the amount of weight you might expect to lose over time. It is not precise, and water weight ups and downs will insure the weight loss is not consistent. You can use your goal weight TDEE to help insure your calorie deficit is large enough to cause weight loss. Not only are TDEE calculators estimates, every one will give a different number and most people overestimate their activity level, making the results even less reliable. The calculator on this site is on the high side of the range.

    The BMR is there I guess for those that are curious. It is included in your TDEE, and has no impact on your weight loss efforts. TDEE is the number that counts.

    Given your original TDEE of 1724 (and assuming it isn’t too high, which it might be), on 5:2 you would expect to cut about 2400 calories a week from your diet and lose, as a result, about 3/4 of a pound (12 oz.) a week.

    The way 5:2 works is you go to bed, get up, eat 500 or fewer calories during your waking hours, go to bed, get up and eat to your TDEE or less – twice a week. On all 7 days of the week you can eat foods you want to eat – there are no forbidden foods, or foods you have to eat. For the first month or so focus on doing your diet days correctly (500 calories or less) and most everything else will fall into place.

    Here is what TDEE means:

    And here are some tips for beginners:

    Good Luck!

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