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Iflytoohigh's Journey | 4:3 + 20:4

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  • Hi, everyone!

    I’ve finally decided to start my personal journey (and thread for accountability) with the Fast Diet. I know most people probably introduce themselves in the Introductions thread, but I’ll just throw everything here. I’m hoping to update this continuously as I embark on this lifelong adjustment in my eating.

    Just a little bit about me: I am actually not new to fasting. I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease when I was 17 years old and actually had a small portion of my colon removed due to extreme inflammation and scar tissue developing as a result. I had tried a few anti-inflammatory medications, but around 22 years of age, I discovered fasting as a natural way of taking care of oneself; the side effects of my prescription medications were just too much for me and honestly made me feel worse.

    I’ve come to really enjoy how fasting makes me feel. It has allowed me to function without any medications for 9 years (I am 31 now). I’ve done more extreme regimes such as ADF, 46-72 hour long water fasts on a monthly basis, etc. However, no fasting routine has ever really been able to become a long term lifestyle for me. ADF is nice in terms of reducing my inflammation, but I prefer to have at least a little bit of food each day. In recent years, I’ve naturally settled into an OMAD way of eating, but I feel like it has somewhat encouraged me to overeat, since I was consuming all of my food within a 1 hour window. I know it works for some, but my fickle GI just cannot take it; I’m often just too full and uncomfortable after my meal(s).

    A friend introduced me to the Fast Diet as a type of “modified” ADF. I think I’ll enjoy this eating style moreso than the others, since it combines my preferred routine (ADF) with a more feasible, longterm eating style (I’m allowed at least a little bit of something each day). Due to my GI issues, I don’t foresee myself eating throughout the day in order to minimize digestive upset, so I’m planning to combine the Fast Diet (4:3 for weight loss, hopefully 5:2 for maintenance) with a 20:4 fasting schedule (at least for weight loss, with a possible adjustment to 18:6 for maintenance). We will see!

    As for stats, I’m at my heaviest weight now, which isn’t too terrible… but I do want to nip it in the bud and get down to my preferred/healthiest weight. I technically started this on Monday, with my goal being to follow the 800 calorie “down days” on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. I’ll adjust if something special falls on one of those particular days. I might switch to the 400 kcal version of the Fast Diet if weight loss is too slow with 800 kcal.

    Starting Weight: 125 lbs.
    Current Weight: ??? (will weigh on either Thursdays or Fridays)
    Goal Weight: 105 lbs. (anything between 100-110 looked/felt good on my 4’11” frame)

    Today, Wednesday, is a down day for me. I broke my 20 hour fast with a protein shake and small bowl of plain oats (total of 500 kcal). I’m saving my last 300 kcal for scrambled eggs and stewed tomatoes with spinach that I will eat in the next two or so hours once I’ve digested my shake and oats.

    I’ll report back tomorrow, hopefully with a big SUCCESS day. Thanks for reading and for any encouragement any of you can offer me along the way. 🙂

    Yesterday was a success; I remained around 814 kcal for the entire day. Weighed in this morning, and I was down!

    SW: 125
    CW: 123.8
    GW: 105

    I’m on my way. I’ve decided that today will be a “down day” at 800 kcal again. I’ll be going out with a friend tomorrow for dinner after work, and I really don’t want to have to limit myself while spending time with a dear friend. I suppose it’s nice that this lifestyle allows flexibility. As long as I have my three 800 kcal days within the week, I suppose it doesn’t matter if it’s MWF or MWU.

    I’m well into my 20:4 fast and don’t intend to break it until around 14:00, which will put me near 21 hours of fasting. I’m not 100% sure what my meal will be today, but I think I want it to be an egg and vegetable burrito or vege-heavy omelette with English muffins… possibly?

    I’m hoping today goes as smoothly as yesterday. I’d love to be close to 115 by my partner’s birthday at the end of July.

    Yesterday, Thursday, was another successful “down day”. I will confess that I let my calories creep a bit too closely to 900 instead of 800; I ended the day at 876. Not the end of the world, but certainly something that I do not want to make a habit. In spite of being a bit over my allotted calories for the day, the scale was kind to me this morning with another loss.

    SW: 125
    CW: 123.2
    GW: 105

    I’m down another 0.6 from the day before. I’ll take this as a win, because I’m anticipating a minor gain from today. I’ll be meeting a very dear friend for dinner after work. I’m going to make sure I stick to my 20:4 schedule (possibly OMAD?), so hopefully that will mitigate any major damage I can do. I’m a vegetarian (born and raised), so I’ll focus on the healthier options that the restaurant has to offer, anyway.

    I won’t plan another weigh in until next week. I usually only weigh myself once a week, but I figured I’d do it after a few 800kcal days just to see. I can only imagine how great those losses would be if I was adhering to the 400kcal version of this diet, but I really do prefer to have a sizable meal and not go to bed hungry. I want this to be a longterm lifestyle change. 800 kcal just seems more feasible for me.

    If I could give myself a quick, short term goal, it would be to be at (or under) 120 lbs. by next weekend. That might be jumping the gun a bit, but it’d be great to see it. If not, that’s fine; as long as the number continues to go down, and I can see the visible changes in my body and/or how my clothes fit.

    Yesterday, Friday, was a wonderful day in terms of spending time with my friend. Work was a bit rough, and I am actively considering a new position. I have my Master’s in Public Health, and I work for a local clinic. Administration has been rather unbearable amidst the COVID-19 crisis, and many of us clinicians (as well as office staff) have been feeling the pressure. I’ll keep my eyes peeled for other opportunities in the area.

    Anyway, work-related stress aside, I had a good time with my friend. I adhered to 20:4, rather than OMAD. I broke my 20 hour fast with a bowl of plain oats, as well as a protein shake. Kcal total for that meal was roughly 450. Went to dinner with my friend two hours later and had a lentil burger with sweet potato fries and a side of black bean loaded nachos. Kcal estimation for everything was 1200 kcal. Yes, quite a day of eating.

    In spite of this, my scale was still kind to me when I weighed this morning! I’ve gone down again by 0.4 pounds.

    SW: 125
    CW: 122.8
    GW: 105

    It’s a small drop, but I’ll take it–especially since it was following a “big belly” day. I’m actually going to do another 800 kcal down day today, although I will typically follow a 4:3 schedule, rather than a 3:4 schedule. I want to expedite my loss a little bit this week, so that I can hopefully get to 120 or under by this time next week. If I can hit that goal, then I will be happy.

    I’m going to spend the night at a friend’s this evening. I’m sure we will be drinking a little bit, but I’ve already planned to have a large salad for dinner. If I creep closer to 900 kcal today, that’s OK. But hopefully on the lower end towards 800. Sunday will be a normal eating day, then next week I’ll be back on schedule for MWF.

    @iflytoohigh – hello, and best wishes for your weight-loss journey! You may want to consider joining the monthly challenges sometime? I’ve been doing them for about a year now. Here’s the link for the current June Challenge. You can join any time; doesn’t have to be at the start of a month:-


    There’s a bunch of people on here from around the world. Lots of support & encouragement, whether you’re trying to lose, maintain or just want advice. There’s also a monthly spreadsheet, where you can enter your goals, stats, etc


    It looks like you know what you’re doing anyway, so good luck, & you know where to find us 🙋‍♂️

    @funshipfreddie – Thank you so very much for the warm welcome and for pointing me towards the monthly challenge thread. I’ve been reading quite a few posts there and will likely hop into a future challenge thread. 🙂

    My weekend went quite well. I had a magnificent time at my friend’s, although it was a drag getting up this morning and coming to work. So far, things have been peaceful at least… we’ll see how far into Monday I can get with that energy!

    As for eating, Saturday was a success in terms of me staying around 900 kcal. I would have preferred to be in the 800s, but I won’t sweat it too much. My total was 943 for Saturday. Sunday was a NFD, so I ate normally, while still adhering to a 20:4 schedule. On Sunday, I consumed a slice of homemade pumpkin bread, two homemade black bean and cheddar cheese quesadillas, and a small bowl of stewed vegetables (orange tomatoes, zucchini, squash, bell peppers, and sliced white onion). While I don’t care much about calories on NFDs, I still like to see a rough guesstimation of what I’m taking in. LoseIt indicated that my Sunday munching came close to 1650 kcal. Not too bad.

    Since it’s Monday and the start of a new week, I’m officially back on my MWF schedule of 800 kcal. I’m several hours into my fast, but I intend to break it around 2:00 PM with a small bowl of whole grain cereal and soy milk (hopefully no more than 350 kcal). My remaining calories will likely go to a simple dinner of stir fried vegetables on top of scrambled eggs. We will see what I’m craving once I’m home this evening!

    Yesterday, Monday, was a successful “down day”! My total kcal count was 846. Not too shabby!

    I was planning for today to be a normal eating day, but I remembered that I am off work tomorrow. I may or may not have today be another 800 kcal day, so that tomorrow can be a bit more relaxed for me. The idea of sleeping in a bit and having a cup of tea with cream and sugar followed by pancakes in the morning sounds absolutely delightful. Then again, being able to have a nice, hearty meal this evening and stay up a bit later tinkering with fun things and not needing to worry about getting up at 4:00 AM the following morning sounds good, too. We shall see.

    I know I keep saying that I’ll only weigh on Thursdays or Fridays, but I keep finding myself tempted following my low calorie days to see what the number shows. The scale was still nice to me, although not as kind as it has been in the last few weigh-ins:

    SW: 125
    CW: 122.6
    GW: 105

    Down a whopping 0.2 pounds. I suppose that’s fair, considering how heartily I ate on Sunday. I think if I can be mindful for my three “down days”, I don’t see why I shouldn’t see a number close to 120 towards the end of this week. I won’t sweat it too much. If it happens, great. If not… onward and downward!

    I had a great day yesterday (Tuesday). Work was surprisingly quiet, and I was able to get through most of my patient charting and accompanying paperwork. I’ve still been keeping my eyes peeled for other job opportunities in the area. I’m considering leaving the clinical side of things and considering a more administrative role wherever I go next. Hmmm.

    As for food, I enjoyed myself yesterday. I decided to stick with my schedule and have it be a non-fasting day. I still adhered to my 20:4 eating window, however. I broke my fast at 21 hours with a protein bar, whole grain Goldfish crackers, and a Snickers. Not a particularly healthy lunch, but I was feeling snacky. I knew my dinner would be more robust, so I didn’t think much about it. Dinner was homemade black bean and lentil burritos. My goodness, they were tasty. My partner made them, actually, because we planned on having a game night. We each had a glass of red wine with our dinner, and it was a fun evening. My kcal estimation for the entire day was about 1820. Phew! Truly a “big belly” feast day.

    I’m back on schedule today with another 800 calorie “down day”. I had another friend text me this morning and ask if I wanted to do dinner this Friday. Of course, I agreed! So, I am thinking of doing what I did last week and having Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday be my low days, rather than Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Honestly, having two “down days” in a row does not bother me. 800 kcal is more than enough to give me variety in what I can eat and keep me full until the following day’s meal. This truly seems like a way of eating that can become a lifelong habit.

    I’m off work today, so I will be spending the majority of my day cleaning, running errands, and spending time on self care. It should be a good day!

    I had a magnificent day off from work yesterday (Wednesday). It was truthfully quite a challenge to come to the clinic this morning. As I somewhat suspected, I did not really want to adhere to 800 kcal during my leisurely day at home. I decided that I will have my “down days” for this week be Monday (already completed), Thursday (today), and Saturday.

    My eating yesterday wasn’t out of control at all, but I did amass roughly 1800 kcal for the day. I would venture that 600 of that was from the bottle of red wine that I sipped on throughout the entire day! I very much enjoyed myself and got to spend quality time with my partner. It was a pleasant, stress-free non-fasting day.

    Time to get my butt back in gear today, however! I may try to stay closer to 600 kcal today, as I’m wondering if my 1800 kcal days are a bit high for my petite frame. I’ve done some rough calculations, and in order for me to roughly average 1300~1350 kcal per day (within a seven day period of time), I need to stay around 800 kcal on my three “down days” and around 1700 kcal on my four “up days”. In the grand scheme of things, these small differences will likely not present a grave impact on me achieving my weight loss goal(s), but I do want to be mindful of my NFD eating.

    Today shouldn’t be anything spectacular or particularly challenging. It’s a normal work day for me, and my afternoon should be calm. My partner is cooking, so I may request a robust salad with a flavorful topping like roasted chickpeas or black eyed peas. Hmmm… we’ll see!

    I started my period yesterday evening, so I’m anticipating my weigh-in on Friday to be less than stellar. It’ll be fine, though! I try not to psyche myself out about individual weigh ins, as long as the general trend in my weight is heading downwards. I am coming to terms with the fact that I likely will not be at 120 pounds by this weekend, which is disappointing… but, it is what it is! I’m in this for the long run.

    Yesterday, Thursday, was a successful “down day” for me! I was slightly naughty again and hovered too close to the end of my 800 kcal limit; I ended the day at 892! I’ve got to be better about that and maybe have a smaller glass of wine before bed. That’s usually where that extra bit comes from.

    Nevertheless, I woke up feeling wonderful, in spite of my period leaving me a little bit fatigued. The first day or two can be draining for me, but I am fortunate to never have experienced the dreaded “PMS” in my life. It doesn’t affect me mentally or emotionally. The worst thing that happens is I struggle with minor iron-deficiency anemia. But, I’ve learned to stay on top of it, and it’s really not an issue, minus me being a little bit tired the first one or two days.

    My day yesterday was busy, but pretty good. Work was quite taxing, then I had to spend the evening grabbing groceries and doing some chores. It was nice to settle down with my big salad, topped with delicious vinaigrette and roasted chickpeas. So tasty, especially when it was followed by a flavorsome glass of Chenin Blanc wine!

    Today is a NFD, but I’m going to try to be mindful of my food consumption to an extent. I’m going out to dinner after work with a friend. I believe we’re going to a Mexican restaurant, so I should be able to make fairly healthy choices. I love fajitas (without the meat) with a side of black beans. I’ll probably be a little naughty and enjoy some chips and salsa, but I’m going to stay away from queso.

    I forgot to weigh myself when I got up this morning, but I’ll make sure I do it first thing tomorrow. Perhaps it is unwise to weigh after a NFD, but I do want a number for the week. Saturday will be my third “down day”, so I could just wait and weigh first thing Sunday morning… we shall see! I’m hoping to see at least 121, although it’d be fantastic if that number was 120. Fingers crossed!

    Hi @iflytoohigh, I just wanted to comment on your post of the 18th. I agree with you that 1800 is probably too high for your current weight. If you add your weeks calories and divide by 7, even with the 800cal days, if it’s above your TDEE you won’t lose any weight!………… 1300-1350cals seems more like a maintenance TDEE for someone of 123lbs!!

    I’ll give you an example of how I was doing IF ………..

    I calculated my TDEE using the resources on this forum for my GOAL weight, it’s only -100cals below my current weight but I’m hoping to get used to the quantity for when I get to my goal!
    On Non-fast days (NFDs) I eat up to but not over that value.
    On FDs I would eat the prescribed 5-800cals. This deficit is what leads to weight loss. Your calculations appear to spread your weekly TDEE over the week with fast days of 800 meaning you’re never in a calorie deficit.

    I may have misunderstood your regime, but the key to 5:2 is the calorie deficit for the week, just done over very manageable 2 or 3 days!!

    I’m currently doing ADF with LFDs (liquid FDs) just to shake myself off of a lengthy plateau!!

    Good luck

    @flourbaby – Hi, there! Nice to hear from you!

    I suppose my system sounds a little complicated, but I am losing weight this way, because I’m (hopefully) creating my deficit by following 4:3, not 5:2. Here is roughly what my weekly intake looks like:

    Monday: 800ish kcal
    Tuesday: 1700ish kcal
    Wednesday: 800~
    Thursday: 1700~
    Friday: 800~
    Saturday: 1700~
    Sunday: 1700~

    This equates to 9200 (give or take) for a week, or a little under 1315/day, which you’ve also pointed out. If you refer to the TDEE calculator for someone of my height, 1300 kcal is the TDEE at 105 pounds, not 120 (which would be closer to 1400).

    It’s very close when you’re this petite, unfortunately. 🙂 I should point out that I am also quite active and have a greater deficit than what I’m reporting; but I prefer to only track my caloric intake, not exercise. I’ve found that gives a false sense of security, and I don’t want to trick myself into eating more than I should!

    I hope that helps clear up anything. I am OK with taking the slow road, but since I am still seeing progress, that tells me it’s working (at least for now, haha). I can’t complain yet!

    Thanks for the feedback and for sharing your own strategy! I might incorporate shakes eventually if/when I hit a plateau. 🙂 Hope all is well with you and that you’re staying healthy amidst this crisis!

    Yesterday was a decent Friday overall. I will say that the evening was not the best, however. I did go out to dinner with my friend, but I started to feel a bit under the weather and was unable to eat much. I purchased two small bean burritos à la carte, but I was only able to finish half of one. I had about 10 tortilla chips.

    I ended up becoming very ill around midnight, and I was awake until close to 3:00 AM with stomach cramps and vomiting. I’m unsure if I’m developing a stomach flu or if it is a random reaction to my period. I tend to occasionally throw up and/or have diarrhea on the first day, but not usually the third or fourth. My back aches this morning, and I’m quite tired.

    I suppose it’s fortunate for me that it’s a “down day” today, anyhow. I don’t see myself eating much at all. I may weigh in later this evening. For now, I think I’m going to lie on my sofa and try to drown out my aching body with the distraction of Netflix. Not the best way to begin my weekend, but hopefully I’ll be feeling better by later today… or tomorrow, at the very least.

    My weekend ended up being great, in spite of the rough start late Friday/early Saturday with my upset stomach. I lounged for most of Saturday morning and afternoon, but I ended up going on a walk with a friend in the evening and staying at their home. I didn’t track my kcal that day, but I only had a salad with mixed greens and Italian dressing. Sunday was similarly a light eating day, although I once again didn’t log my food. I had watermelon and about two cups of homemade, vegetarian Mediterranean couscous, plus one 8 oz glass of wine (Riesling).

    I ended up accidentally skipping my weigh in last Friday, so I’ll try to weigh myself tomorrow morning. Today is my “down day” for a MWF schedule, so I think it’ll be OK to start my week with a weigh in. I feel like my stomach has been looking flatter lately, so I am hopeful that I’m approaching 120.

    I have some small goals for myself this week (06/22 – 06/28), since I think it’ll be easier to focus on those vs. the long-term goal of hitting 105 pounds. For the week, I would like the following statements to be true:

    1) For my three “down days”, I don’t want to see 900 kcal more than once. I need to make better efforts to really stay around 800 for those days and not sneak in an extra 100.

    2) For my four non-fasting days, I do not want to see 1800 kcal more than once. Again, I need to try to really stay under 1700 on my normal eating days. This isn’t an issue most of the time, but I think I’m having too much wine on typical food days, and that isn’t going to cut it long term.

    3) I would like my fasting average to be 21 or more hours; I’d like to shorten my eating window from 20:4 to 21:3 just for this week.

    Assuming I can check those three things off by Sunday, I see no reason why I shouldn’t be under 120, if I’m not hovering around there already. My progress so far has been good, so I am trying not to let myself get too focused on the numbers… but it would be nice to see another big drop.

    Goodness, this week has been busier than the last few… if that’s even possible. Fortunately, I will be done early today and have tomorrow off due to having a leftover floating holiday. I can’t wait.

    Food has been good so far this week, and I’ve been diligent in adhering to my kcal goals laid out on Monday. Actually, my Tuesday/NFD consumption total was 1254… so I’m happy about that! I just wasn’t too hungry by the time I got home. Work has been nuts, so all I’ve really wanted is a glass of wine and a hearty salad, with a few croutons and piece of hard candy.

    I’m done with my period and feeling like I’ve lost a bit of weight from last week, but I’m going to wait and do an “official” weigh in on Friday. I’m trying not to psyche myself up and expect to be under 120, but I would be ecstatic if that was the case. I was able to comfortably glide into one of my size 2 skirts yesterday for work, so I know I’ve at least lost an inch or two around my waist. I suppose it’s good to take the victories where I can, regardless of how large of a drop the scale presents to me. The true victory will be being able to comfortably wear all of my size 0 pencil skirts again. Hopefully by the end of summer, as long as I can keep this momentum going!

    I had a great Wednesday, both at work and at home. Wasn’t too insanely busy at the clinic, and I was able to breeze through charting like a champion. Felt great to come home and be able to immediately relax.

    I ate a little too much yesterday, with my total kcal count coming to 905 instead of 800. That’s OK, because I’ve agreed to let myself screw up for one of my down days… but only one! I have to do a better job on Saturday. Rather than MWF, I’m doing MWSa due to having dinner plans with a friend on Friday. I’ll make sure today isn’t too crazy with my eating, and I’m aiming to stay moreso around 1500 than my pre-planned 1700. I want to try to really set myself up for a successful weigh in tomorrow. I would like to see 120 (or less) quite badly.

    I’ve not broken my fast yet, but I’m officially at 21 hours, so I’ve been hitting that goal so far this week! 21:3 actually isn’t too terribly challenging, so I may push myself to have 21 as my fasting average for next week as well. I don’t want to change things too much on myself or overcomplicate my plan… so we’ll not worry about that yet.

    Anyhow, today has been a good day as well. I actually was able to work from home, since most of my tasks revolved around charting and patient documentation. No need to go out and conduct visits, so why not knock everything out from the comfort of my house’s office? I’ve planned for supper tonight to consist of homemade lentil and coconut curry with brown rice. I’m thinking of also making a side of stewed spinach and tomatoes (spicy, naturally). And, to top it all off, a nice glass of red wine. If my mental calculations are on point, I shouldn’t topple much over 1500 kcal for the day. I’ll track diligently and pull back portions if needed.

    My work-from-home day yesterday (Thursday) was stupendous. Not only did I get a lot done for work, but I also got a lot done around the house. It was a great day that I cannot complain about.

    Food-wise, I had a successful day of eating yesterday! I stuck to my guns of hovering around 1500 kcal, so that was nice. Today is another NFD like yesterday, since I’m meeting a friend for dinner. To try to help balance all of this out, my fasting window should end up being around 24 hours before my friend and I head to the restaurant. I’m hoping that will offset any excessive munching that takes place. I’m going to do my best to guesstimate portions and kcal of whatever I order; I’m trying to stay under 1800 kcal, but we shall see. Wine and breadsticks sure can add up quickly.

    Tomorrow, Saturday, will mark my return to a “down day”. I haven’t had a chance to weigh myself yet, since this morning was a bit crazy. I will do so when I head home for lunch to quickly walk my dog and let him pee. I’m not sure if I’ll see 120 or not, but I’m crossing my fingers! I’ve been following 4:3 since June 8th, bringing me close to a full three weeks. I’ve had some off days (where I’ve hit 900 kcal instead of 800), but I don’t think it’d be out of the realm of reality to have lost five pounds in that time. I recognize, however, that going from 125 to even 121 will be a victory. So, I won’t let myself be too upset if I’m not under 120 this afternoon when I weigh.

    Yesterday was mostly a good day. Work was a little bit crazy, and I had to stay later than I would have liked. However, dinner was exceptional. My friend and I went to a local, privately owned Italian restaurant in town. It was absolutely delicious! I was proud of myself for only having three small rolls, a small salad, and a slice of spinach lasagna. My rough kcal total for the entire day was 1327, which really isn’t that bad for a NFD!

    In spite of being good with my eating yesterday, the scale did not show me as kind of a drop as I was expecting when I ended up weighing this morning.

    SW: 125
    CW: 121.8
    GW: 105

    About 1 pound is all I’ve lost since my last weigh in. I know that practically speaking, this is still decent weight loss progress, considering my overall drop within a three week period. Even still, I am disappointed to not be at 120 at least. I’m not sure if maybe my salt-heavy meal last night is skewing my results a little bit? I don’t normally weigh after a NFD, but I never got a chance to do it yesterday.

    Hrm. I suppose there is no point in crying over spilled milk. I’m trending downwards, and I’ve been diligent this week in eating mindfully and sticking within the goals I had set for myself on Monday. Today is a “down day” for me, so I’m going to stick with it! 21 hours of fasting at least (but I’m hoping to get closer to 22 or 23) and no more than 800 kcal for the day. I may try to make Sunday another “down day”, so that I can re-weigh on Monday or Tuesday to see if I’ve been able to offset whatever (alleged) water weight I might be carrying from last night’s meal.

    I will say on a positive note, I was happy to see that I could fit into one of my size 2 work dresses that was a bit snug even a week ago. I have a big job interview for the state next week; I wasn’t kidding when I said I was ready to exit my current hospital/clinic and transition into something not as chaotic from the COVID-19 crisis. I do love my work in Public Health and Health Education, but goodness gracious… it’s been madness these last few months. Fortunately I have extensive experience in general education, having taught at a university for two years and a charter school for a year. I’m interviewing for a Program Manager position that would oversee education and vocational services for at-risk youth. I think it would be a rewarding shift, and certainly my years of experience in Public Health will remain applicable.

    I’m going to continue to focus on getting off this extra pesky weight and keeping my eyes peeled for new career opportunities.

    I had a very relaxing weekend, spent almost entirely at a friend’s home. Saturday was spent at a nearby river on paddle boards. Sunday was somewhat more productive, but in a leisurely way; we re-potted plants, worked in the garden, and baked. It was stupendous.

    My eating was successful for both Saturday and Sunday. I was very proud of myself! My “down day” on Saturday was smooth sailing, due to me being busy/active for most of the morning and afternoon. My kcal total was 873, which is a little bit high, but still under 900. Sunday was a normal eating day, but I still was on the lower side of things with my 1326 kcal total for the day. I did not actively limit my consumption on Sunday, but my friend and I kept so busy, that it naturally happened. It’s probably what I needed, anyway, to set me up for a successful time this week!

    It’s another Monday at work, and already things have been hectic. Fortunately, I’ve been keeping my eyes peeled for more work opportunities in the county, and I put in an application for a Health Education Specialist position at a local correctional facility. We will see what happens! I still have a fairly big interview on Wednesday with a state position, so I’m crossing my fingers that ends up being fruitful.

    Minus work being a bit of a drag for the morning and afternoon, I’m anticipating this evening being pretty calm and relaxed. I should have little difficulty adhering to my “down day”. I’ve already planned a nice dinner of vegetarian taco salad for myself. If my rough calculations are correct, I shouldn’t be much over 850 kcal (including a small glass of wine). My last weigh in was a bit of a disappointment, but I am determined to have this Friday show me a number of 120 or lower!

    Speaking of Friday, it counts as a holiday for us, so I will thankfully only have to work four days this week. I hope the days go by quickly!

    Had a busy, yet good day yesterday. Work kept me occupied, which did admittedly make the day seem to blast by. We ended up having a clinical meeting that turned into a get-together and dinner, so I decided to have Monday be a NFD. I still managed to fast for 23 hours, so that was good! My kcal total was 1553; I had two slices of vegetable pizza, a rather robust salad, and some beer.

    For this week, my “down days” will be today (Tuesday), Thursday, and Saturday. Since we are off on Friday, I will want to eat normally. US Independence Day (07/04) isn’t a holiday that my family celebrated, since we were immigrants. As such, my Saturday will not need to be too special for me; I am fine having it be a “down day”. I will likely spend the weekend with my friend once again. We are planning to revisit paddle boarding and be-bop around outside. Should be fun!

    I will weigh in on Friday, and I am looking forward to it. Today I am wearing a size 0 dress that had been quite a tight squeeze previously. While it does not fit me the way I’d ideally like, it’s nice to be able to fit into it (and breathe). My waist and stomach seem to be shrinking, even if the scale is taking its time in reporting me beneath 120. Maybe this Friday will be my day.

    Another good day for me yesterday (Tuesday), both in terms of work and food. The day went by quickly, and I was able to relax in the evening. Had a bowl of potato soup and a small glass of wine. Kcal total was still a little over at 927, but not too terrible.

    I’ve decided to have today be another “down day”. I want to really be under 120 by the end of this week, so I’m going to try to cram my low calorie days in. I’m trying not to grow impatient, especially since the progress I’ve seen has been good for the amount of time I’ve been following The Fast Diet… but it’s difficult at times to reel my thoughts and emotions back in. I just have to keep telling myself that I’m playing the long game here.

    I have a size 0 pencil skirt that still doesn’t fit right; my next mini goal is to be able to wear it. Whether that’s next week or the week after, I’m not too concerned. But, I do want to fit into it within the month of July. I’m also going to continue my mini goal of keeping my fasting windows to 21:3 instead of 20:4. Maybe I’ll reduce it further to 22:2, but I don’t know. I ate the OMAD way for awhile, and I had terrible GERD from forcing myself to consume everything within such a narrow window. But, to OMAD’s credit, it works and frees up a lot of the mental frustrations that come with other diets or ways of eating. Hrm.

    I had my final/second interview today for a state position. It went fairly well, with most of the hiring committee of directors seeming to like me. One person, however, did not appear to be a fan. He stared at me the entire time. Strange.

    In spite of my awkward start to the day, I’m now at work and ready to dive into my pile of patients. I’m planning to have a big salad for dinner tonight, so hopefully I can keep my kcal under 800, since I was a bit over yesterday.

    I had a rather successful “down day” yesterday (Wednesday)! Managed a 25 hour fast, and my kcal intake was only 765. Pretty darn good, if I do say so, myself. I’m aiming for today to be an equally low consumption day. Not sure what dinner will be yet, but I’m thinking some sort of soup?

    Work continues to be a little bit crazy, but thankfully we are off tomorrow/Friday for the US Independence Day extended holiday weekend. I’ll be spending Friday and Saturday at my friend’s home. I’m hoping for a fairly active weekend that will keep us outside, on our paddle boards, and traversing many trails.

    Not related to my eating, but I found out today that I was offered the state position. I’m so excited! Among so many candidates and applicants, I was selected. What a privilege and honor to move into this. Tonight was supposed to be a fasting evening/low kcal evening, but I also do want to celebrate. Maybe I’ll do a middle-ground evening of eating and try to remain around 1200 kcal. Not quite the 800 or less that I want to achieve, but better than a full-blown celebration. I’ll save that for Friday when I meet with my friend.

    What a great day it’s been so far.

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