If your clothes are looser but the scales are the same, read on

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If your clothes are looser but the scales are the same, read on

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  • Excellent, puppy luv. My running total is now 8.4kg and 20 inches in 16 weeks.

    I find that positive thinking and head in the right place have no impact at all for me. If I was waiting for either and both to happen, I would be waiting for a long time!

    For me, it’s a case of where my body is and where it needs to be to be healthy, then it’s a case of what do I need to do to get from the former to the latter and what is a reasonable time frame.

    From what I have read, fasting, less processed carbs, getting out walking and aiming for a lb a week loss to get to a healthy waist line are all components of getting to that goal. It’s then a case of making those changes.

    I found fasting the most daunting but it was often the thought of it that far harder than The fast itself.

    Going back to July after my shock of the scales and tape measure, I counted how many weeks until the end of the year and calculated how many pounds were possible to lose at a pound a week. Some weeks it’s been 2 and some weeks nothing at all but clothes have been looser.

    My focus remains the end of the year but I am also going to be 60 mid January and would love to have a healthy waist measurement by then.

    I to am focusing on the end of the year, I’m 70 two days before Xmas, so hope to be back to my “normal” weight. I’m happy the way it’s going at the moment, but still have10Ktogo, whichskunds daunting at the moment 😳I hope I do as well as you. Congratulations ❤️

    Thank you.

    Whatever the numbers are at the end of the year, we are going to be in a better place than we are now.

    Each month I aim to lose 4 lb, because I was overwhelmed with the big number. It feels achievable and for me, that is crucial.

    Onwards and downwards fast friends.

    I’m a pound down today which is what I hoped for. I’ve not got a date goal just a healthier weight goal somewhere near what I know I have been in recent years – so it can be done. I’m at a point now where biscuits don’t tempt me much anymore. In lockdown I ate tonnes but no more!!!!
    Have a good weekend all 😃

    Well done Iona!

    In lockdown I ate loads of toast smothered in chocolate spread, crisps, chocolate and cake.

    I don’t miss it.

    Hello Everyone,
    I am in the midst of a 24 hour fast today which has been a breeze so far. I went off to look at carpet which means quite a good walk there and back. I was very relieved that the the pouring rain stopped.

    I forgot to have a clothes try at the weekend. I can now wear 5 skirts that I couldn’t get on! Very pleased and relieved as I have an increasing pile of trousers that are too big. I can pull my jeans down over my hips when they are done up!

    How is everyone?

    Tomorrow afternoon is the afternoon tea at a restaurant. I am not quite sure how to mitigate for the cakes and desserts. My current plan is to stand on the scales in the morning and then decide if I am going to skip breakfast and lunch or I might do that on Friday.

    Marginal gains or perhaps losses??

    Husband took me out to dinner last weekend so I ate rather more than usual but tried to make low carb choices. It was really good to get out again, we both thoroughly enjoyed it. I’m not having the best week since then, old habits creeping back. I’m trying to rationalise why that is when I felt I was doing quite well. Must have a stern word with myself!
    Enjoy your afternoon tea Annette but don’t be getting a liking for it!!!!!
    How is it going for you PL and are you still here MM?

    Morning Everyone.

    I have had a difficult week too Iona. After a FD, I have just been hungry, so have eaten more carbs. No idea what happened there either.

    My friend sent me a quote ‘food is the most abused anxiety drug. Exercise is the most underused antidepressant’. I think that sums it up. The weather here has been very wet so getting out walking has been avoided and I have been worried about the winter ahead.

    Afternoon tea was lovely. I haven’t been out for a meal for since my Birthday in January. We have all known each other for 30 years and it was one of our groups 60th Birthday. We each had a tower of sandwiches, cakes and desserts. The fizz was responsible for me eating more than I would have, I suspect.

    There was a group photo of us sitting at the table. I feel so much better than I did and thought that I looked smart, however, it was clear to me that I still have pounds to shift, 14 actually. I was hoping to do that by the end of the year but there may not be enough weeks.

    Weight is gone up by a pound along with fat percentage. Not a surprise.

    Looking forward, there are 6 weeks until the end of term starting on Monday. I am back to taking my own packed lunches and feeding myself in the evening. I am going to plan to fit in some fasting over the weekends.

    How is everyone?

    I am finding it tricky now that it’s become chilly.

    I’m having a rubbish week actually.
    Dumplings and then cake yesterday for gods sake!!!!
    No fasting since last week, tried on Tues but failed at 14 hours. Now I’m informed I’m being furloughed again. I don’t mind being off but find it hard to control my eating being at home all day.
    Scale up 2 pounds.

    I feel your pain, Iona.

    Now that its chilly, I am struggling with my healthy packed lunch. I am hungry when I get home at 4pm and a mug of tea just isn’t enough. I have compromised with a healthy lunch and a not quite so healthy dinner.

    Its tough.

    I haven’t fasted for ages. I just can’t face doing it.

    So much uncertainty and now that its dark and chilly, I seem to have lost my mojo.

    I am going to stand on the scales tomorrow morning and see what the damage is.

    Hello everyone!

    Sorry to have been AWOL for a month or so. Like you, Annette, we had an early snow, it got really cold, I started teaching, and I just lost my mojo. Plus, for some reason, I stopped getting emails when one of you would post.

    Back on the scale again a few days ago I found I had neither gained nor lost weight, so that was better than I had any reason to expect. The last two days have been bad, however, as we all sit on tenterhooks waiting for the results of our election here in the US. Too much wine and chocolate! So today I have started fasting again. I have eight pounds to get rid of still, though five would take me back to a place I was pretty happy at for several years.

    Iona, sorry to hear you’re being furloughed again. I hear Covid-19 has made a resurgence in the UK as well as here, though no place is as bad as we are right now. Stay healthy, everyone.


    Hello MM,
    How lovely to hear from you. Wondered if you had reached your goal.

    I wake up every day to check if there is a result of who is the next president. I am completely baffled by the US process so I just wait and cross fingers.

    School is grim. All of the fun has been sucked out of the day. I am lonely and miss seeing both staff and kids.

    I forgot to stand on the scales this morning, and only remembered when I was half way through my breakfast! I will let you know tomorrow where I am.

    On the plus side now that the weather is chilly, I can start my velvet cotton trousers again. I have been too fat to get I to them for the past 2 year’s. I am trying to celebrate the achievement to date and then re- group, find my mojo and shift some more lard.

    See you tomorrow.

    As promised, the numbers are that the pound that went on and the increase in body fat percentage has dropped again to where it was. The tape measure is exactly the same BUT I can now zip up and wear my smaller jeans!

    I am clearly not going to shift those remaining 13lbs by the end of the year, but with around 7 weeks to go, I need a plan. I am going to think about that today.

    How is everyone today?

    Hello ~ I’m feeling better today, keeping busy certainly takes my mind off eating. One pound down today.
    I have the same issue with emails MM ,some go to junk but mostly I don’t get any notifications so have to check the Forum.
    I don’t mind being furloughed whilst they still pay me! Got plenty to keep me occupied. I’ve just been out to buy the ingredients to make our Christmas cake, talk about self torture!!!
    I’ve ordered 100 daffodil bulbs so I hope they arrive soon I’m excited to get them planted for a lovely spring display.
    Good to hear from you both, stay strong and keep in touch!

    The problem I have is that there is not enough to keep me busy at work, but if I was furloughed, I have loads to do at home and would find fasting far easier. I am going to skip breakfast on Monday and Thursday, which should give me 18 hours fasting. I am thinking about making some leek and potato soup, which I could have for dinner on those 2 days. Lunch will be fish and salad most days at work.

    I was feeling thoroughly fed up the other day and decided that I needed a sweet treat. I stood in front of the crisps and chocolate to make my purchase. There was no guilt at all. I decided that I would feel better if I had some fruit instead. A long walk and a plant purchase later, mood lifted.

    What’s your plan for the week?

    I plan to do a lot more walking as I sit all day when I’m at work. I will still skip breakfast most days and try and get two longer fasts done 20+ hours. Challenging with Husband working from home, he likes to graze all day. I’m also planning to make up a few batches of soup, will also freeze portions ready for back to work.

    I’m determined not to overeat like I did in the last lockdown.

    I would like to get organised with Christmas shopping on line too, but every year I struggle with what to buy everyone!

    I forced myself out to walk yesterday afternoon after a very wet morning. Bought leeks and potatoes to make soup. All done and in the fridge. Skipping breakfast and then salad at work for lunch with soup when I get home. Hopefully, 2 days a week will help get things moving again.
    Christmas is tricky to plan for as I have no idea how many boys will be able to come for lunch. I too am struggling to think of gifts. I did suggest a gift free Christmas but was shot down in flames.
    Bought some new tops which look do much better without my pot belly. I have come a long way and have to remind myself that it’s a huge achievement. Looking at losing more weight feels daunting which doesn’t make much sense but I am in e much better place now.
    Work is dull, which is my main challenge. Nothing I can do about empty hours to fill.

    I had a light meal, fish and veg, last night about 6pm and I’m just going to have lunch now, 12:30, so I feel I’m moving in the right direction! May make my soup this afternoon.

    Sounds good, Iona. I managed 18 hours and despite not being inundated with things to do this morning, it was fine. I had the soup and some toast when I got home as I was very hungry and wet after walking home.

    I think that skipping breakfast a couple of days a week is part of the solution for me. It has been fine.

    I have several brilliant ideas for Christmas presents. I just need to research it further this evening to see if these ideas are something that they would like.

    The wheels have come off!

    I was doing OK, but 2 consecutive nights of waking at 3am have frazzled me. Long story short I have had a cookie and a chocolate brownie today. Followed by a Chinese for tea followed by an ice cream.

    Are you doing better than me?

    It happens, Annette. Two nights ago I had two glasses of wine, a bowl of popcorn, and still went back for a half an Italian ice! It was just one of those nights.

    Just got to get back on the horse . . .

    Thanks MM.

    I gave up ice cream when I got back on the horse in the summer. I love it and could easily have x3 day. I am not talking about a scoop, but a lovely vanilla ice cream on a stick covered in milk chocolate with chopped almonds. Delicious. I came home with a pack of 4 and have eaten x2. I have decided that I will have one each day over the weekend and then they are gone.

    I think that being kind to ourselves in such difficult times is so important. I am finding work a real struggle with all of the necessary changes. Makes for a very long and lonely day. I can’t see a way of making any positive changes at work anytime soon.

    With that in mind, I am learning to sew and care for my ever increasing range of houseplants. It keeps me out of the kitchen and calms the mind.

    How is everyone today?

    So-so over here!
    We shared an Indian take out last night, it was delicious, very spicy. There was a time when we would have a main meal each so I’m counting that as progress!!
    I’m intending to fast tomorrow but being at home all day is a challenge. I will get out on a couple of long dog walks so fingers crossed.
    I’ve also picked up my knitting again so that keeps me out of the kitchen. I made some baby socks yesterday – they are so cute!!

    Here’s hoping we all have a better week.

    Keep in touch!!

    That is a victory! Enjoy the long dog walks. Is there a new baby in the family?

    I just seem to have lost my mojo regarding fasting. So difficult when there isn’t much to keep me occupied all day and I am twiddling my thumbs and trying to look busy. Just 4 weeks until the end of term.

    I was getting more confident with the sewing machine and learning to make simple reversible fabric baskets when the needle broke and I don’t have a spare. Sadly, that meant that I had to tidy up which wasn’t nearly as satisfying!

    I may skip breakfast tomorrow and later in the week. I will continue to take in a packed lunch, so it wont be a disaster but I may not make much headway. I just feel like I have hit a wall.

    My coming week is my last week of term. We moved to a strange block schedule due to the pandemic where students take only one class for four weeks, and our teaching is likewise. I do not have a class for the last block so will finish up in a week. Then I’ll be home like you, Iona, hoping to finish a book I’m writing. I will miss the structure of going to campus, though our building was pretty much a ghost town with most students logging into classes online.

    I’ve been skipping breakfast four or five days a week and lunching on these weird fiber bars the doctor wants me to take for my elevated cholesterol. We’ll do a blood check in a week to see if they’re doing any good. I don’t tolerate statins well and can only take them twice a week. More and I just don’t sleep.

    The scale stays in the same two pound range. Right now I tell myself that that’s a win–much better than last year when it went up and up. But I do want to tackle those last eight pounds. Going to be hard, though, with the holidays coming.

    Hang in there, everyone. We’ll get our mojo back eventually. And small gains like sharing a dinner or long walks are gains!

    Hello MM,
    Its a completely weird experience isn’t it? Lots of empty rooms on campus at the local uni and many of those that live in shared accommodation are looking to move home as their courses are being delivered online. What is your book about?

    My sister refuses to take statins at all, she says that they make her feel dreadful. She aims to control her cholesterol by diet.

    Scales are a blunt instrument to measure success but I too am bouncing around with the same pound up and down. Like you I know that I am in a much better place than I was although I too want to lose another 13/14 lb.

    If I can maintain for the last 4 weeks of term, that will be a win. I find it much easier to fast when I am home from work, when a couple of 24hour fasts seem quite doable.

    Stay in touch.

    I have recently gauged and 1lb has gone on (quit worrying about moderate however sure).Busy week ahead with guests dinners out, liquor and so forth Yet, it’s so natural to get straight once again into the swing of things. Annette you are a motivation to us all of us, karma with your preparation and objective.

    How is your week going everyone?

    I started the week with a 7km walk before 10am on Monday and not quite as far on Tuesday but it has aggravated an old foot injury and I’ve not been as far since.

    I’m pleased the scale has gone down a pound this week as I have struggled. I found my hand in the cookie jar on more than one occasion and fasting hasn’t got beyond about 16 hours.😼

    I am unexpectedly back to work next week for 4 days so will use the opportunity to skip breakfast each day, and lunch on two of them too. Should get me back in the groove. In preparation for the holiday season I want to make a better effort in the next few weeks. It looks like our weekend away mid December won’t be happening so although it’s a disappointment it will mean I won’t have to deal with eating out and social drinking!

    Hello Everyone,
    I am maintaining for 6 weeks now, which is both a relief and very irritating. I am skipping breakfast this morning and will see how I go, whether I will have lunch or wait until dinner. I don’t have a plan.

    Sorry about your foot, Iona. Hopefully the coming week will get you back in the groove. I am struggling at work. Loads of changes with moving of offices which means that access to a hot drink is now quite a challenge. Its also rather dull but just 3 weeks until the end of term.

    I am off out for a walk with a friend shortly, which will fill the morning and then see how I feel. Part of the problem for me is that I can fit into my clothes now and that I am in a healthy fat percentage.

    How are you all?

    Hope that you are all doing well?

    I’ve not read all posts recently, so apologies if my next point has already been covered.
    You mentioned a few times that you need a “NASA” grade set of weighing scales – I noticed one this morning and checked some the reviews and it looks pretty good.
    The scale is the FiTrack Dara – great review on Techradar and some good reviews on Amazon – though some of those reviews are for a previous model – a right pain making sense of reviews on Amazon.
    And today it’s about £25 off on Amazon.
    When I woke up this morning a I did not need a fitness weighing scales – actually now, I still don’t NEED one – but I want one.
    I need a time lock safe that I can put my debit & credit cards in – mmmm, I wonder if I can find one online….

    Hi Snedger,
    I have no idea what NASA scales are. My boy had some fancy scales that also had metabolic age on them. When he moved out, I bought myself some WW ones that have the same options apart from metabolic age and are considerably cheaper.

    It was thoughtful of you to think of us. Thank you.

    Morning All,
    I skipped breakfast on Saturday and this morning. I have bought a mini fridge and travel kettle to take into work, which will really help with fasting at work.

    Off to buy tea bags and milk.

    How is everyone doing?

    Hi all. I’m kicking off the week with good intentions of skipping breakfast each day and lunch on two days, just like you, Iona. Congratulations on the one pound loss!

    This week is our Thanksgiving holiday but with the pandemic raging our governor has put us back into a partial lockdown. No social gatherings. So there will be no Thanksgiving feast for me. That will help the weight loss project, I suppose, but it is a little downheartening. my classes ended last week, so now I will be home working on writing a book. I hope the nearness of desk to kitchen will not derail me.

    Annette, I’m suffering the same loss of motivation you mention. Now that my BMI is back in the healthy range and my clothes (mostly) fit again I don’t have the same impetus to tackle those last few pounds.

    Hang in there everybody, and stay healthy!

    Hello Everyone!
    How is going for you all?
    It has been up and down for me, no fasting as life has been tough and work is hard. I thought that I was maintaining as the scales don’t seem to be moving but when I whipped out the tape measure this morning, there seems to be some shrinkage on the waist which was a complete surprise.

    The plan is to measure everywhere tomorrow morning just to check and to continue with my healthy packed lunch at work. If there is the occasional slip up, so be it.

    MM I think that we need to be kind to ourselves and look on maintaining as a huge(pardon the pun) gain. I plan to get back into fasting after Christmas if only to counteract the mince pies!

    It seems to be that I start the week well and it gradually goes downhill as the week progresses! I got a couple of good fasts in last week and have just completed 16 hours today. Like you Annette I was amazed to see I have lost half an inch around the waist this week, despite the weekend “treats”. However I have been walking an average of 22,369 steps according to my Fitbit which I am very pleased about. I am off work now for 3 weeks so I am determined not to let that hijack my gains. Hope Thanksgiving wasn’t too damaging for all in the US! Still a few weeks to make some progress before the next holiday. Onwards and downwards fast friends.😃

    I’m down another pound but more exciting is the fact I’ve moved my belt to the next hole!!
    How’s life with everyone else?

    Congratulations on a smaller waist!!!!

    You are doing so well.

    I am stuck mentally and I don’t know why. I eat a healthy breakfast and lunch, but it’s the food around this that could be better.

    I know that the end of term is almost here along with Christmas lunch and then I will be able to get back to fasting properly, rather than e odd breakfast or lunch skipped.

    In the plus side I am going to have to review and discard some underwear that doesn’t fit and sort replacements pronto. I have also noticed that I now have abdominal muscles!

    Work has been doing cake Thursday to boost morale and I have enjoyed them too. I don’t have cake or biscuits at home, so much easier.

    Onwards and downwards fast friends.

    Congratulations on a smaller waist!!!!

    You are doing so well.

    I am stuck mentally and I don’t know why. I eat a healthy breakfast and lunch, but it’s the food around this that could be better.

    I know that the end of term is almost here along with Christmas lunch and then I will be able to get back to fasting properly, rather than e odd breakfast or lunch skipped.

    In the plus side I am going to have to review and discard some underwear that doesn’t fit and sort replacements pronto. I have also noticed that I now have abdominal muscles!

    Work has been doing cake Thursday to boost morale and I have enjoyed them too. I don’t have cake or biscuits at home, so much easier.

    Onwards and downwards fast friends.

    Morning All,

    Its the last day of term which has been a long time coming! Its just a morning, Christmas Lunch and then home. Hurrah. Its been tough with mince pies and chocolates but I am planning to catch you all up with some fasting starting today. My plan is to enjoy my lunch and then skip my evening meal and breakfast tomorrow too.

    Looking at the calendar, I think that I can get in 4 24 hour fasts before Christmas Lunch and then a couple the week after. Then its back to school again.

    My plan for next year is to get my waist to a healthy measurement and to reduce my fat percentage further to the mid range of healthy for my age. My guess is another 14 lb but that feels overwhelming, so my first goal is 2 lb.

    What are your goals?

    Hi Annette, I’m going back to work next week after my flexible furlough!!
    We are having some work done in our bathroom so the scales have been “put away”. Which has just become licence to eat without accountability, I have enjoyed the mince pies!!
    I feel ok I am still doing lots of walking, about 16kms per day, so hopefully not too much damage. Planning to fast a couple of days next week. I haven’t thought about long term goals for next year yet, other than looking presentable for a friends summer wedding in Spain. I will make a plan though as I achieve more that way.

    Hi Annette and Iona!

    My term ended in November, right before our Thanksgiving. I’ll be home now till the end of February, when my teaching starts again. I do find it harder to be home. At work I would skip breakfast, bring only a light lunch and have no other food available till late afternoon. Now I work just steps from the kitchen!

    So far I’m holding steady, but no further loss. I may have to accept that till January and then make a push to lose those last eight pounds. Though there really are no holiday parties this year, so you’d think it would be easier. Like you, Annette, eight pounds looks like a lot to me right now, so I’m setting intermediate goals. I, too, need to get another inch or two off the waist and would be really tickled to see the scale drop below 130–only three pounds away.

    Congratulations on all the walking, Iona. I need to do more of that, especially now that I’m not walking across campus every day!

    Hello Iona and MM!
    Christmas lunch was very tasty, but also very odd sitting in my ‘bubble’ with Perspex between us at socially distanced tables. I love Christmas pudding and a little mince pie-delicious. I am planning to skip my evening meal and breakfast tomorrow morning.

    I was home early today, so called into the supermarket for some Christmas food. I didn’t look at the sugar content of any of it until just now. Its all very high, so I am going to have to get my act together and get some fasting in to have some leeway.

    I find it easier to fast at home and menu plan. As a rule, I don’t have anything on the house that might tempt me. I just find it easier that way. I find that getting out for a walk for a couple of hours each day in the morning, really helps to fill the time, keep my fitness up and helps me feel cheerful.

    I completed a 24 hour fast at lunch time today and it was far easier than I thought it was going to be after such a long time. I went out for a walk this morning in the chill sun and came home with a couple of houseplants. I treated myself to a small fish and chips for lunch. Delicious.

    I have a couple of cute summer dresses that button up the front. I didn’t used to be able to get them on at all. As I have shrunk gradually its been possible to do up some of the buttons and today I can do them all up with just one pulling. I have also noticed that my legs are looking much slimmer.

    Just something light for tea and then I can make a decision about which day I will fast next. How is everyone getting on?

    Skipped breakfast this morning, very light lunch and evening meal.

    Decided to try a few things on today as the scales are holding steady. I had a few non scale victories, which really cheered me up. Summer shorts that I haven’t been able to get on for a few summers, I can now do up! Breathing is optional:)
    A skirt that was a charity shop purchase from several years ago that I have never worn because I couldn’t squeeze my rotund body into it, I can now do the zip almost all of the way up and that skirt(that I couldn’t get over my enormous belly) I may wear on Christmas Day!

    How are you doing?

    Hi guys
    A bereavement in the family has suppressed our appetite, I’ll be back after Christmas.
    Best wishes to you all and lets hope next year is better!

    My sympathies, Iona. Holding you and your family in the Light.

    Trying to just hold steady till after the holidays.


    Sorry to hear that, Iona. Pop in when you can and let us know how you are. Best wishes to you too.

    MM me too. Its going to be a challenge but I am philosophical that any gains are going to be short term. The tape measure is showing shrinkage, even if the scales are not budging downwards at the moment.

    I have set myself a target of 2 hours walking each day. A bit of a challenge in the wind and rain that seems to be a daily occurrence at the moment. I do feel better after I have been out and about.

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