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  • Hello, I was wondering if there are some special tips out there for people like like me. Currently being treated with Thyroxin for hypothyroidism caused by a cronic lack of Iodine (not native of the British isles, I was diagnosed about 15 years ago). In theory all should be normal but weight remains incredibly hard to shift. The 5/2 approach seems very appealing and comes recomended by friends and my nutritionist …

    Hi Dagbin
    I’ve been on thyroxine for 21 years and yes losing weight was a real problem. 5:2 for me has allowed me to lose 22lbs in 5 months which is great. On doctor’s advice I did start eating an egg for breakfast and homemade soup for lunch and fish and veg for dinner staying within 500 calories. For me I feel great on 5:2. Take it easy to start and drinks lots of water.

    Hi Beavergong, thanks for the words of encouragement. In between times I have read the many other posts and comments on the topic. A lot if which is very encouraging. I have had success with boild eggs in the morning and miso soup for lunch before but it did not do the trick this time hence why I start IF. It is my first fast today and all is fine. Only slight headache as I had no coffee today…and yes I drink a lot. A bit of lime in my water is nice and refreshing 🙂
    Really hope this works…

    The headaches seem to disappear after a couple of weeks I found. Give yourself 1 coffee and sip it slowly if you need one, you will appreciate every sip.just log it as part of your 500 calories. Today is my fast day and I called in to see a sick friend and her husband made me the best skim cap and I sure enjoyed it and I’ve just logged it.
    I swim 40 laps on fast days and it seems to keep me moving. Do you have a fast buddy?
    I appreciate my husband even though he leaves all the calorie calculations up to me, even after 5 months!!! But I do appreciate he will make the fast soup if I’m busy. Did I tell you I have a great 28 cal vege fast soup if you want me to post it?

    Hello Beavergong…thanks for your tips. I don’t have a fast buddy as such but my husband is very supportive. It is harder to resist the half eaten biscuits my five year old daughter offers me 😉
    Today is fast day two and I am happy with it. Had green tea this morning which usually gives me just enough caffeine to keep the withdrawal at bay. Yesterday I found the evening the hardest but managed to stay off the biscuits and sausage. Taking my daughter outside to teach her some tennis helped a lot. Work keeps me busy enough during the day to stop me from thinking about food also my various herbal teas are nice. Am always up to try a new tea…please do share your fast soup 23calories sounds pretty good…it is lentils and brockoly for lunch again today with some great 0 fat strained yogurt for afternoon snack … well done on the swimming. It is something I used to do more of but can’t stand indoor pools…I do walk a lot and should get back to my morning runs…:-)

    I’ve been taking Thyroxine for about 10 years – I take it in the morning before I get up and before breakfast. I’ve been sticking to the 5:2 diet for 11 weeks now and have lost 16lbs so far. I haven’t noticed any side effects. My husband is also on the diet and has lost a stone so far. We both find this diet much easier to stick to than others that we’ve tried because you eat normally on 5 days of the week. The psychological impact of that is amazing!

    Hi spallam, your post sounds very encouraging. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by all the positive messages people with Hypothyroidism have posted in this forum. It is good to know I am not the only one…
    This was my first week and i fasted on Wednesday and Thursday. My weight of course dropped by about 2 kg. Hope it does not all come back at once over the week end. Eating 500 calories was not too onerous so I feel I can stick with this. So far I have penciled my fast days into my diary until Christmas … at a targeted loss of 3kg a month that should take off about 12kg. Which would be brilliant … especially if it stays off. My overall target is to drop 20kg over time…

    Thank you!!!! I was diagnosed in February with hypothyroidism after a a long time of being ill and have found it so hard to lose weight. I even went down to a continuous 700 calories a day and 5 1 hour sessions of hard exercise and lost 1 pound in 7 weeks. I have tried everything but this sounds really promising. Thanks for giving me hope x

    Hello again….so now two months into IF I was hoping to report some substantial weight loss … but it is quite modest weight loss overall … but I am going to hang in there as I am just getting into the swing of things…I did have a two week holiday at the end of august which did not help but my dietician is happy with progress and I feel I need to keep it up…deep down I feel the Thyroxin is not doing the job it is meant to do properly which is why IF sounds like one way to help increase my metabolism without further medication…

    I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism 14 years ago and given thyroxin but have still always had trouble keeping my weight under control. A friend of mine recommended 5:2 back in April. I have stuck to the diet without much difficulty (apart from a two week holiday) ever since and have lost 20kg. Needless to say I am very happy about this! I was 124kg when I started and hope to lose around another 12kg before I reach the sort of weight I will feel happy with. Compared to any other diet I have to say 5;2 is SO EASY. It is down to you and there is nobody trying to sell you expensive classes, diet plans, foods or food supplements. I can’t thank my friend enough. Thank you to M & M for helping me ‘take control’.

    I’m hypothyroid and have been for about 10 years. I take natural thyroid extract which keeps me feeling much better than thyroxine did, but even then in order to feel well I have to run at the top end of healthy on all my readings (T3, T4, bottom end for TSH).

    5:2 has worked for me, in terms of weightloss, but in order to feel really well I have found I have to cut out grains and sugar. If you are a sugar addict (which seems to come with hypothyroid) then just cutting out sugar on fast days will give you a headache!

    Ruthi, can you tell me more about the natural thyroid extract? Also I am interested in combining Thyroxin with Iodine. On fast days I try to minimise caffeine which then takes care of the sweet cravings and generally I try to ensure I take in plenty iodine by eating seaweed etc.

    Hi dagbin, I’ve been on thyroxine for about 12 yrs. have been doing 5:2 for just over 7 weeks. the doctor just decreased my thyroxine. that makes me quite happy, LOVE this plan. we have been eating non-iodized sea salt for years, I just picked up some with iodine added. And I and trying to eat more seaweed and such,too. good luck and let us know how you get on.

    Ruthi, like dagbin, I’m interested to hear more about the natural extract. I really can’t tell that the thyroxine is doing much as far as how I feel. I do struggle with the sugar thing. trying to decrease it by a lot.

    wishing you all a great day.

    My thyroid tale is a bit of a sorry one! About 10 years ago I finally managed to get a hypothyroid diagnosis after several years of feeling crappy, and was put on thyroxine. Eight months later after little or no effect I was given a trial of T3 (l-iothyronine) and it was as if I’d been woken from cryogenics!! But unfortunately with it came some form of arthritis which rendered me almost immobile – it was many, many months before I could lift my arms above my head! we tried a couple of times but it was no good.

    Anyway realising that it was T3 I needed and not able to persuade my doc to prescribe armour I took to buying the cheapie copy Thyroid-s via the internet. I take a mixture of that and thyroxine, which does make some difference now. Istill go to have my bloods done once a year, and we have the same boring discussion about my readings, which are at the top end of what they regard as acceptable. But I continue to function, whereas before all that started I used to be sleeping 14 hours a day, and could barely function when up.

    Thyroid-s, I take 3 tabs a day, and it costs me about £100 a year. A pinprick in comparison to what I am able to earn while well. I have had absolutely no problems with quality or consistency at all – no matter what any doctor has been primed to tell you by Big Pharma

    I’m Hypothyroid and 3 days ago my doctor raised my Thyroxine dose because I still feel so ill and tired all the time. The new dose is not working yet, so do I wait till I’m okay before starting this diet? I read in the FAQS page that you shouldn’t start this diet if you’re not well. Sorry to sound dim, but do I fall into this category?
    Please let me know what you think. Thank you.

    No, don’t start dieting until your thyroid condition is under control.

    Being hypothyroid puts your adrenal glands under extra stress as they try to compensate for your poor metabolism. Dieting is stressful, both physically and mentally, so that is yet more load on your poor adrenal glands – and there is only so much they can take before they crumble under the strain.

    In any case its almost impossible to lose weight when you are hypothyroid. You will get disheartened and depressed! Going gluten free should be your first step – it often helps a lot with the symptoms.

    You’ll find a really helpful and informative group at https://healthunlocked.com/thyroiduk.

    Hi ruthi just read your post re t3 I’m wondering if that would help me but of course drs here won’t even do blood test for that never mind prescribe it, if you buy it yourself how do you know how much to take. I am seeing my dr on Tuesday so may ask him and also ask if he will monitor my blood or whatever if I start taking it. Are you in the U.K if so where do you get it from please?

    I have taken levothyroxine for about 3 years and although my bloods come back as normal I’m getting fatter and fatter, my skin is so dry it flakes off, I get bouts of acne (I’m 62!) and the most distressing symptom is chronic constipation and even when I do go I still feel bloated and that I need to go more, sorry to be so graphic. Any help would be great thanks

    Hi ruthi, I second everything you wrote! I agree that anyone hypo will most likely have a great difficult time losing weight or won’t be able to at all, not matter how little they eat, or at least that was my experience.

    Interesting also to read your experience from taking T3, ruthi! I’ve been taking it for over a year and healed my adrenals through following Paul Robinson’s ‘Recovery with T3’ method. Due to that method, I was able to wean off the bio-identical cortisol I was taking for my adrenal insufficiency issue.

    Thankfully, I’ve never had to take Thyroxine or Synthroid!!! Whew! I did take natural dessicated thyroid for many years (that’s what I was started on when first diagnosed with Hashimotos). However, I just don’t convert T4 into T3 very well, even when my ferritin is optimized and my cortisol levels balanced. I take a lot of co-factor nutrients including Lugol’s iodine. Sorry to read about the arthritic type condition you developed when taking T3 or liothyronine. May I ask how much you took and how you dosed the liothyronine you took? How I dose is that I take 25 mcg. at 3:00 a.m. (that’s my Circadian dose and I set an alarm to take that), 20 mcg. at 10 a.m. and 10 mcg. at 3 p.m.

    Hello janeandmoses, Many of us do not convert T4, which is what levothyroxine solely contains, into T3 or liothyronine. Non-conversion of T4 even becomes a vicious circle because the T4 ends up converting into something called ‘Reverse T3’ which does then lodge itself in the thyroid receptors of cells and gums them up so to speak so that when genuine T3 does come along, it is not able to dock there. This equates to plugging a lock with glue so that the proper key is not able to fit. I experienced this very problem myself.

    You might want to ask your doctor about natural dessicated thyroid can help because it contains not only T4 but also T3, T2, T1 and some calcitonin which helps regulate calcium in the system. It’s unfortunate that most doctors think that it is an inferior thyroid medication, though my experience is the opposite.

    I’ve only resorted to taking T3 only because I’ve tried natural dessicated thyroid and know that I’m even better on the T3 only medication. However, there are quite a few other ducks one has to line up to have success with it. As ruthi points out, it doesn’t always work and the first time I tried it, it didn’t work for me either. It revved me up and made me feel hyper. I had to correct some underlying nutritional deficiencies before I could get it to work for me.

    One book I found really helped me is ‘Stop the Thyroid Madness’ by Janie Bowthorpe. She has chapters about all this in her book and also on her website if you Google her name.

    Hi everyone. Thought I’d share my story so far. Diagnosed with Graves April 2015. Had radioactive Iodine Jan 2016 which killed all of my thyroid and have been on thyroxine replacement ever since. Took almost 15 months to get my T3 and T4 stable at the high end of normal (T3 5.5 and T4 around 25) which is where I feel healthy – any lower and I get severe hypo symptoms. During the time from initial diagnosis to being on the correct dose of thyroxine I gained around 12kg and nothing I did could shift it. I was always a slim build and it was a very noticeable weight gain – despite calorie restriction and training for a half marathon I continued to gain weight. Since my T3&T4 levels have been stable I started the Fast diet and have lost 8kg in the last 14 weeks. It has been an absolutely fantastic diet for me, both psychologically (I know I can have a glass of wine/pizza tomorrow) and physically (I only have 4 more kg to go until I’m back at the correct weight). What I would say is that I tried the fasting diet back in January when I was still clinically mildly hypothyroid and I did not lose any weight – there is probably no point trying any diet until your circulating T3 & T4 are correct but once they are even we hypo people can have significant success with the 5:2 diet so keep it up folks, I know I will!

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