How much water to drink on a fast day of 500 c

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  • How much water should you drink during 12 hour fast eating 500c

    8 glasses is a good guide. Another way to do it is, every time you do a wee, have a drink of water. If you are well hydrated your wee should be clear, or pale straw coloured.

    Some people find they need a little salt on fast days. A tiny pinch in your glass of water if you think you need it, or brothy soup is a good option.

    Cheers and good luck.

    I posted this elsewhere on the forum but will post it here too.

    It depends on how much you weigh. The recommendation is for half an ounce (14.7ml) to one ounce (29.5ml) per ounce of body weight. Baring in mind that more active people may find themselves drinking more. Also, tea, coffee, other drinks and our food also contain fluid.

    Interestingly, you can overdose on water (water intoxication). The kidneys are capable of excreting up to 7 gallons (28 liters) of fluid per day. However, they cannot excrete more than 1 liter per hour. Recommendations are to not consume more than 27-33 ounces (0.8-1.0 liters) per hour- remembering that other fluids and food count here too.

    Note that if you like sparkling water, I noticed that shop bought sparkling water has a too hefty amount of sodium added!

    I drink about 2l of water a day (not just on fast days, every day). And I weigh about 130lbs. I used an app to calculate that amount. And you can then set it up to remind you to drink water through the day.

    Definitely important to drink it through the day, not all at once. But when you drink plenty of water it’s amazing how good you feel.

    And while coffee and tea or other drinks need to be taken into account of how much volume you are drinking, they aren’t going to hydrate your body like plain old water will.

    Water is good to help you along with a fast to take away hunger pangs. A sparkling water with some ice and lemon can even seem like a treat! I count herbal brews as water. Another reason to increase liquids is that it helps move along any toxic substances that can be stored in fat layers and disturbed when fat is burnt up.

    It depends on weather you feel like drinking it . I personally don’t drink water in winter and will sometimes drink it in summer. There is water in your
    food and water in your other beverages which does count .
    Water is water . It’s a myth to think we need so much .
    After all how many people do you hear are in hospital
    from hydration? Each to their own but I’m perfectly healthy and hydrated without having to drink a “quota “

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