Horrific constipation experience after I mis-interpreted the 800-diet!

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Horrific constipation experience after I mis-interpreted the 800-diet!

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  • Guys, something horrific has happened to me! This can kill you!, so be careful to read the books properly before improvising as I did.

    In the last three and half months I’ve lost a marvellous 19Kg by alternating weekly fast or semi-fast days with 1 day of unrestricted eating. All good here, in the fast days I eat just 3 pieces of fruit (mainly: oranges and bananas) or nothing at all. On the eating days I usually ate a Lettuce + baby-leaf salad with tomato, cucumber, onion, dusted garlic, olive-oil and some dressing + a tinned mackerel + 3 pieces of fruit for the second meal.

    All good. However, I’m now stalled in the last 4 kilos to get my ideal 79Kg (I’m 1.87m tall). So I mis-read the fast 800 book and cut the fruit by half and ate a bit more protein: tinned mackerel or tinned sardines or a french omelette without yolks.

    Bad decision!. I had very rarely suffered constipation in my life. On Wed-Thu-Fri I noticed the constipation. Friday night was horrific, I almost fainted twice during that night and soiled my underwear and tried to sleep downstairs on the carpet to avoid the trauma to my wife and kids.
    On Saturday I got much better and went to work (just 4 hours shift, just held my glutes tight).
    Now I’m just fine, after I got it through (can’t think of a better wordings).

    I’m not sure why this happened. Shouldn’t the fibre-rich big lettuce and baby-leaf salads help bowel pass-through?

    I’m now on Kiwis, raspberries and pears and won’t let go of it till I read the fast800 book properly.

    I’m not sure how good I’m down there to the bare eye, nor dare use a hand-mirror to avoid traumatic sightings. But please beware of improvising diet habits or you can get a split sphincter for life!

    My best wishes

    I am getting really worried for your health, Antonio. I strongly recommend you consult a doctor to discuss faecal impaction and overflow incontinence.

    The diet you describe is generally extremely restrictive, and likely deficient in multiple nutrients. This is potentially dangerous.

    PLEASE start eating a proper range of food groups and food types whilst you read ‘The Fast 800’ book and organise your kitchen accordingly.

    Most fruits and vegetables do not contain the bulking fibres needed for a healthy gut. You consume no mineral-rich wholefoods at all, and no balance/ variety of fatty acids in your present menu.

    Three pieces of fruit is macronutrient hell: high sugar, low protein and low fat. Dr Mosley suggests one serving of fruit at a time in his books, with or after wholefoods containing protein and healthy fats.

    Lastly thank you for your honesty, and trying to stop others making similar mistakes.

    Thanks for that. I trained quite good today at the gym. However you’re probably right, these last kilos I need to be careful and will eat a bit more till I know better what I’m doing.

    I won’t go to a doctor for this as I’m quite good now and I don’t have the time.

    the 800 book is helping, I’m doing a proper read.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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