Hoping to Start next week – lots of questions

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Hoping to Start next week – lots of questions

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  • Hi, I came across some 5:2 diet books on amazon and am very interested (I have a lot of weight to lose). Through searching online I have found out the basics of the diet – fast 2 days, eat normal (but not binging 5 days), try to avoid processed foods and stick to fresh food and home cooked where possible. Non fast days, stick to under 2000 calories. I know i will need to read up on it more and that that leads to the first question:-
    1) I see the original diet was 500 calories for fast days, but also see an updated book which allows 800 calories. Which book do i buy? I am tempted to go with the original 500 calories fast days because i am afraid weight loss with the updated version of 800 calories will be much slower? Any advice.
    2) 500 calories will be difficult to stick with, especially at the start. I find porridge quite filling. Is it OK to have porridge sachets made on water with some almond milk and some stevia sweetner (under 150 cals) twice a day with another small meal of 200 calories, or even three times a day if i am feeling uninspired?
    I have so many questions but will limit it for the moment. The main one is 1 above (to get me started).
    Many thanks for your help

    Hi bmd!

    This is a great site for help with 5:2!

    Myself, I have lost a SERIOUS amount on 5:2 (original plan…500kcal on fasting days) and have recently moved to fast800 (the updated version)….hopefully this will see me lose the rest of my excess weight.

    I would recommend the updated book…Michael Mosley explains the science and the latest thinking is that there should NOT be a significant difference in weight loss by eating 800kcals on your fasting days.

    The fast800 DOES recommend a broadly Mediterranean diet – with restricted carbohydrates.

    Personally I would not look at two or three meals being porridge…protein is necessary for your diet…and is MUCH more filling than carbs.

    If inspiration is a problem…you have come to the right place…lots of inspiring people here..with good ideas on how to make the most of your calories!

    Thank you Buttonboots for your advice.
    I had gone ahead and ordered the original book as i have to wait for it to be posted to Ireland from UK and wanted to get started as soon as possible – following your advice i will go ahead and order the updated book as well. The original book should arrive early next week so at least i can get started. Think i will start on Monday and do a fast day and i should have the book before it’s time for my second fast day (Thurs).
    How does this sound for a fast day
    Breakfast (as late as possible) – Hard boiled egg (70 cal) and one ryvita (35 cal)
    Lunch – Home made veg soup (100 cal), 2 low fat bread (120 cal), 20g GoGo cheese (41 cal)
    Dinner – 30g sachet porridge oats made with water (116 cal), Stevia sweetner (0), 100 ml almond milk (13 cal) – using porridge for dinner as i find it filling and i usually stay up quite late, although i will try get more sleep as this is supposed to help with weight loss too!
    TOTAL cals for day – 495

    BMD, welcome to Fasting. As Buttonboots says, this works. My husband lost 45 pounds and kept it off. You can do it too. I second the motion about protein rather than carbs on a Fast Day. We do the 600 calories/Fast Day rather than the 500. This works for both my Husband and me, since he is male and, tho female, I had less to loose for weight. We did lose the weight we wanted.

    If you need some ideas of what/how to eat on a Fast Day, click my ‘handle’ to see my profile. There you’ll see my blog address where I post recipes for Fast Days free for the use of any faster.


    BREAKFAST: Chevre & Spinach Bake: 279 calories 7.3 g fat 2.9 g fiber 13.4 g protein 39 g carbs 230 mg Calcium PB GF This one is really delicious.
    1 two-oz egg 2 Tbsp cooked spinach, drained/squeezed and chopped [frozen works well, just be sure to thaw and drain it the night before] 2 tsp creamy chevre cheese lemon-dill seasoning + salt + pepper 2 oz pear OR 2 oz apple OR applesauce blackish coffee or blackish tea or lemon in hot water 5-6 oz fruit smoothie, green smoothie or natural apple cider
    Combine the spinach, cheese, and seasonings. Whisk in the egg and pour into a lightly-oiled or spritzed ramekin. Bake at 350 degrees F. for 12-15 minutes. Meanwhile, prepare the hot beverage and smoothie; plate the fruit. What a nice way to start the day.

    DINNER: White Fish Baked with cheese: 145 calories 5.9 g fat 0 g fiber 33 g protein 0.2 g carb 129 mg Calcium PB GF Another winner from the Fast Diet book.
    6 oz firm white fish fillets such as haddock or cod 1/2 oz cheddar cheese, grated Your choice of vegetables to add up to 125 calories: ½ cup pickled beets [74 cal] 3 oz green beans [26 cal] ½ cup peas [62 calories] ½ cup carrot coins [12 cal] 3 oz broccoli florets [30 cal] 2 oz parsnip, sliced as coins [42 cal] 1 cups salad greens + ½ tsp lemon juice + 1 tsp olive oil [48 cal] 3 oz tomatoes [15 cal]
    Heat the oven to 400 F. Put the fish in an oven-proof dish which has been lightly smeared with olive oil. Sprinkle the cheese on top. Bake for 10 minutes. Meanwhile, prepare the vegetables of your choice. How easy it is to be healthy!

    Thank you Fasting_me. I have started today – As the day goes on i am getting hungrier. I managed to to without anything other than water up til lunchtime. I had homemade veg soup (97 cals), 2 slices of low fat bread (56 cals X 2), 20g of Go Go Low fat cheese spread (41 cals) and some cherry tomatos (16 cals). I think it will be porridge this evening basically because i do not have anything else in/prepared, and possibly another bowl of veg soup.
    Thankfully my books arrived today, so i can have a read up now and become more familiar with how it works.
    I may try the breakfast you shared above at the weekend. As i am trying to keep my fast days to week days, and trying to leave it as late as possible on a fast day to start eating, i will be in work for my first meal of the day and only have access to a microwave and a toaster.
    As a matter of interest, did you and your husband use the 2,000 cals on non fast days or did you tend to stay under 2,000?

    Hello bmd. I started 5:2 18mths ago and have lost 75lbs so far. It works very well for some people. I do the original 500 cals fast days. The fast days feel strange to start with but i assure you they get easier. And don’t you feel great the day after a fast day?

    If you can find a healthy way of eating on non fast days, then you are in a win:win situation. This website has a calculator somewhere where you can estimate your daily calorie needs based on your size and activity level.It may be lower than 2000 calories per day – mine is about 1800. Most people gain weight just by eating 5% more than they need.

    Be aware that most of us underestimate how much we eat and as you slim down you need to eat less to sustain a smaller body!

    Thank you Cornish-Jane. Congratulations on your great weightloss.
    I have to admit, I did find the first fast day tough, especially as the day went on (evening is my danger time and i graze!). I don’t like black coffee so only had one cup to keep milk calories down. i think this lead to my waking up with a major headache this morning!
    I will definately look up that calculator – i don’t want all my hard work to go to waste because i was unknowingly having too many calories on non-fast days.
    Here’s hoping I’m one of the one’s it works well for. Watch this space …

    You are off to a good start by having the book and coming here for support/tips/advice. That headache can be a sign of sugar deprivation. I had it for first couple of fast days but then gone. It is something to do with body using up stored glucose first when deprived of food. Once glucose stores are gone, then it heads for the stored fat layers and then you are on a roll!

    Yes I like my coffee and a latte so dont do it black. I also had a bad habit of few ginger biscuits with same so it was easier to cut out coffee altogether on fast days and have some herbal brew instead ( I like Liquourice ones).

    I found it easier to keep going on nothing but simple drinks til mid afternoon. The only advance prep was to make a batch of decent veg soup and portion freeze for diet days. Couple of eggs/ham/mushooms/tomatoes make a simple protein rich meal if nothing else around.

    Thanks Annie117, Yes, i definately agree about the soup. I have been making my own for the past couple of years and invested in a soup maker. I find it great for lunch and my elderly mother loves it too, so i know she is getting some good nutrition each day.
    Yesterday was Day 2, work full time and have only had a chance to skim through the book. Feel a bit guilty as i think i went a bit mad yesterday on food. Was under my calorie allowance by about 200 cals but don’t think i made the best food choices. Breakfast and lunch were fine. But i went shopping straightfrom work and ventured into M&S Foodhall. Then didn’t get home til after 9 and made a quick dinner of fresh pasta and pesto. I keep track of my calories on the myfitnesspal app and where i let myself down was the “snacks” which included fresh fruit salad (homemade), extra lean ham (in car driving home), 4 squares of chocolate, M&S cheeses puffs and a small chocolate bar. Guess who has a sweet tooth….

    Keep going bmd! This way of life is very forgiving and its good you are tracking what you eat on your non fast days.

    Headaches are not uncommon to start with. I had them and they went away after a few fast days. They can also be caused by lack of water. And strangley lack of salt. Marmite tea helps – if you like it!

    I read somewhere that it helps if you:
    ‘Work out what is good for you and then develop a liking for it’

    Thats me and black coffee – took a year to develop a liking for it and i drink it black most of the time now. Same with tea!

    Hi Cornish-Jane
    I’m drinking plenty of water, between 4 and 5 pints a day minimum.
    On the coffee thing, years ago on some diet or other i drank it, didn’t like it but forced myself to stick with it and now i can’t stand it. I have however cut down on the amount of milk i put in my coffee. Also for non fast days, i have a Tassimo coffee machine and the Costa Lattes are only 60’ish calories.
    Fast day again tomorrow, that came around quick!

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