Hit target. 28lbs in 7 months

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Hit target. 28lbs in 7 months

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  • Weighed in this morning at 199.6lbs. It’s at least 25 years since I weighed less than 200. Feels absolutely amazing.

    It’s been 5:2 all the way until 3 weeks ago; I’d stalled for about a month, fluctuating between 205/210, so I doubled down. I stopped eating at all on FDs, and ate a very low calorie diet on my NFDs. I’ve also been walking at least an hour every day. My net daily calorie average has been around 1100.

    I’ve lost 8lbs in that 3 weeks.

    I thought getting to 200 would be the end, but I still have a pot belly and I want to get to 185/190, which is a healthy weight for my age and height (52, 6’2”).

    IF is amazing.

    This is amazing and as a newbie, it’s so inspirational to hear. Congrats! And thanks for sharing 🙂

    Congratulations!! Very inspirational!

    Well done, CainelsCarter!! As you say, you got where you wanted to be and then realized there is more to do. Same process I went through — got to my Target, and then lost some more. You will be even more amazed. Good luck. And remember, you are learning how to do it so that you can be slimmer for LIFE. This is a Lifestyle, not a destination.

    Great Job! – I’m so excited for you. You inspire me!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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