Help what's going wrong? Blood sugars going ip

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Help what's going wrong? Blood sugars going ip

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  • Started March 1st. By March 31st off all diabetic meds. Fasting blood sugars down from 18.9 to around 8 and lost 1 stone 2lbs on weight. Since ten days ago put on two pounds and fasting blood sugars back up to 16. Not changed anything. In fact may even be eating less. Why has this fantastic diet stopped after one month success?

    Confused and demoralised 🙁


    First of all well done on your achievements so far.

    If you’ve lost over a stone you’ll need to readjust your TDEE downwards, have you done so yet?
    You can also take a close look at what you are eating. Are you eating too much fruit, too many carbs? From what I’ve read low carb high fat diets are the best option for diabetics and actually I think they are best for all of us.

    Might I suggest you also take a look at Michael’s blood sugar diet. There is a dedicated website and you’ll probably find the forum a font of knowledge so far as T2D is concerned. It’ll also give you some great menu ideas.

    Don’t depair, you’ll find a solution.

    Good luck.

    Firstly thank you for your reply. What is TDEE? I am not having any fruit and hardly any carbs. I am very hungry. One egg omelette for breakfast. A few cubes mozzarella two cherry tomatoes some spinach few nuts for lunch. Small portion of low ish carb dinner. Not sure what else I can cut out without being starving all the time x

    TDEE is the maximum calories you should consume on non fast days and as your weight drops you need less calories to sustain your body.

    Is that an example of a normal day or a FD?
    What do you mean by a few nuts? They are very good for you but have a huge amount of calories per ounce.
    And what do you mean by lowish carb dinner?

    Hi riverrat,

    Im assuming T2D and 18.9mmol/L down to 8mmol/L? Great!! That weight loss is phenomenal in just 5 weeks. Hard to sustain that level of loss over the long term so I wouldn’t despair. I lost at a rate of 0.7 pounds per week over the course of a year. Also to be off your meds after 5 weeks is phenomenal. Have you talked to your GP about the meds? To expect your pancreas and liver to magically start working perfectly after 5 weeks is very wishful thinking!! Id be giving it 6 months as an absolute minimum and realistically 12 months if not longer before liver/pancreas function was even remotely close to normal.

    Describe what you mean by low carbish? What foods are you talking about? People bandy around the term starving when in fact what they mean is they are hungry. Starving occurs when your bouncing around 4% or less body fat and your not ingesting calories. I doubt that’s the case. The concept of hunger will get better as your stomach shrinks as the production of ghrelin (hunger hormone) will diminish. Also eat lots of cruciferous veggies. They have lots of bulk and fibre. This makes the food payload enter the small intestines quickly and stimulates CCK production which tells the brain you are satiated. Couple that with good fats (cheese and high fat yogurt) and this will increase CCK production making you feel full longer.

    I think your doing well, keep going.

    Hi thanks for your replies. Yes shouldn’t say starving! I did mean very hungry. The day I am describing is feed day. Nuts always five or six almonds. Dinner courgette lasagne with courgettes instead of pasta sheets and ricotta cheese instead of cheese sauce or spaghetti bolognase with courgette instead of pasta. Fast days nothing all day then bacon and egg for tea. Think I’ve gone in a bit gung ho re meds. Am going to have to eat low carb humble pie at docs and take them again for a bit. Think due to immediate success I got carried away and thought this would be quicker. I am not good at going through the process of things but your ‘keep going ‘ has spurred me on. Think I will eat a bit more on feed days as I really am not eating a lot. I will use the meds to stabilise then tweak it all.

    Saying to think about six months instead of six weeks is very sensible. You’re right it took a long time to get here, it’s going to take a bit of time to turn this around.

    Really appreciate your replies as I have been feeling quite alone with it all x

    Wow someone more disciplined about their eating than me!! Well done. Just make sure what you are doing is sustainable. Ive got very simple foods that I eat so the foods don’t have to be exciting and I just have my routine. No fancy recipes needed. When I change something in my diet I do it for six months and then get bloods taken to see if its had a positive or negative impact. Sounds like youre doing very well. Get your carbs from veggies (no potatoes) legumes and nuts. Avoid anything made from grains or flour.

    BG down from 18 to 8 is stunning. Talk with your doc about stabilising that with your meds before quitting meds altogether.

    Hi Riverratsam, is there a reason why you are eating so little on NFDs? I don’t eat at all on fast days and some bacon and egg sure sounds like it is less than 600 calories.

    I can understand wanting to lose the weight as fast as you can but eating too little can also backfire. I was miserable until I started eating more. I did cut refined sugar out of my diet and added fasting. Since doing that I’ve lost over a stone in a year, but my weight is currently only around 12 stones. (79.2kg) Besides not feeling miserable, I no longer have to take any vitamins as I’m eating enough cheese, nuts, fruits and vegetables to cover my needs. However my weight lose is slow, only about 1.5 lbs / month. However I’m mostly concerned about losing fat.

    A blog you might find helpful:

    It seems that if you are eating a ketogenic diet, you shouldn’t have to feel so hungry to lose weight. The fasting will enhance your weight loss and give you periods of lower blood glucose. My main driver for hunger was refined sugar. Getting rid of that in your diet might also help you.

    I second what bigbooty said. Work with your doctor and have your meds adjusted as you lose weight and improve. I completely understand not wanting to be on any medication, but the goal is to still be alive and off medication.

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