Help me shed these 50lbs

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Help me shed these 50lbs

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  • Hello all, I wondered if anyone can give me any advice. I am new to this site. I have just bought The Fast Diet book and will start reading tonight. I do know people that have done the 5:2 and lost weight but I need to lose at least 50lbs which is a lot of weight. I am clear that on 5:2 you fast two days with 500kcls to eat and on other 5 days to eat normally. My first question would be what is normal? do I have to count calories? is there eating windows I should follow? Has this worked for anyone else? My eating habits are not that bad which is why I have no faith in diets as I am not that bad to start with. I lost 20lbs on weight watchers in 2016 and have kept that off- now another 50lbs to go. I have been doing 18:6 since Monday (which basically means I have been eating only between the hours of midday and 6pm)- I think I have lost a lb or two but due to weigh on Saturday. Has anyone else tried other fasting hours? any advice would be so helpful. I plan on doing 18:6 anyway but incorporating 5:2 as well- any thoughts? Thank you in advance;-)))))

    Hi and welcome,

    You’ll find plenty of help and support on this website and most of the advice will come from personal experience.

    Eating normally means sticking to your TDEE which is a figure that can be calculated using the BMI calculator via the resources tab at the top of the page.
    I suggest you calculate using sedentary as your activity level and some suggest using your goal weight but as you have a fair amount to lose you might not wish to do so. If you use your current weight you’ll need to recalculate every 7lbs or so as the allowance will decrease as you lose weight.

    You say your eating habits aren’t that bad but if you need to lose 50lbs they definitely need changing so it might be worth counting calories every day for a couple of weeks so you get a good idea of what your calorie allowance looks like on a plate. I did so as I had been over-eating for a long time and it really helped.

    I originally lost 68lbs and having tried every diet under the sun found 5:2 the easiest. It is more a way of life than a diet and many including Michael Mosley still fast to maintain their weight.
    I follow 16:8 on NFDs (non fast days) as I’m rarely hungry first thing and I find it easier to control my eating habits if I only have 2 meals. I also avoid snacking the majority of the time as that always leads me into trouble!
    I don’t count every calorie on NFDs but do estimate in order to prevent undoing the good work done on FDs

    Give yourself a few weeks to get used to fasting and working out the eating hours that suit you and your lifestyle. I only eat dinner on FDs as I find that dividing 500 calories between 2 meals doesn’t work well for me.

    Good luck and let us know how you get on

    Hi, Bumblebee. Welcome to Fasting.
    My husband lost 45 pounds.
    As time goes on, your appetite should decrease. This will make it easier to eat less on a Slow Day. For example, we used to eat lunch in addition to breakfast and dinner. Now we don’t eat lunch. And if we should go out to a restaurant for lunch, we don’t eat dinner. This is our new normal.
    As Amazon says, calculate your TDEE and avoid/cut down on junk food or other foods of minimal nutritional value. If you have no idea of the calorie count of foods you eat, you might find it useful to find out so that you will know if you are staying below your TDEE. Once you get the hang of it, you will do it naturally.
    Good luck, and keep posting your progress.

    Id have to agree with @amazon. You say your eating habits aren’t bad but you then say you’ve lost 20lbs and need to lose another 50lbs. That doesn’t quite add up. You either eat the wrong foods or eat too much. 5:2 works, I lost 48lbs and have been in maintenance for about 3 1/2 years. I now do 6:1 to maintain my weight. Try and avoid processed grain based foods. Its basically junk food. Avoid sugar at all cost and this includes fruit juice. Pure junk. You want fruit, at a whole piece of fruit. Good luck it works.

    How is it going, Bumblebee?

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