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  • My first week and second fast day, and I admit, after a very successful day, i managed to blow the budget again with wine and chocolate, and that after my within budget calories day and a dinner of broccoli and a steamed tomato. What is wrong with me? At this rate I’ll never get to my goal. Feeling sad and angry….

    It’s only your first week! Don’t be so hard on yourself…baby steps, remember?!

    If losing weight and getting healthy were easy, we wouldn’t have books and plans and web sites like this. It ISN’T easy. It takes courage, which you obviously have, and commitment, which you have put out there by posting here, and smarts, which you seem to have a handle on because you had a successful day.

    You will fall off the “wagon”, just like we all have, and still do to this day, but you will get there. Allow yourself that little fail. So what! Just reschedule that fast day, and get on with it. You’ll see!

    Im assuming you had the wine and chocolate after dinner? Have to ask but why do you have chocolate and wine in the house if you know that your self control is not what it should be? Get rid of them, its that simple.

    You wouldn’t take an alcoholic to the pub and demand they show some self control. So why make it hard on yourself by having the things you crave easily available in the house? The sugar addiction isn’t easy to break, it will take weeks if not months. Go to the cupboard and get rid of them and do not put them on your shopping list. Make the task easier for yourself, not harder.

    Try having a big bowl of raw veggies chopped up and salad with a little splash of apple cider vinegar or some other low sugar dressing. Maybe add some tofu or a little tuna. It will satiate you a lot better than steamed broccoli and tomatoes.

    It’s so much easier once you’ve been doing it a while – I found the first 2 weeks the hardest, then it was much easier. Now that I’m approaching my goal weight the idea of being able to indulge more often is actually a little unnerving; it’s going to take me a while to get used to it again.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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