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  • Good morning everyone,

    Gday, https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0336/0967/8984/products/ThinkingofYouFlowers_1438x.png?v=1587103261

    Intesha, sending you so many good wishes, I hope your dad is assessed soon and they can tell you what is going on.
    I am so glad you have your trip booked, sending all good wishes that everything falls easily into place.

    Thankyou so much, friends, for the lovely birthday wishes (and song, Thin!) Such a beautiful picture LJoyce.

    Thin, I am just cutting down the tea and coffee I am having for the sake of putting something in my gob 😀 😀
    Generally that is the third coffee.

    Thank you to everyone for your kind words. I’m not going too well, totally shattered and drained, both physically and mentally. I’ve lost 3kg in the last 5 days, miss g’day has been trying to get me to eat but the most I can manage in a day is a couple of boiled eggs, or a piece of toast, I have no hunger whatsoever.

    Sleep consists of just a few hours a night.
    The sheer volume of arrangements is so overwhelming that it’s impossible to switch off, even for a moment. We say our goodbyes on Wednesday.

    It is SUCH a hard time Gday, raw grief.
    Hold that Miss Gday close, food doesn’t matter too much at a time like this, except to keep you going, but the best thing in the world is that Miss Gday is there with you.

    I hope you can just keep plodding on through the arrangements, step by step. I hope Mr Gday gets the best goodbye on Wednesday.

    For you and Miss Gday

    Oh G’day I so feel for you and what you are going through. Compounded, too, I’d imagine, by the suddenness of it all. I hope you are getting practical support for all the myriad things that need to be done. I hope Miss Gday is coping okay, and you are able to support each other.

    G’day, Really sorry to hear you’re struggling (although entirely understandable) I wish I could give you a big hug, but have to settle for a virtual one. Do you have others close to you that you can talk with? I really hope you can reach out and talk to someone face to face, or even over the phone, if you’re not coping.

    Miss G’day is right, you should try to force yourself to eat even if you have no hunger. You posted a week or so ago you were down to a BMI of 22, you can’t really afford to be dropping 3 kilos in such a short amount of time. Even though you may not feel like it, you need to try to keep yourself healthy.

    My thoughts will be with you on Wednesday.

    Stay strong


    Intesha, that’s great that you will see your daughter and family. I’ve forgotten in which part of the UK they’re living but was thinking they’re in the home counties. For how long will you be in England? Hope your dad is alright.

    GDSA, sorry things are so tough right now. I don’t have any pearls of wisdom about grieving, I imagine everyone handles it in their unique way. Agree with Neil, this is the time to lean on your friends and family for plenty of support, emotional and practical.

    It’s the day after FD for me and a nice kilo off from yesterday but we did have a pub lunch the day before which gave me a temporarily higher reading. We are in the Yorkshire Dales which has some of the most beautiful unspoiled scenery I’ve ever seen. We took a bus ride to Glassington where the series, ‘All Creatures Great And Small’ was filmed in the fictional town of Darrowby. They’d just completed filming the most recent series set in war time. We had a lovely walk in the Dales.

    I’ve been sitting outside in the warm sunshine since 7am, hills sloping up from the canal all around us, cows and sheep grazing, birds singing all around me, rabbits doing what rabbits do in the field opposite and not a soul around except the odd cyclist. Time for my second coffee.

    Dear G’day, please try to keep your strength up at this dreadful time. My thoughts are with you now and especially on Wednesday

    So lovely to hear from you Intesha and so happy you are finally going to visit your daughter in the UK. I hope your Dad is ok

    Mr Anzac was rushed to hospital again on Saturday afternoon. I had to call an ambulance and they were quick and efficient. He had some tummy pain all day and then deteriorated so quickly it was terrifying. My eating has been dreadful the past few days

    I envy your warmth Thin, I do hate the cold. It rained today but it was the first rain in about 2 weeks and with La Nina that is about the longest in a long time

    Take care everyone

    Oh G’day, such a sad and challenging time for you. Sending you forum hugs and my heart goes out to you and Miss G’day. Yes, it does vastly decrease appetite for awhile and don’t worry about it in the short term. Perhaps you can look at drinking calories if you’re not able to eat them – smoothies, drinkable soups – maybe a neighbour, friend or rellie can make you some good nourishing chicken soup. Your brain will settle down to less of a whirl and fog in a week or so. You’ll both be thinking more clearly then as you go through the weeks ahead

    Be gentle on yourself G’day, and allow yourself to go through this time at your pace. Accept offers of help, food, and extra pairs of hands, and ears to answer the multiple times the phone rings. Sometimes the many things to do can help us get through, and sometimes we just need to walk, sit, cry, talk or be silent. The shower is a good place to be alone and cry if that’s what you need. If you’re still not able to sleep much then let yourself sleep whenever you get tired whatever time of day.

    Please know that you have good and faithful friends here, even if at a distance.

    Best wishes for a tomorrow,

    Anzac, that’s alarming news about Mr A. Were the ambulance drivers able to deal with the problem at home or did he have to go to hospital? Thank goodness that they could come quickly. I hope he’s alright now, it’s not long until he has his surgery I believe.

    Good evening everyone

    GDSA, I hope that tomorrow goes as planned and that it is a fitting farewell for your much loved husband. I will be thinking of you tomorrow.

    Anzac, sorry to hear that Mr A had yet another scare. I’m glad this time it was resolved quickly.

    Intesha, very good news about the trip to see your daughter, sorry to hear that your dad has deteriorated.

    Hello to everyone else, I hope you are doing well.

    I’m just finishing up a FD with a bowl of cauliflower cheese soup. I’ve been battling a sugar headache all day. After several weeks with modest carb eating (high fibre choices) and almost zero added sugar, I blew it badly yesterday. I went to lunch with my old work team and it ended up being take away pizzas at the home of one of my previous colleagues. I had also made a banana cake with lashings of cream cheese frosting for her husband’s birthday. Pizza and cake are not good choices. Tasty, but I’ve been craving water all day today and I’ve been battling a headache – almost certainly from the sudden influx of simple carbs, bad fats and too much salt. Usually I get a say in what I have for meals when I’m out, but that only works when you can order your own meal at a cafe.
    I have my second covid booster vaccine tomorrow, which will hopefully increase my immunity for the winter.

    Take care all.

    G’day, thinking of you today.

    My thoughts are with you all day today G’day

    Oh G’day I am so sorry to read your news about Mr. G’day. I wish there were words to express my deep sadness. I hope you are finding some help with the arrangements and have someone there to talk with and offer comfort. Please know that I will have you and Miss G’day in my thoughts and prayers.


    Anzac, I’m sorry to hear about Mr. Anzac’s ambulance trip. I hope he is back at home now. My DH had an ambulance trip at the beginning of April and had his medications adjusted and was back home the same day. But the whole thing was very frightening. My eating has been terrible too, but I’m down 2 kg to the 64’s. Stress and not eating isn’t a good way to lose weight. He seems to have stabilized recently, or maybe DS and aI are just learning how to care for him better. He is up and around and finally eating better, but all of the confusion is still there.

    Thin, we watched the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee here and loved the Paddington Bear segment at the beginning. That was the cutest thing ever, especially drinking from the spout of the teapot. We are still all watching movies and series every night. We saw a good one on Hulu, “Good luck to you Rio Grande” with Emma Thomson. We thought it was great but my neighbor hated it. Is it streaming in Aus too? The Aussie series are becoming more plentiful here. Just found one called Bed of Roses that’s a typical series, but entertaining.

    I haven’t had time to go through and read all of your posts yet, but I will get to them. I think of all of you and the challenges several of us are going through recently.

    Hi everyone!

    G’Day, I hope yesterday went as well as it could for you.


    CalifD, lovely to hear from you but I get the sense that your absence has been a difficult and testing time. Such sad changes for you and DS to cope with and of course your OH himself probably sensing that things are different but not always comprehending why. Well done for keeping your weight in a healthy range.

    We’re enjoying warm, sunny weather in beautiful Yorkshire surroundings and meeting lovely boaters. I’m excited that DD will be spending the weekend with us (she was hiking in Scotland all last week so we postponed Fathers’ Day).

    Morning everyone

    It’s been really cold here this week. The weather has been nice andsunny, but not even making double digits most days. We’ve had heavy frosts every morning and so had a couple of hairy moments driving in to work (I’m not foolish enough to ride my bike on the frost)

    Today is our first ever public holiday to celebrate Matariki and I hope to be able to get out for a ride sometime today when the frost is gone.

    Well, have a great day everyone

    Good morning lovies.
    I’ve been good in bits this week. Kind of sorted with my volunteering, with another try at my Healthy Weight Support Group on the 14th of July.

    Thinking of you so much Gday, and wondering how Wednesday was.

    So pleased to see your posts Merry. Best wishes to you.

    Anzac, keen to hear how Mr Anzac is now.

    Cali, so glad for the catch up. I am so glad your DH has stabilized and can make the most of his life, inspite of the confusion.

    Neil, yikes icy roads are scary. Have a wonderful Matariki. How excellent to have a New Year at Winter Solstice.

    Best wishes all

    Cinque, pleased to hear you have the volunteering kind of sorted. I hope the HWSG works out well this time; no doubt you have flyers everywhere now.

    Neil, those chilly days, brrr. The summer solstice makes me cherish every wonderful summer day as we begin the slow decline into shorter days. Our low was 15°C and high 27°C yesterday.

    I’m happy with my weight on 6:1 so far. I’ve been working on much smaller meal portions again. Off to do the wordle, my aim is to nail them in three, not counting those where one letter proves to be pure guesswork.

    Good morning everyone.

    The episode of pizza and cake for lunch last Monday sent my weight up by 2kg, but I’ve been careful since then, and have done two FDs which has thankfully removed that gain.

    I have another lunch out on Tuesday and my infusion is on Thursday, so this week I’m fasting today and also Wednesday. I always find 500cal FDs challenging when it’s cold as I want something hot for lunch, but can’t spare the calories.

    I’m off for a walk now as I’m hoping the rain showers are done for the day.

    Hope you are all having a good weekend. Take care.

    LJ, well managed. I scheduled my FD for today, Monday, as DD spent the weekend with us. That’s an 8 day gap since since my last FD but I managed to keep it together – just. Fantastic weekend hiking in the Yorkshire Dales, visiting a pub with stalactites in the cellar and going to a funky old movie theatre.

    Evening all

    Well the bad news is older son who tested negative all through our last isolation has now contracted Covid, and because I also tested negative it means I have to sit through another week of isolation. Also I’m not sure if it’s psychosomatic, but I’ve started getting a sore throat and cough. I’m kind of hoping that I will test positive this time, because the worst thing would be to test negative again, pick it up somewhere else in a few weeks, and have to have a third week of isolation.

    On the positive side, I managed to get out for a couple of long rides over the long weekend, and I started doing a full keto, and so far my body seems to be responding well to it. I guess I’ll find out if it’s made a difference on the scales at my weigh-in on Wednesday.

    Well, have a good one everyone.

    Neil, how frustrating about covid and the regulations. It’s barely mentioned here. Hope your weigh-in went well.

    I had a good FD on Monday but it doesn’t seem right not doing a Sunday fast after all these years.

    Is our thread falling apart? This must be the longest silence ever.

    Hello all …Thin, you’ve given me a nudge. I love this thread and our friends on it, so I will try to post more. How lovely to be in Yorkshire ….a favourite part of the world. And Cumbria. I had a brother who lived in Kendall for a few years, so our annual trip to the UK started in London (to visit another brother) and then north. Happy memories.

    Neil, sorry about the family Covid. Very difficult. Hope you’re feeling OK. My nephew around the road has also tested positive, then my brother a few days later. But my SIL is so far negative, which is a great relief because she had open heart surgery a few weeks ago and is still very much in recovery mode. It’s frustrating not being able to help them.

    Thin there are great waves of Covid here – combined with the flu season, it’s not looking great. Fortunately the high levels of vaccination mean it’s less deadly, but people are quite complacent about prevention.

    Pizza and cake LJ…2 kilos is a killer gain for what some people would eat routinely. But that’s not us, so we compensation with more fasting. How wonderful we know what to do, to combat it. Hope the infusion goes well.

    My weight is waaay above what I got down to last year, but I’m gradually whittling away. Because OH needed more calories, our meals changed so instead, for example, of grilled chicken and salad for dinner, I’d been cooking a roast chicken and vegetables. He’d get really touchy if I ate something different, so I’d do a metaphoric shrug and eat it, although I tried to keep the portions much smaller.
    Cinque, very pleased to read the support group is going ahead. I wish I could attend. It would really help… I hope people get on board. A terrific initiative.

    It was good to see posts from old friends – Intesha, Merry, Calif.

    Gday I wish I could say something that would help ….just know you are in our thoughts.

    Anzac, keen to know how Mr A is faring. What troubling times. Are you OK?

    Morning all

    Thin, I think many members have quite a bit going on in their lives that’s a bit more pressing. Hopefully the silence is just temporary, I enjoy catching up with what people are up to.

    Well the Covid finally got me, I was feeling pretty crap on Monday night then Tuesday morning I tested positive for Covid. My symptoms were cough, sore throat and tightness in my chest. I described it as being like a medium sized dog sitting on my chest. I was pretty bad on Tuesday, yesterday I was bad in the morning, ok during the day, then bad in the evening. This morning I woke up feeling crap, but not as bad as yesterday morning, so hopefully that’s a sign that I’m past the worst of it. I was feeling well enough during the day yesterday to get out for some light exercise and fresh air. I was getting fatigued after 30 minutes though so I called it quits (I was just doing some laps on the flat along my street and back down the next street up)

    My weigh-in yesterday I was down half a kilo, I’m reasonably pleased with that. At the moment I’m not reducing calories too much, just switching to lower carbs, medium protein and high fats, my goal is 10% carbs, 25% protein and 65% fats, it’s slightly higher protein than regular Atkins style keto, but this way is supposed to be better for people like me who are quite active because it will reduce muscle loss.

    Well have a great one everyone, I hope you can all come back and post soon.

    Hello all, apologies for the long break in posting

    I hope you are ok G’day, my thoughts are with you daily

    A few months ago we booked a weekend away for Mr A’s birthday (last Friday) but were not sure we would make it due to his health. It was a great special through Qantas with 2 nights, 2 dinners and 2 breakfasts at Rick Stein’s Bannisters in Mollymook – 3 hours south of Sydney. I’m very pleased to say we went and had a totally awesome time. The weather was spectacular; 23 degrees and sunny on the Saturday so we went for a lovely walk along the beautiful beach (not too far so Mr A didn’t get too tired). Gosh we needed it; a whole weekend of relaxing! We had a hot tub on our balcony so watched the sun go down both nights with two kinds of bubbles 🙂 Soap and champagne!

    My weight has jumped up, mostly due to the feasting last weekend so I have been very disciplined this week and so far so good

    Sorry to hear about your family’s Covid woes Neil, I hope you are feeling better.

    Yorkshire sounds amazing Thin and especially wonderful to spend time with your daughter. I went there the very first time I went overseas when I was 19; the friend I travelled with had family in Barnsley (near Manchester) and I have a vivid memory of sitting in a loungeroom surrounded by people talking a different language. Seriously, I couldn’t understand a word and I was jet-lagged and homesick but I soon got over that

    It really is too hard to cook two different meals Linsday and Mr A lost so much weight he too has to eat a lot of calories. It truly doesn’t help but what can you do? I also try to keep my portions small but will-power isn’t a strength of mine (obviously)

    We’ve had a lovely dry June as the long winded La Nina has finally been declared over. However there is a dire warning of flooding rains this weekend so sigh…here we go again

    Mr A’s next surgery (the reversal) has been booked for mid July. He will have a very long recovery from that as his body needs to be re-trained to tell his brain when it’s ‘time to go’. The Bowel Cancer Australia FB page is full of people saying how difficult this is to get over and many are still suffering years later. Everyone is different so I just hope and pray that Mr A has an easier time

    Work continues to be frantic but I have been told that the project is going to wind up soon. This means another job search and sadly I presume I won’t find another one with permanent WFH. Damn! I won’t take a role that is full time in the office but hopefully I can get at least 3 days WFH. There are plenty of jobs around so I have bargaining power on my side (I hope). Wish me luck

    Take care all

    Ooooh, well that was nice to wake up your respective reports and enjoy over coffee – thank you!

    Good evening everyone.

    Anzac, how wonderful that you actually managed to do your pre-booked trip and enjoyed it. You both really needed that little recharge time.
    My brother-in-law took years to adjust after his reversal surgery and 6 years on he is still very cautious about his food choices and stresses about being away from home. He is not someone who will reach out for help though, so dealt with it with just my sister trying her best to help. I did wonder whether the support of a dietitian might have helped – there are some that specialise in post surgery issues.
    Good luck with the job hunt – it does sound like it’s a job hunters market at the moment, and it does seem that your reputation is well known in your industry, which should also help.

    Neil, wishing you and your son a big well soon.

    Lindsay, I’m glad you have avoided covid , despite the family members succumbing.
    How frustrating with the weight gain, although perfectly understandable in the circumstances. The only thing I can suggest is that you boil/steam some lower cal veg options as part of the meal and select mostly those for yourself and avoid the roast veg.

    Thin, it sounds like a lovely time hiking the Yorkshire Dales. It’s probably why your 8 days between FDs was ok.

    Cinque, I hope the restart of the healthy weight group goes well. Has the community centre managed to do enough advertising to make it well known?
    It has occurred to me mid-winter may be a challenging time for some people to start something like this – there is always more interest in dealing with weight challenges as the summer approaches. Although I’m well aware that we probably need the support more in winter when we are tempted to seek hot comfort foods.

    My FDs were difficult but OK and both resulted in weight loss. I’ve lost a total of 1.4kg this week. I have seen avoiding sugar and starch and it is making this easier most days – unless I’m confronted with meals out that have difficult options.

    Take care everyone. I hope those of you who are not doing well at present start to find life a little easier.

    Morning everyone, great to see everyone starting to check in again.

    Anzac, great to hear you got away for your getaway, I remember you mentioning that you were going to be going to Rick Stein’s restaurant. What kind of food were you eating there?

    Ljoyce, good work on the loss, I’m not doing fast days while I’m sick, just trying to stick to 1800-2000 calories, but switching to fats over carbs still saw me drop half a kilo.

    Lindsay, must be hard having to eat the same things with your OH trying to increase calories and you trying to reduce it. I’ve been doing separate meals for myself or just switching out some components of it.

    Well my health is improving, I feel like crap in the morning and evening but ok during the day. Each morning and evening has been a bit better than the last one, so hopefully I’ll be better in a couple of days. I still have 3 more days of isolation after today, so freedom day is Tuesday

    Good morning everyone,

    Going very slowly this morning, I was going to be minding the girls but they are too snotty and coughy, which is probably good for me, but I miss them.

    I have had a bit of a tricky, busy week, but what a treat it has been to see posts from more of you. I do hope you are able to post more regularly.

    Weightwise, I haven’t been able to fastyfast. I am keeping stable (judging by my clothes) eating lightly and happily…. but still too many days when I eat more than I need: from tiredness or frustration or needing comfort generally.
    However my habits are getting so much better. (Touch wood and whistle). So I am overeating on better food and having less of it.
    Persistence does pay off!

    After a very confusing meeting to get promotion organised for my Healthy Weight Support Group (took 2 hours instead of 10 minutes and I needed a couple of days recovery) I have posters to pin up around the place. The worker accidentally printed lots of A3 posters and put 4 up in the Centre so at least my group will be prominent. 😀
    LJoyce, I think you are right that midwinter could be a tricky time. Hopefully, if so, I am not dispirited, but can take this term as a trial run and really get it going next term.

    I had my fourth covid vaccine on Wednesday so lovely to have that boosting my immunity.

    I’ve also sent off my old car to Kids Under Cover charity (they auction it off) and I am driving around my new lovely one, gradually working out all the amazing electronics.

    Thin, good luck with wordle, nailing it in three is always my aim too. Took me four today.
    Enjoy those lazy hazy crazy days of summer. How lovely to have that weekend with DD.
    I’ve lost track, when is your holiday?
    Yay for smaller portions. So key. I am getting better at it.

    LJoyce, nice reversal after pizza and cake. I hope the infusion was an easy one, and yay for whittling away that excess weight.

    Neil, sympathy for the covid, I hope you are right and you are over the worst, and just need to look after yourself to give yourself the best chance of recovering completely. And the same for the rest of your family! Best wishes all.

    Lindsay, lovely to hear your news. Best wishes to Mr Lindsay. And Rosy!
    How tricky to deal with Mr Lindsay’s changing food needs, while looking after your own.
    Portion size is such a good strategy. I have been managing it but there is that half hour after eating where my brain is sure I haven’t had enough and I need to really argue with it to wait and see.

    Anzac, hooray for that beautiful weekend away! I have been to Mollymook, just before Rick Stein opened his restaurant there, such a beautiful place. I also want to hear about your meals there!
    Good work losing weight now.
    The only person I know who had a belly bag and a reversal had no problems, so fingers crossed the same is true for Mr Anzac.
    Yikes, I have seen the maps of rain coming down from the north! I am glad you are prepared.

    Special good wishes for your next job. I really do hope you can find one that pays what you need, and allows WFH, but doesn’t pile on the stress and ridiculous hours and meetings. Your health is most important!

    Hello to Maxx too!

    Gday, lots of good wishes,

    Okay off to write a list of places to put those posters up at. And I had better buy some veggies too, the pantry is bare.

    Cheers all

    Morning all, looks like we’re back to radio silence

    Cinque, good you get the 4th booster, it’s restricted to over 65s and immune compromised people here so I don’t qualify, but my parents are getting it soon.

    Well I couldn’t help having a peek at my weight midweek. I have dropped another half kilo since Wednesday and now inching closer to double digits. Since starting keto 10 days ago I’ve gone from 102.4 to 101.5. Hopefully once I start throwing in lower calorie days on top of it I’ll keep heading down. I’m hoping to be back in double digits by the end of July.

    I’ve been making steady progress through Covid, yesterday I was pretty much ok all day apart from a bit of fatigue, today I woke up feeling pretty good. I’m still testing positive, but apart from getting a bit puffed when so exercise, I don’t really have any symptoms at the moment.

    Well I hope everyone else is going ok, catch you all later.

    Good morning. A quick one, before I go to wash the colour out of my hair. The six year old was brushing my hair during the week, and commented ‘Oh Marmar, I can see your white twigs.’ Better than telling me about my grey roots, I guess.

    It’s beautifully sunny and cold here in Brisane today, after a couple of days of rain. Hope the weather doesn’t cause any issues for our friends in NSW. Anzac are you out of harm’s way, with the flooding?

    Neil, sounds like you are coming out of Covid, with a bonus weight loss. Not that I’d recommend getting ill to lose weight. Healthy loss good, sick loss bad. Or something like that.

    Anzac your weekend away sounds blissful. Hope Mr A is doing well. My bit on the surgery….my friend came home from living overseas and booked in for a colonoscopy. Her bowel cancer was so advanced they didn’t let her go home and did the surgery the very next day. It took a year for her to have her second surgery ….and she has recovered brilliantly. Eats well, and has no issues at all. Hope it can be the same for Mr A.

    LJ good plan to avoid the roast veges and steam ones that would suit me better. It’s a struggle when he says ‘hey let’s take the dog for a run in the park and then go for coffee and cake.’ After building our lives around doctors’ appointments for the past year, I don’t feel like dampening his spirits by mentioning diet. But …I usually compromise with a black coffee and a slice of sourdough, and that satisfies us both.

    Neil, I’d like to hear more about your keto plan. I think it will have to be keto for me, if I’m to break this holding pattern.

    OK off to visit the little one, who had Covid and hasn’t picked up. Reluctant to call it long Covid, but she has a lot of aches and pains, including headaches and sore muscles. Poor wee thing.

    Morning Cinque. So hard to get new initiatives (or is that tautological?) off the ground. You’ll do it, and it will be so successful you’ll have to book a larger room. Such a need for this.

    Hi Lindsay,

    I was dubious about keto because it always seemed a bit too restrictive to me, but I giving it a go, G’day was saying her program was low carbs more fats. The one I’m trying to follow is a bit less restrictive than the standard keto which is like less than 5% carbs and about the same protein. Unlike G’day I’m counting macros and calories, trying to stick to around 10% carbs, 20-25% protein and the rest fats. A standard meal is something like a tin of tuna in oil with shredded cabbage, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds, or a 3 egg omelette with spinach, cheese and onion, or a tomato, avocado and spinach salad with nuts and seeds added. I’ve also made fat bombs that satisfy the sweet cravings. They’re coconut oil, cocoa powder, peanut butter, and a sweetener. I make a batch of that, roll it into balls, and pop one or two of those as dessert or after I’ve been for a bike ride.

    The added protein is supposed to be better for someone like me who is more active, because standard keto can lead to a bit of muscle loss, the added protein helps maintain it.

    Hope that helps, I’m guessing the results I’ve got so far are due to no sugar, starch and alcohol, which usually causes me to binge. It’s certainly very filling concentrating on fats and protein. Good luck if you’re going to give it a go.

    Quack from drenched Sydney friends. The rain and wind is diabolical and there are already many evacuations around. We are on the high side of our street and thankfully will never have any issues with flooding; but I do feel so sorry for those who are once again seeing their homes and/or businesses inundated. Some areas are tipped to see 500mm of rain this weekend. La Nina has been declared as GONE thankfully and the dry June was so wonderful. No idea where this rain bomb came from then! They are also tipped for La Nina coming back in Spring for a very rare third appearance and if so I am moving North. Two cool wet summers are enough thanks very much!

    I hope you are ok G’day, thinking about you.

    Thanks for sharing your stories of others who have had the same surgery as Mr A. From your posts and the many in the Bowel Cancer Australia FB group it seems the impacts range from significant quality of life issues to no issues at all. I do hope that perhaps seeing he did not have to go through the ravages of chemo he might be ok. He also has such a positive outlook and I can see that helps enormously

    The meals on our weekend away were very good. At Bannisters (Rick Stein’s restaurant) it is mostly seafood and I don’t eat seafood. I thought my chicken and mushroom sauce would be boring but it was beautiful. I ordered the crab gnocchi for entree for Mr A to enjoy and he had a kingfish cervice. He then had the lobster which he said was slightly dry but otherwise delicious. I did indulge in a chocolate mousse YUM. The second dinner was at their other restaurant a few minutes drive away. It was nowhere near as good but still nice. We shared Korean chicken wings and then I had a steak that was perfectly cooked but quite chewy. Mr A had prawn linguine which he said was nice but nothing will ever beat the one he had on Lord Howe Island at Christmas

    Great news about the weight loss Neil and I hope you are soon feeling better from Covid. My dear friend with Cystic Fibrosis finally succumbed to it last weekend but is doing ok. They live on the South Coast and I was so looking forward to dropping in on the way home to see them but on the Saturday she said ‘stay away!’. Drats

    It sounds like Mr Lindsay is doing really well Lindsay and all you can do is try to adjust your portions and be as sensible as you can. Every day is a gift (my new mantra) so don’t stress about it too much

    Sorry things are complex when it comes to getting your group up and running Cinque. I hope it doesn’t take too much more of your time and precious energy

    LJ, well done getting through difficult FD’s and the resulting weight loss. I really need to get back on the horse

    Mr A and Maxx just got back from a quick round the block walk as Maxx was climbing the walls. Both are soaked so I will go and tend to them. Take care everyone

    Happy that everyone is back here posting. There’s nothing more important than maintaining our health.

    Anzac, so pleased to read the other day that you managed to get that weekend away. I hope you find an ideal job with WFH options included. Isn’t it weird about the rain. Here, we have a water shortage. Who’d have thought it in England? One hour after we descended the Wigan flight of 21 locks, we received an alert that the entire canal would be closing due to lack of water. That’s 127 miles of canal with the exception of Wigan to Liverpool.

    Cinque, frustrating that things take so long when dealing with others. I’m sure it will all come together once you’re in control of the group. So far, I have more ‘solved in three’ Wordles than any others but the ‘four’ is creeping up. Quordle is easier with many more available attempts. OH had his fourth vaccine a couple of months back. So far, we remain covid-free.

    Neil, your covid symptoms don’t sound too pleasant. Hurray for nearly being back at double digits. That will be a relief for you.

    Lindsay, that’s lovely that your OH has emerged the other side from all those hospital appointments and is enjoying life. I bet his enjoyment of going out for coffee and cake with you would be the same whether or not you eat something with your coffee. But (Lindsay and Anzac) I do understand the challenges of maintaining this way of life with a partner with a different eating agenda. I’ve been doing that for nearly eight years and it’s definitely not easy.

    LJ, nice weight loss.

    Long-term contributors will remember my talking of my ‘walking buddy’ in Perth (21 years). She had just commenced a cruise when covid struck in 2020 and she and her OH had to fly home prematurely. They’re now back on it and we’ll be catching up when we get back from Andorra. So excited. We spoke the other day. I’d never considered her to have an accent before!

    Sunday FD for me. Mexican Chicken Soup again, making enough for next Sunday too which will be my last FD before we leave. Fingers crossed that the airline and airport strikes don’t affect our flights or those of our hosts because, between us, our flights involve staff in four countries.

    Anzac, it’s so good to hear that you and Mr. A were able to get away for that lovely weekend. It sounds like Mr. A is going well with recovery. Glad your home isn’t in danger of being flooded. We’re reading about all the evacuations. Please send some of that rain over here. Everything is so dry again and although we’ve had a week or so of cool weather for this time of year, we’ll probably be in the high 30’s and low 40’s by later this week.

    Neil so glad to hear that you’re recovering from that bout with Covid. We’ve managed to avoid it so far but a lot of people we know have had it. Even some of the younger people, in their 20’s have been very sick with it. It’s impossible to know how many have tested positive with all of the unreported home tests, but numbers are increasing again, although hospitalizations are steady. Vaccines have helped with the severity, but vaccinated people are still getting it.

    G’day, I hope you and Miss G are getting support and that you are ok. You are always on my mind.

    Cinque, sorry to hear you’re having to jump through so many hoops to get your weight support group going. But at least you’re in the process now and things are moving. Your grandies must be getting really big. Good thing you didn’t have them over when they were snotty and coughy. Kids in our area have been spreading Covid. They don’t always get sick, just cold symptoms, but they can still spread it.

    LJ, glad you were able to get rid of the pizza and cake weight gain. It’s always a constant battle. We had pizza last night and ordered a keto ‘pizza’ for OH because he has difficulty swallowing anything chewy like pizza crusts or bread. It was basically just pizza toppings. He didn’t want to eat it and it was too chewy anyway, so I fixed him something else. It has been a challenge to find things that he can eat beyond oatmeal, yogurt, a burrito dinner without the tortilla, etc. he likes to eat apples and pears if I cut out the cores. The doctor’s office increased one of his medications which is just supposed to slow progress, not make things better, but we are seeing some nice changes like smiling again and more conversation. We can only pray that it keeps up.

    Lindsay, we have a lot of high calorie foods in the house to tempt OH to eat too. Luckily, he doesn’t pay much attention to what I eat. It’s good to hear from you.

    Thin, good to hear your travels are going well and that you are able to spend time with DD.

    I will try to be more consistent with checking in here. I miss all of you.

    Morning all

    Cali, great to hear from you again

    Well we got hit with some more shitty Covid news. My wife has now tested positive for Covid again, it’s her second time getting it in about a month. Also my younger son was complaining about a sore throat for the last couple of days, so he may well be moving into his second round of covid too. He tested negative yesterday, but it can take a couple of days for it to show up on the RATs. Why can’t covid just fuck off for good? We’ve done everything right, all triple boosted, always wear masks when we’re supposed to, it’s really getting us down.

    Oh Neil. I’m so sorry to read your news, and sense your frustration. Not fair, when you do all the right things. Hope your symptoms (and your family’s) are not horrendous.

    I’m waiting for my DD to drop off the 6 year old, who was at Vacation Care today but has complained of sore thigh muscles and tummy, so is coming home for some marmar time. All symptoms of the long Covid she seems to be experiencing.

    I agree ….time for Covid to eff off.

    The vaccinations help, but don’t make us immune from symptoms. My brother and sil have had 6 shots (two extra because they had to go to the UK last year, and were compelled to have double vaccinations there) and still my brother has been quite unwell. Fortunately my sil has so far missed out. Instead of being cared for after her open heart surgery, she’s deliving meals (gloved and masked) to her son and husband.

    Thin, normally you’d be right – my OH wouldn’t care what I ate. But he seems to see having coffee and cake as a ‘normal’ thing that people do, and he does notice if I just opt for the coffee. A slice of sourdough is a good compromise.

    Cali it is lovely to hear from you – such hard times for you. Not fun, is it, with our loved ones being ill. But seeing the smiles come back must be a joy.

    My loved one has popped himself off to town today to lunch with his old friends from U3A. He dropped out of the class – Literature in Context – because his reduced eyesight meant he wasn’t keeping up with the reading (and because, he said, there was too much Context and not enough Literature). I hope he has a great day out. We are stuck like glue at the moment, which isn’t good for either of us. He’ll come home with new tales, and I’ll have a moment to just sit and think (and type).

    Gday thinking about you and your DD and hope you are getting through each day.

    OK I hear the car on the drive, so I’ll finish here.

    Stay as well and happy as you can, friends.

    CalifD, lovely to hear from you and that you are coping but I’m sure it’s all so challenging. Well done for keeping free of covid. Are you managing to eat healthily yourself and stay with the range you wanted?

    Neil, frustrating, it must be so hard when you have children in the house to keep covid-free, they’re superspreaders.

    Lindsay, are you saying that the UK wouldn’t accept a recognised covid vaccination certificate from another country?

    Day after FD for me, I’m happily in the 58s. Have a great day all.

    Good morning,

    I am feeling pretty good this morning, and (close your ears beetroot haters) I made the best beetroot soup yesterday. I think I have got the hang of cooking with them (previously it was pickled beetroots and kvass). The soup had lots of onion, the beetroot (2) a potato, chicken and some blackeyed beans, with cumin and chili. So savoury and nourishing, just what I needed.

    I am heading off to visit the grandkids, it has been ages.

    Neil, such a rough trot in your home. It is exhausting. Best wishes to Mrs Neil, and the whole family

    These are hard times we are living in.

    Lindsay, best wishes to little Ms6, I do hope lots of rest allows her body to recover completely.
    Lovely to have the white twigs sorted. Such a good description! Mine stay twiggy, but they become red twigs.
    Hooray for Mr Lindsay heading off to socialise, and you to have some ‘me time’.

    Anzac, omg poor Sydney! I am so glad you are on the high side of the road. There was a picture in my twitter feed showing Sydney had had more rain in three days than London gets in a year. https://twitter.com/Brett_McLeod/status/1544071890431623169

    What yummy food you had on your holidays!

    I do hope your friend is doing okay. Did they get her straight onto those antivirals, or whatever they can give early in the covid infection?

    Thin, I aim for three in wordle, but more often get four. Twice as often. But at least three is next.
    What a treat to be catching up with your good friend! (I hope you don’t have trouble with her accent 😉 )

    Cali, it warmed my heart that Mr Cali has been happier, best wishes to all of you.
    I hope the heat and dry are not too hard this year. If only we could distribute the rain more evenly.

    I am gradually putting up notices for my group. I better head off and put one in Northcote library on the way to visiting my daughter and family.

    Best wishes now to you all,

    Eat food
    Not too much
    Mostly plants


    Morning all

    Well I’m feeling much better, back at work today as my official isolation period ended yesterday. My wife got a call from the health nurse to say that since her positive test was within 28 days of the first, they’re counting it as a reoccurrence of the first bout of Covid rather than a reinfection. The good news is that she doesn’t have to isolate for 7 days, just until she feels better, the bad news is that means she probably has long Covid and may get the symptoms popping back up again. Apparently the latest research is suggesting the Covid virus possibly hides out in the gut and then occasionally breaks out causing the symptoms.

    Cinque, I haven’t tried beetroot soup, most of the time I roast it, it seems to make it taste a lot sweeter than boiling it. I know the Russians are fond of beetroot soup (Borscht) Is that the kind of recipe you used?

    Thin, congrats on being in the 58s after your fast. My weigh-in is tomorrow and it’s the first one in a while that I’m actually looking forward to and not stressed about, because I really feel like I’ve made progress this week.

    Lindsay, there seems to be no rhyme or reason who gets hit by Covid. My sister and I were fully vaccinated and we both got hit pretty hard by it, not hospital bad but pretty bad, my brother said he knows two people who are anti-vaxers. One of them was bad enough to be hospitalised, the other one told my brother that “S**t just tasted weird for a few days”

    Well, hopefully I can get through my first day back at work, it’s been a while since I’ve had to sit for a full 8 hours. I’ll check back in tomorrow to let you know how my weigh-in went.

    Cinque, lots of nice news from you. I have more threes than fours in wordle but the fours are catching up. Today was annoying as the first letter was a guess that took three attempts to get right. Have a lovely time with the grandies.

    Neil, I imagine that S**t tastes weird for more than a few days. Oh no, the prospect of Mrs N getting long covid. Our DD developed some strange symptoms in both knees with covid. Terrible sounding crepitis but no one wants to address it since there’s no pain. It’s virtually impossible to see a doctor here and a phone consultation with a GP proved useless with the doctor actually saying the words, ‘no one cares’. That was only after several RN phone consultations during which DD realised that vets know far more about joints than the medical professionals she’d dealt with.

    Doctors are still hiding behind covid, refusing to see patients in person and collecting ludicrous fees for phone consults. Now whining about their pay. Meanwhile, DD with a six year doctorate degree in veterinary medicine earns little more than a supermarket checkout chic. Unbelievable disparity considering the knowledge and skill level. One minute performing a caesarian on a cow in a cold, dark muddy barn, the next removing a tumour from a cat’s eye – while the doctor is unsure of joint physiology. OK, that’s the end of the rant.

    Lindsay, terrible to think of a little child having long covid.

    Our gut health is so vital, isn’t it? Sadly, I killed my kefir. I do have more grains saved but don’t want to start another batch until we’re back from hols.

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