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  • Good evening all. Not a lot of news from me, except that I’m starting 8 days of 800 calories from tomorrow, so here’s hoping I get through it successfully. I had a few over-eating episodes when unwell, and am sitting at 69.6kg, which is 1.9kg over my ATL of a few weeks ago. I also don’t cope well when the weather is really cold, as it has been recently (again!). I thought the Antarctic blast late July would be the end of it, but the last few days have been round 2. Let’s hope that’s the end of the really cold winter weather!

    LJoyce, so glad you’re feeling better and only needed one lot of antibiotics.

    LindsayL, isn’t it lovely to be welcomed so warmly by a happy dog. Has Rosy been really “clingy” since you got back?
    BTW, Chinese food is a “killer” for salt, so I’m sure that excess will (or has already?) drop off quickly.

    CalifDreamer, quite concerned about the fires up your way. Like others, I heard that help has been requested from Aussie firefighters. Fair enough too, with the help we were given during our summer from your folk.

    Thin, good news that the interview for your OH has been scheduled. Hope it doesn’t have to be cancelled.

    Neilithicman, we’ve all been there some time or other with the eat a bit, then a bit more and then….. where has it all gone? You’ll get any weight gain off again promptly.

    Cinque, darn, not descended from RLS? But there’s still a connection. Most of my ancestry is also either English or Scottish, with family rumours of a German ancestor who migrated to Britain in the mid-1800s and changed his name to the more British “Turner”, but don’t know the German name. My cousin can’t find any information about that ever happening, but when I did 23&me genetic testing, I had about 15% French/Germanic ancestry, which is suggestive of it being true. The majority was English and Scottish.

    Goodnight all, and have a great week!

    Good morning,

    Lovely morning after fast day. Just making a nice little breakfast! (Two serves of veggies 😉 )

    It has stopped raining, and while it is cold, they are forecasting 18c on Thursday, and 21c on Saturday! Betsy and I won’t know ourselves!

    My garden seems to have a hint of it and my rocket and chard are bolting, even before I’ve been able to harvest much! (That will teach me for getting them in so late)

    Today I am going to make a vegetarian savoury loaf I used to make decades ago. One of my nieces has asked for the recipe, but I lost track of it, so I am working it out from memory and checking similar recipes. I am looking forward to eating it again. It has lentils, mushrooms and nuts in it.

    Thin, what a delight to catch up with your DD. Special day!
    And lovely news about haircuts, lettuce and and an appointment for Mr Thin.

    There has been an election here too, the NT election! I was very proud that one of my ex students was running as an independent in the Barkly, which is a huge remote electorate. He did well, but didn’t win. He was one of the eldest when I was teaching there in 1990 and a great help to me teaching that mad wonderful bunch of kids (age range 4 – 14, school was a tin shed. yikes!).

    Ooh today’s numbers have just come in. Only 116! We are going down nearly as quickly as we went up. Touching all the wood and whistling like mad! It would be so good to be way, way down when the lockdown ends.

    LJoyce, lovely news that you seem to be recovering without the next course of antibiotics. I hope you have woken up this morning feeling great. How interesting about the Eucalyptus oil. I hope it has done its job.

    I presumed Miss 6 wanted a child sized broom, but I conferred with her mum and we bought one that isn’t actually a kids broom but about a metre tall with a dustpan, https://i.pinimg.com/originals/34/1a/db/341adb45e8b0ffb1f8979a43deeb79d3.png cheaper, and it might be useful!

    Ooh those scales. It is like the up and downs of the covid numbers… but trending downwards! (woot woot)

    Betsy, oh dear the cold weather is bad for you. Hopefully this better week, weatherwise, will have you dropping grams like dandruff. 😉 Good luck with the week of 800 calories max.

    I am doing similar for 5 days, but not calling it that this time. I am playing with the idea that I can make light eating days part of my normal range. I’ll see how easy it is to eat nearly as lightly as I did the week before last, until my Thursday fast day. (Aiming to reset my brain).

    Off to cook lentils! Best wishes all.

    I rarely switch a FD but I wanted to keep Sunday free just in case any pubs were visited during DD’s visit. As it turned out, we went hiking in the Malverns. Anyway today’s my FD for this week. Glad you’re feeling better LJ. Best wishes Cinque and Betsy for success in achieving your various eating plans. Have a great week everyone.

    Hello everyone, sending you good wishes today for an excellent fast day, or non fast day!

    Thin, it must have been so hard to let your daughter go at the end of the day. Hiking in the Malverns sounds wonderful.

    I hope you had a great fast Monday, a change is as good as a holiday. I hope!

    Well my vegetarian loaf came out well but a bit crumbly because I put in double the amount of brown rice. A bit too delicious, I ate 4 slices and had a very full belly. Not a light eating day after all. The remainder is in the freezer and today is a new day.

    Cheers all.

    Hello all

    Crazy busy at work so a very quick post. I have my mojo back this week thankfully after last week’s EFS. FD today and at 12.15pm I have only had water, coffee and Metamucil

    Thin, yay to haircuts, visa progression and best of all a visit from precious DD. Hiking does sound like a great way to spend time together

    Your loaf does sound delicious Cinque, 4 slices shouldn’t do a any harm.

    Good luck of 8 days of 800 Betsy

    So glad you are almost over the lung infection LJ. May it stay away

    Have a great Tuesday

    Good evening everyone.

    Well, the plan was good, but the execution? Not so hot so far, but much better than last week. I managed to keep to 950 calories yesterday, and today was a CD of 1200 calories. Tomorrow is planned to again be 800 calories, and as the food is already mainly prepared, should happen.
    I made a miscalculation for my last post, as my ATL on this WOL was 67.8, so started the 8 days only 1.8 kg higher than that. I was already down to 69.3 kg this morning, and hope for a consistent drop for the week 🙂

    Thin, sounds like you had a lovely day of walking with your DD. When will you be able to catch up with her again?

    Anzac65, yay for re-found mojo. I’ve borrowed a bit of yours for the next several days (I’ll share it with Cinque, too 🙂 ).

    Cinque, your vegetarian loaf sounds delish, and must have tasted good, too, if you polished off 4 slices. Hope there was a lighter eating day that followed today.
    Oh, and BTW, so pleased to see the virus numbers going down, both new cases and more people recovering.

    CalifDreamer, hope those fires are staying away from your immediate area. They sound horrific this year, and summer’s not over yet.

    Neilithicman, did you get your eating back on track?

    Hello to LJoyce, LindsayL, Turnabout, GDayfromSA, Penguin, plus to anyone else who’s “lurking”.

    Stay safe and well everyone!

    For three days in a row the weather forecast has used the word “autumnal”. The wind has been strong today. We have picked up three large baskets of windfall apples, another of pears and have so far left the carpet of plums that covers the grass. There are some branches down. If it is quieter tomorrow I’ll pick up the plums before we attract every wasp in the Forest.

    Good morning,
    a quick hello while I have my coffee and then I need to get my home covidsafe for my homehelp.

    Anzac, woot for that mojo!

    Betsy, ooh yes, I’d love to share the mojo aura too.

    Penguin, ooh that end of summer harvest. That will keep you busy. And maybe your last harvest in your current home?

    Penguin, I forgot to share this earlier: https://www.penguins.org.au/virtual/live-penguin-tv/ , now I wonder why I thought of you? They had the first one last night and it was so popular it crashed, but it should settle down.

    I remember watching the parade as a child, no infrastructure, we stood on the beach with only a couple of ‘street lights’ so we could see them, and the adults warning us not to get in their way (the penguins, not the adults).

    I had a good day eating lightly yesterday, and I have today organised. Doesn’t that make a difference Betsy! I’m going close to 800 today and tomorrow.

    Penguin, a floral chair, so you can sit and have a rest in the garden, if you need it! https://i.pinimg.com/736x/3a/c5/35/3ac5356405c58af95d4e7037bfebba66.jpg

    Cali, the fires sound dreadful. I’ve heard there is more dry lightning and hundreds of thousands of people being evacuated. Not you I hope.

    Okay, off to get organised. I’ll be wearing one of the excellent masks my niece made. Dragonflies on a black background!

    Waiting for today’s numbers with fingers and toes crossed.

    Cheers all, be kind to your precious bodies today.

    Hello everyone

    I am embarking on my11th FD today – into week 6 and feeling pleased with my generally more moderate eating habits on NFDs and with my definitely flatter stomach.

    It is good to hear of how other people are doing with their various Fast Diet programs, and also of what is going on in people’s lives. Goodness, a lot of challenges – the lockdown in Vic, the fires in California, the Covid flare-up in NZ – I’m impressed by how people are coping. It’s good also to read happy news of dogs and cats and gardens and daughters. LJ, I am glad your chest infection is clearing up after one course of the antibiotics with the help of eucalyptus oil. Cinque, your nut and lentil loaf sounded so good!

    Last Saturday I made the mistake of eating too many of my calories early afternoon, and the further mistake of spending another 40 calories on a small glass of champagne that I sipped while on a Zoom call with my sister and my Sydney-based daughter. It was nice but it weakened my resolve and later I ended up eating all my tasty tuna-fagioli instead of the allotted half and shot over the 800 mark. Lessons learned!

    I will try to keep to the 500 limit on my FDs for the time being but later I expect I will shift to 800. Will see.

    Beautiful weather here in Adelaide today. A good day for washing and walking!

    All the best to everyone.

    Morning all, weigh-in day and I’m back up to 90.7, seems to be part of my normal fluctuations, probably aided by the fact we had a big roast lamb dinner last night, so I’m not too concerned.

    On the bright side I’m getting my fitness right up. I’m running a full 45 minutes at 12kph on my running days, and powering through 15 minutes on the rower at the top setting and 30 minutes of hill climbs on the bike on the other days.

    I’ve asked my younger boy what he wants to do with me during the next school holidays, he’s decided he wants to go away for a cycling trip so that is great with me. I’ll take him on the Clutha Gold trail that I did as my first ride, hopefully he’ll be fine with that one. It should be fun.

    Have a great day everyone

    Good afternoon from another sunny day in Sydney. We haven’t had rain for a while and there a long line of sun icons on the forecast. This Sunday is forecast to be 24 – woo hoo!

    Finally a good FD yesterday and 400g down. I’m having a CD today and another FD tomorrow. OH wants to have fish and chips on Friday so I’ll have a very light eating day to save up some calories. I only ever eat half a portion but it’s still a very high calorie dinner. But so yummy. The only way I will eat fish is if it’s battered.

    I’m really impressed with your fitness Neil, you must feel amazing. Your cycling trip with your son will be great.

    I don’t see a bit over 800 calories as a total disaster at all Helen. My FD’s are usually around 700 as I found early on that I cannot stick to 500 and was constantly failing. I still lost 15 kilos last year and if I can just keep my mojo going I should be able to get this weight gain down by Christmas

    I hope you are enjoying a lovely, clean house right now Cinque 🙂

    Must run, I am chairing a meeting in 7 minutes. Gah!

    HK, that’s the trouble with alcohol ,isn’t it? We throw caution to the wind wrt food choices. Best avoided on FDs. Sounds like you’re doing well though and lovely to have that video call.

    Cinque, the veggie loaf sounds yummy. Extra bonus that it can be frozen. I don’t really like switching FDs, especially doing one after the appointed day, I’d rather have one in the bank. But it worked out OK.

    Anzac, 15kgs off! Hurray for that, well done. You must be feeling the difference. I’m really enjoying eating lots of fish. DD never liked it so it was more trouble than it was worth when we lived together, not to mention the price in Oz. Here, it’s cheaper. One of the things I like to make is the Hairy Bikers’ Leeky Mash Fish Pie. Much of the potato is replaced with leeks and it contains large chunks of yummy fish.

    Betsy, more progress for you too. You’re on a mission. Not sure when we’ll see DD again. She has a hectic work schedule and plans to resume her little jaunts to Europe on her days off, starting with Greece next week. We’d be less keen to take the risk after any o/seas travel exposure. I’ve survived one year of ’empty nest’ but don’t like it one bit.

    Penguin, we were playing chess yesterday and looked through the porthole to find we were at right angles to our mooring, blocking the entire canal. A huge gust of wind had pulled out our stakes which had been loosened by the heavy rain. I was winning at that point but, after all that excitement, became distracted and lost. Today seems much calmer and the sun’s shining.

    G’day everyone. Yesterday was my Monday FD and I dropped 1.2kg overnight. Much of that has to be water and it’s not unusual for me to lose or gain that much from day to day whe I’m not being careful on NFD’s. Stress eating again with the fires which are still at least 100km from here and not progressing in this direction. There are mountains and trees in the other direction which is where fires spread more easily. Some of the evacuations in that area have been lifted and the one closest to us is about 27% contained. The other very large one a ways south of San Francisco is 20% contained. The risk of dry lightning seems to be over now and that was a huge concern. Temps around here are supposed to get down to 19 or 20 by morning, which is typical for this area. Our daytime temps stayed in the low 30’s, much better those extreme temperatures last week.

    LJ, glad your lung infection is almost gone. I agree about the eucalyptus oil. Eucalyptus cough drops can be helpful too and easy to breathe in while you have them in your mouth, if you can find some strong flavored ones.

    Thin, so glad you were able to spend time with DD and go hiking. Happy to hear OH has the Visa interview too. Numbers seem to be headed down there and hopefully that will continue.

    Cinque and Betsy, nice to see the Covid cases and deaths going steadily down there. Staying at home and masks do seem to work well. I hope that people don’t become careless the next time around. (Like they do here.) Our numbers in California are going down but I’m not sure that it might not appear that way because they don’t seem to be doing as much testinG as they did before.

    We’ve been watching an episode or two of “McLeod’s Daughters“ on most nights. We’re up to episode 16 out of 22 for the first season. Nobody has been killed yet! It’s nice to watch a series like that. We still have subtitles on but it’s getting easier to understand them. It makes it easier after being exposed to a lot of the slang here over the past few years.

    Well, time to get some sleep. Stay well everyone!

    Thanks Thin….yes 15kg last year (or more like in the 18 months leading up to The Holiday) but very sadly I put 4kg on during the 7 week holiday and another 4-ish Covid kilos and I am struggling big time to get back into 5:2 and get this gain off.

    So glad you are ok Cali and I’m glad you are enjoying McLeods daughters. I loved that show when it was on here originally

    Cinque. Interesting chair. Not sure I should sit on it. The Penguins are proving difficult to open. I’ll try again later.

    Thin. Windy in the night. I woke to brilliant sunshine, convinced that I had overslept. Wrong, still early, just very different.

    Cali. Good to hear from you. As a kid of the second war who grew up watching American films and later visited you for work and holidays, it always seemed to my generation that America was a very fortunate country. Now the news coming from you seems to be dire on all fronts.

    I was told yesterday that we have more Covid in the Forest than there is in the rest of the county, over 70 cases compared with one in the nearest large town. Not entirely surprising, we are an area of small towns and villages surrounded by trees so many of the local inhabitants have been convinced it wouldn’t come here and have not been serious in their precautions. There isn’t enough employment here for the population and every day many of our people travel quite far for work, which is probably how it came to us.

    Good evening all.

    Well, I managed to put on the brakes at 1000 calories, so not the 800 that I was aiming for, but still acceptable as part of a string of low-cal days. Weigh-in this morning has me at 69 kg, so 600 gms down in the past two days. Hope that tomorrow morning will have me into the 68s again, with 5 days to go. Fingers crossed.

    Cinque, I had to chuckle at the flower chair you sent to Penguin. How much searching do you have to do to find all these?
    Hope your homehelp is getting better at Covid-safe practices in the home.

    Penguin, sorry to read that there’s been a local virus spread in your area – do maintain precautions yourself, please, and stay safe!

    Thin, when I read your post about your successful chess game devolving into a loss due to the loosened stake and shift of boat, I wondered if OH had slipped out and done the deed, just to distract you 🙂 Probably not, but … I wondered.

    CalifDreamer, so glad to read your post and know that the fires are a reasonable distance from where you live. That’s a relief. And the weather is starting to cool down a little – another relief!

    Anzac65, you can do it with your weight loss. You did well last year, and after this year’s understandable blips (holiday and Covid-19) you only regained 8 kgs. I’m sure if I can do it, you can. I lost 13 kg last year, regained 10 kg of the 13 lost by March this year, but have now lost not just that 10, but an additional 4 kg (and more, but I blipped up by 1.8 kg, and now I’m determinedly pulling it down again). I am loving this way of life as there are no failures, just setbacks that can be overcome.

    Neilithicman, wow, you’re aceing it with the exercise. A bike trip with your younger son over the school holidays sounds great, and I hope you both manage it well.

    Goodnight and sleep well all.

    Helen Kate, sorry, forgot to comment on your post – well done for stopping at around 800 calories, and it wasn’t a failure, just a minor slip. And yay for a flatter stomach.

    Ha ha Betsy, no, we heard a huge noise and OH ran out the stern exit, I the aft and we sprung into action in the rain, all sorted within a few minutes. Then he blindsided me with a checkmate that I didn’t see coming….

    CalifD, good to hear from you. Who knows about the accuracy of statistics? I’m over them. I take the view that nothing has changed wrt covid since the beginning. Every person I pass is a potential suspect! I think you’re right, stay at home where possible, wear a mask when you’re out. Maintain social distancing at 6ft. Disappointing that there’s not more progress with vaccines.

    CalifD, quite enjoying Amazon Prime except that I don’t think much of the movie categories – no genres to select from, just ‘movies we think you’ll like’ and bizarrely, ‘movies that ended last week’ (thanks, that’s useful!) and so on. And we’ve yet to sort out the lip sync with audio. Should have asked DD. Meanwhile, the free o/night delivery is fabulous in our situation. I just broke my second coffee frother this morning and another will be here tomorrow. I will probably axe Netflix for a while as we don’t need both – although we’re watching that bizarre, ‘Umbrella Academy’. My brother advises that the series of ‘The Crown’ that he’s in will be aired in November so we’ll re-instate it then.

    Anzac, you can do this. Stop yo yo’ing around and get on with it! He he.

    Penguin, yes, a beautiful sunny day today. Good result from your treatment?

    Neil, lovely plans to look forward to with your boys. You’re a workout machine!

    Thin I have an interesting relationship with Amazon. I use Amazon Smile, so every time I buy anything they make a tiny donation to my chosen charity. I don’t buy a lot: books, printer ink, paper and occasionally something called Shoegoo which I use to repair my shoes. About every second time I order something Amazon will offer me a month’s free trial of Prime, which I accept. Just before the end of the month I frequently I get a month’s free extension. This year I have probably had a free Prime service for longer than the normal account.

    Chess can be a sneaky game. I played with my father who was a very heavy pipe smoker and would frequently lay a smoke screen across the board.

    As predicted, the chemo is sneaking up on me. Normally in the 14 day cycle I have two dud days when my energy levels are low, but not so low that I can’t function. Monday/Tuesday were worse than usual, no discomfort, just a desire to sit and read rather than do anything. Today was slightly better but I still felt idle. So late afternoon I went into bloke mode and hit the exercise bike. The exercise was fine, the question now is”are my tired legs caused by the chemo or am I not getting enough exercise” – almost certainly the latter.

    Neil, your lad sounds good company.

    Betsy, you make me feel guilty about posting on this forum. I seem to be constantly eating, frequently the wrong things, to a degree that in the past would have put on enormous amounts of weight. My weight is resolutely static. This is apparently a good thing, although it is becoming obvious that the balance of muscle density and fat is going the wrong way. More exercise bike tomorrow and I must find some weights heavier than a two litre milk bottle filled with water!

    Morning from a crisp and sunny Brisbane. I’ve stepped away for a few days, and whoosh…..no chance at all of catching up.

    So, I’ll go with what I remember, and apologies for what I’ve missed.

    Penguin, being gentle with yourself when you are feeling tired can’t be bad, can it? If your body is telling you to sit in a chair and read, then why not? Not a bad place to be, with the virus spreading in your area.

    We have some restrictions back, after a cluster from a Wacol youth detention centre. Low numbers, but a huge contact tracing job because a large number of young people had been released, before it was known that a supervisor had tested positive. Good news from the Uni of Qld with their vaccine being tested on hamsters and showing promise.

    I’ve bought almost no clothes this year, but yesterday found two terrific items, and on sale….a gorgeous skirt, straight, knee length, white, with a grey monochrome rose pattern. Made in Morocco, of all places, fully lined, polished cotton with a slight stretch. $50 …reduced from $229. Also a pair of stretch black fitted jeans, from New Zealand, for $30. I’m going back this morning with DD, hoping she’ll find a treasure to fit her slim size 10. Such an incentive, to wear that wonderful skirt.

    Weight-wise, I’m with you Anzac. Up down, up down, but a little more down than up. Three people I spoke with yesterday were bemoaning their Covid weight gain, and DD says it’s the same in her workplace. So everyone who’s on a downward trajectory should take a bow. If we can do it in these times, imagine what we’ll be like when the Covid threat lifts.

    I was appalled, I don’t think that is too strong a word, to hear our church leaders – Anglican, Catholic, Greek Orthodox – raising concerns about the ethical use of foetus cells in the development of a vaccine. The implication seemed to be that the cells were being harvested for that purpose, and not as I heard a scientist explain, from a cell that was probably decades old. I don’t understand the science, but I do think it is irresponsible to raise fears in people, and not explain the whole process. I read an amazing book,
    The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, which is the story of an African American woman who died in the 1950s, whose cells (taken without permission), were the first to be able to be cultured, and have been used (and still are) to develop treatments for many diseases….polio, cancer research, IVF. A wonderful book – enlightening, but also a sad reflection on the racism of the era and her tragic life.

    Moving on…..

    Betsy, HelenKate, you are doing brilliantly – examples to the rest of us who struggle.

    LJ good to read your chest infection is improving with just one dose of antibiotics. Another natural tonic is honey, taken with some hot water and lemon. I saw an article about honey’s natural properties just the other day. I’ll try to find the link.

    I poked my head in the hive (not literally of course) the other day to see how they are going, and was surprised how full the hive looks. I’d taken bars out to help them through winter – too much space, and they struggle to keep warm. Bt it is very very crowded, so DS is coming at the weekend for us to perhaps harvest some honey, but definitely give them more bars and more room. The risk is if they get too crowded, they’ll create another queen, and then half the hive will take off to pastures new.

    I have very high hopes for my citrus this year. My 3 metre mandarin tree has to date produced just one fruit … delicious, but hardly enough. The tree is covered in blossom and the scent from the verandah is heavenly. I’ve planted another mandarin down there, along with a grapefruit, lime and lemon, and I’m hoping the workers will feed well, and cross pollinate along the way.

    Anzac, thanks for asking the question about payment for contracting. In the end, I decided to go with a sum per 10,000 words, which can be adjusted up if the work is complex, or has significant second language issues.

    Just entering week 4 of Rosy’s season, and we think we may try the dog park today ….well, the puppy park where she’ll be more contained. My caged lion will love the run, and I’ll love not having to rescue anything she can reach, as she plays the ‘chase’ game.

    Thin, great you were able to see your DD….hard, to have her near but not be able to see her til now.

    Calif, hope the weather is cooler, and the fires are coming under control. What a stressful time you’re having in the US. Yes, in response to your comment, there is huge interest here in your elections. Usually something about them daily on the news, particularly with the conventions.

    Cinque, dragonfly on a black background? That will go wonderfully with your red hair.

    OK I’ve waffled on for far too long ….

    Best wishes to all.

    Good morning, what lovely posts over the last day!

    HelenKate, nearly three months of 5:2 already! Woot woot for a flatter tummy! Doesn’t it feel nice!
    Ooh the perils of champagne. But what a lovely way to have a chat with your sister.
    I agree, it is good to stick with 500 max when you can.

    It is washing and walking weather here today too. Such a treat.

    Neil, well done with that fitness, and what a great holiday for you and your son to look forward to.

    Anzac more wooting from me, this is a good week for you. I can’t help thinking that working from home with a stressful job makes things difficult for healthy eating, but hopefully this week is the start of a great run!

    Yes I do have a lovely clean home. My homehelp keeps her mask sitting under her nose now, but it wouldn’t stay up over her nose since she pulled it down to drink her coffee, and so no point keeping on pulling it up, when it would just keep falling down. I am philosophical that at least keeping her mouth covered and not constantly touching her compromised mask, must be better. The nice weather meant the house was open and a fresh breeze floating through, and I did have it well prepared too and I am still being careful.
    She has been carefully informing her clients that when our Premier asked for an extension for govt emergency powers he wasn’t saying we would be at stage 4 lockdown for 12 months, which is apparently what a lot of people thought he was saying. Good work, homehelp.

    Thin, your little bird is flying wonderfully, so even though your nest is empty, you must be so proud.
    Chess gets interesting on the canal boat!

    Cali, oh dear 2020. So glad you are safe and looking after yourself. An excellent Monday fast day! And what a relief to have lower temperatures this week.

    Yes, our numbers have been getting better, under 150 every day this week, but the number of aged care homes affected means the death toll is high, so we are finding it hard to celebrate the case numbers coming down.
    But lessons are being learnt and, so far, it seems that outbreaks in NSW and Qld are being dealt with more efficiently and (fingers crossed) not getting away. Same in NZ, Neil and Turn, hopefully.

    I do hope the numbers really are going down in California, and everywhere else! I saw this excellent chart this morning: https://twitter.com/DKThomp/status/1298421178642632705/photo/1 Just what you said!

    Haha Penguin, maybe the floral chair is just for admiring, after all.
    I think you might need to open the Penguin Parade when it is 6:30pm our time (Eastern Standard Time) but I was a bit disappointed when I watched a bit last night, the vision wasn’t smooth.
    It must be hard to do the exercise when you are fatigued, but well done for pushing through, it does seem to make a huge difference. I do hope your legs are not as achey today. Hmm, I wonder what you will find for your new weights. Sending all good wishes and hoping you can enjoy plenty of the right foods.

    Betsy, well done, you are managing a good low cal week. I’m good, and I think that mojo might have finally arrived today, so I will see how long I can keep it going.
    A bit windy, but isn’t the sun nice!

    You are so right, I think you have given me today’s mantra: I am loving this way of life as there are no failures, just setbacks that can be overcome.

    Lindsay that youth detention cluster is so tricky, hoping they got it quickly enough. And isn’t that vaccine news exciting. So much wonderful work being done.

    I agree re the vaccine. The churches have been saying for decades that it is important to take vaccines, but they will be glad when there is an alternative from the ones developed from those decade old cell lines. Surely that message can still stand now. To save lives.

    Oooh that skirt. What a lovely incentive! (And what a fabulous bargain.) I hope your DD finds something wonderful too.

    Hello to the bees, it is nice to have them so happy and productive in your garden.

    And oh, the scent of citrus blossom. Heaven! I wonder if it will flavour your next honey? It does sound like a bumper year for mandarins!

    I hope Rosy got her run, and that she is off heat soon! Hello gorgeous!

    Ooh yes, my dragonfly mask did look good! And I have 6 masks now (thanks niece) and love them all.

    Well, today I have a long list of things to do (and so much nicer to do them in a tidy home!). First is to hang some things on the line in this fine wind.

    Cheers all.

    Penguin, thanks for the chemo report. Are you near the end of the course of treatment now? Or was it October? Interesting about Prime. I’ve made an effort to fix the lip sync issue but nothing works so, unless they offer me a free extension, we’ll cancel. It’s a brand new Smart TV so, in my mind, if they don’t offer a service that works on it without firesticks and who knows what else, they don’t have a service at all.

    I’ve had a blow out on the scales this morning as we took advantage of the final day of the ‘eat out to help out’ scheme last evening visiting a Bangladeshi restaurant in Droitwich Spa. Excellent meal for £20. No alcohol but too much naan. Today, friends in Wales who are returning to Spain on Sunday are driving up for a pub lunch so I must be careful in my food choice. Not to mention social distancing as I don’t think they really get it.

    Cinque, the mask wearers! One day I was all alone in the library’s mezzanine printing some documents and took off my mask as it was so hot. The librarian, without a mask, came upstairs just to tell me that I must keep it on. Fair enough. Yesterday, there were three of us lined up at the computers. One man wore his below his nose and the lady was wearing hers on her head. I wasn’t totally comfortable in the restaurant last night either as no staff wore a visor or mask.

    Cinque, thanks for your lovely comments on DD, very kind of you to remind me. Lucky the empty nest is a skinny narrowboat and a not a 4bd, 3ba house to rattle around in! Did you hate it when your DD first moved out?

    Lindsay, hoping the covid cluster in your area is dealt with swiftly.

    I’m posting again today with the very sad news that a much loved cousin (by marriage) died overnight in Melbourne. She was in a nursing home, had some dementia and had recently had a stroke that left her without speech and confined to a wheelchair. When I first went to Melbourne to work for Radio Australia, I was so very young, and she and my cousin were like parents, helping me find an apartment, and absorbing me into her beautiful, large Greek family. She was well cared for and loved at the nursing home, and her family were able to sit with her when she passed. I have been tearful all day, thinking about all the good times, and missing her and my cousin. She was 94, so a good age, but that doesn’t mean we’ll miss her less.

    I’ve spent the afternoon in the garden with Miss 4….plants and children are so good to boost our spirits. In response to something my OH suggested, she responded, ‘oh barbar, you do have your moments.’ Funny little old fashioned thing she is.

    OK back tomorrow, hopefully, with spirits lifted.

    Goodnight all.

    So sorry for your loss Lindsay.

    Quick post tonight as it’s already too late.

    Good to read everyone’s news. Interesting to look at the graphs, Cinque. Gives me encouragement that when the restrictions are eased, I can probably safely visit my older friends and not put them at risk provided I socially distance and wear a mask except when actually having a cuppa.

    Penguin, I think it’s good for you to maintain some level of exercise if you can, while not pushing past your “coping” boundaries. It certainly helped me through my breast cancer treatment. Irrespective, I always had a few days when I was so “blah” that all I did was curl up on the bed. Just find a balance. Re weights, why not pick up some hand weights from a sports store? They would be much easier to handle than milk bottles.

    LindsayL, Sorry to read of the loss of your cousin. It’s a grief, whatever her age.

    Wouldn’t it be great to get another load of honey from the bees. And maybe lots of citrus fruit because the bees are busily at work pollinating for you.
    Your new clothes sound great. I’d like to look at the new styles, but 1) I really don’t need any new clothes at the moment 2) we’re in stage 4 lockdown, so no shops are open, and buying online for clothes is a recipe for disaster for me, and 3) I live in hope that by the time I’m ready to buy some new clothes, they’ll all be in smaller sizes anyway, so better not to waste my money now. 🙂
    Was Rosy okay at the puppy park?

    Thin, glad you got your boat straightened up so quickly – are you SURE OH didn’t dash back to do a dastardly deed to your chess board once you’d dashed out on the opposite side to him? Ha Ha!
    By the way, are you still waiting to find a dentist you can go to?

    Nothing much else to write. Had a catch-up with my College – Research Seminar – and am finally feeling more into the groove of my study, which is a major positive.
    On the negative side, no further weight off this morning. I’ve had another CD of 1200 calories today, so maybe tomorrow morning.

    Goodnight all.

    Raining heavily now after a sunny calm morning. We went to Hereford, twenty miles north of here, to do some serious grocery shopping. To misquote something I read recently, “It worries me that my life is in the hands of these idiots.” The town is laid out in one way systems and left/right lanes which were being ignored by about half of the population who were maskless. It is mandatory to wear masks in stores, which the majority were. However, in Marks and Spencer, a well respected long established national store, the customers had masks but a number of the staff were moving around the store and taking payment without them! We then went to a butcher: one staff, no screen, no mask. Something else I read recently, “People are becoming more judgemental, I can tell that by looking at them”.

    I like Herefordshire. It is still a very rural county with names straight out of history or literal descriptions. We passed “Much Birch”, Little Birch”, “Much Dewchurch”, and “King’s Thorn”. Further north are “Richard’s Castle” and “Mortimer’s Cross”. The original “Hampton Court”, older than the Tudor one near London, is just north of Hereford. A medieval music band I was in played at a few of the annual re-enactments of the Wars of the Roses battles at the Cross and at the Court.

    Thin, I start the last chemo of this series next Wednesday morning. In the afternoon I have a scan to see if it is working. That strikes me as hopeful because the general assumption is that I’ll do another lot which will continue until early November. The canal network comes very close to where we hope to live, so If the second lot works I’ll invite you both to a celebratory meal at our favourite country pub, the one we went to with Merry and Mr M a couple of years back!

    Lindsay. It doesn’t matter how old she was or how expected it was, it leaves a gap. Keep the memories.

    Betsy, absolutely right about exercise – a good day today. I am going to forget about the weights. Because the line through which they give me chemo is permanently plumbed into the side of the biceps and up through the arm, medical opinion on the subject of building up the muscle comes with all kinds of warnings about not overdoing it. I think I’m going to have to work the other muscle groups and just try to keep the arms where they are.

    Good morning everyone, after a wild and deadly Melbourne night,

    Lindsay much sympathy, your heart must be full of grief and memories. It is lovely to hear about your cousin and know how she cared for you when you were new to Melbourne. https://www.pearsonsflorist.com.au/media/catalog/product/cache/7f495efac40f70370877b820f5feac7e/p/e/pearsons_florist_heavenly_new.png

    Thin, oh dear, masks. Penguin, the same!
    I’d like to do a meme of Louis Armstrong singing “I see friends properly masked, nodding too, they’re really saying ‘I love you’.”

    The Bangladeshi meal sounds fab, and freshly made naan is irresistible. I hope the pleasure of it helps with the restraint to follow.

    Hi Betsy, did you escape wind damage? No power outtage I hope. I was lucky (although some of my broadbean stalks went over).

    Your scales are being SO STUBBORN! Maybe they are waiting to give you a cascade of weight loss just as we are about to reopen the city, and you will be able to indulge in some gorgeous new clothes in smaller sizes.

    Hooray for getting into your study groove, what an excellent positive. Good luck today.

    Penguin, such wonderful place names. I’ll find an extra special flower for next week to send you good wishes for treatment and scan.

    Anzac, hoping your mojo made it through the weekend.

    Cali, when I was bemoaning 2020 yesterday I was also thinking of that terrible hurricane. My heart goes out to your whole country that is suffering so terribly.

    Well, I have my Thursday fast day underway, but sadly I have already had my coffee and I like too much milk to be able to have another one. (Life is hard sometimes.) But I have some very yummy chicken and veggie soup to have later today.

    Best wishes all! Onwards and downwards as Merry would say. (Miss you Merry).

    PS Numbers AND Death toll lower today. Phew.

    Afternoon all.

    Lindsay, sorry to hear that, we’ve really had a bad run on this forum with illness and death in 2020. As one of my friends put it “let’s just put up the Christmas treeS now and call it a f#@$ing year.”

    Betsy, hope you’re enjoying your study

    Penguin, Good luck for your chemo on Wednesday, hope you’re still coping well with it.

    Hope you have a nice easy fast today Cinque. I’m cutting down my Thursday fast for just a Monday fast. I’ve just joined a new calorie/exercise tracking site called “lose it” and I think I’ve been undereating a bit for the amount of exercise I’m doing, which tends to lead to bigger eating during the weekend. I guess this is what maintenance is all about, trying out different things to find out what works for you.

    Well the weather is suppoed to be good for the weekend so hopefully the ground will dry up enough that I can get my lawn mowed and get into the garden to get the rest of it ready to plant out.

    We had a scare with my youngest, I can’t remember if I posted it here, but he was practicing double front flips at parkour and landed across his neck and he said he heard a click when he landed. It wasn’t sore then but was sore when he woke the next morning. We took him to the doctor to get it checked out and it seems like he’s just damaged his trapezius muscle. The doctor said he was lucky because the type of injury is the same as what they see in collapsed rugby scrums or people diving into too shallow water and could have led to permanent paralysis.

    Well, all’s well that ends well I suppose. Have a great weekend everyone

    Good afternoon friends

    Lindsay, I am so very sorry about your cousin. Take comfort in the lovely memories.

    Such tragic news coming from Victoria with the wild storm and three lives sadly lost. Plus now contaminated water for many areas on top of Covid lockdown. It seems very unfair that one state is copping all of this.

    My week has been good, I’m down 700g and now I just need to keep control over the weekend.

    Enjoy the nice weather Neil, I hope you get your gardening done. Terrifying story about your youngest son; so very glad he is ok

    Great to read that your more into the groove of your studying Betsy. Whoo hoo!

    I don’t think I’ve ever read the words ‘blow out’ from your lips Thin! You will get any excess off in no time as you are so very mindful and diligent.

    Good luck next week Penguin, with the last of the Chemo and the scan. My UK labrador friends are mentioning massive rain and storms over there so please stay safe.

    Must run, chat more on the weekend

    Penguin, Herefordshire is so pretty – as are many of the counties we’ve been enjoying; Staffs, Warwickshire, Shropshire. Great place names. I do find it odd that staff in some public places (libraries, butchers, supermarkets, etc) carry on as if covid somehow differentiates between the worker and the customer! It must be extra hard for you in your currently vulnerable category. We would love to meet you and Mrs Penguin when the risks are minimal. Which canal would that be?

    Yesterday, friends drove up from Wales. We’d been putting them off for weeks as we didn’t sense that they really understood the risks. We were right, ‘he’ wanted to shake OH’s hand, ‘she’ is a hugger. And they revealed that they’ve been all over the country, Hampshire the day before, visiting various friends before returning to Spain. They thought we were being paranoid and OTT for declining both gestures. We’d earlier worked out how we’d safely handle their being on the boat. We feel a bit like you, Cinque, after your home help leaves. Fingers crossed for two weeks. It was lovely to see them but was it worth the risk?

    Anzac, it was a blow out – and I was lucky to get 100g off today after yesterday’s pub fish pie. Utterly enormous portions. Good job dropping 700g, good luck for the weekend’s choices. You can do it.

    Neil, lucky escape for the young lad. I have a friend saying she’s not adding an extra year to her age this year as she didn’t get to do anything.

    Good evening all.

    After my stubborn scales yesterday, down to 68.4kg this morning, which is 1.2 kg down in the past 4 days. Hopefully “easy on, easy off”, and not purely water weight. I’ve stuck to 1000 calories today, will TRY to be restrained at the weekend – if not FD800s, then at least CDs, then a FD on Monday for day 8, and we’ll see what the end result is next Tuesday.

    Yay for warmer weather. Wasn’t it a beautiful day here today, Cinque? Mind you, I spent a couple of hours in the back garden raking up and clearing away branches and leaves from the big gumtree, but fortunately no real damage, and no electricity outages, so I’m thankful for that.
    Stupid panic buying again, this time of water – haven’t they heard the instructions?! Just boil the water before you drink it. That was normal practice when I lived in China, and it really wasn’t hard to do. And here, the water supply is expected to be back to normal tomorrow. Come on everyone, get real here!!! (Not here on the forum, just a rant against the Melbournites who’ve cleared the supermarket shelves of bottled water).

    Penguin, sorry, I’d forgotten about the pic line when suggesting you buy some weights. Why were you writing about lifting bottles of milk, then? Anyway, so pleased for the positive vibes that seem to be coming from the medicos – hope the scan shows good tumour reduction.
    Love the place names – very evocative of “old England”.

    Neilithicman, scary about your son’s injury, and thankful it didn’t turn out badly.

    Thin, sure hope you stay Covid-free after your friends’ visit. Some people just don’t seem to register what they should be doing to keep themselves and everyone else healthy!
    Loved your comment about the friend not adding another year to her life because this year hasn’t allowed for any activities 🙂

    Anzac65, yay for 700 gms off. You can do it for the weekend. Actually, I’ve decided to stop thinking of weekends as being any different from other days in the week with respect to eating in the hopes that will restrain me from the over-indulgence that has seemed to happen. Just an attitude change. Hope this weekend is the first of many successfully restrained eating. I don’t mind a little extra, but need to not go overboard.

    Hi to everyone else. Have a great weekend. The weather here will be beautiful (for the end of winter) so let’s hope the Covidiots aren’t out in force.

    Bye for now

    Hi all, still from what was a sunny Whakatane earlier but is now cloudy, although warmer mornings than we have been having this week with a cold southerly blast working it’s way up both islands. Now some warmth coming form the west, could use some!

    Not much to report, been out walking every day, getting wet some days, feeling good and avoiding crowds and lots of people, side stepping others in the supermarket seems to be the norm now, for some anyway. Hit the 71’s this week, have been bouncing around a bit with .3 being the lowest but had a bad day yesterday and am back up to 71.6 today so a controlled weekend is called for. I defrosted the freezer last weekend and made a list of all the packets of meat I found so have planned our meals until this coming Wednesday! Then I bought a couple of packets of short dated salmon on Monday and portioned and froze them too, so plenty of meals to go yet before I buy up big on meat again. The woman at the checkout blew me away when we she commented on the contents of our trolley, it was overloaded with veg, head of celery, whole cabbage, half red cabbage, silverbeet, fresh spinach, onions, avocados, spring onions, mushrooms, bag of lettuce and leeks, she said she is lucky if she gets one trolley a day looking like that! Even milk, commenting the younger ones all buy fizzy drinks instead of milk, mainly because it’s cheaper! I found it really sad, but looking around, not surprising, just depressing.

    Sorry to hear about your loss Lindsay, keep those memories tucked away, you’ll at least have them forever.

    The storm in Aus sounded really bad and Hurricane Laura, what a year, be so glad to see the back of it, surely 2021 WILL be better?

    Best go and cook some of those lovely mushrooms with some thick creamy yoghurt and get back on track, enjoy your weekend everyone,


    Good morning,
    And happy news for Victoria as new cases are down to double figures (just), but another high death toll sadly. (94, 18).

    I started off yesterday thinking it was Thursday again, that’s what happens when you stick me in lockdown and I spend days on lower calories. Good grief. Oh well I survived fine without my second coffee (although I might sneak one in today).

    Neil, good thinking, and I do hope your new routine works well for you.
    Oh yikes, so glad your son got off lightly with that bad landing. All IS well that ends well.

    Anzac, we are copping it! Luckily I am not in a suburb that has to worry about my water. So glad you have it sorted Betsy! And yes, that crazy water panic buying. We are like a herd of sheep getting spooked and racing off in a new direction.
    However, with numbers going down and a nice weekend forecast, water should be sorted tomorrow a lot is improving. The storm damage, especially those terrible three deaths are still weighing on us.

    All power to you over the weekend. I hope you find lots of non food ways to really enjoy the two non work days. In your lovely weather I bet you will be running with Maxx and maybe some happy gardening.

    Thin, oh dear, those friends. Hoping all your precautions work beautifully.
    And hooray to see the scales going down again (but you have made me hungry for fish pie).

    Betsy, good scales! Excellent reward for your excellent week.
    Good luck this weekend. Your resolve seemed to harden through the length of your post, so I do hope you manage without a blow out. You will get to those new clothes much more quickly!

    I so enjoyed sitting in the sun yesterday, and working in the garden. I am glad your wind damage was fairly minimal, and lovely weather for raking.

    I’m off to enjoy today, best wishes all.

    Edit: Hi Turn, nice news and what a well stocked larder. You are the poster girl for a good trolley! So glad the checkout appreciated it. Such a worry to be one a week. Great meal planning too! Enjoy those mushrooms, you’ll have to say goodbye to the 71’s soon! Cheers.

    Hello everyone.
    I’m behind in reading posts and will try to catch up later.

    Lindsay, my condolences for your loss. Regardless of age, it’s never easy to lose someone who was so dear to you. I hope you have many happy memories of her that will provide some comfort.

    A quick update on my weight an eating plan. I am still comfortably within my preferred weight window. A week ago, when I made it to the 75s, I decided I’d had enough of the endless 800cal days and reverted back to a fairly normal 5:2 program. Thankfully with a more modest appetite and more control on my NFDs.
    I knew that once I stopped Fast800 my body would make a valiant attempt to replace its missing glycogen and water stores and I was dreading a weight bounce of up to 3kg. Thankfully it was only 2kg up and I managed to still remain within my weight window – just. After a week on 5:2 I am moving down again and I’m hopeful that with NFD eating I’ll maintain my glycogen stores and the FD weight loss will remove a little more body fat. The slightly warmer weather this week has helped a lot as it encourages me to be outside a bit more and helps me moderate my appetite.

    Take care all. I must rush. I need to get some seeds planted before my friend arrives for a walk.

    Turn, great to get feedback on your trolley contents from someone who sees them all. Before I became so stressed out about supermarket shopping, I would enjoy looking at others’ contents and feeling smug about my own choices! It’s alarming to see so many young women and their children so obese. And seemingly not at all self-conscious if the way they’re dressed is any indication.

    Just a word about weekends. I’ve had one weekend FD since I started 5:2 for this very reason. When we had a more active social life, it would keep my weekends in balance. If we received a Sunday invitation or planned a food gathering ourselves, I could swap my Sunday FD for Saturday which ensured I wouldn’t accept too many indulgences over the course of a weekend. It sounds like everyone’s doing well food wise but it’s just something to consider if you’re serious about not blowing all the week’s effort at the weekends.

    Cinque, I thought it was odd that you were talking about too much milk on your Thursday FD yesterday but decided I must have had the time difference confused! Better than the other way around – I once had a dream that I was blowing a FD.

    We are moving on. It was fun to explore Droitwich Spa. Time to inch closer to B’ham. The next canal has 36 locks in a four mile stretch so we will be busy when that bit approaches. It’s chilly but sunny.

    Afternoon all. We seem to be in a cycle of lovely mornings and deteriorating afternoons with periods of strong winds. I have just spent an hour in the garden raking up and disposing of a dozen large garden buckets of windfall plums. The deteriorating weather and the offer of a cup of tea have brought me indoors.

    Cinque. The wind is knocking over my taller flowers. This year I have had a really good display of Bishop of Llandarf, which surprised me because I left them in the ground over last winter. You are not the only one who forgets the days. The only thing that keeps me on track is the need to know that it is Friday because “Vera” is on the box and I need my weekly top up of the north-east. Tonight we will inevitably have at least one murder in what looks like an otherwise peaceful small NZ town.

    Neil, maintenance is a whole new world. I got there last winter and rapidly learned that whilst the rigorous 5:2 is no longer essential, watching the scales is. But being able to buy a shirt with “trim fit” or “slim” on the label is the incentive to stay there. Ouch for your son.

    Anzac there is a couple in the village I don’t know, but recently they have been walking a half grown black Lab bitch past our house. Typically I now know the pup’s name, her history and that she enjoys a rub behind the ears. I have yet to learn the owners’ names.

    Thin, the Gloucester and Sharpness Canal will be very near. It was built as a ship canal to by-pass a dangerous part of the Severn Estuary, so by canal standards it is enormous. It has to be entered from the Severn, which can be tricky if the conditions are not right. Further up stream the river is gentler. Tewksbury, which is about 15 miles from where we hope to live, is very much a boating town, with an interesting Abbey. The leaders of the losing side in a nearby Wars of the Roses battle were executed in the Abbey grounds. Our local history tends to the violent. I am writing this about 100 metres from the ruins of a fortified medieval manor house that survived until Oliver Cromwell’s boys arrived in the village. Perhaps that should be our national history – as a boy I had a day of school every year to celebrate the battle of Neville’s Cross when the Scottish army came south and were defeated by the Bishop of Durham.

    Betsy, former bottles of milk, replaced with water. I am using them because they are better than nothing and a couple of kg in each hand doesn’t really count as weight training if you are my size.

    Turnabout, we defrosted the house freezer recently. Two nights ago I put into it a bottle of wine for OH and a beer for me, for a ten minute chill. Then we changed our plans and it was 24 hours before I remembered they were there. Fortunately neither bottle broke, but both leaked through the cap and I am looking at a freezer that needs defrosting again. Trolley watching is my indoor sport. I look at some and question if they own a cooker or a pan but mainly I feel sorry for the kids.

    LJ. It sounds like you have that well under control.

    Thin, I need to keep a closer eye on these posts. I hadn’t realised you were at Droitwich, I had a mental image of you somewhere Welsh. Have fun in Birmingham. You have probably already heard the local claim that they have more canals than Venice.

    Agh!! ! I proof read that post, then twice I went back in and used the edit mode to tweak it and I still missed at least one. I had a day off school.

    Penguin, I’m laughing – that extra f makes all the difference to the quality of schooling you had! One day of school every year vs. one day off school every year! We were briefly on the River Severn from Stourport Basin to access The Droitwich Canal (restored in 2011). The river was a little overwhelming after the slow pace of canals but at least it’s possible to turn a narrow boat around if necessary. I’ve read about the Bore but the part we were on isn’t tidal. The Gloucester and Sharpness Canal is detailed in the edition of the companion guide that we’re currently using. I believe there are 200 miles of canals in the B’ham Canal Network.

    When we had our dingo, we knew all the doggies’ names in the local park but rarely bothered to learn the owners’ names.

    Interesting how intent can change so easily when knocking out these posts (happens to me ALL the time!). Just re-read, “I’ve had one weekend FD since I started 5:2 for this very reason.” Should have read, “I’ve had one weekend FD every week since I started 5:2 for this very reason.”

    Good morning, Sunday almost fast day (yes, bad sleep, I’m on my second pot of coffee, but rockin’ it with lower cal days so cruising through),

    Covid: We are back in triple digits but the trajectory is still going down nicely.

    LJoyce, so glad to see your post, and to know your eating plan has been so successful. Hooray for warmer weather (okay Huey, don’t get too hot too quickly).

    I hope your seeds got nicely planted, what have you put in? I was glad to do a bit in the garden yesterday, creating a bit more space and moving baby hearts-ease that has been coming up everywhere. My strawberries are asking to be divided again!

    Ha Thin, and Penguin, I knew exactly what you meant. I think with languages that have many fewer words, the listener (or reader) has to use words as clues to sort out what the speaker means. But with magnificent English we concentrate on the sentence, not the speaker, and don’t we have wicked fun with any mistakes!

    Have fun with those 36 locks. (Yikes!)

    We’ve got Vera tonight, and desolate Shetland. And they are repeating a series of Brokenwood! Unfortunately it is the series we just saw…

    I’m glad you got to enjoy your Bishop’s display before the wind got to them.

    Spring tends to be wild and windy and changeable here. It officially starts tomorrow, but it gets in early. (Local weather not very respectful of European nomenclature).

    Well, off to see how fasty I can be for the rest of the day. Thinking of you enjoying a proper fast day this weekend, Thin, and best wishes to everyone else fasting.

    PS Didn’t have a second cup of coffee yesterday. Gold medal 🙂
    PS2 I do have today’s fast day food sorted in advance. Woot, 2 medals!

    Good afternoon everyone.

    Aggh! to my CD of yesterday – a quite indulgent NFD, some with bought food which is quite salty, so back to 69.6 on the scales this morning. I know at least half that will have dropped off again by tomorrow, provided I continue with today’s CD, but it’s annoying all the same. Never mind. We live and learn, and I am still learning what I can and can’t do to maintain weight loss. Being around 69 kg is a really pivotal weight for me, so I have to push on!

    Hope you’re enjoying the sun, Cinque. I’m not appreciating the wind, so staying indoors. Without restrictions, I’d be over wandering around the local Westfield, but not under the current circumstances. Bother it, being back over 100 cases!

    Thin, good luck with all those locks. Will you try to do them all in one hit, or can you moor somewhere on the way through? It sounds quite onerous.

    Penguin, as a little lady, 2 kg weights are my “go-to” weight size 🙂 However, with the pic line, isn’t it more about not moving that one arm around too much, whatever size the weights? Whatever, I’m sure you’re exercising all due care.

    LJoyce, great that you’re back into your maintenance weight range and back on 5:2. You must feel really chuffed about that. You’ve certainly done much better than me on my “so-called” FD800 regime of the past week. Well done you!

    Turnabout, your trolley buys sound very healthy, and nice that someone recognised that. Yes, it’s sad what some people buy these days, not only for themselves but also to feed their kids.

    Okay, better go. Have to prepare a 3-minute talk about my research for a presentation competition being run by my College. I wasn’t going to participate, but someone else is going to record my talk on Zoom and submit it for me, so now I’ve no excuse not to take part. Being recorded tomorrow morning, so better get to it. Has to be exactly or just under 3 minutes. If it’s over, my talk will be disqualified.

    Keep on keeping on everyone!

    Hello all

    A lot happens in a few days with all of you Forum people!

    Neil, that injury of your son’s sounded so scary. Thank goodness he didn’t do anything too dire to himself.

    Lindsay, you wrote so warmly about your cousin who died. We feel a special love and gratitude for people who have been kind to us in times of need. It sounded as if life had become pretty hard for her but it is still a big sadness when someone goes.

    Penguin, it sounds as if you are on the last lap of the chemo. All the very best with it.

    Cinque, your garden must be lovely. And I picked up through someone’s comment that you have red hair. I always wanted to have red hair and often used henna when I was young. What fun! Now my brown hair is mostly grey, and that’s fine.

    FD completed yesterday with no champagne and no real difficulty. And what a pleasure it is the next morning to have a bit of sugar in my morning coffee, and eat some bread and butter and cumquat marmalade.

    All the best to everyone for the coming week. I hope those Victorian numbers continue to come down, and that the fires in California ease off.

    Helen Kate

    Hi all, I’ve gone nuts on the food this weekend because I’ve been working flat out. It was such nice weather (20 degrees both days) that I spent about 5 hours yesterday getting our lawns done, mulching around all our fruit trees, weeding out the vegetable gardens, getting the compost mixed through and getting them ready to plant. Then today I spent 3 hours clearing out overgrown bush at the local scout camp that we use as a temporary frisbee golf course once a year, followed by 2 hours of frisbee golf. According to my tracker I burned around 3,000 calories over the two days above my BMR of around 1800 calories per day, so it didn’t matter that I ate around 3,000 calories a day. Man I’m knackered now though. Early night tonight and then off to work tomorrow for a rest. 😉

    I hope you all had a good weekend and a good start to the week tomorrow.

    Hi Cinque, just joining you now. Mexican Chicken for dinner, 277 cals, it will be cooked on the diesel stove if the temperature doesn’t soon warm up outside. My weight crept up last week d/t two pub meals. Meals out have always been deadly for me.

    Betsy, good luck with the Zoom talk. The flight of 30 have to be tackled together, there’s nowhere to moor in between. We did about ten locks to get where we are today and have five more ahead with a short pond before the 30. It’s a canal boaters Rite of Passage! We’re moving slowly as we don’t want to be in B’ham too far ahead of OH’s biometrics interview.

    Neil, what a machine you are.

    HK, you’re getting through the FDs easily. Any progress to report on the scales? It can be hard to keep up with this forum.

    Good morning all

    Stunning weather here in Sydney. Yesterday it was 24 and sunny so we washed all things Maxx (bedding, beds, dog) and I spent a couple of hours outside reading which was very indulgent of me but lovely. I unfortunately hurt my knee though so am resting it for a couple of days and not participating in dog walking. More incentive to get the weight off as now both knees are painful.

    Thin, when I read about your boating adventures I truly feel like I am reading a novel. It all sounds so peaceful, romantic and exciting. I had to shake my head at your friends being in denial about the virus, but it sounds like you handled the situation perfectly.

    My head is still spinning thinking about your weekend activities Neil!

    Some of OH’s seeds are already sprouting, especially the shallots (spring onions, green onions, scallions….depending on where you live). The seedlings are going gang-busters so We will have lots of lovely herbs soon – thyme, oregano, mint, basil, sage, chives and parsley. Also two types of chilli

    Good luck with your talk Betsy. It’s not something I enjoy and even running a meeting makes me anxious. However it is part of my job so I just get on with it. I’m sure yours will be very successful

    Sorry to hear about your bad sleep Cinque, I hope you had a better one after your fasty FD yesterday.

    Ha ha Penguin re not knowing the owners names. We have lots of friends met via Maxx and their names are: Archie’s Dad, Spencer’s Dad (actually we do know his name because he is an ex Welsh rugby player and OH recognised him), Margot’s Mum etc etc. I do hope you and Mrs P can meet up with Thin and Mr Thin one day.

    Cali, I read that the fires are still out of control in California so I hope you are still ok

    Almost time to start work so I will finish here. Hi to everyone I haven’t mentioned and a big reach out to Quacka, G’day, Intesha, Merry and anyone else who may be lurking but not posting. I hope you are all doing well

    Good morning,
    I am slightly less sleep deprived than yesterday, thanks Maxx’s mum.

    One thing I forgot to write, if you see me going around the supermarket with a trolley without a single stick of fresh veggies, remember that I buy my veggies elsewhere, also my grains and seeds and nuts and legumes. Don’t judge me with my trolley full of tins and packets and butter 😉

    Betsy sending you the best wishes this morning for a cracking 3 minutes and I hope you win!

    And yes, push on! All you need to do is not give up. A fresh week. Fresh day after fresh day 🙂 A centimetre gone from the waist, a bulge getting smaller, our liver less coated in fat, our knees giving a sigh of relief.

    Helen Kate, isn’t the morning after a fast day the best!
    And cumquat marmalade is my favourite, one of the things I still miss terribly (not eating marmalade these days) and I think of it every time I walk past the cumquat tree that the elderly couple allowed me to strip.

    My red hair is henna hair! Underneath it is my original brown with ever more white, which makes the henna look ever more impressive.

    Neil, you can’t imagine how much I would like just one day of your energy! And your expertise with it, please. Still, I am glad you have it, for your garden and your weekend, and your family, and that you enjoyed every bite of your magnificent meals.

    Good work with the locks so far, and all power to you getting through the rest of them. You will love this week, getting back to normal.

    Anzac, so satisfying to get washing dried on a glorious day.
    I do so hope the pain in your knees settles down quickly, but as long as it lasts it is a good reminder to make wonderful healthy choices in what you eat. Here they are: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1dT_KtPidGQ

    I’m off to have a good day. May you all do the same. Cheers all.

    Quacka, we miss you!

    Morning all

    Thin, again I’m envious of the lifestyle. I love the water and I can’t wait for spring weather to kick in so I can get back out again. Our kayaks are waiting under the house just itching to be used again.

    Awesome to see stuff growing isn’t it Anzac? My wife has been getting all our seedlings ready and there’s not a windowsill, table, desk, or even the hot water cupboard that isn’t covered in little punnets of seedlings in various stages of sprouting. I think at the moment she’s got cucumber, courgette, capsicum, chili, okra, pumpkin, tomato, brassicas and beans.

    Cinque, I was definitely paying for my weekend work yesterday and today. I got to 4pm yesterday and crashed. I needed a couple of hours napping to recover, and this morning I was very sore. The gorse and blackberry we were clearing has ripped my arms up too. Now I dread having to put on hand sanitizer.

    Well today is fast day, I’ve got some silverbeet and haloulmi for lunch and some chicken livers for dinner, total of around 1,000 calories. Hopefully I can stick to some reasonable eating tomorrow and have a good weigh-in on Wednesday morning.

    Have a great day everyone

    Cinque, that video is hilarious!!!!! 😂

    Anzac, thank you so much for your kind words. How nice that you can enjoy the warm, spring sunshine in the perfect surroundings that OH has created over the years. No need to feel guilty, you work hard.

    Neil, we miss our kayaks. OH had a Klepper – made in Germany from wood and canvas that folded into two bags weighing 19kgs. When we left Perth, he sold it to someone in Sydney and we shipped it across. Mine was just a sit on Gizmo that can be replaced anytime. We see a few kayakers on the canals.

    Cinque, ha ha! We will look at the slim person pushing the trolley, absent of supersized bottles of sticky drinks, cakes, pies and potato chips and know that you buy your veggies elsewhere. Whenever I carry large loads up and down steps, my knees remind me how it felt to haul around excess body weight.

    The weather reports have been saying ‘autumnal’ all week. I don’t aways believe them. I do believe the 20 plus geese that just flew over us travelling south. The Slimbridge centre is almost opposite us on the other side of the estuary and many geese winter there. If so, I’ll see them next week.

    Cinque. One series of Brokenwood ended on Saturday. For reasons known only to the planners, there are episodes of the next series on tonight and the next three nights thereafter. That is probably overload, so they will be recorded and taken at leisure.

    Anzac. I recognise that formula. When visiting a kennel of working dogs the question is not ‘who is the handler?’ it is “who is his Dad’ (or these days Mum).

    Thin, Neil. One of the guys I paddled with in Hong Kong had a Klepper. I was particularly jealous because it could be fitted with a sail and side keels like an old Dutch sailing barge. Sitting in my garage are a 15ft Canadian canoe and a 14ft Fusion kayak. Neither of them has been on the water this year, which is a little frustrating.

    They sound really cool, we’ve just got some cheapish plastic sit-on ocean kayaks, but they’re fine for pottering around.

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