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  • Good afternoon. Cold here again, so I’m on the computer.

    Anzac65, sending good wishes your way for a speedy recovery, and for whatever it is to NOT recur!
    BTW, very impressed with the description of all OH has managed to accomplish around your home. Do you want to send him over my way when he’s done? (Joking!).

    Re the Covid-19 situation, the housing commission towers have had about 30 positive cases up till yesterday. The shutdown is only for 5 days, while they get everyone tested, though if people refuse testing, they may have to be in quarantine longer. As well as government assistance, one union has already raised about $137,000 to help the locked-down residents so they will be looked after. One concern is that in the various locked-down postcodes, about 10,000 people have refused to be tested. Not sure why, though some folk are still believing all this Covid-19 “nonsense” is just a government conspiracy. Sigh!

    LJoyce, hope the FD today is a successful one, and have a lovely time with the kids and babysitting tomorrow.

    Neilithicman, I should have given you the benefit of the doubt and realised it was the lower figure that was correct, not the higher, with all the weight you’ve lost. Well done. Hope the weather improves a bit so you can enjoy some of your holiday outdoors.

    Cinque, my 55 minutes of walking was done inside my home – up and down, up and down, from one end to the other. I did the same today, for 41 minutes. I do not appreciate the cold when it’s this cold. Of course wind as well is worse. Wilbur has finally consented to going outside again. He went out in the a.m., came in when I got up at 9 a.m., ate and curled up on my bed. He roused a short time ago and wanted out. Think it might be short-lived as he’s already scratching at the door to come in again.

    Thin, what a complicated situation you’re facing re OH’s visa. I guess with the virus numbers in the UK still high, it’s not one of the places the EU is allowing back in to travel. Now if the UK was still part of the EU? Well, Brexit has put an end to that. I hope some satisfactory resolution of the dilemma is found soon.

    LindsayL, Eek! No, I didn’t know there was a new APA 7 version out. It was expensive enough buying the (unhelpful) book for APA 6. Does that mean a lot of changes? I’ll have to go online and see which unis may have redone their APA recommendations so I can get a new summary, and then make the needed changes to my Bibliography. Sigh. With over 500 references, that’s going to be a lot of work, but thank you for letting me know so I can look into it and make the necessary changes.
    By the way, well done for completing the Master’s thesis editing. That didn’t take long – was it 40,000 words, or less?

    Re ice-cream, for me – the killer is the 450 ml or thereabouts tubs. I have frequently polished one of them off in one eatathon, and they range from 800 to 1100 calories, depending on the variety. So, yes, it’s amazing that I’ve still been losing weight despite eating them on TDEE days, but you can imagine how much “proper” food hasn’t been consumed, and why I wrote last post that I really have to re-organise my eating.
    And no, LJoyce, I definitely have NOT been stopping at one scoop. Interestingly though, with larger tubs, control is much easier, so the solution – stop buying the small tubs.
    Cinque, I will try to view the demise of my ice-cream treats as a positive. Not there yet, but I will try. Certainly it will be better for my body, so for that reason, will be making the change, but not tremendously willingly. Some things we just have to do!
    Glad you and your sisters have sorted things out re the problem family member. Hope that continues to work out well for you.

    Okay, tomorrow is another day, and in my ice-cream depleted world I will be thankful for it 🙂

    Keep well everyone!

    Cinque and LJ, my Sunday fasting buddies just like old times!

    CalifD, our friends in S. California say the beaches were packed with ‘half-crazed, half-naked loons from Arizona and LA’ over the 4th July weekend. One friend says he’s scared to leave the house, another says he’s moving inland from La Jolla to La Mesa.

    LJ, we’d never overstay a visa, that’s an instant black mark and grounds for not being allowed back. They’re very efficient here, it takes about 12 weeks but, if granted, we must spend most of our time during the ‘leave to remain’ period in the UK (which we wouldn’t want to do once it’s safe to travel as seeing Europe was another of the reasons for selling up in Oz) and, if denied, we’d have to leave instantly. Having had a visa denied is also a black mark against future returns. The alternative is putting the boat in a marina and flying off into the covid unknown. Seems reckless. We must decide soon. Ho hum.

    Anzac, I hope that’s a minor issue. Please keep us up to date.

    P.S. Betsy, didn’t see your post. That’s good that you had a good FD and could walk inside. EU countries are allowing us in, that’s not a problem. But it’s a moving feast and any country could go back into lock-down at any time. Why on earth would anyone refuse testing?

    Good morning, Anzac hope you are feeling better this morning, sending you healing thoughts.

    I still usually do an FD of 500 on Sundays as well. This morning 62.3, 8.9kg down since January. It’s all a mind game now, I keep challenging myself to get to 60. Never in my wildest dreams did I think it was possible. Determination and support from this group have kept me focused.

    Neil, my Dad can hardly stand so there is know way he can do excercise. It’s heartbreaking to see him struggle pushing his walker. He uses his elbows as his hands are so bent he can’t hold properly.

    Off to Pilates this morning, all the best everyone.

    Good morning,
    I didn’t managed a walk yesterday, or henna my hair, but I did have a good fast day. I feel great this morning, and what a yummy breakfast (2 serves of veg 😉 good start to the day).

    Anzac, sending SO many good wishes. I do hope the pain is less this morning and that it turns out to be something easily fixed. Hooray for lying down and snug with work to keep your mind off it and Mr Anzac’s care and superb soup!

    Ooh Cali, belated 4th of July wishes, I hope you found a way to celebrate in style.

    LJoyce, Cheers for a fast day, done and dusted. I’m hoping you are having a great day babysitting. And that the lovely bakery expedition isn’t too challenging for you.
    Yum yum rhubarb! There were gorgeous stems in my market last week, hence the stew (it took me a bit to find a recipe with no added sugar, and I found a beaut!).

    The ‘shutdown’ suburbs are at stage three restrictions, so while residents must work at home if they possibly can, they are allowed to go to their work places if necessary. Considering the numbers in those suburbs aren’t that high (cf the rest of the world) I presume a large part of the restrictions is that they will make tracing contacts much easier, should it be needed. And hopefully the BIG REMINDER that everyone needs to behave covidsafely will mean that the spread will be limited to the point where it is contained again. Fingers crossed.

    I was at the shopping centre yesterday and it was very busy, but felt much safer than it did a few weeks ago, thanks to everyone being more aware of distancing, including while queuing.

    Haha Betsy, I’ll fight you for Mr Anzac 😉 He’s a winner.
    55 mins of walking in your own home is great work, and much more comfortable than being outside. Brr it is miserable at the moment!

    Miso is behaving exactly as Wilbur is, sensible cats.

    Good luck with those new thesis guidelines!

    And yes, avoiding those low nutrient treats is such a gift to your precious body.
    I do relate to how a big container can be used more wisely than a small container. Maybe that will be your reward for reaching your next goal.

    Thin, yes! The gang got back together 🙂 (Including you, Intesha!) I am sure you have just polished off an excellent fast day.
    Oh dear, yes, how to pick the place that isn’t just about to have a covid flare up. And the best places will have the most closed borders. Catch 22. I do hope a good option comes up.

    Intesha, I hope you have had a wonderful pilates session, and a good rest of the day. Hello from cold Melbourne, to your dad.
    Wow, lovely to have that 9kg gone (well, 8.9). Yes, it is a mind game! You are so right. Ooh you might be down into the 61’s by the end of the week.

    Well, I’ve had my lovely catch up with you lot, a delicious post fast day breakfast, and a pot of coffee. So I am off to get things done. Maybe I’ll get the walk and henna in today.

    You are such a lovely lot. Best wishes all.

    Good morning everyone

    Thank you all for your messages of sympathy and Cinque, for the lovely flowers too. They really are a beautiful bunch that you chose for me x

    Anzac, I’m so sorry about your dear friend. Such a young age! Thinking of you x

    I have had Mum and my niece (who lives with my parents) staying with us since Friday and it has been just lovely. Lots of chatting over cuppas, sitting in the sun and chatting and some more chatting while cooking and eating dinner. We took them beach fishing on Saturday afternoon and that was definitely an experience for them both. We got to see the moon rising and making it’s beautiful silver streak on the water and even better we watched a sea eagle circle circle round and round us until he eventually came down to take the last of the bait ball that we left on the beach. It was a beautiful experience.

    Betsy, the acid reflux is much worse when I don’t eat so I have been having three meals a day and also some snacks if I feel it coming on. I stick to fruit or popcorn as the snacks as I am trying my hardest not to pack on the weight again.
    Neil, I have just had the breath test for the Helicobacter bacteria and am waiting on the results. I am really hoping that it is what is causing the reflux as the doctor has said it can be fixed quite easily with a course of antiobiotics ( she mentioned two antibiotics and an antiacid medication that are all taken at the same time). I had to fast for the test but it was done at 8:30 in the morning and boy was I hungry after that. I think it was psychological as I have quickly gotten used to eating again. We’ll see what happens.

    Well I better go and do some work.
    Take care all and stay safe in these worrying times. xx

    Afternoon all.

    My day is working out so well. Good FD yesterday, good TDEE today, so far. Rosy is asleep at my feet, and I’ve just submitted the invoice for my master’s editing, so I’m feeling pretty good.

    Anzac all best wishes for a minor ailment that a good rest on the sofa has put to rights. Let us know when you have the scan, won’t you. How painful and worrying.

    LJ you are kinder than I am. I was surprised a higher degree student hadn’t picked up on the new APA, given that she would have needed to be on the library site often, and reading a lot of recent literature. I guess it slipped through the net, because she wasn’t having face to face meetings with her supervisor. Anyway, I tracked the changes for her, she showed it to her supervisor, and he was happy with the editing and advised her to follow every suggestion. It was good to hear, because this may be a new string to my bow, if I am not back on campus until next year.

    Betsy, there are some changes to referencing, but not too onerous…eg in text citations use ‘et al’ for 3 or more authors, from the first citation. No need to use ‘retrieved from’ in the References, unless its a transitory work, eg Twitter. There is a huge new section on bias-free language. This link from my library gives you a quick intro. https://www.griffith.edu.au/library/study/referencing/apa-7

    Cinque hope the family situation has calmed. Henna in, and feeling soft and bouncy? The bar shampoo I used comes from shampoowithapurpose.com I got the one for volume (5 months without a haircut and I needed a bit of oomph), and I also got the little conditioning bar too. I am so very happy. I got my DD a bar for coloured hair …I may try that next.

    How’s the holiday going Neil? Hope it’s warmed up a bit and you’re having sunshine to go with the cool weather.

    Thin, Cali, I’m with you both on grocery stores. I’m avoiding shopping as much as I can, but we popped into Aldi on Saturday because they had boots that I thought might help with OH’s poor feet. An arrogant chappie walked straight up to where we were standing, and grabbed a pair to try. I suggested (politely) that we social distance. He didn’t even turn his head towards me. Pig, was the thought that I kept to myself.

    Thin I don’t get the need to feed wildlife. There are big signs at our little pier at Straddie asking people not to feed the dolphins, and why, but they still do.
    Sorry your dream trip is plagued with visa worries now.

    Quacka, What a amazing experience – almost spiritual, the way you described it. Your mum will be loving being with you, and you both (and your niece) supporting each other.

    Happy day all.

    Good afternoon all. Quick post (really!) as today is my doctorate restart day and I have plenty to do – including awaiting an email from my supervisors re what to do about my referencing for the bibliography. I’m glad I found out now – thanks LindsayL – but it has thrown me a bit.

    Quacka, do hope the Helicobacter test proves to be positive so you can be treated and well again. What a difficult time you’ve been having. It’s probably worse at the moment due to grief and stress, too, but lovely that you’ve had family staying with you and sharing some wonderful natural beauty.

    Well, record number of Covid-19 cases overnight in Victoria, and just announced that the Victorian-NSW border is to close. The outbreak still seems to be focused in specific postcodes, but it’s a concern. Keep safe, Cinque!

    Thin, good luck with your decision-making. Covid-19 has really sent a curveball your way, too.

    Intesha, well done with your ongoing weight loss, yay you!

    Cinque, Wilbur is back curled up on my bed today, too. It’s his new favourite place for winter, unless the sun is out, when he’ll stretch himself along the north window in my lounge room where the sun can warm him through the glass.

    Hope everyone else is doing well, and catch you next time!

    Hi all from a very wet and grey Whakatane Monday afternoon.

    So sorry to hear you are not feeling so good Anzac, hope you are somewhat better today after a restful weekend, your hubby sounds like a real gem. Well done on your career to, it sounds quite fascinating and very niche, you are obviously not only very good at it but enjoy it too? Maxx is so adorable, that look just says it all.

    Awful news of your fathers passing Quacka, my condolences to you and your family, I hope you took some strength and found comfort from the sea eagle. I am with you on the acid reflux, I have suffered with it on and off for years and mine is worse if I don’t eat, I find water is one of the main things that makes it more painful, and black coffee of course! Touch wood, not had it for a while. Good luck with the bacteria results.

    I hope your weather has warmed up a little bit for the holidays Neil, looks like you could be getting through a few movies otherwise? I have been to so many so-called ‘Farmers Markets’ whilst we have been travelling around the country and I haven’t found one yet that comes anywhere remotely close to Dunedin, I love it there, at any time of the year. We visited the one here the first Sunday we arrived and it was about six stalls and none of them were fresh produce!!! So disappointed. Did manage to pick up some avo’s yesterday on the roadside for a dollar each!

    I certainly don’t see the need to feed wildlife on our travels either Thin, in fact during lock down in Kaikoura I bought seeds to feed the birds! There are a couple of HUGE rabbits that live on this site, one is black, fun to watch, but plenty of grass here for them to live on, don’t think they need any other food, kinda suspect they get it though, haha. Your visa decisions must be worrying, I can understand how they are spoiling things for you presently, I do hope you find the correct outcome that you are both happy with soon.

    Great to hear you had a very satisfying fast day Yesterday Cinque even though your plans for the day didn’t materialize! Two serves of veggies to break the fast, you are so good. I had half a grapefruit and a cheese & mushroom omelette today, does that count as two? (Definitely more mushrooms than cheese!) Good to hear you felt safer in the supermarket too, I find I am more relaxed with every visit, but do still tend to keep my distance, especially from the elderly. I have always believed that a cat will always find somewhere warm in the winter, either inside or out. Born survivors! I hope you get your walk in today and your henna in!

    Good on you for getting rid of that ice cream Betsy, one of my downfalls so know how you feel, our freezer is now devoid of it so don’t have to worry anymore. Wilbur sounds pretty sensible too, these cats are certainly not daft. Good luck with the weight loss this week, I am sure you will be down to 67’s in no time.

    I haven’t really been up to much, out for a walk most days, in between the heavy showers, last night was something else, horrific strong winds and heavy sheeting rain, it’s really affecting our sleep! There are massive puddles everywhere on the site. Not much point in us going anywhere at present, especially North, it’s even wetter! We did enjoy a wonderful sunny day on Friday however, and made the most of it by hiking over the heads to another beach and town, then finding we had missed the bus by quarter of an hour so had to walk back home, up and over the same heads but on a different route as the tide was high so couldn’t take the beach route we had earlier! Well dark when we got home, but such an amazing sunset. Managed to lose a total of 1.5kgs over the week but put 300gms back on over the weekend due to a bit of a relax, so really pleased with the overall figures. Let’s see if I can do the same this week? So pleased to finally be moving in the right direction. Sitting in the van listening to the rain on the roof again, planning my menus for the week, putting off going to the supermarket for shopping really, I think I’ll use what we have in the freezer and pantry for a couple more days.

    Stay safe everyone, wherever you are,


    Hi, quick check in again

    Our posts crossed LindsayL. Thank you for the info re APA 7. I’ve communicated with my supervisors, and unless I’m submitting my thesis this year (not likely!) I have to change everything to APA 7. I looked via the link you posted, but have also found a very comprehensive guide from Charles Sturt uni, so will probably use that. I think it will be easy enough to make the necessary changes, albeit rather tedious. I am now regretting not having entered everything into Zotero! The only issue I see is if there are more than 8 authors – they need to be all listed now, up to 20. Probably won’t have many like that. It’s all just going to take time and some work.

    Sorry everyone else for the technicalities. Good to also read your post, Turnabout. Disappointing for you to not find any more good farmers’ markets after Dunedin. Still raining there? A good time to stay inside!

    Hope you’re doing better, Anzac65.

    Did you get your hair henna-ed, Cinque?

    Stay well, stay safe everyone!

    Quacka, my deepest sympathy on the loss of your father. Losing a parent is so painful. You have so many years of beautiful memories of him that I hope will sustain you now. Please take care of yourself. You don’t have to be fasting to post here. Goodness knows that there are many of us struggling with diet during these stressful times. We miss you.

    Anzac, I’ll be thinking of you getting that CT scan tomorrow and hoping it’s nothing serious that’s causing the pain. Glad to hear that you’re relaxing and that OH’s therapeutic chicken soup is making you feel better. It does sound good. You’re still working from home now, right? I’m so sorry to hear about the loss of your friend. She was a part of your life for a long time and I know you will miss her.

    Thin, I hope you get the visa thing sorted out quickly. It’s amazing that spousal visas applications are often denied. What are they trying to do, keep the British people from marrying outside of the UK? Is it just now because of the pandemic that they’re being so strict?
    My grocery store trips are like yours, in and out as quickly as I can, without taking a lot of time to compare prices. It’s nice that we have a couple stores where the face mask mandate is enforced for employees and customers alike. People are getting a little better about wearing them but there is still a large number that think the masks violate their freedom of choice. Several people have posted on social media that this whole virus thing is political and a hoax and will disappear right after our November elections. I know all of you will be delighted to hear that! Sheesh! Some days my patience runs very thin.

    Cinque and Betsy, it’s so disturbing to hear about the Covid outbreak in a couple of your suburbs and the resulting lockdown. Your government is doing the right thing in getting it under control before it spreads further. That just goes to show how contagious it can be. But I worry for those people in the highrise apartment buildings, that it could spread through the ventilation systems, although I don’t think there is evidence of that. It wouldn’t be pleasant to be locked down in a small apartment without access to the outdoors.

    Cinque, I’m glad you were able to sort out the family matters with your sisters over Zoom. I used Zoom for the first time this last week for a birthday party for a close friend in the Bay Area. Her husband and sister in Florida set it up as a surprise for her. 76 people from all over the country and other parts of the world attended. It went on for an hour and a half with music, a couple slide shows of old photos and serial people had balloons and party hats. I logged on with my iPad Mini which was quite limited in seeing people without a lot of scrolling, but I was still impressed with the application and features. My DS was working in our office room upstairs where my desktop is which is why I used the iPad. Wouldn’t it be fun to have a Zoom meeting with some of our forum members?

    Penguin, how are things going with your house sale and buying a new one? I am surprised at how quickly homes are selling in our area. I would have thought that people would be hesitant to move house with the pandemic disruption, but that doesn’t seem to be the case at all. Maybe people who weren’t happy with their homes realized how much they needed a change after being cooped up in them for a few months.

    LJ, thank you for the 4th of July greetings and text. We ended up celebrating with pizza and watching the movie of the Broadway play, Hamilton. It was streaming on the Disney+ channel which we subscribed to for a month, just to see that play. It was really good, but 2 hours and 33 minutes long. Miranda played the lead role and he was quite impressive. Our local fireworks were canceled this year. We usually watch them from an upstairs window. We did watch other cities’ displays on TV.

    Fast day for me tomorrow.

    Hi to Lindsay, Neil, Turn, Intesha and everyone who is lurking. Please keep an eye on the world while I get some sleep.

    Just popped in to see how Anzac is doing this morning. No news.

    Intesha, good job, of course you can get to 60kg. It’s so empowering to have this one thing nailed when other aspects of life can be so annoying at times. Good for you for never giving up.

    Turn, it sounds like rain hasn’t really stopped play and you can still get in some good walking in between. I hope you get to move on soon.

    Cinque, it’s good that people have got the SD message at last where you are and that you can feel safer doing the shopping.

    Thanks everyone for the supportive comments. OH’s visa problems are essentially of our own making so I must stop whinging and find a solution. People have far worse things to deal with and I’m always reminded that we have good health.

    It was a great FD, the freezer surprise was leftover Chicken Provencal and it was so tasty. OH had two pork chops which didn’t appeal to me at all. Weight today 57.5kg.

    Have a great week all.

    Gosh, quiet Monday. A couple just cruised by and, having a brief chat as is custom, they said, “Mmmm, your dinner smells really good!” Guess what it was, Cinque? Mung Bean Soup.

    Morning all, not too much rain this morning but plenty of wind, not quite sure which I dislike the most?

    Just a quick check in, managed to get back down to 75.4 this morning so lost yesterdays increase on the scales and another 100 gms down on the weekend! Maybe I can finally kiss the 76’s goodbye? Looks like I might need to go grocery shopping today, down to the very last dregs of the veggies now, mushrooms, Brussel sprouts and onions pan fried with a little parmesan cheese to break the fast this morning I think!

    Have a good Tuesday everyone,


    Hi everyone

    I am running a workshop in 5 minutes so a quick post. Had the scan yesterday – very confronting. I had to have a cannula and have dye injected. I am getting the results late this afternoon and very anxious. Wish me luck!

    Good news is I’m in the 80’s but only because I haven’t been eating much.

    Take care

    Anzac, glad the scan is over and hoping for the best possible results. Please let us know when you hear. Are you feeling better today?

    Thin, who would have thought in their wildest dreams that something like this pandemic would happen while you were traveling? It’s ok to whinge. You’ll figure out a way to straighten things out. Is DD ok because she’s working there? Do you think she’ll stay long term?

    Good luck with the results Anzac, hoping it’s nothing too serious. Congratulations on reaching the 80’s, am sure you will be able to continue downward form there soon.

    Cheers, Turn

    CalifD, I missed your post above mine when I posted mine yesterday – and when I came back to tell Cinque about the mung bean soup. Glad you three are OK. It sounds like a nice 4 July celebration. DD is fine thanks, she’s a British Citizen. Get this though – we registered her as such at birth and she held a UK passport for a while which we let lapse in the mistaken belief that, once you were a citizen, it would always be so. Huh! When she applied for a passport to come and live here last year, she had to start the entire process from scratch with me sending all my original documents to London. No way to treat your own citizens.

    No, it’s not the virus, it’s the non-stop stream of scammers coming here to avail themselves of the great welfare system. Only to find that they are not happy with life here it would seem. Lots of sham marriages. Despite producing a recognised marriage certificate, we still have to provide proof of having lived together for the past 29 years! It’s not like 29 years ago, we hatched this plan to marry just in case in 2020 we might want to go narrow boating together in England. (I’m laughing, not whinging at this, it’s just so absurd).

    Anzac, wishing you all the best with the test results. Well done for getting into the 80s but I did laugh at this, “Good news is I’m in the 80’s but only because I haven’t been eating much.” That’s how it works! 🙂

    Sorry, just a very quick post.

    Betsy & Cinque: I just saw the news about the whole of Melbourne going into lockdown for 6 weeks. I’m so sorry that you have to go through that again. Take care, be thinking of you.

    Hi all, the best news ever is that all the organs etc that were tested are ‘unremarkable’!! Best news ever – I convinced myself it was something grim. I’m having some more tests to see if it is a UTI or a gut infection or similar. I see it as a big wake-up call to lose weight, exercise more and drink less wine. I’m enjoying a T&T right now (tonic and tonic – sugar free) with fresh lime

    Thanks everyone for your good wishes. It meant the world

    Betsy and Cinque, sorry about the new lockdown; I can hardly believe it but it is necessary in my opinion. I hope you are both ok

    Thin – ha ha! I wrote that post in haste and now I see the irony of it. I actually meant that I wasn’t hungry due to the abdomen pain rather than having self control. The challenge now is to keep it up now that I’m feeling better.

    Good luck with the visa, what a worry for you

    Thanks Turn, I’m determined to get to my first mini-goal which is back to where I was when I returned from the holiday. 88 kilos. Then the next mini goal is back to where I was just before the holiday – 84 kilos. Then [gasp] into the 70’s!

    I must run and help Mr A with dinner – steak, chips and salad. My portion is half a steak and about 6 fat chips and a huge salad. It’s one of our favourites as Mr A is a wizard with a steak and makes the best chips.

    Take care

    Anzac, wonderful news, very glad you have had serious issues ruled out.

    Great news Anzac, glad to hear it’s nothing too serious. Enjoy that dinner.

    Good evening,
    I had a busy morning, but I’ll write now before heading off to bed. I’ve got a purring cat on my knee and I am just waiting for my lovely evening meal (not soup today, delicious lamb and salad wrap) to reach my belly and assure me I have eaten enough for the night. It will!

    Quacka, I am so glad to hear from you, and to know you are having such precious time with your mum and niece. Loved ones and wonderful nature, the best things.
    I am very happy that you loved the flowers.
    Fingers crossed your test can lead to reflux recovery. So glad those little meals are keeping it under control.

    Lindsay, still no henna. Tomorrow! Yesterday got taken up with helping a neighbour and then today I had two long telephone calls (enough to knock me out for the day 😉 ) (especially because I forgot to lie down while talking).
    And then all the waiting to hear about numbers and how locked down we would become.
    And then a trip to my daughters for a porch drop (dropped off two empty compost buckets, a bag of apples and a piece of pumpkin, picked up two full compost buckets a container of pulled lamb and a container of dal). Also dropped off my attempt at these: https://www.facebook.com/atelierdayhome/photos/pcb.2760317520921675/2760316334255127/?type=3&theater which the girls are very excited about.

    I’m keen to order bar shampoo and conditioner, thankyou!

    Turn, your mushroomy omelette sounds delicious. I bet you got two serves of veg in that! Wow, 1.5kg loss over the week is triple average! You kiwis, you sure rip through this weightloss business when you put your minds to it. Well done.

    Cali, aren’t you gracious for being so concerned for us dealing with this spike of covid. It has made me think of your situation when we had such tiny numbers, no new cases even one day, and now are battling to stop it swamping us.
    There you are hunkering in the middle of a hurricane, and we have a hailstorm.

    The pandemic has shown up the physical limitations of being covidsafe in the old public housing highrises. They weren’t being properly cleaned, only one lift was working and they only put hand sanitiser at one entrance and then didn’t replace it when it ran out. No wonder the residents were worried.

    On the good side, there has been such a wonderful community response. A Sikh charity and the Asylum Resource Support Centre have provided thousands of freshly made meals. As Betsy said, the Unions have raised money to help: over a quarter of a million dollars.
    Local radio has people recording messages of support.
    A nearby bakery had a sign up saying ‘No bread today, we have donated it all to the highrises’
    People within the highrise managed to translate information into ten written languages and five oral ones (not quite sure how that worked, but I am impressed). The kids are getting activity packs.
    It has been mayhem but it is sorting out, and as soon as they have tested everyone they will move to the same lockdown conditions the rest of Melbourne is under.

    Just getting a sparkling water and I will write part two.

    Back for part two,

    Cali, what a great zoom party! It took us four sisters a few goes to get the hang of it, but we are old hands now.
    And also a wonderful way to spend 4th of July. Everyone is talking about Hamilton here too, it must have become available here at the same time.

    I hope you have had a good fast day. I will be grabbing the baton, thanks.

    Well Thin, everyone has got the covidsafe message with a vengeance now. Ha. Melbourne metropolis and one adjoining council area are locked back into stage three restrictions for the next six weeks.
    It is easy for me as I am so homebound anyway. My health is better than it was a couple of months ago, I know the best shopping routines and I have my masks, so I am actually feeling quite cruisy. But my heart breaks for the families and businesses doing it hard.

    There is SO much anger at the hanky panky in the quarantine hotel that started it off, but I can’t help thinking that it wouldn’t have spread as it has done, if so many people hadn’t acted as if all the worry was over. So yes, lesson learnt.

    Oh what a delight to read the story about the mung bean soup! Yes! It has such a delicious smell. (Ooh and I’ve got everything I need to make it.)

    “Good news is I’m in the 80’s but only because I haven’t been eating much.” That’s how it works! 🙂 This made me laugh too!
    Anzac, hooray! hooray!
    Did they talk to you about the possibility of it being a gallstone? My sister suffered so badly, but as she always passed the stone, when they looked there was nothing. Anyway, if that is it, losing weight and eating healthier will help.
    All my fingers crossed that you never have that pain again.

    I’m pretending my sparkling water is T&T!

    LJoyce, thankyou for your kind message. Sending best wishes to you gallivanting around in your covid free state! Hoping we will join you eventually.

    Well, apologies if I have missed things. But time to head off to my dear bed. Three big phonecall appointments tomorrow. And I want to vacuum the floor! And henna. And fast. And make mung bean soup!

    Goodnight all, sweet dreams.

    Gosh it’s only been a couple of days since I posted, and so much has happened.

    Cinque and Betsy, I hope you manage this new lockdown. Six weeks seems such a long time. I think it is necessary, but I hope it can end sooner for you.

    Cinque, heartening to see the community response to the towers lockdown. Reading the comments section of the Australian, you’d swear there was no compassion left in the world. Good to know that isn’t true.

    Betsy, if there is an upside, it is that you will be able to power away with your thesis, uninterrupted. I found this link that may help with the new style.https://apastyle.apa.org/instructional-aids/whats-new-7e-guide.pdf
    My PhD was also told he could use APA6 only if he submitted this year…but he’s moving to 7, as a precaution .

    Thin I was surprised to hear your DD had to go through the palaver of getting her British passport back. I must check my kids have kept theirs current…they too have dual citizenship, courtesy of their father. I have permanent right of abode, but have to go through the expensive and time consuming reapplication each time I get a new Australian passport. I must say Thin I admire your foresight – you and Mr Thin deciding 30 years ago you were going to reside in the UK, and getting married just to smooth the process. (no, not really funny is it?)

    Cinque, how clever you are. I can imagine the little girls loved their flower art.

    Anzac, Cinque may be on to something, with the possibility of a gallstone. So very very painful. I know that sometimes (experience) they can trigger if you’ve been eating a low fat diet, followed by something fatty. Hope the pain has gone, and there are no residual symptoms. Let us know how the other tests go.

    I had my first day looking after Ms 7 yesterday while her Mum went to work. She’s juggled marvellously, but her job really needs her presence and with no community transmission, felt quite comfortable having my little one. It was marvellous – I doubt she let go of my hand the whole day – except to sit on my lap. We watched Len and Ainsley’s Great Cooking Adventure (or something like that) Missy loves cooking programs “Nothing bad ever happens, and in the end you get a delicious dish’. I’d not seen it before, but it wasn’t bad.

    OK on that note, back to my appointment with OH’s tax return. It’s pretty easy, but still has to be finished and submitted.

    Enjoy your day all, and best wishes to everyone – Neil, Penguin, Cali, Intesha, Turn, Quacka, G’day and all others whose names will come to me once I sign off.

    Anzac, so happy to hear that you’re scan was all clear. Sometimes it’s very good to be “unremarkable”! I hope you can get it all sorted out now and find a reason for the pains. I wonder if nerves could be a part? You’ve had stress with your job recently and lost a dear friend. That all has to wear on you.

    Cinque and Betsy, what a lovely response from the people of Melbourne for the highrise residents. At a time when there is so much anger in the world over this virus and lockdowns it made me feel so good to read that. I’m sorry to hear Melbourne is back on lockdown again. You can still go to the grocery stores and do takeaway at restaurants, right? Although our restaurants and hair salons and many other businesses are open here, that’s all we do anyway, grocery and occasional takeaway. It feels too dangerous to do otherwise because there are too many people here who refuse to wear masks even though our state Governor has mandated that everyone wear then in all indoor public spaces. Bravo to your government for being proactive and to the Australian citizens for complying with the rules and protecting the population! It makes it difficult for small businesses but at least you don’t end up in the health crisis that’s going on over here.
    I loved the flower art that you made for your granddaughters!

    Thin, my post a couple nights ago somehow seemed to post much later and out of order. When I looked for it in the morning I thought it had disappeared, but instead was many posts ahead of where I thought it was posted. So it wasn’t that you missed it. Providing proof that you and OH have lived together for the past 30 years should be easy with proof of home ownership together for those years, right? I would just send them photos of all my gray (white) hair to prove that we spent those years together! 😆

    LJ, it’s so nice that SA is free of community transmission and you can be out and about again.

    Lindsay, it must have been so nice to finally be able to spend time with your granddaughter again. It sounds like she really missed being with you in person.

    Turn, congrats on the weight loss! I hope you get some better weather soon so you can be out and about. NZ is such a beautiful country, from all the pictures that I’ve seen.

    Well, time to get some more sleep. Hi to everyone I’ve missed. Stay well!

    Eek, accidentally tapped something wrong and lost a long post. Will summarise.

    Anzac65, glad it was unremarkable, and maybe follow up Cinque’s suggestion re gall stones?

    Thin, hope there’s resolution of OH’s visa situation soon

    Turnabout, poor you with the rain. At least the weight is coming off, and the drought really seems to have broken.

    CalifDreamer, good to hear from you and to know that you’re all right and being sensible.

    LindsayL, thanks for the APA 7 book synopsis. I have a college subsidy which I may use to purchase it.

    Cinque, we’re back into lockdown. Well, been there, done that, so just more of the same.

    My news – I’ve been having a reaction to a pneumonia vaccine given last Thursday, with reddened upper arm, etc., only gradually developing. Woke this morning and the redness was worse, plus I felt “flu-ey”, so called my doctors’ surgery for advice – had to attend the surgery and in addition to advice for the arm, had to have a Covid-19 test. Sigh!
    Now in complete isolation at home till the result comes back. Expect it to be negative, but that doesn’t allow me to break quarantine. The dr said 24-48 hours, but with all the testing going on? Expect it to be longer. Still, it will keep me at home doing needed study. Fortunately I did a big weekly shop yesterday, so am well supplied with fresh produce.

    Keep well, keep safe everyone!

    Good morning from a rainy Brisbane. Top of 19 today. brrrrr. I know it doesn’t sound cold, but we leave the glass doors into the courtyard open on one side, and the doors to the back verandah also open on the other side,so the cavalry (aka Rosy) can run through. What we do for that dog! OH saw something in her mouth this morning as she sat on the rug. He ordered her outside, thinking she had a bone … only to spot that it was his reading glasses that she was chewing. Nothing is safe. Sigh.

    Oh Betsy, that reaction doesn’t sound like fun. Hope the symptoms fade and you get your test results soon. Was the test unpleasant?

    A proper fasty fast day for me today. I am going back to a naked 5:2. The low carb works, but the cramps I get are just too painful and have me shooting out of bed twice, three times a night. I always did Mondays and Thursdays as FDs. That worked well because I always worked those days, but can do it again even if I’m working at home. OH is on notice (he’s very supportive, btw)and I have my meals planned. A packet of Pitango minestrone (237 cals) split over two meals, and a large capsicum for a snack..40 cals tops. I’ll have the soup with some extra mushrooms and leafy greens chopped into the bowl – another 30 cals. That’s my veges taken care of, and some calories to fall back on if I get hungry.

    Calif the situation is he US sounds challenging, and I am surprised all over again when I hear your president claiming the worst is past, in spite of escalating numbers. And challenging the medical experts! Oh that it were a conspiracy that would be over in November. Extraordinary some people believe that … like the chap in the deli who told me he didn’t believe in the virus. Duh!

    Turn drying out yet? Are you planning to relocate any time soon, or are you going to wait the weather out?

    Cinque, how wonderful to drop off pumpkin and apples and get pulled lamb and dahl in return.

    LJ are you okay? Or just in a busy phase?

    OK on with the day. Have a good one all, where ever you are.

    Good morning all from a sunny whakatane at last!!!

    We had a 3’c night but oh, how lovely to see blue cloudless skies and no wind!!! It makes my heart sing. It seems so long ago since we have had any good weather and this is forecast up until late Sunday so hope to make the most of it.

    Your arm sounds quite sore Betsy, then to have flue symptoms on top must be even worse for you, hope it all clears up soon. At least you won’t have to worry about going out for any food with having stocked up, how fortunate for you?

    Thank you so much for the beautiful flowers Cinque, Yes, I do feel quite chuffed with myself, finally shifting that little bit has definitely given me the encouragement I needed. The community support around the towers episode sounds great, we have heard similar stories and acts of kindness here throughout our brief lock down and isolation episode, some of them are very humbling. The situation certainly does bring out the worst and also the best in people! Have you managed to get your henna in yet?

    Lindsay, the day spent with Miss 7 sounds wonderful, I love the summary of the cooking adventure programme, if only it were true, haha?! So envious of your 19’c, I think our high today is about 12’c! But I’ll take it. I always used to say ‘the things you do’ when we had our wee dog, as we would sit outside cafes in all weathers for coffee, lunch etc. when we were out as we would take him with us and not leave him in the car, life is different with a fur child. Looks like we’re here until Tuesday next week at least, we’ll take a rain check from there and decide whether to stay or move on.

    Glad you are keeping well and safe Cali, it must be such a scary time for you, it certainly sounds like it with what we hear over hear? I have a friend here in NZ who is American, from California and over the last few years has spent some time over there as her mother’s health deteriorated and she finally passed, her last stint would have been around six months. She has said how relieved it happened back then and not now. You used Zoom too, well done, not something I have tried yet, we usually Whats App with Mum & Dad and friends.

    How are you doing Anzac, feeling OK? How’s work this week, still manic? How is Maxx reacting to you being sick? Hope the weight is still going down.

    Enjoying your holidays with the boys Neil, sounds like you’re having some wet weather too? Getting any cycling in?

    How’s it going Penguin, feeling OK? See the cricket test with the West Indies stuttered to a start and then got rained off, nothing like the British summer for a complete game of cricket eh? Sold the house yet? Found another one? Hope all is well.

    You too Thin, I do hope everything is going well for you and your visa issues are sorting themselves out. Are you still moving about or stationery atm? Are you going to visit a hairdresser or stay with your new found boat hair?

    Enough of my waffling, sorry to those I’ve missed. New weight for me this year, 75.2kgs so happy with that, so close to my first mini goal of 75! Best get out and enjoy this sunshine, stay safe everyone, hope you all get to see some sun today,


    Goodmorning, a second sunny Melbourne day, delicious.

    Lindsay, so glad you are getting lots of time with little Miss Peacelover. I have enjoyed Ainsley Harriot. Don’t let your granddaughter watch Masterchef if she doesn’t like conflict. Haha. I have kept watching it and Final’s Week is next. Tension is high.

    I have been thinking of your incident with the arrogant shopper who came too close and didn’t even turn to you and apologise. But what I thought is that, covidwise, the fact that his mouth and nose were kept turned away from you, would have made him safer than someone looking at you and talking. So maybe he was being polite in a ‘I’ll do a rude thing as safely as possible’ way. 😉

    Enjoy your fasty fast day! Oh dear the cramps sound bad. Am I right in thinking that electrolytes have something to do with them? If that is so, soup is perfect.
    But hooray for naked 5:2. (Day after fast day and I am wishing I had made mine fastier.)

    Reading about the high rises this morning, it seems the authorities are only now getting the sorts of processes needed for communication and deliveries in place. Good intentions but shocking processes. The results of the tests should be known today, so things should get easier.

    Cali the latest push for wearing masks is gaining momentum here, because of this second spike, but also the research about aerosol spread through talking. I think it will encourage more people to wear them in crowded places. The resistance seems to be more about the strangeness of wearing them, and being able to do it safely, although we do have some people who make it an ideological issue.

    Betsy, Aaagh for losing your post and Aaaagh for your vaccine reaction. I hope you can have an easy isolation time and that the reaction doesn’t get worse. You can add me to your list of people you can call on to drop off anything you need. Hooray that you got your shop done and fingers crossed that you can get on with that thesis.

    Turnabout, so glad you have sun too! I sat in it here for half an hour yesterday and and just drank it in. I’ll do it again today. Then we will be back to cold, cloud and rain.
    You are SO close to 75kg. You can just about touch it. Have a great day today.

    Penguin, here are some cheery flowers for you. Hoping things are not too tough. Sending best wishes.

    LJoyce, I hope today is quiet enough for you to be able to post. But sending good wishes if all you have time for is a read!

    Quacka, Anzac, Intesha keen to hear how things are going. Neil, are you surviving the kids holidays? Crazy, how are you going? Thin, sending good wishes.

    I’ll remember other people the second I sign off, so good wishes to you too.

    Finally: Henna done! Mung bean soup made! Off to have an easy gentle day, I hope, (yesterday turned out to be a bit too much) and I hope it is easy and gentle where you are too.

    Hi all, not much to say today. It’s been an overall quiet day. Wilbur currently sleeping draped along my legs – warmest place in the house, in his estimation.

    No results yet, but upper arm inflammation has reduced, which is good. Rubbing the area with a cortisone cream 3X/ day for a couple of days.

    Anzac65, how are you doing now?

    Penguin, how’s the house-selling/ buying progressing? Could be a bit challenging with the chemo happening as well.

    Neilithicman, hope the weather has improved a bit so you and your boys can enjoy the holiday this week.

    LindsayL, lucky you with doors open and not too cold, but that Rosy! Hope OH’s glasses were undamaged.

    CalifDreamer, stay wise, stay safe there. The numbers are scary.

    Thin, likewise, shop safely. Have you had a haircut yet?

    Intesha, thinking of you and hoping you’re doing well.

    Turnabout, Couldn’t you have a (small) fur friend to travel with? Or is it just easier not?

    LJoyce, are you doing okay? You haven’t been online a lot lately, so I hope everything is all right.

    Cinque, thank you for your kind offer of availability if needed. I should be okay. Neighbours across the street and various church friends who live local to me have offered help if I need anything, which is very kind of everyone. I expect a negative result, so once I get it, I’ll be allowed to go out again to do shopping, etc.

    Quacka, GDayfromSA, Merryme, crazyartist, Klondi, thinking of you and hope you’re all doing okay.

    Keep safe, keep well everyone.

    Good evening everyone.

    As many of you supposed, I’ve had a busy week, including babysitting this afternoon.
    Thought I should post now otherwise I’d just want to crawl into bed, but it will need to be short.

    I’ve just finished my third FD for the week today. Unfortunately both my NFDs on Monday and Wednesday failed to be no frills days – there were indulgences. I’m much better with the NFDs when I’m home, but meals out are definitely a problem – a work in progress.

    I am not just behind in posting, I’m also behind in reading posts so I’ll have to catch up tomorrow (a day off finally).

    I hope you are all well and coping.

    Nice to hear from you LJ. Not like you to go MIA….but nice to have a busy week.

    How are you managing, Cinque and Betsy? I haven’t seen the news this morning, so hoping the Victorian numbers are down. Good to hear most of the towers are now out of total lockdown.

    A very good FD for me yesterday ….around 600 cals (it feels a bit odd going over 500, but I needed a little extra, and Dr Michael says 800 is the new norm, and who am I to argue?). Anyway, success….I was down by .9 this morning.

    Oh Cinque, I am so so waiting for breakfast. A boiled egg and some lovely toast with promite on one half, and a little homemade marmalade on the other half (and a slice for the egg, of course).

    Off to the island tomorrow, and Woolies will deliver our groceries late today so they can go straight into the boot of the car, with only the cold and frozen food to pack tomorrow before we leave home before 7. DD and family are over there, and my SIL has installed our wood burner, so we will be very toasty.

    Betsy, OH’s glasses were damaged beyond repair. Not the glass, but the frames are all twisted. I hope this phase doesn’t last much longer. She is just 9 days off being one … but the setters do stay in puppy phase for a very long time.

    Turn, congratulations on shifting those scales. Nothing like success to trigger more motivation. Glad too that you have had a perfect sunny day ….lifts the spirits, doesn’t it?

    Betsy how is the inflammation? Any results back from your test?

    Anzac, is work crazy busy again?

    OK off to kindly request Miss Rose takes her bone outside, and not gnaw it on the rug. Yikes! She knows the rules …but also knows if I am typing, she can get away with murder.

    Enjoy your day all.

    Friday morning,

    Managing fine, thanks Lindsay. So happy that 8 out of 9 highrise towers are out from their hard lockdown, and sympathies for those in the one left.

    No sign of today’s numbers yet. I am so hoping the horse hasn’t bolted (thinking of Melbournians who headed through, and out of, the state in the last couple of weeks).
    Keep covid-wise everyone!

    Betsy, I hope your arm is even better this morning.

    I’ve been doing nicely. I’m trying some African dishes, and having great fun. I made futari yesterday which is pumpkin and sweet potato cooked in coconut milk with lemon, cloves and cinnamon. Ooh it is a treat. I bought those purple skinned sweet potatoes for the first time since I didn’t like them decades ago. I love them! Very like the golden fleshed one, but with an added perfume.

    Next I am going to try kedjenou which is spicy chicken cooked in its own juices. But I want to do a version with eggplant added, so it will have to wait until my next veggie shop.

    Haha LJoyce, that might give you some gentle googling to do while you recover from your big week.
    I’m hoping your three fast days more than compensate for the not quite controlled days.

    Lindsay, what a lovely breakfast! Ooh I do miss that little smear of excellent marmalade on toast. I like it better than any jam. Even (home made) apricot jam.
    So glad you are getting over to the island again, and that dear family will be there with you. And how cosy, with a wood burner.

    Hi Rosy!

    I’m in the swing of my ‘proper midday meal and soup supper’ routine, except my soup seems to be getting a bit carried away. Last night I had a nest of noodles at the base, a couple of serves of veggies in the delicious broth, and a small amount of fish poached in it, then beautiful rings of king oyster mushroom panfried and laid decoratively on the top. It was absolutely delicious, but maybe not quite the ‘light supper’.

    Hmm, good to write it out. Next time I will divide the noodles into two and that should suit my purposes (or leave them out if I think I can).

    The cold dark weather is nearly here, but we might get some sun peeping through today, so hooray.

    Best wishes all, it is a precious day in a precious world. Be good to yourselves. <3

    Good morning all

    Phew, what a week. Sorry for my absence and this is probably going to be a long post as I have so much to catch up on.

    The last three days have been around 11 hours and I’ve been on the phone for 7-8 of those. I was running a ‘proof of concept’ where we test the solution that I have designed to make sure it holds up against real life scenarios that we run through our test environment. So I used my time wisely last Sunday and spent all day writing up the scenarios. The execution is for one of our senior testers to share his screen with me while he processes various transactions and then does edge-case things like cancellations, amendments etc. I have to sit and watch like a hawk to see if I spot any nuances or issues. Talk about a headache at the end of each day. So I haven’t fasted but I tried not to stress eat and the scales tipped up just a little. I’m happy with that given the circumstances. Now I am neck-deep in data that I need to analyse and I couldn’t be happier. That is the work I love – working on my own with more data than you can poke a stick at. I can almost hear you licking your lips LJ! I know you love this sort of detailed work too

    Today – zero meetings as the product owners, project managers and other management have a 6 hour think-tank to replan. There are two words that send chills through a contractor: Replan and Restructure. If you have budget issues the first thing you do is get rid of your foc’s (filthy overpaid contractors LOL). Here’s hoping they continue to need my skills

    Cinque, I am so sorry – I haven’t thanked you for those beautiful roses. How did you know that roses are my favourite flower? Glad you have had some sunshine before the rain. Same up here – yesterday was 18 and so warm and sunny. The rain is coming this afternoon and there is a deluge coming next week: Mon-Wed we are supposed to get around 100mm. Yikes! Must dig out the ark

    Lindsay, my good sunglasses no longer fit snugly behind my left ear and there is a scratch on the glass. It seems glasses are a lovely fit in a large pooch’s mouth. Sigh. I have to say we are seeing almost daily improvements though. I’m probably about to jinx myself but I’ve had a hand-towel hanging on the oven since yesterday afternoon and he hasn’t nicked it. He did nick a tea towel off the bench last night but somehow it seems to have sunk in that he must not take them from the oven. He is 2 years and 9 months old so not much longer for you to wait if Rosy has the same maturity pattern (SORRY!!!!). Enjoy your island break and I’m so glad you have been able to have time with Ms 7. I am so looking forward to seeing my family for the first time this year (except for my Dad) next weekend

    Thanks for the info about gall stones Lindsay, Cinque and Betsy. I think (not sure) that the abdominal CT scan checked for those but I will double check today as I’m going back to the doctor for the results of my urine test. I fear he is going to send me for a colonoscopy as I am still having some tummy issues. However the pain is mostly gone and I can only feel it when I turn a certain way.

    Turn, yikes, 3 degrees! It was 7 this morning when we set off for our walk and that was cold enough thank you very much! Your adventures sound so amazing and congrats on getting so close to your next goal.

    Hope you are having a nice holiday Neil and I hope the weather improved for you.

    Cali that is an interesting thought about stress causing my tummy issues. Seeing that we can’t seem to find a cause it could really be that. Glad you are ok

    Thin, I had to laugh at the couple that cruised by and were dazzled by the aroma of your mung bean soup. Too funny. I hope you get the visa sorted out soon

    Thanks again everyone for your good wishes and healing thoughts for my recent tummy problems. It helped so much to know that you were all thinking of me.

    Take care and enjoy the rest of your Friday

    Good evening all.

    Yikes for Melbourne’s Covid-19 numbers – the highest they’ve ever been, with the authorities expecting things to get worse before they improve. We’re now even being encouraged to wear a mask when out and unable to socially distance. Cinque, you’ll be pleased about that, as you’re already ahead of the pack with the mask you made and wear when out.

    Something more positive – as expected my Covid-19 test was negative, result phoned to me this morning by my doctor, so I can now go out again for necessary errands (which won’t be till next Tuesday). And, the upper-arm redness and inflammation has faded to virtually nothing, so no problems there now.

    In fact, managed to prune 2 peach trees and 2 apple trees this afternoon. I’d let the apple trees grow too much (didn’t prune them last year) so even had to saw off a couple of branches. No more room now in my green bin, so no more pruning now for at least a week. One peach tree and 3 rose bushes still to be done. Satisfying to have done so much already, though.

    Anzac65, you seem to have been crazy busy, but have fun now with the data analysis.

    LindsayL, have a wonderful time at the island.

    Cinque, I admire your creativity with your cooking. It all sounds wonderful.

    LJoyce, glad that all is well with you, and your silence was just due to a very busy week. I’m with you in finding NFDs more difficult. My NFD (supposedly TDEE) day yesterday morphed into an EFS day, sigh. Today’s FD has been fine, even with all the hard work outside. Not sure the scales will be particularly kind to me tomorrow morning. Hope yours are kinder.

    Keep well everyone!

    Oh LindsayL and Anzac65, your furchildren do cause some unneeded expenses, don’t they? Hope neither pair of sunglasses were designer!

    Good morning this cold grey Saturday,

    Anzac, I am so glad I chose roses for you 🙂 I love roses too (infact my daughter’s name is Rose).

    What a shocker of a week you have had, in terms of your time and energy, and hard for your health. But I don’t know that it is possible that you are overpaid. Good work! The management should know your worth. Enjoy that analysis.

    Special congratulations for limiting stress eating. Such a powerful, and difficult, thing to do.

    Betsy, sigh, yes, and another big number today. And, so sadly, another death.
    I am glad that mask wearing is being encouraged. I didn’t make mine, I got them from here: https://www.alpersteindesigns.com.au/products/100-cotton-face-masks but I see they are sold out again. I recommend the style though.

    Dauntingly, our high number of cases this week is what the U.S. is getting every 10 minutes.

    Hooray to get that pruning done. You’ll enjoy their blossom soon, and hopefully their fruit, later on.

    I’m girding up for a fasty fast day tomorrow. Cheers to anyone fasting today.

    Good morning. Where are you all this morning? Doing something lovely, I hope (even in lockdown).
    We were up at 5.15, ready to leave at 6.45 for the drive over town to the barge. Most of our packing was done – just the cold food, OH’s tea and toast – essential before he could possibly step out of the house (and my coffee)and Rosy to load in the car. I made a batch of oat and fruit muffins for us to have with DD etc, once we arrived. And even had time to stop for thyme, as DD had texted me before we left to grab a bunch from the garden for a chicken she’s roasting tonight ….but I didn’t see the text until we had stopped for petrol. They’ve headed off for a gorge walk and an icecream (OH’s feet still not up to an hour walk), but we were happy just to unpack, and generally oozle about. I have Julia Baird’s ‘Victoria’ which is such a tome, but I should be able to keep it propped upright if I get into one of the super comfy chairs on the verandah – assuming of course that I don’t nod off.
    Anzac what a wonderful life you lead ….I love how you (and LJ) love data. I laughed at ‘focs’.
    I was delighted to see my .9 loss from my FD didn’t translate into a gain after a NFD (but under my calorie limit). If I can hold that til my next FD on Monday, I’ll be happy. I’ve given up the wild targets and after 3 years on this WOL, have finally come to the conclusion that .5 kilo will do just nicely (and yes, I am a slow learner).
    Cinque, your cooking sounds amazing …. how adventurous you are.
    Has anyone read Julia Baird’s latest book, Phosphorescence? I have just ordered it for DD from Booktopia. I like Julia Baird a lot – considered and compassionate, I think.
    OK off to the verandah.
    (Betsy, not designer in the sense that that were branded ….but pretty cool nevertheless, and too nice to end up in a dog’s mouth).

    Good afternoon friends, from a grey and drizzly Sydney

    I’m sorry to see the worsening situation in Victoria Betsy and Cinque. Please stay safe

    Thanks for your kind words Cinque, I do hope I’m not overpaid! I love cooking African meals too – always so full of flavour and spice. I haven’t made one for ages so you are inspiring me to try soon – maybe tomorrow. Mr A is cooking tonight and we are having eye fillet with a mushroom and peppercorn sauce. I’m having a salad and he is having an evil hot green vegetable of some description.

    I’ve just finished a big few hours of gruelling housework and whilst feeling tired I’m so glad to have a clean-ish house. As soon as I finished Maxx bounced up to me, all waggy, and wanted play time. Then Mr A came to the rescue and put the Rugby League on so of course Maxx hopped up on the couch next to him to watch. Hooray!! Peace and quiet for me and a moment to catch up with you all. Not that I don’t love playing with him but I am beat!

    My latest test results show a slight infection somewhere so yep, I need to have a colonoscopy. I’ve never had one and not looking forward to it but what must be done must be done. It will be in a few weeks

    Lindsay, life on your island sounds so relaxing and idyllic and you and I share a love of reading I see. However I read novels as I feel like I read enough ‘non fiction’ at work so I love to get lost in a really good story.

    So glad about your negative test Betsy and that your arm is feeling better. Well done with the pruning and don’t worry about the EFS, they happen and that’s the beauty of this WOL. One or two FD’s will knock it on the head

    We had a positive covid test in the suburb next to ours yesterday which is a bit scary. A Victorian visiting NSW apparently. There is also one in the Blue Mountains where my sister and nieces live. I just hope they don’t slam the visitor numbers down again before I can get up there to see them all and meet my great-nephew next Sunday.

    LJ, dining out is almost impossible – I know I can never resist whatever catches my eye. I’m very glad we hardly ever go out; even pre-covid. I hope you enjoyed your day off yesterday.

    Have a lovely rest of the weekend all and hi to everyone I haven’t mentioned

    Good afternoon, hope you are all having a lovely weekend that isn’t being dampened too much by the amount of rain about.

    Lindsay, glad you’ve arrived safely at the island. I hope it’s a relaxing break.
    Well done on the weight loss.
    I haven’t read any of Julia’s books. My only experience with her as an interviewer in on the Drum and I’m afraid her reliance on “what do you make of that” as her most frequent question really irritates me. While there is a place for open non-biased questions that allow for a non-directed response, I also want to see some thoughtful and insightful questioning. Of those interviewers I watch frequently at the moment, my favourite is actually an American – Judy Woodruff on PBS Newshour.

    Turn, congratulations on the weight loss. Also glad you finally have some blue sky, although an early start to the day does not sound wise, 3C is definitely to be avoided.

    Anzac, I had renewed withdrawal symptoms when you mentioned having data analyse – enjoy it it for us both!
    I saw that there were a few community covid cases popping up in NSW. Hopefully it will be caught before it’s spreads further.

    Betsy, happy to hear that you are covid negative and that the allergic response on your arm has improved. Hopefully the pneumococcal vaccine can now do its job.

    Cinque, I am impressed with your dabbling into African cuisine. If you find some excellent recipies please post them. I have been trying to make a little room by planning most meals from it’s contents, but it never seems to get any emptier – how does that happen?

    I spent the morning making a birthday cake. https://imgur.com/wnOYIIb
    I was rather please that a red velvet cake has been requested as I’ve always wanted the excuse to attempt one of those but not had the occasion before. The cake crumb is more red brick coloured than a true red – I think I’ll need powdered food colour rather than gel next time. In my opinion, the cream cheese frosting is the best bit – there was a bit of finger licking going on after I’d finished that job! Thankfully it’s a NFD.

    Apart from the bit of cream cheese frosting it’s been a good NFD so far. Fasting tomorrow.

    Evening all,

    I had a good few days away and returned home to snow. The week off has gone too fast and now I’m starting to come down with a cold. I feel like crap so I’m going to try to sleep through tomorrow and hopefully I’ll be feeling well enough to go to work. It would look pretty bad if I just finished a week of holiday and then called in sick on Monday.

    I missed my weigh in so I’m just skipping that week and I’ll weigh in next Wednesday. The week was up and down food-wise. Had fish and chips for my boy’s birthday and plenty of biscuits and snacks for the first three days, but the last three days I’ve eaten well and exercised for an hour a day at the gym, so hopefully it balances out.

    Have a good one everyone

    Good morning, cold, grey, hungry.
    Yes it is Sunday fast day in wintery locked down Melbourne. I’m wanting to eat breakfast, and I need to wait 24 hours!

    Note to self: It is just one day. You can do anything for just one day.

    Lindsay, hello to your lovely island! I hope you are having a beautiful morning.
    I follow Julia Baird on twitter and have loved seeing her post beautiful phosphorescent pictures that people who love her book keep sending her.
    Hooray for taming 5:2 deadlines. Wildness is wonderful short term, but a bit of domestication is much easier to live with.
    Hello to Mr L, and Rosy, and the rest of the family.

    Anzac, I bet house cleaning makes a nice change from deskwork.
    Ooh do let me know what African meal you cook, when the time comes around. I am only beginning learning, but I love the colours (so much yellow, orange and red) and the vibrancy in taste. Ofcourse I am picking things from all over the continent which would probably be shocking to any particular country. (I do the same with Asian food.)

    I do hope that low infection stays very low. Fingers crossed. I had my first colocoscopy last year and it was very easy.

    Hi LJoyce, That cake looks absolutely gorgeous! Hooray for a good NFD, and cheers, fellow faster, today.
    I don’t watch the PBS Newshour so much these days, but I remember discovering it years ago and was so fascinated that it was such a different style of interviewing than I was used to in Australia. Judy Woodruff is excellent.

    I will be happy to share African recipes! (When I get competent/confident.)

    Neil, Brrr! And so sorry that you have caught a cold, I hope it is a fleeting one.
    But hooray for a wonderful holiday away, and hope you are well enough for work tomorrow. (But stay home if you aren’t).

    Well, off to manage a good fast day.

    Note to self: Feeling hungry is rather the point of it.

    Cheers all. Waves to Thin and Intesha, as well as LJorce, and anyone else fasting today.

    Good afternoon all.

    For those who asked, my arm is fine now, and the flu-ey feeling went away after two days. And a kind friend bought the Thursday Age for me while I was banned from going out (against her husband arguing that I could find everything online 🙂 ) so I got my “Green Guide” for TV programs.

    Quick-ish post today as there is some sun, and the garden still needs work. There are just some things which have to be done mid-winter. Before I prune the roses, I need to cover a steel frame with bird wire so it can go over one of the roses, to protect it from the possums, and fix the wiring over the others so it protects them better. I might even prune them today, even though my green bin is full. Once that and the final peach tree is pruned, I feel like I’ll be more relaxed and better able to settle to doctorate work (which has sadly not been happening yet).

    LindsayL, have a lovely time again on the island. Did DD’s dinner with thyme work out okay?

    Cinque, yes, sigh, back into lockdown plus masks. I actually have 2 cloth masks I brought back from China, so I’ll probably use one each time I go out, alternating them. Should work okay. I’ll only wear them when actually interacting with others, e.g., in shops, banks, etc.
    Doubt if I’ll get much fruit this year, as I pruned quite rigorously. The birds and possums usually get it anyway. I did get some peaches last spring because I covered half the tree with gauze. The rest got stripped, but the peaches on the covered side were small but delicious. That’s one reason I’ve pruned hard – to ensure the tree is low enough for me to cover part of it.

    Neilithicman, welcome back, but sorry you’ve caught a nasty cold. Hope it clears quickly so you can return to work.

    Anzac65, great to have a clean house! And whew! Good distraction for Maxx so you could rest a bit.
    Sorry to read that you’ve an infection brewing somewhere. Like Cinque, I’ve had a couple of colonoscopies. It’s the preparation beforehand that I don’t like, but it will be good for your weight loss 🙂 The colonoscopy itself? Well, you’re doped up and shouldn’t even be aware of anything.

    LJoyce, lovely cake, and delicious-looking strawberries. Hope it tastes as good as it looks (I’m sure it will).

    Had a NFD yesterday, so today will be a TDEE day, then back to FD on Monday. weigh-in on Saturday morning had me 100 gms over the previous Saturday so no loss but no real gain either. Will do better this coming week.

    Stay safe and well everyone – especially you, CalifDreamer!

    Hello from Adelaide
    After a wet couple of days I’m doing 2 walks today. It’s been nice to be outside without getting wet.

    Neil, sorry to hear you are unwell. Rug up and take care. Hope you feel better soon.

    Cinque, hope you are having an excellent FD – an African soup tonight or back to your trusty miso?

    Lindsay, I did forget to mention that when it comes to interviewing style, my favourite Australian reporter is Jane Hutcheon, who did the wonderful One Plus One series and I miss it since she’s left our screens. Her level of research before each interview was obvious. I loved her approach to getting to the heart of a person in such a gentle way.

    I think I’ve set up a bit of an unreal expectation with the family birthday cakes. Yesterday’s cake was for my eldest great nephew’s partner. When I’d texted her to ask what type of cake she’d like, she asked my great nephew whether she should ask for a red velvet cake, did he think I would make that? His response was that I could make anything. That left me feeling flattered but nervous. I’m really not sure I want to live up to that one. There are many baking tasks I’d never dream of tackling.

    I have a tiring NFD ahead tomorrow – babysitting all day. To reduce the boredom that always hits them in week two of the holidays, I have bought some craft supplies that includes card stock, glitter, glue and stickers. I’m expecting lots of mess and hopefully some fun.

    Hope you are all having a good weekend.

    Hi Betsy, our posts crossed. Very glad to hear you are getting some sun too. Enjoy.

    Afternoon all.
    Betsy, DD’s roast chicken was delicious. She has become such a good cook….she wasn’t interested when she lived at home, and if I am being truthful, I was too busy most days to do more than grills and veges. So she learned nothing gourmet from me!
    LJ, still on Julia Baird. I am loving Victoria. Very well researched, and she’s put a lot of the pre-Victoria period into context for me. I understand what you say about her interview technique, but I like it. It makes a change not to hear the interviewer’s opinions preceding each question. I watched Stan Grant fill in on the Drum the other night, and what a bag of hot air. Nothing left much for the interviewees, after Stan had told them (and the viewers) what he thought. That said, I’m not watching it much these days. The news and the 7.30 Report are more than enough, to get my fill of bad news.

    Anzac, you are right. Like you, I am a reader. But I lost my fiction habit (sadly) during years of research, and never really got it back. So it”s mostly biographies or history for me these days (or historical fiction….I adored Hilary Mantel’s Wolf Hall and Bring Up the Bodies. I’m still to start the final in the trilogy, the Mirror and the Light.

    The family went home this morning and we’ve changed the linen and put out the wash. We have to do it in stages because although we have a very fine sunny clothesline Miss R likes nothing more than whipping It off and running around the back yard with it. So we have a drying stand in our front garden, which may seem ridiculous, but it means I only have to wash once. That dog!

    Neil hope your day in bed gives you a good chance of beating what has taken hold of you. If you aren’t well tomorrow, perhaps reconsider work? They would understand…..wouldn’t they?

    How nice Betsy, to give your garden a hard prune. It will thank you….better fruit, better flowers.

    Thanks for the tip on Julia Baird on Twitter Cinque….I’ll follow her.

    After a perfect beach day with lots of dolphins close inshore yesterday, it’s turned a bit this afternoon. We’ll go for a walk soon, if the rain holds off, and do a spot of whale watching from the point.

    I was .1 down this morning, which was a welcome surprise. Not much, but I didn’t do much to deserve it either, so I’ll take it. FD tomorrow. (Enjoy your breakfast Cinque).

    Enjoy your evening all.

    LJ our posts crossed. Yes, Jane Hutcheon was delightful. Such a gentle, well spoken presenter. A former foreign correspondent, if my memory serves me.

    Anzac, it was good to read that you’re OK – I knew the queen of joke cracking wouldn’t mind a little joke in the middle of that crisis.

    Lindsay, great that you can get away for some relaxation on the island. I used to like Jane Hutcheon. I think she spent some years in China, maybe Hong Kong. DD quite often ‘whatsapps’ us while cooking late at night. I’m pleased she makes an effort to eat properly despite the long working hours but wish I’d been a better role model in the kitchen. Not that she was interested or had much free time, but I just used to ‘get the job done’ when it came to providing nutritious meals rather than make it a learning experience.

    LJ, wonderful complements. I wouldn’t enjoy the pressure but I’m sure you’ll rise to it.

    Betsy, pleased you’re covid-free. Hope the local situation gets under control soon. And hoping that people come to realise that ‘doing the right thing’ is the Australian way and being holed up in an apartment for a few weeks is hardly a huge personal sacrifice in the grand scheme of things. Toughen up people and take some personal responsibility.

    Penguin, how’s everything going for you? Any nibbles on your house?

    Cinque, Intesha, LJ if fasting, hoping you’ve had a successful day. Chicken Jalfrezi for me. 279 cals. Still hoping to reduce my weekly wine consumption which is becoming an unwanted habit. I’m still well under my wiggle room which is no mean feat on 6:1 for 9 months. I think it must be due to the hiking and lock winching. Also, after almost 6 years of IF, food has become quite a low priority during the course of my day.

    Turn, as constant cruisers, we can only ‘stay put’ for fourteen days unless otherwise indicated (48hrs). It’s become very busy on the canals since the hire & leisure boaters were allowed out to play last weekend. We’ve been hit three times, nothing serious, but they don’t even look back let alone apologise!

    To those who asked, boat hair it is. I did cut OH’s hair and it looks OK (I learned on the job to comb the hair to be cut vertically not horizontally!).

    Neil, hope you’re feeling better. Snow! We were promised a thick blanket of snow in February and I rose at 4am like a kid at Xmas to photograph the marina – but there was none.

    CalifD, are you alright?

    Good morning,
    Yay, I made it to breakfast time, and enjoyed every bite.
    Miso soup last night, but ooh African soups! (Culinary globe trotter that I am, it is Afghan soup tonight: mung bean soup out of the freezer).

    Hoping you are well enough to be at work, Neil, and snuggled up at home if you are still ill.

    Betsy, another cold day. What a lovely friend to bring you your green guide! How good you will feel if you got more pruning done, the branches will just sit politely until the green bin is ready for them.

    Brilliant to have your masks from your time in China. Did you wear them there much? I am watching News Breakfast as I write and they have a lovely segment on people making them, and talking about which ones suit different people etc. A lovely promotion.
    I’ve also been reading abut the appalling pollution coming from disposable masks. Another worry!

    LJoyce, you have built yourself a birthday cake reputation that will inspire your nephews and nieces all their lives, no doubt. If you fail, it will make a wonderful family story. And lucky you have a sense of humour, as you might never hear the end of it. But you really are a good cook (it’s obvious) so let’s see at what point you have to start saying no.

    Ooh yes, Jane Hutcheon’s One Plus One was such a pleasure. I especially remember her making hummus for Yotam Ottolenghi

    All power to you babysitting today. Fresh activities, hooray!

    Haha Lindsay, the things pets (and children) make us do! I hope the washing all got dry. Woo hoo .1 down. Is it worth a bunch of flowers? Maybe this: https://images.fineartamerica.com/images-medium-large-5/single-white-greater-stitchwort-flower-jacky-parker-photography.jpg

    Yes, I also can only bear so much news these days.

    Oh dear I got my factoid wrong the other day. Big numbers do my head in.

    Hoping it is not such big numbers for Melbourne today, and all my fingers and toes crossed that cases outside Melbourne don’t spread.

    Thin, cheers to DD looking after herself, as well as all the precious animals. And cheers to you for keeping trim, taut and terrific.

    Well, I have eaten enough breakfast, savouring every mouthful. No locks to winch to keep me occupied, but I am hoping to have a little walk today, and to re-pot the mint if it is not too cold. And wouldn’t it be nice if I started (at least) to clear my desk.

    Coffee first!

    Cheers all.

    Good morning from a, wait for it, wet Whakatane! A very grey Monday morning, but I don’t suppose I should complain after a run of three/four sunny warm days! Somebody somewhere needs this rain, I’m sure?

    Sounds great to be back on the island Lindsay, great relaxation, family time and lively conversation over delicious food and some gentle walks all topped off with dolphin and whale watching, what a fabulous day! The stuff memories are made of eh? Enjoy.

    Sorry to hear you have come down with a cold Neil and well done for recognising it soon enough to deal with it, hopefully showing it the door so you can get back to work today. Well done for still getting in the exercise whilst holidaying with the boys especially with all the horrid weather you’ve been having, it’s not fun riding in the howling wind and squally rain showers? Hope the weather and your health both improve this week.

    You sound like you’re in data analysis heaven Anzac, I personally couldn’t think of anything more boring but each to their own eh? haha. I think I would be happier taking Maxx out for long walks and hours of playtime all day!! Honestly though, it’s no wonder you get so exhausted, you must be mentally drained by the end of the day, no matter the end of the week? Finding out you have an infection, and having the colonoscopy booked must be a relief, good luck with that. Keep us posted on your progress?

    Glad you are feeling better Betsy and well done on all that garden pruning! In a previous life we had a couple of acres of garden housing approx 100 roses which we had to prune every year, a long job, one OH and I spent a good week doing! But very satisfying once completed and even more so when the flowers emerged after their big sleep. We have chosen not to have another dog because we travel too much and we were tripping overseas for three months of the year and it just became too difficult to find someone to look after a dog for so long. Now we are travelling full time we find a lot of the sites are not dog friendly and nor are a lot of the walks, and I couldn’t actually stand having a wet smelly dog in the van!! Much prefer to house sit and look after others. Secretly, I do miss having a cat though!

    We met up with fiends for lunch on Friday and I made a bad choice for my meal, pasta, and in a creamy tomato sauce, why, I don’t know! Then a bad choice again for dinner at home plus two glasses of white wine! Paid for it Saturday by being back up to 76.2! A whole kilo! Just 200gms off losing it again today to get back to where I was and below, how tiresome, ugh! I certainly won’t make that mistake again. Apart from that, got some walking in as we enjoyed a few days of good weather and I had a lovely chat with my Mum last night. My Dad has got a new walker frame with wheels, brakes and a little seat in the middle and he got out on his first exercise yesterday, totally exhausted when they got home, but they have finally got some warm sunny weather so made the most of it. He’s still not got much sense of taste so not wanting food, lost a bit of weigh too, so pretty up and down all round, think Mum needed the chat though. It’s quite funny that she has not had her hair cut at all because of the lock down and it’s getting fairly long and it is the first time my younger sister and I have ever seen her without her hair short! It makes her look so different, especially as it is as white as the driven snow, hahahaha

    I’m with you this morning Cinque, not doing anything till coffee!

    Enjoy your Monday everyone,

    Good (late) evening all.

    Great to read the recent posts. Miserly flower there, Cinque, for LindsayL – will you add a couple of extra flowers if she loses 0.3 kg? 🙂

    Re the masks, I think I got them when I was there during the SARS epidemic, though I’m not sure that I wore them then. The main time I’ve worn them has been in the last 2 years, each time when I had the flu and had to go to the doctors’ and the ER at the local hospital, mainly to protect others. Not sure why I kept them, but having them now is useful.

    LindsayL and thin, I think your DDs must have picked things up from you both even though you weren’t aware, just as we did from our mothers.

    Thin, so you’ll be moving on again soon? Sounds like the waterways are busier, so will you have to book to go through specific locks, etc.?

    Turnabout, surprising (not!) to read that it’s still raining there. You know that the weather fairy spotted you coming and decided it was just the time to break the drought, don’t you?! I can appreciate that in the rain, wet, smelly dog would not appeal in a small space, and re cats – very difficult to find one that enjoys travelling and isn’t likely to escape and then get lost.
    By the way, I can’t imagine having to prune 100 rosebushes. My 10 are enough.

    Cinque, you’re right, and I’ve actually been thinking – with Melbourne expected to be dry till Saturday, it’s a good idea to finish the pruning during this week. After the green bin is emptied on Friday, I can just fill it up again. And then the outside will be done and dusted. I’ll be very relieved.

    LJoyce, I’m sure, as the cake “guru” of the family, you would be able to rise to any cake occasion. Other cooking exploits – pass them on to others 🙂

    Slight decrease in Covid-19 cases today compared with the previous 3 days, so let’s hope the trend is downward, and that the outbreak in Sydney is quickly brought under control.

    Okay, already late. Enjoy the week ahead.

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