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  • I’d like to see those flowery boxers, Cinque. Beer? Why did I not associate you with beer before? I understand about the extra piece of toast, its longterm effect and the need to kick yourself after having it. I did the same last night, we had fresh blueberries and greek yoghurt as a little treat after dinner. But OH said he wanted bread and honey instead. I don’t know why I let that irritate me but for some unknown reason, I then added granola and milk to my little treat.

    Betsy, to add to what Cinque said about one extra biscuit (or liquorice/chocolate in your case?), have you noticed how supermarkets always put the junk food items on sale and near the entry door? When was the last time you saw avocados on sale as you enter (unless they’re not very good ones)? Have you tried shopping when you’ve just eaten? I think if you’re able to overcome that moment’s temptation as you pass these items, it’s a lot easier than buying them and having them constantly tantalise you from the top shelf where you’ve stashed them at home. The only way to rid yourself of them at that point is to consume them. Fight back and don’t buy them at all.

    Turn, that was such a great post! Your trip sounds super. Van hair! Will Cinque post an image for us? I saw a buff in a shop window the other day, wished I could have it but it was £16 and the shop was closed anyway. Are you saying that you have a proper freezer in your van? You did make me laugh about not having seen your waist for so long although I know it’s no laughing matter. You reminded me of someone who used to post here under the name ‘ihaveawaist’.

    Anzac, great job with a successful FD, back in the groove. So sorry about the insomnia. Are you getting enough exercise? It has been a wet week here, warm low 20Cs and a thunder storm each afternoon which was great fun to watch. Then yesterday, the temp dropped and it rained steadily all day long.

    We managed a three hour game of chess yesterday without wine. Yay! This has taken ages to finish so hello to anyone who’s posted in the meantime.

    It is good morning time again. Cold, sunny, breezy in my part of Melbourne. Thunderstorms on their way.

    Turn, a lovely catch up! (Haha Thin, crazy Marie Antionette never played with van hair. She wasn’t so far sighted.)
    Ooh ‘everything omelette’ would be delicious. I tend more to frittatas, and my mouth is watering now.
    My chocolate porridge cake is so good! The oats add richness and moisture and just a little more nutrition! But not only that, it is all made in a saucepan which makes it super easy. Cook oats in a little water for 5 mins, add sugar that melts in and butter that melts in, and then it is cool enough to add eggs and cocoa and SR flour and a bit of vanilla and then scrape it all into the cake tin and into the oven. So quick and easy and minimal clearing up.
    I once had a phone call from Alice Springs, a friend’s friend who had lost the recipe and needed it for a birthday party that weekend!
    Eep re the quake! I love hearing your adventures.

    Anzac, hooray for that good night’s sleep. I do hope you got another one last night. Brilliant job with your fast day! Enjoy your weekends.

    Thin here is the other floral boxer shorts pic. Best appreciated with a big screen right in front of your face, haha. https://ae01.alicdn.com/kf/HTB1c7ZvBQSWBuNjSszdq6zeSpXab.jpg

    Big applause for chess without wine.
    Ha, I’m not a beer drinker (always thought it a nasty sour drink, much preferred Baileys. Alcohol is meant to taste like a chocolate milkshake, right?). I was trying to cover the broad range.

    I called in at an op shop yesterday and scored Michael Mosley’s Fast800 and The Clever Guts Diet. $3 each. I read the Fast800 book yesterday (he is a good easy read) and I found it so interesting.

    One thing that really struck me is that he recommends NO TREATS while losing weight, ie doing the 800 a day, or the 5:2, but to leave it until we are at maintenance, and then only very occasionally. No biscuits, cake, chocolates, buttered popcorn or alcohol. Or all the other carby things we sneak in, white pasta, bread, rice for example. Wait for maintenance and then only special occasions.

    I’m off to read the other book, can’t remember if I have read it before or not, haha. And to eat my yummy, Mediterranean Diet, nice, full, proteiny, midday meal, and my lovely light soup supper. Worked well yesterday! And my clothes are feeling easier.

    Fast Day tomorrow!

    Cheers to you all ducks!

    Haha love the boxers. Quick post with some more weight loss news – overall loss for the last 7 days is 800g so very happy indeed. I’m with you Neil – giving up the beer. Has been all too easy to fall into the habit of having a few beers at the end of each day since we’ve both been home for the last few months. Now I’m finally losing weight I don’t need the empty calories hindering further success. Must dash – happy Saturday everyone

    Good afternoon all.

    I seem to have hit a bit of a pattern with walk lately. I tried to go for a walk with a friend this morning. We didn’t get far before the skies opened. It didn’t just rain on us, it hailed! Luckily we had been walking loops close to my house, just in case. So we got back here without getting drenched – just a little damp.

    Turn, lovely to hear what you are up to. Glad you made it safely over to the north island. I hope there are a lot of lovely adventures ahead.

    Penguin, I’m very glad to see that Cinque has managed to find flower that gave you and Mrs P a good giggle. I hope the stronger treatment that you have begun is going well and not making your life to difficult.

    Betsy, I’m sure the BP meds will go soon. Mine were changed about 6-7 times as I lost weight until I finally didn’t need any – it took a while to get there though.

    Anzac, glad your week resulted in a loss, even if it was modest.

    Cinque, Very glad to see that you have recovered from your birthday exertions.
    When I was in the hills on Wednesday I went to the Stirling green grocer as they often have some unusual offerings. Like you, I found purple carrots and also one of my favourite beans – flat beans https://imgur.com/a/W4JupgK
    I got to wondering about the carrots – were they planted for the restaurant market and then sold to us ordinary folk when the restaurants closed?
    Glad the main meal at lunch and soup for dinner is working for you – me too. On the days I don’t do it I’m in trouble.
    I can see the logic in avoiding all those treat foods while losing weight – once I start I find it hard to stop craving the extras on a daily basis.

    Thin, I can understand you getting grumpy with OH eating bread when you are trying not to. I have enough difficulty avoiding it even when nobody else is tempting me. Are you replacing bridge with chess?

    GDSA, congratulations on the loss. I hope the tide of disappointments has turned for you and your family.

    As I mentioned I spent Wednesday in the hills. I finally got a haircut (about 6 weeks late) and then went for a walk all around the town. I went to lunch with my aunt and cousin and as it would have been my uncles birthday, my aunt put a little framed photo of him on the table with us. Lunch was nice, but I had a caesar baguette and a vanilla slice. Both delicious but really bad choices in terms of calories and simple carbs. I was then struggling on Thursday to get my cravings back under control again. My 500cal FD yesterday went really well, which was a relief. I made mulligatawny soup (with puy lentils and split mung beans) for dinner last night. Really filling and delicious, perfect for a FD meal. The recipe requires quite a lot of fresh curry leaves and I couldn’t get any, so I bought dried ones from the Chinese grocer and hoped for the best. I was quite impressed – during cooking they swelled up to look just like the fresh ones and seemed to impart the same flavour to the soup. Now I have a large bag of them in the pantry for next time so I won’t have to hunt down the fresh ones anymore.

    I have finally scheduled a family dinner for next Sunday. I used to have them monthly, but due to the virus it’s been many months. I have caught up most of these family members in recent weeks, but not in one group. This will be a group of 10 in my house – such a big change. Now I have a menu to plan – which I admit I quite enjoy doing, although I find all the eating dislikes a frustration at times – one won’t eat anything containing cheese, half of them don’t like mushrooms and another half will only eat the breast meat of chicken. I think I’ll just make several casseroles so that there’ll be something there to suit everyone.

    Hope you are all having a nice weekend, take care.

    LJ, I started buying purple carrots in Perth to liven up salad platters. I haven’t seen any here. That sounded a nice day with your aunt but, oh dear re the food choices. But your soup sounded delicious. As you said to me before, not having the pubs open does save the angst over the calories. The family gathering will be fun to plan for; fussy eaters are annoying but give you a nice challenge. I’ve seen DD happily eat food at OP’s homes that she declared she wouldn’t eat at ours. I wonder if your family would be the same if you simply ignored the fussy eaters.

    OH and I have played chess since before we were married – originally on camping trips in California and Mexico, later when travelling around Australia in our kombi van. I love board games but computers got in the way. Our Perth GP neighbours had an entire room with a library of board games, many with complicated rules but always fun. OH and I are evenly matched at chess and it’s the only board game he enjoys. I tried bridge online but the connection is too slow and, frighteningly, I could barely remember how to bid! Are you playing online? Which programme, if so? I completed a cryptic crossword yesterday for the first time in months so, hopefully, the old brain is receiving some stimulation.

    Cinque, aha, re the beer! Thanks for the boxers. Great op shop find. Great reminder advice thank you. I do recall Dr M. saying that snacking was introduced by food companies. All well and good if all you do is graze but NOT in addition to three meals a day! Our job is to fight back.

    Penguin, send us a smoke signal now and again.

    Betsy, are you OK? I hope I wasn’t sounding too bossy! Everything I write can be safely ignored.

    My weight has crept up to 59kg and I was thinking of making today a FD. Then I realised I was only doing that so I could have an ice cream with OH tomorrow (Fathers’ Day here). The wine has to be confined to one glass a week, it’s getting out of hand. I do enjoy it a lot more when it’s an occasional treat and, starting now, I’m going to try to make it a Friday night thing. I will make Chicken Provençal from the Hairy Bikers’ book for tomorrow’s FD dinner – OK will think he’s getting a special Fathers’ Day meal but I’ll know that FD stands for something else.

    Hi Thin, sounds like a good plan for your Sunday FD. Will your daughter have time to visit or have you travelled you too far from her now.
    I used to play chess with my ex husband. He’d been playing since childhood so I decided I should learn. With some help from him and a book I borrowed, I figured out the basics. I was rather proud of myself when I got to the stage of being able to win games. Sadly I haven’t played chess since my marriage ended.

    For Bridge I use a phone app on my iphone. The main one I use is a free app called “BJ Bridge SAYC Beginner”, which is standard American bidding (BJ Bridge also have “ACOL” and “Benji ACOL” apps – different bidding systems I think). I like the beginners version because it gives you the option of reading hints about what each bid tells you about your partner’s or opponents’ hands – useful while learning. It also makes suggestions about what your own appropriate bid should be and what card you should play. (I often take the advice on bidding as it’s what I would do most of the time, but I usually go my own way when it comes to card play.) Once you play the game, the app will also play it twice behind the scenes so that there are duplicate scores to allow for comparative percentage scoring. The app keeps a tally of all games played, so you know what your average percentage is to date. The screen is fairly busy so I find it easier to use on my ipad mini than the phone, but use I do use it on my phone when sitting in waiting rooms. There is a BJ Bridge Pro app available as well for $6 – as far as I can see, the difference with this one is that it allows you to play with other people rather than against the app’s algorithm.
    Most people I know use the Bridge Base Online app. I have it loaded, but haven’t actually used it.

    Hope you and your OH have a nice FD, even if you have to skip the ice cream.

    Thanks for the info LJ. Too bad you haven’t played chess since your divorce. I think there are chess programmes online too. I just looked at BJ Bridge (it looks it won’t work on my laptop). I learned Standard American. I think most Brits play ACOL. I do use BBO but my former bridge partner like No Fear Bridge.

    The FD will be welcome tomorrow as I’ve had haloumi for dinner plus some leftover Thai chicken curry – there wasn’t enough of the latter for a whole meal. We also had the first of our boat-grown lettuce and it looked and tasted really great. The tomatoes are coming up well under the cratch cover, it seems to act as a mini greenhouse, and they’ll soon need re-potting but I fear birds will eat them if I put them on the roof.

    Thanks for your good wishes. DD won’t be coming for FD, it’s still against the rules for us to meet – impossible to social distance on a 6ft wide boat. We have interpreted some of the guidelines on narrow boating to suit our own ends, but only because it’s not necessary for us to come into contact with anyone else. The rules are changing rapidly now though, politicians are under increasing pressure not to make the cure worse than the disease.

    Hello from cold grey Melbourne,

    We missed a bad thunderstorm yesterday… but got 25 new cases of Covid 19 with too many of them from people who had contact with someone else with it (family gatherings), but had decided not to quarantine properly, since the general idea here was that we had it licked. Wrong!

    I’ve been walking around the house this morning practicing wearing the facemask and pretending I am asking for things at the shops, ready for next time I go to Northcote Plaza (probably tomorrow, judging by the emptiness of my coffee container). I realised it is talking with the mask on that feels shaky (it makes the mask more likely to slip down), but so long as I don’t open my mouth too wide, it is fine! I want at least to be a symbol that Covid 19 is still a risk.

    Gday, 800g gone in a week! That is one huge pat of butter! Congratulations! https://thumbs.gfycat.com/SoupyRelievedBufflehead-small.gif

    Back to basic 5:2 is really working for you. Good decision with those empty calories.

    Mind you, after writing that observation re NO TREATS from Fast800, I have been thinking that I may never have started 5:2 if that was the book I read first. In my head that makes it 7 tricky days a week. I needed to have 2 hard days and then just slowly improve my 5 non fast days. Okay, I do have my no sugar very clear and fast, but I have only slowly cut out the chips and the other carby favourites.

    I let people know (local fb group) that I am cutting back my curry leaf bush and does anyone want some leaves. Quite a few do, so I cheerily let them know I would be in all day today, but forgot to warn them I am henna-ing my hair, and will be sporting my spotty shower cap. Watch out neighbourhood!

    So it was amazing to hear you mentioning curry leaves LJoyce! It sounds like you have it sorted, but I will mention that if you have a frost free spot, they are very easy to grow. I bought a little plant over ten years ago, put it in a big pot just inside the side gate (frost free) and chop it back every winter so it doesn’t grow into a tree. (My Mozambique friends said their home town of Maputo has big curry leaf trees all through the city). It has grown its roots down through the bottom of the pot, into the soil, and is still going so well.

    I think you are right about the purple carrots! Previously they had been about three times the price of orange ones, and spindly. The beautiful bunches available now are very much restaurant quality. (I hope you find some eventually Thin).

    Well done with your 500cal day, LJ. That is my aim for today. So far so good! Haha.

    How lovely to be planning your family dinner. So many extra things to factor in with dislikes, but won’t it be gorgeous to get the right meals chosen. A nice challenge, as Thin put it. Good luck.
    (Isn’t it amazing how, when you are looking for recipes with no cheese, or whatever, all you can think of is cheese recipes! Our brains just don’t catch the ‘no’ bit!)

    Happy Father’s Day to Mr Thin, and to Penguin! And to anyone else who celebrates it today.

    Gold star Thin, for your decision to fast that bit more rationally. Mmm now I want Chicken Provençal. I will put it on my list.
    So good to hear your lettuce is growing well. So is mine! Even in midwinter. I was able to pick enough leaves (one or two from about 8 little lettuces) to mix with rocket and a few other bits and pieces, for my salad yesterday.

    The other thing I picked up from Dr Mosley was that traditionally we had about 4 and a half hours between meals. Good grief, I thought I was doing well going 4 hours without eating. I am instructing my brain to adjust its idea of normal. Again.

    Well, today it is even longer than 4 hours between meals! Sunday Fast Day, and miso soup on the horizon.

    Nearly time to henna my hair. Cheers all!

    Cinque, thank you for the FD wishes for OH. I’d forgotten already. My curry bush in Perth became enormous and had to be removed from a raised flower bed when its root threatened to compromise the containing brickwork. Doesn’t matter now – there’s a swimming pool in its place! You mentioned before that you successfully grow coriander. I bought a small plant in the grocery store about a week ago, used the leaves once in red Thai curry and then it just wilted and died. As always happens to mine. I followed the instructions to keep it in a sunny spot – it hated that so I moved it to a bright spot. It hated that even more. What’s the secret?

    Good evening all. I read all your posts earlier, but had a guest over for afternoon tea and didn’t get back to the computer.

    Weigh-in yesterday and today – exactly 70 kg still, but slightly lower measurements, so I’m optimistic about this coming week.

    Thanks everyone for all the useful and encouraging comments.

    Thin, I usually have a few “treats” in the house, deliberately things I can eat or ignore, so that I don’t get any feelings of deprivation. As an example, I’ve had some Timtams in the fridge for several weeks now, and still have 2 left from the first packet. The others are unopened. And usually I can happily walk past the “tempting” items near the checkout, whether I’ve been eating or not. The chocolate liquorice just caught my eye for some reason, and it’s something I DO like, unfortunately. Even so, it took me about 10 days to eat the 5 sticks in the package, so it’s not like I just scoffed them all down. My danger points are usually the really good quality chocolates, Haigh’s as an example – LJoyce will sympathise here. On the other hand, as a teetotaller, I avoid any problems with alcohol calories, so what I gain on the swings I lose on the roundabouts.

    Turnabout, good to hear from you. You have done some interesting travelling in the past week or so. What lovely country you’ve been through.

    GDayfromSA, yay for your weight loss. Well done, and how pleasing for you. Now some of the stress of job-hunting is off, it may be easier for you to get rid of the kilos.

    Cinque, you are so clever with the pictures you find. Really chuckled over the “man flowers” you found for Penguin.
    And,no treats on FD800? Well, I guess that’s when folk start for 12 weeks on 800 calories a day every day, to jump-start weight loss. With only 800 calories to play with, it would be hard to fit in treats and still eat sensibly. It wouldn’t suit me. Three times a week is difficult enough. I like 5:2 (or 4:3) because on the NFDs, you can fit treats in and still keep to TDEE and lose weight.

    LJoyce, how wonderful you’re able to finally have an extended family gathering again. Rules here in Victoria have tightened up again from tonight in some areas, instead of loosening. Apparently some families have been going to town on the big family get-togethers while ignoring social distancing or whether someone was slightly unwell, with the consequence that our virus numbers have increased slightly and from tonight no more than 5 visitors will be allowed to visit households at the one time. Sigh! And the planned opening of restaurants, etc., for 50 instead of 20 patrons has been delayed, to the dismay of some restaurant owners who have already lined up extra staff to start from tomorrow.

    Re BP meds, realistically, I think I’ll have to lose another 10 kilos or so before my doctor would consider taking me off the meds, and also improve my fitness by adding some HIIT to my walking. My Fitbit says my fitness is excellent for my age, but I know I need to increase my aerobic exercise more than just walking, however vigorous it is.

    Not sure who else wrote since I last checked in. Anzac65, I think you posted, but I don’t remember the content. Did you find a way to repair your wrap, or was the hole too big?

    LindsayL, how was the whale-watching? Did you see many?
    And, have you tried challenging OH’s gout with any of the foods I mentioned?

    Okay, getting late. Hi to everyone else lurking. Hope you’ve had good weekends, Neilithicman and Penguin. Happy Father’s Day to the British among us.

    Goodnight all.

    Afternoon all. So many posts to read.

    It has been a busy week. Birthday, three hospital visits, full strength chemo, wedding anniversary, Father’s day (thank you Betsy). Lots of WhatsApp communication with the family. Generally the chemo is going well. The many and nasty side effects have not yet materialised. I was a little short of energy today but I have just had a session on the exercise bike, which has fixed that. We are pretty much on top of the gardening and the house is prepped for viewings as we try to sell it so I have been pottering around with my art. I thought it was about time to try the impressionist school, but it obviously didn’t work too well. I emailed a sunset to the group and the first response was “who annoyed you today”.

    Hi Penguin, that’s great news all round. Was it your birthday? I wonder if you share a birthday with Cinque. Happy Anniversary. You have a humorous artist in your group. Good luck with the house sale. We are all set for some fabulous weather this week. I feel slightly sad that these marvellously long days will now start to get shorter – but only by a minute per day at first.

    Betsy, oh good, it sounds like you have everything perfectly under control. I must have misunderstood something you wrote in one of your earlier posts.

    Cinque, I hope your FD was its usual successful non-event. We walked a lot today, I felt mildly hungry before that but ate nothing until 6pm. It should be a 300-400 cal day depending on whether I succumb to the banana.

    Morning all, well we’re out the other side now. It was the shortest day yesterday so from today the days will start getting lighter. Except for Penguin, Thin and Cali who just had their longest day and I’m afraid that means you’re heading in the other direction.

    Speaking of Penguin, good news that you’re still not getting some of the nasty side-effects from the chemo.

    Just a quick one today, so I’ll just say I had a pretty laid-back weekend but I ate quite a lot more than I was planning on eating, and it tended to be mostly carbs.

    Have a good week everyone

    Hi all from a bright and sunny Kinloch on the shores of Lake Taupo. Monday 22/06

    So much for best laid plans! Decided not to carry on with our plans of heading up the east coast because of heavy rain warnings, so we tripped over to Taupo and are parked up at the marina in Kinloch. It drizzled with rain as we arrived, then hosed it down a while yesterday and it has been really windy too but today the sun is shining brightly and it all looks such a different place, really beautiful.

    Jumped on the scales this morning and I’m heading back down again so that was good news, a direction that needs to keep trending as I have set myself a new goal of attending our friends wedding on 5th November 10 kilos lighter. Should be manageable in 20 weeks!? Sticking to the 800 per day and 16:8 which I usually do but with the odd day off to fit in with our travel days, and much more strict with the 800, need to go back to the recipes and weighing.

    Thin, the freezer we have sits above the fridge, not a stand alone freezer but is a proper compartment, the whole thing sits about a foot from the floor and goes to the ceiling. Someone recently posted on one of the ‘vanners’ forums, name three things in your van you couldn’t go without? 1) the coffee machine 2) the freezer 3) A silicone spatula/spoon! Amazing how quickly you manage to do things without all the comforts of most peoples ‘normal’ home kitchen set up.

    Glad the treatment went well Penguin and that you had a super FD weekend. Loved those flowery boxers haha

    Ooh, got a visitor, must dash, catch you all later,


    Good morning from, eep, a Melbourne Covid19 hotspot. We only have 3 active cases, but one of them worked in a local shopping centre, and they are really working to nip transmission in the bud. So I am doing the right thing and not going out of my area to visit my daughter today. I hope it doesn’t last long though!

    I had a good fasty fast day and couldn’t resist measuring my waist which is another inch smaller, although I might be variable in how tight I pull my measure! (And now I have had breakfast 😉 ) Feeling good though.

    Thin, sadly I am not a successful coriander grower. I keep trying. But I really want it self seeding everywhere like my parsley does. Occasionally I have grown a happy plant, but only by chance, it seems. I once visited a garden in Daylesford where it was growing everywhere, so I know it can be done! Too warm and it goes straight to seed, to cool and it doesn’t grow. You might work it out before I do!

    Is anyone else here good at it? I’ve got some planted in a windowsill pot, and only two out of ten have even germinated!

    Second verse. Same as the first. A little bit louder and a little bit worse.

    Penguin, Happy Birthday! Another Gemini.
    Big congratulations for making it through chemo and house inspections. So glad you are being let off fairly lightly re side effects so far, and keeping up with the exercise bike.

    Haha what a cheeky art friend to be so scathing about your picture. On the other hand, it is in the fine tradition of Impressionism for you to be derided and misunderstood. Keep at it!

    Betsy, well done sticking to 70kg. You are going to be saying good bye to the 70’s forever soon. Nice work.

    It is interesting what Dr Mosley means by no treats. He does have some ‘treat recipes’ for 800 calorie days (like stewed rhubarb and ginger 😉 ) and talks about a little bit of good dark chocolate fitting in to a Mediterranean diet. But he is mainly talking about high carb low nutrient foods and even has a little quiz to test how addicted we are to certain foods and hints for keeping off them. He admits he is addicted to chocolate.

    Neil, hooray for the passing of the shortest day. Hello light! I hope you can get out in it as much as you need. Best wishes for a good week.

    Hi Turn, what a glorious first sentence!
    Woot woot on that good scales weight, and what a lovely new goal you have. If you are an average 5:2 loser, it is half a kilo a week, so you quite possibly can lose that 10kg. Won’t it make you feel good!

    Cheers all, have a wonderful day.

    Good morning all, how can it already be Monday again?

    I had a nice weekend but too many carbs. However I was pretty active – walking and housework – so only minimal damage (100g) on the scales. I am so tantalisingly close to the 80’s again

    The hole in my wrap is too big to fix Betsy, plus I am useless at sewing. So even if I thought it could be fixed I wouldn’t know how to do it. I will just wear it around the house now and not outside. Sigh.

    I am waiting for your ‘I’m in the 60’s’ announcement with bated breath 🙂

    I had a big moan to my labrador friends on the forum after a night of no sleep and after the wrap incident. I said that our training was failing and Maxx was out of control. They are such good friends now (as are you all) and they gently reminded me of what we SHOULD be doing and if we are consistent we will get there. It has given me renewed hope and I think OH is listening to me now as well. I think he got a fright when I said I couldn’t cope with Maxx and maybe we should re-home him (I didn’t mean it, mind you). So after only three days of going back to basics we can already see a big improvement. On our walk today he trotted nicely next to OH, he recalled every single time and his sit-stay was perfect. He did lunge up at two people who tried to pat him but we will get there. The biggest mistake we were making was trying to recall him when he was completely distracted by a big sniff. We have to build up to this.

    Sorry, rambling!

    Cinque, I too would not have started this WOL if it said no treats ever. That is the reason this worked when absolutely everything else didn’t. I say ‘worked’ even though I have not succeeded because I saw some success and I am full of hope that more is coming now.

    It is disappointing that Victoria now have to go backwards in relation to COVID. People honestly seem to forget that the world is dealing with a pandemic and take silly risks – like you said Betsy, people having big catch-ups at home without social distancing. The poor restaurants that bought up big on food and arranged more staff only to be thwarted at the last minute.

    How lovely that you were able to have your catch-up LJ. I would love to learn how to play chess and I’ve been telling OH that I will find time to learn for years. He loves it and we enjoy playing games such as cards and darts so I am going to make an effort. It daunts me a little as it seems so complex.

    Hi Penguin, so glad you are going ok with your treatment and good luck with the house sale. Happy birthday and Happy anniversary

    Thin, we have tried to grow coriander many times and every single time it fails. We have given up but it is a shame because we use a lot of it as we cook a lot of Asian meals. I do hope you can see your daughter soon

    Turn, I really love Lake Taupo – enjoy. Congrats on the downward trend on the scales

    I was so happy to learn that yesterday was the Winter Solstice too Neil. Spring is on the way! I know we aren’t even a third of the way through winter but I like to focus on warmer weather.

    Whoo Hoo on your continued weight loss G’day.

    Must run, I have a heap of meetings and I need to prepare for a big workshop I am running tomorrow. Gulp.

    Take care all

    Cinque, We have tons of Coriander, I keep cropping down the biggest plants and it keeps growing back. Coriander loves full shade and moist soil, so I keep ours in the little strip by the back of our house and it has flourished. The type of coriander is also important, I bought a couple of packets of seeds of a new hybrid that is slow to bolt, so you get lots of lovely coriander before it all goes to seed.

    Hello lovely cyber mates,

    Neil, Cinque, Anzac, thanks for the responses, maybe that’s my problem, I’ve not tried coriander from seed. The grocery store version seems doomed to fail, especially if they’re recommending a sunny spot then!

    Anzac, learning the chess moves is easy enough to grasp, especially for someone with your organised brain. After that, like bridge, you spend the rest of your life trying to improve your game. Tip: you’d better buy a magnetic set or I fear Maxx will be tipping it over before the game is complete!

    Turn, I have lovely memories of Lake Taupo. Such beauty. Yes, you can easily lose 500g per week and look fabulous at the wedding. A great goal. What’s the benefit of the silicone spatula? Or silicone anything? I only have one silicone kitchen item – the boat came well-equipped but there was no steamer so I bought a silicone one, I find it completely useless. It doesn’t have enough holes and steaming takes forever. Please enlighten me. Is it supposed to be squashed into the pan or sit flat near the top? If the former, I find the ‘lifting’ stalk hopeless for getting it back out and, if the latter, it requires a huge pan (wasting water). I haven’t been able to find the metal one that collapses to fit any size saucepan. I bet I’m missing something ….

    800g loss this morning after a very good FD. Nothing to sing about really because this week will require no wine and cheese treats until Friday.

    Wow, that coriander sounds wonderful Neil, I have never been successful growing it either and I have always used a lot of it.

    Thinking back to the board games, it was a Sunday evening family tradition when I was growing up, every week and I loved it! We also received board games for Xmas and birthday presents, we had Cluedo, Totopoly, Mousetrap, Scrabble and loads more. I was taught to play chess by my brother, it was always something special between us and I bought him a beautiful onyx set for his 21st birthday, all the games we played I never once managed to beat him. We were both members of the after school chess groups too, not sure if they even do things like that anymore. OH doesn’t play so I haven’t played for years. Dad taught us to play cards, but poor old Mum, she is hopeless, forgets which suits are which, what the pictures are worth, rules etc, etc, so funny we used to take the mickey out of her for ages, haha. All the years they travelled they learnt backgammon and are both proficient at that now. Not a game I have ever played. I have always loved dominoes and played 5’s & 3’s in a local pub team before we left the UK. We now play a game called Triominoes which is similar to dominoes but the tiles are triangular and they fit together to make high scoring wheels/bridges/etc. Quite addictive!

    So sorry to hear about the hole in your wrap Anzac, maybe you know someone who can sew and they can sew a patch over the hole? Good to hear Maxx is behaving himself again, good luck for tomorrow, you’ll smash it.

    Those treats are seemingly individual takes on whatever you want them to be really aren’t they Cinque? It would have to be something salty for me, then I pay for it, but they are all on hold for some time. I’ve got this. Well done on the new waist measurement, not daring to go there just yet!

    Ditto Anzac Betsy, you will sooon be in the 60’s, sure we will here you shout from here?!

    Time to go and watch the weather to see where we head tomorrow, and pop the yoghurt into the paprika chicken we are having for dinner.

    Cheers, Turn

    Good evening all

    Thin, yes, BJ Bridge is only available as an app on android/apple devices. The main reason I use it – it’s free!
    I concur with the other advice, grow the coriander from seed. In temperate summers it will bolt to see quickly so you need to keep planting a couple more seeds about every 4 weeks to keep an ongoing supply of leaves. Mine does best on the edge of the verandah, where it gets plenty of the warm summer air but shade for most of the day. Important that it doesn’t dry out.

    I might have to find the new hybrid coriander that Neil mentioned as mine do bolt to seed quickly.

    Cinque & Betsy, sorry to hear you have more restrictions to deal with again. Hopefully wearing a mask will help. I certainly felt safer with one when we had active cases here. It’s not just the actual benefit of a mask in reducing transmission. It’s also a visual reminder to those around you that there’s a pandemic going on and they should be keeping their distance and being cautious. I’m amazed at how quickly people have forgotten that here.

    I would be better off without the treats, but it would make every day feel like a diet day. Should I confess that tonight’s NFD dessert was half of a Haigs 50g chocolate easter egg? Very nice it was too. Actually I feel quite pleased with my measured approach to Haigs eggs I was given a couple of weeks ago, I have some occasionally and just a little at a time.

    Turn, your current location does sound rather lovely.
    My family games night was also Sundays, although we always played cards – 500 or Echre. What is Totopoly – never heard of that one. When my dad went into aged care we often still played Echre – I was hoping it would force his brain to keep the connections alive and slow down his dementia and also remind him of nice family memories.
    Good to hear your weight is heading down. If you get some more of that sunshine it will make the cycling and walking a bit easier.

    Penguin, glad to hear that you are coping well with the tougher chemo and have found the energy to get your house ready for open inspections.

    Anzac, it does sound like consistency is the key with dog behaviour. Much like with young children – they push the boundaries all the time to see what they can get away with.
    With chess, the thing that made a really quick difference was a book called “Chess for Children”! It had actually been my husband’s when he was a child learning the game. Because everything was explained simply it was a really quick way to learn. It was actually the only book I read but was enough to give me the basics to build from. I can’t remember the author, but it’s probably not in print these days (would have dated from 60s or early 70s). I’m sure there is something similar being published.

    I managed to get a nice long walk in today and it didn’t start drizzling until I was 10 minutes from home, so only very slightly damp today. It’s been over a week since I’ve managed to walk without getting wet.

    Today was a hungry NFD. Although having my main meal for lunch I think I’m having it a bit too late, so I’ll try to adjust that on Wednesday. Tomorrow is a FD500 for me.

    I think this is the that coriander I used https://www.kingsseeds.co.nz/shop/Herbs/Alpha+Search+for+Herbs/Coriander+Slowbolt++T-4710.html# It says to space plants 5 cm apart but I just scattered it on the soil all over and we’ve been living off it, and supplying my wife’s family and her sister’s restaurant with it for months.

    I had a reasonably successful fast day yesterday. I just had some kiwifruit during the day and then some pork scotch fillet and salad for dinner and a handful of nuts as a snack. I’m having a control day today, I’ve got some kiwifruit and oxtail soup for lunch and then I’ll be doing something with eggs for dinner. Hopefully that and my gym session today will undo the hefty carb weekend that I told myself I wouldn’t do this week. I guess my willpower wasn’t up to it this weekend.

    July is going to be my month, I’m going to do dry July and focus more on cooking with seasonal winter vegetables that are available now that our farmers markets are back up and running.

    Have a great day everyone.

    Good morning,

    Anzac, hooray for a lovely active weekend, and hopefully you work off those excess carbs nice and quickly.
    Goodness me, isn’t ‘Back to Basics’ wonderful, whether it is 5:2 or dog training.

    And hooray for original 5:2 with only two days of deprivations (all the time knowing how good that deprivation is for us). And there is nothing like a fast day to make everything else feel like a treat, so it is no wonder we gradually do eat more sensibly (in the great run up to maintenance).

    Neil, THANKYOU! Full shade and moist are the clues I need. (They are also the defining characteristics of Daylesford, where I saw coriander growing so happily.) I have the perfect place to put a couple of pots. Weehee!
    I do buy the seeds that say ‘for leaves’ as I realised planting coriander from my pantry led to plants bred to go to seed very quickly! But I might invest in some of your slow-to-bolters.

    Good work counteracting your wild weekend, and I will be cheering you on through dry July.

    Turn, hoping it is good weather today. We grew up with board games too, and card games, and jigsaws. But thinking about it, reading was my main activity. (No TV until I was 11). Triominoes sounds great.

    Ooh yum for salty treats. Well done putting them on hold for a while, but what a delight to know they are in your future (in sensible quantities). Come the day when you excitedly get your tape-measure out. You have got this!

    I bet that paprika chicken was a treat!

    LJoyce, haha I bet you enjoyed every second of that special treat melting on your tongue.

    I’ve been practicing wearing a mask around home and talking through it, which was such a good thing to do. I have gone from awkwardly smushing it all over my face as I put it on, to elegantly donning it with one neat movement, and I can say “250g of Columbian beans, please, ground fine for my stove top espresso” in a normal voice and I am used to how wide I can open my mouth (just normal talking, no shouting 😉 ).
    When I go shopping (tomorrow I think) this one will go in the wash, and I will wear my clean one.
    Yes, as much a symbol as to protect my fellow Darebinites.

    Hooray for a walk without getting soaked. We have been promised a bit of sun this afternoon. So exciting.

    Best wishes for a good day.

    Good afternoon from a lovely calm and sunny Whakatane, where the birds are singing gaily, it’s just before the suns sinks down over the river flood bank.

    Hi Loyce, from memory, Totopoly was a game similar to Monopoly but the property are horses instead, here is a link, https://www.vintage-playtime.com/vintage_board_games/prod_2337835-Totopoly-Board-Game.html. It does mention that it is quite an antique now, so guess it probably is. Where we are located presently has a walking/cycling track built on the flood bank, (about 20 metres away) so no excuses there eh? Just need the sunshine to go with. Pleased to hear you finally got a walk in without getting wet.

    The pork scotch fillet sounded good Neil, the Dunedin Farmers Market is so good isn’t it? Maybe you should start selling your coriander there, haha

    I forgot about jigsaws Cinque, my all time favourite past time, but alas, no time or room now! I used to so love completing them, the more difficult the better of course but I never got around to doing a Wasgij, have you done any? I do enjoy the flavour of paprika, it is so warming, especially on these cooler evenings. Well done you for getting used to wearing your mask, it will make you feel so much safer whilst out and about. Plus you need those coffee grounds, don’t you? Enjoy your sunshine.

    Our posts crossed Thin, I have always been wary of silicone but I was gifted my original spoon and have since bought another one on my visit to the UK, I loved it so much. It is basically the same as a stiff rubber spatula but it is shaped like a deep spoon with a flat end, so you can scrape around jars/bowls/saucepans to empty them (I so hate wasting food) and I use them to clean off the dinner plates before washing them, too expensive to keep using paper towels and need to watch what goes down the plug holes for obvious reasons. I don’t have anything else silicone, and I don’t own a metal steamer although I know the ones you mean, maybe try the op shops? I just put a small amount of water in the pan to cover say carrots and then place the broc, cauli, etc on top so they are not in the water, uses minimum water too. Sometimes use the microwave when on power, saves the gas!

    We moved on today, only a couple of hours, but makes a heap of difference with the weather patterns here. The Hawkes Bay region has finally broken it’s drought with the equivalent of a months rainfall in just the last week, so glad we sat that one out! We do have some more rain forecast, most of Thursday and Friday, but looking at the forecasts, there is no escaping it so have decided to stay put for a week. Then we’ll take a rain check. The sun has finally gone to leave behind a beautiful orange sky, must be time for dinner, enjoy the rest of your Tuesday everyone,

    Hello from yet another damp Adelaide day.

    Neil thanks for the link. I don’t we have that brand here, so I might just have to read the fine print on the seed packets to see if there is a slow bolt option.

    Cinque, it sounds like you have worked out how to get by with a mask. I saw on the afternoon news that the local shopping centres in the hotspots are offering testing for anyone – even without symptoms – if you were interested.

    Turn, thank for the explanation, I thought I’d come across most board games but never Totopoly. I loved monopoly as a kid and I still have that set – it dates from the 1920s and used to be my dad’s.
    Sorry the weather is turning wet, but here’s hoping it is only the anticipated 2 days. Hope there are nice indoor places to visit during those wet days.

    It’s a FD for me and so far it’s going exceptionally well. I’ve had a banana and have some mulligatawny for dinner but haven’t felt hunger at all today. Considering it’s a cold day that makes no sense, but I am very happy that it’s an easy one.
    Hope everyone else is also having an easy day.

    Neil, thanks for the detailed explanation of coriander growing, I shall look out for those slow bolt seeds. Good luck with the dry July. We bought even more wine yesterday but didn’t drink it. As I loaded the basket with healthy and colourful looking options, OH paused at all the packages of cakes, biscuits, chocolates and so on and settled on a pack of snickers bars. Sigh.

    Turn, I love WASGIJ puzzles! We’ve done several of them. We did one over Christmas where we were pet-sitting and my brother became totally hooked. I left it for the hosts and they also loved it. At one of the chandleries, I saw a jig-saw mat that rolls up your incomplete puzzle, great for boats or caravans where space is a factor. It was a ludicrous price though. We love backgammon too but don’t have a set on the boat.

    Thanks for the silicone spoon explanation – DD bought me something called a spoodle a year or so ago, it was just plastic but did what you describe, a fabulous little gadget. A cross between a kitchen spoon and a ladle. I must look out for one. Very topical that you mention the sink – ours blocked over the weekend and we found a little plunger at the local hardware store yesterday. Yes, I do the same with stacking veg so that some are steamed.

    LJ, glad you’re having/had a good FD and have managed to get some good walking in.

    Cinque, sorry to read of your recent outbreaks in Victoria. With such relatively small numbers, I’m sure the authorities can contain it quickly. Too bad that certain elements don’t place any value on the over seventies and vulnerable, as they pursue their own self-serving agendas. A surgical mask here has been reduced from £1 to 50p each. I do believe it makes other people think twice about coming close.

    CalifD, are you alright?

    Good evening all!

    Okay, are you ready for it? Tarantarataratara – 69.9 kg this morning on the scales! Amazing to finally see that 6 at the front of my weight number. Not that it will necessarily stay there but I hope by Saturday to be firmly in the 69s.

    Lots of interesting posts to read.

    Thin, I don’t think you misunderstood – you read about me buying some chocolate liquorice sticks near the supermarket checkout, which I should have avoided, but … they were chocolate AND liquorice, how could I possibly throw them out? Truly better not to have bought them, but I did stretch out the eating of them.

    Chess? My brother taught me, but I always found it far too slow a game for me. Much preferred Bridge, once I started playing that. At home, we played a lot of cards, 500 and canasta as family things, and my parents sometimes played show poker with friends for 5 cent stakes, penny-ante stuff. Didn’t interest me. Cribbage and euchre were also games I played with my father in his later years, after my mother died. Board game favourites were Monopoly, Squatter and Chinese checkers. I buy the updated version of Bridge Baron every few years and play it on my computer. Some day (after I finish my study?) I’ll have to check if there are any bridge clubs up this end of Melbourne.

    Turnabout, good that you stayed put with all the rain; hope the new spot suits you for a while. Yay that the scales are still moving down.

    Anzac65, great that Maxx is now starting to behave. It helps when OH is also “on side”.
    Waiting to hear about you being in the 80s.
    Sorry the wrap can’t be saved. At least you still have it for house wear.

    LJoyce, hurrah for Haigh’s chocolate eggs, and well done you for limiting how much you ate.

    Neilithicman, let’s see if you and I can both lose 3 kgs in July. That’s a great aim.

    Penguin, glad you’re coping okay so far with the chemo. Staying fit and continuing to exercise really does help, too. Chuckled at your forum friend’s comment re your painting 🙂

    Cinque, so sorry that you are in a Covid-19 hotspot and have to avoid socialising with your daughter and family again. How disappointing.

    If you are going to wear a mask, Cinque, just some things to be aware of (though you may know them already) – please be aware that masks only last a few hours before they need changing. They become moist, and then the virus gets through them very easily. Also once you have it on, you shouldn’t touch the outside of the mask with your hands until you remove it, at which time it should be disinfected and your hands sanitised.

    My own view is that masks are more likely to work better at protecting other people from those who are sick, as they can’t spread virus droplets as easily, rather than protecting the healthy. The only time I’ve worn a mask in recent years is when I had the flu and had to go to the doctor’s. On the other hand, with a lowered immune system, and following guidelines, a mask may help protect you.

    Speaking of doctors – I decided to have my routine fasting blood tests today, rather than wait till later in the week. I’ll find out the results on Thursday of next week. Had a bone density check, too – again, official results next week, but I could see from the scan itself that my bones are about the same, just mild to moderate osteopenia, nowhere near osteoporosis. That’s pleasing considering that I’ve been losing weight.

    Enough blurb for now. Stay well and safe everyone!

    Yay Betsy!!! Congrats on ticking under that milestone.

    Unfortunately there was no movement on the scale for me this week, but no gain either. I’m still the same weight I was last week, 90.9 kilos. I’m not sure I can drop a full 3 kilos in a month, at this stage I would take anything, but I’m aiming for around 200-300 grams a week, which would be around 0.9-1.3 kilos and would drop me back under 90.

    Well I’ll be enjoying my non fast day today, I hope everyone has a good one today.

    Good morning. Cold and grey here. No coffee in the house.
    I am cheerier than that sounds, but such a long way from Turn and another stunner of an opening to your post, Turn. So glad to hear the drought has broken.

    I had never heard of a wasgij! What fun. I will look out for them now.
    The Monopoly-like game we had was ‘Squatter’.

    My love is silicon scrapers. They are so good at getting every skerrick out of a bowl.
    And silicon pastry brushes! They take a bit of getting used to, but being able to brush oil on a hot pan without destroying the brush, is one of the pleasures of my life 🙂
    (But ‘NO THANKS’ to silicon strainers and cake tins, from me!)

    Hi LJoyce, Hooray for an exceptionally easy fast day. Hope mine is the same.

    Ha, all the Covid testing places had to shut yesterday because they were so in demand. They are working on getting more spots open, but I am hoping I can avoid needing a test, it is so unlikely that I could have it. The numbers in the hotspots are rising, but luckily Darebin, where I live, has the smallest number (4 active cases) and had no new cases yesterday. Fingers crossed no more today.

    Thin, I hope you can find a shady place for coriander!
    Yes, numbers here are relatively small and hopefully the outbreaks will be nipped in the bud. I think it is giving everyone a much needed kick up the bum. It will be interesting to see if the behaviour at my local shopping centre is more mindful today, than it was when I last went there.

    How excellent that surgical masks are down to 50p each.

    Cali, I am thinking of you too. I hope you have a chance soon to let us know how you are going.

    Betsy, what a fine drum roll to start the day! Is that 6 there again this morning? If you are like me, you would have been so happy yesterday you just wafted through the day. Well, apart from time spent getting blood tests and bone scans. Good bones!

    Yes, I am up with all the mask info. Mine is just a cotton mask (2 layers) so all about making sure no-one comes close, Thin-style. 😉

    Neil, it is still June. That will be why the scales haven’t moved.I am so sure you will get a good loss over July, and the time to think on how to make the following months nice and stable.

    I’m aiming for an 800cal fast day today, since my last week has been so good. I have some yummy lentil stew to have during the day, and lovely miso soup this evening.

    Off to go and buy my coffee! Plus.

    Best wishes all.

    Cinque, yes that’s it, it’s because it’s still June that the scales haven’t moved, not the junk food I ate during the weekend, I’ll take that. 😀

    On silicon implements, I’m not a fan of most silicon stuff, but the best thing I ever bought was a set of silicon ice cube trays. Because they’re flexible they are so easy to get the ice cubes out.

    Non fast day and I had a bowl of my homemade muesli, a scone, I have some more oxtail soup for lunch and then some roast lamb and veggies for dinner. I’m trying to eat a decent amount of calories without too much junk, just the scone is my one relaxation. I’m going for my second fast day of the week tomorrow, then a conrol day on Friday, and then hopefully try to keep my eating up to between my BMR and TDEE in the weekend but with healthier options than I have been eating.

    Cinque, WASGIJ (being Jigsaw spelled backwards as I’m sure you realised) puzzles are different from normal jigsaw puzzles in that the image on the box is not what the puzzler will be completing with the pieces. Instead, the image depicts a scene with one character usually looking aghast at something they’re observing – and that’s the image you’ll be trying to piece together from their perspective. To give an example, the vet one shows a veterinary surgeon’s waiting room full of people and animals and one of the clients is horrified by something they see. Great fun, always humorous. They’re quite expensive but, after we collected several, we started swapping them on gumtree. If you’re lucky, you might find one in an op shop. Covid disclaimer: Quarantine it for 72 hours before attempting!

    Good evening all
    A quick post as I’m waiting for the nurse to arrive to do my infusion.

    NFD with a bit of afternoon snacking, but not too much and nothing unhealthy.

    Just had to say congratulations Betsy. If anyone had deserved that milestone it’s you. Your determination in recent months has been inspiring.

    Thin, I saw your PMs announcement this morning – hairdressers are reopening! Does that mean no more boat hair?

    Not sure, LJ! I’m a bit hesitant to be honest. If I have to get that close to anyone, my priority is finding a dentist to repair the broken tooth. I can’t believe it’s been 7 months since I saw a hairdresser. Seven weeks would have been my previous record. Things are opening up in England and Wales and I believe it’s the right thing to do – it’s just that I’m happier being cocooned in my steel quarantine box!

    We must face up to everything soon as OH’s visa expires in a few weeks and he’s been denied an extension so we must travel, not only out of our boat, but out of the country! A much scarier prospect now than we originally factored in the need to periodically zip off to Spain pre-covid. The UK govt. apparently believes it’s a risk worth taking for my over seventy OH. Interesting to learn for whom they’re prepared put out the welcome mat.

    Betsy, congratulations on getting into the sixties. Fabulous news.

    It’s 27C today and 29C tomorrow so I’m going to mop the oak floors (a rare thing) and go for a good walk while they dry. All the best for the infusion, LJ.

    Hello all. Quick post this evening. The scales were even nicer to me this morning after my TDEE day – 69.8kg. I keep double-checking because I don’t believe it, but there it is. Long may it continue. Now my goal is to get down to the 50s. Expect that will be several more months off, but it will come. I now have 3 pairs of jeans that I need to wear a belt with.

    Neilithicman, with all the increase you’ve made in muscle, you’re right, it may be a slower more gradual descent. but you can do it.

    Thin, never heard of WASGIJ puzzles, but they sound really interesting to try.

    Cinque, stay safe and well. I noticed more people around today had masks on, so maybe it will become more prevalent. Hope the panic buying gets nipped in the bud. Talk about ridiculous! So glad Coles and Woollies have immediately stepped in to re-institute product limits for here in Victoria.

    LJoyce, hope the infusion went well.

    Hi to everyone else who’s hovering.

    Stay safe, stay well everyone, especially CalifDreamer.

    Good morning,

    Penguin I’m going all gorgeous this week. ie even the blokiest bloke can do with a big bunch of gorgeousness. I hope the chemo went well. https://cdn11.bigcommerce.com/s-1pu3v7awq8/images/stencil/1280×1280/products/745/1079/ol042216-2_2__94848.1544297810.jpg?c=2&imbypass=on

    Very pleased with my shopping yesterday, wearing a mask. https://imgur.com/a/kNKjo4n It was so noticeable that people stayed further away (even though my mask was designed to protect them when being close, should I be infectious). The Thin maxim in play.

    Yes Neil, next Wednesday will be the goods! July will be here. All you have to do is avoid another high carb weekend.

    Thin, if only I had waited for your explanation instead of spending time making my way through the layers of google, including a video. I got the backwards jigsaw, I read that the picture was a clue, but I couldn’t quite understand it until sitting through a video that was a lot more verbose than your explanation. 🙂

    What a tricky decision re Mr Thin’s visa. I hope you can work out something enjoyable. A fortnight quarantine in a foreign hotel, and then back for another fortnight quarantine in the UK? Eep.

    LJoyce, I do hope you are having an easy day-after-infusion.

    Betsy, Big bunch of flowers. https://res.cloudinary.com/flowers-across-aus/image/upload/c_pad,f_auto,h_375,w_250/v1466838173/IMG_8292_balfaj.jpg
    Nice consolidation!

    Isn’t the ‘back to panic buying’ crazy. What a mad species we are!

    I didn’t have the best fast day, maybe over 800cal, as I was sooooo hangry after shopping and the light lunch didn’t cut it. But I finished the day with the tiniest cal broth. My dashi is getting better and better and I just had two shiitake, sliced, two small sliced radish , slices of celery heart and some lovely seaweed. So delicate and it meant I woke up this morning feeling great.

    Sending everyone good wishes. Especially you Intesha, since I can guess you are lurking.

    Good morning from a cool but sunny Sydney.

    Just a quick post because work is crazy. I had 10 meetings yesterday. 10! When we are supposed to do our work I ask? Each meeting added to my workload so now I am overloaded, stressed and didn’t sleep well. GAH! And here we are on a FD when all I want to do is eat my body weight in carbs.

    Not a good FD on Tuesday and yesterday was OH’s birthday and he requested fish and chips from the new F&C shop up the road for dinner. Yes they were delicious and while I only ate half of my portion it was still a million calories give or take. We were supposed to go out for lunch but I had to cancel due to the endless stream of meetings dripping into my inbox – despite the fact that I had blocked my diary. Grrrr

    Yay for overcoming hunger Cinque and not destroying a FD. 800 calories is still very low

    Hope your infusion went ok LJ

    Still cheering your 60’s Betsy

    Thin, I am shaking my head that the UK Govt are making you leave the country during this terrible time. I hope you get there and back ok. My labrador forum UK friends are all moaning about how ‘hot’ it is and how they can’t cope with temperatures in the high twenties. Tee hee – don’t come to Australia in summer my friends!

    OK, must go and dial into another meeting. Wish me luck today

    Good morning all from an extremely wet and grey Whakatane, I guess the ducks and the gulls will be enjoying it, not sure anyone else will be, apart from the Eastern bay farmers!

    CONGRATULATIONS Betsy on reaching the 60’s, well done you, knew you would get there, hard work and determination do pay off, you really are an inspiration. If you enjoy doing regular puzzles I am sure you would enjoy a WASGIJ, they do seem a lot of fun.

    I also had one of those ice trays Neil and used it for the very same reason although I don’t have it with me in the van, I now have brightly coloured and shaped plastic things that are filled with liquid which I keep in the freezer, then just plonk them in to my drink when I need them, plus the stones for the whisky, I do so hate to dilute drinks with melted water haha! I usually keep the gin and tonic in the fridge anyway so already chilled. Hope you are still managing to get some exercise in even on the coldest days, I’m with Cinque, I think no weight loss is because it is still June, next week all will be revealed?

    I do hope you manage OK with finding a good dentist Thin and good luck leaving your bubble, I seem to be reading the same from friends in the UK regarding venturing out at the same time others are about as so many people have been flouting the rules from the start, no one seems to care, I know Mum & Dad are remaining at home as much as possible as they are both 80+ and Dad has compromised health with chest etc/lungs etc. They did manage to get away to the East coast at the weekend when my younger sister visited for FD, she sent me a lovely photo of them in the sand dunes, so lovely, just hope I can do the same if we ever get back over there next year? Shame you can’t extend your visa, where do you think you will go next? Or be allowed to go next?

    Hope your treatment day went OK yesterday Penguin, at least you can take it easy now in the warm sunshine. Any news on the house front?

    I have never heard of Squatters Cinque, I’m assuming it is similar to Monopoly? You managed to get coffee? I had real trouble sleeping last night, just wondering if it’s because I had three long blacks during the day?? None after 3pm but not eating as much as I used to and less carbs, does the caffeine get absorbed the same way?? How did you go with your mask? So glad you awoke feeling great after your FD.

    How did running the show go for you Anzac, are you still busy as ever? Do you feel that you are working harder with WFH or do you structure your days much differently working at different times throughout the day. I suppose what I mean is, do you have to sync with others at the office or WFH or are you working alone? Maxx seems to have quietened down some, hope your weight is still heading in the correct direction?

    Well, suppose I’d better get to those rainy day jobs we have lined up, really not hungry today so don’t think I’ll eat till I am. Managed to get out on the bikes yesterday, unfortunately not as far as we would have liked but walked also so that made up for it. Cooked quinoa with Moroccan chicken for dinner last night and lots of veg, no movement on the scales this morning so will have to be careful as could be in all day!

    Stay safe out there everyone, enjoy your Thursday,


    Our posts crossed Anzac, that answers my questions, you are obviously snowed under? Don’t beat yourself up about the calorific dinner, it’s only one day, you’ll get back to it.


    Good afternoon

    I think someone was trying to sabotage my FD. I opened the door to go for a walk and found an uber eats bag containing San Churos chocolate treats on the doorstep! I have no idea whether it was left last night or this morning, nor do I know who it was meant for as the name in the bag isn’t any of my neighbours. After calling them they said to just bin it. Which I have done.

    The infusion went without incident and apart from being thirstier and a bit tired today (my usual reaction) I have no annoying side effects today.

    Turn, Squatter was an Australian version of Monopoly where I think the real estate was sheep stations. I remember playing it with cousins a couple of times.

    Betsy, good to see that you are locking in that new weight, excellent.

    Anzac, it sounds like being at home doesn’t get you out of the endless meetings.
    Given it was OHs birthday, there was really no easy way around the birthday meal. Only thing to do is move on and start again today.

    Thin, where will you go – is Spain safe? Would Ireland be an option – it looks like UK travel restrictions and quarantine might be easier.

    Cinque, that’s a very fancy looking mask. I totally agree that such a visual reminder of the pandemic makes those around you more cautious.

    Now that I’ve binned the unsolicited chocolate treats my FD is going well – aiming for 500max today. So far I’ve had 1/2 a banana and 2 pots of tea. I head off for babysitting shortly, so that will keep me busy for a few hours. I have a creamy vegetable soup waiting for dinner when I get home.

    If the weather systems are heading east at the moment those of you in Victoria and NSW can expect some nice sunny days. The rain clouds finally went away yesterday and it’s been nothing but sunshine today.

    Take care all.

    Evening all

    Double congratulations Betsy, another day in the 6s, you’ve got to feel good about that.

    Turn, yes I’m getting in the gym each lunchtime for 45 minutes of exercise and I go pretty had-core when I’m there. The Moroccan chicken and quinoa sounds good. I made vegetable risotto tonight which went down well.

    LJoyce, looks like the world was conspiring against your fast day but helping me with mine, I was weak this morning and went to get a coffee, but the coffee machine was not working so I had a couple of cups of rooibus tea instead. You did pretty well to resist and have a good fast day.

    Don’t beat yourself up about the shark and taties Anzac, I’m sure your body can cope with a small splurge.

    Cinque, what is dashi? I’m guessing it’s a soup similar to miso?

    Thin, that sucks! What are you planning to do if you need to leave UK?

    Four days after my carb weekend I think I’ve finally got things right. I got the burst of energy and the flushed skin that I get when my body goes into ketosis and starts burning fat. So signs are good that my next weigh-in (which will actually be in July, 1st July to be exact) will see a modest drop. I had so much energy that I managed to run for my entire 45 minute treadmill session, running almost 8.5 kilometres at an average speed of 11.3 kph.

    Well control day tomorrow and then TDEE days during the weekend, I’ll just have to make sure that I keep away from the sugar and carbs that I chowed down on last weekend.

    Have a good one everyone

    Good afternoon everyone. It’s still before 5 p.m., so afternoon just qualifies. Down yet another 100 gms this morning, 69.7, but I won’t relax and be sure I’m past this hurdle until I’m safely around 68 kg.

    Some bad news I’ve had – checked with the doctor’s surgery, though I’m not seeing him till next Thursday, and my cholesterol has gone UP, not down. Eep! Looks like it will be statins for me. Oh well!

    Anzac65, sounds like you’re almost ridiculously busy right at the moment. 10 meetings? In one day? And other work to do? Sounds quite unreasonable.

    LJoyce, great that the infusion went well, and enjoy your babysitting. Wonder who the poor intended recipient of the chocolates was. You may have saved them from extra calories, too.

    Turnabout, like LJoyce said, Squatter is a kind-of Aussie version of Monopoly, with sheep stations. My brother and I played it a lot when it came out as a game. Guess we’d become a bit bored with Monopoly by then. Both are good games.
    Re plastic ice trays, running a bit of water on the underside causes the ice cubes to easily come out. I don’t think I have much at home made of silicon, maybe something from Tupperware I’ve never used? I know I went to a Tupperware party a few years ago and enthusiastically ordered several items, only 1 or 2 of which have I ever used.

    Thin, wouldn’t it be wonderful if you can find a dentist sometime soon. That broken tooth needs attention. Hope you’re able to find somewhere safe you can go to, to renew OH’s visa. Maybe Ireland, as suggested, is an option?

    Cinque, what beautiful pink roses, thank you. Your mask looks impressive. Glad you got your shopping done safely. I went into my local Woollies today – no toilet paper to be had. Just looked out of curiosity, as I don’t need any at the moment, but so glad the restrictions on item numbers have been implemented so quickly.

    So weird that it’s toilet paper and paper towels which everyone goes for, and it’s not as if the virus numbers are so very high yet. More than I’d like, to be honest, but 33 cases today compared with the new daily numbers in some countries is miniscule.

    Okay, enough for now. My stomach is telling me it’s time to think about food. As it’s a NFD today, I’m having satay chicken on some rice. Yum!

    Stay well all!

    Thin, in this part of England the dentists are re-opening. OH lost a cap a few weeks back and managed to get an appointment last week. If you leave this country when the visa expires can you come back on a new one? I am not sure that we do actually have a visa/immigration policy. We seem to stumble from dumb decision to dumb decision and to have totally forgotten who our friends are.

    Betsy, Is there is a weight less than 60kg? I am below my target, my BMI is in the OK range and am still 93kg.

    Cinque, I’ll come back to those flowers, the last time I looked at them I lost my post.

    Anzac. That many meetings is just silly. Is your management/mismanagement structure aware of what is happening? 32C here, I am wearing shorts and a t shirt but am banned from going into the sun.

    Turnabout. Strange thing for a Brit to say, but I could use some of your rain. The garden is parched. In the best traditions of UK we are expecting a family visit on Saturday and that is the day rain is forecast.

    LJ. I have learned recently that a day without side effects is to be valued. Stay that way.

    Neil. I envy you the gym. Fortunately we have an exercise bike, but it does nothing for my upper body and it looks as though out gyms will be the last things to re-open.

    Cali. We hear the scariest tales coming out of the US. Stay safe.

    OH is a real flower enthusiast – we grow them and she has them in the house. She thinks those are lovely.

    Morning all.
    Back in Brisbane. It’s been a while since I posted.

    We have been sticking with the suggestions for gout (thank you Betsy) with good effect. But my poor OH is still suffering with his feet – his GP thinks it is tendonitis, so xrays and ultrasound booked to confirm it. it’s so painful.

    I have gone to work on decluttering since we’ve been back. The Straddie house is small and so so manageable without all the stuff we have here, some of which I’ll never get rid of ..china and silver and even furniture handed down from my grandparents and parents. But I can organise my clothes (do I really need 20 pairs of jeans?) and kitchen cupboards, etc. My OH is a ‘there’s a space, I’ll just pop this in it’ type of bloke – I’m working on the principle of ‘a place for everything, everything in its place’. A work in progress. And using your ‘seven items’ method Cinque, which is brilliant (although I’ve pared it back to 5).

    My weight is a work in progress too…it goes up and down, but down is where it’s headed so I’ll roll with that.

    Sorry – this has been so much about me so far. I’ll move on.

    Thin, that’s a bit concerning, that your OH can’t get a visa renewal. Hope you can find an safe haven, before you get back to the security of your boating life.

    Turn, you make your travelling life sound so appealing. How wonderful, to just be able to up stumps and move on, when the mood takes you.

    Neil, you have done so well changing your weight and way of life. Do you think your body is telling you it is happy where it is? How are you going with giving up drinks and white coffee? Making any difference?

    Calif, haven’t heard from you for a while. All okay there in your neck of the woods. Shocked to see people attending a political rally (politics aside). People don’t seem to get that they need to play their part.

    Cinque, Victoria’s spike is worrying. Good you are wearing a mask when you go out and that your area’s infection rate is relatively low. I read this morning the latest spike was from a quarantine hotel security guard who infected his family at a large family celebration, but no evidence of BLM rally transmission, which is surprising.

    People (including Djokovic) can be really thick. I was in a West End deli yesterday to get some bread. Narrow shop, only customer. A chap pushed open the door and stood right next to me. I moved away. He apologised … thought I was waiting to be served and he’d pushed in. I explained I didn’t want to stand so close …. to which he replied, ‘ha, that virus. I don’t believe in it.’ Really? Tell that to the half a million who’ve died with it.

    Betsy, congratulations on getting into the 60s…that is brilliant. Sorry to know you may have to go on to cholestrol medication. Will you be able to drop it further down the track, if your levels improve?

    LJ fresh curry leaves. Oh that I could whisk a little tree down to you. We have one growing at the top of our drive. We came home one day to find a very large Indian family gathering the leaves. We offered them a seedling, but they live in an apartment and couldn’t take it, but OH told them to help themselves which they do, often.

    re purple carrots …DD did a Landline story on them once, and from memory, purple was their original colour. Then some enterprising farmer grew orange ones. And now purple again. The more things change…..

    Penguin, good to hear the chemo isn’t knocking you around too much. Long may it continue, until your treatment is finished. Best wishes for the house sale. I guess Summer in the UK is a good time to sell. Any progress on finding a new home?

    OK time to get cracking. I started this yesterday, but got distracted because for the first time since February, we looked after Miss 4. Oh and what a wonderful day we had. She’s such a card. She told DD, ‘Mum, I love you 104 years’. Then, over her shoulder, as she walked away. “Dad is 5”. Poor Dad.

    And finally, Miss Rose. ‘chase me’. https://imgur.com/jI6JxhB

    Morning all

    You and me both Penguin, I’m not quite as tall as you and sitting just above the “healthy” BMI range, but at 90 kg, anything under 80 is just not reasonable. Gyms are probably the worst thing for spreading covid, since it can apparently be spread through particles in the air from heavy breathing as well as through contact with surfaces.

    Lindsay, I’m finding the coffee hardest to give up and I’ve slipped a couple of times, but I’ve only done it on non fast days so far. I’m drinking more rooibos tea which is caffeine free/calorie free to try and cut down my caffeine intake and so hopefully within a couple of weeks I’ll find it a bit easier. I used to like Djokovic, but after this covid debacle, and finding out that he’s been posing a whole lot of anti-vaccine stuff on his social media, while his wife has been posting a whole lot of articles about 5G towers causing covid, I’m not so fond of him anymore. It’s strange days when Nick Kyrgios is the level headed voice of reason in the Tennis community ;D

    I’m on a control day today, so I’ve got some leftover veggie risotto for lunch, my regular kiwifruit for snack, I’ve had a coffee, and I’ve going to make some fish curry for dinner tonight that I’ll have without the rice/roti. Tomorrow I’ll relax a bit more on the calories but I’ll try to keep it to more healthier options.

    Have a great day everyone

    Morning all from a very soggy Whakatane! My gosh I have never seen or heard so much rain, a full 36 hours, but looking out of one window it is now blue skies, the opposite direction, lots of watery grey clouds! Hopefully the blue sky wins the battle?!

    Missed your posts Lindsay, thought you were on island time? Commiserations with OH’s foot, experienced tendonitis myself, no fun, especially as at the time I was having to stand most of the day, but coupled with gout must be extremely painful?

    With you on Djokovic Neil, I had always been a big fan, but this latest episode has been a real window to his and his families soul and it’s not pretty. The same with your experience in the butchers Lindsay, I’m not sure what part of this deadly virus people don’t get. It kills, end of!

    Seeing the photos of the beaches in Bournemouth on line this morning Thin looks incredulous, do take care over there? I can see the reasons why the Government feels the need to open up but surely individuals have a duty of care to themselves and their fellow compatriots to try and keep a lid on the rate of infections and how quickly the will return. I really do feel safe here, we have some new cases but they are all in isolation, all from overseas Kiwis returning home.

    Guess I’d better step foot outside today, body feels like it’s seizing up!

    Have a great Friday everyone, nearly the weekend for all you workers out there,


    A quick Djokovic comment, if you’ll indulge me. Neil, Turn I’ve never been a fan, because I don’t think he is a good sportsman. And the anti-vax comments are dangerous. What do they call him now? Novax Djokovic? And one more thing – what is his obsession with getting his shirt off? In a nightclub? Things must have changed since I was a clubber (haha). And also, Neil, you are right. Nick Kyrgios a voice of reason? The world is upside down. (that said, I’ve always been a Nick fan …he has issues, sure, but is a good sportsman and a great talent who doesn’t seem too caught up in the world of winning at any cost. (to his and our detriment often). Thank you for your indulgence – this is probably the one and only sporting post I’m ever likely to make.

    Good afternoon all.

    Betsy, good to see your continued weight decline. You will have those 60s properly locked in in no time.

    Turn, sorry to hear that you are confined by the rain. As the weather mostly heads east I can tell you there are a few nice days on the way – although they need to do their bit cheering Vic and NSW up on the way.

    Lindsay, lovely photo of Rosy with her chicken posse in the background!

    Neil, glad you have found rooibos useful for cutting back on caffeine. I tried it a while back, but it just wasn’t for me. I just use decaffeinated tea instead.
    I agree about the weird ideas and behaviours out there. It is more worrying with someone famous as they have the potential to reach so many more people.

    Penguin, I’m glad that your wife at least liked the flowers from Cinque. I’m pleased to see that you grow plenty for her to pick. My dad grew lots of flowering shrubs, bulbs and annuals, but they weren’t for picking, they were part of his garden landscaping plan and woe betide anyone who dared to upset his careful plan by picking the flowers. He would occasionally bring a single rose in to my mum (from the many dozens of rose bushes in the garden).

    I finally sent an email to the travel agent this morning. The balance of my tour and accommodation costs are due in 2 week, so I need to know whether the tour company has cancelled the tour (in which case I would get my deposit back) or whether I’ll have to cancel my booking and lose the deposit. I suspect it will be the latter, as I doubt they will cancel until much closer to September.

    The scales were not kind to me this morning. So far this month I’ve gained half a kilo. With the amount of restriction I’m a bit shocked by that. My clothing is definitely looser and my torso leaner, so I was anticipating a loss. Never mind, the scales have always been my enemy, nothing new there.

    It’s a NFD for me today. I didn’t feel like having my main meal for lunch today, I really felt like porridge. So I’ll keep the lamb & chickpea curry for dinner and have a bowl of 5 gain porridge for lunch. Then it’s off to the supermarket to shop for the food I’ll need for Sunday’s family dinner.

    Take care all.

    After the discussion about purple carrots I just had to post this: https://www.notquitenigella.com/2020/06/26/honey-roasted-dutch-carrots/
    Carrots in all their colours.

    Hi everyone, happy Friday

    Well it’s not been the best week in all aspects so I will just park all that and move forward. One very good thing happened today: OH wanted to take Maxx to the dog-friendly cafe down by the river at Como for his birthday lunch that I had to defer from Wednesday to today. He has never been to a cafe. I said it would end in disaster but I was very happy to be proven wrong. Maxx was a very good boy and happily licked away at his frozen kong and, of course, sat up very interestedly when the food arrived but just quietly watched us eat, getting some poached chicken treats that we took. A couple of times he got a bit restless and woofed at passing dogs but not in his big-boy bark and only about 3 times. COVID restrictions helped in that the tables were very far apart and we were able to get a table on the edge of the deck, overlooking the water, where we could tie him to the fence just next to OH’s leg.

    LJ, drat those scales. I had quite a good FD yesterday considering (about 900 calories) and they only dropped 200g. So I’m overall up this week but I am going to focus on next week now. No social events and hopefully no 10-meeting days!

    I’ve been doing a bit of decluttering too Lindsay but with a hoarder for an OH it is very difficult. But we are getting there I’m with you about Djokovic – I have lost respect too.

    Penguin, yes, I had a moan to my two PM’s about the number of meetings and they said it was just because so much is happening right now and they should calm down. Today I only had two but Friday’s always tend to be less. I am being invited to meetings about topics that I am not responsible for due to my experience in those areas. I made the dumb mistake of airing some ideas when I noticed things were not going well and now the other team members have pounced. Lesson learnt!

    Hope you really are going ok with your treatment and not just giving us the British stiff upper lip 🙂

    Hope the rain stops soon Turn. It makes all the difference when you can walk in the glorious winter sunshine. It is an absolute corker here today and having lunch outside in the sun was lovely. It is 18 degrees minus a bit for the slight wind chill

    I’m so sorry about your cholesterol Betsy 🙁

    Hi everyone else

    Quacka, Cali – hope you are ok

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