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  • You could start the chocolate panic Merry by buying up all the chocolate in the Supermarket, then sell it on ebay for hundreds of dollars per block 😉

    Good news is that I won one of the spot prizes in the February bike challenge! The bad news is that it wasn’t the e-bike. I just won an alloy bottle cradle…which I already have on my bike 🙁

    Good evening

    A quick post while I wait for my FD soup to finish cooking (Scotch broth).

    Merry, I could do with a run on chocolate at the moment as my NFDs have not be as controlled as I planned.
    Yesterday I ate 40g Lindt milk chocolate. It’s not a lot, but I’m meant to be having no added sugar at the moment.

    Neil commiserations on not winning the prize you wanted. Excuse my ignorance, but what is an ebike?

    My fitbit went officially nuts in the lat 2 days. It said I had a 2 hour nap yesterday afternoon and I’m certain I didn’t – I just sat very still. Then today I got to my physio appointment early a little early and did 16 mins of really brisk walking – my fitbit logged that as swimming 500m – seriously?

    I made some stock from chicken bones and wings on Wednesday and decided to use it for a scotch broth. However the lamb shanks were pricey so I bought a tray of gravy beef that was on sale and some soup/stew veg. I turned 1/3 of it into scotch broth and remainder into a spicy goulash – with a lot of added veg that wasn’t in the recipe (and half that meat that was meant to be in it).

    The puy lentils in my scotch broth needed an extra 10 minutes so they should be ready any moment.
    A nice filling FD dinner and I’ll have the goulash for dinner tomorrow.

    Hi LJoyce, an e-bike is an electric bike. It’s the bikes that have an electric motor to help you pedal up hills. I didn’t want it for me because I bike for fitness, but my sister said she would be keen to do more biking if she had one so I said I’d give it to her if I won it.

    I don’t know why lamb shanks are so expensive. I was chatting to a local farmer at the supermarket who said he used to feed them to his dogs, now they cost more than a leg roast. I’ve been using beef cheeks a lot which are nice and lean, meaty, full of flavour and nice and cheap. A few hours in the slow cooker and they’re melt in the mouth tender.

    Neil, my mum used to use lamb shanks a lot because they were cheap and had a lovely flavour and texture with slow cooking.
    Thanks for the explanation of the electric bike. I was imagining an ebike as something that was online and I couldn’t imagine how it provide any exercise.

    CalifD, thanks for sharing the link to the Narrow Boat doco. We are moored where he starts his journey! The first thing we have to do when we leave here (soon) is head through that tunnel. We did it last year while we were getting to know our boat. Thanks also for the info on that tree. What a great joy.

    Cinque, there’s nothing like the breakfast after a real fast.

    Neil, my OH was very keen on the electric scooters in Spain and wants us to have a couple on the boat. I can’t quite see it on a muddy towpath and would rather walk – although we had always planned to get a pair of folding bikes.

    We ran into a boating neighbour yesterday who’s a pathologist. He was saying that it’s expected that 50-80% of Britain will develop the virus. The worst of it is anticipated to kick off about a week after we’ve started cruising. He thinks toilet paper will be the least of anyone’s worries. Whilst many people will do the right thing and self-quarantine, many will not, especially if they sort of feel OK – choosing instead to turn up for work with the potential to infect dozens more people.

    Morning all

    I went for a nice ride this morning round the harbour out to the end. I got sworn at by a seal that took offence to me daring to ride past where she had chosen to take a snooze, right in the middle of the road 😂

    I stopped off at my favourite butcher on the way home to get some chicken livers, pork cheeks and lamb chops.

    We’re probably going to get a lot more cases of the corona virus here in New Zealand. The latest person diagnosed with it attended the Tool concert with 40,000 other people in the crowd.

    I hope everyone has a good weekend

    Hi all, tp panic is still rife here in Melbourne. I am anticipating that give it another 3-4 weeks, and people will have other things to worry about, and will be looking at all the toilet paper cluttering up their homes and will wonder what on earth they were thinking. I did read somewhere a comment to ensure you also have enough food to feed pets in case of quarantine, so I’m happy that I’ve already organised that.

    Honestly, though, I’m sure the Covid-19 is not nearly as serious as all the hype about it. Anyone with a really mild dose, provided they’re not on a cruise liner or somewhere like that, wouldn’t even bother being tested. The greatest concern is for those who are in the older age bracket, and even then, IF you catch it, death rate is still only around 8% for 70+, which means 92% have no problems. I like those odds. Worse for 80+, of course. But again, there may have been many more milder cases which just weren’t tested, so I take those stats as worst case scenario.

    Weigh-in this morning – loss of 1kg this week, so happy with that. Hope that’s shifted me off the 79kg plateau, and I’ll move down to 76kg to “stick” again. On the other hand, today was a TDEE day that included spaghetti and ice-cream, so we’ll see what the scales say tomorrow, which had better be a CD.

    Neilithicman, you had a sick New Zealander attend a major concert; here in Melbourne on a smaller scale, we had a doctor return from the States with a sniffley cold who treated 70 patients over a week (not a sensible thing to do when ill) then discovered he actually had the Covid-19. Big panic now to trace his patients and their contacts. Don’t think we’re going to keep the genie in the box much longer.

    Thin, are electric scooters legal where you are? So far in Australia, no state has legalised them for use, unless they are set to travel at less than 10 km/hr, which is pretty slow. I think they’ll be fantastic for use around the city. Not sure about towpaths, though – maybe too much mud for such small wheels?

    LJoyce, re fitbits, I’ve found if I’m very still (like when I occasionally play computer games), my general body functions slow enough that the fitbit says I’ve been sleeping. That confirms studies which show that playing computer games lowers your metabolic rate lower than if you are sleeping. Swimming instead of walking? – may be the way you’ve been moving your arms. I’ve had it register me as using a cross-trainer rather than be walking when I’ve walked really swinging my arms. Fitbits aren’t perfect, just a tool to use for guidance.

    Merryme, agree with you – glad there hasn’t been a chocolate panic. 🙂

    Klondi, G’DayfromSA, Intesha, crazyartist, Penz, and others I haven’t thought of – where are you? Is everything okay? Please just drop a quick word in so we know you’re doing okay.

    Enjoy your weekend everyone!

    “genie in the bottle”, not box

    Hi everyone, seems like this forum has been going for quite a while so hope you don’t mind a newbie joining in!! I started on February 17 after reading both the 5:2 and the fast 800 books. 5:2 resonated more as a seasoned calorie counter so off I went. I’m combining it with 16:8 TRE and so far have had a great start.

    Other important life bits: I’m 53, working (though on a break at the moment) mum of two adults – 28yo son just married and 21 yo daughter. Live in Melbourne now but spent most of my life in Sydney. OH is doing it as well – not quite as strictly but it’s good to have his support!!


    Welcome NormaJan
    Yes this forum has been going for a while, although those chatting on the Southern Hemisphere thread does evolve over time as new people join and others fall away.
    I hope 5:2 has been going well for you and your OH so far. You are right that having support at home is helpful – it’s hard enough losing weight without battling resistance on the home front as well.
    There are a few of us here that do 16:8 as well – I’m one of those. For me it’s partly about appetite (I’m rarely hungry before 11am) and also about controlling the volume of food I eat, which has more potential to get out of control if I start eating early in the day.
    I’m glad you started with the books, I found that answered a lot of my questions.

    Betsy, that’s exactly what I was doing when the fitbit said I had a nap – I spent about 90minutes engrossed in a new app game without coming for air.

    It’s really late here and time I went to bed.

    Good morning from a wet and cool Sydney

    Welcome NormaJan! This forum is very special and you will find so much support and also friendship. We are almost the same age and I too work full time. I am married to A kiwi (thus my username) and we don’t have human children but we do have a very ‘special’ (aka naughty) 2 year old labrador Maxx who keeps us (and the forum) entertained

    I’ve had a great week and undone the two party weekends gains and managed to lose a bit on top. Yay! Now onwards and downwards from here.

    I have a labrador nosing me in the leg because he wants his walk or a play session so I’ll keep this post short. Hi to everyone and I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend

    Good morning everyone,

    Welcome NormaJan, so lovely to have you here! We love newbies, so jump in and keep us up to date with how it is all going.
    Some of us have info in our profiles (click on our name on the left there). I’m Melbournian born and bred with a daughter in her twenties and 2 little granddaughters. I started 5:2 after I had lost a lot of weight by cutting out sugar, but then plateaued and started putting it on again. 5:2 has taken me down to the lower end of my healthy weight range and kept me there for several years now. It is my way of life!

    Anzac, hooray to have all that feasting damage undone. Enjoy the walk with Maxx.

    Neil, what a pity you missed the ebike prize, it would have been wonderful. Hope you can find a good home for the bottle holder. Congratulations to you!
    That poor seal you woke up, haha. Glad it didn’t knock you over.

    Mmm yum scotch broth. Yes, I am another one who grew up eating almost all lamb as it was the cheap meat back them. Chicken was the expensive one!
    I might try beef cheeks Neil, my pressure cooker would love them.

    But my big news on the cooking front is that someone offered Madhur Jaffrey’s ‘World Vegetarian’ cookbook on our local Good Karma Network. Woohoo! My favourite cookbook ever, although I haven’t read it for years (since it disappeared from the library). But now I have it and it is just as good as I remembered. I made refried black beans from her book yesterday and had such a yummy meal last night with corn tortilla wraps with the beans and salad.

    Also a very nice meal to eat before a fast day haha. I didn’t overeat but I am not hungry yet. (Sunday fast day today)

    Such sensible info on covid 19 here everyone, and such a good summary Betsy. Definitely the importance of slowing the spread is to avoid having the small percentage who need lots of hospital support overload our resources. So the slower the numbers of all people with the virus doubles, the smaller that percentage will be, and the better we will be able look after them. We all need to be careful for their sake. (So oh dear re the Tool concert).

    I started trying to avoid touching my face when I am out, after getting the flu a couple of years ago. I thought I was still terrible at it, but reading other people despairing and articles about studies they have done (where people touched their faces just as often when they were asked not to), I think I have got reasonably good at it, although probably not good enough.

    Merry, a big laugh here for that list of panics. So glad there was kindness in your supermarket.

    Off for one more lovely cup of tea, and get my miso soup ingredients soaking. Cheers all.

    It seems strange to be saying hello to NormaJan, because I feel like I should be saying goodbye NormaJan 😉

    I’m having a stressful time at the moment, my mother got taken to hospital last night after suffering a stroke. I went to see her today and she is really confused and muddles her words up. She thinks she’s been in hospital since Boxing Day and claims that was 10 days ago. It’s a real shock to see her like that because she’s always so active and mentally sharp. She usually knocks out the crossword, cryptic crossword, scrabblegram and code cracker in the newspaper in half an hour or so every day.

    Thanks for the warm welcome LJoyce, Anzac, Cinque and Neilithicman (I’m guessing you are Neil). So sorry to hear things are so stressful – I know how it feels to look after parents and only have my father now – my brother has most of this work now with me living in Melbourne. Wishing your mum some improvement soon!

    I started at 92kgs – heaviest ever and I’m not very tall (156cm) so definitely have a fair bit to lose. 5kgs down so far. Had a bit of a win today – it’s fast day and we have a big BBQ at our place so I have been in the kitchen and doing food prep all day – didn’t even taste stuff (kids are good for that!!!) and just had my one meal for the day. Think I need to get out of the kitchen lol!

    Neil, I’m so sorry to hear about your mum suffering a stroke. I hope with time and therapy she can recover fully. Hugs to you and your family.

    NormaJan, welcome to the 5:2 forum. I live in Northern California but have virtually immigrated to this Southern Hemispherites thread almost 3 years ago. 5:2 is the only way of eating for weight loss that I’ve been able to stick to long term. I’m up a little bit over where I want to be, but working on getting that resolved. I hope it works well for you. So much help and support from the people here.

    Daylight saving time started early this morning. I wish they would just leave the clocks the same all year. It always takes me more than a week to adjust. Now we’ll be waking up in the dark again for a while.

    Hope you all have a good day. It’ll be a few more hours before it’s morning (tomorrow) there. 😊

    Neil, I’m so very sorry about your Mum. I hope she has a full recovery

    A very wet, cool day here and I am at the bank’s training centre which is quite a walk from the station. Just as I set off a rogue storm hit and I got drenched – even with my little brolly. So now to sit all day in damp clothes and shoes. GAH!

    Hubby and I cooked a bbq last night and used our new wok on the gas ring in the outdoor kitchen to cook the fried rice. Wow. It tasted so authentic and much nicer than in the electric frypan. He is also making a tandoor oven out of two large pots and is encasing it in a frame and filling it with special fire retard something (I forget what it is called) and it should be finished in a week or two. He really is very clever

    Hi to everyone, i have to run as training is starting soon. I have to present this afternoon and I loathe it but it’s part of the job so I just have to do it.

    Take care

    Hi CalifDreamer. 5:2 and 16:8 and the whole intermittent fasting concept makes a lot of sense to me too. I have done calorie counts over the years for long periods – there was one I started in around 2003 that I did until 2006!!! I have a lot of data and it took a lot perseverance and a bit of fear to do it for so long but it was never going to last long term. Now I know I have been doing this for only three weeks but I also know that for me all I really have to do is plan ahead which days I will do my fast – normally Monday and Thursday. This week though with the BBQ today (Monday) I did my fast yesterday. We have a public holiday in Melbourne and though it’s a cool morning, looks like a beautiful day – I have cousins over from Toronto so looking forward to seeing them after over a decade 🙂 Hope you all have a great day and goodnight California 🙂

    Hi all,

    Thanks for the comments about my mum, she seems to be making good progress. She’s able to sit up in a chair and walk for a bit with a little aid, she still has some feeling in her right hand and can kind of use it. Good signs that the stroke wasn’t a really bad one.

    Norma, I started with a triple pronged attack when I started on this WOL. I started on the fast 800 (800 calories per day), time restricted eating (started on 12:12 and worked up to 16:8) and the Mediterranean diet (cut out sugar, heavy starches and concentrated on fruit, veg, nuts, meats, oils and some dairy.) It really worked for me. Good luck with your journey and keep us posted how you’re doing. I’m fasting just once a week now but I’ll be joining you on Mondays for a fast so we can commiserate with each other on Mondays 😉

    Good morning everyone,

    Neil, so many good wishes to your mum, hoping she makes an excellent recovery. I know how frightening it is when someone close to you has a stroke, but your mum is about the closest of all. It sounds like she got to hospital quickly, which is a huge relief, and hopefully that immediate confusion and difficulty moving she had will be the worst. It takes so much work to recover, it seems unfair it is mostly the lot of people who are already having to deal with old age. All power to her.

    NormaJan you will love losing those extra kilos and keeping on keeping on will get them gone. All power to you too. Well done with the BBQ, hooray for others to taste test. You are so right that it is a beautiful morning here. Have fun with your Toronto cousins.

    I pass the baton to the Monday fasters today although my Sunday fast had a tricky end. I was doing super well, but then was invited to my neighbour’s place in the evening to celebrate the third birthday of their little boy. It was an honor and a lovely celebration. One of the ceremonies was for me to feed little Aarish a mouthful of birthday cake, and then for him to feed me one. They knew I didn’t eat sugar so they carefully made sure it was cake without the icing that he fed me. Well it was very nice cake, but a surprising end to my fast day. Delicious curries too. Luckily I have another fast day in a few days. I’ll have my miso soup for lunch today.

    Cali, hopefully it is an easy transition into daylight saving this year (somehow!). Sending you best wishes for a really good week.

    Anzac, I do hope you get dry, what torrents you are having.
    I always loved presenting things, so I will send you some of my chutzbah or whatever it is. Communication is so lovely when it goes well, so may it all go well.

    Best wishes to everyone else too.

    Good Morning everyone

    Thank you all for your well wishes regarding my new studies. I decided to do this so that in the future I will have a career that I can continue even as I get older. I have always been interested in nutrition and spend a lot of time reading information in books and on the internet already. I love food and cooking and nutrition goes hand in hand with this so it seemed the perfect thin to study.

    The redness around the insect bite has settled down and the pain has gone away although it is still itchy. I ended up taking two Phenergan last Wednesday night and that helped settle it quickly. By the way it also knocked me out! I slept right through until 3:30 am which is unheard of with me and I also woke up in the morning feeling fine which was nice. I think my body enjoyed that sleep 🙂

    Neil, sorry about your Mum but glad to hear she is doing ok.

    Welcome NormaJan 🙂

    Well, after my rant about the Corona virus last week you won’t believe what happened.
    We were all set to go up to see my parents for the weekend and OH had organised to take Friday off so we could drive up then.
    My boss had been croaky on Wednesday and then on Thursday he came in looking like a devil, all red eyed and looking like @#$%. He went the doctor in the afternoon and on the way out we were joking about the Corona virus. He THEN told us that his son and daughter in law had just returned from Japan that week and that his DIL was told not to come to work for two weeks as she works in the public service. They had just spent the weekend with my bosses and also had even come into the shop and our girls had spent time serving them! How irresponsible is that.
    So of course I couldn’t go near my parents and can’t for another two weeks. I was so sad, angry and disappointed as I was really looking forward to seeing them as it has already been almost two months since our last visit. 🙁

    Well it’s Monday FD for me today so I’m hoping it goes nice and easy. 10:30 am and so far so good. I’m making a nice veggie soup for dinner. Can’t wait. Good luck to all the fasters today 🙂

    A very quick post, to say that I am very sorry to hear that your mother has had a stroke Neil. It must be dreadfully worrying for you, and sad to see such a vibrant woman struggling with speech and movement. I hope she makes a full recovery, and soon. best wishes. Lindsay

    Neil, it’s good to hear that your mother has been up and walking a bit. Is her speech getting better? It’s a good sign that she’s starting to recover so quickly. I hope she progresses well in the next days. Did they discover a reason for the stroke?

    Quacka, have you heard anything about your boss’s visit to the doctor? Is his DIL okay? I wonder if they will test him? I hope he doesn’t come back into work. It’s terrible that you now have to wait 2 more weeks to visit your parents. What was your boss thinking?

    Cinque, that birthday party sounds like it was fun. And eating a little cake with the birthday boy was probably worth going over a bit on your FD. My Monday FD is tomorrow. I hope it’s an easy one. I have lots of things around the house that I didn’t get to this weekend so that should work as a distraction to eating.

    Thin, what a coincidence that the narrow boat doco on Netflix started in the same area where your boat is docked and that the tunnel he went through is one you’ve probably traveled through by now. It’s a very pretty area. I’ll have to watch more of it.

    LJ, I’ve found that neither the Fitbit I used to have nor the Garmin Vivofit I have now are very good at determining anything other than steps. They give a rough idea of sleep time but I never count on it. As you’ve discovered, sitting and reading or playing a video game gets counted as sleep. 😗

    Neil, I too am sorry to hear about your mum’s stroke but so pleased that she’s made such good improvement overnight. I hope that’s a sign of further improvements and that she continues to recover well.

    I’ve locked out by the spam filters last night and this morning. So went away and did other things.

    I’m doing a FD500 today and have a bowl of very thick scotch broth waiting for dinner – which is at least an hour away – not that I’m counting the minutes!

    One of the lunches I had to deal with this week has been postponed but a new social food occasion has arisen for next Saturday – an afternoon tea for my aunt’s 90th birthday. I’m glad I no longer have to factor in that lunch as well as I’m not doing very well on my NFDs at the moment. The no added sugar rule is proving a big challenge that keep failing at.

    Good morning, I’m joining the Monday fasters this week because DD spent the weekend on the boat with us and I knew we’d be celebrating OH’s birthday in a restaurant on Sunday.

    What I didn’t know was that a couple of fellow winter moorers would invite us out for dinner on Friday night as it was their last night in the marina before setting off for the cruising season; that we’d be having lunch in a pub on Saturday or that some friends we’ve met in the village would invite us out for dinner on Tuesday night (Indian banquet) to celebrate OH’s birthday. So, four restaurant/pub meals in five days. Usually one a week is my undoing. I have ordered fish or vegetarian each time so I’m still under 60kgs – but only just. Very much looking forward to today’s FD but, Cinque, there’s some serious triage happening in the fridge at the moment.

    Neil, so sorry to hear your news but CalifD is exactly right – the early recovery your mum’s been showing bodes well for a good recovery. You were so funny about ‘goodbye NormaJan’.

    NormaJan, welcome here. I’m in my 6th year of 5:2 (currently 6:1). I think you hit the nail on the head – planning! And routine. You will get a lot of support here.

    Betsy, scooters are not legal either on the footpath or the road in England. No-one can quite work out what category they fall under. Hopeless. Towpaths can get very muddy especially in winter but I’m told many are paved. OH’s idea is that we would use them on the streets to get supplies, not to replace our towpath walking. We’ll have a better idea when we, too, get cruising in a couple of weeks. Well done with the weight loss continued.

    Quacka, sorry for your virus hassle. Your boss? Good grief, not too responsible really.

    Cinque, good that you had a fine FD – that piece of cake won’t matter but annoying nonetheless.

    LJ, commiserations on the social food popping up unexpectedly. Enough time to plan ahead though so that you can enjoy it all. Counting down to your holiday?

    Brief “Hi”, and good to read all the posts. Welcome NormaJan, glad you’ve joined us. Two TDEE days followed by a CD today, will add some FDs later in the week. Neilithicman, great that your mother has already shown improvement.

    Goodnight all.

    Morning all. I didn’t get in to see Mum yesterday but my siblings said she’s improving but is still mixing up words and slurring. She keeps wanting to go home but quite rightly they’re keeping her there.

    Thin, 4 pub meals in a week sounds like a real challenge when you’re fasting, but I’m sure that any weight you gain will quickly shift after a fast day or two.

    I joined you in a fast day yesterday Ljoyce. I had an avocado and a couple of cups of miso soup for lunch, and then for dinner I had a bowl of the Indian style sautéed butternut pumpkin my wife made the other day. The pumpkin was also from our garden so we’re really living it up with veges at the moment. If Covid19 hits Dunedin we’ll be self sufficient for food for a while.

    Cali, they did a ct-scan on Mum and the doctor said nothing showed up, so it must have been a pretty mild stroke, which is promising news

    Quacka, sorry you couldn’t get to see your parents, hopefully you manage to avoid the dreaded Corona virus.

    Cinque, I’m sure a mouthful of cake won’t break the bank. It sounds like a good excuse to have a little more on your fast day.

    Well it’s a control day for me today. I skipped breakfast, had a coffee this morning, I’ve got another avocado and some miso for lunch and then I’ve got a turkey casserole in the slow cooker for dinner tonight after my kids swimming lessons. Tomorrow is my weigh-in to see if I shifted any of the 1.3 kilos I gained last week. I don’t mind the ups and downs now because it seems that the trend is starting down again. When my weight spiked up during January it was getting up in the high 88s to early 89s, now my spike took me to the high 87s, so that’s promising.

    Have a great day everyone.

    Good Morning everyone

    Day after FD for me today but not feeling hungry yet. I had a pretty heavy weekend of eating and so was glad for yesterday’s FD. Today I have some more of my FD veggie soup (that I also added a can of chickpeas to) for lunch. I was a bit concerned about not getting enough protein today but one serve of my soup has just over 10g protein, which is surprising considering that there is only one can of chickpeas in the whole thing. I’m having red curry prawn and fish cakes for dinner that I will make when I get home and serve that with a big salad, probably continuing with the Thai flavours.

    I had my first ‘live’ session with the university last night. It was interesting. We haven’t been able to reconnect the broadband internet at home as the NBN was being installed so the technician came yesterday and we got it hooked up just in time. The connection is still terrible, mind you. The whole time I kept getting messages saying my internet is unstable. Ummmm, duh! I know this because the audio kept cutting in and out and so it was quite a task to follow it all. It is recorded so I can always play it back another time.

    So after, hardly any sleep on Sunday night, most probably due to an overfull belly, I slept really well last night. I still woke up about 5 times but went back to sleep each time.

    Anyway, enough about me.

    Lindsay, just saw your quick post. Thinking of you and hope you are doing ok.
    Neil, I’m also thinking of you and your Mum. I hope she continues to improve and can be released safely soon.

    OK, time to go start the mountain of work I have to do today. I had a half day yesterday so I could be home for the technician so there is a lot of catching up to do.

    My boss stayed away from work on Friday and yesterday but apparently him and his possibly infected son came back into work on Saturday! Obviously they are not too concerned but I’m still cranky at them! He will probably come into work today. Argh!

    Lots of exclamation marks there, hahahaha.

    Have a great day all and take care. xx

    Good morning,
    I think I might post in short bits today, as I have a little bits of time.

    Yes, it was just a mouthful of cake and I was able to enjoy it fully. But I did have a normal meal as well. Miso soup was just the thing yesterday, and today I get to eat the first beans (4 of them) from my garden. very exciting.

    NormaJan, you did express beautifully what makes 5:2 so easy and sustainable. What a marathon of calorie counting you did, and I expect it will serve you well, like you LJoyce, being able to make good choices a lot more easily than someone like me who has never been a calorie counter.

    Quacka cheers for your first study day, so glad you had enough (almost) internet. What a wonderful career path you will be able to make for yourself, and a nice change from shoes. Keep washing those hands around work, and good luck not touching your eyes nose and mouth between washes.

    Episode two in a little while 😉

    Good morning all

    My FD went well, but I woke early with an appetite. So unusually for me I had a very small bowl of homemade muesli & bran at 7:30am.
    As usual that means I want to keep snacking – so far I’ve had some stewed rhubarb & strawberries with a dollop of plain greek yoghurt and a handful of dried edamame beans. I just have to get through the next hour until lunch time without eating anything else. I’ve taken 1/2 chicken (that I skinned and covered in tandoori spices and yoghurt before freezing) out of the freezer. I’ll cook it tonight and make a warms salad of beans, broccolini and asparagus with lemon oil to go with it. The other half of that will work well as a cold dinner the following night. We are having a last hurrah of warm weather with 29C today and then 2 days in the 30s before we get back to autumn temperatures, so this is my last chance to have a cold salad and actually enjoy it – for me that requires a warm day.

    Quacka, I hope your boss’ behaviour doesn’t create undue risk for you and the other staff – is it possible to say something – the business won’t function if all the staff all get sick.

    NormaJ, as Cinque has already mentioned I also did a similar exercise of daily calorie counting and weighing – both during a 3 year period where I lost a lot of weight and then the next 2 years of maintenance (I even tracked macro nutrients for a while too). I hope your monitoring provided you with lots of useful information too.
    The process showed me how little direct correlation there is between calorie intake and what I weigh from day to day – over time there are definite trends but as a daily measure it tells me little. It’s left me with a resistance to calorie counting and weighing, although I still keep a food diary without calorie counts and I weigh roughly monthly. The most useful thing that the daily recording process showed me was that I can’t use the TDEE calculators as they overestimate my calorie needs by about 16.5% That certainly explained finally, why I’ve I’ve always gained weight more easily than the rest of my family.

    Thin, commiserations on dealing with that many meals out – that would have had me in a a mad panic.

    Hello to everyone else.
    Have a good day.

    LJoyce all power to you getting through the rest of the day. Do thin soups (not you Thin 😉 ) help? That’s the best for me when I have the munchies. (And soda water with a slice of lemon). You’ve got a yummy lunch coming up.

    Lindsay, glad to see your quick post. Sending lots of good wishes.

    Thin, SO many feasts. Hope you can enjoy them and make good choices and hope the scales will behave themselves too.

    Hi Betsy, hope it is a good day for you.

    Neil it will be a relief for your mum when she can get home, but she will be so tired and I expect everything she goes to do will be difficult. So glad the hospital is looking after her well. Sending lots of good wishes.

    Cheers now.

    Morning all, day after FD for me too and I’m not feeling hungry yet either, Quacka. Managed to drop a tidy 900g yesterday. And good news, the couple we were going out with tonight have cancelled the meal (on my suggestion) as they are both high risk of being ‘done in’ should they contract the virus. So, Cinque, my fridge triage is coming together nicely and I’m out of the woods on the scales.

    LJ, good that you are still learning so much about what works for you. Restaurants have always filled me with dread since starting this WOL. I discovered that if I stick to fish and veggie options in restaurants, I’m less likely to stack on weight than if I order meat. I rarely touch bread or rice anyway so they don’t tempt me. If a plateful of chips arrives, I give a large handful away immediately. We never have starters or desserts or anything to drink except tap water. My brother, who used to own a restaurant, says that’s mean because cafes and restaurants make their profits from drinks. I don’t consider that my problem.

    Neil, good to read of your mum’s improvement and lack of activity on the CT scan.

    Hi all, good to read all your posts.

    Neilithicman, great that your mother is being well looked after, and that her CT scan was good. Congrats on the control and for the weight to have not gone up much. That’s really good progress.

    Hi Cinque, hope your home-grown beans were yum.

    Thin, great for you that at least one of your tempting meals has been cancelled. Aiming for restaurant meals of fish and veggies and giving away most of your chips sounds like a plan. I also choose the water option these days in restaurants. It’s healthier.

    Quacka, great that you were able to participate in your first internet session of oyur course. I hope that the NBN folk will be able to improve your connections, though.

    Caught up with a friend today for lunch – just simple sandwiches, but it really affected my self-control for the rest of the day, so it became a TDEE day. Just confirms that I do better if I don’t eat until later in the day. Looking forward to having a few FDs (FD, FD800, FD) over the next few days, as my weight is hovering and not going down. Measurements are, but not weight, which is slightly up from Saturday’s weigh-in. Hope that by this Saturday there will be movement down again.

    Keep well, friends!

    I called in at a supermarket to buy some fresh fruit while on my walk today. I have a habit of walking down every isle just for the extra steps. I found it interesting looking at where the various gaps were on the shelves. It’s not just loo paper that people buying – it’s kitty litter too (the giant bags in particular) – I had a bit of a giggle imagining those who couldn’t find any toilet rolls looking at the cat’s litter box and wondering if they’d fit in it.
    There was big gap where the tinned spaghetti and baked beans used to be, no powdered milk and also surprisingly the 2 litre bottles of vinegar were almost all gone. Either everyone had decided to start pickling their own veg – or more likely they are using it as a natural cleaner.

    Betsy, you are not alone in finding self control difficult the moment you break a pattern that works. I am the same. Start eating as late in the day as possible is rule I also need to stick to on any FD whether it’s 500 or 800.

    Note to those of you who bought air fryers last year:
    If you haven’t tried to make tandoori chicken in the airfryer I would strongly recommend it. I get chicken pieces, quarters or halves and remove most of the skin, wing tips and any excess fat. Make deep slashes in the meat down to the bone about 2.5cm apart. I use GFresh brand tandoori spice blend mixed with a little garlic powder added and combine it with greek yoghurt. I generously smear this into all of the slashes and over the entire surface and leave for several hours (or freeze for later use). (Tip – use latex gloves for this process unless you want orange stained hands!) I thawed this in the fridge overnight but it was still half frozen when I airfried it tonight. By the time the outside was dark and crispy the meat was cooked and tender and juicy – even the breast meat. I think it’s the closest you’ll get to tandoori chicken without a tandoor.

    FD800 for me tomorrow and then a FD500 Friday in preparation for Saturday’s temptations.

    Morning all

    I weighed in this morning up 500g to 88.4 kilos. That’s my second gain in a row and I have no idea why. I did plenty of exercise, ate reasonably well, didn’t have too much sugar. I’ll have to think on this one.

    LJ, the main items missing from the shelves here are pasta, hand sanitiser and soap. Can you believe the PO was selling 100ml bottles of sanitiser for £9.99. DD reported that her only village store was out of TP. I’m guessing no-one really knows why they need to stock up on that but they’d better follow Australia’s lead just in case. One of our fund managers is partly invested in an Aussie toilet roll company – but the share price is in the toilet!

    A lady in a public toilet commented that her hands were getting sore with ‘all this hand-washing’. I wanted to ask what was going on before – didn’t people wash their hands until now? Why would you suddenly need to stock-pile hand soap?

    Betsy, I agree about sticking to what works. There’s a lot out there to derail us. Our job is to fight back.

    Neil, I can’t help. Except that you’ve perhaps switched from 5:2 to 6:1 recently?

    Good morning,
    woke up early and so got to look at the extraordinary moon.

    Neil, I’d blame the scales. (ofcourse).

    Oh dear, I am such an emotional eater. My TV aerial stopped working last week and since it sits in a wonky way at the top of the flats with an old wonky wire coming down through the wall into my living room, I thought it was stuffed and would be difficult to fix. But my neighbour sorted it (hmm, I had moved it so wires crossed and made the circuit so small it was working as a teeny tiny weak aerial). Anyway, I was so relieved I got the munchies and ate a big handful of cashews before I remembered writing THAT VERY MORNING that some soup or soda water was a good trick for me. Better late than never.

    Thin, haha congrats on the fridge triage, re-sorting your feasts and out of the woods on the scales.

    Fascinating supermarket reports. The government is about to announce measures to make sure covid19 doesn’t overwhelm our health system, and it sounds as if they will be excellent ones.

    Betsy thanks, I loved the fresh beans.
    Isn’t it hard that one sandwich can mess up our eating. I am the same. I’ve got a feeling I need a completely emotionally stable life with no social eating to manage properly. Oh dear!
    Fingers crossed your next weighing morning you feel wonderfully light and floaty and it shows on the scales.

    LJoyce that tandoori chicken sounds SO GOOD!

    Thin haha, so many of us got so slack about the hand washing that was expected of people back a couple of generations ago. It is definitely back in fashion. I have been pretty good at handwashing, but until I started learning food safety, I was probably washing about a quarter of the recommended time. Luckily I have upped the time the last few years but still avoided rubbing my skin raw.

    Fast day today for me. An easy one with cuppas and soup through the day.

    Cheers all

    Good morning….it’s a lovely sunny day in Sydney today

    Neil, don’t worry about that gain. You haven’t overeaten or done anything wrong so I wouldn’t waste precious brain cells pondering.

    I’ve been derailed by the catering here at the training centre. Luckily today is the last day I need to be here so I can go back to my normal routine. The scales certainly punished me this morning. Sigh. We are going down the coast again this weekend so I have Friday off (yay!). I can’t remember if I mentioned that we are having a forum catch-up (from the labrador friends forum) with a couple from Canberra. I have been chatting to her for a couple of years and now we will meet in person for the first time. They are staying with us in my Sister’s house and bringing their labrador of course…so Maxx will have a playmate and HOPEFULLY not bug the humans as much as he did when we were down there a couple of weeks ago. He and the lab from Canberra actually have a common ancestor so they are distant cousins.

    LJ, how funny that you posted about tandoori chicken. Hubby is in the middle of building a tandoor oven because we love it so much! I’ll take a photo when it is done but it’s coming together nicely.

    I too am a terrible emotional eater Cinque and it doesn’t take much to set me off. As proof is the fact that I have not come close to reaching goal even after all this time. I won’t give up though

    Your boss deserves a smack Quacka – what an idiot. I’m so sorry that you couldn’t get up to see your parents and I also hope you get some more good night’s sleep soon

    Lovely to hear from you Lindsay, how are you going?

    LJ and Cali – I did a test recently on my Huawei about sleeping. I woke up and it said I had 7 hours and 59 minutes sleep so I lay back down and counted to 60 and checked it again. Sure enough, now it said 8 hours! It counts lying there wide awake as sleeping so it really isn’t a good indicator to use.

    Thin, it must have been nice to have DD come and stay and happy belated birthday to Mr Thin. Is it warming up over there now? It is starting to get cool in the mornings and evenings here.

    How lucky were hubby and I with our travel timing? We completely missed the devastating bush fires and made it back in time to beat Covid-19. I’m so sad to see what is happening in the places we loved in Italy e.g. Venice. I saw St Mark’s square on the news last night and it was deserted. People must be so scared.

    Time to get ready for training, have a great day everyone

    Anzac, lovely to read your post, yes, you were lucky with your travel timing. What a great weekend you will have meeting those forum friends. Is Maxx looking forward to meeting a forum buddy too or have they not yet been introduced online? Thanks for your good wishes for OH, his birthday is still to come this week. It will be low key and probably partially spent taking the boat round to the larger marina next door to pump out our waste tank. Too much information? Yes, it is warming up now – today was 15C, a heat wave! We will begin our ‘constant cruising’ in two weeks. So, where are you with your 5:2 goals? Can we have an update?

    Cinque, you are funny. You didn’t snack when the aerial was on the blink but you did celebrate with food once your neighbour fixed it! I’m pleased there are some sensible plans in the making to help prevent overwhelming the Aussie health system. Here, they are hoping to ‘delay’ Covid-19 spread so that the worst of the winter-related hospitalisations are already passed.

    Thanks Thin. My 5:2 update is that I am struggling to get back into it with any consistency. The weight I put on during the holiday is sticking to my ribs and then I put on about another 1.5 kilos whilst trying to lose it but thankfully that was kicked off during my very good week last week. So I’m still hovering around 87 kilos which is 4 kilos from my lowest weight. I refuse to go back into the 90’s! It simply won’t happen. If it did I can see me sliding back up to 98 which was my heaviest and that would be too dreadful to contemplate.

    Yes. I am a human yoyo.

    So not good but I’m not giving up as I mentioned. After this weekend we have absolutely nothing planned socially for weeks and weeks so that will be a good time to get the head space back on track.

    Good afternoon all.

    I messed up another appointment today. I showed up for a GP appointment at the right time – just a day early! Waste of time and petrol but as usual I got there early and went and got to go for a walk on the lovely tree lined streets, so all was not lost.

    Pretty warm here today and today – I’m hoping this is the last of the 30s temps for while – I much prefer the 20s.

    Anzac, I too am finding the weight gain from late last year much harder to shift than I’ve experienced in the past. I’m not sure what’s changed now.
    I’m not sure about having my own tandoor – I’d be gorging on naan bread every night!
    You are right about your travel – I was just thinking today that you got the trip done just in time.

    Thin, the cruising expedition sounds like fun. Can you moor the boat overnight in lots of spots or do you have to get to specific places to be allowed to stop?
    I did notice the pasta shelves – apart from the cheap homebrand stuff that was mostly empty there was plenty of pasta on the shelves in the supermarket I checked out. I watch the Adam Hills comedy show “The Last Leg” each week and a couple of nights ago he was having a go at his fellow Australians for the great toilet paper shortage.
    I too am finding I need to use hand cream a little more. I have always been more of a hand washer than most others I know, but I find I’m adding even more washes than usual.

    Neil, don’t expect scales to be logical or fair – they do not know the meaning of those words.

    Cinque, it sound like cashews are your “go to” food for naughty eating.
    Thanks for the suggestion of using soup to get through the afternoons. The only time that works in is really cold weather and to be honest I always mentally compare to I want a cup of miso soup or a cup tea – guess what usually wins?

    I will go for another short walk later, once the heat of the day is over – I need to go and fill some prescriptions. Because most ingredients in medications are made in China and India I am worried about having interrupted supply. So I’m getting my regular scrips filled every 21 days instead of buying just-in-time like I usually do. I’m trying to gradually build up to having a 3-4 week supply on hand just in case. It will take a couple of months to achieve this. I had been going to start this process anyway because I wanted to take 2 full months of medications away with me in September and if you get scrips too early they don’t count towards the safety net.

    Anzac, it sounds like you’re a long way off your heaviest. I hope you can get back into the rhythm now that your socialising is winding down.

    LJ, we’ve been in a private marina until now and taken week-long cruises up and down the canal to get to know the boat. We can moor just about anywhere on the 2000 mile network. As ‘constant cruisers’, the rule is that we can stay up to 14 nights unless otherwise posted and then we have to move on.

    Hi everyone, have completed a 350-400 cal FD and the kitchen is now closed. I’ll indulge a little more tomorrow and probably get to about 800 cals, then aim for another FD on Friday. Fortunately, no more lunchtime meals for a while.

    Interesting re the Covid-19 that recently 7 people have returned from the U.S. and promptly developed symptoms of the virus. The docs say that the timing means they picked it up in Western U.S., probably California, which makes one wonder about the virus checking that is or is not happening over there. CalifDreamer, stay well!

    Anzac65, hang in there, you can lose the weight again. Hope you, OH and Maxx have a lovely meet up with your Canberra forum friends.

    Thin, enjoy your boat travels. Will you be travelling for the whole of the summer?

    LJoyce, agree, it’s interesting checking out the supermarket shelves and working out what has been the most recent popular panic buy. One friend suggested that UHT and powdered milk have become another of the disappearing products.
    I agree with you re meds, too. I’ve been ensuring that I have an adequate supply of everything. One additional med that I bought last month was ventolin ampoules. At the end of last winter, after I had the flu followed by asthma yet again (having had the same combination in 2018), my doctor suggested I invest in a ventolin pump, which I did. He also gave me a script for the ventolin ampoules and told me to get it filled when necessary. It seems like the right time now. The expiry date of the ventolin is April 2022, so it will still be okay for next winter, if not needed in the next few months.

    Cinque, yep, crossing my fingers re a loss this Saturday after 3 FDs. The weight is hovering, but my measurements have been going down, so I can’t complain too much. I’d still like my hip measurement to be lower, but really I’m going okay, and doing much better this year than last; so much less pressure as I’m still on “leave of absence” from my studies.
    Talking of which, my supervisor situation has finally been resolved, and the person I had hoped would be willing to take me on has agreed, yay! My current 2 supervisors will continue as secondary, or associate supervisors. I imagine that most of my communication will be with them, rather than Philip.

    Goodnight all!

    Hi everyone – back to work for me on Friday – new job so starting to prepare 🙂 Food wise I think I will be ok – I skip breakfast and have black tea and coffee so that’s easy and there is a little supermarket very close by that sells salads and stuff if I get stuck.

    🙂 It’s nice to see so much activity here 🙂

    Anzac, now that your holiday and some of the socializing is over, it will be a good time to get back into a regular 5:2 rhythm. The trip with the dogs sounds fun, especially meeting someone you’ve known from the lab forum. Maxx should be delighted. He’s already used to other dogs from his doggie daycare while you were traveling

    Thin, it’s nice that you can moor anywhere you want along the 2000 mile canal network. Is it pretty safe to leave the boat and travel inland for a few days if you want when you’re not in a marina? It sounds like it will be a real adventure.

    Betsy, I’ve been eating less just out of stress these past several days due to the concern about the virus. Our government has not done a good job of making tests available so there’s no way to know how many people have been exposed but not showing symptoms. We also seem to be getting mixed messages from the CDC and the president. Judging from posts on social media, too many people think it’s not any more serious than the flu from recent years or that the whole thing is just a political scare tactic and I fear many aren’t taking adequate precautions. There were 153 active known cases in California yesterday. I’m very worried.

    Betsy, well done, a good FD behind you. Yes, we’ll be on the move all summer.

    CalifD, the canals are generally very safe but you get incidences of vandalism nearer large cities. Pranksters have been known to untie mooring lines which can endanger narrow boaters. I’m guessing that it would be hard to break in to this steel vault! We’ll probably limit our excursions to day trips; I’m interested in visiting National Trust properties and other heritage interests that I could never afford to do when I lived here forty odd years ago as a struggling uni student. It is expected that large swathes of the population will soon be out of work and that there’ll be elements who, having nothing, will help themselves to what they need/want. For this reason, we’re planning to take the ‘back roads’ in the immediate future. We took a huge delivery today, including toilet paper & pasta and we feel we could be self-sufficient for some weeks.

    CalifD, stay off social media. People talk rubbish. Try to get information from accredited health organisations, not politicians. Don’t worry! You only have that Amazon delivery man to deal with and you can keep him at arm’s length.

    Good morning from Melbourne’s last blast (maybe) of summer, but a civilised 30C here so I can enjoy it.

    Lovely morning after fast day for me. I’ve a yummy breakfast planned and for lunch I want to make these https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WRj0tPEjcBY&t=321s to accompany whatever it is I pulled out of the freezer, and salad. Yes a 2 ingredient flatbread made of half sweet potato and half flour.

    Anzac 1) yes didn’t you time your trip perfectly! and 2) Oh dear sympathy for the catering temptations. You have a really difficult work environment for food. But I think you are doing well, plugging on is the main road to success, and as you go you do identify problems and come up with solutions. And if an easy time comes, you can take advantage of it.

    Thin, it wasn’t so much happiness that set off my eating binge (a short little one thankfully) as the huge relief of tension I didn’t know I had after days with the voice in my head saying “You’ll be alright, FTA TV is no big deal, if you want it fixed you’ll be able to afford it, just work out the next step, you can do it.” And then when it was fixed it was like a bung out of a balloon and I just went haywire. (Okay mixed metaphors 😀 )

    I’m looking forward to hearing all your summer adventures on the canals.

    LJoyce, good luck with that appt today. better a day early than a day late!
    Oh yes, I remember now that you are not a summer souper. And haha yes, lovely tea. I am about to have another cup of it.
    Sensible work getting your meds sorted.

    Betsy what a careful week you have. Surely your scales will love you for it.
    Hooray that you have your supervisors sorted, it will make it much more enjoyable to get back to your research. And you’ll be glad to have the ventolin etc on hand in case you need it.

    NormaJan, do you get one day at your new job, and then the weekend to recover from it? I hope it goes brilliantly.

    Cali, so sorry you are feeling so stressed. I do know a lot of the US (Mr President) are treating it as if it is just the flu, but Northern Italy has been a good lesson to the world re the result of that thinking, and countries are gearing up more realistically now. And one thing about the US is that once it does gear up it does it really well.
    I am so glad that you are well set up in a safe house with everything you could need if you do need to stay at home for a couple of weeks. And isn’t it wonderful that soap and water is such a good preventative.
    Fingers crossed you are stressed enough to eat lightly, just enough for it to be good for your health, and that your anxiousness reminds you not to touch your eyes, nose and mouth while you are out and about. That’s what I am working on. (Let’s hope when its over that we don’t do the balloon bung and haywire eating!)

    Haha Thin re Amazon deliveries!

    Okay 9am, time to make breakfast. Cheers 5:2ers.

    Thin and Cinque, my DS works outside the house but only about 20 people in the office. Better than a big company I guess. Amazon doesn’t deliver fresh food here, but I can order grains and pet food and other dry items from them. There are stores nearby and I try to go early in the day if necessary, when they aren’t busy.

    Cinque, I think you’ve coined a new phrase, ‘balloon bug and haywire eating’ which is indeed a thing! I hope that doesn’t happen when this thing all calms down. I’m glad you got your tv working again.

    NormaJ good luck with the new job. It’s great that you have a little supermarket nearby where you can get salads and such. I’ve learned to drink coffee black on FD’s too. And tea I always drink black or with lemon juice added. We still have lots of Meyers Lemons on the tree in our garden. It was a good year for them. They last a long time on the tree if it doesn’t freeze or get too warm.

    Neil, how is your mum doing today? Hopefully she has therapy sessions to get her back to normal.

    Take care, everyone. Stay well.

    Good morning – another sunny day in Sydney. I hope it stays around for the weekend so the dogs and humans can go for some nice walks down the coast

    I’m back in the city today so no more catering and next week back into 5:2 with a bullet. My Dad is going on his bi-annual trip into the country to stay with friends tomorrow so I can do my preferred Monday and Wednesday FD’s as he won’t be over for the usual Monday dinner. He’ll be gone for about 6 weeks so a nice stretch of time for him. He absolutely loves this trip and never stops talking about it

    Cali, I am also starting to feel anxious about Covid-19. I was ok until I saw what has happened in Italy plus a lady on the labrador friends forum flew to Frankfurt from London yesterday and said Frankfurt airport was a ghost town. She was the only person in Passport control! It is very serious if a major airport is deserted. I hate catching the train at the best of times but right now I just want to put a bag over my head and stop breathing in case someone sitting near me has it. Is that ridiculous? I really don’t know. I would hopefully be ok given my age and health but imagine if I accidentally passed it onto someone who became seriously ill?

    Yesterday the entire project team (about 100 people) worked from home to test what would happen if the Bank declares that everyone must WFH due to Covid-19. Those of us doing training were exempt of course as it is hard to do face-to-face training if you aren’t there! It all worked from a technical perspective and everyone used skype conferencing for their meetings. Just the fact that the Bank is taking these measures makes it all a bit more frightening.

    Anyway, enough gloom. I’m so happy your supervisor situation has been sorted Betsy and how wonderfully well you are going with this WOL right now. Whoo Hoo!

    NormaJ – a new job is daunting. I am a contractor so regularly move from one Bank/Financial Institution to another and I still hate that first day. I hope it goes really well – do let us know 

    I’m very glad your t.v. has been sorted Cinque. I do love ‘bung out of balloon and I just went haywire’. It has a lovely lilt and perfectly describes what happens when we have a bit of a binge eat.

    Thin – I can’t wait to hear about your cruise adventures. I simply can’t fathom why someone(s) would get delight out of untying mooring lines. Idiots

    LJ, I am firmly of the belief that those of us who do things like turn up a day early for an appointment (I have done this a few times too) are higher in the intelligence spectrum. We are so busy filling our minds with really clever thoughts and coming up with marvellous ways of changing the world for the better we get a bit forgetful about the less important things such as appointments. Lol.

    How is your Mum going Neil? I hope she is recovering well.

    I hope you can get your internet working better Quacka, that must be very frustrating.

    Have a great day all

    Hi all, I’ve managed my FD800 today, so with a FD tomorrow, I’m hopeful that the scales will be kind to me on Saturday.

    Interestingly, this time back on the downward trail, my waist is getting smaller more quickly than before, but my hips are going down less quickly. Strange. Wonder if it’s because I’ve been doing more walking? Any ideas anyone?

    I had a lovely walk around our local shopping centre (mall) today – not much less busy than usual, and no-one bothering with masks. It was just interesting to wander into a couple of the supermarkets and see which products are now the “panic buys” 🙂 . Woollies in Victoria (not sure of other states) have now stated that if anyone wants a refund because they’ve overbought goods such as toilet paper (and a few other items), no refunds will be allowed – the shoppers can basically wear their stupidity (no, they didn’t put it like that, but that’s what they meant!).

    CalifDreamer, I wouldn’t be too concerned about the Covid-19 at this time, though it may get worse. The real concern is the 80+ age group, followed by the 70+ (which I now fit into), especially if they have complicating illnesses, but for most others, the majority just get mild cold-like symptoms. The death rate in Italy has been notably higher than in China as north Italy has a higher percentage of the population in the much older age brackets. Just a comment, 153 people in a California population of how many people? Not all that much of the virus around. Same here. Currently about 120 people in a population of 24 million. Try not to stress. I htink the media make it worse.
    Just of interest, has it been on the news over your way? Tom Hanks and his wife are now down with Covid-19 here in Queensland, sick 3 days after arrival, so they brought it with them from Hollywood – they’re both fine, feel like they have slight colds, but are in isolation so as not to spread the virus. A couple of our TV presenters have also had to self-isolate due to contact with them.

    Anzac65, interesting that your bank has done a test run on everyone working from home. I read that a few of the big banks in the States have been working on strategies for that to happen. Good that you’re back in the city now and can do your own catering.

    Cinque, glad you can settle down again foodwise now you’re past your first relief at having the antenna okay. No more balloon bung releases or haywire eating!

    Thin, sounds like you’ve worked out a good plan if everyone has to stop work, to go on the byways instead of main routes, and great that you are well-stocked with suitable food.

    NormaJan, hope the new job goes well for you. Keep up the good food choices.

    LJoyce, hope your GP appointment today went okay, and also that you have been able to get a few more of the meds you need.

    Goodnight all.

    Good Morning everyone, readers and lurkers all,

    Welcome to the newbies 5:2 ing or Fast 800 whichever you’re doing. You will get your answers here and you won’t regret your decision. On the news 2 days ago – results of a study on Intermittant Fasting – definite health benefits!

    Interesting times we’re living in. New territory for most of us. I’m thinking of you all, where ever you are, as we all learn more and put new practices and new habits into place, in all ways. Those new practices and habits are food-wise, drink-wise and now the extra health precautions, no shaking hands and not touching faces. Don’t know about you but those last 2 are the 2 I’m currently struggling a bit with, but perservering and practicing those habits to habituate them ASAP before it gets really serious around here. I live near a Uni with many overseas students and the non-appearance of a significant number is notable.
    The students are doing well at presenting to the campus Drs and only 1 has been off to hospital with suspected C19 – cleared fortunately. You could almost hear the sigh of relief go through the community.

    5:2/800 check-in:
    65.5kgs yesterday, 3.5kgs above my goal weight. In the last 2 weeks I’ve been up to 66.9kgs and down to 65.0kgs. I’m still struggling to keep stress eating at bay. After hitting 66.9kgs I did 3 days of ‘800’ – managing 900, 1000,1100 – so not perfect effort, but I didn’t have anything till 3pm each of those days, and that helped. I’m content with this and not stressing about it at all. I’ll still be working on getting into a proper Mon / Thurs 5:2 pattern again after March ends. Mr Merry is doing well health wise and weight wise.

    So grateful for Dr Mosely and this way of life.

    Oneards and Downwards, and stay well everyone.
    If you fall off the horse get back on.
    If you fall off the horse repeatedly (like me over the last year), get back on the horse repeatedly. 🙂
    Virtual hugs to everyone, elbow bumps, air kisses from a few feet, smiles and waves,
    Merry and Mr M

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