Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

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  • Cali, thanks for that link. I’m really pleased to see that it shows how to grow a scoby first. I just need to source an appropriate bottle of kombucha – the one I have is flavoured and they say not to use that.
    You wondered about the amount of sugar left in the konbucha. The commercial bottles that I have list the sugar content as 0 grams. In the ingredient list it includes sugar but states that all of the “sugar was fully consumed during the extended fermentation process”. It also seems that the bottle of kombucha I have is diluted, as they’ve combined the kombucha with sparking water, flavourings and stevia.

    Neil, I notice the same thing with having enough activity. My TDEE is too low for the amount I seem to naturally eat without exercise. It’s finding a balance that allows for moderate activity levels that can be tricky. Good luck with your Fast800. Good luck too in finding an exercise and eating balance that maintains your weight long term – that can take a while to get right and even then the wheels can fall off occasionally.

    Cinque, I’m sure the dips were a hit at your lunch – despite you being unhappy with the hummus.

    Lindsay, I concur – that recipe does look good. I also have an eggplant in the fridge but have other plans for it. I’m going to make Cinque’s roasted ratatouille.
    Commiserations on the dead microwave, I hope you find an economical replacement.

    Medical appointments were fine. I have to get my health care plan redone every 2 years, so it means having an ECG and lung function test first before seeing my GP to have the new plan finalised. This means it takes most of the morning.

    It’s a bit warm for walking here so I used the shopping centre net my GP to get some walking done after my appointments.

    Hope you are all having an enjoyable day.

    Hi friends

    Happy New year!! (Belated)

    We are in the beautiful Seychelle islands. I’m sorry for not posting but I’ve thought about you all a lot

    Hope everyone is well

    Morning all

    Morning Anzac, Seychelles looks awesome in all the pics I’ve seen of it. I hope you’re enjoying yourself.

    I weighed in down 2.1 kilos from last week weighing in at 87.6 kilos so I wiped out all but 200 grams of last week’s gain.

    Good morning,
    Another smoky day, but we are not suffering nearly as badly as some places (with the smoke, let alone everything else). They don’t count the burning areas in the pollution stakes because they aren’t big towns or cities, I guess.

    Cali, big good wishes that you can break that festive spell and get back into some nice lean 800 calorie days and feel easy and healthy.

    LJoyce, nice to have those appointments over and done with.

    Anzac, a treat to see your post.

    Neil, your usual quick efficient work! Congratulations.

    My dips did go well yesterday. It was a lovely day and I did manage to keep my liquid levels up, but it is hard to catch up with a whole family you love and haven’t seen all year, in a few hours, so I did over do it and eat too much snacky stuff and be upright too long etc, so having a good rest day today.

    Fast Day tomorrow!

    Sending best wishes to everyone. Do all the good things!

    Good morning all.

    Thanks to the cool change that came through last night and the nice breeze through the windows I slept very well. I can keep cool with airconditioning, but if the cool breeze is fresh air I seem to sleep better.

    Cinque, glad your family lunch went so well. Enjoy your rest day.

    Neil, congrats. It’s nice to know that the system that got your weight off can deal with lapses too.

    Anzac, have a lovely relaxing time in the Seychelles – a bit of a change of pace (and climate) from Europe.

    I was up early and did a shopping trip to Bunnings. I now have all the requirements for repotting the orchids that live on my kitchen windowsill.
    I also bought some seeds for autumn planting – parsnip and broad beans. I will plant purple sprouting broccoli, spinach and peas too. I normally have a flurry of planting and harvesting focussed on summer crops and then forget the winter ones. Well the ridiculous price of parsnips has given me the resolve to not do that this year.

    As it’s a lovely day I need to go for a walk too. With the heat, I’ve been doing short or indoor walking the last couple of days.

    Good Afternoon

    I have just read all the posts I have been missing out on (three full pages and a bit!) Lovely to catch up on what you have been doing.

    It was back at work for me on Monday and my first FD for three weeks! I am amazed at how quickly the weight piles back on with just three weeks of eating/drinking whatever I like and not exercising (much). The not fasting was my plan but the not exercising was due to the thick smoke in the air for most of the time I was off work. It was so thick at times that it made my eyes sting as soon as I went outside. There was no way I was going to exercise in that!
    Today is my second FD and this morning I resumed jogging. I walked yesterday but thought I better ease myself back into jogging. Well that changed when I stepped on the scale this morning (the first time for over a week) and saw a number I never expected to see again. Back to jogging….. When I came back from exercising the scale showed .9kg less LOL. Great but I still have a few more to go.
    Anyway putting all that holiday period behind me and looking forward to another great 5:2 year.

    Words can’t begin to describe the fires Australia is experiencing. I hope you are all ok now as some of them are getting under control.
    The Gospers mountain one came quite close to my parents’ house but thankfully they didn’t have to evacuate. The smoke has been really thick up there too which has been hard on them also.
    We have been safe during all this despite one day receiving text message warnings. We are surrounded by water on three sides and have cow paddocks on the other so should be ok. There is only one way in/out so that day the authorities closed the road. We were concerned about flying embers as the winds have been extremely strong, so we were keeping an eye out for them. All was ok thankfully.

    Thank you to those asking about my Dad. He has lost a bit more weight but is still going ok, although he rarely gets out of bed now. It’s really hard to see him like this. I’ve never experienced anyone going through a terminal illness before and I hope that he doesn’t suffer for too long. I also think about my Mum all the time too. She is the strongest woman I know but I can see it taking it’s toll on her too. Damn you, cancer.
    Our friend with cancer is also nearing his last stage. Treatment is not working for him now and the only other option is a really bad treatment that will make him extremely sick and covered in sores. Not something he wants his young sons to go through. He’s only 53 years old.
    On the weekend we found out another friend lost her husband suddenly on Christmas Eve. He was 75 years old but had just received a clean bill of health three weeks earlier. He felt unwell and went and laid down and had passed away less than 15 minutes later.
    Sorry for all the bad news.
    When our FDs get a bit tough we will remember why we are doing them. It’s not just to look and feel better, it’s also for our health. We want to be here to enjoy our lives, and our families, for as long as we possibly can. So grateful for this WOL.

    On a lighter note, our ensuite is half finished. We have had a bit of a journey with this one! It all started with the quote from the tiler. The price he gave us came back ridiculously high, like more than double what we expected. That ended up being sorted out (he had quoted us for both bathrooms in error).
    Then the people putting up the gyprock failed to cut out a hole for the power point, which we only noticed after the tiler had put on all the wall tiles! That resulted in a frantic call to the electrician and he rushed out to help us sort that problem out. The only thing we could do was to cut a smallish hole (about the size of an ipad) in the spare room wall on the other side and come though from there.
    Then, and yes there is lots more, OH’s stepfather called to arrange to come and install the vanity and toilet (he had already done the plumbing work before the tiling was done). He asked us to check something on the vanity and when we opened up the box it was the wrong size! As they are custom made we had to order a new one which we have been waiting almost two weeks for! This was the fault of the plumbing place we ordered the vanity through.
    Next, when OH’s stepfather came to install the toilet he discovered the plumbing was not in the right place. A bit of a huge problem when it’s all in the wall and the tiling had been finished already. The boys had to chip a tile off the wall (a 600mm x 300mm, big tile!) and move the plumbing and then cut a tile, put it in place, re grout and try and make it look like it had never altered. They have done an amazing job actually. This error happened because we had the specs for two different toilets and OH had given the wrong sheet to his stepfather to work from. An easy error when the names of the toilets only differed by one word in the heading!
    Then (uh huh) the boys thought they would install the shower rail while the stepfather was there as they couldn’t finish off the toilet until it was all dry. It was then I heard some very loud swearing from both of them. I had been hiding away in the kitchen (making pesto with my garden fresh basil, Cinque) but thought I had better check on them. OH was so angry he couldn’t even voice to me what had happened but luckily stepfather could. OH had had the shower rail upside down when they marked out the measurements for the plumbing so unfortunately the hole where the water comes out was in the totally wrong place. So, yes, back into the spare room for a much larger hole to be made in the wall for the problem to be fixed. This hole about the size of a large suitcase. No wonder OH was not happy. He always says he hates renovations, I can see why. He now has a wall to fix in the spare room and a whole room to repaint. Great.
    It is unbelievable how many things have gone wrong with this tiny bathroom. Me being ever optimistic, tried to find something positive to come out of all this… at least all these errors have been made before we do the main bathroom! That is the saga (so far) of the ensuite.

    Anyway I had better go and do some more work. It’s my usual lunchtime now and I need some lettuce or salad mix to go with homegrown salad veggies for dinner but I’m not sure if I want to go to the supermarket as I am feeling really hungry right now. I’m worried I may succumb and buy something to eat.

    No nonsense, non-negotiable FD today. I WILL stick with it.

    Hi Quacka, lovely to hear from you. The renovations sound like a bit of a drama, but it will all fade into the past (hopefully) once you have your new bathroom done – and had that hole in the bedroom wall fixed.
    I see you are joining those of us that had a rude shock on the scales after christmas. A bit of regular fasting will hopefully sort it out – although I suspect most of us will take a bit longer than Neil did.
    Sorry to hear you have been dealing will so much illness with family and friends.

    Good Morning everyone

    Well it was my first week of back to 5:2 and yesterday was my first failed FD for the year 🙁
    Never mind, I can’t turn back the clock to yesterday so I will only look forward. I considered trying another one today but I remembered doing that last year after a failure and then also failing that one too. That made me feel worse than ever. So my next FDs are Monday and Wednesday and I am actually looking forward to them.

    I will get back into the swing of things because I will not give up.

    On a happier note, we woke up to the sound of rain on the roof! It was a nice gentle rain but a lot more than a sprinkle and lasted about half an hour. So beautiful.
    We are expecting more over the next few days,so says the BOM and I really hope they are right.

    Wishing you all a happy weekend x

    Big thunderstorms yesterday evening, drenching rain, followed by waves of delight from the garden, cicadas waking up and making a huge noise, and air quality at comparatively lovely ‘unhealthy’ level.

    Thanks for sending the rain and cool change over, LJoyce! I slept much better too. So did Miso the cat.

    I’m sad the rain didn’t get to Mallacoota though.

    It is lovely fast day for me today!

    LJoyce, won’t your orchids be happy to be repotted (I know they are best restricted, but they must love to stretch their roots out after a while!).
    They are warning of 50% price rises in vegetables because of the fires, so I had better start thinking about Autumn planting too! It used to be that the winter veggies go in on Australia Day (a couple of generations ago) but it might need to be a bit later now. However, need to get them to seedlings stage first!
    I hope you got a lovely outside walk.

    Quacka, so GLAD to see your post, and what a wonderful catch up it is.
    Oo wouldn’t it be lovely if every jogging session took off nearly a kilo! Haha.

    Oh dear, the last thing your parents needed was to have to worry about fire evacuations etc. I am so glad that terrible fire didn’t come any closer.
    I am glad to hear news of your dad, it is a sad, uncanny, sacred time. It is hard for you to have so much death around you, so much sadness and shock. I hope it is a gentle time for a bit, with perspective it does become all part of the weave.

    Oh dear all those renovating dramas, and poor Mr Quacka, I know he is a talented, careful and expert worker, no wonder he was so pissed off with those mistakes, especially that upsidedown one! It is a sign of the stress you have been under, I do hope for a gentle time so the work can be finished nice and straightforwardly!

    Well, I am off to make a) coffee b) dashi and c) put some bread to start (first rise today, second rise and cooked tomorrow, ready for Saturday morning breakfast). I haven’t felt like doing the chunky vegetable additions yet, but I am going to cook and mash some pumpkin to add.

    Lindsay, LJoyce, did your eggplant dishes work? Mine did, woot! Even though I doctored the recipe a bit. Hooray, because it made it easier. It will be waiting for me to have another helping tomorrow!

    Quacka, just saw your latest post. Hooray for the rain, and commiserations for your failed fast day. It has been this years theme I think, that people are finding it is a bit of a process getting back into 5:2 after the feasting season. We’ll be cheering you on Monday! You have the perfect philosophy so you will be fine.

    Cheers all

    Morning all, Everyone’s into eggplant recipes at the moment. I tried out a coconut/peanut eggplant curry last night. It was pretty popular. I was going to take the leftovers for lunch today but when I got up in the morning my wife had woken up earlier and eaten it all 🙁 https://www.olivemagazine.com/recipes/quick-and-easy/coconut-and-peanut-aubergine-curry/

    Good to see you guys have had a bit of rain to get some relief, hopefully you’ll get a bit more during the rest of the week.

    Have a great day everyone

    Good afternoon

    Went out for morning tea and am pleased to say I restrained myself and just had a pot of tea. I put together a plate of raw veg, cottage cheese and a hard boiled egg for lunch and it hit the spot nicely. It needs to get me though the afternoon and babysitting.

    Neil, it would appear your boys aren’t the only one’s who deprive you of leftovers.
    Thanks for that link, not only did I copy the recipie you made I found others that I’d like to make too.

    Quacka, glad you are getting some rain. Hopefully you’ll be back into the swing of FDs soon.

    Cinque, You are welcome on the cool change. I did well, managed to keep it here and send it your way! I think we have a week of cool temps – no rain here though.
    I didn’t give the orchids larger pots, just new ones – now all matching.
    My eggplant is still in the fridge, the baked ratatouille is on the agenda for Saturday.

    I made the Greek gigantes dish last night and did an quicker stove top version – still delicious though. Not sure which ancient cook it was that discovered that tomatoes and cinnamon go together, but they deserve a hug. There is something about that combination that makes my toes curl with delight. When I has in high school I remember watching a friend’s Greek mother adding cinnamon to a tomato dish she was cooking and thinking it was weird – until I tasted it. I’ve been a convert ever since, I love that deep warm note that it adds to the flavour. I’d grown up in a home where cinnamon was strictly used for desserts and baking and it was a revelation to know it could be a savoury spice too.

    Time I got some exercise. Sitting in a coffee shop all morning has done nothing for my step count!

    Hi all, Cheviot, Thursday evening.

    Still warm and sunny here, been hovering around 18/19’c all day, but with a coolish wind, just can’t seem to lose that wind, it really cools down the evenings so we can’t enjoy them outside. Moved on today after about 10 days just north of the city, had so many little things to see to, like hospital appointments, watching the T20 cricket at the Hagley Oval, and stuff done on the truck and van! OH collected his new bike yesterday, so with having been given the all clear with his prostate it’s all go on the cycling tomorrow. He’s got a trip planned out to the beach at Gore Bay, around (hopefully not over)Cathedral cliffs! Should be fun.

    Had our first weekly weigh in this morning and we both lost just over a kilo each, I’m down to 77.9 from 79 so a great start, long may it continue. Of course the first milestone will be 75 so hope to be there soon!

    Those eggplant recipes sound great, I might have to try some of them, I find it such a bland flavoured vegetable, it really needs lots of flavour added to it. Mind you, I do have my herb trough travelling with me, so we do have some flavour, need to do another one now with some different flavours, am missing my fresh chives!

    So sorry to hear about all your renovation woes Quacka, been there, done that, annoying, frustrating and energy zapping it may seem, but it will all be worth it in the end! Awful to hear of your sad news too, I had an awful phone call from Mum, just before Xmas about Dad, he ended up in hospital, but is on the mend now. It appears to have been a mild stroke so he is off all medication bar one and he seems a lot better. We put this years travel plans on hold though, just in case. Funny how I just expect them both to live forever…….

    So glad you got some rain Cinque, you so badly need it, the picture you painted sounded lovely.

    Congratulation Neil on the continued weight loss, hope you enjoyed your time at Millers Flat with the boys, so much to do there and so very safe for children.

    Glad you are enjoying the Seychelles Anzac, you so deserve it!!

    The wind has finally abated slightly at 8pm!!!!

    Enjoy the rest of your Thursday everyone,


    Morning all,

    LJoyce, yes the eggplant recipe came from a site called “41 best eggplant recipes” so there was a couple that I was interested in. Next time I’m going to try the tomato lentil eggplant curry 😋

    Turnabout Well done on the post-Christmas loss. It seems like everyone in this forum let their hair down over Christmas. I would say congrats on the T20 win as well, but since your win meant we missed out on a home final, I think I’ll just say 😛

    Last day of being on my own at work, I’m looking forward to getting my workmate back next week. In the meantime I’m getting my bike serviced today ready for a weekend ride or two.

    Have a great day everyone.

    Good air quality today. Lovely and cool too.

    My fast day was a good one. I didn’t get round to cooking the pumpkin, so I did my English muffin recipe instead, which means I got muffins for breakfast. My recipe makes 12 so I have plenty more in fridge and freezer to keep me going for a while.

    Ooh yum Neil, that recipe looks delicious. No wonder Mrs Neil got up early to scrape the bowl!

    LJoyce, I bet the orchids look beautiful on your windowsill in their matching pots!
    It was lovely to see your gigantes recipe on the legumes thread, I have made it, and I love how the kitchen smells cooking it! What a lovely point about cinnamon in savoury dishes!

    Turnabout, how wonderful to see and read your post! Cheviot looks such a lovely place to be. Congratulations to you and Mr T on kilos lost, and I am glad his prostate check went so well.
    Yes, eggplant needs lots of flavour to suck up, and long cooking to make it silky soft. Nothing as disappointing as flavourless rubbery eggplant!
    How nice to have herbs with you, I hope you can get some chives in too, they are such a lovely addition to things, no wonder you miss them.
    Hope the wind is still gentle!

    Enjoy your quiet day at work Neil, I am quiet here today, too. Nothing I HAVE to do, but hoping I can work my way through some of the 1,000’s of things I could do.

    First… filing.

    No, first… coffee 😉

    Cinque, so glad to hear you got a lot of rain. Too bad it didn’t clear out all of the smoke, but maybe you had more later. All of Australia needs some big rain. What we read here about the fires is frightening. It will take a long time to recover from this summer.

    LJ, I usually think of cinnamon in sweet dishes too, using only very small amounts in savory dishes. I’ll have to try it with cooked tomatoes. It does sound good. I’m not doing very well on our 2020 walking challenge, but I’m determined to catch up. I just feel so slow lately. My to-do lists each day are short but I barely get into them. Maybe it’s the cold weather. I have a bad case of the blahs. And gaining weight over the past few months hasn’t helped.

    Quacka, I’m sorry to hear all the sad news. I hope you’ll be able to visit your parents again soon.
    We are still undecided on a granite or quartz pattern or color. OH and I went to look at slabs yesterday but it was so cold in that big warehouse that all I could think about was getting back in the nice warm car. We did see a couple of “maybes” though. I’m sorry to hear about all the problems you’re having with finishing yours. Just having things torn apart is such a mess.

    Anzac, so glad to hear you’re having a wonderful, relaxing time on holiday. You certainly deserve it.

    Neil, thank you for the eggplant recipe. I love eggplant but didn’t have any curry recipes for it. That one sounds good.

    Today is my Thursday FD. I usually do well on FD’s but NFD’s are still a problem. All of my good intentions seem to fade by dinner time. I hate counting calories every day. WW apparently has a few flexible plans that count points. They include free foods that are 0 points which are basically whole foods without much added. Anything not on the list has a point value. There are websites about it all over the place, giving the basic idea. (I quickly lose interest in meetings.) I think I’ll try that for my NFD’s for a while and see if it will get me on track. I can’t seem to stick to 800 calorie days. 2 days of counting calories on FD’s is enough. I just need to break the overeating on NFD’s habit.

    Stay well, everyone.

    Good afternoon everyone.

    I’ve been for my walk and managed to go to the Telstra shop and arrange for my internet service to move over to the NBN. Thankfully I didn’t have to choose a different package I was able to keep the data allowance and cost the same.

    I also called in to the green grocer and they had beautifully fresh eggplant for $2.99 kg. I now have 5 of them in the fridge – what was I thinking! I’m going to have to make several of those eggplant recipies now. Tomorrow I’ll make Cinque’s baked ratatouille and I think I might add cubes of haloumi too so that it’s a complete meal. I also plan on making that coconut peanut eggplant curry that Neil posted the link too, although I decided it would be good with the addition of oyster mushrooms, so I also bought some of those to go in it.

    For those of you who use konjac rice, I saw a new product in the supermarket today. https://imgur.com/k9PioAM The packs contain 2 small tubs of konjac rice – two single serves. This might make them more useful than the slendier version which is 2 serves in a bag – fine if someone else is eating it too, but not as useful if you just want one portion for a FD.

    Neil I’m going to have to have another look at that website as I think even the 2 eggplant recipes I’ve chosen won’t be enough to use the 5 I have in the fridge.

    Turn, I had to look up Cathedral cliffs – it looks like a pretty spot, enjoy.

    Cinque, enjoy that coffee, and filing! Oh and the muffins – yum.
    The orchids look well very cared for now, although only 2 plants are still in flower at the moment. There will be a flurry of new flower spikes in autumn-winter when the gentle northern sun comes through the kitchen window – the orchids just love it.

    Cali, I’m sorry to hear that things are still a struggle. I’m sure the cold weather isn’t helping your energy levels or mood either.
    I had to remind myself to start using waiting time for walking again – I had let that slip, but I use the kettle and microwave often enough that it adds significant steps to the day. It might be a start to get you moving again. I find there’s as added benefit as if I’m waiting in the kitchen I’m really tempted to snack, so getting out and doing a few laps of the hallway gets me away from the danger zone.
    Remember you aren’t alone with the weight gain. There are a few of us in the same boat at the moment with regained kilos to shift. It can be a scary prospect when you hoped never to have to battle with weight loss again. I’ve had a few false starts on getting those kilos off over the last 3 months but things finally clicked into place this week. I found I had to get frustrated enough with my lack of progress to finally get into the right headspace. Sometimes we just need to do the best we can to manage until our mindset is right. Just doing the FDs is a start and the rest will come.

    I’m channeling Cinque today and making miso soup for dinner. I bought some enoki and shitaki mushrooms to go into it and I also have 1/2 bag konjac noodles, snow peas, spinach and a chicken tenderloin.

    Have a nice day all.

    Hi Everyone!

    Happy New Year, and I hope you all had an enjoyable Xmas and holiday period.

    It is raining today here in the Illawarra, and I hope you’re getting rain too, and not too much all at once.

    I have much to catch up on here, so hope you are all doing well 5:2 wise.

    Our long period of health and international wedding in 2 countries pre-occupation has come to an end this week, and all is well on both fronts.

    3 yrs after reaching goal weight and was 62.6kgs for the wedding and Now 64.7kgs after Xmas and the 2nd reception, so 2.7 kgs over goal weight.

    Bye for now,
    Onwards and downwards,
    Merry and Mr M

    Good morning from sunny España. I’ve woken to a beautiful sunrise over the Med. Pleased to hear about the rain some of you are getting. Great to read your positive news Merry. I’m still managing to stay under 60kgs with 6:1 but, with very decent wine at 2 euros a bottle, and so many tapas to sample, there are constant temptations … fortunately, we can take daily long walks on the beach and on the many mountain tracks. Quacka, so true what you wrote – we are doing this for longevity and a healthy future. What could be more important?

    Good morning wonderful people,

    Cali, sorry to hear healthwise things are a struggle at the moment. Is your BP behaving itself? I must remind you about drinking more water, just because that so often makes a difference for me.
    I definitely think you should give 800 calorie days the flick, they don’t work for you. And if 0 point foods and other things help you on non fast days, then hooray.
    My non fast day tricks are: no snacks, 7 serves of veg, remember to drink water.

    My hardest time is after my evening meal, so my new strategy is that, once I have eaten my meal, I won’t eat anything else (not even my cup of cocoa) until I have had 2 glasses of water. I think that will work for me as my brain is so stuck at telling me I am hungry when I am actually thirsty. If I have a good meal, two glasses of water and then my cup of cocoa I think it will be bedtime! I’ll report back!

    Haha LJoyce, it is eggplant festival! I pulled something, I wasn’t quite sure what it was, out of the freezer to supplement what I had in the fridge, and it turns out it was eggplant bharta. So I had a serve of eggplant in coconut sauce accompanied by the mashed spicy tomatoey eggplant (and a big serve of chickpeas and greens). Ha, but it was very nice!

    My go to eggplant recipes are babaganoush, eggplant parmigiana, baigan bharta, imam bayeldi, and that roasted ratatouille.

    LOVELY to hear from you Merry and Thin! It is like old times! (Nearly)

    Merry, so glad you are enjoying rain and big celebrations on the health and wedding counts! Such excellent news. Do say hello to Mr M from me. Well done on how well you have managed your weight.

    Thin, hooray for long walks and very decent wine. So glad you are having a wonderful holiday.

    Talking of longevity and a healthy future, this quiz came up on my feed https://www.healthdirect.gov.au/risk-checker/heart-kidney-diabetes?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI8Y_VktCL5wIVipOPCh2fkwTZEAAYASAAEgLGq_D_BwE and when I filled it in they said I should see my doctor as I was obese and at extreme risk of heart disease and diabetes.
    I expect some black marks because I am so sedentary and hardly eat any fruit, but this was a shock… until I realised I put my height in as 30cm less than it really is!

    Off to have a healthy weekend. Day before fast day! Cheers all.

    good morning

    I finally had a good weigh-in, lost 1.9kg this week. I’m the lightest I’ve been in about 3 months. What is weird is that last week my measurements went down and the scales went up, this week my measurements barely moved but the scales went down – I really struggle with things that defy logic.

    Cinque, I’ll look up a few of those eggplant recipies you mentioned as I might need a third option. I’m making your baked ratatouille today and Neil’s eggplant curry tomorrow so I can eat them alternate nights and not get bored. Not sure if that’s enough recipies to use 5 eggplant though.
    My zucchini have kindly produced 2 nice sized fruit for the ratatouille – for once their timing was good.

    Merry, glad those wedding celebrations went well. Also good to hear that Mr M is doing well now.

    Turn, well done on those weight losses for you and Mr T. I’m also aiming for 75kg.

    Thin, glad to hear that Spain is providing good climate, walks and wine.

    I think I take a different approach to 800cal days than Neil, so I thought I should share my approach. There are 3 things that have a big impact on whether I can stick to a Fast800 program:
    being mentally ready to do it;
    keeping my carb intake moderate so ketosis suppresses my appetite;
    and strictly limiting my food options.
    I find that the more choices I give myself the worse I am at sticking to 800cals. So I allocated the 800 calories between lunch, afternoon snack, dinner and milk for cups of tea and then worked out a small list of options for lunches and snacks. For example, my snack options list is 100g greek yoghurt with fruit, an almond milk fruit smoothie, raw veg with dip, a low carb bar, a piece of fruit and a hard boiled egg or a scoop of ricotta/cottage cheese. (The low carb bars are not something I normally eat, but because they feel like a treat there are days when that’s an important option to prevent me reaching for something that’s full of sugar.)
    For dinner I do have variety and I don’t have a list, I just aim for a meal that is built around vegetables and includes a little lean protein and is light on added fats and no starchy carbs. I actually have 4-500 calories left for dinner and most healthy meals will fit within this as long as the portion isn’t too large. I have always planned my evening meals in advance to help with shopping so I still do this.
    I do not count calories. By having a list of options that I know fit within my predetermined calorie limits for lunch and mid-afternoon that eliminates the need to count calories on a daily basis. I shop to those lists, plus what I’ve decided to cook for evening meals and I don’t buy snacks/foods that aren’t on the list – as I live alone this works for me.
    My list of lunch and snack options is on the fridge so I just choose one when I’m ready for that meal. After a few failed attempts to do Fast800 earlier this month I have realised that I have to use this approach or I just can’t stick to it.
    I also can’t have an occasional day off in the normal sense of that phrase. If I do, then I come out of ketosis and my appetite and sugar cravings roar back into life, making it really challenging to go back to Fast800 the next day. I deal with meals out by avoiding the starches, sugars and high fat sauces – and no desserts unless there is fresh fruit. It may mean that on those days I will exceed 800cals as the protein portion is often generous and there will usually be fats used in cooking, but as long as I stay in ketosis I can remain on Fast800 without having days of dealing with cravings. My family and friends are so used to me doing 2 FDs per week that they accept me refusing foods sometimes.

    Hello to everyone else who’s reading but not posting.

    I’ve given up on doing the fast 800 now. When I did my initial 12 weeks on it I was reasonably sedentary and had a lot of fat reserves that needed to be burned. Now I ‘m near my goal and pretty active 800 just isn’t enough calories. Like today I did a 22km bike ride, 1 hour kayaking in the harbour and a 40 minute walk around the estuary. That’s around 2500 calories burned on top of my normal BMR of around 1800 calories. My body won’t let me restrict myself to just 800 calories a day. I’m just going to focus on cutting the processed carbs and sugars back out of my diet that crept back in over Christmas/New Years.

    It’ll be interesting to see what my Wednesday weigh-in will be. It will mark 1 full year on this way of life. Have a great weekend everyone, I’m off to think of some way to cook up the cockles I picked up while kayaking this afternoon.

    I finally got the baked ratatouille prepared: https://imgur.com/KMlt5Ir
    I got a bit carried away with the layering, as I was looking at a warm salad recipie that was a sliced baked ratatouille with bocconcini. That recipe called for pre-baking the veg briefly before the layering process. It does mean that it should cook quickly now – I just put it in the oven.
    I’m not sure if the pre-baking is necessary, but it did remove some of the water from the veg an got some colour on them – I suspect the way they are tightly packed would have meant they stewed rather than roasted without the pre-cooking. It’s made rather a lot, so I think a few serves can go into the freezer.

    It ended up taking longer than I thought as I had almost finished the layering when I realised I’d forgotten the tomatoes, so I had to pull it apart and start again!

    Good morning,
    Sunday fast day for me. So good so far! (10am in Melbourne 😉 )
    I’ve even done a bit of yoga.

    LJoyce, hooray for a nice weighing scales result! About time.
    Your roasted ratatouille looks fab! I bet it turned out wonderfully! I don’t do any prebaking, in fact I love it extra because it is so easy, but I think I use a lot more oil in my version that you use, so you will win for health and calories and not lose anything on taste, I think.

    It is so good reading of the different little disciplines each of us use to help us along.
    Youth and good health make things a lot easier, so those of you who have a bit of either, rejoice!

    Neil, how exciting to be at your one year anniversary on Wednesday. What a year it has been! You should feel so proud. (I feel proud of you!).
    What a lovely meal those freshly collected cockles would make!

    I did well yesterday evening, and I am already looking forward to doing well tomorrow. And hooray, less dishes today.

    Best wishes all

    Hello everyone. I’ve just moved to Perth from Scotland and I could do with shifting a few (15) kgs not only to help with my health but to help me cope in the heat! Less insulation should help…right? I’ve tried quite a few diets in the past and found Alevre to be effective but my weight crept up again once left to my own devices and I found it socially isolating which is not what I need when I’ve just moved to a new country and would like to make some friend. I’m hoping that the 5:2 way of life is going to help me achieve my goals.

    Welcome WeeAmy. Most of us have been here a while, which is testament to this way of life suiting us long term. I hope it does suit you also. If you haven’t read Michael Mosley’s book I’d recommend it.
    At least read through all the FAQ https://thefastdiet.co.uk/michael-answers-frequently-asked-questions/.
    It’s also important to know the TDEE of both your current weight and your goal weight. https://thefastdiet.co.uk/how-many-calories-on-a-non-fast-day/ This is the maximum you should be eating on the “normal” days. As you TDEE decreases with every kilo you lose you either need to keep adjusting it every week or just aim for your goal weight TDEE instead, as that is the amount of food you’ll have to eat when you get to goal.
    Hope you have a successful first week. If you have questions please ask.

    Cinque, you are right, I am stingy with the oil at the moment because I can’t afford the calories while I’m doing Fast800. What I did was a lot of fuss but it was delicious and I’ve frozen 2 serves for later.
    Lovely to hear you have managed to do some yoga, given your health that sounds very encouraging.
    I might have to resort to indoor exercise myself today. Every time I’ve tried to leave the house it’s started raining. That’s not a complaint though because we badly need the rain and my garden will be very happy.

    Neil I’m making your eggplant curry tonight and looking forward to it.

    I don’t do a cooked lunch often but the colder weather had me wanting that today. So I had 2 eggs with grilled zucchini and tomato. Filling, warming and quite low calorie if you limit the added fats.

    Hope you are all having a nice weekend.

    WeeAmy, glad to see someone else from Perth taking over. I left Perth in September (but the folks here are allowing me to continue posting from Europe) – otherwise I’d suggest meeting for coffee!

    LJ, it seems odd to read about ‘cooler weather’ in your parts.

    Cinque, I keep thinking about re-starting yoga and never getting around to it. It’s a wonderful, gentle practice for you I bet. Wine is cheaper than water in Spain which is becoming a problem!

    It’s a FD. As we’ve rented a condo for a few weeks, I’m able to freeze portions again, yay! I can’t do this on the boat. So I bought the ingredients for chicken and bacon casserole (it’s on our recipe page though probably not the right season for most of you) and will freeze half of it for next Sunday’s FD. OH will get arroz y pan to bulk up his dinner.

    Neil, congratulations on your one year IF anniversary! And here’s to your continued success as you reach your goal weight – the boring and tricky part.

    Morning all

    Hi WeeAmy, wow, a move from Scotland to Perth, that certainly will be a climate change. You should have moved here to Dunedin in New Zealand and we could have offered you something a little closer to what you’re used to back home 😉

    Thin, great to hear from you again. So you get a short break from the boat?

    Ljoyce, hope you enjoyed the eggplant curry as much as my family did. We managed to pick up some more for $4.99 per kilo, which is a good price for them over here. They’re normally $4 each. I’m going to try the lentil eggplant curry this week. I’ll let you all know how it turns out.

    Tennis finally starts again this week. It’s been shut for a while because they’ve been resurfacing and painting the courts, but tonight I’m going to rip into it!

    I hope you all have a great day, and a nice easy fast for those of you joining me on my regular Monday fast.

    Good morning everyone from grey, and becoming very wet, Melbourne. (I’m not complaining!)

    Welcome Wee Amy! Welcome to 5:2, welcome to this forum, and welcome to Australia!
    Hoping 5:2 is just the trick to get rid of those excess kilos and then to make sure they don’t creep back on.
    I love that you call it a way of life. That is what it has been for me, for over four years, and my life is so much the better for it.

    I have seen your other post too, and I am going to reply to it next.

    Hi LJoyce, what lovely food you are eating. I am so glad the roasted ratatouille worked.

    Hello dear Thin, we all thought of you, I am sure, when we saw Wee Amy’s post! I hope you hang around with us Wee Amy so you fill the Perth vacuum! We need someone to balance the Esatcoasters.
    Enjoy that freezer!

    Neil, so glad you can enjoy tennis again, why didn’t they upgrade in winter? (too wet I suppose).
    Mmm yum. more lovely eggplant dishes. But a good fast day first, I see, I’m passing on the baton.

    Because of my chronic illness my yoga was so gentle I hardly moved, haha, but it was enough to make me feel good, and I aim to do a bit more today. I pay for it if I overdo it, so slow and steady wins the race. (Unless Neil could just send over 10 percent of his energy, and then I’d be set for a full session!).

    It is wonderful morning after fast day! My favourite feeling, so light and empty and a good breakfast ahead!

    Cheers all 🙂

    Morning all from Brisbane where there is a very watery sun, after good solid rain. Not that I can see much of it …one eye is glued and the other half shut from the reaction to a bee sting on my forehead yesterday. We were doing so well, DS and I, until I bent my head forward and one got me through my mask. Tricky devils. DS got attacked on his ankles….he was wearing thick football socks so the stings weren’t severe, but there were a lot of them. And poor Rosy got one too, on he snout, which made her rush around and it swelled quite a lot. I gave her a Claratyne (child dose) and she was fine. Half a dozen lovely jars of honey, and we only took two bars.

    I cooked the eggplant recipe I posted, and I really liked it. I added a tin of chickpeas too, which I think improved both its texture and nutritional value. What a great vegetable aubergine is.

    Merry good to hear from you and know all is going well. And your weight maintenance is such a credit to you. A couple of kilos post-Christmas, celebrations, is nothing (well nothing if it’s jumped on quickly. So hard when 2 becomes 4, and 4 becomes 6 (that’s personal experience I’m talking about)

    Cinque I tried the health checker that came up on your feed. Apparently i am at risk of kidney disease! I don’t know why that is. I would have expected a question about water intake. Or salt. Oh well.

    Welcome WeeAmy. What part of Scotland are you from? (I ask, because my OH is Glaswegian). Yes, you will definitely have more energy in the hotter months if you are slimmer. And this is a good way to do it, with great support from the wonderful people on this forum, all of whom have different experiences and give excellent, supportive advice when asked.

    Neil thank you for the invitation to have coffee if we make it to Dunedin. Not sure yet of our travel plans …. we haven’t really got past booking flights, and a couple of nights at the Christchurch Novotel to get over our midnight arrival, pick up a car etc. I’ll let you know as our plans firm (if they ever do). Would be nice to meet up.

    Gentle yoga sounds just the ticket Cinque. Good for the soul and the body.

    Enjoy your day all.

    Good morning everyone.

    Lindsay, sorry to hear about the bee sting. I hope the swelling goes down soon. I suspect Rosie won’t be as inquisitive about that hive from now on.
    Glad you liked your Kerala curry – funny I’m planning to add chickpeas to my leftover eggplant curry too.

    Cinque, glad the FD went well, enjoy your breakfast.
    It’s cold and grey here too, but as it’s our last rain for some time I’m enjoying it.

    Neil, Enjoy the tennis.
    The curry was lovely, although I put too much peanut butter in and as it was simmering it kept sticking to the pan if I walked away. I’ll know better next time – think I’ll add the peanut butter at the end. As I mentioned above I’m planning to add chickpeas to the leftovers so it’s a complete meal. Oh, I did put the big oyster mushrooms in too – they were an excellent addition.

    WeeAmy, I’ve been thinking about something you mentioned in your first post that I didn’t respond to – feeling isolated in a new country. As this can have an impact on your wellbeing, health, mood and weight it’s an important thing to address.
    I’m in Adelaide so I don’t know whether things are quite the same in Western Australia but here are a few options for getting you out of the house and meeting people in a safe way:
    – councils often have group programs at affordable prices and also clubs you can join. These may also be run out of local community centres within the council district. They do everything from walking groups, languages, gardening, arts and crafts and more. Some councils also run specific programs for targeted age groups like the over 65s. In Adelaide the programs align to school terms and usually a brochure arrives with my quarterly council rates. Check out your local council website or go into their office and ask. This can be a good way of meeting people who live near you.
    – if you like reading it would be worth asking at the local public library if they know of any book clubs you could join. These will also mainly be local people.
    – if you are feeling homesick you could also try the W.A. Caledonian society which has monthly events.

    Thin, I had a chuckle at the wine being cheaper than water. Hope you enjoy your time there. Will your daughter get to come over and visit or she too busy in the new job?

    Time I got moving. I have done almost zero activity this morning and as the drizzle has stopped I no longer have any excuse. I’m going to walk over to the post office and get my passport photo taken.

    Thanks LJ. It wasn’t so much that Rosy was inquisitive, it was that she wanted so desperately in the back garden with DS and me, and while OH was looking after the 18 month old, the dog made a break for it!

    Actually DS is so calm – even with 30 odd bee stings on the ankles, he still remembered to ask if I was okay. That, I thought, was impressive! I think we have come to the reluctant conclusion that OH doesn’t have the temperament for beekeeping. The Glaswegian in him pops up, and he gets quite impatient and tries to rush things, which of course with bees is a recipe for an angry hive.

    Is there any dish that isn’t improved by the addition of chickpeas? I love them, even though I am low carb. I think they are so healthy and as we have cut right back on meat, a good protein (and fibre) source.

    I am looking after Miss 6 (grade 2 starts in another week) and Mr 5 (prep for him when school goes back). They are delightful, but I’ve made my share of snake sandwiches already today. (A snake sandwich was something I invented to get the 3 year old to eat….it involves a small round bread, rolled with peanut butter usually, and the round ends cut off and re-attached to make tails and tongues and eyes. Fiddly, but effective in tempting a picky eater.

    We have finished potting up the honey, with a special little jar for Mr 5 who drew the label for my produce (designer son made the labels, and attached them to 2 dozen little bottles, as part of my Christmas present. Here’s a pic. Sweet, I thought. Mr 5 is quite the artist.

    Morning all, it’s that wonderful day after a fast day. Although for many, being Monday, I expect this is the FD. 900g off but fasting only one day a week makes the FD more of a struggle than when they’re coming around twice a week.

    Lindsay, I thought of you last night. I’ve only just realised that we have Cable TV and I was watching a programme about The Ritz. They have bee hives on the Ritz rooftop and were potting limited edition honey. The whole thing made me want to book in for afternoon tea (which is not really my thing but I thought we’d more likely to be able to afford that). It’s £51 – but the problem is the dress code; OH no longer has a suit and tie. Op shop? I suppose they’d notice.

    Neil, yes we’re thawing out in southern Spain for a few weeks; back to the boat at the end of February after a couple of weeks dog sitting in Barcelona which is an inexpensive way to see some of its architecture.

    LJ, DD won’t be coming to Spain this time. She just spent a week in Iceland, today heads off to Edinburgh and has booked a trip to Norway for next month. After a weekend on call, the vets get M, T & W off so, by taking Th and Fri as holidays, they can get a whole week off every six weeks. She’s working hard but making the most of the proximity to other countries and cheap fares.

    Cinque, ha ha re: the yoga. I think I’ll say I’m doing the same kind. The barely moving kind. Look after yourself.

    Hi all. Ljoyce I purchased a kombucha kit from a health shop in the central markets – cant recall the name but it was located near the start of the far right side lane when entering from the main front entrance (bakers delight end). It wasn’t expensive and the package looked like a pack of tea. That’s the only way to make kombucha from scratch by developing the scoby or unless you know someone who can give you a piece of scoby to start you off. I now have so much scoby i make kombucha on mass- it’s amazing how quickly it grows.

    The eggplant recipies sound delicious. Unfortunately they cost $7 each here. I’ve been watching the price for a very long time and it never changes – hence why eggplant is off the menu here.

    Health wise for me – well where do I start. A few weeks back I was in agony with severe stomach pain and non stop toilet trips. My regular GP was booked out so I went to another clinic who did not know what the problem was so diagnosed me with IBS. It took 8 days for the pain etc to calm down and another week to go completely.

    Results of full blood tests were not good – even with my non medical knowledge I was greatly concerned when I read them after collecting the papers from the nurse who said ‘ there are a lot of issues your Dr will need to discuss with you’. So my first appointment was my GP who told me there was nothing of concern except for low iron levels which was the cause of all my problems. I asked him to re-read the results again and explain to me why he was not concerned with certain markers I and the nurse had highlighted. His response was that it all balances out and just go the chemist and get iron supplements.

    Later that morning I had my phone consult with the nutritionist who had a copy of the blood test results as well as my food intake, lifestyle info etc that she asked me to forward to her earlier in the week. Her first response was to go find a new GP who will take the blood results seriously and action them with further tests.

    The nutritionist said that my blood markers are all over the place- some extremely low and others extremely high. Iron and B12 are extremely low, as are my white and red blood cell count which she was really concerned about. High markers for rumathoid arthritis, blood clotting ability very low. I can’t recall the technical names right now but there are other markers of great concern too. She has no doubt I have a auto immune disorder and there is definate inflammation within my body.

    While I seek out a GP who will investigate the findings further, she has put me on specific iron and B12 supplements as well as gut flora building probiotics which I have ordered online. She said the general chemist supplements are full of fillers, are cheap and don’t do the job.

    To add insult to injury. Another routine bi yearly test I had a few weeks ago detected an abnormality that I need investigated further. I’m waiting for the specialist to give me an appointment date for the surgery procedure which will determine the extent of the problem.

    As you can imagine I’m at a total loss right now. Year’s of eating healthy, exercise etc and now this. The worst is that I don’t actually know exactly what I’m dealing with. Living in a small community the choice of GPs is limited, most are newly arrived from oversees and stay a short time before moving on.

    My looming redundancy in April is not helping my state of mind either. Geez life throws some curved balls doesn’t it. On a lighter note, back verandah renos are moving along nicely. Paving is finally complete, the water feature is installed and working and our old kitchen has been reassemble and plumbed in so at least now the bbq/kitchen/ eating area of the back verandah is fully complete.

    Bed time. Good night all

    I forgot to add the nutritionist has removed all nuts, seeds, grains and wheat products from my diet and I need to increase my red, white meat and oily fish intake. My food intake plan I sent to her shows I have a definate lack of protein in my diet. I don’t eat a lot of meat, maybe once a week if even that so I have been making a big effort to include meat or fish with every evening meal.

    Quick check in by the NH lurker. I may not post much but I do read, honest.

    Merry. Good to hear from you, and even better that all is well on both fronts.

    Thin. I am jealous. I have to wait six weeks before I am in Portugal again and it is freezing here – literally. Brilliant sunshine but very cold. Fortunately I live on top of a hill because last week’s floodwater is still blocking some of the country roads.

    So many posts that I haven’t read then all, but I picked up a concern about Cali”s health. Take care of yourself.

    It is early afternoon and I have just seen the lunchtime news. Hailstones the size of golf balls? The last year has totally shattered my perception of Australia. Seriously, there is much concern here and the most unlikely organisations are raising money to help the fire fighting effort. Stay safe people.

    Morning all

    Gday, Sorry to hear you’re not in good health at the moment. Hopefully you can find a doc who will take your results separately. If you’re low on protein and you don’t want to go too hard out on the meat you can add more pulses into your diet. 1/2 cup of cooked lentils will give you a solid 12-13 grams of protein and gives you a decent amount of fiber as well.

    Lindsay, I couldn’t see the pic of the labels for your honey.

    Penguin, freezing temperatures? Sounds like perfect weather for a penguin 😉 I actually like the cold winter days. If we get a decent frost then we get a lovely calm sunny day afterwards. Even though it’s cold you don’t really feel it out in the sun and it’s a good time to get out and do things.

    There was an interesting article on the news this morning. They announced the results into a long term study into dieting, and the result as most of us probably could have guessed was that dieting didn’t work. Those people that went on fad diets gained all their weight back and then extra on top of it when they started eating normally again. The best results they found was from people who tried month about. Work to lose weight one month, work to maintain that weight-loss the following month so you metabolism has a chance to recover, then work to lose weight the month after that.

    I had a good day yesterday. I rode to and from work (10 km) rode to tennis (4.5 km) played tennis for 2 hours and then biked the 4.5 km back home again. The cycling is really helping because I didn’t even really feel tired or hungry after that, and I was fasting as well, I only consumed about 400-500 calories during the day.

    Final weigh-in for my first full year on intermittent fasting tomorrow and I’m looking forward to seeing if I can break under the 87 kilo mark. If I can get to 86.5 that would be perfect because that would be exactly 45 kilos lost during the year.

    Have a great day everyone.

    Good morning everyone! I am back in the land of Oz and ready for a good healthy year

    First day back at work today (ugh)

    I gained exactly 4 kilos on the 7 week trip and I am very sure that 99% of that was in the last week where we stopped for our beach week in the Seychelles. We went from doing 20k+ steps per day and most days only having 2 meals to basically waddling from our room to the pool to the beach and back. And eating a LOT. I’m not worried, it was so nice to stop and relax after 6 crazy and busy weeks in Lisbon, Morocco, London, Paris and Italy. Anyway, the 4 kilos will be gone in a jiffy thanks to the wonderful 5:2 WOL

    We had a fantastic trip but we were really really really ready to come home. It was too long and we will not do another long trip like that again, not at our age.

    I worked from home yesterday as we were delayed by 14 hours in Hong Kong and exhausted. Work was really good about it plus I was able to quietly catch up on emails. Maxx was delivered home at 3.00pm and the reunion was joyous, crazy and both of us cried. We missed him so much

    I missed you all too and wished I could post more often but I didn’t want to upset OH as he hates it when I spend too much time on my phone.

    I am so looking forward to catching up on all your news!

    Good morning

    GDSA, you really do need a doctor who’ll address the issues in those blood results. I agree that it sounds like an auto-immune problem, especially with the inflammatory markers and blood cell count. Given the bowel issues you described it sounds more like inflammatory bowel disease rather than IBS. If you go to a larger nearby town would you have a better choice of GPs? It would be worth the hassle if you find someone who actually helps you.
    I understand about the GP situation in small country towns, it’s like that in the region where I grew up too. My sister and her husband live in the Riverland but drive to Adelaide to see their GP once a month as they both have chronic health conditions and were unable to find a suitable GP that actually stayed in the town.

    Penguin, good to hear from you. How is Mrs P, has she had her surgery yet?

    Neil, hope you have a happy one year weigh-in tomorrow.

    Anzac, welcome home.

    Have a good day all

    Neil, I got distracted and forgot to post the links.
    Mr 5 was very excited to be taking home a little jar of honey with his bee drawing on the label.

    I’ll post more later, but we need to take this crazy dog out before she finally drives OH right around the bend. so far she has chewed and relocated our mats, taken off with our thongs (yes, we wear them in the wet), chewed the teatowel, and helped herself to OH’s toast.

    Anzac welcome home – so nice you are back after a wonderful holiday.

    Penguin, stay warm! brrrrr.

    Yes, lucky Thin, living the dream where wine is cheaper water.

    OK back later…

    Neil. Agreed, a good time to get the apple trees pruned but this penguin is really a warm water bird. I grew up with the winter snows of the north Pennines but somewhere along the line I turned into a soft southerner. You make me feel guilty – because the road outside my house immediately descends 500 feet or climbs the other way I very seldom use my bike.

    Anzac, welcome back. I have missed the Maxx reports.

    LJ. No sign of surgery for OH yet. Another appointment in February for yet another opinion. As I discovered when I had a touch of colon cancer, our health system can move quickly for the life threatening stuff, but for lesser events it can grind on slowly.

    Lindsay. Warm in the house. They have banned log fires in some of our towns, but out in the sticks it is either that or oil, or tonight both As we move towards carbon neutrality I expect both to go, which will be a problem because our local electricity supply is unreliable. We had outages last week because the wind blew trees down on the lines.

    Ha, yes I’m in the same boat on the cycling. I live at the top of a hill so any riding I do ends with climbing the hill from 116 meters above sea level at the bottom of the valley up to 240 meters above sea level at our hose. A climb of around 400 feet. After a few weeks of doing it every day my legs are now used to it.

    Lindsay, the labels look really cool and the honey doesn’t look too bad either 😛 I did laugh at your dog taking off with your thongs, you know thongs means something different over here?

    Anzac, Holidays are great but it’s always great to come home as well, I’ll bet Maxx was excited to see you.

    Possible spanner in the works on my weigh-in tomorrow. It was a leaving morning tea for one of my co-workers and I may have indulged in several sneaky savouries and handfuls of chips, I’m cursing myself for lack of self control when it comes to savoury treats!

    I’ve managed to read about half the posts since I went away (yes I’m having a lazy morning at work) and have loved reading them.

    Gday, I am so sorry to hear about your health issues and the redundancy on top. Yes, life really does throw curve balls sometimes and it seems so unfair, especially as you have had such a healthy lifestyle for so long. I have everything crossed for improvements and no further issues.

    LJ, lowest weight in 3 months! Woo hoo! Congratulations. I love reading about your cooking and I am now aching to put cinnamon and tomato together in a dish. Yum.

    Quacka, I am so very sorry to hear that you have been having a hard time with friends and family health issues and renovation nightmares. But you still manage to sound so upbeat and positive – that is wonderful. Put the failed FD behind you and go forth and conquer!

    Lindsay, ouch for the bee sting on your forehead. And poor OH and Rosy too. She sounds like a clone of Maxx with a love of thongs and tea towels. When he arrived home yesterday he sniffed at one of OH’s thongs and I said ‘leave it’ and he did! Ditto with a tea-towel hanging on the oven. I thought ‘hooray – he is over the nicking phase’. Wrong. He nicked a tea-towel this morning and took off with OH in pursuit, tail wagging and looking very pleased with himself. Sigh.

    Hi Cinque, it is always so lovely to read your positive and cheerful posts. Glad the gentle yoga made you feel good.

    Glad you are getting some warmth in Spain Thin. OH and I both found the temperatures in Europe and London quite hard to endure as we both prefer the heat. I also really disliked the whole exercise of constantly putting on the jacket, gloves, scarf, hat and then removing them as soon as you go inside and then repeat over and over. We did enjoy ourselves, I don’t mean to sound like we were miserable – it was just a bit of a struggle for us.

    Welcome WeeAmy! This forum is wonderful and you will get so much support from everyone.

    Penguin – hello lurker from the NH! Your country is very cold! Well, London was at least. And wet. But we really loved London as it was friendly and lots to see and do. We actually disliked Paris and I can’t really put my finger on why. It just seemed very same-same and unfriendly and of course the strikes didn’t help as we couldn’t use the metro or catch a bus anywhere. We averaged nearly 23,000 steps while we were there so that was a good thing! But we had to cancel two of our pre-planned (and prepaid) tours due to the strikes and poor OH spent weeks studying the metro only to find it was closed the whole time we were there. Italy was fantastic – we both loved Venice the best but Rome was a close second.

    I’m so sorry you are feeling blergh Cali. I hope you can find your mojo again soon. I too overeat on NFD’s and need to focus more if I want to shift these 4 kilos asap. Then I still need to lose at least 10 kilos to get anywhere near my goal but for now I’m just focusing on the 4. I’m sitting at my desk thinking about food as I’m a bit depressed to be back here. I have already put some feelers out to change jobs yet again. To add insult to injury I was moved to a new team while I was away and the new boss it a total and utter #$%^ (insert a word that rhymes with hitch). My old boss is still on leave but sent me a frantic message saying to stay calm and she is trying to get me back into her team. Too late, I’m seriously getting out of this place – and soon I hope!!

    Neil, congrats on your anniversary and 47 kilos. I don’t know what to say because ‘well done’ doesn’t come close. You continue to inspire so keep the updates coming please.

    The Australian fires were the headline every hour in Europe. Mostly the only English channels we could get were CNN or BBC and we couldn’t believe our eyes with the news plus all the update messages from friends and family. Here we were freezing cold and our country was on fire. My sister and niece are both in the Blue Mountains and had their cars packed up a few times but they were ok thankfully. And then yesterday afternoon I was in the beauty salon up the road having a long overdue pedicure when the day turned to night and one of the most vicious storms I’ve ever seen hit. I got a call from OH to say he had tried to run out and put a tarp over my car but was hit in the head with a golf ball sized piece of hail so had to retreat. I could hear Maxx was barking frantically and there were tree branches blowing down everywhere. I walked home once it was over with a heavy heart to find my lovely car was perfectly ok and no damage whatsoever. We still had big piles of hail in our garden 30 minutes later despite the sun coming back out. We certainly live in a country of extreme weather

    Ok, I guess I should do some work. Motiviation: zero. Level of interest: zero.

    PS: do you think Maxx is happy to be home?


    Hello everyone!

    I have dabbled in this forum before so I hope it’s ok with you all if I come back. Like many of you, the kilos crept on (well, more like piling on like a rugby scrum) over the Xmas period but my mojo has returned in the new year. I know, for me, accountability in these forums is a huge motivator. I’m a regular poster in the monthly challenges, but it seems so many people there are in the NH and it’s really quiet in the afternoon which is when I most need help to avoid the mid-afternoon sugar temptation!

    Nice to be on same/similar timezones.

    I messed up today. I drove across town to my first appointment of the afternoon only to find that the massage therapist was at their other site that day (36km away). I don’t know who messed up the booking but I’ll have to wait until tomorrow to see the massage therapist. That meant I had a bit of a wait for my GP appointment so I went for a walk – a good use of the time. The GP is in a lovely suburb with beautiful old houses and avenues of shade trees down every street. It’s a very nice walk on a warm day, and a nice change of scene to my usual terrain. Unfortunately most of the old street trees have been removed by developers where I live now so they can build 3-4 new homes on the old 1/4 acre sites. The council have planted new trees on some streets, but there are fewer of them because of all those extra driveways and the replacement trees are smaller varieties and because they are young they provide no shade.

    Lindsay, the labels are fabulous.

    Penz, welcome back. We are a bit uneven with our posting here, some days there’s a flurry and on others it’s very quiet.

    Anzac, yes Maxx looks like he’s settled back into his home and his people very comfortably. Good news that your car survived.

    Neil, never mind about the morning tea, you’ll burn off those calories on the bike ride home.
    Thongs are one of those things that have a different name in each country – I think they are flip flops in most of the world and jandals in your neck of the woods. To keep it confusing that tiny underwear is also a thong here in addition to being footwear.

    I have a nice dinner waiting to be reheated, but for some unknown reason I’m not hungry tonight. That is a rare thing. I might just make a smoothie with almond milk, yoghurt and a little fruit so I don’t get the tummy rumbles at bedtime.

    Neil. That is my excuse shot! I must start using the bike again. I use the static bike in the gym so it shouldn’t be too much of a shock to the system.

    Anzac. I used to have a Lab who came for his holidays and had a thing for socks. He would steal them from the laundry basket and eat them. It didn’t seem to do him any harm but I wound up with a lot of single socks because I didn’t want them back. I know what you mean about Paris. I have worked there and never grew to like it, although I could happily live in other parts of France. I don’t share your enthusiasm for London. I have lived and worked there as well but couldn’t get out fast enough. This probably sounds as though I don’t like big towns, which is true enough, but I did enjoy Lisbon and Berlin, even though Berlin is really cold in the winter. Which it still is here, so apart from a Pilates session this morning I am having a day indoors. I really should be out pruning the fig tree, which has gone berserk, but the weather forecast is for cold and dry the rest of the week so that will wait.

    Penz. Yes, those kilos creep back. I haven’t done a fast day for too long and I’m about five kilos up – still well below my start point but those new slimmer clothes are getting snug. Today is therefore the first FD. No solid food, only fluids although I am permitting myself milk in the tea/coffee.

    LJ. We all do it sometimes. Last year I drove two and a half hours to a meeting, got there and realised I was alone. I phoned the organiser, who was on a beach with his family because I was exactly one week early.

    Weigh in and my weight was up 900 grams. My weight has been all over the place over the last couple of months and today was 88.5 kilos. I don’t feel any bigger than I was last week, in fact my legs feel a lot smaller after all my cycling. I’ll keep plugging away at it and see how I go next week. But overall I went from 131.5 kilos on the 23rd January 2019 to 88.5 kilos on 22nd January 2020. I can’t be sad about that.

    Neil. Smaller can be heavier – muscle is denser than fat.

    Yes, I know muscle is heavier, but my weight has been all over the place recently, my last 5 weigh-ins have been up 1.8 kilos, down 1.9 kilos, up 2.3 kilos, down 2.1 kilos up 0.9 kilos. I know weight can fluctuate a bit, but I weigh myself at the same time each week, I would like to start seeing a bit more consistency.

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