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  • Hi all

    LJ. The new boot will be generous because it is essentially a station wagon ( I think SUV is considered more classy) but we did have a full boot in the old car because it was gas only so no petrol tank. The down side was there was no room for a spare and all we had was an aerosol can if we got a flat. Thankfully we never had to use it. Hopefully that is the last of the heavy digging, i found bricks and concrete slabs at our old place but now all I have to do is weed and boy, do i have plenty of that in my front garden. Your plan for food prep has a lot of merit. While it’s not the cheapest option, I can see how it would make it easy to choose the right option. Probably reduce wastage too. I’ve bookmarked that recipe site, looks good.

    Lindsay. Sometimes life has a way of helping us to make the right decision. I had a similar situation where I felt I couldn’t continue with the work practices I was forced to implement particularly with totally inadequate staff numbers and I felt I had left the job unfinished. When I visited a few months later there was twice the staff and some of the changes I wanted made. A new boss had come in and made all the difference. I felt quite vindicated. My health improved, i started volunteering and I was able to mind my granddaughter once a week, all good changes. OH was very reluctant to retire as he was scared of it but bad eyesight forced him to give up work and now he loves having all that leisure. Trouble is you never get a day off. At least you can have this trial period and see how it works out. Have you chosen a name op for the new pup?

    Neil. How did you fit in so much in just a week and rain as well. I didn’t realise that NZ has gold as well. That camping ground sounds quite heavenly, I bet you enjoyed all those animals as well.

    Cinque. You sound so much better. I was beginning to wonder if you were going to well enough for our outing on Wednesday but provided your sister doesn’t tire you too much, I can see you will be fine.

    Minka Great that you have found the magic formula. Considering I don’t think you have much to lose, 1kg a week is very impressive. You will have full access to your summer wardrobe now.

    Well, big announcement. OH and I have just completed the 10k Melbourne Marathon run. I have trained a bit and had actually ran 10k a couple of weeks ago so I knew I had it in me but OH has only just decided to do this and only did one training run of 7k last week, He completed his run in 1hour 19 mins which is almost exactly twice his PB for 5k, a fantastic effort. I completed my run in 1hour 29 mins which is just over twice my 5k PB, a much better time than I expected. I managed to jog all the way including over a pesky bridge just short of the MCG. The family was there at the end to cheer us on and it was such a boost to share it with them. I’m so lucky that I have a healthy body with no joint issues etc at my age. I’ll post a photo once I have one.

    Hi everyone,

    Hope you’re all going well.

    Mr M and I are back from the wedding in the US. All went well and was a lovely wedding. m Mr M and I doing well with the travel a,d now getting through jet lag. Having a little techie challenge at the moment so doing this on a borrowed one.

    Very brief check-in:
    62.4kgs, exactly what I was when I left 3 weeks ago.

    Intesha, sorry I wasn’t able to get back to you before I left. We have some urgent extended family stuff to attend to in the short term, but I’m available from in a few days if you want to catch up at yours or mine.

    Onwards and downwards,

    Hello all

    Well that was a gym session and a half….literally. I did 1:15 of exercise instead of my normal 45 minutes and burned 1200 calories instead of my normal 700-800.

    I’m feeling a little ashamed now with Merry joining in with the holiday makers who stayed the same weight on their trip. From the looks of things on the gym scale I gained about 2 kilos in the 1 week away. I really have to work on my self control with sugar and starchy carbs when I don’t have the structure of a regular routine to keep me honest.

    Congrats to you Merry, maintaining while on holiday, especially with a wedding thrown into the mix is a real accomplishment. Also congratulations to Klondike for her 10k, that’s a great accomplishment too. Next goal must be a half marathon 😉

    Have a great evening everyone

    Neil, looks like you are back into your routine already with the gym session. Once back on your usual eating plan, that 2kg will be gone in no time.

    Merry, so glad to hear the wedding went well, and that your weight was stable on holiday – that’s quite an achievement.

    Klondi, enjoy the new car. If you get wanderlust again, you can always hook up the van and head west and visit me!

    Accountability for my 800cal day:
    – 2 pots of tea
    – a banana with 1 tblsp peanut butter
    – a large smoothie of almond milk, frozen raspberries, kefir, psyllium, kefir, stevia and lots of ice
    – 25g cheddar cheese
    – a large bowl of salad with half a grilled chicken breast, dressed with 2 tsp apple cider vinegar and 1 tsp lemon infused olive oil.
    – a hot drink made with almond-coconut milk and vanilla (haven’t had this yet, but I will in about an hour)

    I am not weighing myself but can already see that the restricted calories has had an effect on my body. This afternoon I wore the same trousers as I put on Friday morning – the ones that had me panicking about how tight my clothes were – not tight today. Still room for improvement but I’m glad to see progress already.
    I’m off to the hospital for another allergy test tomorrow afternoon. I’ll have to control myself this time – no more sweet treats at one of the hospital cafes.

    Good afternoon, Melbourne, Monday, nearly 1pm.

    Merri, so good to hear it was a lovely wedding time, and hoping the jet lag ends soon. Nice work on the scales!

    Neil, look at you go! Excellent gym session. Yes, eating while on holidays is a whole other scenario. I do think that the longer you eat well, the less you go overboard when you are off relaxing. Your portion size in your brain gets smaller, your tastes change, with practice and mindfulness I bet every holidays it gets easier.

    Lindsay, I am so glad your eye specialist is trustworthy.
    I’ve been doing well with gentle days, thank goodness. I wish all the world could be as fortunate. But you can have them too, hooray.

    Minka, good to see your post with lovely news. Thanks for the good thoughts, these nasty viruses have been as bad as the flu. On the wane now thank goodness.

    LJoyce, great gardening, but keep clear of those neighbours! Aren’t you snapping back into your healthy regime nicely!

    Klondi, Betsy, I am hopeful about Wednesday, I am getting better much more quickly now, and my sisters will look after me. I’ll sit on the furthest side of our cafe table to be on the safe side and save hugs for next time.

    Cheers all.

    Good morning all, apologies for my absence but busy doesn’t begin to describe it

    We had friends over for the weekend so of course we ate and drank too much on Saturday but I had a very low calorie day yesterday that has thankfully offset it and the scales were actually a little down this morning

    Linsday, so sorry to hear about your flu and about your eyes. I can only imagine how frustrating and terrifying it must be to have blurry vision. I do hope the next lot of surgery rectifies everything. It sounds like you are having a lovely time in Vietnam, I’m so glad.

    Betsy, it sounds like you had a nice birthday with some celebration meals and I echo your thoughts about how hard it is to be mindful about food when life is crazy busy. I have a full-time stay-at-home hubby and I still find myself constantly in a tizz about how much I have to do. Our wonderful dog school is a volunteer one so it only costs $25 per year to join (first year is $25 then it is only $15 for subsequent years) then a $3 donation is requested for the days you turn up. This pays for hiring the grounds.

    Cinque, glad you are a little better. Will you be able to make the catch up on Wednesday? I hope so!

    LJ, I am finding some inspiration with your accountability posts and hearing about how many steps you are getting in. We have 7 weeks to go and I have a new mini goal to get into the 70’s before we go. I need to lose 3.5 kilos in 7 weeks so that is very do-able.

    Very glad you didn’t end up with your electricity cut off Cali. Our ‘Spring’ weather is rather cool here at the moment. Unseasonably so.

    The new jacket arrived and yep, you guessed it. IT IS TOO BIG! GAH! I went up 2 sizes to be safe and it is a different style so they obviously make that style bigger. I am not good at sewing but I’m going to try and fold the bottom of it on the sides and put a couple of small stiches in to try and bring it in closer to my legs as it currently sticks out like I have a hoola hoop (if that makes sense). I’m worried about tearing it but I need to do something. If anyone has any good ideas?…..

    Welcome back Neil, and whoo hoo for the new red car Klondi! You do know that red cars go faster don’t you?

    Hi everyone else, I must get back to work. Take care

    Hi everyone

    Just a quick post to say yes, I am still alive! I am on a Monday FD today and so far so good. Its 2pm and I have felt a bit hungry but it has passed at this stage. I will be back into my Monday and Wednesday routine from now on.

    Will write more when I have time, its busy at work as I only worked one day last week and this week the manager above me is off for the week.

    Talk soon

    Morning all.

    Betsy, I missed wishing you the very happiest of birthdays. Good times, moving in a new phase and a new decade.

    Neil hope your first day back at work doesn’t entirely dull the holiday memories, and that you get back into your routine quickly. Did you get your renovations finished before you went away?

    Minka I know low carb works for me – my blood sugar drops to around 5, instead of sitting between 6 and 6.5, which it was …not diabetes, but certainly prediabetic. Actually I’ve found 16:8 also keeps my BS at a respectable 5.5, even with carbs. Ditto my blood pressure which was 110 over 55 when I saw the doctor just before I came away. Almost too low, and that’s at just a half of the smallest dose of my blood pressure tablet, which I’d already halved when I first lost the 15 kilos.

    My pooch needs to be collected from the breeder in Melbourne, which I will do when we get back. Very excited about her. I have a mental image of taking her to the dog park for a run (to wear her out) before walking to a favourite local cafe for our morning coffee. Now that makes retirement sound fun!

    Cinque how are you this morning? Still continuing to improve? I do hope so.

    LJ I am not surprised you have no energy left after 2.5 hours digging in a garden, including breaking up a layer of concrete slurry. I don’t know where you get your energy to do that.

    I had a funny surprise when I opened my work email last night. My boss has included me in the roster distribution for the week. No consultations, because he knows I am overseas, but odd that he hasn’t really taken on board that I will not work for the pay/conditions they are proposing. Or perhaps the union has actually been able to stop the changes from going ahead, which was the state of play when I left. Watch this space, I guess.

    It’s time for breakfast and I am well and truly ready for it. It’s a terrific time of the day, where we sit for a very long time with our mates, talking about all manner of things. Our hotel has a big open garden where we sit for a drink before we go out in the evening, and we meet all manner of people, whom we see again at breakfast. Very social. Sunday night it was a British geographer, here delivering a program about farming in Vietnam and Cambodia. Yesterday it was a Dutch film maker and her sister, on holidays but looking for program ideas.

    Enjoy your week all.

    oops took so long to post that I missed quite a few. I’ll be back later

    Hi all, just checking in from wet, cold and extremely windy Auckland.

    My whale watching trip was cancelled on Sunday due to mechanical problems but I’ve just had any email to say it has been rescheduled for Thursday. Sunday did a sail boat cruise around the harbour, it was a beautiful day so very enjoyable.

    Today did a winery tour to Waiheke Island. It is a 40 minute ferry trip from Auckland. Visited 4 vineyards and sampled at each one. Unfortunately because of the weather it wasn’t as enjoyable but still had a good day.

    FD’s are not part of this trip but doing lots of walking.

    Great to read all your news, bye for now.

    Good evening all. A quick post while my dinner is cooking.

    Intesha, sounds like you are making the most of lovely New Zealand despite the weather.

    Lindsay, I love the idea that you can just sit in that courtyard and meet new and interesting people over breakfast.

    Anzac, With the jacket, I would suggest you go to one of those alterations kiosks – do you have them in Sydney – we have them in the city and most large shopping centres. Probably safer than tackling it yourself.
    The one benefit of a roomy jacket is that it will allow you to wear bulky woolens underneath and still be able to move freely.

    Hello to Cinque, Betsy, Quacka, Klondi, Cali, Neil, Merry, Minka and everyone else I’ve missed.

    Accountability for today’s aim of 800cals:
    2 pots of tea
    – one banana with 2 tsp peanut butter
    – smoothie (almond-coconut milk, kefir, vanilla, nutmeg, stevia, 1 heaped tblsp skim milk powder, water, ice, psyllium, inulin)
    – one apple
    20g cheddar cheese with 2 pickled onions
    – frittata (3 x 45g eggs, 40g very lean bacon, 1 tblsp grated parmesan, mushrooms, spinach, sorrel, sherry tomatoes, parsley)
    – will probably also have a cup of chai this evening

    As I was at the hospital all afternoon I took the opportunity to walk through the neighbouring hilly suburb and have done 10,000 steps. I didn’t feel like moving as my back is very sore after the heavy lifting and digging yesterday. I’m glad I did walk though as my back hurts less now that it did before the walk. (There’s a lesson there.)

    Have a good evening.

    Hi all,

    LJoyce – having tight clothes become not so tight is a great way to monitor your weight rather than what you see on the scales.

    Cinque – hope you continue to get better

    Anzac – I hope your workload eases soon. News on that front for me, my workmate that has had the stroke has sadly handed in her resignation, We’ll miss her, but that does mean that our manager can now advertise for a permanent replacement.

    Quacka – great to see you again

    Lindsay – looking forward to pooch pics 😉

    Intestate – hopefully we can turn on some decent weather for you, the last two weeks have been worse than anything we’ve had over winter. It seems like we just had a 6 month autumn and a late winter 😉

    My weight gain was definitely mostly water weight. I jumped on the scales at the gym this afternoon and I was down over a kilo from last night. Another fast day and gym session tomorrow and I should hopefully be back to my pre-holiday weight.

    Have a great day everyone

    Anzac, if you are still going to alter your jacket yourself would suggest sewing some elastic to the lining about waist level over the side seams about 2inches both sides of the seam on both sides but LJs idea sounds good….

    See im taking notice, stay safe everyone

    Hi all

    Merry. Wonderful that the wedding went so well, congratulations to the newlyweds. Well done on maintaining your weight in what must have been challenging circumstances knowing U.S. food. Hope your energy levels are ok and you are both doing well.

    Neil My body has coped ok with my running so far but I think any further than 10k would be asking too much from my joints and they might rebel. Saying that, I hope to continue doing the odd fun run just to make sure I don’t let all this good work go to ‘waist’. I’ll definitely keep up the 5k Parkruns as they are enjoyable and I have a great reward breakfast afterwards. How is your training going, looking forward to your challenge?

    LJ If I end up in Adelaide one day I will definitely end up on your doorstep. I hope to drive the Nullarbor in the not too distant future so there is quite a possibility we may meet. Great that your strategies are working, never doubted that they would.

    Cinque We can wave across the cafe, if you want, as long as you are well enough. Remember I can pick you up if driving is too much. New car is itching to go places.

    Anzac. That’s exactly why I chose red. The other colours are a bit boring, however they used to have two reds and now there is only one which is called Merlot so not very red at all. Suits OH but he prefers Cab Sav. That’s a great deal with your dog school, how is he going. Have you weaned him off using all your beds yet. Weather report looked pretty bleak for your area, did you get all the rain predicted.

    Lindsay. Bad luck with your eyes. I hope the next procedure fixes the problem but another reason to ease up. Hope your job situation resolves itself soon and you come out of it with what you want. So you are coming to Melbourne, will you be here long or is it a FIFO visit. You know we would love to say hi if you can make it. Where in Melbourne is the new boss of your family situated. Your holiday sounds wonderful, so often we don’t meet new people when we travel and we are poorer for it.

    Red Baron collected and of course, we went for a short drive. Very nice, it has so much more tech than our old one and we will have fun working everything out. It’s been quite a busy couple of days https://imgur.com/a/sBu8oYY

    Don’t let hard work go to waist! I love that 😂

    Training is going really well, I went for some short rides on my real bike rather than my exercise bike when we were on holiday and I was surprised how easy I was finding it. Bring on labour weekend

    Have a great day everyone.

    Good morning all

    Klondi, huge congrats to you and Mr Klondi for the 10km run! That is totally awesome. I ran the entire length of the rugby/Cricket park on the weekend and was pretty chuffed (about 300m LOL). We have had a lot of rain but now it seems to be over. I’m just waiting for it to warm up as we still had the heater on last night. Bizarre for this time of the year. It is our wedding anniversary in 11 days and it was in the high 30’s in 1992. At the moment we are struggling to get into the 20’s – although that is starting to rise this week.

    Glad that your workload might start to settle down soon Neil, now that you can get another person in. Our workload is steadily going to rise this week as we are going live this coming weekend (GAH). It irks me that our little team – the ‘Core team’ seem to be on the receiving end of every other team’s scope to fix up when they muck it up. Migration of loans and client static data is NOT in our remit. But they migrated into a pre-production environment last weekend ready to load into production next weekend and it is a complete [bad word]-up. So this week our little team of 9 have to trudge out to the training centre at Redfern where we can get a room big enough for us and the business people to go through thousands of lines of data and remediate it. Goodness knows what the migration team have been doing for 2 years. They must have sore thumbs

    Today is my first FD for 2 weeks so I know it will be challenging. I’m mentally steeled for it. It’s 8.10am and I’m already very hungry but it will wane. I’m here at the training centre this morning then have to trudge into the City for a meeting so I will get lots of walking in today with my heavy bad with my mobile office in it.

    Hi Intesha, glad you are having a nice time in Auckland despite the rain. I have bitter-sweet memories of Waiheke island. Hubby’s uncle (his Mum’s twin) used to live there and we would visit every time we went over to visit his family. He had a gorgeous house with 360 degree sea views. The silly man didn’t have a will and when he died two siblings who hadn’t spoken to him for 40 years came out of the woodwork and insisted on their share. So we had to sell the house for a song (about 300k) and we did see it about 2 years later advertised at 1.5 million NZD. Families!

    Maxx is sleeping less and less on the bed so that’s good. If he really wants to we let him but encourage him into his own other beds. He was an absolute nightmare on Saturday when our friends arrived. He has always had a ‘thing’ for my friend with Cystic Fibrosis – not sure if it is her laboured breathing or he just realises that she is an awesome person. But he jumped on her, would sneak under the dining room table where we were playing board games and nibble her fingers/toes/leg/arm or just suddenly appear beside her and try to jump on her lap. I ended up putting him outside but of course then all we could hear was ‘bark bark bark’…pause…’bark bark bark….intertwined with volleys of yelping howls that sounded like we were removing limbs with a blunt knife. I cooked two authentic Indian curries with all the side dishes and my friend took one bite and stopped eating. GAH. It turns out she has terrible reflux (a side condition of CF) and isn’t supposed to eat spicy food. She knew what I was cooking but didn’t say anything because she is on new medication for it and thought she would be ok. She wasn’t and could only eat the cucumber raita and some rice in the end. I was losing the will to live at this stage but thank goodness for wine. Anyway, Maxx finally calmed down and sat himself at her side quietly so she could pat him.

    Wow, sorry, what a rant. I hope I haven’t bored you all!

    Thanks Crazy, LJ, I think I will take your advice and get the jacket professionally altered. Much safer.

    Hope your FD continued ok Quacka and you are enjoying a post FD brekkie.

    Lindsay, I am so excited about your new pooch and can’t wait to see some photos. Will you drive all the way to Melbourne of catch a plane? Gosh your holiday sounds so amazing – meeting all those interesting people and enjoying a nice big relaxing time. I’m so excited about ours I can barely contain myself.

    Ok work time. I will lurk whilst telling myself ‘the hunger will wane’ and ‘it’s just one day’

    Take care

    Hi everyone

    Tuesday afternoon and I am doing a B2B FD. So far so good. I’ve had lots of water and now I am having a blood orange and mango mineral water (just flavoured, no sugar)
    I was feeling great after a very light FD yesterday and still had my positivity hat on this morning, so I thought why not? I do have a salad and a boiled egg if I get hungry later this afternoon. It’s amazing how being busy really helps on FD’s.

    Anzac, how are you doing? I hope your FD is going well 🙂

    Cinque, are you getting better?

    Also Happy Birthday to Betsy, Klondi and Cinque ( a little late or early, sorry!)

    Neil, thank you for the welcome back. I’m glad to be back. Funny how much I have missed fasting even though I couldn’t bring myself to do it properly when I have been at home. Back on the horse now.

    Lindsay, I hope you get your vision issues sorted out quickly.

    Intesha, sorry you have been having a hard time. It’s great to see you back here and we have missed you. Enjoy your holiday, despite the weather. It is usually terrible weather whenever I have holidays too!!

    Hi LJ, hope you are back on track now. I know you will be. It’s such a beautiful thing that even when we waver this WOE is there for us. It’s like riding a bike, we never forget how to do it. Although I’m not allowed to ride bikes anymore after the last several times of stacking it, motor bike or just pedal power. I need four wheels lol.

    Hi Merry, Crazy and Minka.

    I’m terribly sorry as I feel I have missed someone but I will catch up with you all soon 🙂

    thin, if you are still reading…..it’s ok we will forgive you for leaving us, as long as you pop in to say hi sometimes!! I hope your adventure is fun and exciting for you.

    OK will sign off now and get on with some more work. Take care all and hope you all have a happy day.

    PS. Hi Cali! I knew there was at least one person I have missed. Also Penguin. How’s that garden going?

    For those wanting more veg in their day, I thought this was appealing. As the name suggests, the emphasis is on combining multiple veg (and some fruit) with different colours to achieve a wide range of vitamins/minerals.
    For those avoiding grains, this also contains a few recipes that use cauliflower rice as a substitute for grains in various salads and hot dishes.

    Man I hate Keto flu. You’d think it would be enough to stop me eating sugar and starch, but apparently not. When I get it I get raging hunger for a day or two followed by dizziness and nausea and then it usually passes after 4 days or so. I was on the nausea and dizziness today.

    Good evening all.

    Anzac, Quacka, Betsy and anyone else attempting FDs I hope yours has been ok. I found today a struggle – mainly because the weather was so cold. Last week this would have turned into one of those days with continual snacking all afternoon.

    Klondi, the new car looks lovely – like the red bow! Did the dealer put that on?

    Neil, I’m not surprised it was mainly water weight, nor that it’s shifting quickly.
    I agree with Cinque, initially it’s easy to fall into old habits and tuck into all the things you’ve been denying yourself. Eventually you learn to moderate that a bit on holiday. Although as my recent behaviour will attest – old habits can come back to bite you again any time.

    Crazy – the idea of creating a waist in that jacket with elastic is good one.

    Cinque – is it tomorrow you are out to lunch? Have fun – hope you are feeling well and enjoy yourself.

    Accountability for today’s aim of 800cals:
    – 2 pots of tea
    – one banana
    – bowl of thai sweet potato and carrot soup
    – carrot sticks and hummus
    – stirfry (25g cashews, 1/2 packet konjac noodles, onion, broccolini, carrot, baby spinach, tamari, garlic, sweet chilli sauce, lime – cooked with a little oil spray in a non-stick pan)
    – will also have a cup of hot almond milk with vanilla later this evening

    As I mentioned earlier, this afternoon was challenging because it was cold and the hunger wouldn’t go away. It showed me just how much weather plays a part in my eating and why I gained weight easily over winter. I’m hungrier when it’s cold and I specifically crave starchy comfort foods. On the weekend it was mid-20s here and doing 800cal days was really easy – such a contrast to how today felt. I had thought the soup for lunch would help me deal with the cold. Initially it was fine until I went for a 1 hour walk early afternoon. By the time I got home I was cold and damp and I really wanted a pile of buttered toasted raisin bread and a hot drink. I had to settle for raw carrot and hummus with a cup of tea. (That didn’t quite hit the spot in the same way!) Interestingly, now that I’ve had a filling, tasty and hot dinner I feel good. I ate a lot earlier tonight than I have the previous few days, so I think that will be important to remember on other days when I’m struggling – eat dinner early and make sure it’s something satisfying.

    I noticed that on on SBS tonight there is a program about Britain’s canals. As Thin is currently sailing down one of those, I thought I’d watch to get an idea of what life is like for her at the moment. Until she gives us real updates, I’ll need to use my imagination.

    Quick check-in to say “hi”, and good to read all your posts..

    LJoyce, Unfortunately, the B2B, etc. hasn’t been working so far, though I live in hope. I managed a CD yesterday, but today went out of whack again, in part due to insufficient sleep last night, and also because the folk opposite kindly sent over some of the older daughter’s birthday cake from their party for her the day before. She’d be about 8(?) now. The younger daughter (?6) brought over the cake, so I smiled and thanked her, and felt obliged to eat at least some of it. Actually, not a lot, but it set off the carb cravings again, and the rest of the day was history.

    Well, there’s not much “naughty” left in the house now (I threw out the rest of the cake I was given), as I ate it all today, so the rest of the week should be good. I spent most of this week’s food budget on thank-you boxes of chocolates, for the ministers and the office administrators of the churches at which I’ve done research. Now I’ve finally finished visiting churches, I’ll do a quick round to drop off the gifts this week. Still have interviews to do, but at least the traipsing all over different parts of Melbourne on Sundays is done.

    Looking forward to meeting Klondi and Cinque (if well enough) tomorrow afternoon. I’ll get to see the “red baron”, too, I hope.

    Good having you back, LindsayL and Neilithicman.

    Frustrating about your sight, LindsayL, but a good chance to try out “retirement”. Let us see photos once you get your new dog.

    Hope you get to see some whales tomorrow (Thursday, as it’s early Wednesday a.m. at the moment), Intesha.

    Sounds like a crazy week for you at work, Anzac65 – just remember, it’s only for a week and then you’ll be live. Mind you, there may be wrinkles to unravel even afterwards, but this week sounds like it will be the worst.

    Good to hear from Minka and crazyartist.

    And now I really must close, it’s way past pumpkin time. I really didn’t have to decide to wrap presents at 1 a.m.!!!

    LJoyce, I may join you (gulp!) in posting my calories for the day (????). Not sure if I’m brave enough.

    More on Thursday evening when life may be less hectic. Bye for now.

    Morning all. First official post holiday weigh-in on my home scales after my guideline weigh in on the gym scales indicated I was up about 2.5 kilos after the holiday. I weighed in at 91.4 kilos so I was up 500 grams on my pre holiday weight. Hopefully after another week back in my regular routine I’ll shake the rest of the weight and then be able to attack that last kilo to get to my goal.

    Hello, just popping in to say I am well enough to meet up with Betsy and Klond today. So looking forward to it!

    Sending good wishes, but I will chat later.

    Good Morning SH’s

    I’m feeling really good this morning. B2B FD’s completed, Monday at under 300 calories and yesterday 500 calories. Also only 31 grams of carbs total for the two days.
    I’m curious about Keto, Neil, and I was surprised when you mentioned that your are going through Keto flu (again). I think I need to do a bit more research as I thought you only go through Keto flu the first time you go into Ketosis. I didn’t realise it happens every time! On Monday I didn’t eat until dinner time and I felt light headed and a little dizzy (not sure if that is the best description but I just felt strange!). I ate dinner which was only 12 grams carbs (in veggies) and then I felt better. Surely it couldn’t have been keto flu already? I was thinking it was just low blood sugar but I’m not too sure. Yesterday I ate salad and a boiled egg at about 3pm and didn’t get that feeling again. I have bought the keto strips so I guess I might test tonight and see how I go….

    I had a much better sleep the last two nights. Sunday night before Monday fast I literally only had 2 hours sleep! I don’t know what was wrong with me but I felt awful on Monday morning. There was no way I was giving up on my FD though so I just put my “stubborn as hell” hat on and got through it. Surprisingly I found it quite easy and I think that it was because I didn’t give myself the opportunity to pull out of it. It was a NNNNFD no matter what. I really like when my stubborness works FOR me instead of against me.

    LJ and Betsy, I hope your next FD’s go much better for you.

    Even after all this time it surprises me when I have a difficult FD and I wish they could all be like the two I have had this week. For me, I know it has so much to do with my attitude towards it. Cali and thin always said to make FD’s non negotiable and when I do that it works for me. Thank you for that advice ladies. Sometimes they are still a struggle though and I really can’t relate it to anything in particular (like what I have eaten the day before or lack of sleep or feeling unwell), it’s just that I think I haven’t put my mind to it enough. That’s just my personal experience friends, I’m not trying to push my ideas onto anyone 🙂

    Anyway I have to go, I’m still catching up on work. I hope you all have a very lovely day, especially the birthday girls! All the best xx

    Hi Quacka

    I’m not a scientist, but from what I understand, your body converts carbs and sugars to a sugar called glycogen that your body stores to use as energy, that also makes you store water. If you cut back carbs and sugars your body will deplete that supply and then start burning fat for energy, the Keto flu is what you get while your body is transitioning between the two because your blood sugars are low you get the cravings and light-headedness.

    If you go back to eating more carbs and sugar for too long then your body will switch back to storing glycogen and burning that for energy and you have to start all over again.

    One week of chips, chocolate and alcohol was more than enough to knock me back to storing glycogen and I had to go through the keto flu again once I went back to clean eating. I think this is the third time since I started dropping weight that I’ve been through it and it’s not fun at all! I’m feeling much better today though, so it looks like I’m through the other side of it now.

    Have a great day everyone.

    Good morning all,

    Klondi, Cinque & Betsy, hope you have a lovely time today.

    Neil, I sympathise with the keto flu – I remember it as a headache, tiredness and constant cravings.
    A few years ago I did many months on a VLCD 800cal meal replacement program that had a carb level of 50-80 grams (depending on the meal replacements and veg you chose). I do clearly remember how bad those 3 days of transition felt, both in the beginning and also if you strayed from the program and had to go through it again. A few of the others on the program had a saying – if you are going to cheat, cheat with meat – because it allowed you to stay in ketosis. However, I was always pleasantly surprised by how well mild ketosis managed my appetite once I got through those 3 days.

    Quacka, so glad you got through your B2B FDs – despite how you felt. The stubborn hat – I have one of those too – I think I wear it a bit too often. I sometimes thing it’s permanently glued in place!

    Betsy, my food postings are an eating management tool for me, you don’t have to follow suit. Public accountability is something that seems to help me stay on track. I don’t like feeling embarrassed, so knowing I’m going to post everything I ate has me thinking twice when I feel like snacking. I’ve done this a few times here over the years – I posted a photo of my food every day for a few weeks last year when I was trying to get my portion sizes under control.

    I finally got around to measuring myself this morning. My measurements are now back to what they were in August, but waist, bust and hips are each still 2-3cm more than they were in June (which is the last time I fitted easily into my smallest clothes). When I looked at older records I can see that I had a similar weight gain last winter and didn’t get back to where I wanted to be until November. This reinforces that it’s a winter problem. I guess I need to decide whether I’m willing to accept this as a natural fluctuation or whether I should keep trying to avoid the winter weight gain. I think as long as the winter gain is within the weight range I’m comfortable with it is ok, but I still need to be careful as it’s easy to go beyond this. I think stressing about it is unhelpful and small fluctuations are ok, however I still need to manage the situation as it’s all too easy to gain 6-7 kilos rather than just 2-3.

    I have lunch in the city with people I used to work with today. I’ve looked at the menu and chosen three things I like the sound of that should be reasonable calorie choices. I’ll decide which of them I feel like when I get there. We are going to Argo in Victoria Square – they make particularly good burgers but I won’t be having one of those today. I was planning a salad, but it’s cold and wet here today so I’m thinking something hot would be better. It’s likely that today might be more like 1000cals, but I can live with that.

    Have a nice day all.

    Good afternoon all. It’s been cool but surprising fine here today – after raining heavily all night. As I went to and from the city by train I’m very glad it didn’t rain as I would have been sodden by the time I got home.
    Today showed me just how many steps those who use public transport for work every day can add – I did 7,000 steps just getting to and from the train station at each end of the trip – although most of that was in the city as it’s a 2km round trip from the only city station to Victoria Square.

    I was very pleased with my lunch choice. I had a toasted sandwich made with ezekiel bread (cut very thin like that dark moist pumpernickel), it contained grilled haloumi and asparagus and a huge mound of rocket leaves. Simple but really tasty.
    I have never found ezekiel bread on a menu before. For those of you who aren’t familiar with it, ezekiel is an unusual bread that contains no flour or yeast. It’s made from a range of sprouted legumes and grains that are mashed together and baked (it’s based on an old testament recipe that was used to sustain life during a long siege I think).
    This should give you an idea: https://purelifebakery.com.au/product/ezekiel-49/ Yes it is as dense and chewy as it looks in the photo. It has so much flavour compared to normal bread. Although I’ve never had trouble digesting bread, apparently breads made like this one, with sprouted grains, can be digested by those who normally have digestive problems with grains. I love the flavour of it, but it’s quite difficult to source and I’m not sure I’m up to the time it takes to sprout all those legumes and grains to make my own. I have a recipe for essene bread which is similar in that it’s made with the sprouted grains with no flour or yeast – however it doesn’t contain the legumes and personally I think much of the lovely flavour in the ezekiel bread comes from those legumes.

    Cali, I went to the central market to get a few things when I was in the city today. I stumbled across some farro: https://imgur.com/a/49ZXhmI they seem to use the term interchangeably with spelt. You mentioned using farro but I hadn’t seen it here before. I also found that this store has both whole and cracked frekeh so I’ll know where to get some next time.

    I’m not having afternoon cravings today thankfully – it seems my lunch actually was sustaining.

    Hi Friends

    Just a quick post to say hi.

    LJ your trip to the city sounds nice and that toasted sandwich devine. If I could only ever eat one food for the rest of my life it would be toasted sandwiches! The Ezekiel bread sounds interesting

    My FD was not great yesterday. I ended up having to work 12 hours and gave in to temptation at the end. Today no better so I need to get my head back on straight. Somehow

    Glad your B2B FD’s were so great Quacka. You are giving me inspiration for sure

    I can’t wait to hear all about the catchup Klondi, Betsy and Cinque!

    Must go, still working and I want to get to the end of it soon

    Good morning from the northern hemisphere!

    Just a quick line to say hello and let you know that we’ve bought a beautiful 57’ narrow boat and are now ‘permanent liveaboards’. Loving life at 4mph. So peaceful and quiet. We’re currently moored in the beautiful village of Crick. DD loves her job as a mixed vet.

    I’ve maintained my 6:1 fast regime throughout all these changes and I’m still around 56kg. My portion sizes are now tiny, I become ‘full’ very quickly and I feel I could potentially manage without 5:2 but I just don’t trust myself.

    Cinque, I have mung beans soaking and now just need to find some kefir!

    I hope you’re all doing well and staying on track. I’m afraid internet is so sparse that I have no opportunity to browse. Not necessarily a bad thing. I miss you guys, take care.

    Anzac, sorry to hear your FDs aren’t going well. I agree with the comment about “I need to get my head back on straight”. I too find I need to be mentally in the zone, otherwise everything is so difficult.

    Thin, lovely to hear from you. You have wasted no time finding a barge that suited. I hope home on the water is everything you imagined.

    Accountability for today:
    – 3 pots of tea with milk
    – 2 thin slices ezekiel bread, large slice grilled haloumi, 5 asparagus spears, rocket
    – a small banana and 2 tsp peanut butter
    – 5 medium mushrooms cooked in 1 tsp butter with lots of parsley & 2 poached eggs
    – diet raspberry jelly
    – hot drink made from 1 tsp “natures cuppa” and 1 tblsp skim milk powder

    I’m babysitting tomorrow night and the kids asked me to have tacos with them. Difficult to accommodate on 800cals. However I’ve solution is to have a little of the meat filling, a big pile of the salad and a sprinkle of grated cheese. I hope they consider that close enough to eating tacos with them.

    Thin! Great to hear from you, please keep checking in even if it is sporadically. Enjoy life as a barge rat 😉

    LJoyce, your accountability is making me hungry. I haven’t tried Ezekiel bread, but haloumi, asparagus and rocket 😋

    I had a low calorie non fast day yesterday. I had my usual post weigh in sausage roll and some nuts and vegetables at morning tea, but then I didn’t get time to eat after the gym session and before my dentist appointment so I didn’t get anything until 5pm when I got home. I made a fish stew and nibbles on some cheese, nuts and gooseberries while I was cooking. Probably ended up halfway in between what I eat on fast days and what I eat on non fast days.

    Have a great day everyone.

    Thin! Hello my friend. I have missed you terribly but I’m so glad you are happy and at peace.

    Back in full time training but I’ve brought a bagful of healthy food and WILL IGNORE the catering

    Have a great day everyone

    Good morning all

    How nice to hear from you thin! So glad you are enjoying your new life.

    Well after three days of very low carbs I tested myself last night and was only slightly in ketosis (the strip was pink). I’m not sure that way of eating is for me as I would miss the veggies way too much, I guess I’m really just curious about it. I already eat fairly low carb so I thought it would be easy to try keto for a while (and still do 5:2). I might try again next week…
    I didn’t up my fat intake as I am still trying to keep it to very low cal FDs and moderately low NFDs. Also I remember Minka saying that it tamed her hunger dragon. I have been eating more eggs this week and I have found that I haven’t really been as hungry as usual. Today’s lunch is 2.5 poached eggs (yes, one stuck to the bottom and split lol) and salad.
    I spent some time reading about keto yesterday on the net and one site recommended no more than 36 eggs per day!!!! What the?? I was sure it must have been a typo but as I read further I don’t think it was.

    Anyway sorry for that disjointed posting above. My boss walked in right as I was in the middle of it lol.

    Have a lovely weekend all x

    It was a lovely catch up with Betsy and Klond yesterday. We got to see the big red car, and realised that, as well as being in the Melbourne subgroup we are also in the red Toyota club!
    Klondi is looking so wonderfully lean and healthy after her break, and it was so good to meet Betsy for the first time (looking good too!).
    We got photos taken and used my ph camera but I can’t easily upload the images from it, so I have sent them to Klondi, and hope she can. Otherwise I can work it out (sending them to my daughter and her sending them back to my computer).

    I am tired today so I will put off my responsive post AGAIN except to say HI THIN! So good to hear from you. Your canal boat sounds wonderful, and so good you are feeling trim and terrific. What a pity you can’t browse and read my message to you!

    Anyway I will be back in the swing of posting very very soon. Cheers everyone!

    Here’s the pictures of Betsy, Klondi and me at the end of our lovely cuppa and chat, and standing in front of the super red Toyota! https://imgur.com/a/1w17fDw

    Good afternoon,

    I have just spent some time getting the house mostly clean – just need to sweep the floors again & wash them on Saturday. The family are coming to dinner Sunday night and that always spurs me to get everything clean and tidy.

    Cinque, Klondi & Betsy (the red car club), I look forward to the photos. Good to hear you had a nice time yesterday.

    Anzac, the temptation of catering is difficult, but bringing plenty of your own food is a good start – good luck.

    Neil, yes, I love haloumi and asparagus too. I had a chuckle about the usual post weigh-in sausage roll.

    Quacka, I’ve been eating plenty of eggs too lately – not 36 though!
    It is possible to get an appetite suppressing effect from mild ketosis, it doesn’t need to be the strong ketosis that a full keto approach achieves. The added benefit is that it requires less carb restriction than a true keto approach. This allows a much wider range of foods which is easier to accommodate in daily life. Managing appetite with mild ketosis is at the core of most of the 800cal per day meal replacement programs that are used for fast weight loss for those or are seriously obese. (My keto strips were never at the full ketosis end of the scale but always somewhere in the middle. But it still suppressed my appetite and allowed me to stick to that strict program for months on end.) The other thing that I noticed also, was that spreading the carbs out across the day usually allowed you a higher daily total than having them all in one hit – probably related to the rate of insulin release.

    My appetite has been missing for the last 2 days, despite the unseasonably cold weather. I strongly suspect it’s because I’m in mild ketosis – that’s what it feels like to me. I’m eating plenty of veg, fruit and dairy (all of which get most of their calories from carbs) but I’ve mostly avoided grains. I’ve been eating low fat to minimise calories but have made sure I’m maintaining my protein levels. As I’m sure I’ve mentioned before, the carb level that achieves ketosis is different for everybody. From all those I’ve known who’ve tried it, it usually sits anywhere from 40-100g per day (although I know someone at the lower end of that scale who needs to also take Metformin as well for it to work). I know being around 80g keeps me in mild ketosis, but I haven’t tested it beyond this. I find I can achieve this level without counting carbs if I remove most grains and virtually anything with added sugar. On any given day I can swap the fruit for a small serve of grains but usually can’t accommodate both without some serious counting and measuring. It’s not a way of eating that I want to deal with long term, but when the hunger dragon won’t leave you alone, doing something for a while that gives you a break from constant appetite can be really helpful – it’s like it takes the pressure off for a while and you can stop stressing about food. I suspected this week would be really challenging but there was only one day that was.

    I’m now considering whether I keep going for a little while until I’m back to my preferred weight/measurements, or whether I just go back to 5:2 now that I’ve broken the snacking pattern and see how it goes. The real sticking point is Sunday dinner, which will definitely make it a NFD with plenty of carbs. I need to think on this a bit more.

    Time to go now. I have to leave for babysitting shortly.

    Evening all.

    I would definitely eat a lot less than 36 eggs a day 😱. Eggs are a good source of vitamin A but you can get health problems from too much vitamin A. Any more than 7 or 8 a day is probably not a good idea.

    Cinque – once again it’s great to put faces to usernames. I hope you all had fun.

    LJoyce – I used to test my ketosis levels but I’ve given that up because I think I’ve learned what I can get away with in terms of carbs. For me the weekly sausage roll isn’t going to break the bank, I’ve also found that enough exercise will stick me into ketosis faster if I’ve dropped out of it. I can tell straight away because I’ll start getting a sweet taste in my mouth during exercise which is apparently a sign you’ve used up your body’s sugar reserve and your body is burning up your fat.

    I have a feeling that my next weigh-in is going to be a good one. I’ve been peeing a lot in the last couple of days so I guess my body is getting rid of the last of the holiday water weight. I’m going to try to be good this weekend and skip the drinkies after having several on our holiday. I’ll probably be busy gardening and getting ready for my bike trip the following weekend anyway.

    Have a great evening everyone.

    Cinque, thank you for posting the photo of you, Klondi, Betsy and the Red Baron. BTW, I love your red boots. Klondi, your car is lovely and seems worth the wait. Betsy, it’s good to “see” you!
    Klondi, I do know what LPG is because that’s what we heat our house. In fact they just changed out a 947 liter tank for an 1,893 liter one on Monday so we wouldn’t run short between deliveries in the colder months. They had to bring in a crane to move them. We’re too far out to get natural gas so it’s either propane or electricity. (Or solar) Electric heat is very expensive out here. We also use LPG for the barbie and bought another small tank for a small generator we bought last week in case we have more power shutdowns because of wind. Klondi, I had never heard of cars fueled with propane until you mentioned it but OH said they do sell a few of them in the US. Finding a gas station that sells propane I think is the reason they don’t sell more.

    LJ, one of the few breads that I eat is Ezekiel. My favorite is one with sesame, but I buy the regular one too. It is one of the few breads that doesn’t contain a lot of sugar. https://www.foodforlife.com/product/breads/ezekiel-49-sesame-sprouted-whole-grain-bread Congrats on breaking the snacking habit. I’m still a bit out of control.

    Thin, so good to see you here again. It’s good to hear that you’re settled on a barge and that DD likes her job. I hope you’ll post some pictures when you get to a spot with better internet.

    Crazy, I had the same thought about Anzac sewing a couple pieces of elastic inside her jacket. Anzac, taking in a jacket could be difficult if you haven’t done it before and with an expensive jacket I would be afraid of trying. If you have a professional that could do it, all the better. But elastic on the inside would be a lot less tricky (and not visible) if you do it yourself.

    Lindsay, I’m sorry to hear about the problem with your cataract surgery. Is it just one eye that’s the problem or both? I hope the doctor can correct it with another surgery. Please let us know when you’re going back. Your trip sounds delightful. It must be so nice to get away for a while.

    Hi to everyone else that I didn’t mention. I have been reading all of your posts, but it’s way past my bedtime. I’ll catch up again soon.

    Neil, I hope you are right and it’s an excellent weigh-in.

    Cali, where I used to live I had to have LPG bottles, but I have the luxury of natural gas at this house.
    I wouldn’t say the snacking is fixed – just managed while I’m on these 800 days. It could all fall in a heap when I stop.

    I’m babysitting tonight and only just got the kids to settle. Because of daylight saving they kept insisting it wasn’t bedtime because it wasn’t dark.

    Accountability for today:
    – 2 pots of tea and 1 decaf teabag
    – an apple
    – hummus and carrot sticks
    – a spoonful of beef taco filling with about 2tsp grated cheese, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, carrot, lettuce and baby spinach

    My evening meal was the opposite of the kids whom has tacos with all meat and cheese and virtually no salad!

    Thanks to the red car brigade for the photo. Lovely to see all your faces – and the red baron

    Addendum to yesterdays accountability list – I also had 3 (45g) Jarlsberg low fat swiss cheese slices.

    Hope your Friday allows for some nice thoughts of your weekend plans.
    Today I am ferrying my aunt to medical appointments and grocery shopping for Sunday family dinner.

    Morning all

    I had my first appointment with a new doctor today for a spider bite on my elbow that wasn’t clearing up, since it was the first appointment he did a full health checkup. My blood pressure was sitting at 115/70 and my resting pulse was 54bpm. He was astounded when I told him I’d lost more than 40 kilos in less than 9 months. When he asked how I did it and I told him it was eating mainly a Mediterranean diet without sugar and starch and upping the exercise he was really happy, he said he wished all his patients would do the same because most people wanting to drop weight come to him asking for weight loss pills and don’t want to change their lifestyle. What is the phrase? If you always do what you’ve done, you’ll always get what you’ve got.

    While I was there I asked him what weight I should be aiming for, and he said he wouldn’t be unhappy if I stayed around what I am, but my ideal is probably in the mid 80s, which is what I was thinking of aiming for anyway, but it’s good to get the opinion of a medical professional backing up what you’re thinking.

    The doctor focused on nutrition when he was studying and when I told him that BMI indicated that I should be under 79 he said to ignore BMI because the survey they based it on was done years ago on a group of people who didn’t have the best nutrition growing up. He said that these days, especially in countries where protein is readily available right from an early age, that people are always going to be bigger and you should focus more on measurements and fat percentage to determine your ideal weight.

    Have a great day all

    Good morning all, another stunning Spring day in Sydney. Sunny and 23

    Oh you are all three so very beautiful Klondi, Cinque and Betsy. You are obviously telling massive fibs trying to tell us you are 70 Klondi and Betsy.

    Happy Birthday officially to you Klondi for yesterday!!

    I have quite crazy news….there are about 400 people on this project and every single one of us knows full-well that we were not ready to go live this weekend. But, as always, no-one was prepared to be the one to put up their hand to senior management to stop it. Then something happened in another area completely unrelated to us that meant a complete change-freeze was declared bank-wide meaning, oh so sadly, that WE HAVE HAD TO CANCEL THE MIGRATION! We have at least one more week now thankfully to iron out the last wrinkles. Yay! If it goes ahead next weekend it will be a bummer because it is our wedding anniversary but we can always celebrate the following weekend.

    LJ, congrats on getting back on track with your snacking and sticking to 800 cals. I was interested to heart that your appetite has suppressed. I had a great day yesterday, ignored all of the catering and had my healthy lunch and snacks then had a normal dinner. It should have been a FD but I decided it was too much pressure given what the day entailed so I’m just glad I stuck to approx 900 calories.

    Whoo Hoo on the doctors praise Neil. Mine was the same the other day but not to your degree of course (yet). My eyes opened wide at the mention of a spider bite that wasn’t healing then I remembered you don’t have any poisonous ones over there (or do you?).

    Thanks for the advice Cali, I am definitely either going to get the coat taken in professionally or just put up with it. It fits well around the shoulders and I can cope with it being big around my waist and hips as I can get a bulky jumper under it. I just hate the way it sticks out right at the bottom

    Quacka, 36 eggs in one day surely can’t be good for anyone? That sounds crazy. Moderation is my motto these days. So glad to hear your lovely, positive posts and you really inspire me to try harder

    Hi everyone I haven’t mentioned. All, have a great Friday

    Hi Anzac – We do have one poisonous spider, the Katapo spider, but this bite was giving me trouble because apparently the it caused an infection that got into the little fluid pad that we have in our elbows or in doctor speak, Olecranon Bursitis https://orthoinfo.aaos.org/en/diseases–conditions/elbow-olecranon-bursitis/

    So he’s given me some antibiotics and anti-inflammatories to clear it up. It seems silly to go to the doctor for an insect/spider bite, but it’s been 5 or 6 weeks so I finally gave in and went to see him.

    Morning all, from rainy Nha Trang.

    Neil that is such good news from your doctor, and what a great endorsement of your health (apart from the spider bite, of course). My doctor told me there’s very little study of nutrition during medical degrees which is pretty scary really, when you think about the impact poor nutrition has on so many aspects of human health. So good for yours (and mine), that they are so well informed.

    Merry welcome back and good to hear the wedding went so well. Hope you are both over your jet lag.

    Klondi, just catching up on past messages. Thank you for telling me about your experiences with retirement. In all of your posts you seem to have such a full, rich life, and that’s reassuring for me. (and we have named our pup Rosy, which seems right for a red setter). She’ll fly to us on the Tuesday after we get home …28th. She comes from Tyabb – is that the Mornington Peninsula?. I won’t be coming to Melbourne unfortunately, because I’d love to meet up. And wow! re the 10 km run.

    And speaking of meeting up …..what a gorgeous photo, Betsy, Cinque and Klondi. Hope you all had wonderful birthdays. Cinque, you could click your heels and go to Kansas in those red boots. Fabulous.

    Thin it was terrific to open the page and see you posting. Hope you find another internet link soon and can fill us in on your adventures. What a wonderful, exciting thing to do. And so nice to be near DD.

    Cali I only had one eye done. I have to have the other done some time in the future, but it’s not as pressing as the first, and given my experience I’ll put it off until it’s absolutely necessary. I see the doctor on the Monday after I get home, for another review.

    Good news Anzac that you have another week. Your project sounds so so stressful.

    I’m watching the scales creep up here, but am trying to keep some sort of order. I don’t think I’m putting on ‘real’ weight…time will tell. We aren’t eating breakfast in this new hotel (those buffets!!) …yesterday I had some fresh soup at a local cafe. The others have mango smoothies – I know what’s in them so avoid them like the plague. It was bucketing down as we left to go for dinner last night so we stayed in. I ordered pepper and sesame crusted tuna – oh it was so so delicious, and light too. It came with passionfruit sauce which sounds odd, but wasn’t at all sweet. I will have 8 weeks to Christmas after I get home, but am trying to be sensible here so I don’t spend the first 3 weeks losing holiday weight. Trouble is, although there is a lot of fresh food in Vietnam, the salads are loaded with sugar, which makes food choices a bit challenging.

    Sorry to those I’ve missed. Hope you all have a good day and a wonderful weekend.

    Good afternoon everyone.

    Anzac, you had to catch a lucky break with that project sometime! I imagine your entire project group breathed a sigh of relief.
    Good on you for avoiding the catering yesterday – it’s always challenging.

    Neil, it’s wonderful that the doctor was so happy with your health and weight loss – and also good to have a second opinion on your ideal weight. My GP doesn’t go with BMI either – he said health markers (like BP, blood sugar etc) that are influenced by weight and exercise are a more important guide. When I got to the mid 70s he encouraged me to stop trying to lose more and focus on maintenance. I think it was sensible advice.
    There’s nothing wrong with going to a doctor for a spider’s bite. My cousin ended up with blood poisoning from a spiders bite that ended up infected. Untreated infections can cause sepsis and that’s deadly.

    Lindsay, I think a little latitude is not a bad thing on holidays. I’m sure 5:2 will get you back on track when you return home. Hopefully you will find, as Neil did, that there’s a lot of water weight in any gain.

    Intesha, I hope you are enjoying some similar latitude on your NZ trip – or are you home again now?

    Cali, I think you mentioned you’d bought vegan burgers to try. I bought 2 containers of this today: https://imgur.com/a/EeQhkD2 I’ll be cooking it this weekend – interested to see how it goes.

    My niece’s eldest son and his girlfriend are “transitioning” to vegan, so I will be trying my hand at making vegan sausage rolls on Sunday as a starter and then I’ll do chickpea burgers in addition to the lamb chops for main course. They are just going to have to deal with the dairy in the cauliflower cheese and the dessert. (Oh, and the butter as I refuse to use margarine.)

    Accountability for today:
    – 2 pots of tea
    – a banana
    – hummus with 6 carrot sticks
    – 20 red grapes
    – 2 corn thins with a smear of peanut butter
    – veggie & cashew stirfry with konjac noodles (haven’t eaten it yet, but it will be dinner tonight)
    – hot milk drink

    It’s 7 days today, so it was meant to be the last of my 800cal days. I’m thinking I might continue for a while with this style of food choices, but be less strict with the calorie level. That means adding back a couple of 500 cal FDs to my week. I didn’t do proper FDs this week as it would have felt excessive combined with the 800cal days. I’m hoping that transitioning slowly from here up to my TDEE will help reinforce the changes I’ve felt this week. I’m going to aim for a 200cal pw increase until I’m back to 1400 (my TDEE). I want to keep the pared back food choices and the modest serves, but eventually get my calorie intake up to something sustainable and more appropriate. Hopefully once I get through the next few weeks the weather will be warm enough to help me manage my eating and appetite. This always feels easier in summer – given that I hate dealing with hot weather it’s good that there’s one side benefit.

    Good morning,
    I’m still a bit poorly and worried that Klondi and Betsy are now both in their beds coughing and sniffling. Oh dear.
    And thanks everyone for reading who was who correctly. I should have labelled us in proper order left to right Betsy, Cinque and Klondi. Ooh yes, I love those red boots. And I only noticed in the photo how beautiful Klondi’s shoes are whereas I had been admiring Betsys beautiful jewelry without saying anything while we were having our coffee, such lovely rings she was wearing! Goodness me, aren’t I superficial!

    In spite of not being quite right yet, I am minding the grandgirls while DD and SIL do some clothes shopping. They’ll be here soon so I must be short now.

    Sending good wishes!

    Good afternoon everyone.

    I’m just taking a break in the food prep for tomorrow.
    As there are now 2 vegans in the family I’ve just made 2 vegan mixtures. One that I’ll shape into moroccan chickpea patties and the second is a filling for vegan sausage rolls. I didn’t have recipes – just did my usual trick of make it up as I go along! I cooked a teaspoonful of each to make sure the flavours and seasoning are right. They taste really good – I’m hoping there will be leftovers for me – especially the chickpea patties.
    I’m going walking in the morning so I need to get most of the food ready today so I’m not rushed. I’ve promised everyone an early dinner tomorrow.

    Cinque, I hope babysitting doesn’t tire you out again.

    Hi all, whew, what a day. I got all my chores done this morning (shopping, picking up a new bike for my trip and dropping it to be serviced). This afternoon I weeded all our gardens, pruned the fruit trees and bushes, mowed the lawn, moved a few trailer loads of compost, cleaned up the driveway, now I’ve just polished off a plate of curried chicken livers and I’m about to sit down with a drink and (hopefully) watch New Zealand and Australia thrash their northern hemisphere rivals to get to the rugby World Cup semifinals.

    Have a great evening everyone

    Neil, I think after all that effort you deserve a rugby win. Not sure you’ll need any luck, I think the all blacks are favourites for this one.

    I was undecided whether I should continue with my accountability posts, but have decided to keep on for the time being. It might be wise, given that I’m gradually increasing my calories now.
    Accountability for today’s 1000cal day:
    – 2 pots of tea
    – a banana and peanut butter
    – 2 slices of toasted rye sourdough with a thick layer of hummus and panfried mushrooms & parsley
    – 1 heaped teaspoon each of 2 plant based burger mixtures
    – 2 beef sausages with capsicum, mushroom and tomatoes, and 1/2 egg (leftover eggwash that I didn’t want to waste)

    The sausages were not what I had planned for dinner, but they were leftover from the beef sausage rolls that I made. I cheat and buy puff pastry sheets and thick sausages – then all I have to do is carefully slit and remove the skins and roll the pastry around the perfectly shaped filling. Do it this this way, I can have 3 dozen mini sausage rolls on a tray in about 10 minutes. Given that it took considerable longer to make the vegan sausage rolls I needed a shortcut for the beef ones.

    LJ, here’s a great NYTimes article on farro and a few other grains. https://www.nytimes.com/1997/06/11/garden/farro-italy-s-rustic-staple-the-little-grain-that-could.html?pagewanted=all
    Apparently there is a difference between spelt and farro. I don’t recall ever trying spelt. This article gives lots of examples of dishes made with farro and some good ideas for you or anyone else here who is interested in some of the ancient grains. One of the packages I bought was labeled “Italian Farro”. I do like the fact that it’s somewhat chewy but doesn’t get gummy, even after it sits overnight in the frig. I made a dish the other night with farro, chopped onions, garlic, cubed eggplant, chickpeas, diced tomatoes! Oregano and fresh basil from the garden. It was one I just threw together as I went along and it turned out really well. Good for leftovers too.

    All the different varieties of grains are hard to keep straight. I thought it was someone here who first mentioned farro but it may have been an online recipe that called for it.

    Neil and LJ, all your work in your gardens makes me tired just reading about it.

    LJ, how was that meatless burger “meat”? It looks from their website like they have a couple versions, one with pea protein like the Beyond Burger and one with soy protein. Did it taste very close to beef? Several restaurants around here are offering the Beyond or Impossible burgers here now. They don’t seem to be catering to vegans since many add cheese on top, but to vegetarians and people who just want to cut down on read meat. OH says he can’t really tell the difference except that the Beyond Burger is more easily digestible and he sees no reason to eat minced beef anymore. I’ll have to try making rissoles with it next.

    Neil and LJ, all your work in your gardens makes me tired just reading about it.

    Cinque, sorry to hear that cold and lurgy is still hanging on. DS still has a terrible cough too but says she feels better.

    Yesterday’s FD resulted in over a kg loss. I hope I can keep most of that off until the next one.

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