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  • Crazy, congratulations on the new grandson. 10 pounds! He is a big boy. Hope you get a cuddle with him soon. And congrats on the smaller t shirt size. That must feel good.

    Neil, only 1 kg to go! That’s so exciting. Tell your wife that boney hips are a good thing, even if they’re not as comfortable without all the padding.

    Cinque, get rid of that cough. Littles seem to pick up every germ that comes along and pass it on to the adults. I hope you both get over it soon. The cake you made was just lovely. I loved the balloon “3” on the top too.
    LJ, thank you for the article on the ancient grains. I ordered some cracked freekeh from Amazon. I can’t wait to try it. I’ll try the whole grain if I like it. I wonder if cooking it in the pressure cooker would get the grains soft a little more quickly? The farro cooks in about 30 minutes or less on the stove top. I also threw w small amount into the Instant Pot along with some pearl barley and quinoa. They all seemed to be done in about half an hour.

    Anzac, I feel bad for poor Maxx with the ear bite. I hope he doesn’t associate it with training. He deserved to sleep on your bed after that!

    Klondi, I laughed at your story about Bobby and the littles spreading the mulch. What a mess it must have been. But at least they had fun.

    Quacka and Betsy, good to see you here again.

    Have a great day everyone.

    Good afternoon.

    I’ve had a terrible couple of days of bad food choices – which even included walking to the shops for ice cream late yesterday afternoon. I never do that these days and have no idea why it was just so imperative yesterday. Yesterday also involved lunch at the bakery with the kids – and I ate the spare chips off their plates. I’ve also just been out to lunch at lunch with the folk from the local bridge club. I’ve compounded things by doing a pathetic amount of steps compared to last week.
    I also forgot that as I’m having the infusion tonight I should have fasted yesterday. Oh dear.

    Cinque, get well soon. I hope you still have some of that lovely chicken broth in your freezer – it will be just the thing for your current state of health.

    Quacka, did you get to wear the outfit you bought for the races last year?

    Neil, you deserve to feel so proud of your efforts. You might have to invest in a cushion to put over those hip bones so your wife has a comfy leg rest now that she also has a trim and fit husband!

    Cali, I suspect your instant pot might be an easy way to cook freekah. I also like Cinque’s idea of soaking them covered in boiling water overnight before boiling them – a bit like the way I deal with most dry legumes.

    Hello to everyone else who’s reading. Have a good day.

    Hi everyone, slightly more time now (even if it is 11 p.m.! 🙂 )

    Klondikekween and Cinque, found your email addresses, thanks Cinque, so will email you separately. Looking forward to catching up for the (restrained) birthday celebration.

    CalifDreamer, re ancient grains, I bought a mixture to cook up, to eat like rolled oats, and did eat it. But, when I looked at the package, it surprised me to find that the fibre content was considerably lower than the simple oatmeal.

    Neilithicman, great weight loss effort, and I hope you enjoyed your bottle of Porters.

    Cinque, hope you recover from your infection quickly.

    LJoyce, good luck with the infusion. Hope it goes well despite the lack of a good fast day.

    Anzac65, how is Maxx now? Fully over his dog bite? And is work as frenetic as anticipated? Are you coping okay? By the way, sensible, given the stress you’ve been under, to buy a slightly larger jacket for your holiday. I’ve found that if I stress myself about losing weight, the stress itself makes it harder for me to do so. This is a lifestyle we’re on, and we have to make it work for us in all of life’s ups and downs. If we take a bit longer to lose the weight, well so be it. At least we don’t give up, which is something I have done multiple times in the past when trying to lose weight. Not this time. So what if it takes me 2 years instead of 6 months, the trend is still down, and I am healthier even in the process than if I were still my overweight weight. The final result will be worth the journey! Sorry, bit of a rant there.

    Hi Quacka, good to have you back from holidays. Do you still have clothes that fit? Back to this WOL and down again!

    Goodnight everyone.

    Good morning all, quick post from the train on my way to day 2 of 8 full-time training

    I actually have to be the trainer for 1/4 of today and I’m dreading it. I’ve done a lot of prep so that will hopefully make it easier. My lovely, albeit stress-head boss is there to help so that too will help a lot.

    Thanks for the wise words Betsy and you are 100% right; as soon as I ordered the new coat the pressure released and now I’m actually enjoying healthy eating.

    Maxx is perfectly fine, no negative ramifications of the attack thank goodness.

    Cinque, so sorry you have an awful cough, may it be short-lived and not progress to anything worse. Please rest up

    Quacka, so glad you had a great holiday. Bummer to be back at work but I find if I start planning the next break it really helps

    Hope the infusion goes ok today LJ and I’m sure your recent blip with food will be very short lived

    Cali, Maxx is funny. Now that he had one day on our bed he assumes it is now a permanent privilege. So now he has 6 beds: upstairs spare room king bed, our king bed, the choice of two leather couches, his indoor trampoline bed and his outdoor trampoline bed that is on the back porch that gets all-day sun. Not spoilt, nope

    Ok am approaching my stop. I know there will be typos as I’m hopeless on my little phone keyboard. Have a great day all

    Morning all.

    Had a day off yesterday (skipped the gym, ate about 2500 calories along with my beer) but back on the wagon today. I’m switching my fast days because I weighed in a day early yesterday.

    It’s going to be rough at work this week. Both my workmates are sick today and one was sick yesterday, also I have a dentist appointment this afternoon so there is going to be a huge pile of work to catch up on tomorrow.

    I hope everyone has ha great day today.

    Good Morning all and thank you for the welcome back’s (is that the way to put it? lol)

    LJ, yes I did get to wear the outfit but I had to get my very talented MIL to take the dress in for me as it was way too big. I will definitely be buying a new dress for next year. Fun, fun, fun! I actually like clothes shopping now as some clothes do look good on me, before I absolutely hated it.

    Betsy, all my clothes still fit me as I haven’t put on THAT much weight in only two weeks! One proper FD on Monday and a low cal day yesterday has really helped. It was supposed to be a B2B FD yesterday but it ended up just being a CD. I didn’t eat anything until 3:30pm and then dinner so I think the long overnight fast is good for me. My ‘lovely’ work friend came up to me at lunchtime holding out some crackers and a jalapeno corn dip and said ” I know it’s a FD but do you want to try one?” I replied no thanks and she said “Are you sure? Just have one.” She got the same reply as the first time. I don’t understand people sometimes.

    Today is a proper FD. Cabbage and konjac noodle Thai style salad for lunch (3pm) and then more cabbage (different style salad) and some chicken for dinner, along with grilled Asparagus. We have about six Sugarloaf cabbage from our garden so we need to eat them up. Yum!

    Anzac, I’m glad you bought a slightly bigger jacket. I also find that when I put that kind of pressure on myself is the time when I will self sabotage. You wait, I bet you lose that weight anyway now that you don’t have that deadline!

    Neil, look after yourself. I hope that sickness your workmates have isn’t contagious!

    Woohoo, there are some birthdays coming up in here!! I hope you all have a lovely Happy Birthday and a nice catch up. I’m getting in early in case I forget!!

    OK time for some work. Have a happy day all x

    Morning all

    I had a good night last night. My boys were having a sleepover with their cousins round at my sister’s place so my wife and I had the evening to ourselves. We headed to the local swimming pool and had a nice soak in the spa pool for a while and a play around in the wave pool, then despite the fact it was supposed to be a fast day, we headed to a restaurant at the top of the hill that overlooks the harbour and split a dessert and had a small glass of dessert wine. We finished off the evening chilling on the couch watching some Netflix. It’s been a while since we’ve been able to have a nice evening without kids. Went slightly over my normal fast day calories but still well under my BMR, probably around 1200 calories.

    Good morning everyone

    I have a free morning, so time to catch up with you all.

    Neil, that sounds like a really lovely way to spend a child free evening. Staying under 1200 cals when restaurants, dessert and wine are involved is quite an achievement.

    Quacka, I’m so pleased that you got to wear that outfit – and even happier that it required taking in. I remember just how much effort you went to putting together a nice races outfit for yourself and your hubby.
    Six cabbages sounds like an awful lot to get through. I normally buy them by the half or quarter!

    Anzac, I hope the training went well – I’m sure you were fine. I used to be a workplace trainer and I found the initial nerves were bad but once I got into a topic I knew I was fine.
    You might have to start shutting doors to create no-go areas for Maxx.

    Cinque, how are you? I hope that cold is improving.

    Betsy & Cali, the fibre content of the ancient grains vary, as do those we are more familiar with. I tend to pick and choose the ones I use. I use a mixture of rolled grains (usually oats, barley, rye and quinoa) instead of just oats for porridge and instead of rice (which has truly abysmal fibre levels) I use alternative whole or cracked grains.
    All the grains have 1350-1600kj (320-380cal) per 100g (dry) – it’s mostly those that derive from wheat that have the lower kilojoule level, quinoa, spelt and oats are at the higher end of the range. There is a much wider range of difference when it comes to fibre. It ranges from 0.7g fibre per 100g (dry) for basmati rice to 16.3g for whole, kibbled or rolled rye. I mostly only choose grains that give me at least 10g fibre per 100g. That includes: rye, freekah, bulgur (cracked wheat), kasha (buckwheat), barley (rolled or pearled), oats, spelt. The only grain I use a little that falls far short of this is quinoa flakes as it only has 6g fibre per 100g – but I like the creaminess it adds to porridge.

    I haven’t posted for a couple of days, so I’ll offer an update of my activities:
    Tuesday was bridge in the morning – we came 4th out of 10. The director complimented us on how well we were playing for beginners and one of the more experienced player pairs took the time to give us some tips on how to improve some of our play after we’d finished playing with them – that was really helpful and generous.
    Then the bridge group went to lunch at a hotel at Glenelg which was delicious, but calories I didn’t need after Monday’s excess of bad foods. I managed to squeeze in a walk late that afternoon. The infusion in the evening was fine, but I sat at the laptop until after 11pm with the nurse, helping her put together a CV and covering letter to a apply for a job with another firm that does in-home infusions for those with cancer and auto-immune diseases. The firm she’s with now will not be able to do my infusion after the end of this month, so I’m hoping she can get a job with the company that is taking over that role.
    Yesterday was a FD and it was a bit difficult as I had a headache and nausea all day – a reminder that I really do need to fast before an infusion. I went out for a cuppa and movie with my neighbours yesterday afternoon. We saw “Ride Like a Girl” which I enjoyed. I also managed to do a long walk in the morning as well as walking to and from the cinema so I finally have one day this week with a decent amount of steps. As I have free time this morning I’m planning to repeat that.

    The earthworks have started on the development site across the street from me so it’s making sure I’m awake early even if I don’t want to be.

    Hope you are all having a good day.

    Hi again!

    Klondi, I think it was you who asked whether I still take inulin or not. When I cut my carbohydrates down to 20 grams for the keto plan I’m following, I ceased taking it. I did so because I’m counting ‘total carbohydrate’ grams in my daily tally, rather than ‘net carbohydrates’. In other words, I count fiber as part of my 20 gram tally. I’m aware that many keto plans count net carbs and so would say to ingest as much inulin and other fibers as one wished as they are only digested by the gut biome and so do not count as caloric intake. However, since I’m following a specific way that counts total carbs, whether fiber or not, I decided to reserve those carbs for the intake of vegetables. Some keto coaches do not count fiber in daily tally. There are so many versions on how to practice keto. Each person has to find what works best for them.

    LJ, so true about determining how many carbs are sustainable for each individual. How great that you were part of a program that allowed you to work that out for yourself! My glucose and breath keto meter will be invaluable tools to enable me to figure that out down the track. I feel so good on the 20 grams, I want to continue. From how fierce my hunger dragon was in the past, I am probably one who will best tolerate the 50 grams or less.

    Betsylee, Yes, missing gall bladder adds to complications if starting keto! There are a few in my online keto group who have successfully pulled it off, through guidance from the moderator/coach and book author who suggests that those without a gall bladder mainly stick to eating 3 meals a day at around same time every day and to very slowly raise fat consumption over a 12 week period. How this works is that the liver slowly becomes accustomed to secreting more and more bile at those specific times to digest the increasing amount of fat. It’s an extra protocol to follow that may not work for all, since snacking isn’t included in this plan of action.

    I’ve continued with 16:8 for the past week. I’m going to experiment with returning to 5:2 in the next week or two.

    Friday 5am. Good morning all. Returned to Australia Sunday evening and spent 2 days in Glenelg (Adelaide) before returning home (sigh). Betsylee we also went to Haighes chocolates and purchased some goodies but have yet to eat any. After the indulgence of food in Bali I really don’t have much of an appetite. Have returned to eating OMAD and happy to be eating healthy home cooked meals again.

    I nearly fell off the scales when I weighed myself Wednesday morning. I am exactly…yes exactly the same weight as the day we left for Bali. OH is 2kg heavier and he’s not happy…lol. We did do a lot of walking and MissD and I a lot of stair climbing on holiday. OH unable to manage steep or too many stairs due to his dodgy knee. I was sure I had put on weight but the mirror and clothes fit also prove otherwise.

    One of OH’s children is now talking to him but the others have unfriended us both on FB and will not answer his phone or text messages. I’m no longer stressing over it. Now this is funny….when OH spoke with his daughter one of reasons she gave for not accepting our marriage is that I have changed him because he used to eat junk food and takeaways and was overweight. Now he only eats healthy food and is slim and healthy. Really ?? I’m disliked because of that ?? OH was more than happy to make the lifestyle changes and he continually praises me for that because he feels so much better for it.

    I have this week and next week off for the school holidays but OH has returned to work.

    Thank you all for the wedding well wishes and flowers. We did have a beautiful day as well as a great holiday. Long weekend here in SA so we will be catching up on home chores but with today’s temp at 39 deg and 40 tomorrow we will be stuck inside under the aircond unfortunately.

    Morning all

    Hooray GFSA, it’s a real accomplishment to maintain your weight when on holiday. I wouldn’t know if I can manage it yet because I haven’t had a holiday since I started trying to lose weight. I’ll find out next week because we’re off for a week to the West Coast.

    I’m guessing from your comments about your step-kids that if they are unhealthy then they are likely projecting. Seeing someone who was as unhealthy them can make them feel better about themselves. But if that person then gets in shape, then that can make them feel bad about their own lifestyle.

    Non fast day today but I’m staying away from junk, I’ve made up a big salad with some haloumi and boiled egg and avocado, but I’ll still leave some calories free for a rum and coke tonight, I’m really going to need it after the week I’ve had. Work has been absolutely mental.

    Well have a great week everyone, I may be quiet next week during our trip, I’ll be taking my scales with me so I can keep my appointment for my regular Wednesday weigh-in, and I’ll definitely check back in with everyone when we get back.

    Hi all, good to check in.

    Anzac65, glad the stress is less now you’ve bought the slightly larger jacket, and as Quacka also wrote, maybe with the stress off, you may even achieve the lower weight you want, anyway. Hope your part of the presentation went well (I’m sure it did!). Chuckled about Maxx, mainly because I have a very spoilt Wilbur (cat) here, who sleeps wherever he likes.

    Quacka, I thought you’d been away longer, not just 2 weeks. Well, I put on 1.5 kg in a week, so you might still have gained weight; glad you didn’t.

    And speaking of not gaining weight – GDayfromSA, no weight gain even on a trip to Bali – well done you. Glad one of OH’s kids is now talking with him again. Give it time; the others will probably come round. But even if they don’t, he’s healthier now than he was previously, and that’s a major positive. I agree with Neilithicman’s comments; they’re probably jealous because now he’s lighter, and it reflects badly on them.

    Nelithicman, great that you and your wife had an enjoyable (and food restrained) kids-free evening. Enjoy the West Coast!

    LJoyce, lots of interesting and useful info about grains, thanks. Hope you get to keep your current infusion nurse with the new company that will be looking after you.

    Hi Minka, thanks for the comments re gall bladder and fats. I don’t think I’d follow that route. I think it would require spacing the fats out over the day, and as I prefer 16:8 TRE and only one main meal, it could be more difficult to retrain my liver. Doesn’t matter. As you wrote with the keto diet, everyone has to find what works best for them.

    Catch you over the weekend everyone!

    Hi all

    Very very glad to be on the train heading home after the last 4 days of intense training. Also glad it is a long weekend!

    I confess to falling prey to the catering so an active and healthy weekend coming up to reverse the damage

    I look forward to catching up with everyone’s news….

    Hi everyone. Gday, great to hear that you returned from holidays with no weight gain. Being busy and active probably helped a lot as well as food choices. Wanting to taste local cuisines always makes it harder to keep eating under control but it sounds like you managed. Good on you.

    Anzac, glad to hear you made it through your 4 days of intense training. Now you can relax. Why the long weekend? Is there a holiday?

    I’ve been busy decorating the house (indoors) for Autumn and Halloween. I usually leave the decorations up for all of October. Lots of LED lighted artificial pumpkins around the house. I have them set up on Alexa with timers. Now that the days are getting shorter, it’s nice to have the little orange lights all around.

    Neil, glad you and your OH had a night alone without the kids. I bet it felt good to relax and watch a movie together. We like Netflix too. I see that season 3 of “Glitch” just started. I’ll have to find time to watch it. It takes place in the fictional country town of Yoorana, Victoria. It started in 2015 on ABC from what I’ve read. This will be the last season for the show.

    LJ, it sounds like you’re keeping busy. Congrats on your continued success with bridge. It sound like you’re progressing faster than usual. The freekeh should arrive here tomorrow from Amazon. It was supposed to be here a couple days ago but there was a mix up in shipping. I’m anxious to try it. I do like the higher fiber content of the ancient grains and just to have the change from the typical rice.

    Cinque, I hope you’re feeling better. I miss your posts.

    Hi all.
    I’m having an early taste of summer – 34C today. Spare a thought for GDSA, the forecast for the region she lives is 41C. I’m thankful that it is a low wind day, which reduces the risk of bush fires considerably. There is also a cool change and showers forecast for tomorrow.

    GDSA, well done maintaining your weight on holiday.
    Enjoy your time off work to spend with your daughter.

    Cali, you do get in early with your halloween decorating. I remember the pictures you posted last year with the lights trailing up the staircase. I must remember to buy a few treats this year. I had kids knocking on my door last year and had nothing to give them.

    Minka, as some others have mentioned the lack of a gall bladder is what would put me off of ever trying keto. I have to carefully watch my fat intake or I get quite nauseous.

    Anzac, hope you are having that healthy eating active weekend you planned. I assume that will involve extra walks for Maxx. My neighbours said they are taking their lab (Pippa) to doggy day care once a week, as they both work full time. I saw her when they brought her home last Tuesday. They came over to talk and Pippa just collapsed on my front lawn. She’d clearly worn herself out playing with her friends at day care!

    Betsy, the chewy grains aren’t for everyone. I enjoy the fact that they have flavour and aren’t bland like rice. However I have friends who really enjoy the blandness of rice, pasta and potatoes.

    Neil, Enjoy your week away. Hope you return happy, healthy and well exercised with kids that have not acquired any new injuries.

    Time I went for a walk before it gets any hotter.
    Have a nice weekend.

    A quick hello,
    I am gradually getting better but not back into the rhythm of 5:2 yet. Just wanted to send out some good wishes to you and hoping you are having a good weekend.
    I’ve just a couple of clocks that couldn’t put themselves forward this morning, so that is my job for the day.
    I’ll catch up properly soon I hope!

    I am back.
    I have not been doing the 5-2 for over a year now. I have been in and out of hospital like a yo-yo, so found my eating habits all over the place. I have finally sorted my medical problems as best as I can and seeing as I have loaded on the kilos during the last month’s I decided to get back to a regular eating habit.
    So I have read the book again and this morning worked out all my allowances,so I am starting today. I just hope that the medication I am taking for Arthritis does not interfere with me loosing weight. During the last year I have gone up 2 dress sizes and I am not happy about that.
    I am back to reading all your posts as I know from my previous attempt reading them really helps.
    Hugs to everyone.

    Good afternoon SHs.

    Thankfully the hot days have moved on and we are back to 17-22C days for a week – much more my preference as I am more active when the weather is mild.

    CharlotteRose, welcome back. I am joining you in a FD today. Rereading the book was an excellent way to get back into the swing of things.

    Cinque, Glad to hear you are improving – even if it’s not at the pace you’d prefer. Take care.

    I had a clear demonstration last week of what happens when you eat more and move less! I only met my minimum steps requirement of 50,000 last week – half of my effort from the previous week. I also craved extras nearly every day – biscuits, icecream etc. I’m feeling chubby and my larger jeans are the only ones that are comfortable – hot happy!
    As always, I try to analyse and understand why and plan ways to avoid this in future. I had an incredibly busy week, which I know impacts the way I react to food. It also meant I did virtually no cooking and it limited the times I could exercise. Add in hotter weather and that further limited when I wanted to go for walks. I really prefer walking early-mid afternoon but that just doesn’t work on hotter days. I need to change my daily schedule to accommodate a morning walk. The reason I prefer not to, is that I’m stiff and less able to move easily in the morning – but I think mid-late morning would be ok. Summer is coming and the weather will be hot for many months so I need to have a plan ready, otherwise my activity levels will suffer for months. I can’t allow that to happen.

    As this week sees the return of milder weather it will temporarily make it easier for me to do longer walks and perhaps tackle a couple of narrow garden beds at the front of the house that still need to have the heavy clay soil dug out. I also must get back to my mindful approach and hope it works. Last week even eating things slowly didn’t seem to restrain me.

    I’ve decided to fast today and Wednesday as that suits my schedule best this week.

    Hope you are all having a nice weekend – it’s a long weekend here.

    Hi everyone, Sunday afternoon on a warm day in Sydney

    We are indeed having a busy, healthy weekend. Lots of walking and as we have visitors coming next weekend I have been cooking all day and freezing. So glad it is a long weekend (labour day tomorrow)

    Cinque, glad you are feeling better but it seems to be a slow process. I hope tomorrow is even better.

    LJ, bad habits creep back so quickly it terrifies me. Glad you are on top of everything and have an action plan ready.

    Welcome back Charlotterose, glad you have been able to sort out your health issues and good luck getting back into 5:2. This forum is awesome and will give you so much support

    Cali, I would love to see some pics once you have finished decorating for Autumn and Halloween

    We had our first swim today which is lovely. It helps both of our sore backs enormously.

    Hi Betsy, Wilbur sounds so cute. I miss my cat Oscar even though he has been gone for 8 years. He was my best buddy for 17 years.

    Neil, your date-night sounded lovely and it must have been great to have a kid-free evening with your lovely wife.

    Gday, I am agog with astonishment that you were able to come back exactly the same weight. Good. On. You

    Ok, better go and start dinner prep. Chat soon

    Good morning,

    Woohoo, I feel well enough to have a fast day. They are such a rhythm in my life now that it feels unbalanced not to have them (although my worst days with this dreaded lurgy didn’t involve much eating). LJoyce, thanks so much for the reminder about that chicken stock. I read your post and got it straight out of the freezer. I have mostly subsisted on home made soups and that has been just excellent.

    CharlotteRose! Long time no see. So sorry to hear that you have had such a nasty run of medical problems. I do hope they are really over now! No wonder your eating has been all over the place. You will feel so good when the dress sizes start going down again. How did your fast day go? Fingers crossed you love getting back into the rhythm of 5:2.

    Quacka, I loved hearing that your talented MIL had to take in your dress. Yes, it is time for fun clothes shopping!

    LJoyce, I guess it was about time to test whether you still needed to fast before an infusion. Sorry to hear about the awful symptoms, but hopefully life will be a bit more ordered and it won’t creep up on you like that again.
    Hoping you have a lovely strict week (in all the best senses of that word) and your cravings dissipate, you can enjoy your walks, and you have less busyness all round.

    Welcome home Gday, I am glad you feel more settled about family carry on. Children, even grown up ones, are so resistant to change they don’t control. But I had to chuckle when the change was such a healthy one.
    Wo, it is hot there early!

    Cali, I love to think of you decorating your house for Halloween and Fall. I hope you enjoy the freekah, I had a salad made with it once, by a chef friend, and it was delicious.
    (My spring decorating is opening the windows and doors wide to let the outside in 😉 ) Hmm, more than that, it is tomato seedlings on the windowsill and chard bolting and the callistemons in bloom.

    Hi Minka, It is so nice to hear you, step by step, organising the way of eating that suits you. Good luck with the back to 5:2!

    Anzac, lovely to think of you enjoying a public holiday today! Hope you get some healthy blob out time between your busy things.

    Neil, sending you good wishes for the trip!

    Best wishes to you all. Off for another cuppa, and planning my evening miso soup.

    Cinque, welcome back to the land of the healthy! I’m very glad to hear you feel well enough to get back into a FD.

    I’m not sure I’d say I’ve been strict so far. Yesterday’s FD went well and I did almost 10,000 steps. Today I am yet to go for my walk as I’ve been waiting for the misty rain to stop. I may have to do as I did yesterday and put on a top with a hood and walk anyway. I have eaten an awful lot of bread today – breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea. Not good choices.

    I have a day out in the hills with my best friend tomorrow. I have requested that we do a walk from her place late morning as it’s very hilly there. Then we are going to lunch at a cafe at Aldgate and then to a few other towns for clothes shopping. We’ll end up at Woodside and do another walk on the Amy Gillet bike path which is on very flat ground. So I’m hoping for up to 2 hours of walking tomorrow.

    Hope you are enjoying the end of your long weekend.

    Quick check-in as I’m horrified to realise how late it is. Still not adjusted to daylight savings, so I slept REALLY late this morning, and am consequently not tired this evening, even though it’s nearly 2 a.m.

    Loved reading all the posts. Really, would just echo Cinque’s comments to you.

    Anzac65, yes, I do love Wilbur – when he isn’t driving me crazy! Same as my first cat, Sweetie. She was even more of a “sook”, and a lot of the time when home I had to walk around with her tucked over my shoulder. Wilbur isn’t that bad. But, he’s funny. If I were to put him on my lap, he’d immediately jump down. He has to choose to be on my lap, not me. However, once there, he gets quite disgruntled if I have to get up and thereby disturb him.

    Sorry, more next time. It really is too late.

    Good morning,
    Day after fast day for me (except the remnants of my illness mean I haven’t got quite the usual lovely hungry feeling…. lucky I can try again in a few days 😉 )

    Hi LJoyce and Betsy and everyone else. I must go shopping today (I’m out of milk, eep!) so thinking about the yummy vegetables I will buy.

    Hoping it is a very good day for you, whether it is a 5 day or a 2 day!

    Hi all

    Gday. Welcome home, now to tell all your friends about your surprise wedding, I bet you will get lots of good wishes. It’s nice that at least one of OH’s children is talking to him. Maybe the contrast in him does not make their mother look good in retrospect and they resent that, certainly they seem threatened. Well done on maintaining while having a good time.

    Neil enjoy your break, sounds like you need it, keep those boys out of trouble.

    Betsy. We are all willing slaves to our furry friends, wouldn’t do without them.

    Anzac. Is there an end in sight, you must be going live soon. At least you have a three day break to get over it with the boys. You should get plenty of use from your pool with a hot summer predicted. Swimming is not my cup of tea but we do have a spa which OH loves and is prepared to look after.

    Cali. Pictures please, I know you did them last year but I’d love to see more. We only do a little decorating at Christmas but my DIL who is American would love to seasonally decorate. No wonder her family had a big attic, they needed it to store all the various bits and pieces for each event.

    LJ it’s a pity you aren’t the one designing the course that Cinque, Cali and I are doing. One post from you, and you have educated all of us more than the whole course so far, very disappointing. I really do need to explore grains more. There is no good reason why I don’t, the bulk food place I showed Cinque has all of those grains and more. Best of luck with the infusion process, I hope the new arrangement suits you.

    CharlotteRose. Welcome back, it’s nice that you are feeling better and can take charge of your eating again. I imagine the extra kilos don’t help your arthritis so you will benefit so much from being lighter. Keep with us, we will cheer you on.

    Cinque. So relieved that you are feeling better, hopefully that will be the last of the dreaded lurgies for a while. It’s great that we have finally settled on a day and place for our birthday bash. It will be lovely to meet again and introduce ourselves to Betsy in person. Good that you could feed yourself easily with your stash of stock. Your garden sounds as if it is doing well.

    I haven’t said much about my progress. I passed my goal of 65k in July and reset a new goal of 63k which was my wedding weight 41 years ago and achieved that in August. I relaxed a bit but was cautious, increasing my weekly average calories from around 1000k per day to 1300k which is close to my TDEE. Surprisingly, I have continued to lose weight and I am now mostly under 61k. 60k equals 91/2 stone which was considered nirvana when I was in my twenties, I’m clearly not the same shape as I was then, my upper body is almost bony and my rear end has just melted away. My bust is still a bit bigger and my waist is definitely bigger with those pesky extra folds of skin left over from when I was fat. I’m not sure whether I have gone too far but now I’m here, I have no intention of deliberately going back. I believe that if I can maintain this weight for a while, there might be a redistribution of fat so I’m more balanced. Any observations from our maintainers would be helpful. I’m certainly not complaining and I love how I look in my skinny clothes, particularly my tight fitting jeans.

    I will be testing my resolve over the next couple of weeks. DD is turning 40 just after my birthday so we are having a joint afternoon tea party. As we will be catering for coeliac, vegan, lactose intolerant, and paleo guests, I am trying out some unfamiliar recipes and they are all calorie laden. Grandchildren will be getting lots of lunch box treats and I will have to make room in my freezer for the rest. Thank goodness for the internet which has such a vast array of recipes to cover every type of restriction.

    Good evening all.

    I had a lovely long day in the hills with a friend today. We did 2 longs walks which amounted to 15,000 steps and plenty of steep hills to really work the leg muscles. I am incredibly tired now. That’s a good thing as, like Betsy, I have had trouble adjusting to daylight saving and have been getting to sleep much later.
    I also did some op shopping in the hills towns and came home with some pretty spring-summer tops and 3 serving plates/platters for entertaining. In all a really lovely day.

    Betsy, Wilbur sounds like a cat who likes to be in charge.
    I have been thinking a little lately of my idea of getting a cat. I’m still pondering the litter tray issue – where to put it so doesn’t get in the road is a bit of a dilemma.

    Klondi, If you are still losing weight at your TDEE, maybe your activity level has bumped your TDEE up a bit. You do sound quite active to me.
    Have fun experimenting with all those new baking recipes – I’m envious, I love doing that.

    Cinque, hope your shopping trip didn’t tire you out too much. A lack of milk will send me running to the shops too – it’s the threat of cups of black tea that does the trick!

    Time to go. I have had a bath running (with some epsom salts in it) while I was writing this and I’ve made a cup of tea. I’m off to have soak and then an early night.

    Hi all, sorry I have been MIA, have had a few emotional issues to get through and have not felt like communicating. Have been lurking and would like to add my congratulations to GDSA on your wedding. How wonderful and romantic and family be damned. I’ve had enough of families, they are never there when you need them and very quick to criticise although I’ve not had to deal with that.

    Cinque I hope you are feeling better and on the mend.

    I am off to Auckland on Saturday for a week and I’m finding it very hard to get excited. That’s one of my problems. I can’t seem to get excited about anything and just feel flat all the time. It will be lovely to have a week where I don’t have to worry about housework or getting meals and looking after Dad.

    I think that is the problem. It has been just over five years since Dad came to live with me and my life was turned upside down. Now life just seems to drag. I should be grateful, I have a roof over my head and food on the table.

    Oh well enough of the woe is me. We all have difficulties to get through.

    Had a blood test and bone density the other day and going to the doctor tomorrow to get the results so hopefully I get good results. I’ve had two calcium injections since I was diagnosed with osteoporosis so 🤞.

    I am struggling with my weight ever since my daughter left at the end of August but I still do my FD’s religiously, it feels strange if I don’t. Weight this morning was 67.8, not a disaster but I would still like to be a few kgs lighter.No FD’s on my trip, it’s all about lightening up and enjoying myself.

    Anzac not long now, this year has certainly flown and you must be getting excited although you’ve had a very stressful time with work.

    Best wishes to everyone else, it’s certainly strange without Thin’s posts.

    Bye for now

    Our electric company is going to proactively shut down power to large parts of Northern Calif due to forecasted high winds and low humidity for 2 or more days. So if I’m not posting, that’s why. Around 800,000 homes will be affected. They’re starting shut downs tonight and it’s very still outside, no wind expected here til around tomorrow afternoon. (It’s about 1:00 am now.) I can understand shutting things down if there actually are very high winds but just shutting whole areas down is crazy. https://www.sfchronicle.com/california-wildfires/article/PG-E-power-shut-off-257-000-Bay-Area-residents-14500945.php

    Well, we still have power so hope I can get this posted before they turn it off.
    Cinque, I’m glad to hear that you’re getting over that lurgy. I think you may need a face mask around the littles when the seasons change and they are more likely to get coughs and flu. It’s nice that you had all that food stored so you didn’t have to shop or prepare meals.

    LJ, I’ve had a lot of bad food days too. FD’s are ok, but I can’t seem to stop on NFD’s. I too am wearing my couple pairs of larger small sizes. The last two days I did get in 12,000 steps and 10,000 steps. Walking doesn’t make much of a difference in weight for me though. But I do feel better when I walk.

    Intesha, it’s good to see you here again. Sometimes we get into down moods and it’s difficult to get out of them. I know I often lie awake at night with the same old worries playing over and over again in my head, like a broken record. I read about the things to do to get rid of that thinking but it can be difficult to put words into actions. Sometimes I think it has to do with aging.

    Klondi, congrats on your weight loss progress. As long as you feel good, your weight isn’t too low. If you decide it is at some point, well, we are all experts at adding a couple of kg’s! I’ll post some pictures of the Halloween decorations soon. They really aren’t too different from year to year. But I did add a handcrafted Moluccan Cockatoo molded from bisque sitting on a glass pumpkin that I bought on eBay from a lady who does all of these one of a kind bird models. It almost makes me sad to look at it because it looks so realistically like my beloved Cockatoo that died about 10 years ago. This one is only about 2/3 of the size though.

    Betsy, daylight savings time is always difficult for me when the times change too. Ours changes around the beginning of Nov. I think. I wish they would leave the clock the same all year.

    Well, we didn’t lose power yet. I better not press my luck. Have a good day everyone!

    Hi Intesha. Glad to hear from you but sad that you are feeling low. You have dealt with some big blows over the last few year I believe and your life is different to how you once pictured your future. If you can’t get pleasure out of things which you know are positive experiences perhaps you need to consider professional help. Please excuse my assumption that you haven’t already done this and feel free to tell me I don’t know what you’re going through. My sister recently lost her partner and although he was quite elderly and would have suffered if he had lived longer, she still is grieving and finding it hard to get over that ‘flat’ feeling that you describe. She has asked her doctor to organise a mental health plan which gives her a number of visits to a counsellor and I’m very glad she has recognised she needs some help. Please look after yourself and hopefully when you get to New Zealand, it will work some of its charm on you and you get a nice recharge which will help when you get home.

    Cali. Those stoppages sound very drastic but we have had major fires here which were caused by badly maintained electricity infrastructure. At least with daylight saving, you won’t be in the dark as early. You might be grateful for that. It certainly would be hard to maintain a normal life without electricity for a week. Hopefully it won’t be that long.

    LJ. Well done on your steps. Trial cooking going well. One I am pleased with is three ingredient biscuit.
    Zest and juice of a lemon (lime), 1 cup of almond meal and 1/4 cup of pure maple syrup. Mix, wrap in plastic wrap and put in freezer for 10 minutes. Roll out into small balls, press with wet fork and cook for 10 minutes at 175/180 degrees. I needed a bit more almond meal as I had a really juicy lime. This should suit paleo, lactose intolerant, vegan and coeliacs and even someone with no food intolerances. It’s a brave new world.

    Betsy. Hippo Bird day two ewes. Hope this is a memorable event with lots of good wishes. Celebrate this milestone,, so many don’t get the chance. I’ll see you next week.

    Good morning from a cool Sydney. Very unusual for this time of year and tomorrow and Saturday are supposed to be very wet and highs of 17! Incredible to think that in the north of the state, and in QLD you were/are having a heat wave and terrible bush fires Lindsay

    An unexpected and welcome day off training today so back in the City and in my normal routine. I badly succumbed to the catering and half a kilo has slipped back on without me noticing and despite a healthy weekend. GAH. How easily does it happen?

    Intesha, how very lovely to hear from you but I’m so sad that you are feeling down. I do hope the trip to Auckland can cheer you up as it is such a lovely city and the natives are very friendly. I know this because I married one – ha ha 🙂

    BestyLee – is it your birthday? If yes A HUGE HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I’m so envious of your meet up with Klondi and Cinque. Have a superb day

    What a lovely day you had on Tuesday LJ; I do hope the bath has helped with your aches.

    Wow Cali, that certainly is a very dramatic thing to do to turn off the power at the grid. I’ve never experienced that before

    Klondi, under 61kg? That is incredible and it sounds like you are very happy with that weight. Congratulations!
    The project goes live at the end of next week which will mean a couple of weeks of manic support then we can start to focus on the next phase. I have a piece of work to get across the line before the trip but I am not worried about it as I already understand what needs to be done (well at least I think so).

    Neil, I hope you are having a fab holiday and I’m looking forward to hearing all about it.

    How are you feeling today Cinque? I hope the lurgy has lurgied itself out of your system and into the lurgy ether. I have the beginnings of a cold or perhaps it is just sinus or very bad hayfever. Either way it is miserable and I have my friend with Cystic Fibrosis coming for the weekend but if I do come down with a cold she will have to cancel as she must to everything to avoid cold germs. Fingers crossed.

    We missed dog school on Sunday due to forgetting to turn our clocks back. Added to the problem is they start half an hour earlier during DST. So we woke at 6.30 only to realise it was 7.30 and school starts now at 8.00. We could have rushed and been late but we just decided not to go.

    Quacka, so glad you had fun at the races and were able to wear your lovely outfit with the help of a talented MIL. I love going to the races too and we always go on Melbourne Cup day (to Randwick here in Sydney) but boo hoo, I am booked in for round 2 of training in the first week of November. It won’t be the same; all my close friends take the day off and we all have such a fun day. Oh well, I have 7 weeks of fun with hubby in exciting and exotic places just a mere 3 weeks later.

    Good news! I had my annual blood tests and the results were outstanding. I’ve had a high liver reading for years and it is almost back to normal. My iron levels, cholesterol and other readings were all improved and all now within normal. The doctor was very pleased and said the combination of 15kg weight loss and the reduction of wine consumption has done an amazing job at turning my health around. Hooray! Now I just need to lose another 10 kilos (or maybe 15) and I will be one happy chook.

    Thin, we miss you. I hope you post soon

    Have a super day all, take care

    I am still struggling with that dreaded lurgy, but even if it is a bit up and down I am hanging on to the fact that there is an excellent chance that one day I will be over it. Just as well our Klondi/Betsy/Cinque get together is next week as I wouldn’t be well enough to go today.

    But I can send cheers and greetings on your special day Betsy!

    Intesha, I am so glad to see your post, and I hope that your visit to Aukland is surprisingly wonderful.
    I am also glad that Klondi wrote what she did about considering asking for support. Well done for keeping on looking after yourself (and your dad) so well. But time to get some proper support maybe.

    I know that feeling of wanting to be a few kilos lighter, I’m there too as I was at the hospital for an appt the other week and I was a couple of kilos heavier than I thought I was.

    I’m missing Thin too.

    Cali, omg all the food in fridges and freezers! Not to mention fans and air conditioning. So glad you fitted a post in. I hope they were overstating the situation so people get relieved when it pops back on now and then, or earlier than expected.

    Klondi, you are so right that LJoyce would have designed a much better course!
    Aren’t bodies amazing. They do keep changing and adjusting so that will be interesting for you over the next year or so.
    Enjoy all the celebrations over the next little while. I wonder if you will notice yourself feeling full after a treat or two, and not wanting more. It does sound like there will be so many interesting things to try.
    Those almond biscuits sound wonderful btw!

    LJoyce, I hope you had a great night and are feeling excellent after those hilly walks.

    Anzac, big cheers to you for those healthy blood tests. MUCH more important than fitting into a certain jacket! I hope you are so proud that you are just walking on air.
    Congratulations on the work stuff too. Hooray for slightly less manic (until the manic support starts).

    I listened to Dr Mosley giving a lecture in Australia on Radio National Big Ideas. I got it from the Listen app last night, but I am pretty sure it is the program that will be on today 2pm in case anyone wants to catch it. A good overview of where he is up to, especially about inflammation.

    All good things, lovely people.

    Well, the lights are still on even though a good part of our town is without electricity as well as about 500,000 homes throughout Northern California. High winds never materialized here, but I guess there was wind in some other areas. I guess they could still cut power, but I think we’re safe for now.

    Cinque, I’m sorry to hear that lurgy is still hanging on. I hope you are managing to get lots of rest. Sometimes that’s the best way to get rid of these things. Along with good nutrition, of course. Did I mention that I tried the cracked freekeh a few days ago? I added cubed sweet potatoes, garlic, fresh parsley and a bit of crumbled feta. It turned out well but it was hard to distinguish it from bulgar or cracked wheat. I didn’t notice any smokey flavor that I see mentioned. I will try the whole grain next and cook it in the pressure cooker.

    Happy Birthday, Betsy! I think I’m a little late since you’re about a day and a half ahead, but hope it was a good one. https://cdn4.1800flowers.com/wcsstore/Flowers/images/catalog/100551mv1b1bl3x.jpg?quality=50

    I still have to take some pictures of this year’s Halloween decorations, but I did take a picture of the new one this year. The cockatoo is about 2/3 of the size of an actual a Moluccan Cockatoo, but he is hand cast and decorated by a lady who sells them on eBay. She does all kinds of different birds made out of bisque, all extremely lifelike. I’ve been following her for a few years and finally decided to buy this one. She doesn’t often do Cockatoos but this one looks just like the one I lost to cancer about 10 years ago, that we had for 18-1/2 years. https://imgur.com/a/PktOBd5

    Hey, where is everyone today? Did the internet fail across the Southern Hemisphere or is the Spring weather so delightful that you’re all out playing?

    Sorry Cali – Yes I have been out all day – appointments this morning and bridge this afternoon.
    That’s a lovely cockatoo decoration. I like the pumpkin light that it’s sitting on too.
    Are the winds still low over your way? I have been catching the US news that they show here in the afternoon when I can and there was some discussion about the intended shutdown of the grid. It appears that some areas were shut down and others, like yours, were just threatened with it. If the winds are high it does make sense as they increase the fire risk dramatically.
    Glad you got our freekah. So far I’ve only used the whole grain on and I find the texture and flavour slightly different to cracked wheat – it also has a slightly better nutrition profile and more fibre. I suppose I think of cracked wheat as a grain for cold salads and freekah as a grain to eat hot as a substitute for rice – although there is no reason for me to limit them in that way.
    Ny eating sounds similar to yours – good FDs and not so good NFDs with my weight creeping up.

    Cinque, so sorry to hear you are still on the sick list. Given that you’re struggling to eat enough while sick, weighing a little more than you thought might not be a bad thing at the moment.

    Betsy, I hope you had a lovely birthday – I’m a bit late with the congratulations I’m afraid.

    Intesha, I assumed by your absence that life has been challenging for you. I really hope that you get a reset from your trip to NZ.

    Anzac, I’d be surprised if you were the only one to miss dog school – daylight saving usually catches a few people out. I still am struggling to get my body clock adjusted to it.

    Klondi, thanks for the paleo biscuit recipe. Given that it has a lemon/lime flavour I might even be tempted to try making it – although nobody in my life follows a paleo plan.

    As I mentioned above my NFDs continue to be problematic and have involved too many eating sprees, and too many treats, especially in the afternoons. Even being mindful and asking myself do I really want this, or do I want another one, the answer has invariably been yes. Even when I know it can’t be genuine hunger the drive to eat has been unusually persistent. I’ve gotten myself into an unhealthy pattern. I had a rude awakening this morning when some of my spring-summer clothes were tight. I am absolutely not buying more clothes, so action is required. It was a normal FD for me today, but from tomorrow I will attempt to do as many 800cal days B2B as I can manage – I’m aiming for a week. As the weather will be milder initially, this should help as the colder days are the worst. My plan to is eat a lighter lunch and dinner and limit snacks to a piece of fruit or a boiled egg or something similar in the afternoon if needed. In recent weeks there have been meals out, afternoon teas etc and I’ve been saying yes to everything. At bridge today I said no to afternoon tea and I need to keep doing that for a while. I have a cafe lunch next week, but I’ve had a look at the menu I should be able to find a good option that allows me to stay around 800cal that day. I just can’t let it go on any longer otherwise old unhealthy eating patterns get a chance to become stronger again.

    I had another allergy test yesterday and there was no reaction, so things are looking good for the outcome of this. I have the next one on Monday. Today I also discussed with my GP, the possibility of having a cortisone injection in to my back once these tests are completed. That is a possibility, although it will need to be done by a radiologist.

    Hope everyone is having a good day.

    Ah, there you are LJ! No, the winds never materialized here but much of the area was shut down, actually within blocks of here. I don’t know how we escaped but thankful that we did. There were some windy areas west of here and a few fires though not caused by electrical lines. I don’t know what the official number of homes that had electricity turned off, but over 500,000 and many of those saw little wind. Lots of outrage at the electric company and the governor of California today. Social media is going crazy. It’s actually buried a lot of the impeachment news in this state.

    Nodding in agreement about NFD’s. I think your plan of b2b2b 800 calorie days might be a good way to break the overeating pattern for me too. Added sugars are a big part of my problem too. It certainly is addictive for me.

    How many more of the cortisone allergy tests do you have left? Glad to hear you had no reaction to the one yesterday. At least now you have a few options.

    Cali, I saw an episode of your ABC news here a couple of days ago and they were interviewing some very irate people who’d lost their power and were demanding to know where the supposed high winds were. I suspect the fact that some of those deadly fires you had last year that were linked to electricity lines has the power companies worried. The silver lining in all this seems to be that it’s given you a break from the endless impeachment coverage for a few days. It’s been a hot topic here too, and I’m heartily sick of hearing about it. (On our tv we get the M-F news bulletins from ABC America-World News Tonight and also PBS Newshour – I usually only watch the second one as I like their interviews. I’ve watched it for decades, although I think it was the MacNeil-Lehrer Report when I first started.)

    I’m feeling a bit desperate about my eating to be contemplating multiple 800cal days as I don’t like doing them, but I need to break the cycle somehow and trying to turn the tide with my normal 5:2 isn’t working. I don’t seem to be able to go a day without something sugary/starchy and I’m also having no luck stopping at a little bit. The weird thing is that I’m eating things I usually never touch. On Wens-Thurs I ate an entire block of milk cooking chocolate – it’s been years since I’ve touched cooking chocolate as I don’t like the texture.
    I’ve just put together a plan for filling meals that are big on veggie content and all contain a reasonable amount of protein, to get me through the first few days. I’m making sure I plan a filling lunch so I’m less driven to snack though the afternoon – that’s the theory anyway.

    I have two more allergy tests to go, including next Monday. I’m hoping it will all be finished Monday week.

    Hi everyone, it’s been a busy few days, but the weekend will be busier, so I’m getting in now despite it being after midnight.

    Thank you all for the birthday wishes – big 70 yesterday, but I don’t feel a day over 69.9 ( 🙂 )!

    Loved the flowers, CalifDreamer, thank you. What a shemozzle (do you use that word? means horrible mix-up) over the electricity. Glad you kept yours.

    LJoyce, glad I’m not the only one being thrown out by daylight savings. My eating has NOT been good this week. I’ve decided this has to stop. I’ve been finding excuses for the past 3 months over the subtle upward creep of the scales, and enough is enough. There are a couple of special meals on tomorrow, a 70th birthday lunch, and a “gala dinner” at church in the evening, and I’m planning on buying some grilled fish on Sunday, but from Monday I’m with you – B2B2B2B2B FDs.
    Part of the problem has been tiredness. Church on Sunday, as we have multiple services, usually means me getting up around 9:30 a.m. for an 11:30 a.m. service. But, I’ve been doing research at one final church over the past 2 weeks plus this Sunday, it’s a long way from my place (nearly 60 kms), and I’ve had to be there at 8:30 a.m., which has meant getting up at 6:30 a.m. Cruel and unusual punishment for me! Last weekend, with daylight savings, that essentially meant I was up at 5:30 a.m. Talk about exhausting! And it’s taken me days to recover and adjust to the earlier time. Okay, excuses, excuses again. But with the tiredness has come a decided lack of self control. I’m now 3 kg up from my lowest weight on this WOL, 6 months ago. Let’s keep each other accountable LJoyce, for downward movement again. Plus, I have blood tests coming up in about 3 weeks, and need to have good results, or I can see my doctor trying to insist on Lipitor for me.

    Klondikekween, Cinque and I have arranged to meet for coffee (or whatever, probably tea for me) next week. That will be an adventure. I hope you’ll feel well enough by then, Cinque, to enjoy our meeting.

    Okay, Anzac65, seems you were messed up a bit by daylight savings also, so Maxx missed his class. Do you have to pay anyway, or only on the days you attend? Good that you’ve had a break from training, even if only for one day.

    Good to hear from you, Intesha. Sorry to read that you’re feeling so flat, sounds like you’re a bit depressed at the moment – I echo what others have written – if you haven’t done so, do try to organise a few visits to a health professional, just to have someone to express your feelings to. I understand to some measure what you’re feeling, as when I was 31 my mother died, and I shifted back from a very rewarding position overseas to Melbourne to look after my father. Mostly it was fine, but there was always the need to be there, and I found the lack of freedom of choice very difficult at times. What I found was that it was necessary to establish myself in what I was doing independently of my father, even though I was looking after him. I was very aware that when he passed on, there would be a very big hole in my life unless I had made a life for myself to sustain me. And though I didn’t go to formal counselling, I did talk with people occasionally about how I was managing, which really helped. Whatever, enjoy the break in New Zealand.

    Have I missed anyone? Seems strange not having thinatlast on the forum, as others have said, and just at the moment, no neilithicman, as he’s on a week’s holiday. The forum has been quite slow lately. No penguin, either. Guess he’s on holiday in Europe again.

    Okay, I’ll stop babbling and close. Don’t have to be up early tomorrow, but 6:30 a.m. again on Sunday. New start on Monday!

    Betsy, yes I’ll join you in some public accountability.
    I think it would help me to post what I’ve eaten at the end of each day. I don’t count calories but I remember enough about the nutrition profile of most foods to know whether I’m in the ballpark.
    Tiredness has an impact on my choices too. Because of the construction crew working across the street from my house I’ve been woken at 6am M-F for the last fortnight. I blissfully slept in until 8:30 this morning as they don’t work on weekends. Now that they’ve poured the concrete slabs I’m hoping they’ll think a 7am start is more suitable.

    My best friend is coming at 10am so we can do a long walk. It’s going to be warm here this weekend with high UV risk predicted so we decided morning walking would be more sensible.

    A quick note from me as an incoming head cold met my outgoing cough virus and had me in bed all yesterday. Today I am hoping the cough virus is on it’s last legs and the head cold will be a short one.

    LJoyce, lots of sympathy. I think you are right to blame lack of sleep as a contributing factor to your overeating. I hope you can work it though nicely now. You too Betsy.

    Cali, is that cockatoo a Major Mitchell? Well, I can imagine how frustrated everyone must be, but I am glad the high winds didn’t eventuate.

    I am going back to rest again, best wishes all.

    Hi all

    Cali. Glad you didn’t lose your power and I can understand the anger of those that did. The power companies must be in a bit of a bind. They have to go by the weather predictions and If they hadn’t turned off the power and the wind had been strong, any fires would have been their fault. They would have copped flack either way. (Is that too Aussie for you – been In trouble). That is a spectacular pumpkin and a very pretty cocky. You could put it in with your girls to keep them company, unless they would attack it.

    Anzac. Great news about your blood tests, it makes the struggle worth it. And hopefully, the pressure will ease soon on your job. We also got caught out on daylight saving but it didn’t affect our day.

    Cinque. What are you doing, you’re not supposed to be getting worse. Is there any medication you can take to knock these infections on their respective heads. It must be so frustrating to be host to every bug which comes your way. Hope we hear better news soon.

    LJ If anybody can get back on track, it is you. Your determination to achieve shines through, I’m sure we will be hearing that you are into those skinny jeans soon. Don’t be fooled by my talk of running, I live a very sedentary life most of the time but I guess if I add even a few running sessions it greatly ups my metabolism and helps keep me on track, having said that, my weight is up a little.

    I have been a bit remiss in not mentioning OH. He joined me on FD in June and while he is very good on those days, he certainly treats NFD as exactly that. Despite that he is still losing a little weight and he is now under 99k most days (from 107k) and is fitting into his clothes better and even a smaller size in some things. He is also doing the 10k run tomorrow so that extra exercise is helping. I just wish he would make a few better choices re eating and drinking which would give him even better results. The good news is that, after a few delays, I will pick up the Red Baron on Monday. The bad news is that for the first time in about 20 years I will have to pay for petrol instead of LPG (Cali, that’s Liquid Petroleum Gas which actually is gas not gasoline and much cheaper) but it will transform our travel options especially in Queensland. DS will have our current car which will help him enormously.

    Good morning all, from Vietnam.
    I’ve been lurking, not posting, for a week or two before I came away, so don’t have a hope of remembering everything that’s gone before, but I’ll give it a shot.
    Firstly, Intesha, it was good to see you post again. You sound like you are in a very difficult place, and I hope your break in New Zealand allows a bit of sunshine back into your life. Your friends here are listening, when you are ready to post again.
    Oh Cinque, so sorry to hear about your being so unwell. Has your doctor diagnosed your illness? I do hope it’s not one of the nasty flu strains. Rest, good food, lots of fluids. I know you know the drill, and I hope you are soon starting to feel better.
    Thin we all miss you, so an occasional post would be received with open arms (if one can open one’s arms on the internet).
    LJ good to hear the testing is giving you some hope …. how wonderful it would be, for you to be able to have treatment without the risk of anaphylaxis.
    Neil, hope you are having the best of holidays, and enjoying being at the pool at your snazzy new weight.
    Cali, tough times with those winds and fire threats. Hope all calms down soon. Our fires too have been horrendous, and a couple of lives lost. So sad, particularly as many are being deliberately lit. I heard from DD this morning we had 23 mm of rain last night, so I hope that is repeated right through the fire danger zone.
    Such crazy crazy weather – hottest October day on record in Bris during the week – 41 degrees – followed by such cool weather that DD reported they were in long PJs and Ugg boots, and had gone from salad to roast pork, which is usually a meal they eat during winter.
    OK I will finish here, and try to go back and catch up, because I know there are many more posts I want to respond to.

    Hi all

    Back from holiday and we had a great break. A bit wet at times but you have to expect that when you’re heading to a rainforest. There was still enough good weather to get plenty of activities and walks done.

    I forgot to bring my scales so I’ll skip the week’s weigh-in and weigh myself next Wednesday. That will give me a few days to sweat out the holiday weight. I didn’t go overboard on calories but I did have a lot more starch and sugar than normal and that usually makes me gain water weight.

    Well got to go, lots of stuff to organise tonight, but I’ll sit down and have a read through the posts from the last week this evening.

    Post, part 2

    Gday congratulations on your marriage, and best wishes to you both. Family is a funny beast isn’t it? How they could be cranky with your OH because he’s given up fast food and is healthier defies logic, but emotions aren’t very logical at all. Mean people though, not to be happy for him (and you.)

    Minka, I am very interested to read about how you are managing the hunger dragon with HFLC. It’s an approach that works for me (low carb, 16:8, 5:2), and since I eased up on it, my weight is creeping back on. I put on a sleeveless linen dress that I wore last summer and it is too too tight across the bust. So, when I am home, it’s back on the regime for me, and hope I can stay focussed until Christmas, to shed what I’ve put on, and lose 5 kilos more.

    Things weren’t too good for me before we came away. I had a recurrence of the flu – if not the full monty, then something pretty close. Work has undergone a restructure …. and I have decided not to play. Well, I’ve taken third trimester off, and will reconsider first trimester next year, but won’t work under the conditions they are proposing. It’s disappointing, to finish like this. Lots of my colleagues are feeling the same, and will also reassess their futures.

    Then to cap it off, the cataract surgery I had in July hasn’t really been the unqualified success I’d hoped it would be. My sight up close has been better, but anything in the middle to long distance is quite blurry. My eye doctor kept saying it was the suspension the steroid drops came in, but I finally went back to demand another review, and apparently its something called induced astigmatism, which can happen when the cornea changes shape during surgery. He didn’t tell me that – his assistant did, when I got quite emotional about my worsening sight. He suggested glasses. I pointed out that I didn’t wear glasses before I got my eyes ‘fixed’, so I’d be damned if I would wear them after. So….more surgery is on the cards, but only after the inflammation in the eye is no more. With OH’s sight as it is, I can’t afford to have mine go as well.

    So….sorry about so much ‘me’….just explaining where I’ve been, and why I’ve not been posting, and I sort of ran away with myself.

    Crazy, congratulations on your new great grandson. Have you had a cuddle yet? Lovely name, too. Luca.

    Great idea, getting the bigger jacket Anzac. You will get into the smaller one, maybe even before you go on holidays, but you may need to layer up underneath it, and need that bit of wriggle room. Good to feel comfortable while you are travelling.

    OK enough, for the time being. The bed is calling, and it is snooze time, which is the best thing to do in the middle of the day when it’s hot outside. I feel quite indulged on this holiday, despite coming away unwell. A couple of days in Saigon, a couple more in Danang, and now here we are for a week in beautiful Hoi An. My gal pal and I have had manicures, pedicures, massages, facials, etc, and have had some new clothes made, old ones adjusted, new handbag made, and some sandals repaired. While we do that, my mostly patient OH reads and swims and dozes. Just what the doctor ordered!

    Enjoy your weekend friends.

    Good evening all,

    Klondi, enjoy the Red Baron when he arrives. The big benefit of having a petrol rather than LPG car is that you get your boot back.

    Lindsay, I know you didn’t want to end work this way, but it does sound like you need an extended break. You can also choose to go back next year if the conditions on offer improve. Some time away from work will also give you a good chance to decide whether you prefer it or whether you still feel the need to be working.
    That holiday is sounding extremely relaxing. Enjoy.

    Cinque, the BBC food site is focused on recipes that help you get 5 veggies a day. I thought it might appeal to you. https://www.bbc.co.uk/food/collections/five-a-day_favourites

    Betsy, how has your 800cal day been? I hope it’s been an easy day for you.

    My food accountability for today’s 800cal day:
    – 3 pots of tea with milk
    – a banana with 2 tsp peanut butter
    – a hard boiled egg
    – a 750ml smoothie (almond milk, kefir, frozen berries, vanilla, stevia, psyllium, inulin and lots and lots of ice – all pureed into something resembling soft serve ice cream that I had to eat with a spoon)
    – a large salad bowl with 5 veg, a small tin of salmon and a dressing of apple cider vinegar and olive oil

    If I feel like dessert shortly I can have a kiwifruit with greek yoghurt and diet raspberry jelly. However I still feel too full from that salad to contemplate it at the moment so I might leave it for tomorrow.

    My friend and I walked to the beach and back this morning – 90 minutes and 10,000 steps so I have managed to get reasonable exercise today as well.

    I did some shopping for my 800cal days this afternoon and decided to help myself out by buying veggies pre-chopped and bagged – something I normally never do. I just needed to make it easy for myself to say yes to the planned meal, rather than having something that takes less effort. I bought a bag of pre-washed baby spinach and a bag of shredded veggies (carrot, broccoli and beetroot). (Raw is the only way I can cope with beetroot and thankfully they don’t put much into this mixture.) I also bought a punnet of cherry tomatoes. This meant I could put together a 5 veg salad with no peeling, chopping, grating, slicing etc. I had noticed over the last couple of weeks that I was often choosing meals other than those planned because I felt too tired to do any prep. So I think the prepared veg was the way to go this week. It certainly got a healthy dinner on the table in about 2 minutes.

    Have a nice evening everyone.

    Hi again, I’ve had a read through the posts and it sounds like you’ve all been busy. Sorry you’re still not well Cinque, I guess there’s a lot of sicknesses going round at the moment with the change of seasons.

    Congrats on reaching your goal Klondike, hopefully I’ll join you in a couple of weeks and we can both complete our challenges (I just booked the accommodation for my cycle trip tonight)

    Our trip was great, we stayed at the farmyard camping ground at Geraldine on the way up and back and the boys were in heaven, baby chicks, piglets, lambs, rabbits, guinea pigs to play with, bike tracks, trampolines and more. We stayed at Lake Brunner and did walks to the pancake rocks, coal creek falls, Cobden cave, did a trips to shanty town, the shops at Hokitika, and the highlight was the treetop walk where they have a metal walkway at the top of the trees 20 meters off the ground with a tower that’s 50 meters off the ground. I picked up a Ponamu (jade) pendant and a blown glass sculpture and my boy got to hold a 9 ounce gold nugget that was found on the coast.

    Unfortunately it’s back to work on Monday and I’m dreading the pile of work that will be waiting for me. The plus side is that I find it easier to get into a healthy eating/ exercise regimen during work.

    Have a great day everyone

    Good morning, I’m feeling almost human today.

    Lindsay, so glad to see your post, but I can understand why you have been feeling down. Work and health, two bad blows. It seems so cruel that it was you who got the induced stigmatism, when you are already dealing with eye problems in the family. And since most people come through that op so easily it seems so unfair that you didn’t. Very annoyed that it was left to the assistant to tell you, cowardly of your specialist I think. I am glad there is an option of another operation. I will have candles burning, shining like mad, for that one.
    I am so glad you are having some lovely indulgent time. May it put the lingering flu weakness way behind you, heal the inflammation in your eye, and put nice distance between those shoddy work shenanigans.

    LJoyce, isn’t it wonderful how you can just neatly clip those (beautifully crafted) tools into place to help you break the cycle you were getting into.
    Thanks for that BBC food link, I hadn’t seen that page, and I love it.

    Thanks everyone, for the good wishes re my virus load. Zyrtec and soluble aspirin are doing their jobs.

    Klondi, Red Baron tomorrow! I will be thinking of you.
    I’m glad OH has made the good changes he has, we all need to do it in our own time and way, I guess, and hopefully he keeps going in the healthier direction.
    Enjoy that run. Both of you!

    Neil, welcome home! What a wonderful break. (Hoping tomorrow is not as bad as it is looking like).

    Best wishes all for eating lovely food in sensible amounts, fast day or not.

    Good morning all.
    Cinque a lovely post, and thank you for being so kind about what has been happening in my life. I am so glad you are feeling better … some gentle days ahead, to see you absolutely right?

    I don’t think my eye specialist was being unkind …rather, cautious. I do trust him, fortunately. His assistant really shouldn’t have told what was wrong….she was responding to my state of emotion…but I am very glad she did. I felt better once I knew what the problem was. I guess specialists are so cautious these days about litigation, that they don’t commit.

    Neil, I thought you were at the beach, not the rainforest. Sounds like a good break, even if you didn’t get to show off the new slim you in your cossies (is that what you call togs in NZ?)

    LJ thank you for your comments about my situation. I am actually starting to think positively about it. It wasn’t the way i wanted to retire, but sometimes a window shuts and a door opens, so we’ll see what the future brings. I find it disappointing that an organisation can treat its staff with such disregard but hey, that’s the world of work I guess. Always focussed on a dollar. I am very glad my financial situation is such that I don’t just have to suck it up, to use the kids’ expression. And I am going to have my lovely puppy to keep me company when I get home, so that’s a nice thought.

    Klondi enjoy that lovely red car ….how lovely it will be, your first drive and all that nice new car smell.

    Cali saw on the news this morning that there are more dreadful fires over your way. Are you safe?

    Hi All,

    Cinque, So sorry to read that you’ve come down with the dreaded flu that seems to be putting a lot of those i know to bed for days at a time. I’m glad you’re feeling a bit over the hump with it.

    LJ your smoothie “ice cream” sounded delicious!

    Lindsay, keep me posted on your LCHF and 16:8 since it sounds like we will be practicing pretty much the same way. I’m sorry to read of your work situation. Sounds like you’ve got a supportive pooch! I regard dogs as angels in fur coats.

    Betsy and LJ, did I read that you two are commencing a week of Back to Back FDs! I take my hat off to you both as the one time I attempted a back to back, my adrenal insufficiency/fatigue got the better of me and by the middle of the second FD I had to go to bed with a migraine.

    I’ve continued with 16:8 and that’s working well combined with Keto as I’m shedding a kilogram a week and I’m not counting or restricting calories. In the window of 8 hours I eat to satiation and sometimes even a bit more! I’m now down in the 57 kg range again. I haven’t seen that number since back when I did Thin’s Silly Season Challenge and restricted calories. I’m again able to zip up pairs of pants I haven’t been able to wear since January, so you know where the extra couple of kilograms had collected!

    Neil, sounds like it was a lovely family holiday with lots of activities to keep 2 active boys (or is that 3) busy. Going back to work is always the hard part.

    Cinque, very pleased to hear your health is finally improving. I spent the last few hours in the front garden and almost every neighbour that emerged from their houses was coughing, so it’s been quite a prevalent illness.

    Lindsay, cost cutting rather than treating staff well is all too common unfortunately. My retirement happened unexpectedly early. When the opportunity to make it happen arose I had little time to decide. It’s a tough decision, as you never know how easy it will be to find another job if you find you’ve made a mistake. I haven’t regretted it though. My life is just as busy but in a much more balanced way and I’m much healthier and more active. Having a new puppy will be a wonderful way to ease yourself into a possible retirement.

    Minka, it sounds like keto is working very well for you.
    I’m not sure I’d say I’m doing B2B FD. Although 800cals is regarded as FD these days, for me a FD means being well under 500cals. 800cals feels very different to that as it’s twice the food of a normal FD for me. I am just about to make another of those ultra thick smoothies for a late lunch.

    I spent nearly 2 1/2 hours digging up a narrow strip of garden bed out the front. I though that all I’d need to do would be to add the 4 bags of compost to the heavy clay soil and dig it through. Then I discovered a thin layer of concrete about 10cm down across the whole garden bed – I suspect it was the slurry that they hosed off when making the textured concrete driveway. Luckily it was easy to break up with a shovel, but took quite some time to dig out. No walking today, I have no energy left.

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