Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

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  • Good afternoon.

    I’m still at the hospital- 2 hours and no reaction which is good. I just went for a walk up the hill to the University and back. Good exercise but I passed a Greek cafe on the way back. I have just finished a piece of ekmek kataifi (shredded pastry with a thick layer of custard on top). It was divine and I’m doing my best not to feel guilty. I need to hang around for another hour then I can catch the bus home.

    Merry, enjoy the wedding and the time away. Very glad to hear MrM is still doing well. Also good to hear your weight is almost back to goal.

    Neil, I probably shouldn’t say this, but raspberry pie is also amazing.

    Klondi, my Dad’s parents grew most of their own veg and fruit. They also had chickens and in the 1920s-30s a milk cow too. My grandpa kept that one acre garden going into his 90s. My parents had a backyard full of fruit trees, but the only veg they grew were tomatoes and silverbeet.

    Cali, glad you had such a good time with your friends. And that you got most of the painting done.

    I’d better head back into the hospital now.

    Merry. Good to hear from you and that things are looking positive. OH sends her best. Mums are entitled to get emotional at weddings, and you will, but enjoy it!

    Good morning all.

    Successful fast day yesterday and I’m hoping for another one today before my weigh-in. I forgot my gym gear yesterday, but it was a beautiful day so I went for an hour walk down to the Botanical gardens and back.

    I got the last of the sanding done yesterday and then got the base coat and one coat of white done on the architraves of the beam and new bracing wall done. The wall where the old living room door used to be had the old skirting and architraves which was varnished, so I left that be and managed to get the base coat and one coat of colour done on that wall. This morning I got the second coat on both the architraves and the wall done. Tonight I’ll get the base coat and at least one coat of colour on the beam and new wall done, then tomorrow I’ll do the skirting and then I’ll be done!!

    I hope everyone has a great day and I’ll catch up with you later.

    Good morning, cool morning in Sydney but rising to 20 later

    Cali, we missed you too! Glad you had fun with your houseguests and that you were able to get the painting finished.

    My shoulder is sore at the moment due to the jumping around I did on the weekend; I may need to calm the arm waving a bit. Oops

    LJ, such great news about your tests and don’t worry about the pastry – it wasn’t a FD so no guilt is allowed.

    Hi Klondi, those muffins sound awesome and there is no way you could resist having a couple.

    This job is making me lose the will to live some days. I actually left in tears yesterday and of course made bad food choices. Today is a FD and I woke up thinking ‘nope’ so I went and tried on my coat and my ‘nope’ immediately became ‘YES’

    Have a great day all

    My FD went very well yesterday (first Sunday FD I think) with a nice loss on the scales, and an 800 calorie day today. 800 is a lot easier than 500.

    Neil, what you call skirting is I think the same thing that I call baseboards. You accomplished a lot more painting than I did. Work was busy today so I didn’t do any more painting.

    Anzac, sorry to hear your job was so frustrating yesterday. Trying on your coat was a good way to keep you motivated with the FD.

    Off to bed for me. Have a great day everyone.

    Evening all, well so broke the fast day, I did ok during the day, had biltong, nuts, boiled eggs and salad during the day, but the pumpkin I was going to turn into patties for dinner had gone rotten and I was too lazy to cook anything else for dinner, so we bought fish and chips. I only had one piece of battered fish and 5 or 6 chips, but eating that much salt and carbs the night before a weigh-in isn’t ideal.

    On the bright side I managed to get the masking done on the beam and new bracing wall and got the base coat on. I’ll get the first coat of colour on when the base coat is dry, about 9:30pm, then hopefully I can get the second coat on tomorrow morning.

    One more week and I can enjoy my favourite bottle of beer that’s been sitting in the fridge since my kids bought it for me on Father’s Day. The no alcohol in September goal is one that I have managed to keep.

    Hi Southern Hemispherites!

    Congratulations Merry on making your way back to the goal weight. I remember when you reached that back a couple years ago and to return there during such stressful times is something I admire.

    Thin, I’m excited for your move and new life and great reading about DD’s contribution to the animal kingdom!

    Hi Cinque, you are the heart and soul of this thread!

    I know my post will be a diversion from 5:2 topic for the most part. I’m writing to let you know that today/tonight marks the end of 12 weeks of dedicated 20 grams of carbs less of lchf Keto way of eating. Most lchf Keto mentors recommend eating less than 20 grams of carbs for 12 weeks to reduce elevated insulin, lower blood sugar and become fat adapted, which means that after 12 weeks, the body generally will continue to prefer to use fat as a fuel over sugar, even if carbohydrate consumption is raised. My health has improved so much and I feel so good that I’m continuing with the 20 grams or less of carbs. It’s the first time I’ve felt that my hunger dragon might be finally healed. It’s still new, how liberating it is to walk down the grocery aisle and passing by my former favorite ‘go to’ treats, not because I have any will power to do so, but because I’m not hungry and would prefer to chew the fat instead!

    I did a 5:2 style fast the very first day I started my 20 grams of carbs or less Keto and as I wrote in my last post 12 weeks or so ago, I didn’t feel my body (with the history of adrenal fatigue) could cope with becoming a fat burner and continue 5:2 fasting at the same time.

    So what happened to my weight during the past 12 weeks of no fasting? My weight stayed in exactly the same range as it did when practicing 5:2. This range was between 58 to 59 kg. The only time my weight would drop below 58 kg is when I would practice 5:2 and caloric tracking/restriction (as per my commitment to Thin’s 2018 Silly Season Challenge).

    My experience over the past 12 weeks was the exact opposite of calorie restriction. To heal the ‘hunger dragon’ I let myself eat as much fat as I wanted, whenever I wanted. I had to heal a lot of starvation stress, so that meant snacking on raw cacao butter buttons throughout the day, every day. Sometimes I would eat 50 to 100 grams of these over the course of a day. I also love these ‘Bullet Proof’ dandelion coffees with 20 grams of butter and 20 grams of coconut oil and would drink those as snacks. This isn’t ideal as it is better to eat meals and leave breaks between to give the digestion a rest! Were I required to practice Keto in a regimented manner, I would have thrown in the towel. I had to do it my way! If that meant snacking all day every day. That’s what I would do. All up, I would eat between 150 and 200 grams of fat every day. This equated to eating around 3,000+ calories daily. My nutrient tracker continued to tell me how bad this was for me and that I would gain weight. I didn’t gain any weight. All I know is that I was hungry, so I fed myself. I kept protein to moderate levels and didn’t gorge on it because I’d read how this is where the Atkins Diet went wrong because the body will turn any excess protein not required, into glucose and cause a blood sugar spike.

    Over the past few weeks, I’ve really begun to feel a healing of my ‘hunger dragon’ (the one that would always rear it’s head and breathe fire during my NFDs). This has been marked by a growing disinterest in an evening meal. Because of this, I’ve begun dropping out the meal here and there. I still go by my hunger. If I’m hungry I eat. If I’m not I don’t. Over the past week, I’ve consistently felt no desire for dinner and this has lead to practicing 16:8. After consistently practicing 16:8 for a few days in a row my weight showing a marked decline on the scale. Whereas I was maintaining at around 59 kg. I’m now around 58.5 kg.

    I’m going to keep with 16:8 for awhile because I bought a dress to attend a wedding last year while I was participating in Thin’s ‘Silly Season Challenge’ At the time of purchase, I was 57 kg and it fit beautifully. When the wedding took place months later, I was a kg+ heavier and the dress no longer fit so well and I had to hold my breath in while wearing it! However, every time I sat down, I felt as if I was stressing out the cloth! So, I have a goal of 57 kg. We’ll see if I get there continuing with lchf Keto and practicing 16:8.

    Cheers to all Southern Hemipherites!

    Morena everyone

    Weigh-in this morning and I was up 200 grams. But I am down a notch on my belt and I can start to see the outline of my abdominal muscles appearing so I’m not beating myself up too much about a minor blip, because I know it’s not fat gain. Also I’ve lost 3 kilos in the last 3 weeks so I was due a smaller week.

    @minka – It’s good you’ve found something that shifts the weight, but you need to be careful that you’re getting enough nutrients, health is more than just weight. Eating nothing but fat means you’re likely to be missing out on calcium, potassium, vitamins, etc. Also protein is essential for your body to maintain its muscle, repair damaged cells, and regulate your immune system. You should be consuming at least 50-60 grams per day to maintain your body. It’s true that your body can convert it to glucose, but only if you consume more calories than your body is using, otherwise it’s just burned as fuel.

    Hi all. Wednesday – day 9 of our 14 day Bali holiday. Happy to announce that OH and I are now married. We eloped and had a lovely Balinese ceremony on Sunday on the balcony of our resort overlooking the beach. Just the 3 of us (MissD) so very quiet and intimate.

    On the down side – OH’s 4 adult children have never been happy that he’s moved on after his wife passed away 5 years ago and unfortunately his children have squashed our wedding happiness. I won’t go into details other than to say they have vented their anger both publicly (social media) and through messages which have been vile, hurtful and uncalled for. We’re both gutted.

    Haven’t read posts as Wi-Fi here is really bad so not using it much. Posting now as it’s 4am (I’ve been sitting on balcony since 2.30am unable to sleep…again) and it seems to be a bit better in the wee small hours.

    Hope everyone is travelling ok. I’ve been eating 3 meals a day and drinking a few Bintangs (local beer) each day so can definitely feel the weight gain. Will worry about that when we return home next week. Were loving the food here but looking forward to getting back to our normal eating patterns again. Waiting for sunrise so I can have a coffee, brekky and go for a swim at the beach.

    I forgot to say that OH’s other family members (siblings, nieces, nephews, cousins etc) and our friends are so happy for us and have sent us some beautiful messages of love and support so that has been uplifting.

    Congratulations on your marriage, enjoy your honeymoon in Bali.
    I am glad that some of the extended family have been supportive and happy for you.

    GFSA – That’s really sad about your step kids. You’d think that they’d want their father to be happy after going through the pain of losing a partner. Some people really need to get off their high horse and think about the happiness of others. 🙁

    Good morning everyone,

    It sounds like a gorgeous wedding. https://www.kanesflorists.ie/uploads/psbqEulF/767x0_2560x0/Screenshot_20170822-210452.jpg
    So sorry to hear of the flak you have got, I’m glad you have got each other to hold firm through it.

    Merry, how good to hear from you, and with such lovely news. You must feel great at 62.4! Best wishes to Mr Merry, may the good news continue, and bon voyage to both of you, for that bitter sweet wedding in the USA.

    Congratulations Minka! How wonderful it must feel. Enjoy getting back into that dress!

    LJoyce, what a fabulous lot of gardening! Won’t you enjoy this summer!
    It sounds like you have an excellent inground compost system happening, but just wanted to say how much I love my compost bins. They are like the most wonderful pets, easy to care for and so productive. (What made the difference for me was getting one of these: https://www.greenlife.com.au/products/composter-aerator?variant=44546554132&currency=AUD&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIlsSN98Tq5AIVwpGPCh3jIAvwEAQYBSABEgJIgPD_BwE which keeps the compost so happy and smelling healthy too.)
    Lovely to hear the first testing went so positively, and I hope you feel good about that delicious treat. I find that if I can enjoy something without guilt, it is easier to think “That was such a pleasure it will stay with me for three months. And then I can feel not guilty about having another!”

    Lindsay, I’ve also been enjoying the Old People’s Home with Kiddies series (I’ve got last night’s episode still to watch) but I do have a (happily childfree) friend who hated the bit of it she saw and said please slit my throat rather than that. Haha, different strokes.

    Hmm, those naughty honey producers!

    I’ve also got strawberries everywhere, thanks to one little original plant that just keeps multiplying. They are tiny tasty ones. Delicious.

    Neil, congratulations on all that work done and long hot baths to heal yourself. Happy 8 month anniversary. Haven’t you done a lot in that 8 months! Won’t you enjoy that bottle of beer!

    Klondi, I’m taking that info about protein as helpful, but remembering Dr Mosley has to speak and write to people with shockingly low nutrient diets and so be very careful with recommendations (a bit like our course).

    Your worm pipe idea sounds so exciting!
    Welcome to Australia Klondi’s car!

    Hi Penguin, lovely to know you are lurking.
    Thin… I wonder if you have the chance to do a little lurk now and then?

    Anzac, Oh dear, I was too simplistic (again) thinking some extra help and an award were signs that your job was becoming tenable. I do hope today is not a crying day (although I have been writing this for so long you might have quit and flown to Bali before I’ve posted). Look after that shoulder! You need to be able to put that coat on every night! Sending you lots of good wishes.

    Cali, so glad you had a great time with your visitors, and big congratulations on a great fast day. Haha yes, isn’t 800 easier!

    I’ve had a bit of a hectic week, but last night I had the best sleep I have had for ages, maybe even more than 6 hours straight. Such a blessing.

    Latest fun from Miss 3-on-Friday she ran up from the kitchen and said: “My toes were running as fast as they could!” and then “They were running as fast as me!”

    I made oatcakes for breakfast so fast day will be tomorrow!

    Best wishes everyone for a great day today.

    Hello again,

    Cinque, Miss 3 sounds continually delightful! What a treat to be able to spend so much time together! Great that you had a good sleep too! Here’s to more good sleep nights! I regard good sleep as priceless!

    GDSA, I also extend a big CONGRATULATIONS to GDSA on the betrothal to your beloved and in such a beautiful and romantic setting as Bali! How wonderful that Miss D was there to participate in the ceremony!

    LJ, Hope all continues to go well with the allergy testing.

    Neil, I completely agree with you! As mentioned only briefly in my post, I eat ‘moderate’ amounts of protein compared to the unlimited amount original Atkins allowed.

    I should have clarified that for my height, my daily protein consumption is around 70 grams. I eat 4 eggs for breakfast slathered in butter and often scrambled with green vegetables which totals around 24 grams protein. My lunch salad daily includes 100 grams of slow cooked beef which contains 28.5 grams of protein. I should have mentioned that I also love and eat sometimes up to 100 grams of cheese a day which equates to another 28 grams protein. I often have cheese portions as ‘dessert’ after meals. As for vitamins and minerals, I devote my 20 grams carbohydrate allocation for above ground vegetables. I go through a half kilogram bag of baby spinach leaves a week along with an assortment of many other vegetables. I drink freshly squeezed juices 1/4 of lemon and 1/4 of lime diluted in water 2 to 3 times a day. Mr Minka does cut up 1/2 a tomato on my lunch which, like lemon and lime I regard as intake of fruit nutrients! Oh, and the salad lunch Mr Minka makes daily includes 2 Brazil nuts and a sprinkling of pepitas, which do contain carbs so I also allot to part of my carb tally not just to the above ground veges, but also to these delicious nuts and seeds.

    There are so many ways of practicing Keto and I regard many as unsustainable at best and dangerous and promoting further starvation stress at worst. There are a plethora of ‘junk food’ Keto diets that may, as you suggest, lead to weight loss, though not good health. I found my own way extracting guidance most notably from Australian nutritionist and author Christine Cronau whose books I found in our local Tweed Heads library.

    If weight were all I was after, I would have stuck with 5:2. For me Keto was an attempt at healing relentless craving/hunger that plagued me on my NFDs. I’ve just lived through 120 NFDs in a row and the gnawing constant hunger slowly evaporated over that time. Any shedding of fat around my hips and abdomen will be a bonus.

    To allay any concerns, or for those interested in what my Keto my daily food intake looks like, broken down into macros here it is:

    70 grams protein
    20 grams carbs or less
    175 grams fat or more to satiation


    GDAY, congratulations on your marriage! What a beautiful place to get married! https://cdn0.weddingwire.com/img_g/editorial-images-2018/8-august/sam/summer-wedding-flowers/0-hero-gloria-mesa-wedding-photography-2.jpg Don’t let any relatives spoil your wonderful honeymoon. So glad that most of them are happy for you two.

    Cinque, Miss 3 comes up with the cutest things! She is at such a fun age, learning all kinds of new things. Glad you were able to get 6 hours sleep in one stretch. I seem to wake up after a few hours, even if I ‘m not fully awake it’s still disruptive. It’s so nice to sleep soundly.

    LJ, I like the idea of working food scraps into the soil to compost on their own. Do you add any soil amendments?

    Minks, it’s to hear that you found an eating plan that suits you. Also good to see you here again.

    Penguin, good to see you too. We miss seeing your posts. You must be enjoying the summer!

    Thin, if you’re out there lurking, you’ve had time to get over to the U.K. and see DD. Hopefully you’re on your boat and getting settled. We miss your posts and inspiration. Hope you’ll be back to posting soon.

    This week I had my 500 calorie FD on Sunday and Monday was an 800 calorie day. It’s kind of nice having my first FD out of the way a day early. Today was a busy work day and I barely had time to eat. I didn’t count calories but I don’t think I went much over 800.

    Well I ran out of paint after the first coat of colour last night, so I had to get some more after work today and do the second coat of colour tonight. Now I won’t be able to do the skirting until tomorrow. But at least it will be done by the weekend.

    Ah, that sounds good Minka, when you said you were eating 3000 calories of fats and cutting down on protein and carbs I was envisioning you sitting and munching on a block of butter 😂

    My brother did Keto and he was struggling with the version he was doing because of how restrictive it was towards fruit and vegetables.
    I eat a lot of fats and protein, but I eat lots of fruit, vegetables and pulses too. The only things I really restrict are starchy carbs, sugar, and processed food.

    Gday, I am so so so so so happy for you! What a gorgeous way to celebrate your love for each other. I’m sad about the negative family members but you MUST ignore them and concentrate on the other friends and family who are so happy for you. As are we on this forum. Much love to you…….

    Hi Gday,
    A quick post from a Fat Busting Brit to congratulate you on your wedding, lovely happy news to wake up to!

    Good morning all, it’s a lovely spring day here in Dunedin


    Oh and someone wanted a pic of the work, I’ve been doing. Here’s one including my cat stalking her food bowl. Where the ladder is sitting used to be the door into the living room, and the big archway used to be the wall between the living room and kitchen and the chimney/log burner


    I’ve decided to try to do a B2B2B2B2B fast day attempt for the last 5 days of September to try to get as close to my goal as I can. October will be a bit tricky because we’ll be travelling for a week of it and it’ll be harder to cook a different meal for myself than the rest of the family and then there’s my cycle trip where I’ll probably need to keep my calories up to get through the hours on the bike I’ll need to put up.

    Have a great day everyone

    HI everyone, another cool morning in Sydney moving into a lovely spring day – 21 degrees and lots of sun

    Neil! That surely isn’t snow? In late September? Crikey, I thought Wellington was a cold place when I lived there. That said, I would almost put up with the cold to live somewhere as beautiful as where you live. Also as someone who has been living with 9 years of renovations, I know how much hard work goes in and you have done a great job there.

    Well, today is going to be a good day. One of the senior IT Architects just popped by my desk. He was a reviewer of the detailed procedure document that I had to do and he said “I was reading it last night and I said to my wife that I haven’t seen this level of quality in a document for many years”. I almost fell out of my chair! High praise indeed and I feel like possibly the effort and hard work might be worth it. Isn’t it funny how one lovely comment can make you feel 100% better? Whoo Hoo

    FD today and my Thursday FD’s are always heaps easier than the Tuesday one. I’ve had a big glass of Metamucil and two black coffees. I was hungry earlier but it has waned. As it does

    Hi Cali, lovely to hear from you. It sounds like you have had a great week and I hope you see fantastic results.

    I’ve had a couple of blip days so now I need this FD to be perfect and then I’m WFH tomorrow (Friday) so I intend to do lots of exercise tomorrow and all through the weekend to try and get things moving downwards more quickly. I find if I don’t exercise it is very difficult to budge more than a couple of hundred grams, even with very good FD’s. I need to escalate as it is now only 9 weeks and 4 days until F day (fly day) and that coat isn’t going to get any bigger!

    Cinque, Neil, I am so envious of your strawberries. We aren’t growing much this year as we will be away for 7 weeks and don’t have anyone to look after the garden. But next year I am going to ask the gardener (hubby) could he please include strawberries in our crop.

    Minka thank you for that very interesting post.

    Oops, look at the time, I have been reading back through the posts and having a very enjoyable time but now work calls. Have a great day all

    Good afternoon all.

    Morning at the hospital was fine – so another drug (or saline placebo) that is ok to use. I also managed to do nearly 10,000 steps just walking around the neighbouring suburb while I was waiting the prescribed 3 hours.

    Anzac, I’m sure the praise on the quality of your document was well deserved – I hope that mitigates some of the distress you’ve felt with this project.
    It’s good that you are managing to get some work-from-home days now – so much less stressful. I used to find I was much more productive working from home.

    Neil, I thought it was chilly this morning at 6am, but we didn’t have snow! You are making a lot of headway with the renovations. It will be wonderful when it’s finished and you have a more open layout. Good luck with the B2B2B…

    Cali, how many FDs are you doing this week – it sounds like you’ve already done 3!
    The compost trench needs to be 30-40cm deep so that you can get at least 20cm soil on top. If I don’t dig it deep enough I find rats treat it like a food stash that they can dig up and feast on! I don’t add any minerals to the trench, but if I have any straw I mix that in too. It will break down faster if you add lime – but that will also make the soil more alkaline – which I don’t want. The original idea was that you immediately planted your veggie seedling in that trench as soon as you’d replaced the soil. The idea was that by the time the roots finally reached the food scraps they would have broken down and would feed the veggie plant. This is a very old technique that predates the use of compost bins. I did a few trenches in autumn and winter in the hope that they would break down by this spring in time for planting – they seem to have done that.

    Minka, I know it took you quite a while to get to this level of HFLC, that shows real perseverance. I hope it continues to provide the appetite reduction that you are hoping for on your NFDs. You did say that you should be able to increase your carbs now that you’ve done the 12 weeks. It will be interesting to see how that works and what level you can increase it to.

    Hope everyone is having a good day. I did a big afternoon in the garden on Tuesday so all the beds are dug, fertlised, planted and mulched. This afternoon I have 3 very large pots to plant with herbs and strawberries. Then it’s just a case of waiting for things to grow, and a bit of watering.

    Neil, it’s not supposed to snow there in September, is it? Do you normally have snow in the winter where you are? Your home renovation looks fantastic. It must have been a lot of work. But it’ll be so nice when it’s all finished.

    Anzac, what a great compliment from that senior IT guy! After all the frustration and long hours that must feel amazing. Congratulations! Hope your FD went well.

    LJ, glad the drug testing is going well. So now you have 2 that you could take, right? Well, that is if one isn’t a placebo. When do they tell you what they gave you?
    I fasted Sunday, 500 calories, and did an 800 calorie CD on Monday. Today was a NFD and tomorrow is my regular FD. I made some farro with kale and a little feta tonight. I don’t think I’ve ever had farro before. OFM liked it. It kind of reminds me of barley, only chewier. I also made a tabouleh salad with cauliflower rice. It turned out very well.

    Well time for sleep. Have a great day everyone.

    Evening all

    It is indeed snow. We do normally get a snowfall in September. Normally accompanied by news footage of little newborn lambs shivering away in it. We actually got more snow last night than we got all winter this year, which is weird because we usually get at least 2 or 3 decent snowfalls of 10cm-25cm each winter. It’s been a really mild winter this year.

    The weather doesn’t know what it’s doing at the moment. Snow over night, it was reasonably warm in the afternoon the cold and rainy again this evening, then it’s supposed to get up to 19 degrees in a couple of days.


    Cali and Cinque, loved seeing the wedding flowers you posted for GDSA! I love everything about weddings, maybe because I never formally wed. …It’s kind of like my fondness for dogs. I live in one of the only suburbs in Australia that doesn’t allow dogs. So of course, I go ‘gah gah’ over every dog I see! I even carry dog treats in my handbag to hand out to the friendly ones I meet!

    LJ, your garden beds sound to soon provide delicious food! I remember photos of previous bounties and how colorful they were. I’m specifically remembering a bowl of tomatoes in a variety of colours!

    Yes, I can now add in extra carbs which would be up to 50 grams a day and it is assumed I would remain in Ketosis. Not sure when I will be adding extra since I love the food I’m eating so much, I haven’t wanted anything else. I purchased a ‘Ketonix’ breath ketone analyzer which lets me know whether or not I’m in Ketosis and how deeply. There isn’t anything I can think of that I want to test that out. I’ll let post here to let everyone know when I do!

    Besides feeling satiated, the main feeling I appreciate about remaining in ketosis and burning fat instead of glucose for energy is the evenness. I’m free of the ups and downs I used to experience when relying on glucose for fuel.

    Neil, the wide range of food you eat sounds healthy. I giggled when you mentioned me munching on a stick of butter because that’s what colleagues think I do when they see me eat the lunch salad I take to work! This is because before I leave the house, I plop a 30 grams + wedge of butter on top of the greens and slow cooked beef which make up the salad. I dine at lunch with co-workers and they see me break off pieces of the butter with each bite of salad. They often cringe when they see me do this and say they could never do such a thing, eat cold butter like that I also dress the salad with a generous pour of olive oil and apple cider vinegar and plenty of Himalayan salt. To get an idea of how much fat I do eat each day (besides everything else), a stick of butter is 250 grams and I eat 175 grams of fat from all fat sources a day which is the equivalent of about 2/3 a stick of butter. I realize I haven’t felt restriction and I think one reason is because I cook. If I didn’t cook, I too would probably feel Keto to be too restrictive. I might eat cold butter, though raw eggs and meat just don’t appeal and there just aren’t enough convenience or prepared foods that fit Keto. Some may argue that there are plenty of Keto protein bars and shake drinks out there. I don’t consider them real food. The Keto way I follow is about eating real unrefined, unprocessed food.

    Neil, I’m not sure I mentioned this since you arrived on the thread, but one of my happiest memories was the 3 month bicycle tour of north and south islands of New Zealand that I enjoyed back in 1985. The friend I cycled with and I were both from California. My friend remained in New Zealand at the end of the ride and settled at Lake Hawea. I flew to Australia and that’s where I’ve lived pretty much ever since. My friend and I didn’t make it as far south as Dunedin and instead ended our ride in Christchurch after cycling from Auckland around the East Cape.

    Good morning.

    I have discovered some muscles I didn’t know I had this morning. I spent yesterday afternoon dragging heavy pots to new locations on the verandah and planting up the largest ones with herbs and strawberries. It ended up taking 2 1/2 hours – so good exercise. The only thing remaining is to clean the tiles verandah floor as it’s very dirty now and I didn’t have the energy left to tackle it yesterday.

    Neil, I hope you get some nice spring weather for your time away.

    Minka, If you do test out the carb levels you may find that what works for others may or may not work for you. When I did the VLCD a few years ago we discovered that among the group of us doing the program we each had a different carb level that allowed us to stay in ketosis. There were a couple of people with insulin resistance who couldn’t stay in ketosis with carbs above 50 grams – their hunger spiraled out of control when they got to that level. I managed to keep my hunger at bay with carb levels in the 80s. I felt lucky about that because I need a very high level of fibre in my diet, which is a challenge on the lower carb levels.
    You are right about the veggies. I’ve covered twice the area that I did last year, so I think I’ll end up feeding all the neighbours as well. They don’t seem to mind.

    Cali, I won’t know the order of the drugs they are testing until the end.
    I haven’t come across farro here. I’ll look out for it as I’m always interested in new high fibre grains. As it’s wheat, I’m wondering if it’s similar to freekeh, which is dried green wheat and has a very high fibre content.

    I’m going to Unley for bridge this afternoon. The current beginners class is up to the lesson on Transfers. As I missed that one when I did the course I’m planning to sit in on the lesson. I will go early so I can walk around the area first. Hopefully my sore muscles will allow me to walk more easily by then – I’m not moving so well this morning.

    Morning all

    I haven’t even heard of farro let alone see it over here. Is that one of the ancient grains that seem to have had a resurgence of popularity, like Spelt, buckwheat and millet?

    I’m looking forward to dinner tonight. I’ve got some absolutely huge meaty beef ribs braising away in the slow cooker with lots of vegetables and lentils. I finished the skirting last night so it will be wonderful to come home on a Friday night and not have to either work on renovations or cook dinner (or drop my son out to his parkour lessons) I’ll just be able to sit back and relax, and perhaps subtly suggest to my wife that I might benefit from a shoulder and back massage 😉

    Have a great Friday and a great weekend everyone.

    Hi all

    Gday. What wonderful news, what a sneaky couple you are. A pity that it is bittersweet. The people who count are in your corner and it is a real shame for OH that his family can’t see how happy and healthy he is now. Enjoy this wonderful new stage in your life.

    Minka. How nice to hear from you. You have always been very thoughtful about how you approached your nutrition and eating and it’s great you have found a regime that works with you and that ‘beast’. I’m still interested in if you are still using inulin and if you felt that was a worthwhile. It would be great if you could drop in again and let us know how you are going long term.

    LJ. Good that you have found a medication you can to use. Do you have to continue the tests now? Well, I guess you do because you don’t know if it was saline. Your gardening is impressive. What you describe is very physical, hard work and considering your energy levels and state of your back, I am amazed that you have completed it. At least it sounds like you can take it easy now.

    Neil. You are very focused, I know your FD is 800 but do you really have to achieve so much so quickly. Be kind to yourself. Thanks for the pictures, it looks like you are opening up your house nicely, having an open kitchen is so much better, especially as you seem to spend quite a bit of time there. Like the colour too. Is that really snow in your back yard, that is insane.

    Anzac. What a horrible job situation you are in, just when it seemed to be getting better. You must question if all this stress is worth it but I guess such a positive comment does help to make it easier. That coat is going to be your saviour. Keep trying it on and picturing yourself swanning around Europe looking and feeling great.

    Cali. How nice that you had such a lovely visit which your friends. I bet they didn’t notice that you hadn’t finished the painting or didn’t care if they did. Glad to hear you are back at work and those pesky health issues are behind you. Are you working full time or part time. I am still keeping my FD around 500 cals as I start to navigate maintenance although I can see that might change. I have found I have started to prowl the kitchen again even though I’m not hungry but so far a piece of fruit seems to satisfy the desire to eat something.

    Merry. What a lovely post. So nice that you have persevered and achieved despite all your obstacles, thank you for letting us know. I empathise with your feelings about the upcoming wedding. I too had an expatriate son for a while and it was lovely that he had found happiness but I missed him. He has now come home for good and I have the pleasure of having the whole family close by where I am able to enjoy and support them, particularly my DIL who has a number of health challenges. As Penguin says, enjoy it and no apologies for getting emotional, it is in your job description.

    Cinque. Miss 3 sounds delightful, and keeping you on your toes too, no doubt. Great that you had such a good sleep, long may it continue. I guess that children are not for everyone but I have so enjoyed the TV program about the aged care home and I’m delighted to see that long term friendships have been forged. It can only benefit both parties.

    Not much happening here,although being school holidays, we are doing lots of kid wrangling. Not full days but a couple of hours here and there. Some challenges but I’m so glad to be able to help DD and DS. I’ve caught the gardening bug and planted out some veggies but no heavy digging for me, I’m much more random about what I do which probably explains why I don’t get the results reported elsewhere here. The course I’m doing with Cinque and Cali is proving a bit of a disappointment. Not much depth or supporting information so if you were wanting to increase your understanding of weight management, you wouldn’t be much wiser. OH has been tracking new car (which will be called Red Baron as Kluger is German for noble) and it has now landed. Only about 2 weeks to go. Hi to Thin, Lindsay and Betsy and all those others who lurk.

    Oh, did I mention that I LOVE this time of year? Salad vegetables are getting cheaper and more readily available, my favourite source of fat, avocados, are also getting cheaper and more readily available (I wish my father would take more trips up to see his cousin who owns an avocado farm at the top of the north island)

    Thanks for the comments on the renovations. I was thinking of getting some artwork to go on the walls once it’s all done. I was looking at some of the works that crazy artist had on her website a while ago, and there was one that I really liked but unfortunately it had already been sold. Is she still hanging around? I haven’t heard from her for a while. The one I liked was the “Kowhai by the lake” painting from here http://kerrysart.co.nz/sold.htm#

    Morning all – I’m on the Sunshine Coast originally from uk where i did follow 5:2 with great success. dropped of the diet for a few years but now back on an exercise and healthy eating plan so first fast day today for a while…. I’m also pescatarian which sometimes makes things tricky! Any other vegetarians/pescatarians on here?

    Good morning everyone! Although the morning has nearly flown.

    Hi CAP67, Welcome here! I hope you are having an excellent fast day, your body will love it! (even if that is not what it is telling you at the moment!) Is it like riding a bike again?

    It is Miss 3’s birthday today! No longer Miss nearly 3. My next job is making the chocolate cake that will end up in layers with fruit between each layer, and on top. I am channeling LJoyce.

    Minka,you are impressive. I hope you meet some particularly gorgeous dogs today!

    Neil good luck with the next 5 days. Eep snow! Your place is looking great. It would be wonderful to have something of Crazy Artist’s work on the wall.
    A shout out, if you happen to be lurking, Crazy.

    PS I am hungry for those slowcooked ribs, lentils and veggies, Neil, could you poke a portion through the monitor for me?

    Anzac, that was such a great compliment and I hope it gives you some steel in your backbone to help resist any of the rubbish (hassles and expectations as well as rubbish food) that is put upon you.
    You’ll be WFH now, so cheers! Have a wonderful day!

    LJoyce, I hope you get a gentle day after all that physical work, and find the bridge class fascinating. And then come home to just look at that garden, and the pots and all the seedlings, even though there is no discernible growth yet, but just because you have to keep looking at it (presuming you are something like me).

    Cali, woot! I’ve heard of farro! Do I win something? 😀 😀
    But I haven’t tried it yet. I bet it was wonderfully chewy and tasty.

    Klondi, we must catch up again soon! And it is only a minute until you and Betsy have your birthdays, another thing to organise! No, no, I am really looking forward to it. Are you there Betsy?

    I haven’t had another lovely sleep, but I am going okay. I’m having Miss 3 tomorrow instead of today, and then keeping her overnight since my DD is having wisdom teeth removed, so this might be my highest functioning day for a while, I had better make the most of it!

    Cheers all, best wishes. Remember how precious you are.

    LJ, I thought it was you who mentioned making a dish with farro. When you said it wasn’t you, I thought maybe it was Cinque or Neil. But then I read down to the bottom of the page age read their comments about never having tried it. I bought it because I was pretty sure someone here mentioned it. I wish we still had the search app on this forum. It was a nice chewy texture, but not as chewy as the barley with the hull still on. That was too hard to chew. OH and DS didn’t like the barley with the hull but they did like the farro.

    Neil, buying a painting from Crazyartist would be cool. I wonder what she is up to?

    CAP67, welcome back to the 5::2 way of eating. Hope this was an easy FD for you and that you see some good numbers tomorrow.

    Cinque, good luck on the chocolate cake. It sounds delicious. You should post a picture of it here if you have time before it gets eaten. Have fun at her party.

    Klondi, I’m working part time, still handling a few of my large accounts. The past couple days have just been unusually busy. Tomorrow night we’re having a neighbor over for dinner. It’s always nice to have people over when the house is still clean from the weekend guests. Except for dog toys all over the place. Cooper has a big plastic storage box full of toys in the family room and he digs through it to find his favorites. (He has a lot of favorites!)
    You’re right about the online course that the three of us are taking. It’s much too basic. I was hoping they would get more into it, but it doesn’t seem so.

    Today’s FD went well. I wasn’t hungry up until now, but I’ll try to go to bed soon. I hope I can sleep well.

    Good evening everyone.

    I’m feeling a bit less sore tonight and have managed to let the last lot of painkillers wear off without taking more – yet to be seen whether I can get to sleep without them though. For those of you wondering how I manage the hard work in the garden with my physical health issues – when necessary I use a combination of strong painkillers and anti-inflammatories – and also a big dose of pigheadedness that has me doing things that common sense suggests I shouldn’t! Sometimes I just don’t want my life limited by the dictates of my health and I am prepared to live the consequences of those choices.

    CAP67, hello and welcome back to 5:2. I hope you can slip back into this way of eating easily. I don’t think there are any current vegetarians/pescatarians, but I believe Cinque was vegetarian in earlier years and I was a pescatarian in my 30s (although I was vego at home and only included seafood so I would have choices eating out – restaurant vego choices were rare in the 1980-90s). I think Cali is eating a largely plant based diet these days. A few of us are focused on increasing the proportion of plants in our diet. Legumes are a favourite and we share recipes here: https://thefastdiet.co.uk/forums/topic/beans-and-lentils-recipes-tips-and-information/

    Klondi, glad to hear you have put a few plants in too. We can all share photos of our colourful produce in a few weeks time. I can’t wait to start picking things – I’m sure the joy will wane a bit when get buried under excessive produce!
    Yes I do need to continue the tests – some of them have slightly different uses. This is my chance to positively identify the cortisone drugs that I’m allergic to so that I have a definitive list of safe and unsafe options. Hopefully I’ll never have to repeat this again.

    Cinque, I’m sure the cake will be lovely – I’ve never met a child that doesn’t like chocolate cake. Fruit is an excellent choice for the layers – all the red/black fruits go so well with it: berries, cherries, plums.

    Cali, I found quite a few sites that attempt to explain the difference between farro and freekeh, like this one: https://www.plated.com/morsel/ancient-grains/ The whole freekah grain that I’ve used before takes about 2 hours of boiling before it’s tender, although I have a packet of cracked freekeh to use next which should have a faster cooking time. I usually cook it in big batches then spread the drained grains on a tray and freeze them. Once bagged up they are as quick to use as a bag of frozen peas. The freezing also converts some of the starch into resistant starch so it’s a double win with the freezing.
    You said that the faro isn’t overly chewy – the freekeh really is. I don’t find that a bad thing as it takes me time to eat it as I really to have to chew.

    Neil, maybe Kerry will paint you something similar to your favourite lake painting if you ask.
    If the article I found is correct farro is one of the ancient grains.

    I’ve finished my cocoa while writing, so I think it’s time for bed, I need a good night’s sleep.
    Hope you all have nice weekend plans.

    Morning all, just when I thought I would have some rest I remembered that we’ve got some friends coming around for cards tonight so I’m running around cleaning things up because the house is a bit of a bomb site after the renovations. I’m determined not to let the cards night turn into a junk food feat like it usually does so I’m doing a protein+ milk fast this weekend. It’s a milk with added protein so 1 litre is about 600 calories and 60 grams of protein.

    LJoyce – I’ve always found that gardening is good for my mental health, I always feel in a great mood after a few hours gardening. It sounds like it’s similar for you if you’re getting out and doing it despite physical pain. Sometimes the pain is worth it to get in a good head space.

    Cap – I’m definitely not vegetarian, but in the last couple of years we’ve been having a vegetarian evening meal every other day. We usually have one or two egg based meals, one or two legume based meals, and one pasta or rice based meal a week.

    Cinque – sorry, my boys polished off all the ribs, those growing lads need their protein 😉
    I hope the wisdom teeth surgery isn’t too bad.

    Have a great weekend everyone

    Earlier here today.

    I will take a photo of the cake! It cooked well yesterday (and I also made some lovely bread made with sweet potato added. Gorgeous colour, texture and taste).
    Miss three wanted 5 different fruits and luckily two of them were berries, Miss 5 added kiwi fruit and then Miss 3 said apples and oranges! Not what I would choose, but I will put the berries and kiwi fruit between the layers and apple and orange slices around the plate (at the last minute).

    CAP67 I meant to add that I am vegetarian friendly. I was a strict vegetarian for several decades! I still concentrate on a plant based diet and my big challenge (I have set myself) at the moment is getting 7 serves of veggies/fruit in every day (except fast days when it is usually three). Also a big legume fan!

    Cali, Cooper is clearly the inhouse entertainment for your dinner tonight! I hope you all have a lovely time.

    I love that farro comes from the same word as farina does. Three ancient types of wheat are included under the farro umbrella. Roman words.
    The special thing about freekah is that it is young wheat grain (green) and it has been smoked/roasted. Levantine.
    That’s pretty well all my knowledge. But I do know it is hard to cook the whole wheat grain. My way (from Charmaine Solomon, if I remember correctly) is to cover it with boiling water and keep it in a thermos overnight, and then the next day it can be drained and cooked like brown rice (ie boil 30 minutes and steam for another 10 -20mins). Instead of being disappointingly hard, it becomes gorgeous and nuttily chewy.
    I wonder if it was Quacka or Thin who talked about making farro?

    I do hope everyone had a good sleep, especially you LJoyce, without extra med help. (mine was fair) .

    I’m off to get ready for the birthday girl, and her sister and mum will be here for the celebration cake.

    Looking forward to tomorrow’s fast day.

    PS Neil, just saw your post: okay, those boys needed them more than me. Have a lovely junkfood-free night of cards!

    Morning, i have been lurking, been so busy, i think we have started crazy season early… there sure are some strange people out there, gone down another tshirt size people are telling me im looking really well lol

    Neil phone me 094061201 can accommodate can do it quickly too lol the wind up here is diabolical sun is lovely

    Anzac keep trying on that jacket, was good to see penquin pop in, just thin to make an appearance now, nice to see old but new popping in too, cin, Lj, g’day bestsy, cali so much you guys talk about i learn something everytime you guys post, klondike so informative thankyou for letting me be part of this forum, you are all the best

    I have a new great grandson 10lbs on wednesday named Luca its official im old hahaha haven’t had a cuddle yet, my birthday coming this Wednesday im sure to be teased unmercifully

    Take care everyone hi to this i missed

    A quick hello while miss 3 is eating a late lunch (after a long nap after a trip to the creek). Here is the cake I made her https://imgur.com/a/Y0O6bsG They loved it 🙂

    Great to see your post Crazy. Wow, congratulations on that great grandson. How special! 10lbs Wow! Luca is a wonderful name. I hope you get a cuddle soon. Ooh another October birthday!
    And congratulations on being a size down too!

    Must go.

    Quick check-in. Back this week from some time in Adelaide. Drove over and back, which was really enjoyable, and my car just purred.

    Sorry to have been absent for a while. Put on 1.5 kg due to holiday, plus visiting Haigh’s factory shop in Adelaide. Their factory seconds are SO cheap. I’ve now put the remaining indulgences away for a couple of months. Cholesterol check again at the end of October, so will be much more controlled for the next 4 weeks.

    Congrats on the Bali wedding, GDayfromSA, and to you, Anzac65 on the lovely compliment at work. I gather that work had again gone overboard in the stress department, so it’s lovely you received a positive boost.

    Cinque, cute comment from your (now) miss 3.

    Great, Neilithicman, that you’re so close to your goal. Well done.

    Minka, interesting reading your keto diet. It’s something I couldn’t do, as my body doesn’t cope with a high fat intake (due to gall bladder removal many moons ago).

    Klondikekween, when is your birthday coming up? Was yours on the 17th? Mine is the 10th, so soon, if we’re to arrange a meet up. Will you be joining us, Cinque?

    Sorry to anyone else not mentioned, have to be up by 6 a.m. tomorrow, so very early to bed tonight. Will be back more regularly from now on. No more planned holidays till next year.

    Crazy! Great to see you posting again. Congratulations on the great grandson, 10 pounds is a pretty decent size for a bub. I’ll call you sometime this week re the painting. I really liked that Kowhai lake painting, nice and bright and calming.

    Cinque, my turn for food envy, that cake looks awesome, especially the nice looking berries on top. 😋

    Betsy, don’t worry about that 1.5 kg, I’m sure now you’re home the holiday weight will fall off.

    Well the cards night didn’t happen so I all that cleaning done yesterday for nothing….well not for nothing, I had an appreciative wife who came home from work to a clean house. The bright side is we got an early night on daylight savings day. Our cards sessions usually wrap up around midnight.

    I didn’t stick to the milk fast yesterday, I also had a couple of handfuls of nuts, but all up a pretty successful fast day. Two more days to go and then I can weigh in for the end of the September challenge. I’m feeling pretty good about it. I’ve had noticeable change to my body shape. When I suck in my tum you can see the outline of my rib cage and abdominal muscles now. I can’t be too far from my goal weight.

    Have a nice relaxing Sunday everyone.

    Hi all

    CAP67. Welcome, hope your FD went well and you slip back into 5-2 easily. We will love to hear how you are going. Vegetarian for a while but realised I wasn’t doing the hard work of making sure I was getting a balanced diet but still not a big meat eater. Do you have a weight goal in mind or are you just aiming for a healthier lifestyle?

    Crazy. Good to know you are lurking here. Those T shirts are doing their job and there is nothing like positive feedback from others to reinforce what we know ourselves. A Great grandson, how wonderful, you must have started your family early. What a whopper, hope mum is okay. October is a great month for birthdays here, I hope you are thoroughly pampered, perhaps you and Neil can have a birthday get together to celebrate his new art work. Who knows where this forum could take us.

    Cali. Thanks for the info re farro. I have seen it in some recipes but since I didn’t know what it was, i skipped over them. Now I might give them a go. I also like make the most of a clean house and have a couple of events together. Sweeping up all of Bobby’s fur is one of our challenges. I’m pleased yo hear you are well enough to work and part time must make it easier. Have you any plans for full retirement?

    LJ thanks for the link re ancient grains, I’ll have to be a bit more adventurous. Why am I not surprised that pigheadedness is in your makeup, I can see you harnessing that to get you through all sorts of situations from Bridge to gardening. And this WOL.

    Neil. How nice to have your very own original. A fitting way to enhance your hard work. Have you got any other Reno plans for the house? Yes, I bet your boys are bottomless pits even if one is not so active at the moment.

    Cinque. That is one impressive cake. I love the little balloon number. I will have to look out for some of those. Clearly Miss 3 has been getting the healthy food message from grandma. Is she also good with eating veggies. How did the dentistry go, wisdom teeth can be really challenging.. I’ll definitely be seeing you soon.

    Betsy. Adelaide is one of my favourite cities. I hope you had a good time. Yes, my birthday is the 17th. My email address is in my profile so just waiting to hear from you and we can plan a little party. How is your study going?

    Had a delightful day yesterday. Unexpected visit from DD and kids. Miss 8 had made her first biscuits from scratch and they were delish. I had bought some sugar cane mulch and she helped me put it on the garden, Mr 4 did some spreading, everywhere. The courtyard looks like we are setting up for a hoedown. Bobby respread it in a few patches. I remember now why it is sometimes hard to grow seedlings with him roaming over the beds. I forgot to tell you that I failed the wedding dress test. Although I am at or below my wedding weight, it is obviously distributed differently. I do know that my waist is still 88cm while a healthy size would be closer to 80cm. I think I might now be in the TOFI (thin outside, fat inside) category. The other thing which stood out was the old face sitting on top of the young women’s dress. A reminder of the years which have passed. On a better note, both OH and I ran a PB at Parkrun on Saturday, 42.10 for me and 39.10 for him. I’m starting to beat some of the fast walkers.

    Good evening all.

    After achieving the grand total of 100,000 steps (equivalent) last week, today I’m sitting on an embarrassing 3,500 so far! I’ve spent the day with rellies, so no long walks.

    CrazyA, good to hear from you. Lovely news about the great grandson. Hopefully you’ll get a cuddle very soon.

    Cinque, the cake looked just lovely. I always think the dark chocolate colour looks so nice with red berries. I’m sure it was the hit with the birthday crowd. Hope you daughter is recovering well from the wisdom teeth extraction.

    Betsy, I’m so glad you enjoyed your trip to my neck of the woods. Sounds like you had a lovely time. Frankly I think a 1.5kg gain on holiday is pretty restrained, especially with a trip to the Haighs factory included.

    Neil, are milk fasts part of your usual routine or this this just something you were trying as part of your B2B2B…

    Klondi, I had a bit of a giggle about the mulch spreading. You should have gone ahead with square dances!
    Congratulations on the parkrun times, that’s a great sign of increasing fitness. I think weight gets distributed differently on women after menopause starts. I know my curves are a bit less dramatic than they used to be. I used to be 2 dress sizes smaller on my waist that my hips/bust and now it’s only one.

    I have an insanely busy fortnight ahead, with lunches and other social outings, bridge, medical appointments and school holiday babysitting. So my posts are likely to be a bit brief.

    Have a good week everyone.

    Morning all

    Well the weather doesn’t seem to be able to make up its mind at the moment. We had snow a few days ago, Saturday was sunny and 22 degrees, yesterday was lovely up until the afternoon then turned overcast in the evening, then today it’s pouring with rain and forecast for snow down to 300 meters again. Go figure.

    Ljoyce, I don’t regularly do milk fasts, I’ve only done a few of them, it’s not a bad fast because the milk is pretty low calorie so you can drink quite a lot of it and still have a low calorie day while still getting enough protein. Also it’s good for flushing out your system if you’re a bit backed up.

    My wife likes to sleep with her leg draped across my hips but the last couple of weeks she’s been complaining that it’s not comfortable because she can feel my hip bones poking her now, I guess there are some downsides to losing the padding. I also noticed that when I sit on a hard seat it’s not as comfortable as it was when I had my inbuilt rump cushions. I’m all ready for my end of September weigh-in tomorrow morning. I figured I could do the weigh-in one day early so I can weigh in for the September challenge. I’m thinking about investing in a biometric scale once I hit my goal weight. I’m not expecting much change in my weight after that, but with the biometric scale I can keep track of my fat percentage and muscle mass. Something like this https://www.trademe.co.nz/home-living/bathroom/scales/listing-2334432300.htm?rsqid=d3c2d3e0687c4d909bea41aa31325b93-001

    Have a great day everyone and I’ll see you in October.

    Good morning,
    A lovely day after fast day breakfast for me. I am a bit under the weather with the cough that was the birthday girl’s present to me. Thanks for the compliments re her cake. I was actually disappointed with the eating part of it. The fruit and cream was great, but it really needed a sponge cake. (Yes I did try a bit).

    My darlings are very good at eating fruit, but haven’t got the veggies sorted yet. 🙁

    Betsy, Klondi, yes, I’d love to celebrate your birthdays (presuming I’ve lost this cough by then). Maybe Klondi will drive us in your direction in her big red car! Klondi has my email address and number, so hopefully we can easily link up.

    Nice to know you will be around a bit more Betsy, but your trip to Adelaide sounds wonderful. Good car!

    Neil, your ‘failures’ (handful of nuts) won’t get in the ways of your successes! So funny reading the downsides of your weightloss. Luckily the pros outweigh the cons.

    Klondi, congratulations to your granddaughter making biscuits. A wonderful thing!

    And sigh, yes, doesn’t our shape change with age. I laugh at my op shop skirt finds. Brands for young people (eg Princess Highway) size 10, I can just about fit the waist on a fast day. Brands for older women, and the size 10 waist is often wider than mine. It won’t be just internal fat.

    LJoyce, enjoy the busy fortnight, I hope it isn’t too disruptive to your good practices, but so glad you will have lots to enjoy.

    My week is busy too, I’ll be concentrating on resting well between appointments.

    Cheers all.

    Hi everyone, happy Monday.

    Having worked most of the weekend I am feeling quite flat but at the same time buoyed by a quick shopping trip yesterday to find I was fitting into clothing sizes that I haven’t seen for a long time

    That said, I have actually ordered a new jacket. One popped up from the same shop that is available in a bigger size and it was massively on special so I will keep the old jacket for next winter when I will definitely be much smaller and use the new one for the trip. This is not going to sabotage the weight loss for the holiday as I still want to look and feel great and, more importantly, not have as much weight to drag around as we will be walking for hours every day

    Neil – funny about your wife complaining about your new bones. Hubby gave me a big hug yesterday and I went ‘OUCH’ – he has an oddly formed rib that pokes out a lot and I’ve never felt it dig into the top of my stomach before!

    Cinque, that cake looks lovely and I’m sorry you were disappointed about it. I’m also sorry that you caught a bad cough from one of the littlies. I hope it goes away quickly so you can go to Betsy and Klondi’s birthday celebrations. I would so love to be there too but I will be in spirit and I insist on lots of lovely photos please.

    Cali, I laughed at the picture of Cooper digging through his toy box for his favourites. Maxx also has a new favourite every day but mostly he likes his stuffed kangaroo Kylie3. He destroyed Kylie1 and Kylie2 and Kylie 3 is pretty much skin only as we have slowly removed the stuffing as he makes holes. But her head is still intact and he runs around with her in his mouth quite a lot

    Poor Maxx got attacked at dog training yesterday. A huskie/German shepherd cross bit him on the ear. They were having a sniff at each other when he went for Maxx. I wasn’t there as I was working but hubby said several trainers came running over and got him to fill in a report. Maxx is fine, he has two puncture wounds on his ear and both are already healing well after we applied lots of savlon. He snuck downstairs and slept on our bed most of the day which we don’t normally allow during the day but I’m guessing he was looking for somewhere quiet to just rest up so we left him there. He was full of beans last night so all is well. It just irks me that the owner didn’t even apologise. They should have a yellow flag on the leash indicating that the dog needs space

    LJ, 100,000 steps….That. Is. Totally. Awesome!

    Welcome Cap67 , this forum is awesome and you will receive so much support

    Klondi, that mulch process sounds so funny and I can just picture Bobby ‘helping’ and the littlies you to spread it.

    You holiday sounds lovely Betsy, don’t worry about the 1.5 kilos – two FD’s or so and it will be gone

    So lovely to hear from you Crazy and congrats on the new grandchild.

    I must get back to work. I am in full time training from tomorrow so posts will be short and sporadic. Sigh. It is fully catered but I’m still bringing my own food. I won’t do FD’s for two weeks but instead 800 calorie days for Tues-Fri then just making sure I remain under BMR for the weekend. It is a long weekend in NSW (YAY) and then another four days of training next week Tues-Fri so I will do the same thing.

    Take care all

    Good Afternoon everyone

    It’s Monday afternoon, two weeks holiday is over and I’m back at work and FD’s! I have had a break of two weeks from fasting and yes I have put on weight but that is because I have not exercised any restraint (like at all). Drinking and eating whatever I want, a few meals that included pasta and cream, bread and even some fast food thrown in for good measure. Ugh…. Thank God for this way of life.

    Congratulations G’day!! Don’t let anyone mar your happiness 🙂

    OK, need to do some more work. Take care all x

    Really quick check-in, sorry as it’s already quite late – just want to ask – Klondikekween, how do I access your profile? I know how to get to mine, but not other people’s. Same for Cinque.

    Are either of you in the north of Melbourne? I can find my way around Northland, Doncaster Shoppingtown, Epping Plaza, South Morang. Not so good with places further south.

    Oh, and a quick – poor Maxx! If a dog is likely to bite, it shouldn’t be unleashed, or should at least be muzzled around other dogs. Not good.


    I lost 1.6 kilos in the last 6 days of September to be now within 1 kilo of my ultimate goal. I’m so happy and proud of the progress I’ve made in the last 8 months. I’ve now lost over 40 kilos and have now passed 31% of my initial weight lost, taken my waist from 52” to 36” and my BMI from 41.5 to 28.5.

    I’m well on track to reaching my goal by my birthday, I might even get there by my 9 month anniversary of intermittent fasting on the 23rd October.

    But today is most definitely a non fast day after 5 back to back fast days, and I’m going to enjoy that bottle of Porter that has been sitting in the fridge taunting me for the last month.

    Have a great day everyone

    Oh and I forgot to mention that although I was a bit slack over the last week, I still ended up with 425,000 steps for the 4 weeks of Steptember and hit my goal of averaging 15,000 steps per day. I ended up with an average of 15,170 per day.

    What a hero Neil. Enjoy that porter!

    Betsy if you click on Klondi’s name it will take you to her profile. Or click on mine, I’ve added my email address in.

    Anzac, the right sized jacket will make everything more enjoyable.

    Quacka I kept going “Where is Quacka? I hope nothing is wrong… oh that’s right, she will be on holiday” every couple of days! It sounds like a wonderful holiday, glad to have you back, and you will make quick work of that 1.5kg.

    My slight cough has developed into a racking cough, my chest is sore, I’m off to snuggle up on the sofa and let the day go by.

    Best wishes all.

    Hi everyone

    Thanks for thinking of me Cinque 🙂 I hope you feel better very soon x

    I’m on a B2B FD today as I am feeling positive this week and I need to move this holiday weight before the long weekend. Hmmmm, it seems like a bit of a yoyo at the moment!

    Well done Neil. You are doing awesome!
    Hope everyone else is going well too.

    PS Well we finally made it to the races on the weekend (after last year was cancelled due to rain). We had such a lovely time and now I can’t wait to go again next year. Yay!

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