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  • hi I have a problem i want to loose weight but I know my parents will never allow me to go on a diet because someone in my family has an ED (eating disorder) which means that the person diagnosed with it isn’t eating enough and, is beginning to loose weight rapidly it also makes you stomach,heart,brain, and organs begin to shrink, and because your heart is getting smaller it cant pump enough blood for your brain so you cant function and you can die.

    do any of you know ways to loose weight without dieting or starving yourself? if you do please tell me.

    You sound young, you probably don’t need to be on a diet unless a doctor puts you on one. What you need is to learn about nutrition and how to eat sensibly. A good start is just to avoid added sugar and processed foods which often contain added sugars. Then find ways to be more active. If you don’t over eat, stick to healthy foods and eat for nutrition, and up your activity you’ll probably start losing weight.

    In any case you’ll start to build a strong foundation for your future life. While what I’m saying sounds simple it isn’t. It can be very difficult to get the added sugars down to 6 teaspoons a day (~25g). However at some point you probably start noticing that foods with natural sugars in them taste great. Fruit and vegetables are a great foundation for healthy diet. I also like a large variety of them even daily.

    What I’m suggesting is difficult but it could be life changing. Go for nutrition and activity and see what happens. Leave the fasting until you are an adult and supporting yourself.

    random, I agree with dikask.
    When I was in my teens I did all sorts of ‘starving’ to try to lose weight and none of it worked. I had gained 10 pounds from 8th grade to 10th grade and wanted to lose it. You need to know if your weight goals are reasonable at your stage in life. Mine were not, nor were my ways to achieve them.
    Focus your diet on lean protein, fruits, and vegetables. Cut down on sodas, chips, pastries, and other carbs. Get used to a healthy diet and lifestyle now and your parents won’t think you have an ED. And you won’t if you are eating a well-balanced diet with sufficient nutrients for growth.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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