Hashimotos (Post-Hysterectomy weight gain) and Intro

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Hashimotos (Post-Hysterectomy weight gain) and Intro

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  • I’m new to intermittent fasting but not new to fasting. I’ve done a lot of fasting over the years.

    I just found out that I have Hashimotos and I’m hoping that, with the assistance of my Euthyrox that I can finally release all of the weight that piled onto my body after my hysterectomy 4 years ago.

    I was 60 kg before my hysterectomy and the weight just came on without cause. Some weeks I gained 8kg and I wasn’t eating any differently.

    So after years of exhaustion and moving to Thailand the doctors here diagnosed me with Hashimotos and have started me on meds. I’m hoping that’s the cause of all this weight gain and that now I can release it.

    I’m going to begin 5:2 and see how it goes…

    wish me luck

    Hello ThaiMama,

    I too have Hashimotos! I believe I had it for possibly a whole decade before I was diagnosed. At one point I gained a lot of weight because my thyroid was so poorly functioning and I was so fatigued I could not exercise. I’m also post menopausal. Along my Hashimotos journey, I tried a few different types of thyroid replacement medications and doses before finding a type that really worked for me, and only then did I find it again easier to shed extra weight (prior to that the going was so slow and seemed as if no matter how meagerly I ate, the weight did not shift) and I got my energy levels back. Subsequently I reached goal weight via 5:2 and am now maintaining. Wishing you the best of luck and keep us posted!

    Hi Thai and welcome:

    Here are some 5:2 tips: https://thefastdiet.co.uk/forums/topic/the-basics-for-newbies-your-questions-answered/

    Good Luck!

    Lael, it’s nice to know it is possible. At this point my energy is so low I can’t do much of anything. A big day for me isn’t a big day for other people. After one or two big days my body crashes and I’m completely exhausted for 3 or 4 days.

    I’ve been an avid faster in the past and I knew about this 5:2 at that time but never tried it. (I enjoyed longer fasts). Since I’ve moved away without my juicers I thought smaller fast days would be better. I have access to lots of freshly made juice here and even though it talks about eating on the fasting days I think I’d prefer to do juices and fruit smoothies (just fruit and ice and water).

    Thanks so much for the link Simcoeluv I’ve already poked around and read a lot on the forum but I’ll click on the link and see if I missed this area.

    It’s nice to have support (and in English). Living in a country where English is not the language can be challenging (especially when you want to read a label and it’s all in Thai).

    Hi ThaiMama,

    How you describe the pattern of fatigue makes me think that you might be developing a secondary condition which many of us with Hashimotos invariably struggle with and that is adrenal insufficiency. It is the fact that you are fatigued and crash after exertion or social engagement that points to this.

    Why this often develops in those of us with Hashimotos is that we are either on the wrong type of medication for our needs or an inadequate dose or both. Therefore we remain hypo despite the medication. Our adrenal gland produce more hormone to get us going and keep us going because of lack of thyroid hormone and energy deficit. Over time our adrenal glands become ‘worn out’ much like the pancreas does when has to secrete a lot of extra insulin.

    I just want to emphasize that like exercise, any type of fasting is a stress to the body and therefore calls requires our adrenals to produce an supply of cortisol, which is an adrenal hormone. If the adrenals are weak or unable to produce enough, fasting can cause the same crash in the aftermath as physical exertion. Since I have weak adrenals, I’m susceptible to this so had to start very gently by trialing just one fast day a week. Once I found I was able to get through a few of those without needing days on the couch afterwards, I knew I was okay to add in another fast day each week. Another thing that helped was being very careful about not having too much else to do when I fasted. Like you, I have to pace myself! I’m unable to fast on days in which I have people to see and places to go. Unlike others who say it is easier to fast when they are busy or at work, I don’t have enough energy to cope with both and I’m better fasting when I can retreat and relax at home. I also find that I do better leaving two non-fasting days between my fast days because this gives my adrenals time to recover.


    Thank you for your post. It is really helpful to hear what you shared.

    I’ve only just been diagnosed so I haven’t been taking the med for a month yet. I will mention the adrenal fatigue when I see my Endo next week.

    I’ve been having symptoms of Hashimotos for approx 17+ years. It all started after the birth of my last baby. It’s just been progressively getting worse. The only time I actually felt good was when I did extended fasts but I haven’t fasted for the past 5 years much at all. (Just the odd fast here and there).

    I’m going to take your advice and start slow… one day a week and see how I do and take it from there. Again, I can’t thank you enough for sharing your knowledge/experience with me.

    Hi ThaiMama,

    Keep us posted on how you do with your first fast! Unfortunately, endos don’t generally believe in ‘adrenal fatigue’ and tend to interpret tests so widely that a person has to be at the point of an ‘Addisonian Crisis’ before they diagnose a problem. In other words, one has to nearly be on one’s death bed. I’m only writing this because your question may fall on deaf ears or you may be made wrong for asking. I mention this because I was part of an online thyroid/adrenal fatigue group and the members there received that response from most endos! Once in awhile someone encountered a receptive endo, though those were few and far between. The best way to test for adrenal output is through an ‘adrenal saliva’ test. I’ve yet to hear of an endo who accepts ‘adrenal saliva’ tests. They frown upon them as not being accurate and rely instead on blood tests. However, there are valid reasons why the blood tests are inaccurate! I’ll get off my endo criticism soap box now!

    Thanks Lael. It’s good to know that info about the adrenal test… If she’s willing to do a test and wants to a blood test I’ll ask her to do both.

    As I mentioned before I live in Thailand and the health care is very different here than from Canada (where I used to live). The focus here is on patient care and quality of life. They (all three of my doctors) were literally aghast over how I was treated in the Canadian health care system. So I expect great things from my Endo on Tues. (here’s hoping I get them) LOL

    Saw my Endo today and I’m very pleased.

    She was very pleased with my weight loss (2 kg), my blood sugars are lower (leaving the diabetic range), my cholesterol numbers are much better (good and bad), and my thyroid numbers are changing but not nearly as much as she hopes so she doubled my meds and took me OFF my blood pressure medication completely!!!!!!!

    She is checking me for adrenal function. She is concerned about my extremely low energy levels. So she’s conducting two tests… one for a reading of my levels and another to see if it’s an auto immune disease. I’ll have that test done next Friday. She’s doing the test at 8am as she said that’s the best time to get accurate readings. So… we’ll see what they say. In the meantime I’m going to start doing 5:2 and see where that takes me!

    Thursday is my start day! (rather… I’m starting with 6:1 as Lael suggested)

    Hi ThaiMama,

    I wish our Australian medical system were as thorough! Great that so much has improved that you are able to get off your blood pressure medication!

    All the best for your Thursday fast!! One thing that helps me with my fasts is to have all my fast day food decided upon and readily available by the time my fast day rolls around!

    Cheers! Lael

    Oh that is a GREAT idea.

    May I ask… what you eat on a fast day?

    I’m thinking of just doing juices/smoothies of fruit and ice and water.

    Thai mama, you should get the book and read up on good fast day recipes! I don’t think smoothies or juices would satiate at all, rather you’d end up with sugar spikes, insulin falls, and big hunger! Lean protein, in eggs, chicken, fish have worked really well for me, coupled with some whole fruit/veg (for the fiber) and/or a bit of carbs depending on the day. Good luck!

    thanks J-ray

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