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  • So I kinda started the 5:2 last week although it was more of a 6:1… and the fasting day hasn’t been that bad. Drinking a lot, today on a lemon-y water journey. I experienced less will for extreme bad-eating after fasting day last week, which would have been great if I managed to keep it so. But I ruined it during the weekend when I was supposed to accomplish fasting day 2. So I decided not to fast on weekends, it’s much easier to do it on weekdays when I don’t have a fridge and a pantry full of opportunities to derail.

    I feel more active than when I actually eat, so I think this will turn out ok. Next step is to get a scale so I can monitorize the outputs more accurately. Then maybe some exams… baby steps, I guess, one day this will be running on auto-pilot, right?

    I hope I can add up to your success rate 🙂

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