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  • I have been a silent reader of this site for so long. I am posting today because I want to start the Fast Diet too. I had done IF before and it had worked but because it was a fast of 18 hours daily I could not sustain it. Reading from experiences of members here, I know this is where I want to be right now.

    I will be starting on the 4th of January and my fasting days will be Mondays/Fridays, I am a little different from majority of schedules here, those days are the most convenient for me. I will use those two days for the first month and it’s subject to change.

    Thank you

    Does anyone like Mondays and Fridays for fast days?

    Hi Olabimpe,
    I used to often do Mondays and Fridays but I have found Sunday fasting suits me really well, so it is Sundays and Thursdays at the moment.
    I hope 5:2 works well for you. it has been a life saver for me.
    Best wishes and all good things.

    Thank you Cinque for the reply.

    Report on my Day 1 of 5:2 yesterday. I can only say it was a total disaster.

    1. Yesterday it was TOM’s day 2 and so still crampy

    2. I took two boiled eggs for breakfast and believe me I was HANGRY through the day. I kept thinking about food and I just wanted to eat. I maintained till I got home after work and I ate everything in site.

    3. I am not new to fast and so I would rather not eat anything, I feel better that way, than eating and stopping like I did yesterday.

    I will still have my two days this week but I will be doing it “my way”.

    I will be having my 500 calories to break the fast between 21 – 24 hours, most likely evening. I will start eating normally in the morning the next day.

    Any idea what type that style could be?

    Hi Ola and welcome:

    You seem to have discovered one of the most common eating patterns for diet days. Many eat only one meal, high in fat and protein, in the evening. I address the general issue in my 12 Dec 15 post on this thread:

    Good Luck!

    Thank you so much for the quick response simcoeluv, I am determined to be successful at this. Apart from the sip I took while working out this morning, my first water today would be between 12 – 1pm and I know that gives me so much energy for the remaining part of the fasting hours.

    Wish me luck

    Hi Ola:

    Good Luck!

    Ola I do that every fast day. I don’t eat until about 6.30pm (after I go to the gym), when I have a small dinner of around 200 calories. That’s it for the day.

    If I eat earlier, I want to keep eating. If I wait until dinner, I find I don’t really think about food so much, and the hunger pangs are mild and go away quickly. I drink a LOT of water, and that seems to make a difference.

    Elphaba, thank you so much for the hint. I did just that today and I think I can record my first success with 5:2 today. I had so much energy till around 2pm when I took water and I became active again.

    First snacked on a baby carrot around 6pm, then had my meal of 1 cup tomatoes, 1 cup diced baby carrots and 1 small pack of noodles (337cals) + 1 glass of water with 1tsp of lime juice. I took more water.

    I am satisfied and not stuffed. I am just okay.

    I am doing this again on Friday.

    Day 2 down and a badge to me. My observation is that I had a great tendency to overeat on non-fast days. Like it happened to me yesterday, I kinda have a constant feeling to just feel myself up. As a strategy for the non-fast days especially days close to the fast days, I decided to do Leangains i.e. if I will be fasting on Wednesdays and Fridays, then Tuesdays and Thursdays will be doing another form of IF so that I am not overeating. I hope such feelings will not repeat itself tomorrow. It was as if I had no control over it. I wouldn’t want anything to jeopardize my efforts.

    How did you handle the days after the fast days?

    I also noticed sleeplessness on fast days, is this normal? Will I get over it?

    Hi Olabimpe,
    I have noticed that one of the worst side effects for me is sleeplessness. I fast the same as you and many others, I don’t eat anything until the evening meal. By the time I go to bed, I am so hungry that sleeping is tough. I find that if I leave a little something to eat (small piece of fruit for example) until just before I am ready to go to sleep it helps a bit. I just tell myself that if I don’t sleep, that’s fine, I will sleep tomorrow.

    The issue of not overdoing it on non fast days is a mind game. When I am in the right frame of mind, I can have good, healthy food without overdoing it. It gets easier but I fall off the wagon from time to time. Have lost 11 kilos so far but I still have a lot to lose so I just keep going.

    Wishing you all the best.

    Wow, Abigail you are great success with 11kg under your badge. You are such an inspiration. It’s morning here and I realized sleep was better this night than on Wednesday, I think I love the idea that Simcoeluv advised about high protein and fat on fast days, it really filled me better than veggies and of course I had lots and lots of water to fill the gap. There is no better way to know the method that works like the one you try and find suitable. More success in this program.

    I’m the opposite to many, I sleep better on fasting days (and I am a terrible insomniac normally) than non fasting days. I do make sure I spend at least 40 minutes on the treadmill before dinner, to ensure I wear myself out. And I go to bed a bit earlier than usual. If I eat dinner at 6.30 or 7, and go to bed about 9 then I don’t have time to get hungry.

    It takes time to get into the swing of this. Eventually it becomes so much easier. But there will still be tough days when you go “forget it, writing today off, shall fast tomorrow”.

    Also, everything works differently for everyone. But if you read enough tips, you’ll find some that work for you.

    Good luck, and well done so far.

    Thanks Elphaba for the cute reply.

    Mondays are my official weigh in but I had to weigh in today and I have lost 2.6lbs since 4th January. I think my inches are decreasing too because some of my skirts are loose. I will keep on with this and I hope to have more enough success. One pound per week if consistent is just enough for me.

    Congratulations and well done, Olabimpe, so happy for you. Just over two and a half pounds is excellent and one pound per week is a reasonable and probably safe goal to have. Isn’t it the best feeling when the clothes start to feel loose?

    I am fasting today (Sunday the 17th in Melbourne, Australia) and it’s quite warm already. I think the warm weather helps in not eating all day, then a little fish and salad followed by my usual sleepless night. But it doesn’t matter because I just think of the bit of fat leaving me forever. Sounds like a song in there somewhere!

    Abigail thanks for the reply. I think food high in protein and fat is good meal to be assured of a good sleep. I have tried that and it worked, also it’s better if you can eat all the 500 cals during dinner instead of spreading it through the day. I drink water during the day and take my dinner and just head to bed.

    Yesterday made the third week of my fast diet program. I do very well on fast days but my non-fast days is till a bit of concern for me. I do my best to stay within my range but there are some unhealthy snacks that still creep in here and there. Any help?

    Rid your house of junk food and unhealthy snacks.

    If that’s not an option as others in the house can and do enjoy them set aside a cupboard for those and put them under lock and key to which you don’t have access.

    I know it sounds stupid but it will work.

    I agree, rid your house of junk food. At least you won’t have temptations when you’re at home.

    It’s harder when you’re out and the temptation to pop into a shop or café is very strong. I tend to have one small treat ready at home that I know will not cause problems with the diet. That way, when I pass by a shop where I can see and smell the food (bakeries are my downfall), I tell myself that I am not totally deprived, I have a delicious treat waiting for me at home.

    Good luck with it and don’t forget that we have all overdone it on non fast days and had to start over the next day.

    I have not posted in a week but I am still active with my dietfast program. I recorded a gain on Wednesday this week but it never deterred me from still going with my fast days. I will rather pre-plan and measure so that I am not exceeding 500cals. On Wednesday, I counted my calories after eating and it was close to 600, today is another day to be careful and do it right.

    I hope this program is good for me. scale moving back and forth

    Olabimpe, it is quite natural for the scales to move back and forth as you go from fasting to eating normally. The important thing is that the scales show a downward trajectory overall.

    My own experience in this quest is that I have to eat well below my TDEE to see any weight loss. I can only guess that the tables supplied are general and do not apply to everyone in the same way. I usually eat at least 600 calories on fast days and on non-fast days I eat at least 20% below TDEE. It took me a while to figure this out, it just may help you.

    Strictly speaking, I am not really ‘fasting’ but I don’t care, I’ve lost weight, so what the heck. Everyone’s journey is different, hope you are not too disheartened.

    Thanks Abigail for the reply. I have been doing 16:8 on my non-fast days. I am doing my best to keep fit and healthy.

    Hi all,

    Struggling with my weight also.

    Actually in the obese category need to lose 50 kg to be in the normal range.

    Deciding to do the 5:2 fast, looking for tips and general advice.

    This week will be my first week.

    Hi work and welcome:

    Here are tips and general advice:

    Good Luck!

    This is July and I am waxing stronger. Not much weight loss but the inches are melting, I love the feeling.

    Then I am back, lol

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