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  • Day 8 – UK – FD500

    Busy day today after an indulgent weekend so definitely back to a good fasting day for me

    Birthday group walk this morning – 11 of us turned up and we did 5.5 miles ending up at a favourite cafe for lunch sitting out in the sun – I had a small light salad keeping calorie count down ✅

    Optician viisit this afternoon followed by some baking – blueberry scones for OH’s post run carbo loading, Cherry Rhubarb Crumb traybake for tomorrow’s regular walking group – meeting at a friend’s house then having coffee at theirs after the walk. I offered to do some cakes, will do a lemon drizzle loaf when I get back from evening Yoga class – everything is measured and ready to go when I get back home….

    Having a quick cup of tea before I need to set off as I am giving a lift to a friend to yoga class.

    @funshipfreddie – well done on your successful FD
    @snowflake56 – 💪 to you for your daily planking
    @molij – impressed at your dress making skills
    @stitchincarol – enjoy the scavenger hunt and good luck with your self control today
    @flourbaby – having a fab holiday and relax – see you back in August

    Pocket List – Day 8 🍌
    @snowflake56 FD800

    Day 9, Germany, NFD

    @funshipfreddie I’m glad my husband does most of the shopping, he mostly sticks to the shopping list.

    @jaifaim and @at You are the active ones, not me! Apart from planks I don’t do anything sporty at all at the moment. The sports school is closed for the month and the dance teacher is on holiday. I just sit in my reading chair and read all day.

    @stitchincarol How was the scavenger hunt?

    @molij What kind of dress are you planning to make? I buy fabrics and patterns but I know I’m not very good at sewing so I don’t use any of it.

    Have a nice day everyone!

    Day 9 NZ 2nd FD 71.9kg

    Apologies for vacating my hosting duties. I have had such a busy three days from dawn to dusk and I crashed… I was so hungry y’day on my FD that I blew it around 2pm. I think a combination of lots of exercise, making dinner for others, meetings and partying (read EtOH) meant I was both starving and tired… So today was a catch up with myself day and a second (this time successful) FD…
    An assistant director from the Auckland Art Gallery, whom I hadn’t seen for sometime, sent me a note to say I “looked radiant and fabulous” at the Friday night Artists’ Party. I was wearing black trousers and a gathered satiny bright magenta top with a big tie which probably reflected in my face😁 but it was lovely to have a compliment after all these months of hard work.

    @stitchincarol That’s a great organ recital. If you can play in the manner of Mr Ore, I am truely impressed!!!
    @snowflake56 I laughed at your husband sticking to the shopping list… I always come out with twice as much as what I went in for!!
    Your planking sounds amazing!! Congratulations!!
    @at Your timetabling is always impressive and you sound so organised!! What delicious baking!!
    @bert1802 Enjoy your restaurant research!! I hope you manage to achieve what you have planned on the food front
    @funshipfreddie Is a gender reveal about the sex of an unborn baby or choosing to go with a non biological gender (does that sound OK???) or something else???
    @jaifaim I’m in the knuckle down group😕with you and @brightonbelle!!
    @molij A new dress made by you sounds lovely. Your daughter will be so proud!!
    @northgeorgia It’s great to hear you feeling in control.
    I’m off to the Spinners and Weaver’s Guild now for 7pm


    Pocket List

    Day 9 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    @flourbaby – have a fab holiday! 🇮🇹 🍕

    @stitchincarol – hope you managed to get some more sleep & that you enjoyed the scavenger hunt.

    @excelsior12309, @northgeorgia – I wish you could send some of that excess heat to South Africa! 🥶️

    @merryapple – I was just about to congratulate you on B2B FDs?! Never mind, your weight is still down a little from yesterday. I’m guessing the ‘gender reveal’ was the birth of an unborn baby, judging from all the pink & ‘It’s a girl!’ balloons. But you really never know these days 😅 What a lovely compliment from the assistant director!

    Laundry day, busy busy…

    “A ‘good’ landing is one from which you can walk away. A ‘great’ landing is one after which they can use the plane again.” ~Unknown

    Day 9 – Ireland – LFD 🚫 ✅ 🚶🏽‍♀️ 🌾.

    So, yesterday did not turn out to be the LFD I’d planned… I felt I really needed a reset and to put very little through my system but had some lovely salads offered to me at lunch so went with healthy good foods instead. It was a FD but not liquid… today I am aiming for liquid only.. I’m out of sorts a little with sinus, headaches and feeling like my whole system is sluggish so will see if this helps.
    Back to basics and logging too @brightonbelle ⭐️

    Wow @merryapple what a fantastic compliment to receive! You have been working hard on your health so it must have been lovely to have someone notice and comment on it. You’ve also had a very rough few years so huge big bravo to you! ⭐️💕⭐️ Don’t worry being away – we all tick along but brilliant to have you back! 😘

    Happy holidays @flourbaby – you need this break! I hope it is just perfect for you. 🏖️ see you in August.

    @northgeorgia sorry to hear about the heat! And @excelsior12309 you too! 🥵… what a feast you had and yum!! Fair play to you just having one EFS on the past few months. They are allowed 😁💪

    @stitchincarol I hope you had better sleep and that your day went well – hard to plan when you don’t know what the plan for the day is… 🙏

    @at your baking just sounds divine… I just couldn’t manage it though – you have such amazing control. I’d say everything was delicious
    @snowflake56 enjoy your time out – it sounds just perfect! I’m working away after an early walk.
    @molij I’m not a great crafter although I have tried 🙄.. we have some super crafty people here and I am envious of your talents. It’s a very mindful way to spend your time.. 🧶 🪡

    Hope you all have a lovely day!

    Onward and downward
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Pocket List – Day 9 🧶🪡



    Day 9 North Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 NFD

    Successful FD yesterday. I managed to get to 6pm before I ate some fish and salad. Had the first of the new potatoes from the garden and managed to show great restraint by just eating one small one. Going to see a friend this morning at the local Garden Centre. We meet each week for coffee. I have started to drink black coffee again and I am enjoying it. I do not intend to have a cake.

    @jaifaim thank you for your comment about my sewing. I hope today’s FD helps you feel better. I have never tried a liquid fast. I don’t think I would sleep very well if I was really hungry.

    @funshipfreddie have a good laundry day. My husband does all our washing. I am very lucky. My husband sticks to the shopping list when he goes shopping. I take a list but it’s a guide only and I never stick to it 😂

    @merryapple no need to apologise you did have 3 very busy days and we all need time off. What a lovely compliment you received. It’s lovely to received words like that, real motivation. ❤️

    @snowflake56 I am making the Eve dress from Sew over It. I have bought some sale fabric from Minerva to make the toile. It’s a wrap dress. I thought if I make it now and I don’t like it I will have time to have a re think.

    @at very envious of your cake baking. I love cake baking but I would be too tempted and would eat too much. I have bought some mini lolly moulds. I often find myself craving a sweet treat in the evenings. I thought I could make yogurt lolly’s and put some fresh fruit into them.

    @flourbaby have a brilliant holiday. I love Italy and the food there is fabulous.

    @excelsior12309. I am hoping to get back into shape for the wedding day. I thought I would start early so I could do it nice and steady.

    @stitchincarol self control can be so difficult at times. There is always another day.

    Have a lovely day everyone xxxx

    Day 9….Florida…..NFD

    Sorry about not posting yesterday, our youngest came and stayed the night. We ended up watching a movie and it ended so late I just went to bed. All my kids live about an hours drive from me and when I get to see them I try to spend every minute I can with them. I use to see them a lot but then I decide to have a home built in a small country town away from the craziness. All the kids live in the town they grew up in and my youngest bought the house he grew up in.
    My weigh in on Sat. went better than I expected. I lost a pound and I completed a FD yesterday well it was not quite 800 calories but just over the 500 calorie day.
    Today starts my week of traveling and I tend to get another FD in on Wed or Thursday. I booked a hotel that has a nice walking trail. So, I hope to get a walk or two in this trip as well.
    So, many plans now I just need to make sure I put in the effort to get it done.
    Well, I must be off I have a long drive and a full day ahead of me

    Have a great day!

    Day 9 – USA/GA – NFD

    Weigh-in: 232 lbs. A/C replacement is happening today. I was able to sleep at home last night because they put some refrigerant in and replaced a capacitor. As I’ll be at home all day, I figured tomorrow will be the better FD.

    Day 9 – Rural Nebraska, USA – WFD – 164.2

    Just for the record, on Day 8, I weighed 167.4, which filled my heart with dread. But I knew I’d not eaten that many extra calories, and figured it was probably the pasta we had for supper on Day 7. Thus, this morning’s weight looks glorious by comparison.

    Yesterday was purely delightful, with our scavenger hunt and dinner. The scavenger hunt was nothing more than a mile and a half walk around downtown Omaha looking at the buildings specified in the app and noting details about them…which sounds dull when typed out, but it was actually fun and interesting. At the restaurant for lunch I had a bruschetta appetizer, and was pleased at my reasonable choice. Dinner at home was sous vide pork ribs, two veggie-heavy salads, steamed baby red potatoes, and strawberry shortcake. So, not a low-cal dinner, but neither was it decadent, and I didn’t even eat all I put on my plate, so was pleased with that restraint. Perhaps I’m learning to control my eating? LOL, if so, it’s about time! 😂

    @excelsior12309 I so admire your simple RESOLVE to get back on the wagon after your EFS on Sunday; that’s clearly what’s enabled you to steadily lose weight, albeit more slowly than you were wanting (at least, that’s what I have been picking up from your comments).

    @northgeorgia I’ve been sympathizing with how miserable it’s been for you with your AC–and then your home wifi–out. So glad it’ll all be replaced today and you can be comfortable in your home again.

    @flourbaby Have an absolutely glorious time on your vacation!

    @at I love how much you bake, and miss the days when I did, but my DH eats little of what I bake, I have no kids at home to scarf it down, and no walking group to serve it to, LOL! So, my choice has been to eat what I bake, or to stop baking… So, I enjoy reading your descriptions, and get just a tiny sense of having participated in the baking. 🥰

    @snowflake56 Reading all day sounds delightful; what do you enjoy reading? Are you a book-in-hand or a Kindle reader?

    @merryapple What a glorious compliment, and I’m glad you enjoyed that piece of music. Whether I play the same as Charles Ore is entirely dependent on how good are the ears of the person listening: those who know little music would say I play it exactly the same; those who have a more discerning ear would say I play it very well, but not nearly as well as Charles. 😂 It took lots of practice when I learned it…

    @funshipfreddie I love all the quotations you give us; I shared your “the propeller cools the pilot…watch him sweat when it stops” quote with our friends and they were entirely amused.

    @jaifaim Switching from LFD to healthy veggie salads sounds the perfect antidote to feeling awful; I hope you’re feeling better today and as the week goes on.

    @molij What I have found about liquid FDs or water FDs is that if I keep busy enough that my thoughts are entirely focused on my activity, I’m not in the least hungry. Or, I get hungry, but once I drink a healthy amount of water, and focus again on what’s keeping me busy, the hunger goes away. When I go to bed, I don’t so much feel hungry as feel empty–and that’s a glorious feeling. But. Every body is different, and your body might not react the same way. Are you ever able to work straight through lunch and forget to eat until 2 or 3 just because you were so focused on whatever you were doing? If so, you might be a candidate for a water fast; if not, it’s clearly not for you. 🤷🏻‍♀️

    @bert1802 Your day with your youngest sounds lovely; my smile is always brighter when my kids are here.

    Pocket List – Day 9 🧶🪡
    @stitchincarol WFD

    Day 9 UK f800

    So logged EVERYTHING yesterday and came in at 739 so in an attempt to kick start some weight loss I’m going for f800 Mon – Thurs

    Thanks for being such a diligent reader and responder @stitchincarol -I feel you’ve done a good enough job for the both of us

    Pocket List – Day 9 🧶🪡
    @stitchincarol WFD
    @brightonbelle f800

    Day 9 – USA/TN – NFD

    Day 9… Florida………. CD

    Today went well. I was surprised especially being on the road and unsure of what I was going to eat……

    I actually was able to stay under my calories which I set up in fitness pal to lose weight. So happy about that…..

    I am going to try and fit in an FD tomorrow as I am hopeful I can make it work.

    @northgeorgia.. glad that your A/C is getting fixed. The weather has been so darn hot… no one should be in a home with out it. We are getting heat advisories seems like everyday now. Then on top of the afternoon storms. I am ready for summer to be over.

    @stitchincarol the scavenger hunt sound like tons of fun. I love walking around the towns and seeing all the historical buildings and the stories about them. When we walked around town on Friday, we stopped at this one building it was built in 1910, it was the first building in our town built and held the offices of the important officials…. Cool all in itself but what really got me is that they had a plaque in its foundation that honored all the men who had helped build it, each of their names were on the plaque and told what part they did… I love history, so I am happy finding things like this.

    @excelsior12309…..You can do this……. Sometimes all the resolve we need is to find it in our mind to forgive ourselves.

    Okay well, I have some computer work, I need to finish before I can put the day to bed. I hope you all have a wonderful day, evening or night….

    Day 10 NZ NFD 71.6kg 🏃‍♀️

    I’m back to my usual self after a big 💤 and this morning I headed up the cone with the gang.

    @funshipfreddie Did you get your laundry done and hung out? It’s such a balancing act here with the weather at the moment to wash and get my sheets dry… Maybe tomorrow…
    @jaifaim Lovely salads are absolutely not to be passed up!!
    Thank you and others for your support. I was looking back at my life and thinking about all that travel I did on my own with no cell phones etc – 6 mos backpacking in Sth East Asia, China and Russia, 7 mos through Central and South America, working in California and London etc etc etc. It does help with the resilience I need now to carry on. I wonder how these current generations are going to get on? Not that I’ll be here to find out!!!
    @molij Yummy – new potatoes out of the garden and only one…😶 Look up the Atlantic diet!! It includes potatoes in it!!
    @bert1802 A country town sounds a lovely place live!! And those are wise words from you for us all not just @excelsior12309 🙏
    @northgeorgia I hope your chez nous FD is going well! And you are cool inside at least…
    @stitchincarol I imagined you were visiting all the second hand shops looking for treasure!! That sounds so interesting learning about your town’s history via its’ buildings. Well done on the restraint!!
    YOU have to be really good to even contemplate playing that piece!!! How did your WF go?
    I have about two rows to go on my ribbing then I can cast off and my jersey is finished. It’s perfect for winter dog walking… Lucky I have other dog friends!!
    Yeah!! @brightonbelle Well done on f800s!!
    @metatauta Are you back up to full speed ahead yet? Hope so!!

    Steely RESOLVE!!

    Pocket List 🌿

    Day 10 – Ireland – NFD 🚫 ✅ 🚶🏽‍♀️ 🌾.

    Feeling good after my LFD and looking forward to two busy nights ahead now… theatre tonight and a meal out with french friends tomorrow. 🇫🇷♥️ we won’t mention the match ⚽️.

    A great reason not to post @bert1802 🤗 with family around! It’s lovely to hear that one of your children bought the old family home. 💕 I don’t look forward to letting ours go in time.
    @funshipfreddie we posted around the same time again yesterday. So weird that you are cold there… we are too but not so strange for Eire.
    @metatauta hope you are feeling better day by day…
    @brightonbelle – good for you kickstarting the process. I feel my LFD helped yesterday… although my “LFD” did include a homemade smoothie with fruit and veg from the fridge. I’m not sure that is technically pure liquid… but felt right to do at the time. I must make wise choices when out tonight and tomorrow 🤔

    @northgeorgia – glad to hear the a/c issue has been resolved. Happy days!

    @stitchincarol wow! Over 3lbs drop in a day.. bravo and how wonderful! That’s what we like to see! Isn’t it revelatory though… imagine you ate pasta every day? I felt quite “empty” for the first time in a long time going to bed last night but I did wake at 2.30 and took a while to get back to sleep… could be down to that emptiness or pure coincidence 🤗

    @molij your dress sounds lovely – all the best with it. 👗 I hope you had a lovely catch up with your pal.

    @merryapple you are so right! We were raised to get back up after knocks and power on. I often have this conversation with my sister looking at the next generation… I wasn’t as adventurous as you in my twenties but had left to live, study and work abroad at 19 paying all my own bills, make decisions and manage tricky situations… my parents knew very little of what was going on day to day as simply couldn’t be in contact… but god they were great times 😂😂😂 thank god I made it through 😉 🍹 💃🏻🇫🇷♥️

    Do something today that you future self will thank you for ⭐️ w wise man once said (Joe Wicks 🏋️‍♀️)

    Onward and downward
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 10 – UK – FD
    Day 9 NFD 👿

    Apologies for not posting yesterday……busy day….too much cake after our group walk……a fab meal out in the evening with friends with perhaps a glass of wine too many…….but I’m parking that and going for a good FD today before another evening out tomorrow…….

    I have go get ready to drive to my Yoga class – then my usual afternoon of volunteering so hoping to stay busy and on track for that FD

    Will try to catch up on the posts either later today or tomorrow

    @merryapple – thank you for putting me on the pocket list and for that “Steely RESOLVE!!” post – I will need it today…..

    Pocket List 🌿

    Day 10 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    @merryapple, @molij – I have to confess, my laundry days aren’t very taxing. I throw everything into a large bag & drive 13 km to ‘Fresh – The Laundry’. Then I collect it the next day. Everything comes back washed, dried & folded & it costs me the equivalent of about US$8 🧺️

    @northgeorgia – hope you got the A/C sorted? Just think, once you reach your goal weight the heat won’t bother you nearly as much; but the cold will! 😅

    @jaifaim – seems like the whole country’s been affected by this cold front. We’ve had snow in some parts of the Eastern & Western Cape ⛄️

    Almost line-dancing time. Happy Hump Day! 🐫 🕺

    @stitchincarol – I’m glad you like the quotes. A more philosophical one today…

    “I fly because it releases my mind from the tyranny of petty things.”
    ~ Antoine de Saint-Exupery

    Second post.
    Just had to come back in after hopping on the scales..
    seems the healthy smoothie didn’t scupper my efforts..
    Needed wriggle room.. and down nearly 3lbs overnight – have that now but will make good choices.
    Still feeling a bit off but happy.

    Day 10-No. VA USA-FD 800

    Headed for FD 800 today. Weight is pretty static. I think I have been eating just a little too much on NFD, and then there was the EFS on Sunday. I don’t think I could do a complete liquid FD though. I am pretty sure I would sabotage it by the end of the day, even if I didn’t do too many calories. Fortunately, we have many ways to fast.
    Everyone sounds busy and energetic! I am not so energetic, but I feel it is the continuing oppressive heat here. We are hoping for a “break” by Friday, by which I mean maximum temperature in the high 80’s. Gee, I hope your air conditioning is semi-functioning, @northgeorgia!
    @stichincarol, I too love to bake and I have really done very little over the past few months, because I also love to sample what I make…and that is deadly!!!
    @funshipfreddie, I think your way of doing laundry is just right!
    Joining the pocket list for today!
    Pocket list:


    Day 10 UK f800

    Oh that laundry sounds perfect @funshipfreddie Even though it’s only the 2 of us with this terrible weather the washing and drying seems a permanent fixture

    I’m really hoping I can copy your success @jaifaim I’m holding on weighing until Friday 🤞

    Day 10 Pocket List 🌿


    Day 10 – USA/GA – FD

    Weigh-in: 234 lbs. Yes, A/C is now fixed, and I bought a new router for my WiFi. Also, the dryer seems to be working again… so maybe all is right with the world. Tomorrow is a training tomorrow and a banquet is prepared, so today is definitely a FD.

    Day 10 Pocket List 🌿


    Day 10 North Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 FD

    It’s a very rainy day here and predicted to rain for most of the day. We managed to get out for a walk with the dog. We did get wet but it was enjoyable. Managed to get my daily steps in. I feel I am settling down into the swing of FD’s despite it being only the second week. I can definitely go all day without food until about 6pm without feeling like I could chew my arm off.

    @jaifaim fantastic weight loss. Hoping for a good weight loss when I next get on the scales. I had a lovely catch up with my friend yesterday. Seeing another friend tomorrow. We meet at Waitrose most weeks. We walk around the shop, a buy a few things and then sit in the car in the car park with a coffee and usually a cake. We then talk for an hour or so about sewing, cooking, gardening and grandchildren. The car park has lovely views into a wood where we often see red squirrels. Will look up the Atlantic diet. I have never heard of it.

    @at your day yesterday sounded a fab day out. I love having wine and a meal with friends.

    @stitchincarol your scavenger hunt sounded fun. Thanks for the tips and advice on the liquid FD. I will give this a few more weeks and then I will give it a try.

    Have a good day everyone.

    “It’s never too late to CHANGE old habits.”

    Day 10 Pocket List 🌿


    Day 10 – Rural Nebraska, USA – NFD – 160.8

    My water fast went well yesterday; I had a couple of truly hungry moments, but zero time to even be tempted to do something about it, and was fine shortly after each rumbling. And, I love that my low weight this morning confirms I have been eating reasonably, even if I was creeping up by a few ounces each day; the gain was simply evidence that I had lots of food digesting in me, but I knew the quality and quantity of the food consumed was spot-on. Sadly, this low weight will pop back up once I put food into me again, so the challenge is to eat minimally and mindfully and with restraint as I go on.

    I discovered yesterday something I’ve been thinking for a long time that I suspect has gone a long way to preventing any weight loss. Basically, I was sympathizing with myself at the need to eat little, at the need to deny myself anything, at the need to eat with restraint. But with my memory of a few days ago that I was so frustrated that I kept being in situations where the norm was to eat a lot, rather than being consistently in my life without friends around, where the norm was to eat little–that was such a huge eye-opener. So everytime yesterday I’d sympathize with myself, whine a little, and really feel like the martyr, I’d stop short and say, “No, I WANT to eat minimally; this is the choice I make because I like how I feel and I know it’s healthy for me. I CHOOSE to do this.” I’m holding firmly onto that memory, LOL!

    @molij I’ve never heard of “Sew Over It” but googled it, and found the Eve dress; looks lovely, and what a fun company! You’ll have to give us an update as you get it sewn and decide whether or not you love it! But why do you seem to use the word “toile” as a synomym for “dress”? Toile is a type of fabric, and the way you use the word is not familiar to me, so I’m fascinated!

    @brightonbelle Hmmm…only 800 calories M-F? That’s some serious commitment! You only have a few pounds to go to hit maintenance, though, right?

    @bert1802 That plaque sounds fascinating, and I well understand how it would be moving. And well done on eating minimally on Tuesday!

    @merryapple Wow–I’m envious that you’re so close to done on your sweater! Not knitting at a gauge of 34st=4inches, and two colors on every row, does make it faster, huh? LOL!

    @jaifaim Congratulations on a strong LFD yesterday. What will you see at the theater tonight? Sounds like two fun days! And just read your second post with your excellent weight! Well done!!!

    @at Your social life is rather packed, isn’t it? I hope today’s FD gets you thoroughly back in the groove so that tomorrow’s evening out can have just a smidge of restraint to it (well…assuming that’s what you want. 👍😉)

    @funshipfreddie Your quote today made me think of a conversation with one of our dear friends. With other friends, we simply chatter and laugh a lot, but with this one particular friend, it takes all of 30 seconds to be deep into a huge–often philosophical–discussion of a deep subject. I love her for that.

    @excelsior12309 Your weight may be static, but that’s FAR preferred to creeping up, right? Thus, I think you’re doing perfectly. You’ve established the good habits, and once this heat isn’t overwhelming every thought and feeling, you’ll get back on a downward trend!

    @northgeorgia Maybe I’m off track here, but it strikes me as quite impressive that, despite being without AC, your weight has stayed stable. May this FD bring you a lovely drop!

    Jazz on the Green, a fixture in Omaha every July, starts tomorrow. I’m trying to persuade DH that he would NOT prefer to stay at home, LOL…we’ll see if I succeed. And then we leave for vacation on Sunday the 21st. Very much looking forward to that!

    Okay, just thought of something else I need to do today, so I’m off. Have a grand one, everyone!

    Day 10 North Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 FD

    @stitchincarol the word toile and muslin can be interchangeable it’s using muslin or a cheap fabric to make a mock up or a practice garment to check size and fit before you get to use your more expensive fabric to make the real thing. I have to confess to being distracted today. Instead of working on the dress I have cut out a romper for my three month old granddaughter for when she is 6 months old. 😂

    second post

    Well, a new term for me! I know the use of muslin to make a practice garment, but I’ve never heard toile used in the same way. Thanks for sharing! And enjoy sewing for that baby; I have a 4month old that I’m looking forward to holding again when we get to Indianapolis in a couple weeks. 🥰 The other two know me and like to talk on video calls, but the youngest still needs to learn who her Gaga is! 😂😂😂

    Day 11, Germany, FD
    Day 10 NFD but ate unhealthy food
    Day 9 unplanned FD and I managed to do 14000 steps

    Sorry for not posting yesterday, I wanted to weed the along the driveway before the rain came in.

    @merryapple What a lovely compliment you got! It’s such a good feeling when someone else notices a change.

    @at You’re such a busy bee! I baked Maey Berry’s ginger nuts for my DH on Tuesday and haven’t didn’t eat any of them although I do like them.

    @molij I really like the dress! I love dresses and in summer I mostly wear dresses. I can always find a dress that fit well but seldom a pair of trousers that do. I found a sewalong on youtbube to help sewing the dress but I guess you can make the dress without it.

    @jaifaim Well done! I wish I did so well, my weight goes up instead od down. I don’t think I will get to my set goal.

    @brightonbelle I admire you for being able to do FD800 for 5 days in a row. I’m not good at doing FD800s, I mostly overeat.

    We going to the Netherlands today (the border is only 45 km away) to see if we can find a few nice things in the second hand shops. I already had breakfast, a slice of toaste with butter and a soft boiled egg and later I’ll have yoghurt with frozen berries.

    Pocket list day 10

    Have a nice day everyone!

    Day 11 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – FD – 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿️⚽️

    Yesterday’s line-dancing was fun. I think there was more laughing than dancing though. I guess I got a bit carried away during the ‘Boot Scootin’ Boogie’, because as we got to the end, I noticed a couple of the other dancers were just standing watching me. Then when the music stopped they applauded me?! Red as a beetroot, I was 🤦‍♂️

    @jaifaim – well done! 💪 I need some of that wriggle room. Aiming for a good FD today 🎯

    @stitchincarol – your post yesterday nearly gave me a headache! 🤣 The 2nd paragraph anyway. Maybe I was just tired, but I think I read it at least 3 times before it started to make sense to me 🥴️

    @snowflake56 – enjoy the shopping! 🇳🇱

    It’s a sunny 21 C today, so heading out for a long walk along the sea front 🦈 🌊

    “If black boxes survive air crashes, why don’t they make the whole plane out of that stuff?”
    ~ George Carlin

    Pocket List – Day 11 🥚

    Day 11 – Ireland – CD 🚫 ✅ 🚶🏽‍♀️ 🌾.
    155.1 lbs
    @funshipfreddie Wow! If I could have my laundry done for such a great price I would never do it myself! 😂 Your dancing sounds like so much fun!
    @brightonbelle we’ll see tomorrow if I have real success… it’s mad really how much weight fluctuates! Let’s check in tomorrow and see where we are at. ☀️ A day can change so much!
    You are so right @excelsior12309 we have so many options open to us and different methods work for different people… I was very surprised how well I got through Tuesday’s LFD… I really hope you get the much needed break in weather over there… I saw that a bridge in New York couldn’t close due to extreme heat.. mad!

    @stitchincarol thank you – LFD felt good 👍 yes fundays! 🎭🇫🇷🥰 It was Murder Trial Tonight II and it was great. Immersive theatre – such fun! I had a lovely meal beforehand which was pretty healthy but dinner out tonight so keeping the focus for the day today. I’m back up today… Interesting to see the impact of NFD vs LFD… I usually just weigh on Fridays… so another good day today. Until later.. I’m going to FD until 6pm 😁
    Enjoy Jazz on the Green – I hope you talked him around to going with you! 🎷

    @snowflake56 enjoy your day out to the Netherlands and great to have taken care of the weeding… I did a good bit f the same at the weekend and it feels so good once done. Keep on keeping on…you will get there… 💪

    @molij we’ve had such drizzly days!! And cold… so same here… getting out but getting wet. I’m glad to hear that you settling into the FD routine. Small steps… then these become habits… ⭐️

    Onward and downward
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Pocket List – Day 11 🥚


    Day 11 UK f800

    The few pounds away is a dim and distant memory @stitchincarol I need to do something to reverse the constant gaining If I’m at home I find I can do 4 days ZBC , very light lunch and a decent dinner for less than 800. The weekend is another matter all together but I’m tackling things one step at a time

    The line dancing incident made me chuckle @funshipfreddie but what’s that old saying about dance like nobody’s watching 🕺

    Yes let’s get weighed tomorrow @jaifaim Hopefully it’ll give me the incentive not to reverse all my good work over the weekend , I just don’t seem able to get the balance right at the moment

    Amazingly a bit of Sun here this morning @molij hope you e got some too

    Onward and downward
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Pocket List – Day 11 🥚


    Day 11 – USA/GA – NFD

    Weigh-in: 232 lbs. @stitchincarol I think “eating minimally” is a good mantra for me, too. Today, I’m organizing a conference with a lot of southern comfort food as a buffet. But I remember the last two years, I have eaten “with restraint.” Good advice for me going forward 🙂

    Day 11 – Rural Nebraska, USA – NFD

    I didn’t eat as minimally yesterday as my morning self intended…too bad my morning self and my late afternoon self are not really the same person. I didn’t eat badly, simply not minimally. Today’s another opportunity; I said it’s an NFD, but we’ll see. We’re actually going to Jazz on the Green, leaving the house shortly after four o’clock, so there won’t be the same opportunity to overeat as there would be if we were home.

    @snowflake56 Like you, dresses are easy to fit to my body, but well-fitting slacks/trousers/pants are a huge challenge to find, and I prefer dresses anyway–always have. What astonished me, however, was when DH and I were in Rome in 2019. We spent a fair amount of time people watching, and it slowly dawned on me that many, and perhaps most, of the women were in dresses. You’d never see that in the States. Even at church on Sundays, a classic time for a woman to wear a dress, there are three of us who do, and a few more who do occasionally, but many of the women never do, and say that out loud. What has caused such dramatically different traditions? I find it fascinating, LOL! I hope your shopping trip to the Netherlands netted you some delightful treasures!

    @funshipfreddie Despite your red face, what a delightful moment to have danced so well that you were watched and then applauded! And, I’m sorry my second paragraph on Wednesday nearly gave you a headache. 🤷🏻‍♀️😂 I actually edited it heavily, struggling to give it complete clarity…some stories need italics and voice inflection to be truly understandable, but it did finally make sense? My new challenge now is to re-set my brain so that I see “eating minimally” as simply something I choose rather than a very lamentable requirement I’m forced into unwillingly.

    @jaifaim How fun your theater experience must have been! And, yup, I haven’t actually weighed yet, but I’m sure I’ll be well above yesterday’s much smaller number… @northgeorgia calls it refeeding, if I remember correctly. And DH was finally talked into having fun instead of being a curmudgeon (a dear curmudgeon, but nontheless…) so we’re going. I took some already cooked shrimp out of the freezer last night to thaw, but I’m still trying to figure out what to take. That’s part of what makes it so fun, is that you can buy food, or take it along (or skip it entirely if you want, I suppose, LOL), and wine and beer are both welcome. The funniest story was when I heard a really loud motor that sounded just like a chain saw and was looking around, as were many, and finally someone called out it was someone with a gas generator powering their blender to make margaritas. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    @brightonbelle I hadn’t realized you were so far away from goal; I’m very sympathetic. Do you realize I was down to 138-139 and have slowly gained it all back, and never did manage to stop the gain until I got to my current weight? Yes, I’m TRULY sympathetic. We’ll do this! And great quote to remember for @funshipfreddie!

    @northgeorgia I hope your morning self and your late afternoon self manage to be in agreement!

    Okay, much to do, so I’m off. Have a grand one, everyone!

    second post

    Huh. @merryapple, where are you??

    Day 11 North Wales NFD

    Busy day today. Will post in more detail tomorrow.

    Have a good day everyone 💪

    Day 11 – USA/TN – NFD

    Day 10 – USA/TN – FD

    Whoops, forgot I fasted yesterday! Finally able to eat regular food this week, yay!

    Day 12 NZ NFD 72kg 🏃‍♀️

    I lost a big post y’day because my log in timed out…☹️
    I was taken out to a Portuguese restaurant on Wednesday and am eating out tonight too… and tomorrow at a friend’s house… and am cooking for another friend on Sunday… I need to be a WEEKEND WARRIOR!!!
    Saturday is the All Blacks / England Test at Eden Park… If the weather stays stable it will be cold and clear – perfect test match weather!!!
    My Dualit kettle’s element has expired and I can’t get it mended here because the importer doesn’t bring in elements. I bought it at John Lewis’ London so I might take it with me next time I go to London. It costs 45 pounds to replace it at John Lewis. Apparently Dualit is now being made in China and the elements last half the time… And I broke my glass container for the filter coffee… My Scottish grandmother always said bad things happen in threes. I’m not sure why, but I’m always glad when the third thing occurs!! It hasn’t yet😶

    @metatauta I’m glad to hear you are back on your usual food… It’s taken a while for your system to settle down…
    @stitchincarol That was a great number!! You’re nearly into the 150s!!
    You can do this… Just keep it simple… 5:2 – 5 days of normal eating, 2 days FD 500-800. That’s it!! Try focusing on the food not your psyche. I know one drives the other but if you plan your menu you might take some of that why out of the equation. If you eat too much one day throw in an extra FD for the next day. Just a suggestion…
    Has Jazz on the Green come around again?!! It sounds so much fun.
    I’ve finished my jersey but don’t love it… I’ll block it and put it on with some jeans and see what I think… I wanted a blood red wool and ended up with a kind of plum because I was away on holiday and wanted to buy something. Silly me!!
    @jaifaim Congratulations on your maintenance wiggle room☄️🎖️And well done on a wee bit of gardening!!
    @snowflake Did you find anything in the Netherlands’ second hand shops??
    I admire people who wear dresses but have never really done so myself… I love coats so why don’t I try wearing a coat dress😄
    @excelsior12309 I hope you have been able to coooool off and you have had a break in the hotttt weather. Your dogs must be lying around in a heap… The fish have the best spot unless their water heats up too???? I agree – baking and bread just out of the oven are temptations that would try even Saint Anthony…
    @northgeorgia I’m glad to hear that your home appliances are working now. I hope you enjoyed your FD more than the banquet!! Southern Comfort sounded familiar then I realised it was something I drank in my twenties!!!😄Southern Comfort food sounds just too tempting!!! But maybe its all beans and cornbread!!
    @molij That’s so funny thinking of you sitting in a car with coffee and cake!! You sound like TV detectives on a surveillance job!! I wonder what those squirrels have been up to???🤣
    What did you think of the Atlantic diet?
    @funshipfreddie An unscripted solo in the line dance 🕺WOW!!
    I’d get my whole house cleaned inside and out at those laundry prices…
    @brightonbelle I hope your weigh in went well for you. We all need to invoke the WEEKEND WARRIOR in us!!

    Steely RESOLVE!!

    Solo Pocket List

    Day 12 – Ireland – CD 🚫 ✅ 🚶🏽‍♀️ 🌾.
    153 lbs

    Hi all, I’m proud of my day yesterday… I did manage a 1/2 LFD 😉 until I went out and then chose carefully at the resto. Just had a main – steak, rocket and Parmesan and oven roasted potatoes.
    Didn’t have dessert or sugary drink. Felt nicely full and had a lovely catch up.
    @merryapple nooooo, losing your post is a real pain… but you’re here now and sounds like you will be warrior-like with us this weekend. 🏹 I’m still battling to get back to and stay in maintenance and “wriggleroomville”. I’m there again this morning so super chuffed but know I made real efforts this week so glad they paid off ⭐️😊
    Yes we say bad things come in threes too – they dont always though so don’t look for the third – or let’s say the third was your lost post… ⭐️⭐️⭐️
    Such a pain to have to wait until you travel to the UK to replace the element… will that be any time soon?
    @funshipfreddie you are becoming a dancing 🕺 king! You must have truly been in the zone! Isn’t that brilliant – so liberating… I think we would all love to have been a fly on the wall. 😂
    @brightonbelle I’m with you today and hope all is well. Like you the weekends are the derailers for me! Aiming to keep this one controlled. 🏹🏹🏹

    @stitchincarol sounds like a fun time can be at expected Jazz on the Green and anything goes. I hope it was a lot of fun and you and your DH enjoyed it all! I admit I also reread that paragraph and broke it down… yes, understood it then… it’s funny how something can be a super clear thought but try expand on it here and it becomes … less clear 😂😂
    @snowflake56 well did you pick up any bargains yesterday?
    I’m one of those people who much prefers trousers and jeans. I wear dresses for special occasions and can see the benefit of wearing them on any day as put a dress on and you’re dressed but I don’t find them the most comfortable option.

    @molij 💪 you’re here! That’s the key. Your car catch up sounds nice and cosy particularly in this weather. @merryapple lol…Squirrel Sleuths 🐿️ 📺 Jed Mercurio may watch out 😂

    @metatauta I’m glad to hear that you are feeling a little better

    @ccco, I hope you are there reading and feeling well 💕
    @sldeal are you still with us?

    Onward and downward
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 12, Germany, NFD

    We had a lovely day out yesterday. It was a sunny day without any rain predicted so we could take the fancy car. Last year we decided to buy the car I fell in love with as I first saw it, a 1999 Jaguar XK8 Coupé in British Racing Green in great condition. We didn’t find much small things yesterday but did come home with a lot of magazines about vintage cars for my DH and a few books and magazines for me.

    It’s interesting to read that so many of you prefer trousers over dresses. Perhaps I prefers dresses as we weren’t allowed to wear trousers as a child. I got my first pair of trousers when I was 13 but I always preferred dresses.

    @jaifaim and @brightonbelle I hope you’ll see a good result on the scales.

    @stitchincarol German women don’t wear much dresses either but Dutch and Belgian women do, it easier to buy dresses there. At line-dance now more women started to wear dresses, it’s so much more comfortable to dance in a dress. Wearing dresses also saves me the time to put an outfit together, I only need a dress and I’m ready to go.

    @funshipfreddie It must have been a joy to watch you dance, well done!

    @merryapple I hope the third thing doesn’t happen! Just try on a dress, they are so convenient to wear. I’m with you as a WEEKEND WARRIOR this weekend.

    @brightonbelle Keep up the good work, your weight will go down! For me nothing seems to work at the moment but I won’t give up, I have to get my weight down.

    @metatauta It’s good the hear you’re back to regular food and FDs again.

    Have a nice day everyone!

    Day 12 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD 70.7 kg

    It was perfect walking weather yesterday, and I clocked up +13,100 🎯 Easy FD, but I’m aiming for a very controlled Fri/Sat. Has anyone else noticed if their heart rate drops on fast days. Just before I went to sleep I was checking my steps, & I noticed my heart rate was 53 BPM. I’m pretty sure it’s usually higher 🤔

    @stitchincarol – we DO need italics! Capitals just aren’t the same. But I did get the gist of that paragraph. And I think you hit the nail on the head, because what you wrote reminded me of the cognitive behaviour technique I learned when I quit smoking. CHOOSING was the key, but it’s easy to forget that in the moments those cravings/temptations come along. It just boils down to us not wanting to feel deprived, so it needs to become a habit to recognise & acknowledge the desire to eat. And then make the choice. I can stuff my face if I want to, it’s up to me. Or I can ACCEPT the desire to eat. Embrace it even, just for now. That’s the choice – give in to it or accept it. And then let it go. The desire/craving will scurry away until the next time.

    @merryapple – Saturday is also the Springboks/Ireland Test in Pretoria. And then the Euro Cup Final – England v Spain in Berlin on Sunday ️⚽️
    I was think the same as @jaifaim; maybe losing your post was bad thing # 3? 🤞

    @jaifaim – I will NEVER be a dancing king 😅 But what I’ve been doing a couple of times a day is going over the trickier dances in the kitchen, e.g. when I’m waiting for the kettle to boil. It takes seconds to go through the steps without the music. Practise makes perfect! 🕺

    @snowflake56 – Thank you! I love rooting around old bookstores. Such a pity they seem to be gradually disappearing everywhere.

    Man who lost 30 lb in a year shares simple weight loss hacks:-

    Happy Fri-yay! 🍹

    “If the birds are walking, it is probably a bad day for flying.” ~ Unknown

    Just spotted that today is Just One Thing day at the BBC honouring Dr. Michael Mosley and to celebrate his legacy and his impact on so many lives.

    This forum is my “Just One Thing” I do every day or at least try to. It keeps me focused on a healthy “me” that I hope a future “me” will be immensely grateful for.
    Go raibh mile maith agat Dr. Mosley. 💕⭐️

    Day 12 UK NFD

    I’m counting the first 4 days of the week a result – logged everything, exercised every day and down around 3lbs

    So I just need to channel some of the weekend warrior @jaifaim 🏹and stay steady over the next 3 days – it’ll be a challenge as London tomorrow to watch Hello Dolly which has been getting rave reviews and China town after , but RESTRAINT is the key

    I panicked when I read about your kettle @merry🍎 Our 20 year + toaster is still going strong , it has been back to the factory once , which is quite near me , but the John Lewis deal sounds reasonable, I’m guessing your not a light traveler🧳🧳

    Wow driving round in a big open top Jag sounds fabulous @snowflake56 Enjoy

    Have a Good Friday all

    Day 12-No. VA USA-FD 800

    This morning, weight was finally down a bit: I have lost two pounds since beginning of the month. But I would not be surprised to see it creep up tomorrow: “one step forward, two steps back”. (Or is that the routine for @funshipfreddie‘s line dancing???)
    @snowflake56, your car sounds beautiful. My husband has some classic cars, and over the years we have had Jaguars. Here they say if you have one, you better buy another, because one will always be in the shop getting fixed! But they do drive beautifully, when they go!
    It is raining here, steadily, for the first time in many days, so that is lovely. Heat and humidity are back tomorrow!
    @merryapple, I agree, things seem to happen in threes…what minor appliance of yours will be next to “go on the fritz” as my mother used to say?
    @metatauta, I don’t think I have ever done a fast day and then not realized it till the next day…you are good!
    Down we go, all.
    Down we go, all.

    Day 12 – USA/GA – NFD

    Weigh-in: 234 lbs. LOL, no Southern Comfort at the comfort food buffet. I behaved OK. There were leftovers, however… Still, so far so good.

    Day 12 – Rural Nebraska, USA – NFD – 161.4

    I ended up almost at an OMAD yesterday (had a small portion of leftover rib to tide over the hunger at 3, and then didn’t eat until 5:30), and the scale is back down a bit, so that feels successful. And, Jazz on the Green was delightful, and DH agreed it was totally fun and worth leaving the house for. 😂

    @merryapple So sorry you lost your big post! And your advice makes perfect sense–once you’ve managed to start. Or at least, that’s what it seems to me. I used to do exactly what you said as easily as you said, but following your advice now has eluded me, and I have not succeeded in anything except not gaining more weight. I think of @daffodil2010 frequently, because she was on this group for years and kept struggling.

    Okay, everyone, it’s 8:330, getting warmer by the moment, and the sun is moving to eliminate my much-needed shade, so I’m going out to weed, and I’ll post more later.

    Day 12 North Wales NFD

    Just got home after a two hour drive to meet my sister for breakfast and to pick up some logs for us to burn over the winter. It’s been so cold here recently, despite it being summer, that we have considered lighting a fire in the evening. We have an electric throw and we have been using that. I have been reading lots of reports recently about the lack of bees and butterflies. We haven’t seen many at all despite having lots of pollen rich plants in our garden. I call them weeds 😂, my husband assures me they are wild flowers.
    I have had two good days trying very hard not to over eat on my NFD ‘s. I have been very good at reducing my alcohol this month too (so far) although I am going to indulge in a nice glass of something cold tonight with some spicy olives. 🫒

    @excelsior12309 well done on your 2lb weight loss.

    @brightonbelle well done on your 3lb weight loss. Enjoy Hello Dolly and China Town. I love the China Town in Birmingham when I go to after seeing a ballet with my youngest daughter.

    @funshipfreddie well done on your steps yesterday. I really need to try and increase mine. I decided to check my resting heart rate after reading that yours had dropped on a fast day. Mine has dropped since I started fasting again, I didn’t notice a drop on a fast day but a downward trend since the beginning of the month.

    @snowflake56 your car sounds lovely.

    @jaifaim my cosy chat with my friend in the car started in lockdown and has continued ever since. During lockdown we would sit in separate cars with the windows down and chat.

    @merryapple I write my post in notes on my iPad and then cut and paste it to the website as I have lost a post several times before posting it. It’s so frustrating when that happens. My Mum always said things happen in threes. My husband assures me that isn’t correct. I am quite superstitious so I agree with my Mum 😜

    Have a great day everyone and a lovely weekend I have a busy weekend planned so I may just check in over the weekend.

    In the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years. -Abraham Lincoln

    Day 12 – USA/TN – NFD

    Thank you all for your kind comments about my gut health being restored!

    Day 13, Germany, NFD

    We had extreme rainfall last evening and it gave us a flooded basement. It was our own fault, we forgot to empty the large cistern we have there. After 2 hours we got most of the water out, we’re glad it was only the clear rainwater. Now we have a lot of wet old rugs and a partly wet carpet in the old billiard room but they will be dry after a few days. My DH is off now to buy a wet/dry vacume cleaner, the neightbours have one but we can’t find it. They are on holiday and my DH wiped their basement as well yesterday evening.

    @funshipfreddie My heart rate doesn’t change but my BP is always higher after a FD. Here and in the Netherlands more old bookstores are closing down. In the Netherlands we used to have a booktown, in the 90s it had ~ 30 bookstores with old books, now there are only 6 left and most of them only sell online The best one is the British Bookshop owned by a Brit, he sells really good books but they are expensive.

    @stitchincarol I forgot to tell you what kind of books I read. Mostly Dutch, British or American novels or biografies about Dutch scientists in the 16-17 century, the most interesting time in Dutch history. How lovely your DH accompanied you to Jazz on the Green and even liked it.

    @brightonbelle Well done on losing 3lbs! The Jaguar is not a convertible, it’s a closed one. We thought about buying a beautiful BMW Convertible when someone offered it to us a decade ago but decided against it, which I regretted very much but convertibles give me earaches. Enjoy Hello Dolly!

    @excelsior12309 Well done on the 2lbs, it might stay off. Wow, you have several classic cars? Do you have a favourite one? I’m glad we only have one garage otherwise my DH would want another old one, he always wanted a Citroen DS. I like them but they are very hard to find in a good condition. After buying the Jaguar last year we brought it for a large check up to the Jaguar dealer. They don’t expect much repair work in the next few years, we’ll see and hope for the best.

    @molij I love the car, it’s the only car I know that’s beautiful both inside and outside.

    Have a nice dry day everyone!

    Day 13 North Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 NFD

    Day 13 – Ireland – CD 🚫 ✅ 🚶🏽‍♀️ 🌾
    Hi all I am having a busy weekend here. I’ve had my early morning walk and brunch with a friend and a lovely catch up with family last night. I was tempted to swim earlier but spotted some jellyfish 🪼 so decided against it.

    @funshipfreddie 😂 🕺. I have quite a low resting heart rate generally so will keep an eye to see if it lower on FDs
    Bravo @excelsior12309 ⭐️ Very glad you got some
    much needed rain.

    @stitchincarol not gaining is an achievement in itself .. I’m the same… fluctuating between two numbers… 🫢 we will get there but at least you are not gaining…

    @snowflake56 so sorry to hear about the flooding but interested to hear you have a basement billiard room – how fabulous!! Hoping to can have everything cleared and sorted soon.
    Your car sounds beautiful! Happy driving!

    @molij I had many Covid catch ups like that and why not, it’s cosy and sheltered from the elements. 🚗 Yes as you and Abraham say: Life in your years… so much more important!!
    Well done to NZ 🏉 and good luck to England tomorrow ⚽️

    Have a lovely Saturday!

    Onward and downward
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 13 – USA/GA – NFD

    Weigh-in: 233 lbs. A pound lighter than last week. Steady but surely wins! I have to remember the principles of 5:2. It’s not about denial and counting calories, it’s about better choices and mindfulness. The two days of week of fasting becomes easy after a few years. The NFDs are the ones that can trip me up! But if I take the approach of moderation on NFDs, it becomes easier. Especially with the new NOVA processed food categories, I have found decision making becomes easier. I try to limit or severely restrict those UPFs at level 4 and get more level 1 and level 2 foods on the menu. The fresh fruits and vegetables this time of year really helps.

    Ironically, if I crave a sandwich on white bread or some other naughty high-carb item, it is better if I give in. It seems that after I have a few bites, I don’t want much of it. A little bit is OK and tends to bore me with its lacklusterness, which encourages me to prepare some level 1 or 2 items. On the other hand, if I keep screaming at myself in my head to not have that…avoid it… stay away … it’s a really evil snack … do good today, then I’m more prone on a future NFD to overeat and undo my 5:2 results. Mindfulness is a vague term, as is moderation. But I’m relearning what I did the first year of 5:2, and think I should start seeing some success in the upcoming weeks.

    Next FD could be tomorrow, but likely Monday. It’s generally easier to fast in the workweek 🙂

    Day 13 – Rural Nebraska, USA – NFD – 163.4 then 162.8

    Yesterday, I worked in my perennial bed for three hours, weeding the part closer to the sidewalk, and came in at 160.6 (and of course I weighed, LOL!). This morning, I went straight from bed at 8 to the perennial bed and got only a third or perhaps only a fourth of the back half weeded, but sweat was pouring off me, which accounts for this morning’s half-pound drop. I couldn’t ever sit for any of the tedious weeding today, so got far more tired, far more quickly…I kept remembering the game Twister, because I was standing in some strange positions, trying to reach the weeds without stepping on the plants, LOL!

    And somehow, after gardening yesterday, I was kept too busy with other things to come back and post, so this morning it is!

    @jaifaim Don’t know why I loved dresses even when I was 4 and on through school years, but as an adult, I like dresses because my butt, hips and thighs are the largest part of me, and when I wear a dress, they’re basically hidden and the thinner parts of me show. And pants are blisteringly hard to find that are small enough at the waist that I have minimal gap at the back (no gap is apparently not possibly, my life experience has told me…) but are comfortable at the hips and thighs. Again, I only ask for comfortably tight at the hips and thighs, because lose fabric around the hips and thighs will not happen unless I get a larger size, which never works because then the waist will REALLY be too big. See the problem? Thus, I always assume women who prefer pants to be women who don’t have thunder thighs! 😂😂😂😂 And too funny that you also struggled with my second paragraph…yup, it was totally clear to me, but I clearly didn’t succeed at editing it into submission, LOL.

    @snowflake56 Excellent point about dresses being easier since you’re not trying to coordinate tops and bottoms! And your car sounds like a joy to drive and be in on a sunny day! Bummer about your basement, and having your neighbors’ to do as well; so glad it was minimal mess at least!

    @funshipfreddie Thanks for that explanation as you see it; I found it helpful. Yesterday was actually a good day food-wise, because by the time I came in from the garden and showered, I had to leave for an eye appointment and grocery shopping; by the time I got home from those, it was time to start supper. So, at 4:30, all I’d eaten was a banana. But DH got out the chips (specifically, the crunchy Cheetos) and our lovely summer meal turned into a lovely summer meal with FAR TOO MUCH treats. So I’m going to take your words and apply them to my food choices today.

    @brightonbelle Nicely done on your solid week’s performance! I’m planning to be a Weekend Warrior right along side you, and have a lovely time at Hello, Dolly!

    @excelsior12309 How lovely that you’re down two pounds so far in July; well, well done.

    @molij How amazing that, even in summer, you want a wood fire in the evenings. Warm days, cool nights? PERFECT weather!

    @northgeorgia What you wrote in this morning’s post, and what David wrote on the 12th are the same thoughts, so when you’re struggling, go back and read his post, as I plan to.

    I’ve ended up with lots of clutter that needs putting away, and a kitchen that’s not as tidy as I’d like, and I’m only an inch from finishing the body of DH’s sweater, so lots of things to keep me busy today. Have a grand one, everyone!

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