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  • USA Day 3

    I am still here!! I am reading but not writing and frustrated my name is not on those pocket lists that I always appear on. I don’t know what direction my weight will take yet, since at the the moment I can barely eat, but can be rest assured somehow I will be here!

    Hope everyone is continuing to have a wonderful summer and for all Americans on board, Happy 4th of July!🇺🇸

    Day 4 UK NFD

    Early start as up to visit FIL , staying overnight so that means lunch and dinner out with various friends and relatives, hoping to make sensible choices Have a great 4th July all our American friends🇺🇸

    Day 4 Ireland – FD 🚫 ✅ 🚶🏽‍♀️ 🌾.

    Hello and happy 4th of July to all of you over there in the US 🇺🇸
    Hi @ccco – great to see you here and just take your time … I’m so glad you are well 💕
    @brightonbelle I expect you have a long trip ahead of you today so I hope you can relax and enjoy the company of family and friends when you get there.
    @merryapple you’ve reminded me that I have not planked in two days – must get on it.. I’m very often the last person on the dance floor but it had been a long time since I’ve been in a club.. these summer concerts are all outside and amazingly even though our weather is not very summery right now I’ve stayed dry at most of the gigs… Paul Weller plays tonight and really looking forward to that.. Elbow, Suede and the Manic Street Preachers have all played this week. And it has been magic. I am planning a very very quiet weekend ahead. Well done on your fast walk btw 💪
    How was your plank @flourbaby?
    @northgeorgia there is always the restart option but hopefully you manage to persist with insistence today although I know it would be tough.. 💪
    @sideal hope you get your scales fixed – I’m a lover of crunchy peanut butter too! 😋 and crisps (potato chips) @excelsior12309 are one of the toughest things for me to swerve. I have a rule now that I have none, zero…. On weekdays and try to avoid on the weekend but if doesn’t always work on the weekend. 🙃
    @at ah Riverdance.. that brings back memories.. I was living in France at the time it was originally performed on the Eurovision in Dublin … it was such a huge success and people were wowed by our Irish dancing and the fusion with other cultures.. the dance itself is now performed by us all at the end of wedding celebrations as a bit of craic (“fun” in gaeilge) and it generally descends into mayhem at the end of the piece… 💃🏻😂 such fun! Was the film about the production or the actual production itself? I know the show is on again here until September in one of our theatres.
    @funshipfreddie I hope you are managing in the cold… freezing here too! But we are a little more used to it…
    @bert1802 I had a tiredness headache yesterday too… better today… hope you are too 🙏
    @stitchincarol I need a good FD (switched from yesterday as was way too tired!) 💃🏻 🎶 I hope it does not rain for you today 🙏- enjoy your gyro! .
    Ok best dash….

    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Pocket List – Day 4 🇺🇸


    Day 4 🇺🇸 🥳️ – South Africa 🇿🇦 – FD – 🇬🇧 Election 😱 Day!

    Very quiet here, I guess most people will be either celebrating or voting today? What a combo 😅

    @merryapple – you can bake apple pie on a FD?! The aroma would drive me crazy. Yep, a fast day for me, & it will be eggs. You know me so well 🥚

    @brightonbelle – enjoy the trip!

    @stitchincarol – I meant the original ‘Lost’ TV show. I loved the seasons I saw, & could easily watch it all over again.

    @jaifaim – I don’t buy crisps anymore either, way too addictive. “I bet you can’t eat just one” – did they mean one packet? 😅

    @molij – it’s so important to keep moving. I’m not fanatical, but I tell myself my goal is 8000 steps, which seems reasonable. Then it’s easy to do another 1000. It seems to work, because I averaged just under 9000 last month. Sometimes I catch up on my steps in the evening just walking on the spot. Which I can only do if my cat’s asleep, because she thinks I want to play & will attack my feet. So annoying 😼

    @at – The Riverdance Anniversary Special sounds spectacular. I was lucky enough to see Michael Flatley & ‘Lord of the Dance’ in Johannesburg in the late ’90’s.

    I’m off to brave the weather. My phone says it’s 17 C, but I’m sure it’s lying, & the wind is + 40 km/h 🌬

    Fly in July🧨️ quote:-
    “The propeller is just a big fan in front of the plane used to keep the pilot cool. When it stops, you can actually watch the pilot start sweating.” ~ Unknown

    Pocket List – Day 4 🇺🇸 🥳️

    Day 4 – UK – NFD


    I managed a good FD800 yesterday after Monday’s FD500 so woke up with some PFDS 😊

    0900 Aerobics class followed by coffee with the gang then on my way home I made sure to stop to vote ✅

    Now back home and logging in for daily accountability before getting on with my day

    @merryapple – Yes I do think that portion control is part of my problem and also my love of 🍷🥂 all those hidden calories and of course uncontrolled nibbling when drinking…..
    @excelsior12309 – good news re your OH 🤞the procedure will be successful for a long time
    @northgeorgia – as others have said you need to be the one saying NO – don’t let others and their wishes be more important than you and what yours are
    @flourbaby – well according to some experts planking for longer than 2 mins does not increase the benefits – ensuring good form is more important “Engage your abdominal muscles, drawing your navel toward your spine. Keep your torso straight and rigid and your body in a straight line from your ears to your toes with no sagging or bending. This is the neutral spine position. Ensure your shoulders are down, not creeping up toward your ears. Your heels should be over the balls of your feet”
    @stitchincarol – Some experts say “Rather than doing a single plank for 30 seconds or more, some exercise routines say there are good benefits for doing a 10- to 15-second plank, resting for 30 seconds, and doing three to five sets. Your total time spent in the plank in an exercise session should be 60 seconds or less” BUT I say whatever works for you and that you will do consistently….
    @ccco – thinking of you and wishing you a safe and speedy recovery from your recent major surgery
    @jaifaim – It was the actual production itself with some extra bits interviewing people involved and some behind the scenes bit
    @funshipfreddie @jaifaim – for the same reasons I don’t keep crisps, nibbles and biscuits….etc in the house – I’ll buy a packet of a favourite when I really fancy them

    We seemed to have lost our summer here atm – it’s been a wet, cold and very windy morning – hopefully it will brighten up later so I can fit in a walk this afternoon then I’m out for my book club this evening……trying to be good during the day as there will be wine and nibbles there (I will not have an evening meal before going to ensure I stay within TDEE 🤞) Will stay mindful!!

    Planning a 3rd FD tomorrow, probably be a FD800 and weigh in on Saturday morning before heading out for a “Connecting with the Elements Day Retreat” Connecting with the 5 Elements: Air, Water, Fire, Earth and Ether and what this means to us, connecting within, each other and with Mother Nature. This will be something a bit different for me and I will be joining 3 friends there for the day 🤗

    Right now to get on with some chores and the rest of my day

    “Can you give yourself just five minutes to turn your attention within today? Sit. Be with yourself. The sensations. Your thoughts. Your breath. Your feelings.”

    Day 4 FD

    Happy Independence Day 🇺🇸 to all of you in the US

    It’s a very cold day here in North Wales the wind has been particularly cold of late. Didn’t have time to check in yesterday as I was out meeting an old school friend. So glad I am not in the teaching profession any more. Retirement is great.

    @at I am going to be going to the Riverdance special later in the year. My youngest daughter is getting tickets. I love the Riverdance years ago. It was good to hear how much you enjoyed it.

    @merryapple I admire your knitting skills. I am quite good at sewing but my knitting is awful. I am left handed and was taught to knit right handed so my tension has never been good.

    @excelsior12309 I am glad your cardiac catheterisation went smoothly and I do hope it works.

    @northgeorgia hope your fast dat yesterday went well.

    First fast went well so I am hoping this one goes well too. I admire all of you doing water days and planking. I do do Jo Wicks of a morning and walk everyday. I also cycle when the weather is dry and not too windy.

    Have a good day everyone

    Pocket List – Day 4 🇺🇸 🥳️

    Day 4 – USA/GA – NFD

    Weigh-in: 234 lbs. I lost a little weight, but ONCE AGAIN, my FD was sabotaged! My president asked me to please accompany him to lunch, but fortunately we settled on a half sandwich, and I didn’t go crazy in the evening with food. I don’t think our family is having a big 4th of July celebration, so maybe no huge gains all week *fingers crossed*. I guess my next FD will be Sunday or Monday.

    I know the answer is to say “no,” when asked out for a meal on a FD, but I feel this week was just going to be an unusual one anyway. It seemed people needed that social support and lots of folks took the whole week off for vacation. I could have made a few better choices at mealtimes, but I didn’t go all out either. It is a little frustrating with three failed attempts, but all will be well next week as we get back to normal. And in a way, I’m glad. It has helped me see how easy it is to control NFDs if I don’t fall into that psychological trap of “catching up” on the eating I’ve missed out on. With lots of fresh vegetables and fruit in the summer, it’s an easier task!

    Fourth of July – Rural Nebraska, USA – NFD – 162.0

    My eating wasn’t stellar yesterday (a few chips may have crept into my mouth…) but it was decent enough (not all that many chips, unlike it could have been…), and I’m thankful it’s only a pound of digesting food I’ve gained.

    Anyone care to see what we’re doing today? Click on “Fascinating Facts” under ABOUT and you’ll see the city band playing in the band shell; that’s what it’ll look like at noon today when I’m eating my gyro.

    @sideal My favorite scale is the one that’s older than I am (I’m 65) that I “stole” from my mom when I was a young adult. Then for some random reason, even though he knew I adored that scale (or at least, I thought he did), DH bought me a fancy scale a number of years ago, and eventually our youngest “stole” my antique scale. So now I can do ounces, but my scale misbehaves on a daily basis, and I often think of stealing that old scale BACK from DS27, LOL! I hope new batteries do the trick for you.

    @merryapple I’m not a huge fan of apple pie (I prefer blackberry or peach or cherry), but the idea of fresh ginger makes me sit up and take notice. Have you done that before? And, no, I bought and wrapped up the yarn for Christmas 2022…

    @ccco Your attitude is stellar, and I’m so glad you check in with us occasionally! Happy Fourth to you as well!

    @brightonbelle Fun and safe travels to you!

    @jaifaim May your FD be absolutely easy and stellar today!

    @funshipfreddie Ahhh…yeah, I loved it, too, but then it got weird, LOL. It was a truly convoluted plot, and half the fun was keeping track of all the details.

    And that line, “I bet you can’t eat just one!” was in TV commercials for a long, long time, and people still use the phrase commonly for anything that’s appropriate. Is it common outside of the States as well?

    That quote is hilarious!

    @at I wonder if that recommendation is for people who’ll give up if they’re just starting and struggling to do 30 seconds? At any rate, I’ve done a 30 second plank mornning and night on Tuesday and Wednesday, and am about to do one this morning, so I’m starting to feel virtuous, LOL!

    @molij I’ve taught many women (and several men) over the years to knit, and I always teach the method of holding the yarn in your left hand, usually called Continental. However, I maintain that both hands are so busy, that it doesn’t matter which you do, and I in fact have learned to throw it with my right hand as well, and as I’m knitting my husband’s Fair Isle, I hold one color in one hand and the other color in the other hand. So, you should be fine either way, and you could always switch which hand you use to hold the yarn. BUT. In the words of the legendary Elizabeth Zimmermann, if you don’t enjoy knitting, “then bless you, my child, and don’t!” I met Elizabeth back in the 80s, and now buy yarn from her daughter and grandson (Meg Swanson and Cully Swanson at School House Press in Wisconsin), and have learned so much from all of them, but especially Elizabeth. When Elizabeth died, her obituary appeared in the New York Times…she was a famous and influential woman.

    Okay, I’m not yet dressed, the ingredients for guacomole aren’t yet gathered, and we must leave in 40 minutes. GAH!

    Have a grand one, everyone!

    2nd Post – Day 4

    @molij – you’re only allowed to be on the list once, not matter how well your fast is going 😂

    Pocket List – Day 4 🇺🇸 🥳️

    @funshipfreddie I am sorry I do not understand 😂

    Day 4 – USA/TN

    Happy 4th, USA! Catching up on relaxing today. My appetite is getting better day by day. Still eating very blandly; no, not oats, but low carb plain bagel, water, lupini pasta, chicken broth. Nothing spicy. I did not realize it would take so long to heal my gut, but I guess, being 70 for the first time, I have to face it, the old grey mare just ain’t what she used to be, lol!

    Day 4….. Florida….NFD

    Sorry that I missed yesterday Got home from work and just went brainless on the couch till bed. I had a NFD yesterday and today, with today eating nothing but pure junk. I mean, I had a sticky bun for dinner. We were almost out of bread, so I decided while making a loaf, I just double it and make cinnamon rolls. Then I realized, I didn’t have enough to make the topping, but I did have enough for sticky buns. I started late and they smelled good, so that’s what I had for dinner. I also refuse to beat myself up for it.
    I’ll get on track another day.

    @merryapple….. calorie cycling is where your calories vary daily. So, you take the number of calories, you need to lose or gain weight or maintain. Then you multiply it by the days of the week. So, if you for example need 1425 calories a day to lose weight.
    It would be 9975 for the week. Then you take that number and split that up from very low to very high. So ex. Mon- 900 cal Tues.-1300 Wed. – 2500 Thur. 1800 Fri 900 Sat 1100 and Sunday 1475…… I guess it suppose to confuse your metabolism.
    I hope I explained it right….. I had to ask her a couple times to explain it.

    @excelsior12309…. Glad everything went well ….hopefully you’ll get the answers you’re looking for

    @stitchincarol….. have fun at the lake house…. Sounds like a wonderful day

    I hope you’re all having a fantastic holiday and it’s relaxing and enjoyable!

    Day 5 NZ NFD 71.5kg 🏃‍♀️

    It’s cold, clear and sunny here – 7 degrees. No excuse not to go walking!!

    @ccco Great to hear from you! It definitely doesn’t sound like you need to be doing FDs at the moment but you could fill in the sheet if you wanted to… You could add some exercises in, like a walk or deep breathing. You might earn a gold star from @jaifaim!! She’s good at handing them out!! Here’s the link

    @jaifaim Hope your FD went well. Mine wasn’t toooo bad apart from the G+Ts…
    My apple pie turned out so well that’s all we had for dinner!! The Texan ate half 🤠 He arrived just as it was coming out of the oven so I didn’t have to cook anything else!!! I must say I had forgotten how much butter is in pastry… next time I might have to a ‘potato top’ version 🤣 with meringue…
    @funshipfreddie If only you were here you would be very welcome to a slice!! Or I can post the recipe for you!!
    Didn’t one of your articles say you need 5,000 steps, or half an hour’s exercise, which increases your heart rate and deep breathing for health gains. The second 5,000 were generated by ADLs (activities of daily living) and don’t need to be as intense…
    @at I try not to serve any nibbles (peanuts, chippies, chocolate…) with drinks and make sure I serve dinner on time!! I completely agree that the combo can be disastrous!!
    I would have thought ether and air were one and the same… can you enlighten me?!
    Good advice on the 5 minutes of being with oneself
    @molij How did your FD go? You had your name listed twice on the pocket list! 😁
    I bicycle on Sundays because of less traffic… Those Welsh hills and valleys look so gorgeous to go cycling through.
    @northgeorgia You’ll find your inner strength once you get over the start line again…
    @stitchincarol What is a Gyro???!
    I’m so impressed you have a close connection to Elizabeth Zimmerman and the School House Press!!
    You made me laugh with the 2022 deadline!!!
    There must be 1,000s of apple pie recipes out there but this is a Peter Gordon recipe so I’ll post it. The method dries out the mixture so no soggy bottom!!

    APPLE PIE by Peter Gordon

    1. Place around 30g unsalted butter, 80g sugar (use more if the apples are very tart, and less if they’re sweet) in a wide pan. Add a snapped cinnamon quill, a tablespoon of grated ginger and any other ground spices you might like (cloves, nutmeg, star anise, allspice).

    2. Melt over medium heat and leave to sizzle. Peel eight or so apples, quarter them, remove the core, and roughly cut each quarter into four (more if the apples are large). You can put them into a bowl of acidulated water (add a little lemon juice to the water) but if you work quick enough there’s no need to — a little discolouration won’t hurt anyone, and it’ll keep the fruit less moist.

    3. Add the apples to the butter and cook for 10-15 minutes, stirring occasionally, until the fruit has collapsed and some liquid has evaporated. Adjust sugar levels and then take off the heat, cool and chill in the fridge – a less moist filling will help keep the pastry dry and crisp. Metal pie tins work better.

    4. Once you’ve lined your buttered tin with pastry, brush it with a layer of white chocolate or beaten egg before putting your chilled cooked fruit in – they both form a barrier between absorbent pastry and juice-leeching fruit.

    5. The following short-crust pastry works well. Place 230g diced, chilled (frozen is even better) butter in a food processor. Add 350g sifted flour, a generous half teaspoon flaky salt and 1 tablespoon caster sugar. Pulse-blitz till crumbly. Slowly add 125ml ice cold water using the pulse blitz, until the dough is barely holding together.

    6. Tip on to a bench and gently knead for as little time as possible until it clumps together. Divide in 2, roll roughly into a ball and press 2cm flat with your palm then wrap in plastic and leave to chill in the fridge for an hour. Roll both pieces out 3-4mm thick on a floured bench.

    7. Line a buttered pie dish (ideally metal) with one piece and add the filling.

    8. Brush egg around the pastry edge and lay the other on top. Cut some holes in the top to allow steam to escape, trim and crimp the edges, brush the top with eggwash and drizzle with caster sugar, then bake until golden at 180C.

    I used 60g of sugar and ginger and allspice with the apples. Mine took 50 minutes on regular bake. I turned the temp down to 170C half way through to stop the edges burning.

    @sldeal (SLDeal for those who are writing sideal!!)
    How are you getting on? Three FDs in a row is quite staunch!!
    @bert1802 Those cinnamon rolls sound gorgeous!!! and dangerous!!! Go you!!!
    Calorie cycling I guess if it works for her, good, but it’s not for me… I hate counting calories!

    Onward and Downward!!
    “Betcha can’t eat just one!” is a 1963+ ad for Lays Potato Chips

    Pocket List for one today!!

    Day 5 NFD

    Love to join in Fly in July…two fast days done this week successfully…looking forward to picking up tips and motivation from other 5.2 ers

    Day 5 – Ireland – CD 🚫 ✅ 🚶🏽‍♀️ 🌾.

    Hope everyone enjoyed the celebrations yesterday! 🇺🇸
    We had US themed food in work.. I didn’t partake as was “enjoying” my FD 😂. I still came in over 600 but it was a healthy day.
    Cycled this morning and it is cold 🥶 but bright for the moment. More rain due later… @at it’s probably the same for you right now but you’ll have the morning to get out and about before any rain…
    I’ll be out on Sunday for a good spin and will hopefully hike tomorrow. @molij I’ve cycled in your beautiful country and loved it.. up around the Lyn Peninsula and the south Pembrokeshire coast. Hillly but outstandingly beautiful!! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿
    @funshipfreddie was poking fun as appearing on the FD list twice doesn’t give you extra kudos or make it any easier ⭐️😂💕

    Hi @jlttbt63 – good to have you here. Can you read the introduction post on Day 1 so that you can understand the abbreviations etc and see the link to FAQs
    @merryapple hope you enjoyed the drinks 🍹- and your apple pie just 😋 My understanding of @stitchincarol ‘s gyro is a Greek sandwich rather than a wire check 💰 . I could be wrong though? 🤔 . Enjoy the walk!

    @metatauta glad to hear you are getting better ❤️‍🩹 .

    @funshipfreddie Lord of the Dance was a great show also! Michael Flatley is an amazing performer. I’ve seen both shows a few times and could go again.. love the music and dance.. I do love percussion so it’s my type of thing! 💃🏻 🥁 🪘 Stomp was another great production.
    @bert1802 – we have days like that… today is a new one ☝️
    @stitchincarol the lake house sounds fab and reminds me of an American show I watched when I was young which had a character called Tammy… I have never been able to find the name of the show or any reference to it..

    Back to work… have a great Friday y’all!
    Onward and downward ⬇️

    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 5 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD 70.5 kg

    Atrocious weather here, raining, cold, & 40+ km/h winds, increasing to 55 km/h later. But at least the sun will make an appearance. I’ll be going out eventually anyway. Aced my FD & racked up 12,300 steps 🎯

    @merryapple – apple pie + G & T on a FD?! 😂 Whatever works. I doubt I’d stop at one slice though if I hadn’t eaten all day. I love apple strudel 😋
    I vaguely remember that article re 10,000 steps, i.e. half exercise + half ADL. My tracker counts all steps, but it only counts 10 minutes or more of continuous walking/running as exercise & if the heart rate is elevated.

    @stitchincarol – Hope you enjoyed the festivities? I had to Google ‘gyro’. Similar to a Shawarma, I think? I’m sure that catch-phrase ‘betcha can’t eat just one’ is known everywhere. But I think the Rowntree’s Fruit Pastilles – ‘bet you can’t eat one without chewing it’ or ‘you can’t help but chew’ was better-known in the UK. This commercial is from 2011:-

    @jlttbt63 – welcome to 5:2 & the forum.

    @bert1802 – good explanation of ‘calorie cycling’, thanks!

    Happy Fri-yay y’all! 🍹

    “Helicopters can’t fly; they’re just so loud and ugly that the earth repels them.” ~ Unknown

    Day 5 NFD

    Had a very successful FD yesterday despite doing it twice on the bucket list 😂. Feeling a bit tired today as I was up rather a lot in the night. I have also had to go to the dentist this morning for a broken tooth so I have only just been able to break my fast due to my mouth being numb. The weather here is lovely today. It’s a pleasant change, the cold wind have gone.

    @merryapple thank you for your recipe for apple pie. Its sounds delicious. I love apple pie although my favourite is blackberry and apple. It reminds me of my dear Mum. She made an amazing pie, her pastry was so good. She once bought me a pie all the way from the UK to South Africa when I used to live there. 😂

    @jaifaim I am glad you enjoyed cycling on the Lyn Peninsula. It is beautiful a beautiful part of Wales and I am lucky to live here despite being so far from my children and grandchildren 😥 I am not able to cycle at the moment as my bike has gone in for a service.

    @jlttbt63 welcome. I know you will get so much help on this thread. Please ask for as much help and motivation as you want.

    @bert1802 don’t beat yourself up after having a bad day yesterday. We have all been there. You can get back on track. Don’t look back look forward. Small steps.

    @metatauta glad your appetite is getting better. Gut healing does take time. I have done Zoe and luckily I have good gut bacteria which I do try to nourish by eating yoghurt, kefir and kimchi. I also try to eat 30 different plants a week. I do hope you get to full health soon.

    @stitchincarol I wish you lived next door to teach me how to knit. A great aunt of mine tried for ages to help me but my tension was still awful. I am happy with my sewing and I do like card making. I have to confess to having 5 sewing machines. I love sewing for my grandchildren and myself. I wear something I have made nearly every day.

    I hope everyone has a lovely Friday and a Brilliant weekend. I am going to be celebrating this evening so I need to stay strong and not undo all the good work I have done this week.

    “To bring about change, you must not be afraid to take the first step. We will fail when we fail to try” Rosa Parks

    Day 5 – USA/GA – NFD

    Weigh-in: 234 lbs. Only up an ounce or two. Yes, you guessed it — my aunt and cousin came over so we did have hamburgers and hotdogs with potato chips and soft drinks. No mindfulness on that meal, I can tell you 🙁 But, ate less wildly and a lot less food otherwise. In fact, I think I have done ZBC all week, despite the setbacks. I don’t like tempting fate, but I must have been in the right mindset to stay stable all week long and about two pounds under my average vacation week weight.

    Either Sunday or Monday will be my fresh restart date.

    Day 5 – Rural Nebraska, USA – NFD – 163.6

    I didn’t think I ate too badly yesterday (I mean, I could list out everything I put in my mouth, and that’s simply not possible when I’ve eaten too much, right?) so I’m guessing what I did eat was simply higher in sodium than I realized. That’s what I’m hoping at any rate, and it was a lovely day, regardless.

    The challenge is that we have another party to go to tonight that we go to every year, so perhaps I need to make this an OMAD. That’s too many decisions to make right away, however, since I was sound asleep a mere five minutes ago.

    @metatauta Since you’re having to eat so cautiously, are you at least dropping weight little by little? That would be a lovely silver lining, if so.

    @bert1802 Mmmm…sticky buns…mmmmm

    @merryapple A Gyro is lamb cut off a vertical roaster and put into a pita and served with tzatziki, onion and peppers. One of the food trucks sells them, with a guy standing in front of the lamb, slicing off meat. And I didn’t explain it well: I bought the yarn in December 2022 and wrapped it as a Christmas present for DH. There was no way I could knit it without him knowing/seeing, so I decided I’d give him the yarn and then knit the sweater. 😇 And what does this mean: @sldeal (SLDeal for those who are writing sideal!!) I stared for a long time, and never did parse out what you meant…

    @jlttbt63 Welcome to our group! We absolutely love newbies joining us, so just jump in with both feet! Where are you located, and tell us a bit about yourself!

    @jaifaim A wire check??? That’s what a gyro is to you?????? So what do you call a Greek sandwich? This world is so entertaining when our different words pop up. I was fully expecting that, with all the international foods you all mention, a gyro was not something I’d have to explain! 😂😂😂😂 And tell me more about this American show with a character named Tammy…and apparently located at a lake house?

    And here you all go:

    @funshipfreddie Wow. 12,300 steps is STELLAR. And what a stilly and funny commercial! A gyro is not unlike a shawarma…but they’re not the same. I had many shawarmas on our two trips to Israel, and they counted as sustenance; the gyros I’ve had over the years have always been BLISS. Part of the difference is the tzatziki sauce, which would never be eaten with meat in a shawarma. I’m so surprised you don’t all know about gyros!

    @molij Wow. What an amazing mom to have brought you a pie from the UK to South Africa! And blackberry added to apple? That’s a new one to me, and sounds intriguing! And wow on how much sewing you do! I have two machines, a Bernina and a Singer Featherweight…oh, and a Bernette serger, LOL. I guess once I start thinking I’m only two behind you, LOL! I tend to go in cycles, however: I’m either knitting or I’m sewing, and seldom have both going at once. Well, no, I don’t have both happening at once; I do have multiple quilts that need finishing…

    @northgeorgia Well done on being up only a few ounces today; you’ve sure beat me in that regard. 🤷🏻‍♀️

    Okay, time to get moving on this day. Church work to do since I didn’t yesterday, and then that lovely party tonight.

    Have a grand one, everyone!

    Second quick post
    😂 Language😂
    @stitchincarol I am familiar with and love a good gyro 😋 🥪
    But Giro (with an i) could also be : “ A system of electronic credit transfer used in Europe and Japan, involving banks, post office and public utilities”
    “ an annual multiple stage bicycle race primarily held in Italy”

    Day 5 – UK – FD

    Yesterday’s NFD was controlled in that I did not go overboard and manage to come in around TDEE despite the 🍷 and 🍕

    Went for a walk this morning with my walking group and coffee afterwards in the sun – feeling good

    Aiming for a 3rd FD as wanted to start this first week in a positive way

    @merryapple – Your apple and ginger pie sounds delicious – aiming to give it a try as ginger is not something I have added to apple before and OH loves ginger……..In answer to your question – This is what I have found that explains the 5 elements in simple way –
    “A lot of ancient philosophies around the globe classify the composition of the Universe into 5 elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether (Space) – Solid matter is classified as the “Earth” element. Water is everything that is liquid. Air is everything that is a gas. Fire is that part of Nature that transforms one state of matter into another. Ether is the mother of the other elements and is the basis of higher spiritual experiences”
    @jlttbt63 – welcome to the FLY in JULY🧨 2024 – the more the merrier
    @jaifaim – a dry day here, with some intermittent sunshine but a bit of a cool breeze at times – I was wearing a T-shirt for most of my walk this morning
    @bert1802 – we have all been there. Don’t look back look forward. Small steps.
    @metatauta – you most likely need to replenish your good gut bacteria – A good quality probiotic supplement can help replenish and balance your gut with healthy, productive bacteria.

    I managed to do a big food shop this afternoon without any temptations – back home and food unpacked and put away now having a big cup of tea to keep me on track on my OMAD FD800 until my evening meal….

    Pocket List for one today!!

    “Believe you can and you’re halfway there” – T Roosevelt


    We walked around the town today visiting a bunch a little shops which was a great way to spend the morning. It was blazing hot but we got in an almost 2 mile walk. We had so much fun, we going to go to the next town over tomorrow morning and walk around again.
    I’ve been staying with in my eating windows but haven’t tracked much with my calories. Tomorrow morning is weigh in day, so, I guess that will tell me how I’ve been doing. I will do a FD Sun or Monday but not sure as of right now.
    I’m traveling for work next week, so I have to do some research on restaurants in the area so I can get my FD’s in. There is a grocery store across the street where I’ll be staying so I may end up doing a couple freezer diet meals for my two days. Not the great choice as I prefer fresh fruit and veg but I will be better than nothing I suppose.

    I am sorry that I can’t reply on anyone posts. We’ve had terrible storms all evening and I’m post from my cell phone as the internet is out and my electricity can’t decide if it wants to stay on.

    I’ll catch up just as soon as I can….

    Have a great night!

    Day 6 – UK – NFD

    Weight this morning dead on 63kg ↓ 1.5kg – good reward for a very controlled week 😊

    Out today for my “Connecting with the Elements Day Retreat” and I’m so glad that the weather forecast has improved to a dry if overcast day, as the morning session is outside by the lakeshore with a Forest Therapy Practitioner who will be working with the framework of Shinrin Yoku which brings us to presence, ease and openness to receive. We will be closing the morning with the element of fire to gather around, reflect and share.
    This will be followed by a vegetarian picnic lunch outside by the fire and the afternoon session is in my yoga teacher’s lovely barn studio and will include a restorative Yoga 🙏 practice ending with a Yoga Nidra journeying through the Elements

    Hoping the day will help me to find focus to continue this FLY in JULY🧨 2024 as I started

    Have a good weekend everyone……”Do not underestimate the power of a single step”

    Day 6-No. VA USA-FD

    Checking in for accountability!
    Weather has been super hot and humid, we may get a little break today, perhaps “only” 90 degrees instead of over 100 degrees yesterday.
    Weight is stable; I had multiple really annoying hornet stings last week and had to take some prednisone for the severe itching and swelling and that certainly causes some fluid retention, but all is deflated now!
    Got some wonderful small cantaloupes the other day; so sweet; it is always a toss-up for me whether I have picked a good one. Same with peaches and nectarines. But when there is a good one, what a treat.
    Stay cool, or stay warm, depending on where you are, relative to the Equator, fellow fasters.

    Day 6, Germany, CD

    We had friends over for the last four days, they were camping but decided to stay with us because of the rain. They left today, I didn’t eat too bad, my weight stayed about the same.

    There are so many new posts so I just scanned them. Perhaps I should go back to posting every day.

    @funshipfreddie I hope to join you at maintenance later this month, I could get there when I’m more strict at avoiding sugar.

    @merryapple I like doing planks, I like the tight feeling it gives to my muscles afterwards, like a corset. I have to keep my kyphosis at bay, for me planks are a good and easy way to do that. It’s also good for my posture. I do 2 min high planks, 2 min elbow planks and one min side planks on each side.

    @jaifaim Enjoy cycling tomorrow!

    Have a nice day everyone!

    Day 6 NZ NFD 71.9kg

    OK you weekend warriors, I hope you are all out there doing something fun and exciting!!

    @excelsior12309 😬HORNETS!! I remember them as a wee kid being big, black, buzzy and really scary…
    @at That’s fantastic to hear 🌟 Thank you for the ether explanation. I didn’t think it was an anaesthetic gas!!
    @bert1802 That sounds extreme… stay safe… Good on you for planning ahead!!
    @stitchincarol and @jaifaim I recall Gyros now. We have quite a big Turkish community here and they make an equivalent of lamb on a pole
    I’ve had a busy day – meeting at the gallery, off to a sale at Deadly Ponies, leather bag makers, home for afternoon tea with a friend, then off to a book launch, then off for a haircut, then home for knitting and spinning, and now bed.

    Day 6 – USA/GA – NFD

    Weigh-in: 234 lbs. I think my air conditioning went out last night. Yay. And I’m suspicious my clothes dryer’s timer is broken. It’s going to be a fun weekend.

    Day 6 – Ireland – CD 🚫 ✅ 🚶🏽‍♀️ 🌾.

    Enjoying a fabulous surprise of a sunny day today… was prepared for a rainy hike. So such a bonus!
    Good cliff hike and swim with friends early. Then coffee and cakes and now gardening in the sunshine this afternoon. ☀️☀️
    Have taken a break! To sit and enjoy… and catch up here! 🌱 😎

    Cycling early tomorrow and hoping for the same weather 🙏

    I hope you are all having a lovely day! @excelsior12309 that sounds really uncomfortable!🐝 – hope you are ok 💕

    Onward and downward ⬇️

    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 6 – USA/TN – NFD

    I appreciate all your well wishes for a healthier gut, and advice on what to eat. I make my own yogurt and kefir, but for some reason I thought a dairy product would upset my stomach, so I will attempt to consume some and see how it goes. We are having a Mexican luncheon after church tomorrow, and I am always up for spicy food, but I’ll pass this time, lol!

    On MFP, I have been over 800 on nFds but not over 1000, so yes, my weight is hovering around 141. Hopefully, within a short period of time, I will whittle down to 138, in a healthy way!

    Day 6 – Rural Nebraska, USA – CD, perhaps? – 163.6

    I’m far later with my post than is usual, but I was just too sleepy to think this morning, having woken up too early, but not able to go back to sleep. So I eventually talked myself into finally going out and doing some gardening, and ended up being out there for three hours. It was a lot of grunt work and not the pleasant gentle pulling of weeds I’d normally expect in early July, due entirely to the fact that I’ve not done much at all in my garden. But that was excellent, as it’s earned me some points (for whatever they’re worth, LOL!) on my Fitbit, and it looks far better. My goal is to work again tomorrow afternoon, as our friends are coming over for dinner, and I’d like to be able to sit outside without being embarrassed by how badly in need of attention it is.

    And I’ve gone the whole day without eating anything (well, not the whole day, but it’s almost two o’clock), so I should have 1200 calories max if not far fewer–we’ll see how I feel at supper.

    @excelsior12309 OUCH. One hornet sting is quite awful; to have suffered through MULTIPLES??? You poor thing. And it sounds like they coincided with when your husband was in the hospital…when it rains, it pours, eh? So glad he came through the surgery well, and you’re feeling better from the stings.

    I’m playing an arrangement by Charles Ore of “What a Friend We Have in Jesus” both tonight and tomorrow morning (occasionally I play for a different church on a Saturday night) and I know it, but it takes several passes before it falls under my fingers with surety, so I’m off to play on the keys…it’s one of the pieces I could play over and over and over again.

    Wanna hear?

    This recording is Charles himself (I studied under him), and I do this piece credit, but anyone can hear his polish over mine. Nonetheless, it’s flat out FUN to play–sounds like a pizza organ; anyone know what I mean by that?

    Okay, I’m off.

    Have a grand one, everyone!

    Day 7, Germany, CD

    Day 7 – UK – FD

    Yesterday’s retreat was just wonderful, opening my eyes and mind and Mother Nature was kind to us as we spent the morning outside by the lakeshore connecting with the 5 elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether in mostly warm sunshine ⛅️ with a cool breeze in the shade 😎
    Lunch sitting in a sunny wild flower meadow was just perfect and yummy 😋
    No rain until we were in the yoga studio in the barn after lunch for some restorative yoga practice ending with a relaxing Yoga Nidra and when we left the studio we were greeted with blue skies and sunshine for the rest of the evening……

    Aiming for a FD800 today – very unusual for me to fast on a Sunday…….but I have a few social engagements next week which may make FD500 impossible so aiming for 3 x FD800

    @excelsior12309 – multiple hornet stings……..Ouch…..but the sweet small cantaloupes sounds divine
    @snowflake56 – do you do that series of planks every day? hope all is going well with you and your DH health these days xx
    @jaifaim – we also had an unexpected dry and sunny day yesterday for which I was very grateful for my outside workshop – we did have a bit of rain once back in the yoga studio in the afternoon
    @metatauta – continued healing vibes coming your way – hope that tummy of yours improves soon as you have been unsettled for a week or so now 🤗
    @stitchincarol – kudos to you for 3 hrs of gardening…….that’s what mine needs as it has gone mad out there…..I’m sure you played the arrangement beautifully and did credit to your old teacher – thanks for sharing that recording 🎶 🎹🎶

    We are promised a fairly dry day today so I’m going to get out for a walk to get some steps in for the day

    Pocket list day 7 🎯……….Anyone joining me???? Go on go on go on 😃

    ”Is this behaviour taking me a step closer or a step further away from my goal?”

    Day 7 UK NFD

    Hmmm relaxed far too much this weekend , one of my aims this month was to get back to logging everything on MFP so at least I can try to get back on track with that Once again I’ll be pressing the reset button tomorrow

    Have a good Sunday all

    Day 7 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – FD

    Brrr?!! It’s cold! And it seems to be the whole country. I wish I could go to sleep & wake up in October. But then, who would feed the cat? 😿 Yesterday it was lovely & sunny. I went to the Lemon Tree restaurant again & it was packed. There was a bridal shower going on & a ‘gender reveal party’ simultaneously. Two different groups, I should add 😅 My friend & I found a quiet corner away from all the madness. There’s also an enormous gift/home-ware shop next door. I’m not really into anything that collects dust, but you could easily spend a couple of hours looking around this place and you’re bound to find something if you need a gift for someone.

    @snowflake56 – I hope you do join me at maintenance later this month! Hopefully I’ll still be there too. I’m afraid my ‘no Chunky KitKats’ pledge is kaput. They’re usually R 15 each, but my local supermarket is selling them at R 11 each for two or more. The temptation was too great. What can you do? I’m only human 🥴️

    @at – I’m with you! Nice quote 👍

    Is 70 the new 60…?

    Happy S🌞nday!

    Pocket list day 7 🎯……….Anyone joining us???? Go on go on go on 😃
    @at FD 800

    “Flying isn’t dangerous. Crashing is what’s dangerous.” ~ Unknown

    Day 7 – Ireland – NFD 🚫 ✅ 🚶🏽‍♀️ 🌾.

    Out cycling and enjoying another lovely day! Checking in first thing tomorrow and this week is just going to be fabulous ⭐️😁😂⭐️

    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 7 – USA/GA – ZBC, NFD?

    Weigh-in: 233 lbs. I am sweltering at home, so barring a few hours, I’m spending days and nights next door at my mom’s house, sleeping on the couch for the foreseeable future as HVAC repairmen are backlogged — I’m hoping someone can stop by tomorrow to at least determine the issue. With temperatures between 30 and 35C, it is a misery. Temperatures in the house aren’t that cooler.

    Because of that, it may prove easier to fast while I’m at work this coming week. That being said, I’ve been really proud of my reset approach to NFDs. I never went above my post-vacation weight last week, and my weight is the same as last Sunday. Granted, I’m nowhere near my goal weight, but my weight remained stable and hasn’t galloped out of control, even with the 4th of July meal. I need to keep this approach.

    @funshipfreddie – sorry to let you down but unexpected visitors to our neck of the woods today means my FD goes out the window……

    Day 7 – second post

    Yeah, I’m NFD today. But I’ll be on board tomorrow 🙂

    Day 7 – USA/TN – NFD

    Day 7…..Florida…..NFD

    Really tried hard for a FD but ended up with a NFD. So, tomorrow will have to be the day. Not much going on today just getting ready to start the week again.

    Just wanted to check in….

    I hope everyone is well

    Day 8, Germany, FD800

    @at Yes, I’m doing 6 min planks every morning. For me it’s good for my upper back to do them but I know it’s not for everyone. Thank you for asking, my DH is doing well, after a long break he’s back at working a few days every month.

    @funshipfreddie I had to look up Chunky KitKats, I don’t know if they sell them here. In the supermarket I avoid the sweets section, too many temptations and I’m sure I would do the same thing as you when something I like is on offer. Last week I had my first small KitKat, it tasted a bit dry.

    Pocket list day 8
    @snowflake56 FD800

    Have a nice day everyone!

    Day 8 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD 70.7 kg

    @at, @northgeorgia – luckily I only saw your posts now, so I didn’t realise I was all alone on the pocket list. My FD was a success 😇I didn’t step outside the whole day, but I kept busy & managed 7600 steps 🎯

    @leoniraats – your weather is worse than ours? I see it’s going to be minus 4 C in Jo’burg tonight?! Stay warm ❄️

    @snowflake56. I should avoid the sweets section too; but most of the supermarkets here still have all the candy etc by the checkout aisle. So if there’s a line it’s all there, right in your face. You can almost hear the Chunky KitKats…’eat me! eat me!’ 😱

    Dr Michael Mosley Day to be held by the BBC:-

    I need to knuckle down for week 2 of Fly in July🧨️ Going back to daily MFP this week. Sending STEELY RESOLVE to the Monday fasters! 💪

    “If at first, you don’t succeed, skydiving is not for you.” ~ Unknown

    Pocket List – Day 8 🍌
    @snowflake56 FD800

    Day 8 – Ireland – LFD 🚫 ✅ 🚶🏽‍♀️ 🌾.

    Hi everyone! Like others I need to knuckle down this week too and get back on track. I had a very active weekend but it seems I out-ate my activity levels and another lb on this morning.
    @snowflake56 planks are good for my back and core too so keeping at them but I’m so impressed with your planking power 💪
    Hope we have good members FDing today – could do with the company 😁

    Onward and downward
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Pocket List – Day 8 🍌

    @snowflake56 FD800

    Day 8 UK FD

    New week new start , back to basics logging on MFP , exercise and a straight forward FD and take it from there 🤞

    Pocket List – Day 8 🍌

    @snowflake56 FD800

    Day 8 FD North Wales

    Very busy weekend but still on track. I did have a few crisps yesterday but I didn’t go mad. The weather here is lovely at the moment but heavy rain is forecast for tonight. Going to distract myself by cutting out a pattern to make a toile. My youngest daughter is getting married next August. I hate wearing dresses and I have so many expensive dresses I have bought over the years for weddings and christenings that have only been worn once that I have decided to make a dress for this wedding.

    Wishing everyone a really good week.

    Pocket List – Day 8 🍌

    @snowflake56 FD800

    Day 9 – Rural Nebraska, USA – NFD

    It’s 4:29am and I’ve been awake since 2. I realized I should post now, as I won’t have time later. I’m going on the Omaha Scavenger Hunt (apparently these are happening in several cities these days??) this morning with the gals of our dear friends, and then the husbands are joining us for supper here at our house, so the whole day will be consumed with playing. 😁

    As I typed that, I thought, “It’s clearly tough to lose weight when I have so many social things going on”–and a memory from 2003 flashed in my mind. DH and I lived in the same town as those dear friends (40 miles from here) and were packing up to move to St. Louis (500 miles away) so he could attend seminary, and practically every other day, one of those friends would organize an impromptu “party” that included lunch or supper. I remember whining to my husband that it was impossible not to gain weight with all the commotion and eating, and wishing I could have fun with our friends, but maintain my usual limited eating.

    Well, huh! I’ve been thinking all this time–like, years–that I’ve always eaten this much, but it’s only these days that I gain weight with this quantity…but perhaps that thought is false.

    Not sure precisely what I can do with that thought, but I’m going to mull it over. Or, wait. Obviously, what I can do with that is motivate myself to eat less, LOL! I was a bit distressed when the gals said we should have lunch after the scavenger hunt before coming back to my house to cook and eat dinner–that’s a LOT of food in one day! So perhaps this is my chance to truly eat light at lunch. Since I have no idea where we’re going, I have no way of planning ahead, but I’ll work on being disciplined when I look at the menu.

    Okay, enough ruminating; I’m off to bed in hopes of getting a little more sleep.

    Have a grand one, everyone!

    Day 8-No. VA USA-FD

    Yesterday was supposed to be a little dinner for son and his girlfriend, but they had to take a rain check at the last minute. This led to EFS by me of delicious dinner rolls, apple tart, and some steak. That hasn’t happened for months. It was awfully good. Nevertheless, back on the wagon today!!!
    Our super hot weather continues. Perhaps some rain is coming in a few days, courtesy of the hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico. Fingers crossed!
    @molij, I love your idea of making a dress. My younger sister is a very talented seamstress, and I admire that skill. And since the wedding is a way off, you have time to gradually get in the shape you want for the big day!
    @stichincarol, good luck with a fun (and diet-wise, a challenging)day!

    Knuckling down, as @funshipfreddie says, with Monday fasters. Down we go.

    Day 8 – USA/GA – FD

    Weigh-in: 234 lbs. Ok, sweating here in the house, about to run to work… going to try for a FD500 today. Hoping the AC Repairman gets out today, and now I’ve discovered my home WiFi is fried. So it goes. If a pocketlist is made today, please put me on it… got to run

    Day 8, London UK, NFD,

    Late on parade as usual. Just checking in to say I’m bowing out and won’t be flying in July!! I’m off on my hols at the end of the week and will be back just in time for the August challenge……………… which I will desperately need after 2w+ in Italy!!!

    Keep the faith folks & I’ll be back for some much needed support & inspiration in what for me will be ‘Ample A*rsed August’!!!🤭🤭🤣🤣🤣

    “Success is the product of daily habits—not once-in-a-lifetime transformations.” – James Clear

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