First Fast day today….so far so good….

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First Fast day today….so far so good….

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  • Hi Everyone

    So today is my first Fast Day as I aim to do my fast days on a Tues and Thursday.

    So far so good. I didn’t want to split my calories up into two meals, I’d prefer to save them for my dinner as this is my favourite meal of the day. Up to now I haven’t found it too challenging, I currently have that “hungry belly” feeling but it literally just comes and goes….I normally don’t eat breakfast anyway and would eat my lunch after a workout which would be around 1pm-2pm so I see it as I’m only missing one meal.

    I haven’t eaten since 7pm last night and by the time I eat my tea tonight I probably would’ve fasted for around 23 hours and I still plan to just eat 500 calories.

    As each hour passes I feel more and more in control and positive that I can do this.


    Hope you get the lovely ‘morning after fast day’ feeling. 🙂

    So eager to hear about your results, kf2!


    So, my first Fast Day went so well. I had my tea at around 6pm last night which was chicken skewers with veg and I felt so empowered (for some strange reason) that I’d fasted for 23 hours and managed to only eat a 500 calorie dinner. I felt in control, I felt so much better for giving my body a break from food and I definitely didn’t find it as hard as what I thought it was going to be. My stomach felt less bloated, I felt just good.

    I did get on the scales this morning just out of curiosity and I was 2lb’s down from yesterday, of course I know this is the loss of maybe water weight, not eating stodge, less carbs etc….I’m a big water drinker anyway, 4-5 litres a day is normal for me but I did have a few extra black coffees yesterday haha!

    However, there is something else I noticed which I’m hoping someone can relate too. I’m on the contraceptive pill so my periods are like clockwork, I take my last pill on a Sunday, start my 7 days break on the Monday and my period starts on the Thursday/Friday, however, last night it started showing which is well early and never happened before and I’m just wondering whether the fast has brought this on early.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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