First fast day today!

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  • Hi all!
    Today is my first fast day! I had a lovely low-fat yoghurt and a banana and feel ready to tackle the day πŸ™‚
    My goal is to eventually loose 23lb but my first “mile stone” is a friend’s wedding in three months – I hope to be half-way there by then!

    I’m very excited about this – I see it as a lifestyle rather than a diet. I’m quite a habit person, so I just have to hang in there long enough to get used to it… fingers crossed!

    Would love to hear about your goals and experiences πŸ™‚

    Swap the low fat yogurt for a high fat low sugar yogurt. Its healthier for you and will make fasts a lot easier. Anything labelled low fat is typically loaded with sugar. Read the label, what’s the sugar content? could be as high as 15%.

    Welcome Tanjuscha and congratulations on your first fast day!
    I began 5:2 in July 2015 and have recently reached maintenance, at the lower end of my healthy BMI range.

    My best tip is exactly what you said about making it a lifestyle. It does become a lovely habit. All power to you!

    Yes today is my first fast day. I did do this diet a few years ago with some success, don’t ask me why I stopped!! I have since been diagnosed as having underactive thyroid and the weight is really piling on and it is so difficult to lose, but am definitely going to do my best.

    I’ll be checking in to see how everyone is doing and hopefully being able to report some losses myself.

    Happy fasting everyone


    Hi guys,
    thanks for the warm welcome. It’s going well so far – I’m looking forward to dinner of course and yes, I’m hungry, but it’s nothing more than a slight discomfort. Drinking a lot of tea definitely helps.

    Thanks for the tip with the low fat yoghurt. I checked and the one I bought has 4g sugar per 100 gram, same as the ‘normal’ version of the same brand. Other than sugar content – what makes the high fat / low sugar yoghurt a healthier option?

    My first fast day today! On my second litre of water after having a shake and chocolate bar. 204 calories left for dinner so lots of veg and a potato. Starting to have a rumbling tummy!!

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