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  • Well I’ve decided this week to take the plunge and start this diet! I watched the Horizon programme with Michael Mosley and found it really interesting. I’m not one with much staying power so we’ll have to see how I get on! I’m on holiday in five weeks time so at least I’ve got something to aim for! I did my first ‘Fasting’ day today and I have to say it went well. Soup for lunch; prawn, rocket and cottage cheese salad for dinner; grapes for pudding (still have that sweet afters urge!) and a few teas and coffees during the day bring my total calorie intake to 456. I actually feel surprisingly good. My next ‘Fasting’ day will be on Thursday so we’ll see if this ‘good’ feeling continues! On wards and upwards! :0)

    I felt a little faint about an hour before my time to eat when I started on Monday….so I had a hard-boiled egg which I had prepared earlier. Glad I did, it helped. I still lost an amazing three pounds on my first fasting day. After losing b***** all in three long months of calorie counting! I also find myself feeling quite cheerful and full of beans, which is a surprise. Slightly dreading my second fasting day, for some reason. I think I’m frightened – really – of feeling hungry.

    Drink lots. I drink lots of natural mineral water. Or coffee (no sugar) with a splash of milk. Hang tough for about a month, it gets easier after that. Your liver will start to work well at retrieving stored fat and converting it to glucose and ketones but this takes a little time. If your overweight your liver has not had to access stored fat for energy so give it time to learn how to do this efficiently again. Take a good vitamin B tablet, it will help liver function on your fast days.

    Thanks both. Yes I did find myself drinking more glasses of water when the hunger pains struck! Thanks for the tip about the vitamins I hadn’t really thought about those but I guess every little helps! Second fasting day will be tomorrow and then I’ll weigh myself again next Monday morning (a week in) and we’ll see the results (hopefully)!

    I am just about to start this week too – today is a fast day – I am going to try and just have one meal a day – I guess we should see how that goes – how have you been this week ? I hope the weigh in hoes well today 🙂

    Today is my first day too….. and I thought I’d chuck me and my husband in at the deep end and put us both on a fast day, so far so good, one black tea and a bottle of water down, stupid how much you think about food though, when at this time of day I’m not normally eating, but I suppose because I can’t it’s making me think more, oh well, it’s the start of a new thing, and like the book says it’s only two days a week has anyone got any good tips on where to get kcal values from is there an app at all? 🙂

    This must be my fifth fast day… almost becoming a habit, but I can’t say I enjoy them! I am finding it easier to ignore the urge to eat at lunchtime, and find I miss a salty or savoury taste more than anything else. I also find that my weight fluctuates over the week, so today I seem to be two pounds heavier than I was yesterday. I am, apparently, showing that I am losing weight (about half a stone so far) but it is very slow and I have to eat much less on my non-fasting days than I had expected; the only way I can lose is by effectively dieting on my non-fast days… I was not expecting this. But even a slight deviation from my diet recipes means that I don’t lose and even gain. Anyone else have this problem?

    Hi there. I am on my second fast day and I noticed the fluctuation in weight. I weighed myself before fast day, then the morning after which showed a loss of 500gms. Then I weighed myself this morning and I had re-gained the weight!

    I am determined to carry on at least for a month (I figure that is only 6 more fast days) then I will reflect on how I feel and what weight has been lost. I have gradually stacked on 4 kilos since last year without any real deviation from my normal diet or exercise. I am perimenopausal though, which is not allowing me to shift the added kilo’s! This is my last resort short of abstaining from food completely!

    I didn’t find it too difficult on the fast day, other than having to cook for the rest of the family with all of the beautiful smells…I felt very energetic the morning after, however once I actually ate something I began to feel lethargic.

    Anyway, good luck to you all. Thanks bigbooty for the tips. I will grab some vitamin B today.

    Smiles xxx Mandy

    Hi Whitty and welcome:

    Your comment is common. If you read the ‘Warnings’ link in this post you will pick up some more information:

    Good Luck!

    Thank you very much simcoeluv. That was very informative and a reference I will continue to use.

    Much appreciated.

    All the best

    Hi Whitty:

    You are welcome.

    Just keep on going – it really works but it takes time.

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