February's Small Group Accountability Challenge!

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February's Small Group Accountability Challenge!

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  • Hello all checking in. You all sure are motivating!

    Today is my second fast day of the month and it’s a busy one. I’ve been going over my TDEE quite a bit and need to reign that in for the rest of the month if I want to make progress to my goal.

    @xamos I’m glad you are feeling better. I see I need to provide more info for the sheet? Starting weight is 179 pounds and ideal weight is 160 pounds though my goal for Feb stays the same. Have fun with your sis!

    Waaah! I ruined it!!

    It was supposed to be a FD today and all was fine until lunchtime. Only water and green tea until then. Went home for lunch and had Tuna Pattie as planned 155 calories. Then the problem arose! I was commissioned to make my famous raspberry and Malteaser ice cream cake for a baby shower on Saturday. I thought I’d make it today (FD) so I wouldn’t be tempted to lick the bowl or sample any of the 1 kg of ( dark choc, Malteasers or choc coated Turkish delight) that goes into it. You can guess where this is heading! First I sampled a piece of dark choc that fell out of the bowl, then a Malteaser….then, let’s just say I undid any good I’ve done this week.
    I’m really disappointed because I’ve been staying off sugar and refined carbs 😰
    Anyway, what’s done is done. I’ve been back to the physio today and still can’t do more than a gentle walk with the dog. Not being able to do my normal exercise is really frustrating.
    Listen to me whinge! Sorry, I hope you are all having a great sleep and will enjoy your day.

    Hello people,

    Well what a shocking week ive had. Its has gone from bad to worse since Tuesday. So Tuesday was a FD until I got home, I gorged on chips and bread, then Wednesday I eat a macdonalds during my journey home from a course, then eat lots of pasta and garlic bread for tea and yesterday again gorged on bread and had a KFC last night. Plus ive drank alcohol every night due to stress which wasn’t good. So yesterday evening I had some amazing news and im now happy again back to my normal self and back on my shakes from this morning. I did weigh myself and ive managed to put 4lbs on since last weigh in.

    Anyway, that all behind me now and im going to smash the next 2 weeks. Just goes to show what damage you can do!

    @xamos can you put me as NFD all week and FD for today, tomorrow and sunday please!


    Good morning Friends,

    Happy Friday! Took half day yesterday and all day today off. Been having a great run of days where I am under my calories each day with the exception on Valentines Day and suspect I did not go over much (had some alcohol). The entree salad with a (packaged) seasoned meat, measured dressings has been huge. Been doing a good job of mixing up salads and dressings to avoid fatigue. In fact, had a 760 calorie dinner last night and still finished under for the day using MFP targets for slow weight loss (even includes 120 cal for protein powder following weight training yesterday morning). Weight has been coming off nicely and hoping to channel my inner @karlanz to get a streak going of coming in under daily calorie totals. Beautiful weather in Maryland/Washington DC area this weekend (we’ve had a mild winter). Looking forward to getting in a run in shorts this weekend (will move to Sunday if my awesome wife wants to come with me for a walk/run).

    Current weight 196.7 lbs (down nearly 2 lbs from post-business travel, less than a pound from my low at the start of the month)

    Have an extraordinary Friday everyone!

    @xamos – so glad you’re feeling better, hope you and your sister are having a blast!

    @smeagle – impressive on your FDs/HFDs and congrats getting back on track. While I have given up sweets, I do enjoy carbs (Arnold thins have been a staple in my diet for several years and big fan (too much in fact) πŸ™‚ of chips, fries, crackers although i largely stopped eating them at home after we moved in Sept. – now, just when I’m out and have largely given up pasta – maybe have it 4 times a year eating out. Of course, enjoy fruit (especially fresh berries with my sugar free Greek yogurt). Two concepts I admire about 5:2 is the fact that weight/obesity is always a function of calories consumed vs calories burned which is a center piece of 5:2. Another one is that FDs give the pancreas/insulin levels a break before body has time to adjust (downside of consecutive FDs). With that said, i have been thinking a low carb day (FD or not) once a week is a good idea. In fact, had started to slip my mind so I’m glad you mentioned it – thx!

    @willworkforhealth – Hope your FD is going well!

    @tiffoz – wow, my heart goes out to you. That is so nice that you’re making a wonderful treat for a special occasion with others. To your observation, I suspect that temptation on FDs are tougher for all of us who struggle with eating choices vs. FDs protecting us from temptation. I hope u were able to recover that day. I still struggle with days where I really fail with a meal or snack with planned eating and then the “heck with it” attitude can kick in to make it worse for the remainder of the day. Always nice to start a new day!

    Dear friends,

    I was reminded after my recent business trip how it is nearly impossible for me to not gain weight drinking copious amounts of alcohol either in the form of major drinking events and/or even moderate frequent/daily drinking. As a male, there was a time in my early 20s where I could literally run off the pounds the next day. Those days are largely behind me as I turn 49 this year, even though I have decent muscle tone (helps to burn more calories at rest) and exercise vigorously 3-5 times a week as my body requires less calories every year with age.

    While I’ve made major progress, I continue to have struggles with food choices and quantity and expect to for the rest of my natural life. However, one key concept someone mentioned years ago that I try to embrace is “don’t drink your calories”. This includes 400 calorie lattes as well as alcohol. Even FDs will likely not overcome these challenges consistently.

    If your challenge is daily (even moderate) drinking, I’d encourage you to measure whatever the calorie/serving size is that you think your drinking and multiply that to understand your weekly caloric intake for the week due to beverages (I know when I pour a glass of wine, it’s not 4 ounces πŸ™‚ …) . If you can substitute exercise for regular drinking for stress relief, the better. In fact, I exercise more for how I feel than any expectation of calories burned.

    For those weekend events where you’re meeting friends and the atmosphere centers around drinking, my heart goes out to you. I’ve never been a “one glass” of anything when drinking with friends. Encourage you to research the internet for ideas/strategies.

    I drink very little at home specifically because of the calories and most of my closest friends live in other cities as I work from home and my wife and I have moved a few times for career – so in many respects, I have it “easy” (although I do miss hanging out with my closest friends!).

    I’d ask if anyone has any successful strategies/motivations to successfully address “drinking your calories” that they PLEASE SHARE.

    Again, after years of losing weight and gaining it back, am especially pleased about the weight loss I’ve been able to maintain the last 3 years with a number of behavior changes and am excited to resume this journey with all of YOU to get to my actual goal. With that said, we need to be aware. 5:2 is a great idea for weight loss but likely does nothing to prepare us for the real world of getting older, needing less calories, and maintaining our weight (really not sure how many folks practice 6:1 for the rest of their lives).

    The good news is that WE can be victorious over our challenges with food and drink, even though they never go away. Appreciate all of YOU so much for the wonderful support this forum brings (thanks so much @xamos!). You are one of the two main motivations in my weight loss journey!

    Apologies for the soapbox/soliloquy, hope everyone has a great weekend!

    Happy Friday FSGAC group,
    Well today is a victory – as I am 1.4lb lower than my lowest or from the start of the month which feels great. That being said…I have a weekend coming up that includes lots of friends, activities and food and drink!
    So @lessofme – I completely understand what you are saying and I for sure drink my calories often! Sometimes planning more for that then for food! I have been looking forward to the weekend as friends are coming from out of town, but dreading at the same time! Our plan was for outdoor winter activities…Today I will ICE GOLF! Tomorrow we were supposed to snowmobile and ski – but we are having record highs in the high 40’s and maybe 50 so the snow will diminish quickly, I fear that we will spend more time eating and drinking instead of our fun winter plans.
    We are having a dinner party tomorrow – to watch the fireworks display for our :Polarfest – I know there is a veggie tray coming and I will focus on that!

    Good luck and good weekend to all…I am praying to maintain here!

    Happy Weekend my lovely groupies,

    So I sit here on a dull Saturday morning at work, I’ve been here since 4am and hopefully will be finished by noon! I hope so anyway! This week has been a total roller-coaster for me. However yesterday’s FD went amazing and I am a whole LB less this morning so I’m back on track at last.

    @lessofme34 That is such a good point. Alcohol has always been my downfall, I don’t have an issue with it as I can say no and I don’t reach for it in the mornings. However I do find that my relationship with it isn’t maybe in a great place, the same with food. I turn to them both for an emotional reason. Whether that be happy of sad they both tick the boxes. I wish I did the same with exercise. However thank you for sharing some great words!!

    Thank you to all of you who have given me some excellent worlds of advice, its really does mean a lot and has certainly helped me get back on track!

    Enjoy your weekend with your loved ones, and stay away from too much booze haha!! xx

    Day 16 – NFD
    Day 17 – FD
    Day 18,19 – NFD
    10k steps – 1 day streak

    Well I did make my step goal on Thursday, but not Friday, so I’m back to a one-day streak (Saturday). Must do better!

    Feeling tired and somewhat grumpy, so I’m afraid this update is short and sweet. Hopefully the weather will be better tomorrow (constant drizzle affects my mood), and also that I’ll be able to access my favourite walking spots again soon (there has been a big fire in the local hills, so bad weather is actually good news in that sense).

    Oh – @lessofme34, you asked about strategies to stop drinking your calories… One of my main high calorie drinks used to be hot chocolates when catching up with friends for coffee (I don’t actually like coffee). Also homemade ones at home on a winter night – so warming and yummy. Anyway, once I discovered how many calories they contained, that pretty much stopped! I now mostly drink tea when I want something hot, and only have a hot chocolate occasionally (probably a couple of times a year).

    I’m fortunate that I don’t much like juice or fizzy drinks, so they’ve never been a problem. Also Christchurch water is delicious, so it’s no hardship to drink it πŸ™‚

    For alcohol – driving somewhere is a really good way to ensure I drink very little, since I need to be able to drive home. And as you say, being aware of the calories in it means that I just don’t think it’s worth it on a daily basis – I’d rather eat those calories! Finally – as pointed out in Legally Blond – ‘exercise gives you endorphins; endorphins make you happy; and happy people don’t kill their husbands’. Not that I have a husband, but I do exercise almost every evening (climbing, pole dancing etc), and that tends to fix my mood if I’m grumpy and stressed from work, and it’s good for me too!

    I’m BAAACCCKKKK…last week in Austin Texas was filled with meetings, wonderful food, wine and I worked SO hard to maintain a 1500 calorie day. After the sales meetings my husband and I went to Corpus Christi on the Gulf Coast and ate marvelous seafood every day. Fish tacos, peel and eat shrimp both cold and hot…

    I even packed my workout clothes/shoes which never saw the light of day (next time I won’t even take up space with that farce).

    Needless to say I am FASTING today and Monday,Wednesday and Friday to try to get a grip, step on the scale and not fall apart in tears. My clothes still fit today and I feel pretty good but the scale will be the final word as well as the measurements. I was down 19# and fully expect that I may have gained a couple back…(((praying in earnest))).

    Lessons learned:
    1 ~ Don’t even bother packing workout clothing to a sales meeting
    2 ~ Stay home within the controlled environment of food
    3 ~ The scale does not determine ME
    4 ~ I had a GREAT time and my bed feels SOOO good!

    Good morning All,

    Happy Monday! While it is President’s Day here in the U.S., my company doesn’t do the second tier holidays (we get extra personal days on top of vacation days) but should be a quiet work day. Did enjoy my long weekend though (took Thursday afternoon and Friday off). Friday, met my beautiful wife in DC for dinner and amazingly did not finish my dinner even though it was not huge (biscuit, bowl of gumbo, and a mediocre appetizer I did not finish), although definitely not low calorie and took leftovers home (half a bowl of gumbo). Ended up eating doing some dumb snacking after dinner Saturday night, which I had not done for a long, long time. (Still annoyed but moving on). Rebounded well with a PFD on Sunday. Exercise was good this past weekend – 6 mile run (10.5 minute pace – solid pace for me) Saturday and weight training yesterday.

    @karlanz – nice feedback with drinking calories. Drinking water may be my only “natural” good caloric intake habit (others have been developed over time/practice with more development needed). What a cool idea using driving as a strategy for moderation! I certainly do that when I drive but never as a reason to limit calories, thanks!

    @wellme – welcome back! Sounds like you had a great time in Texas and overall practiced some solid eating choices – still enjoyed some meals without turning it into an eat-a-palooza!

    Hope everyone else had a great weekend!

    Morning FSGAC friends πŸ™‚ how are we all?

    My sister made it safely back to Reading yesterday, it literally feels as though she was here for about 24 hours! The time went so quickly. I’m ready to close out February with a successful week and a bit and get back on track.

    I’ve had a gain unfortunately of 1.4kg so lets see how much of that is water and how much will be more stubborn..

    @willworkforhealth hope you’re doing well πŸ™‚ thanks for providing your other numbers!

    @tiffoz oops how annoying.. that cake sounds so good though! I hope you’re back to being able to do your normal exercise soon.

    @hippyhayles oh dear I hope you’re doing better now and I hope you had a successful weekend πŸ™‚

    @lessofme34 glad you’re doing so fantastically well πŸ™‚ similar to others, I’m lucky in that I don’t particularly enjoy fizzy drinks or alcohol but I do like to indulge in those high calorie coffees sometimes. Good idea to think of coping strategies for every day, i’m going to get my thinking cap on!

    @grins amazing news on the weight loss! I hope this weekend was fun and you’ve managed to maintain your great success.

    @karlanz I hope the weather’s improved and you’re feeling a bit better πŸ™‚

    @wellme welcome back πŸ™‚ sounds like you had a great trip, this last week of February will be great at any necessary damage control!


    Day 20 – FD
    Day 21,22 – NFD
    10k steps – 4 day streak

    Had a good FD on Monday, and have managed to get my steps back on track, which is excellent. Definitely fell off the healthy eating wagon over the weekend, but trying to get back on now, as well as walk off the naughty food (mostly chocolate and chips/crisps).

    Site visits today and tomorrow for work, but avoided my staple work trip lunch of a pie, so that’s already a win, and went for a long walk this evening geocaching – just walking around a town has never appealed that much, so having an actual goal is great πŸ™‚

    Afternoon everyone.

    Still a very busy group, this is nice to see. You all are doing very well!

    Thank you for your kind words re my mother, she is a soldier, very proud of her.

    My FDs this week will be 22nd, 23rd and 24th of Feb. The rest are NFDs.

    The weekend was not great once again but I am determined to continue.

    Happy Tuesday FSGAC group,
    Well the weekend was detrimental to my successful weight drop…I am up today – but today is a FD – so I am going to see how quickly I can bounce back. I feel so hungry right now – so I am writing and then I will do some stuff to keep busy. My company was so fun this weekend. I live in an area that is mostly summer fun, many cabins on lakes that are closed up for winter, but this weekend my neighbors that I have known my whole life and my friend that is a lifelong family friend…our dads were BFF’s, our sisters are BFF’s and we are as well, I walked her to kindergarten and now we both have kids the same age and we are doing our best to have them be lifelong friends as well. Anyway – we had a great time..eating and drinking way too much! It amazes me how little control I have when the wrong foods are put in front of me! Food addict?
    Anyway – I am so glad to have this group, I knew I needed to check in and be in check or I think today, I may have just said to hell with it.
    I will stick to my FD today and Thursday. This weekend – my husbands birthday and working the volleyball concession stand…yippee…ugh!!!
    @xamos – glad you had a great time with your sister!!!
    @wellme – I know those lessons as well…I will probably continue to pack those damn clothes though…!~!~
    OK – Feb is almost over and I am not where I want to be…must show a loss, must show a loss…finish strong, finish stong!!!
    Good luck all!

    Oh my I have been slacking so much. Not a single FD since my last update. I have been reading all your updates though and it is helping me get my head in the right space – I hope! I am just in this place of wanting to indulge all my whims! This ends now.

    I like the idea of finishing strong, Grins!

    Good Morning People!
    Day…12 & 13 both were Fast Days
    Today, Tuesday is NFD

    I was finally brave enough to get on the scale this morning after two straight Fast Days AND a workout!

    I am now at 154.4 SO that means I gained less than a pound while in Texas. Whew! I’m glad I waited to weigh myself.

    This reminds me there IS HOPE when away from home, traveling and eating out.

    Yes, I drank too much wine and perhaps next time I’ll eat more greens…another day!

    Hi FSGAC friends,
    I also gained over the weekend. Too much cider, ice cream, cake and snacks on Sunday (250g of ice cream has a lot of calories, fat and carbs!) and we went out on Saturday to a restaurant. Saw a movie too, Hacksaw Ridge, which was really good though the violence was overwhelming.
    Today and yesterday 20 and 21 Feb were FD. I Am trying to fast properly. Still managed a tiny piece of chocolate though!
    Will weigh self tomorrow morning.
    @wellme, well done for restraint while travelling. Impressive!
    @willworkforhealth, there is alway tomorrow and it is encouraging to keep up with everyone on this site.
    @grins, family and friends are such fun, it seems necessary to allow some down time in your diet. I suppose 5:2 is supposed to be about not dieting all the time. I struggle with this too as it seems my weekend overindulgence does negate progress. Still, if I wasn’t fasting at all I would be worse off.
    @tanchora having watched Hacksaw Ridge over the weekend, I think being a soldier must be very challenging, to state the obvious.
    @karlanz , pie is amazing comfort food. There is something nice about pastry, but I suppose anything carb-y would do. I made a lovely apple cake, and a kidney bean veggie lasagne. The cake is now mostly in the freezer as we have no excuse during the week! Trying hard to be virtuous…
    @xamos I know what you mean hoping the gain is water. In my case it’s ice cream and cake!
    @lessofme it takes will power to turn down a restaurant starter even if it’s no good! I left half my nachos on our Sat night out! I dislike wasting food.
    Best of luck this week everyone.

    Good morning everyone

    Well, I’m off to Bali this morning and back Sunday night. My food has been terrible all week which I blame for standing in the scales after a FD and not seeing a loss. I was under 500 cals so couldn’t understand the number staring back at me! I then decided to avoid the scales and focus on my clothes fitting better and just eating healthy. Like everyone else we have had too many social events, wine and not enough excercise so I collapsed in a heap!
    Anyway, Warm weather, tropical fruit and lots of walking the streets and beaches of Bali will hopefully re-energise me and get me back on track. A reality check when I put the bathers on is coming up!
    I hope you all get back on track or continue with the great work. We all feel so much better when we follow the program and see results.

    Hi all,
    My weight is 56.7 today so the gain is my motivation to stop over-indulging at weekends. the reason for overeating may be that I weight myself too often. If I show a loss I interpret it as permission to eat more, which is wrong. Let’s see if I can do better next week! Also I don’t enjoy overeating and I did it on purpose last weekend,

    I may have to lower my cal allowance to 400 cal on fast days. As I’m not tall or athletic, perhaps i am overestimating my calorie needs.

    We are going to a party on Friday. I am the designated driver, and volunteered for the role. I get drunk easily and people can tell so I am better off abstaining.

    I recall that someone in the group said they drive as a method of controlling alcohol consumption – yes, me too. And I also count 125ml of wine or 25 ml of spirits as 100 cal. So at weekends I try to budget 500 cal for drinks. This is difficult as it leaves not a lot for food! So I sometimes try to eat just once a day over the weekend, I find drinking alcohol causes snacking too.

    Looking forward to a good result next week and i have plenty of good intentions today.


    hello people,

    Sounds like you are all doing fantastic at the moment, we clearly all know what our downfalls are but maybe we all just stuglle to stay away from them.

    My week is going good so far, my weight is coming back down after putting a little on so im happy. However, I have been focusing so much on what the scales say that I had forgot about how my clothes feel. Well, that was until sunday, I got some very old jeans out and though I would just “try” them on and BOOM!!! They were actually a little big but I ended up wearing them all day and felt AMAZING!

    So lets keep going people, its not all about the scales its about those inches too!!

    @xamos cant you update me please FD are mon, wed, fri this week.


    Happy Wednesday Friends!

    Had two solid NFD eating days in a row, tracking my calories in MFP. Work was light enough that I wrapped up early and ended up going to a Presidents Day cookout with my awesome wife at her cousin’s home. Had 800 calories available for dinner and while I did not have a light plate, did not go crazy and did not snack! Also, used @karlanz idea to abstain from drinking as the designated driver… when asked if I wanted a margarita, I said I “wanted” 10 but was going to pass. Drank water and had a great time.

    Got in some weight training yesterday morning and hoping to run at lunch (another beautiful day in February in Maryland/DC area – weird but I’ll take it). Definitely looking for another solid day of meeting calorie goals for today.

    @xamos – guessing you and your sister had a blast given that the time passed so quickly. Hope your having an excellent week!!

    @tanchora – u may want to avoid consecutive FDs. One of the cool things about 5:2 is the strategy to not allow sufficient time for your body to slip into starvation mode where it burns fewer calories. Consecutive FDs defeats this concept. Nevertheless, Hope your eating goes well this week!

    @grins – Hope your week and FDs are going well and great point – lets all finish February strong!

    @karlanz – excited you are well on your way to another amazing walking streak! Keep up the good work!

    @willworkforhealth – hope you’ve been able to maintain during ur NFDs – that can be a major victory!

    @tiffoz – Have fun!

    @smeagle – wow, great self-reflection. Intrigued by your comment “permission to eat”. For several years, I found good scale results would trigger a “celebrate with food” mentality. Have really made progress at finding non-food rewards but definitely still have to be on guard. Amazing the self-sabotage many of us who struggle with overeating employ. Is it that folks like us don’t enjoy overeating or that we love it in the moment and, of course, regret it afterwards?

    @hippyhayles – Awesome!! Wow, that is sooooo cool about your clothes being looser πŸ™‚ Your success is inspiring (have a huge smile after reading your post) … fantastic!!!

    Hey all πŸ™‚ apologies for not posting for a while, I was really focusing on having a successful fast day yesterday and didn’t want to update myself on the spreadsheet too soon as this for some reason gives me some kind of subconscious excuse to cheat!

    @karlanz glad you’re making good food decisions πŸ™‚

    @tanchora keep going πŸ™‚ we’re all here with you

    @grins I hope you’ve had a couple of better days!

    @willworkforhealth I know what you mean.. I’ve given myself waaaay too many days off this month!

    @wellme congrats on maintaining pretty much all of your hard work πŸ™‚

    @smeagle I’m starting to think mine was rather cake based too.. it’s not budging!

    @tiffoz Have a great holiday πŸ™‚

    @hippyhayles amazing success with your jeans πŸ™‚ well done!


    Also forgot to mention i’ll be posting the March group up in the next couple of days, not sure how everyone feels about doing the group again but i’ll see what kind of response we get πŸ™‚ will post a link here when it’s up, and close out this month with final figures.

    I’d like to be added for March. Looking to lose 10 lbs a month. I found if I fast for another 3rd day it helps to clear away immune system problems and depression. So far so good.

    NFD Day 23
    Down total of 20 pounds!

    Very happy!

    Fasting tomorrow! Keep going cause it’s not hard … well until 3:00 pm

    Sorry, slight correction for me…
    Fast Days Feb. 19, 20, 22, 24, 27.

    Yes, I want to be in the group for March. I’ve lost 4 pounds this month…so far. My sister took me shopping and I bought some tight jeans…not used to wearing them yet and hoping to still lose 3 more pounds. Very happy with FASTING!

    Thanks ALL esp. @xamos

    Good morning all!

    I just wanted to pop in and tell you all that I successfully fasted on Monday and Wednesday this week, have smashed my Feb target of 170lb! I’m now weighing in at 168.4!!

    @xamos I’d really like to join the group for March please.

    Thanks to everyone who offered me advice regarding exercise on fast days.. I am looking into changing up my routine to make sure that making this way of life is a sustainable change moving forward.

    Morning all,

    Wow what great result you’ve all had! Im a little disappointed with mine but never mind im still lighter than I was at the start of the month.

    Todays weight in im 17st 9lb… again, so at least im back to my lightest. Just goes to show what a bad month can do, ive gone up and come back down again, annoying as Ive lost 8lbs but I put on and lost so in total its only 3 lower than when I started. I still have a total lose of 25lb so not all bad!

    @xamos please add me for next month

    Hey everyone,

    When I post the new group if everyone can post their interest there i’ll add people as they do so πŸ™‚

    I’m feeling quite fed up today unfortunately.. I really want to have a great month in March but i’ve totally fallen off of the wagon and am struggling to pull myself back onto it. I feel as though I need a one-on-one accountability buddy, someone that I can text throughout the day over whatapp or something. If anyone would be interested i’d love to hear from you πŸ™‚ @hippyhayles maybe you’d like to join me? I want to do ADF.

    @okeydokey really glad it’s helping your health problems πŸ™‚ see you next month.

    @wellme apologies if those missed fast days was my oversight! I think i’m going to ask for a slightly different format to posting next month to make it easier for me to keep track of the spreadsheet.

    @angela80 amazing well done πŸ™‚ you’ve smashed it this month! I don’t seem to have spreadsheet data for your for the past week or so, maybe you want to start fresh next month?


    @xamos I found that asking people to post their update at the very top and then add whatever they like a couple lines down really helped.

    I have had NO fast days except for that one Wednesday way back. haha But being a part of this group has really helped me inch my way back to eating the right foods and staying within my TDEE. I’ve noticed anytime someone mentions my progress I think “Awesome! Someone noticed. I can indulge now!” I must stop throwing my goals out of the window based on other peoples opinions.

    I loved hearing of all your progress and hope to see you all in the March group!

    @xamos Id love to buddy up! Ive sent you a link on FB messenger

    Hello FSGAC group, Sorry it has been a couple of days – I have been working on getting back to that number I was at last Friday, which 1 week later (today) I finally reached again…just in time for the weekend! UGH! This weekend will be a better – but I still have my husbands birthday..!! At least not an entire weekend of indulgence.
    So yesterday was sort of a sad day – it would have been my BFF’s birthday 54, instead she passed of cancer at 42. So – I always write on her caringbridge page and to her two kids, makes me sad. Then last night I find out another really good friend has lymphoma and it is in her bone marrow as well. So – I was blown away with this news especially yesterday. As I was considering her fight ahead…I thought of my own pitiful self – and that I just want to lose some weight and can’t even do that.
    So – I am pledging here to fight with my friend…against my obesity. I want to be healthy and not have foot and knee aches because I am carrying around too much weight. I am going to finish Feb. strong – not like I would have liked, but hopefully 4 + maybe 5 lbs down.
    @xamos – MARCH – for sure, I am a long way from my goal and have found new ambition so yes, please I will be in. Also I had a FD Monday and Wednesday – next week – this month will be Monday.
    All of the people on this group are wonderful – we all have a similar goal – I think it is helpful when people put tips on, things they find make it easier. I made some sugar free jello yesterday because I often want something sweet after dinner – I don’t need much – but it is low in calories and is very sweet.
    @Hippy – I am disappointed in mine too, but your 25LB – is so wonderful, I look forward to being there! I am down 9.4 from my start….
    @angela80 – fantastic job!!!
    @wellme – Great job for you as well!!! 20LB!!!
    OKAYDOKEY – I want to add a 3rd day – but have not managed, maybe now I will work it in.
    @lessofme – good job at your cookout – it does help to be the DD – tonight my daughter has VB and I am glad because I will have to drive her and wont be able to sit home and drink wine all night!
    EVERYONE – again – finish strong, we can do this!!!!

    Day 23 NFD
    Day 24 FD
    Day 25,26 NFD
    10k steps streak – 1 day

    Had an unhappy tummy in Thursday (kept wanting to throw up), so there goes my steps streak again πŸ™ although I did a lot of walks yesterday, and my average over the last 7 days is more than 10k, which is good.

    Going to try and make this weekend better than last weekend for eating choices! I weighed myself Thursday morning, and had put on weight πŸ™ Not happy about that, but it’s my own fault for eating junk on my NFDs, and not doing enough hill walking…

    @grins – really sorry to hear your bad news πŸ™ Good on you for trying to use it in a positive way in your fight for weight loss.
    @willworkforhealth – yes, being part of this group really helps me – even though I’ve fallen off track, I’m motivated to get back into the right habits, largely due to everyone here. Otherwise I’d probably have just stayed fallen (if that makes sense).
    @angela80 – I’ve found I can exercise on FDs, depending on what I do, and when I eat. Things I’ve found that work for me: a run first thing in the morning, climbing in the evening (I eat for the first time when I come home), and pole dance after eating dinner (which is my first and only food for the day). I’ve found if I try to do pole dancing without eating first it’s a total disaster…

    Hi all,

    March’s challenge is up here:

    See you all there πŸ™‚

    Quiet weekend for postings…hope everyone had a good weekend. I am happy to say that I am up only 1 slight lb from the weekend, mostly from a big birthday dinner last night for my hubby. So – I think it will come off quickly and it is not a weeklong ordeal to undo my weekend. I have a FD today – so by end of month tomorrow – hoping to show a 5lb loss for the month – again not what I had hoped for at the beginning of the month – but I have had to make up for some bad behavior! At least it is a loss!!
    Hope to see you all in March as well!

    Yes! I am ready for March and want to stay with the group.

    Puyallup, Washington
    Starting weight 153
    Goal weight 150
    Fast Days: Monday, Wednesday, Friday
    Workout days: Monday, Wednesday, Friday ~ HIIT

    Doesn’t seem like much but the last few are the hardest to lose and MAINTAIN!!!

    Love this group, thanks for adding me! Look forward to many changes and challenges this month. Stay strong ALL!

    Good morning all,

    Well I’m back to reality after a few relaxing days in beautiful Bali. Being really hot and humid I drank beer every day and had two ice creams while I was there. Not much snacking but not much salad either because it’s washed in their water which we need to avoid. We walked more than 10,000 steps each day but my weight is now 74.7 kg. I got down to 73.5 kg earlier in the month but then fell off the wagon before our holiday.
    Please add me for March. This is a non birthday month for our family leading up to 5 birthdays in April!
    My plan is to hit my goal weight of 70 kg by the end of March.
    It’s great to read all your posts. Everyone has ups and downs but we’re all battling on and the support is awesome.

    Hi all!

    Thanks all for the well wishes, I’m super chuffed with my progress and I am really motivated to smash March!

    @xamos I’m sorry I fasted on Monday and Wednesday of last week, and yesterday.
    I will also fast on Wednesday this week, and every Monday and Wednesday throughout March.

    My weight today is 167.9lbs, and my goal for the end of March will be 163lbs.

    Yesterday was incredibly successful for me, my mindset was in the zone. I drank black coffe, green tea, and water at work, had soup for lunch (157 cals), then hit the gym after work, protein shake before shower and bed.
    I woke up feeling fabulous this morning and I can eat today!

    I have always stuck to a miserable restrictive calorie diet, and I am really loving being able to relax about food on NFDs. Last week I ate (on separate occasions)pizza, cinema hotdogs and popcorn, m and ms, fruit cider and a cooked breakfast…. ALL of which I would never have allowed myself to eat in the past. And I broke a weight loss plateau I’d held for 6 months!

    I’m not saying those food choices are the new way for me to eat on NFDs, but it’s so nice to know that I haven’t outdone a whole week’s work enjoying time with my family.

    I love food. This way of life allows me to love food. Therefore I love this way of life.


    @willworkforhealth thank you for your tip πŸ™‚ i’ve put a little paragraph explaining on the March group, will you be joining us?

    @wellme I’ll add you to the next group πŸ™‚

    @angela80 don’t apologise! I get it, so glad this is really working for you.


    See you all in the March group!

    FSGAC friends, last day of the month and tomorrow a new month..YEA!!! I had a successful FD yesterday – although I have not gotten any exercise for the past few days – so I need to step that up for sure!!! So – I am ending the month with a weight of 209.8 started at 213.2, only a 3.4 loss, but a loss. 6.8 since the start. My goal for the end of March will be 200, I know this will be tough with ski trip so I am adding an extra FD to my next couple of weeks before ski trip and I must exercise so that my knees will be able to handle skiing!
    I hope to see you all in March!

    Hi all – final post for the month!

    Day 27,28 – NFD

    I’m in London at the moment for a meeting, so I won’t be fasting this week at all (I’m afraid there are limits to my self-control when free food is available). However, I shall try to make healthy food choices, and already had some success on the trip over here. I could have been better, but I both drank less alcohol and ate less sweets less than normal (free lounge access is lovely, but it’s easy to be unhealthy).

    Anyway, as I’m over here I can’t do a final weigh for the month. However, it’s safe to say I won’t have reached my goal, although I will have overall lost weight – probably about 1.5ks I’m hoping, maybe closer to 1kg though.

    See you all in March, thank you so much @xamos for running this again, it is honestly much appreciated:)

    Okay, looks like I need to fill in some gaps in the spreadsheet. Yes, goal this month is 3#

    March 1 & 3 ~ FD
    March 2, 4, 5 ~ NFD
    March 6, 8, 10 ~ FD
    March 7, 9, 11, 12 ~ NFD

    Thanks for including me and adding the information! Hugs!

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