February Challenge

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  • Day 20 Melb Aust FD800

    Have kept to my calorie limit today, after yesterday became a TDEE, so feeling happy with myself.

    @cateaus, Re how many calories you eat, 500 or 800, you have to work out what best suits you. I tried 500 cals, but it was just the wrong amount for me. I’d like to do water fasting, but I have meds I have to take, and I have trouble swallowing them without food, so I upped my calorie count to 800 and find I manage better. That’s mainly one main meal, and possibly a small snack in the afternoon or mid-evening. The best thing is to experiment to find what works. If you go the 800 calories route, weight loss will be slower unless you try for 3 FDs per week.

    @funshipfreddie, Happy belated birthday. Hope it was a good one, and also that it doesn’t take you too long to repair the damage 🙂 .

    @flourbaby, happy birthday in advance for the not to be mentioned Monday birthday 🙂

    Onward and downwards everyone!

    Day 20 Oxfordshire, UK – FD
    Oh dear, DH opened some wine last night. His 92 yr old mum had a fall, so the afternoon was a bit stressful. However, no major harm done. All bones intact, just her confidence shaken.
    So today I will have another attempt at a FD. Sometimes you just have to roll with it.
    @daffodil2010 – glad you’re feeling better
    @brightonbelle – re extra calories, sometimes your body is telling you it needs something extra. Depends on what you choose to eat. I read soemwhere that if you reach for fruit thats ok, but if its a biscuit you dont really need it.
    Adding myself to the pocket list.
    Pocket list day 20

    Day 20, Cheshire UK NFD

    well yesterday’s FD was taken over by an invite to an Italian restaurant for dinner. After frantically googling the dishes and calorie counts I was pleasantly surprised I had a choice of dishes around the 500 cal mark. All was going well until the wine was opened followed by vodka ‘nightcap”. This is what I like about this WOL, I can just change my FD to tomorrow with no harm done.

    @flourbaby have a great time in Spain – warmth and sunshine I really want to go somewhere hot. @daffodil2010 yes you’ve sent another storm across the Irish Sea. For the umpteenth time this month it’s blowing a gale and pouring down. I’m so over February, it can just go away and let March in.

    Happy Thursday everyone.

    Day 20 Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 FD

    @funshipfreddie belated birthday greetings, hope you had a fabulous day celebrating 🥳

    Joining in on the FD500 v FD800 v WFD I think we have to experiment a little and find out what suits us best. I really wish I could do WFD as I could then perhaps move onto 6:1 for maintenance but I just don’t function well without food. Some FDs are easy at 500 calories, but most FDs I feel the need for 800 which allows for a satisfying brunch and dinner. I don’t think I would still be in maintenance if I hadn’t experimented and discovered what is doable and sustainable for me to stick with forever. I refuse to go back to the weight I was!

    @flourbaby enjoy your trip to Spain, let your inner warthog and wine dragon have a little fun 😉. Best wishes for a very happy birthday on Monday 🎂🥂🥳💐😎

    Keep on keeping on everyone 😊

    USA Day 20 FD

    CateAus, yes, that’s the article! I am so glad you found it and were able to post it here. People often post good articles for us to read but I seem to be too incompetent with technology to be able to get something posted here! Thank you!

    I am joining the pocket list again today!

    Pocket list day 20

    I have been on a dry February but like many of us that wine dragon is chasing me. It’s one of those habits I picked up and can’t lose!! I am making a paper copy of the NYT article and maybe by reading over and over, I will find a way to deal with it. My evening glass of wine has always been a nice way to unwind but does work against my weight loss! 🙁

    Ohhh! I hope I can get back in my Spring and Summer clothes, too!

    @daffodil2010: So glad you’re feeling better and back at work. You sound happy.
    You can always fore-warn me of the weather to come too, ready for my deliveries!

    The stormy weather and horrible rain reached us just as I set off out on my delivery at 9am and cleared just as I finished at about 1.30pm!!! Typical….we all got drenched and cold. My clothes are drying on the radiators, my shoes are in the airing cupboard.
    There some blue sky and sun now I’m sitting at home, would you believe.

    Day 21, Tas, Aus FD
    @snowflake56. I think maybe I would do the same, so sticking to 500, but maybe going over a little bit occasionally might be safer for me too.
    @FUNSHIPFREDDY- Glad you had a good birthday, but I think I’m also glad you haven’t told us what you ate 🙂
    @Daffodil2010- glad you are starting to come right. The weather over there sounds horrendous.
    @FlourBaby- I think I would be the same with 800. I think I need the restriction & my system seems to breathe a sigh of relief.I love that quote about self love. I give myself such a hard time & have to remind myself constantly to be kinder to myself.
    @BetsyLee- My weight-loss is very slow, so I won’t be doing any 800 cal FDs. I had just been checking out the Fast 800 & I think that’s having 800 cals every day for up to 12 weeks & then 2 FDs of 800, instead of 500. I have abandoned even the idea of that for now as too hard.
    @suki2- That is one thing I really love about 5:2, the rolling with it. FDs can be changed easily. Glad your MIL is ok after the fall.
    @Missybear- I think I have settled into the 500 cal FD, but will allow myself a bit extra(50) if absolutely necessary. How wonderful that you are in maintenance. I’m looking forward to being back there. If only I had slipped straight into 6:1!
    @ccco- You’re welcome. That wine at the end of the day is my dragon too. It’s a habit that I really enjoy. I don’t miss it one little bit on FDs though.

    I am staying off the scales for a whole month. I am going to assume that I am losing weight & that will help keep me motivated. I am picturing that visceral fat disappearing.

    Today’s pocket list-

    Day 21 – Japan – WFD #14 in 2020

    I’m feeling a bit hungry, but just a bit. I did reduce what I eat over the last 3 days by about 400 calories a day. However I think the slight hunger is because I wasn’t able to workout much today.

    Day 20 – NFD – Ireland
    Day 21 – NFD

    Checking in and wishing you all the best for the day ahead.

    Happy belated birthday @funshipfreddie and hope you have a great birthday trip @flourbaby!
    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 21: Gloucestershire, UK, NFD:

    I’m hoping for a dry (ish) day on my deliveries after yesterday’s stormy weather. Also trying not to get out of control eating-wise after I get home. Most days I manage ok, not eating anything else after my (large) getting-home-from-work meal at around 2.30/3pm.

    Day 21 Pocket List:


    May all inner-warthogs be kept chained and caged today xx

    Day 21, Emden Germany, NFD

    @ccco and @cateaus thanks for the NYT article! I’m back to planks again after I get out of bed and try to think of brushing my teeth standing on one leg, already forgot it last night.

    @cateaus at FDs I try to stay close to 500cals, sometimes I end up at 350, sometimes its 600cals but it levels out at 500cals. The amount of cals seems to depend more on mood than hunger.

    @flourbaby have a great time in Spain, enjoy the warmer weather!

    Have a nice day everyone!

    Day 21 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    Another awful morning of wind and rain and cold and the forecast is for worse to come argh!!! @ciren2 you have probably left for work already so hopefully you don’t have another day of rain, rain, rain.

    Every day I am feeling better. Still listening to my body and keeping my strength up with nutritious foods but will hope to get back to fasting on Monday. It will be a new routine as DH is in his new job now with new hours and days off so I will have to work around that and/or get him to join me. We could both do with shedding a few pounds to be honest.

    We did the Dukan Diet together in 2013 and both of us lost over 50lbs each. Thankfully neither of us put all that back on again, but pounds have crept up.

    @i-hate-lettuce. Really looking forward to the rugby this weekend and the big one between us in Sunday 👍 The captain of the English team is the son of the manager of the Irish team!!! Some family get-together after the game on Sunday I would imagine 😄

    @flourbaby have a great time in Spain

    Have a great day everyone.

    Day 21 – Lake District (with even more lakes!) UK – NFD

    Good morning everyone

    Unfortunately another very wet one! We were out yesterday and it was dire coming home, roads that we drove going out some were flooded an hour later when we got back! But got back home we did, personally we are lucky it’s only flooded roads we have to put up with, really feel for those who have their homes flooded:(

    Settled into the routine properly again, although could do with more walking and gardening to help burn calories. The good news is my ‘weekend off’ last weekend followed by B2B x 4 saw the scales drop by a further pound at this mornings weigh in, that’s 3 lb this month so far. Very happy with that, even the warthog is snoozing in his cage!

    @flourbaby – enjoy Spain and the food and wine, book a seat on the wagon when you get home, you’ll soon drop any holiday weight gain, have fun.

    @daffodil2010 – I have to agree about feeling better as the weight drops and WOL improving, although not cut out alcohol completely, have really cut down, sleeping much better. Increased water has also helped, I used to suffer quite severe leg cramp occasionally at night, but not for quite a while now. Comment last time we were doing the weekly shop, trolley rather full, wife noticed the only thing ‘bad’ we had in the bags were a pack of cream crackers (mine) and a pack of rich tea biscuits (hers), much better, no crisps etc.
    Rugby weekend, oh yes, hope the weather doesn’t spoil the game, hope you enjoy it, always a tough game, modern game much better disciplined that it used to be and the guys much fitter!

    Take care all

    Day 21. NFD London UK

    I’m home. 6 weeks worth of not fasting to put right. Haul me back onto the wagon, someone! I’m heartily sick of the few clothes I took with me, and some of my others are a bit on the tight side….fasting Mondays and Thursdays from now on. Happy Friday everyone. H

    Day 21 Melb Aust FD800

    Did okay again today, maybe slightly over the 800, but not worried, nowhere near a CD and it followed a FD yesterday. Hope to see the benefit on the scales tomorrow morning.

    Onward and downwards everyone!

    Day 21, Cheshire UK, FD

    Yesterday was meant to be a NFD but turned into a 550 FD. So hoping to do my first b2b today. Weather here is awful, I’m struggling to get my daily walk in and the dogs are just looking at me reproachfully! @emma Taylor, welcome back. You sound like you have had an amazing time over the past few weeks. The wagon is waiting for you.

    Happy Friday everyone.

    Day 21 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Managed a pretty good 16;8 day yesterday. Hope to do okay today – off to Silver Sneakers shortly.

    Onward and downward.

    Day 21 North Canton OH WFD

    @flourbaby have fun in Spain and happy not-to-be-mentioned birthday, and yes I am sloshing in my boots. Adding pink salt to my WFD was a game changer 🙂

    @daffodil2010 so glad that you are feeling better, that was brutal times

    @Emmataylor welcome back!

    I am taking a 3 day trip to New Orleans with DH for our 19 year wedding anniversary. I plan to indulge in fun, food and alcohol while we are gone, and I will most likely be looking for friendly hands to pull me back on the wagon when I return 🙂

    Have a happy Friday friends and be kind to yourselves

    Day 21 pocket list
    @betsylee FD800
    @basyjames WFD

    @daffodil2010: We haven’t yet received your rain…just grey and windy here, so far. I shall be looking out for the rain then! Glad you’re getting better each day….getting over flu’ takes awhile, they say.
    @i-hate-lettuce: Raining in the Lake District too? Maybe it’s missed us then.
    @emma-taylor: Welcome home, and all ready to get back into the fasting habit.
    @saffy420: You got rain too? We must be the lucky ones today! Fingers crossed.
    @basyjames: Happy Wedding Anniversary, go ahead and indulge! We’ll pull you back next week xx
    @flourbaby: You didn’t mention a birthday, did you?

    Day 21 Canada NFD

    I am finally starting to feel better, miss the fasting though. I am back for my first fast in quite a while on Monday 😍. Don’t think I have gained lately which is good news, I am definitely a slow loser and fast gainer so that is a big win

    Happy birthday to @funshipfreddie and @flourbaby

    Day 21, VA, USA, CD maybe FD

    Fridays always start with fasting, then we’ll see about that last meal or if a cocktail happens.

    So far with 3B2B FDs that 6 or 7lbs I went up last week (yes I know the what the flux!) -4 has been shed… so still working on it.

    I’ve noticed a bit more snacking happening for me in this last month so must get that under control. When I was making strides I did notice I was NOT snacking. Even tho I’m snacking on healthy alternatives (carrots, celery, bell peppers) I think it still influences me to over eat my supper. So I’m working on changing the snacking habit back to a drink water habit. Which does so much better for me losing/maintaining weight.

    @lilymartin – toast and Vegemite sounds delicious.

    Feeling a bit distracted and out of sorts best post this while I’m still able to finish this sentence.

    Day 21, md, US NFD

    Woah day 21? Great news to report I’ve definitely lost some inches. I can’t wait to see what more progress I’ll make…. it’s only been 2 weeks!!!! So happy and couldn’t wait to share. Here’s to Friday and the weekend small wins!🥂

    Day 22,Tas Aust NFD
    @Snowflake- I think I’ll stick to aiming for <500 too.
    @i hate lettuce. The weather sounds truly awful. Well done on losing 3 lbs this month already.
    Yesterday’s FD went well as I made a really thick celery soup which sustained me for most of the day.
    I hope everyone has a great weekend!

    Day 22 – Japan – NFD

    Water fast #14 wasn’t as easy as norm but by late evening I was okay. This morning I was able to work out before eating. So it was a 38+ hour fast.

    Day 21 Ohio, US — NFD (63 bites)
    Day 20 — (71 bites)

    Just a quick check in before calling it a day. Yesterday I had another treatment for heel pain and that pretty much wiped me for the evening and led to eating a little more than usual, although no added sugars were included. Today was going to be a FD, but I’ve felt a little under the weather all day, so the fasting will have to wait until the morrow.

    Hope your weekend is off to a good start!

    Day 22: Gloucestershire, UK, NFD:

    Kept awake by high winds during the night, thankfully our rather high garden fence, which faces the prevailing westerlies, is intact…phew! I’m hoping to stay dry at work, although I note that when I let the dog out that the ground is wet.

    @cavanya: Sounds good to me….inches don’t lie, while scales can be a bit fickle at times!
    @matpi: Hope you’ll be feeling much better after a nights rest.
    @rabbette: NO snacking, NO snacking, right? Snacking…BAD!

    Must wash up the breakfast things and get to work.
    See you later xx

    Dsy 22, Emden Germany, FD

    @basyjames: Happy Wedding Anniversary, enjoy your stay in New Orleans!

    @emma-taylor welcome back to the fasting world!

    Pocket list day 22


    Have a nice day everyone!

    Day 22 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    Back to reality with a bump, gulp?! It’s ADF for the next week, I think. Depending on what the scales tell me tomorrow morning 🤨

    @i-hate-lettuce – enjoy the rugby!

    @basyjames – Happy Anniversary, & enjoy New Orleans!

    @flourbaby – enjoy your weekend in Spain!

    Have a good weekend everyone!

    Pocket List – Day 22 🍏

    Day 22 – NFD/EFS Ireland
    Second family funeral last night and today… and tonight we also have my best friends surprise birthday party…
    I am very tired and it’s been a very emotional week so the funeral meal and the party tonight will undo any baby steps I might have made this week… we are minding our mother and particularly my father around all this as he feels he is losing his pals – his family were very close and he can’t be at the funerals… so regret mixed in with the losses😢
    I’m conscious that at the moment things are either going really well for me or really bad FD wise… it feels like there is no “middling” and it’s frustrating as it is so hard to find any rhythm…
    Tonight was one of my preplanned nights on the booze because of the party so drink will be had… To be honest I’m not noticing a huge difference having stayed off drink for nearly two months and think focusing on staying off sugary treats and bread would serve me better… we’ll see
    Enjoy your day everyone whatever you are doing!
    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 22 – Lake District UK – NFD

    Good morning everyone

    @funshipfreddie – welcome back, hope you had a nice birthday break.

    @EmmaTaylor – @bellyblast – look forward to us all being ‘on the list’ Monday morning @Funhipfreddie – no doubt you’ll be there with us as well! Let’s hope we all have a good start to the last week of the month.

    @ciren2 – weather, grrrr, it woke me a few times during the night, wind and heavy rain battering against the window! I generally don’t hear much during the night, but this weather recently has been grim to say the least.

    @cavanya – losing inches really helps, especially if the scales don’t go down, they will follow. It helps the bit between the ears and just as encouraging.

    Two rugby internationals to watch this afternoon and one tomorrow (which should be a cracker England v Ireland) Wales play France today. Must win games for England and Wales, Ireland need to beat England to stay top of the table.
    I love it, apart from the World Cup, the Six Nations is a fantastic competition, never fails to excite!

    Big bright light in the sky! Going to head out for a quick MOAM walk followed by shopping.

    Take care all, have a great weekend.

    edited bit – @jaifaim – sorry to hear you’ve had a bit of a grim time recently, take care of your family.

    2nd post

    @jaifaim I’m so sorry you had such a rough week. I think, apart from physical and mental decline, one of the the hardest things of growing old, is losing so many of your companions. Take your time to get back to fasting, with or without alcohol or sugar, it will get better. Hugs and take good care of yourself x

    Day 22. NFD. London.

    Yesterday was the first day I’ve missed breakfast in quite a while. I’m going back to Monday and Thursday fasting, but I thought I’d have a try out of leaving my first ( only) meal of the day as late as possible. Had a coffee and not very nice Portuguese custard tart thing at about 5.30, then dinner with lots of veg at about 8. The hardest part was shopping for food mid afternoon. I had to remind myself that hunger passes, and it did. But I must carry water with me. I’m hopeless at drinking water. I don’t especially like it…

    Day 22 Oxfordshire, UK – NFD
    Day 21 NFD
    Day 23 NFD
    I know I’m getting ahead of myself, but I know I won’t have the opportunity to fast over the w/e as we have guests staying.
    However, the FD on Thursday, day 20, was successful and I’m at my lowest for the month. Have decide not to weigh myself until day 29 since I’m sure it will take all my will power to undo the ‘damage’ from this weekend.
    Have a great weekend.

    Day 22, Cheshire UK NFD

    Checking in. Weekend ahead and yet again it’s blowing a gale outside. We’re hoping to walk to the pub later for tea. I’ll try to stay off the vodka this time☺️.

    Have a great weekend every. To anyone watching the rugby – I hope your team does well.

    Day 22 Canton OH NFD

    Inches do not lie! I love that because it’s so true.

    The multiple waterfasts enabled me to hit a 2 year low on the scales just in time for my mardi gras trip. I intend to be mindful but not overly restrained on this trip following the style of @songbirdme

    @emmataylor have you tried flavoring your water just to get over your aversion to it. I know that can sometimes backfire though but it has worked for a couple of people I know. I personally hated drinking water when I first started my weight loss journey, I came around by gradually increasing my intake. Now it’s my favorite beverage because it’s a whoosh inducing superhero.

    Off to pack, I may check in from time to time but probably will not post until I return. Hold fast friends, it works 🙂

    USA Day 22 FD

    Hoping to end today with 528 calories, so am adding myself to the pocket list.

    Pocket List – Day 22 🍏

    Have a great day, everyone, and I hope the weather across the pond improves soon!

    Day 22 Ohio, US — MFD

    The fasting has gone well today, and the day has seen much less fatigue than yesterday.

    @ciren2 Thanks for the good wishes. Yes, today has gone well, hopefully there will be a lot more energy tomorrow.

    @basyjames Have a great Mardi Gras trip!!!

    @saffy420 Do you have vodka in your tea? Or tea with a vodka chaser? When I was in college the big thing to drink with vodka was orange juice, simply for the vitamin C, of course! 😉

    @emma Taylor Your mentioning of only one meal a day (OMAD) on the fast day brought to mind (albeit by a rather circuitous route) the infamous NOMAD diet: One meal per day starting at 8 AM and ending at 8 PM. (The N stands for Naughty.)

    The good news is that Spring/Autumn is less than a month away!!

    Day 22, md US, NFD

    A late post. Thank you @ciren2 and @i hate lettuce. I feel I may have sabatoged results from the last 1.5 days, my eating hasn’t been great. I hope to do better tomorrow.

    Day 23 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    Drat! 1.5kgs over my upper limit of 72kgs. So, back to basics, but 4:3 for the last week of February.

    @i-hate-lettuce – I got excited there for a moment, thinking you’d spotted a UFO or something! Then I realized that you were just talking about the sun😅. Yep, I’ll definitely be on the list tomorrow!

    Happy S🌞nday to everyone 🌈

    Day 23, Emden Germany, NFD

    yesterday’s FD didn’t happen but it’s fine. I think I’m overdoing it a bit, I have to take more time.

    Have a nice day everyone!

    Day 23: Gloucestershire, UK, NFD:

    Woken around 4.30am by yet MORE stormy weather and rain hammering on the window. Next door’s greenhouse looks a wreck but our fence is, thankfully, still standing, the flimsy carport roof is still, miraculously, attached! Our princess/lapdog had to be pushed out into the garden to do her business (I’m not even sure if she did, actually!)….I suppose this is to be yet another named storm, of which we’ve had one after another these last couple of weeks or more.
    @matpi: Aah yes, roll on SPRING!
    @snowflake56: Never mind, there’s always tomorrow.
    Same for you @cavanya: there’s always another day.

    Well, much as I don’t want to….I suppose I must drag the poor dog out for a walk. It seems more wind than rain at the moment.

    See you later xx

    Day 23. NFD. London
    Thanks for the advice on water drinking. I’ll try to up my intake.
    I can’t remember who recommended Eat Stop Eat but I’m reading it now and the message suits me just fine. I always think success at anything start with getting into the right frame of mind, and I like the author’s explanation of 24 hour fasts and how to do them successfully. So I’m changing my way of fasting from 500 calories spread out from bedtime on day 1 until breakfast on day 3 to the method of no calories at all, (within a 24 hour window), but still eating every day. e.g. fasting from 11 am until 11am the following day. Or am I being a bit stupid and that’s what a lot of people are doing already? Anyway, I’m going to give it a go. I might even add in some weight training. Gulp.

    Day 23 – Lake district UK – NFD

    Good morning everyone

    Quick call in this morning, heading out for a long walk (WITH waterproofs, I’ll get there one way or another!)

    Rugby yesterday, first game Italy v Scotland was poor, then second, what a cracker, Wales v France was edge of the seat stuff!
    England v Ireland this afternoon, a must win game for both sides, so could be tight, will be tough, either way, looking forward to it! Either way Beer WILL be involved!

    ‘See’ you all tomorrow

    Take care all

    Day 23, Cheshire UK NFD

    Finally the sun is out. I was beginning to think it was never going to come back. My new fence (replaced the one which blew away two weeks ago) is thankfully still standing – it’s only 5 days old. Our neighbours who shared the cost with us are away this weekend and will come back to find their other fence is down – oops. February has been an expensive month.

    We didn’t make the pub last night due to the weather so I cooked which brought anticipated calories down. For the day I remained within TDEE. Today will be controlled which in my world usually means I’ll just eat tea later and as it’s Sunday that will be a roast and veggies.

    Monday will be a FD.

    Have a good Sunday everyone.

    USA Day 23 CD

    Good morning, all! 🙂

    Did pretty well on yesterday’s FD, so today I am doing a CD. I am thinking a WFD should be on my horizon tomorrow.

    The weather in England sounds dreadful! Over here in the east of USA, we are having an unusual month for Winter! While we have had more than our fair share of rain, we’ve skipped snow for the most part. What little we had really didn’t even require shoveling (love that!), plus unusually warm weather for this time of the year overall. Even my tulips are up!! They really shouldn’t be until April!!

    Anyway, aside from any storms that you all are suffering through, I hope you are otherwise having a pleasant weekend!

    @emma-taylor: I’d love to read “Eat, Stop, Eat” (by Brad Pilon) but it seems to come as a kindle or audio “book”….is that right? Give me a “real” book any time. Call me old-fashioned. Is there a print version by him, do you know?
    I’m always looking for some fresh motivation. I found Jason Fung great but I still can’t get back to the wagon….it went out of sight ages ago!
    @saffy420: Yes! The sun came out here too…about 12.30pm…I walked the dog in the park. I hear that tomorrow is back to usual though….groan! Sorry you lost your fence.
    @i-hate-lettuce: Hope you didn’t get wet! Enjoy the rugby, and steady with the beer!
    @ccco: Tulips? That IS a bit on the early side……let’s hope you don’t get a late cold spell to ruin them.

    USA Day 23 CD

    Emma-Taylor and Ciren2, I do the eat stop eat plan. 24 hours fasts are recommended for older people anyway and I find fasting from 1 p.m. on day ending the next day at 1 p.m. This means a good portion of my fasting time is spent sleeping. That is very helpful and more sustainable for me! I just began my WF which will end tomorrow at 1 p.m. I still measure and weigh all my food of every meal because I don’t trust myself! LOL

    Anyway, everyone, carry on! 🙂

    @ciren2 – I think there is a paper version of Eat Stop Eat. I used to be the world’s biggest reader of books, but, to my shame, I got a Kindle and now only read on that. And ages ago, I joined a book club and it cured me of my love of reading fiction! How bad is that? We just read so much rubbish that now I pretty much only read non fiction. Anyways, I’ll let you know how I get on. @dykask is my role model!!!

    USA day 23 WFD

    I have been on my WF for some hours and am doing well. Almost faltered but stayed the course. Hope everyone has been doing well today. My kitchen is closed and many of you are already in bed but good night anyway!

    Day 23 Oregon NFD
    Day 22 NFD
    Day 21 FD
    Day 20 CD
    Day 19 FD
    Day 18 NFD
    Day 17 NFD
    Day 16 CD
    Day 15 FD
    Day 14 NFD
    Fell completely off of the posting wagon, but thankfully not the fasting wagon. Haven’t had a moment for the pleasure of reading anything on the forum:( just crazy work and life stuff. Comforting to know the power of the forum is there just waiting to be accessed! Good luck to anyone fasting tomorrow. Hoping to finish February strong? Yes we can!!

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