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  • Day 11 Canton OH Fast800

    Day 8/21 day challenge: 6 pounds down, Oh happy day!!!!
    I survived the weekend without reversing the gains I made during the week. I drank too much flavored water though, I have a weird feeling in my tum from all that flavored water!

    This week will be extra busy, so I have to get cracking. Stay strong everyone.

    Day 11 Ireland FD

    Yesterday was a NFD and we were at a friends for dinner, dessert etc and I think I ate far too much throughout the day. Very hard not to when in somebody elses house and so much nice food on offer!
    Managing today so far so fine, hot drinks to keep me going and planning chicken salad for dinner later, plus a walk/jog with a friend.

    Going to family later this week as its mid term and staying 6 days do it will be very hard to stay on track so i am thinking of trying to do another FD tomorrow or at least 800 for a few days.

    Second post:
    Scooping people up for the pocket list (it helps a little and I forget to add myself earlier)

    Day 11 Pocket List:

    USA Day 11 FD (water Fast day 2)

    I have never tried a water fast for more than one day before but now I am on my second day. It is very strange because I am not hungry, so it is going well.

    Just popping in to add myself to the pocket list.


    Have a great day, everyone!

    Day 11: Gloucestershire: UK: NFD
    @fatfingers: good to see you. Great that you’re still maintaining.
    @ccco: They say the second day is “easier”, don’t they? You are in fat-burning mode now, think of that.

    USA Day 11 FD (water Fast Day 20

    Just found the pocket list I should have copied. I didn’t see that one before.


    Hope everyone is having a great day!

    Day 11, UK, FD

    Yesterday was an awful day eating wise. Not only I had too much food, but in the evening I decided to have chocolate pudding too! I had a dodgy tummy all night and felt a bit sick, not sure if its food related 🙁 , but I am glad today is an FD. It makes me feel better 🙂 . I do 3 FDs a week, 800cal per day. It would have worked nicely and its easy really, if I didn’t binge on my NFDs 😡 . I have to make an effort to improve my NFDs, and all will be fine 🙂

    We talked about it last year here, and at that time it was already too late, about planting our own tomatoes. We have few experts in that field here who might be able to advise me if its a good time to plant them in March? I will be away first half of March, so I can’t look after them, but thought to plant them after I come back 🙂

    Lets do this together 💪

    Day 11 Pocket List:

    Day 0/ UK. 5:2 take 2 since 28/01/19. First peek at the forums since joining!

    I was previously following 5:2 for 6 months and doing well. I stopped when I became pregnant with my second child. She is now 2 1/2 and I’ve run out of excuses and faced the scales and the music! Thank you for posting your daily experiences, reading them is helping me limber back up for FD tomorrow. 🙂

    Day 11, Rocky Mountains, US, FD 800 cals

    Sunshine today after another snow storm. Took university shuttle to Tai Chi, then met DH on campus for coffee and walked back home.
    Weight is finally on the lower side of maintenance range. Closed kitchen at 4pm. Will continue with 800 cals FDs. Valentine’s Day will be an exception. Ordered chocolate covered strawberries and some eclairs from the new French pastry shop. 😊😊😊

    Hope everyone has a good Monday!⚘⚘⚘

    Day12, wellington NZ, NFD

    Yesterday’s weight blip disappeared today so back at 77.3. Celebrated by going out for a delicious pasta lunch and a glass of wine – why? Because I really, really, wanted to 😉

    Nil per mouth for the rest of the day though as OH out for dinner, so hopefully not as bad as it seems!

    Day 12, New Zealand, NFD
    Just clocking in, another beautiful sunny day. Hope to try Pilates tonight, have never been and am not very flexible, so may not be something I can do. Can only but try though.

    Day 11 Ohio, US — FD(#52)

    A good FD — yoga before work and a very hectic pace at work and right on through til now. Strange weather today — after getting 3 inches of snow by this morning, it warmed up to freezing and hovered there all day. We had something between a very heavy fog, a very light snow, or maybe just a freezing mist. In any case the atmosphere was very thick and whitish and quite frosty all day.

    Have a great day everyone!

    Day 12 – Ireland – FD

    Successful FD yesterday and heading ever so slightly downward again…
    trying for another FD today as have guests later in the week so may be derailed…
    Welcome @saraven if you are new to the challenge you should read @at s (leading us brilliantly through this challenge) first post on page 1 for tips on how to post and abbreviations used etc.

    Pocket list for today:

    Onward and downward ⬇️

    Day 12 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – FD

    Yesterday I was feeling quite blue, the whole thing with Dads health and trying to keep a stiff upper lip in front of him, plus the plateau that goes on forever, fed up of trying to be good…so even though I did not break fast until 2pm, by dinner time I decided to rebel.

    I had a ME night. My favourite comfort food is spaghetti bolognese. I cooked spaghetti, then rapidly cooled it down to cold, put it in fridge for a bit, then reheated it with some mince and chilli tomato chickpea sauce. Plus I had wine !! On a Monday!! On my own!! 😱 In front of the fire and a gardening programe!!!

    Went to bed feeling well and back on track…….and weighed 3lbs……LESS ……this morning. Guess I have just experienced the Whoosh Effect 😄
    I said thank you to the Universe for that surprise, then did my HIIT followed by my pre-dawn walk. Plan another walk at lunchtime. So, happy days.

    Back on track today, lentil soup with chicken bone broth currently on hob for tonight’s meal. I have decided to stick with 5:2 or 4:3 as the Fast 800 made me feel like I was on a diet like Weight Watchers again. The old ways are the best for me.

    @shinything I sowed my tomatoes a couple of weeks ago and they have germinated in their seed tray and happily sitting on the kitchen windowsill. I would suggest you get sowing now. But they should be ok end of March to sow for a later crop. Will they be indoors (greenhouse etc) or do you plan to put them outdoors? Definitely not outdoors in March in the UK I would also say. Whenever I had outdoor plants it was around June earliest when I planted them out…but we can get frosts here in midland Ireland up to May. Best of luck!

    @chipmunk13 you and me both with the pasta and wine yesterday 🍷

    Day 12, Emden Germany, NFD

    @dingping had to look up F&B “Elephant’s Breath”, it’s to be a lighter grey. Last night I was thinking about “Duck Shell Blue” and thought it to be a strange name, I seem to have combined different names. They do have beautiful colors, why don’t you buy a small pot in a color you like, paint it on a piece of wallpaper and hang it on the wall. We did it in the past, it worked, or not.

    @basyjames well done, the FD800 seems to work very well!

    @judyjudes I don’t want to sell any of the scarves, most of them were presents.

    @shinything I think @daffodil2010 and @bert1802 are experts on growing tomatoes, I’m certainly not, I had 12 tomatoes out of 18 plants last year. I also could use advice.

    @saraven welcome and good luck on today’s FD!

    Have a nice day everyone!

    2nd post

    @daffodil2010 I posted the same time as you. Do you prefer sowing to buying plants? Do I sow the seeds in soil or something else? Well done on making comfort food for yourself AND lose weight! We got back to normal spaghetti instead of Konjac ones, suddenly didn’t want those anymore. I also do the basic 5:2, worked well in the past.

    Day 12 – Perth AUS – 800
    Day 11 – 800
    Day 10 – 800
    Day 9 – 800

    Turns out you can plateau on Fast 800. Have no idea how that works as the calorie deficit is still there and have been in mild-moderate ketosis the whole time. Perhaps it is water weight. Will see if I lose anything in the next week.

    Day 12 Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 NFD

    After a good FD yesterday I felt brave enough to step on the scales this morning……oops birthday celebrations have resulted in a 3 lbs gain. Planning to be careful now until Friday when I have another celebration dinner to attend. Onwards 😊

    Day 12, London, UK, FD 800,

    I’ve been AWOL for a couple of days, busy, busy again.

    Sticking with the Fast 800 although I can’t really count Sunday or Monday ‘cause I got seriously derailed by the rugby (Full day hospitality means food & booze!!) I couldn’t say no really, but I could have been a little bit more mindful about the portions and NOT continued the indulgences the following day!!!

    Anyway, I’m not beating myself up about it, I just strapped myself back onto the wagon & I’m back on track!!

    @daffodil2010, looking after your dad and his needs is your top priority, but don’t forget about yourself!! The plateau can be lonely, but you know, if you just stick with it, with no pressure & no throwing the towel in, you’ll soon be moving in the right direction ………………… I’m sending some of my mojo to boost your resolve!!!! It’s good to have a ME day every now and then ……………………. It’s when you string 5 or 50 of them together that all hell breaks loose!!!!!

    @judyjudes, I had a similar issue with OMAD, the weight loss seemed to slow down drastically, now spreading my calories over 6-8hrs seems to have kick started things again, I’m sure someone here will offer an explanation!!! I’m just glad it’s working again!!!

    @missybear, your post has scared me, I’ve still got to negotiate the Birthday pitfalls on 24th!!!! ANXIUOS!!!!!

    Keep the faith people, we’ve got this …………………………… even if it’s just by the fingernails!!!!

    Day 12 Canton OH Fast800

    Day 9/21 day challenge
    Steps: 16537
    TRE: 16:8
    Calories: 1032
    Alcohol: Zilch
    Sugar: yes ( a little)

    So I slipped up a bit yesterday, I wandered around the kitchen after it was closed and had a vegetable salad, and a slice of cake for no reason except hubby was in there eating his dinner and having the same.

    I believe I will make up for it by reducing my calories today to 400 to even out both days.

    @saraven warm welcome the group 

    @daffodil2010 :) ME days are a must have every now and then
    @elektron, I believe it’s possible to plateau on any diet, but like you said – It may be water weight

    @flourbaby, I was wondering where my challenge buddy was. Good for you pushing on and not beating yourself up, attagirl!

    Day 12 pocket list
    @flourbaby Fast800
    @basyjames Fast800

    Day 12 ireland NFD

    Going to make good choices today as I know the rest of the week with family will be tough trying to fit another 500 FD in

    Day 12 – USA (Illinois – more snow!) – NFD

    On days I give my every-8-week pint of blood, I have learned to eat my full complement of TDEE and drink extra fluids. Can’t drink wine, though – oh well. That was my day yesterday, so am comfortable even with some carbs. Even did a Silver Sneakers class, and met with some bankers on possible funding for our new children’s museum. It was a full day.

    Not sure if my noon meeting might be cancelled due to MORE snow, so watching postings on Facebook about that. It was to include a sandwich lunch, but nothing too bad.

    Hang in there, fellow travelers along our path –

    Onward and downward.

    Day 12 – Japan – NFD

    I spent most of the day waiting in a government office. During a waits I took a couple long walks.

    Yesterday I managed to push my calories burned over 3000 for the day. This morning I was really hungry. Even after breakfast I felt hungry, but waiting in a long line numbed my hunger down.

    Day 13 Melb Aust FD
    Day 12 NFD
    Day 11 NFD

    I am so hoping that today I will successfully have a FD, having failed spectacularly for the past 2 days (which were meant to be FDs, but….). Still trying to get myself into a routine with this WOL. Not sure why it’s so hard. I’ve managed to settle into an exercise and walking routine, just don’t know what is right for ME to eat/ not eat. There seems to be such a lot of conflicting information, and some foods I try to eat just seem to make me feel bad. And I’m disappointed in myself, but I have to put that aside and just keep going. Good thing that with this WOL, it’s easy to do that. Sorry, don’t mean to be negative.

    One thing – noted Dingping’s comments about Kondo(?) – is that the Japanese lady who is the de-cluttering advocate? I’ve been looking at my clothes in the past few days, and deciding – do I love this? Do I like how it looks on me? If the answer has been “no”, out it has gone. I ended up with 4 bags of clothing to donate. That at least is a positive.

    Hope for a more positive post next time. Keeping on keeping on! 🙂

    Day 12: Gloucestershire, UK: NFD

    @daffodil2010: I think you said it….The Fast 800 is just like another diet, cutting calories every day. 5:2 is different, and it works. I say stick to basics if it works for you. 5:2 is a way of life, not a diet.
    I read the Fast500 book, and didn’t feel I could do it like that.
    Everyone has their best ways and if it works, do it.
    Good luck everyone, whatever you are doing.

    Day 12. UK. Fast800

    Lost .1lb. Better than nothing. But slowed right down again.

    @flourbaby. Yes I agree the OMAD slows progress right down. I will only be doing it in future if circumstances leave no other option. I think I’m better eating twice a day. But honestly, I don’t have added sugar, very rarely drink alcohol, no gluten. No snacking. No processed foods, meals made from scratch. If it goes in my mouth, it’s entered on MFP. I really do try my best. My thyroid levels are to be tested again in March. I don’t know how many times they need an abnormal reading to issue treatment.

    @snowflake56 no worries 🙂

    Peace & Love

    Day 12 – NC, USA – NFD

    Happy Tuesday everyone! I had a pretty great weekend food wise. My sweet daughter turned 15 and I did have .5 cup of vanilla ice cream, but I was still within my TDEE. My Monday FD went from a WFD to a 500 calories days because I was under the weather and I had a late meeting. It was one of those days when I wasn’t kicking butt and taking names, but just doing the best I could. Funny enough, I was at my lowest weight ever this morning! So here is to switching it up from time to time :p

    I do realize that my weight will bounce back from this Day After weight, but it was still lovely to see lol.

    @daffodil2010, congrats on your whoosh effect!!!!Yay! And for your workout routine too! But more than anything, good for you for having a ME night! quick question: does cooling the pasta and re-heating it make it taste better?

    Day 12, Rocky Mountains, US, CD

    Partly sunny and cold. Taking my dog for a short walk. Then he has an appointment at the vet for an ultrasound.
    Later today Qigong practice. This will be good as I feel somewhat off today.

    Have a good Tuesday everyone!😊😊😊

    Day 12 UK NFD

    Lost long post by hitting wrong button while copying it so I didn’t lose it – the irony 😀

    Great meeting yesterday but wiped out so v early night & 12 hrs sleep. Woke up feeling weird & hoping it’s not flu – headache, sore throat, shivery, burning joints, temperature & strangely dizzy.

    Cancelled tomorrow’s out-of-town meeting & practicing good self care – easy, healthy food, lots of ginger tea and will be back in bed just as soon as i’ve digested my v early supper. There’s no junk in the house so easier to make wise choices, but actually all i want is ginger tea, brown rice and frozen blueberries 😀

    USA Day 12 FD800; 16:8

    Had two very successful water FDs (Sunday and Monday) and today I am back to FD800. I plan to have two more water FDs at the end of the week, since I lost 2.2 lbs. during this water fast period. Even if some of that is water weight, it’s still inspirational enough to keep me on track with FD800. We are having too much snow and sleet here for me to go out to exercise but that is okay. I am getting tired of staying home but it is a sheet of ice out there and way too dangerous!

    Adding myself to the pocket list:
    @flourbaby Fast800
    @basyjames Fast800
    @ccco Fast 800

    Hope everyone has a successful 5:2 day today! Stay safe!

    Dunedin, day 13, fast 800

    Weigh in day today. Another 700 grams gone 😁

    USA Day 12 FD800 (16:8)
    Second Post

    Just closed the on my kitchen and began my next water fast. This means I will reopen the kitchen tomorrow at 3 p.m. I find it much easier to do this when it also includes my sleeping time! Hope everyone is doing well today!

    Atlanta, Ga., USA FD

    Hello all! I’m just getting back on the horse with this thing, and wanted to know if was too late to join the group? My name is Will. I recently turned 40 and am looking to be in the best health that I can be. I’m currently at 199 lbs. and I’m looking to lose 15 lbs. I really enjoyed the comradery and support from this site.

    Day 12 – UK – NFD
    Day 11 – FD
    Day 8 – 10 – NFD
    Day 7 – FD

    Goodness me I didn’t realise I hadn’t posted since Day 6………….

    Hope everyone is doing OK – all good on my side just busy. Weight after Day 7 FD was at 54kg – what’s not to love about this WOL 💃

    An indulgent Sunday – meal out with friends which included a glass of wine before going to see a film “Can you ever forgive me” the true story of best-selling celebrity biographer (and friend to cats) Lee Israel who made her living in the 1970’s and 80’s profiling the likes of Katharine Hepburn, Tallulah Bankhead, Estee Lauder and journalist Dorothy Kilgallen – a fascinating literary crime saga that blends caustic wit and pathos with aplomb – I loved it!!!! we had to have a glass of wine afterwards to discuss……..

    So I needed a good FD yesterday with plenty of exercise 💪 my day ended up with a yoga class where the whole practice was focused on the heart and self love – we meditated, practised Yin and Yang Yoga and ended up with a Yoga Nidra for the heart ❤️

    Did not get to my usual Tuesday AM walk today – we have had a drizzly, grey winter’s day here – went for coffee and cake with one of my walking buddies instead – we shared a piece of almond and pear cake with our coffee!!

    Came back home to a baking afternoon for the group I volunteer at on Wednesday PM – Chocolate Cupcakes and a Maple-Apple Traybake with a creamy maple syrup topping @flourbaby – Yes by making cakes for others does stop me devouring the lot but sometimes it does take a lot of will power………today I did taste one of the cupcakes as it was a new recipe but only the one as I needed all the remaining ones for tomorrow😉

    Went with OH for our regular HIT Pilates sessions this evening and came back home for a very healthy mixed salad for dinner – I have closed the kitchen door so logging on here to stop me snacking and ensure I end the day below my TDEE!

    @wacm – great to see that you have joined us and starting of with a WFD followed by a FD – strong start!!
    @cornish-jane – so happy to hear that you have found a fab new yoga teacher 🙏
    @daffodil2010 – good to hear that your Dad’s home visit went well and that he was delighted with the plans you have for the house – I’m sure he appreciates all the hard work you are all putting in to get the house ready for him – hope his rehabilitation continues on a positive note. Your bit of self love on Day 11 was obviously what you needed and a WHOOSH afterwards too ❤️
    @rafiki44 – sorry to hear that the problems with your kitchen is ongoing………..
    @debster251 – great to hear that the endoscopy went well and nothing major was viewed 🤞that the biopsy results will be good too.
    @diggly – so frustrating when you lose a post! I started one this morning and lost it too so my 2nd attempt now…….and congratulations on holding firm on Day 7 👍
    @foodfreedomgirl – welcome and good to have you back on board – early October I think since we heard from you – hope all is going well with you now and so happy to hear that fasting had nothing to do with your health issues x
    @judyjudes and all those who have commented on cow issues whilst out walking – I have a healthy respect for them and my walking group always tries to avoid any fields with cows in it unless they are in a big field and we can give them a wide berth……..your experience sounds proper scary!
    @annemarilyn – that 2 -3 week road trip down to Arizona and Texas of yours sounds wonderful and linking up with family and friends makes it even better – have a fab time!
    @neilithicman – welcome one board, never too late to join! Kudos for sticking to the F800 for the past 2 weeks and dispatching 7 kilograms in 2 weeks!! I’m in awe of your plan to stick to F800 for 12 weeks!!!
    @elektron – those wagon wheel biscuits…..chocolate, bit of jam, marshmallow, soft biscuit…..reminded me of my school days – remember loving those and eating one on the way home from school most days with a Big M……memories………
    @songbirdme – After hearing about your winter – I’m never complaining about our winter weather…and l too am a pickle lover so enjoyed your post on Day 11 about a low-carb pickle “sandwich.
    @redrockgirl302 – your “acting role in a mock trial” sounds really fascinating – keep us posted
    @chipmunk13 – re your post on Day 9 – I suspect your body needed the rest after biting your tongue during the family visit and your yoga class put you in the right frame of mind 🙏
    @90 Day Diet – saw your post on day 9 – welcome and hope to hear more from you
    @betsylee – so nice to hear that you are noticing some differences with your clothes, especially looser jeans 👍
    @gretta – your weekend in Sydney sounds fab – great for the body and soul too
    @snowflake56 – have been enjoying reading your post – I’m the opposite from you – every time I have moved house I have majorly de-cluttered and luckily OH and I are of the same mindset on that – I wanted to wear a favourite lovely red jacket the other day and my OH said I could not wear it as it floated on me so my task this month is to attack my wardrobe now that I am aware that it still obviously contains some favourite things that are way too big for me!!!!!! Fancy you mentioning @merryapple – I wonder how she’s doing – we last heard from her in mid October when she came to London with OH for his exhibition…….
    @fatfingers – lovely to hear from you and that maintenance is still your game 4 months on 👍
    @ccco – well done on getting into Day 2 of your water fast – some say it gets easier after the first day but not something I have ever done……
    @saraven – welcome on board to this February challenge – read my post on Page 1 which will tell you a bit about how these work – stick with us and we will help get you back on track x

    Sorry I could not comment on everyones post but thinking of you all and would encourage those of you who have been struggling to keep going – Don’t be too hard on yourself if you couldn’t adhere to your healthy routine today/this week. Tomorrow/next week is a new day/week and a new chance. Appreciate how much you have achieved and how far you have come. It is OK to skip the gym or have a hearty meal once in a while!

    Personally I changed to this WOL for myself and whenever outside stresses invade I remind myself that I started this WOL for myself and I will not let others change the benefits I have gained. My yoga teacher reminds us in class that self love is very important and how can we love and value others if we don’t do the same for ourselves – “You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.” ~ Buddha

    @rainbowsmile and @bert1802 – where are you?? You are both missed so much xx

    If I could lose the weight and remain in maintenance for the past 2+ years then anyone can – The following quote is my personal mantra for this WOL and whenever I stray I remind myself of where I used to be!!

    @therealwil78 – you must have posted as I did – welcome to this FEBRUARY 2019 – SHORTEST MONTH CHALLENGE!
    Definitely never too late to join – I think you were last with us in the February 2018 challenge hosted by @daffodil2010 (who is still with us) Put out a hand and we will pull you back on this 5:2 bandwagon!!
    I have added you to the spreadsheet in case you want to use it – here is the link:-

    Day 13 – Perth AUS – 800

    Day 13 Pocketeers:
    @neilithicman (800)
    @elektron (800)

    Thank You!!! I’m ready to get back in!!

    I weight myself once a week

    Day 12 Florida USA FD I just finished a 9 day road trip. I didn’t do too badly but I was happy to finally be settled and easily manage a Fast Day. I did several CD’s on the trip but my NFD’s were pretty high calorie. I’m going off Maintenance and back on regular Intermittent Fasting.

    Day 13 New Zealand, NFD
    Sort of a fast day – doing 18:6, but not sure how it will pan out, so will leave it as NFD. Didn’t make it to Pilates last night, by the time I got home I only had 20 minutes to get out the door again to get to the class, maybe next week. Still trying to get in my 10,000 steps (which I manage most days), but really need to up the hill work in preparation for the Papotowai Challenge (15.5km) in less than 2 weeks (YIKES – its coming up fast!)

    Day 12 Minnesota, USA NFD
    Day 11 CD
    Day 10 FD

    Sunday we got about 7 inches of snow, and DH went out to clear the drive and nothing worked. Nothing started. snow blower, lawn tractor with snow blade, all dead. He was not a happy man! So, we did not go out to eat, sadly, as I was so ready to get out of the house after a week of cold and ice. I decided to turn the day into something good and did a pretty good FD.
    Yesterday, I spent way too much time at the Department of Vehicles trying to straighten out some bureaucratic mistakes on my REAL ID application (something we Americans have to have now in order to board airplanes etc). So frustrated I decided I deserved a couple glasses of wine when I got home. So I enjoyed my Monday night even as @daffodil2010 did. Had some of my favorite cheeses as well. This morning I hit a low weight of 150.6 lbs. Funny how that works.

    Extremely behind on posts and hopefully will catch up soon. Finished some closet cleaning while it snowed another 6 inches today, and so I believe I’ll spend tomorrow reading the posts.

    Best of luck to everyone! Intending on a FD tomorrow.

    Day 13 – Melbourne AUS – FD

    The last day before the honeymoon!! Going for a final FD, but woke up super early and tired, had a big gym session, and netball later tonight – not to mention slipping into holiday mode! So although I try to stick to 500cal, anywhere under 800 I’ll be happy with.

    Sorry I haven’t responded to comments, life has been a bit hectic and I’ve been struggling to keep up.

    Not sure how much I’m going to be able to log on while i’m away (a technology detox may not be so bad), so good luck to everyone here on this WOL, and I’ll see everyone for the March challenge, if not before that!

    Day 13 Pocketeers:
    @neilithicman (800)
    @elektron (800)

    Day 13 Wellington, NZ, NFD –

    Was supposed to be an 800 day. Tell me this. Why are there Hot Cross Buns in the shops 2 months before Easter? Why did O buy said Hot Cross Buns? and more importantly, and annoyingly, Why did I eat the damn Hot Cross Buns???

    Wedding weekend (2 of them, one on Friday and one of Saturday) so self sabotage not the best strategy for fitting into dresses and feeling great.

    Well done @ Gretta for keeping up your exercise and FDs – have a great honeymoon!

    Day 13 – Ireland – FD

    Yesterday was more 800 than standard FD but had a long walk at lunch and some hill climbing on the bike last night so my body needed extra fuel.. will try again today for a real FD.

    Well done to those who have whooshed… something I’ve never experienced but look forward to it happening some day hopefully… 🤞

    Saw this yesterday and thought it was worth posting:
    “Living a fit and healthy life is not measured by the pounds you lose or gain or by the weights you can lift. It’s not a fad or a trend or something you do to please others. It’s a way of life and is something you try to do everyday for yourself. It requires a fundamental shift in thinking based on loving yourself enough to try…”

    Pocket list for today:
    @neilithicman (800)
    @elektron (800)

    Onward and downward ⬇️

    Day 13 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – FD

    Good FD yesterday and going for another B2B as tomorrow is Valentines and although we are an old married couple my DH usually does something romantic to mark the occasion. Could be flowers which would be great as I won’t eat them 😀 But could be dinner and wine, so setting myself up for it today.

    Feel so much better and in control now that I have gone back to 5:2 and knowing I can have more than 800 cals on non fast days.

    @ciren2. Yup, it was me who said that Fast800 felt like just another diet for me. It’s working though for others so well done. All in the mindset I guess

    Thanks @flourbaby for sending me some if your mojo, I need all I can get. Stress of Dad plus plateau and other issues was getting to me. But we have got this.

    @snowflake56…oh yes, I remember now that you had a low tomato crop last year ☹️ I sow my seeds in compost in a seed tray and wait until they get to about 6 inches before potting them onto individual pots, also with compost. Later I plan to plant them out in my glass covered patio in large pots with special tomato compost with feed. i still have a few bags of last years cherry tomatoes in the freezer, so handy for popping in to soups and sauces. Good luck this year if you try again.

    @emma1202 and @snowflake56…I used to eat pasta a lot but dropped that and most other white carbs years ago, now it’s a treat. BUT I read here and elsewhere that if you cook pasta (and rice, bread, potatoes, basically white starchy foods that are super carb-tastic for me), cool it down or freeze (bread for example) then reheat it, that this breaks down the starchy sugars and thus not carb-tastic anymore. I
    Google it, it was great news for me! Though I still keep them to a minimum, it’s good to know. Plus I got a whoosh too, (as did you @northerndawn from your Monday ME night. Yay 🤗).

    @jaifam Great quote, thanks for sharing. We all need self love. We all need to realise bring fit and healthy is not a fad. At the age of 51 I am now fitter and healthier than I have been since 2002…..and I intend to stay that way.

    @therealwil78, hey there and welcome back. You have the right sentiments about being the healthiest you can be, and certainly the camaraderie on this forum has kept me here since July 2017. Let’s do this!!

    Have a great Wednesday everyone ☺️

    Enjoy your honeymoon @gretta in Japan!

    Day 13, London, UK, FD800

    I’m keeping everything crossed at the moment as I’m feeling really positive and effective, I know, I know, ‘counting chickens’, ‘pride before a fall’ and all that, but I’m eating well but within my limits, 30 Day shredding like a pro, sleeping sooooo well & bouncing out of bed at the crack of dawn ……………………………… I was actually 10mins early for work this morning ……………….. an UNHEARD of event!!!!
    Anyway, I’m sending some spare mojo to anyone who needs it ……………………….. (No doubt I’ll need it back at some point ………………. Probably after the B’day weekend!!!!)

    Welcome back @therealwil78, I remember you from earlier challenges, stick with it now you’re back on the wagon. You know this works!!!

    @at, I’m always in awe of your exercise regime, but it’s nothing in comparison to how hugely developed your willpower muscle is!!!! You have the willpower muscle of a gym junkies upper body!!!!! You know the ones who have to go through doors sideways because their chests & biceps are so big (no hand clapping for them!!!) but have teeny-tiny chicken legs!!!!

    @wacm, I don’t suppose the Papotowai Challenge (15.5km) is done in a car? …………………. Bike!!!!…………………. donkey???!!!! I think I have a sprinters’ mentality ………………………… not body, just mentality!!!!

    @northerndawn, I think you and @daffodil2010 have been lucky enough to have a carb-induced whoosh …………………… it’s so counter-intuitive but it works (not all the time, I’ve tried!!!)


    @gretta, Happy Honeymoon ………………………….. Fasting will be right here for when you get back!!!! Holiday mode starts tomorrow!!!!!

    Apologies in advance, but I’m still a teenager, every-time I read how much we need to practice ‘self-love’, my mind goes all Frankie Howerd, Ooh er Missus!!!!

    And on that note ……………………………………… Happy fasting people!!!!

    Day 13 second post

    End of day 13, and I’ve actually managed a FD, so feel very pleased and relieved after my failures of the past few days. @flourbaby, thanks for sharing your mojo 🙂

    I’ve been trying to do FD800s 5 days a week and it’s not working for me. Thought it would, but not. I think it’s like @ciren2 & @daffodil2010 have been discussing, Fast800 is a diet – and actually, Dr M in his book doesn’t encourage people to stay on it long-term, just to get the initial weight to shift. After that, it’s back to 5:2, but at 800 cals, not 500. But…. I was thinking of when I last lost weight successfully, in China. I ate sensibly most days, exercised nearly every day, and actually had one day a week where I just had some fluids. And I was losing around 1 kg a week on that. Of course, with the stresses of returning to Australia, living with others and settling down here again, I over-ate and put it back on, but with a stable lifestyle, there’s no need for that to happen. And if I want autophagy to happen, it seems I have to have a FD without protein (looked at Dr Jason Fung’s videos), so like before when fluids did the job, they could do so again.

    As you can see, I’m still trying to find the right fit, because it has to work for ME. Like @ccco, maybe WFDs will be a better option, though they may be fluid days, not just water??

    @at & @northerndawn, cleaning out closets, hmm! Great idea, and one I’m trying to emulate.

    @chipmunk13, I agree about the hot cross buns – they appeared in Australian supermarkets in January!!!!! Ridiculous. But, I did succumb on the weekend and buy a pack of six (one reason for my NFD failures!) as an indulgence; threw out 3 though, so limited the disaster.

    @jaifaim, thank you for sharing. Really like the reminder that we need to love ourselves.

    Trying for another FD tomorrow – wish me luck!

    Day 13 Herefordshire UK FD

    Busy day and just checking in and adding myself to the P list.

    Pocket list for Day 13:
    @neilithicman (800)
    @elektron (800)

    Have a great day everyone.
    Ta x

    Day 13 Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 NFD

    My belly still hasn’t recovered from the antibiotics I took 5 weeks ago so I bought some cow’s milk kefir yesterday and I’m surprised how delicious it is. I put off getting any as the idea of sour fermented milk didn’t appeal…… but YUM. Going to look into making my own, although concerned about the calories.

    @gretta wishing you a wonderful honeymoon.

    Happy Wednesday all 😊

    @missybear – kefir is super easy to make. I can’t boil an egg but I managed kefir. There is a place we can get raw ( unpasteurised) goat milk and although that sounds vile, it makes lovely kefir. I wouldn’t worry too much about calories. You don’t need much to settle your stomach. Anyway, try it. You can buy packets of ? ( not sure what it is!) on t’internet and it lasts for months.

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