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  • Day 9 New Zealand, NFD
    Managed to control the intake today until I tried a new satay sauce recipe… so good, but uses a cup of sugar, but does make about 5 cups of sauce. Only now need to ration myself! Didn’t manage a walk but unloaded a ute load of bark chips into my mums garden so had a bit of a work out. Going on a bike ride with a friend at 7am tomorrow. Have a good weekend everyone.

    Day 9 – Ireland – NFD
    Having trouble posting… apologies of this appears more than once.

    I’ve had a good fasting week with more FDs than I have ever done and am about to get up to face this wild day here and to do my weekly weigh in but am reluctant as feel I should have lost a little and will be a little bit bothered if I haven’t… 🙄…
    Body and mind feel good – much better than before.
    I’m working on eliminating food that makes me feel foggy and tired and I definitely think that’s working.
    Trying accupunture and some very light yoga with Adriene too – thanks to those who mentioned her videos in YouTube…
    can I ask if any of you have had issues with electrolyte imbalance? For most of my 30s and 40s I have felt very dehydrated and wake up in the morning feeling very tired… I mentioned this here before and to many doctors/consultants but I have two auto immune conditions so it gets muddled up in all of that and docs find it hard to see past those…spent a lot of 2018 trying to get to the bottom of it but no real change (other than a lighter wallet 😂)…
    I do drink a lot of water💦. @michelinme I think it was you who mentioned that you drink a litre of water when you wake… I have tried that too. So have been trying to get the bottom of that also with a complementary health practitioner and it looks like I may have an electrolyte imbalance. So.. i’m wondering if anyone is in the same boat and if so, what do you take to help?

    Hoping to have a nice meal with a friend who is going through a rough patch tonight…will stay on the dry for this weekend but looking forward to good food.

    Wishing you all the very best for the day ahead…

    Onward and downward ⬇️

    Day 9 Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 NFD

    The owners of our house painted every room magnolia, easy to live with but 3 years of living here and I do now crave some colour on the walls…….I have got as far as considering a colour chart and wondering whether DH should do it or to employ a professional decorator when @dingping I read your post about the blinds and I remembered how clueless DH and I are at DIY. He did do some painting of our previous home and did an immaculate job, but painfully slow…..it took years to get all rooms done. I have asthma which is triggered by paint fumes so I would prefer to get the job done as quickly as possible. So I need to find a good decorator…….a job for the warmer months when windows and doors can be open and in the meantime I will keep considering colours which could be a useful distraction on a hungry FD.

    Wishing everyone an enjoyable weekend and strength to the weekend fasters 💪🙂

    Count me in 👌👍

    Day 9, London UK, FD800

    I forgot to post yesterday, busy, busy, busy ………………….. the best way to fast!!!

    Wow @judyjudes, I must remember when visiting the Emerald Isle, that if I hear hoof beats ………………….. think cows!!! I don’t suppose you were indulging in a swift half of the black stuff BEFORE you thought up was down and down was up!!!???

    @basyjames, I always plan my weekly meals, however, on a NFD the inevitable bag of crisps, bar of chocolate or really anything ‘off-plan’ would find its way into my tummy!!! Fast 800 ‘should’ stop this tendency to self-sabotage over the weekend then repair the damage with B2B2Bs the following week!!!

    I’ve a large salad planned for today which will be lunch & dinner which I’m looking forward to since soup has become a little boring!!

    Happy weekend fasting people, I feel as though a weight has been lifted because I don’t feel pressured to maintain control on a NFD ………………. Sticking to Fast 800 feels doable when I’m not at work too.

    Stay strong people!!!

    Day 9 Melb Aust, NFD
    Day 8 FD800
    Day 7 NFD
    Day 6 FD800
    Day 5 CD

    Haven’t checked in for a while – been busy at home, but….NFD today, but I’ve kept under my TDEE. In another forum I visit, it was suggested to become accustomed to staying under the TDEE of the final aimed-for weight, which for me is around 1500-1600 cals, so I will be trying to do that even on my NFDs. My ideal TDEE is fairly low because I’m so short (154 cms) and need to be around 54 kg (119 lbs).

    @elektron, you mentioned the wheels falling off the wagon – hope they are safely back on again for you now!

    Noted @yellowandblue‘s comments about now making a point of checking calories re the things she buys at the supermarket. I did an oops with that, though not because of calories. I bought some frozen garlic prawns skewers, only 45 calories per skewer, so I thought great, cook 5 skewers, add some summer vegies, and I’ll be around 350 cals for my meal. True enough, and not a problem. BUT, I didn’t look at the salt content, did I? EACH skewer had 400 mg of salt, so my 5 skewers were my total daily salt allowance. I didn’t realise until I kept drinking and drinking, but nothing was coming out. It took about 24 hours for the salt to clear my system, and no – I DID NOT weigh myself while all that was happening. However, that was Thursday and yesterday, and today’s scales only showed a 0.3 kg weight loss. Serves me right for not looking more carefully. Mostly I cook from scratch and don’t add any salt.

    Have been more diligent with the exercise over the past couple of weeks, and notice the difference. At my age, I only aim for 8000 steps, but mainly getting there, which is pleasing. Plus do some upper body weight work and some flexibility and knee exercises.

    Finally noticing some differences with my clothes, especially looser jeans, yay! Spent time today sorting out some clothes to give away. I love being able to say that!!! 🙂 Actually, unlike the dramatic weight losses that some of you have experienced, I have lost around 6 kg since late November, so that’s an average loss of about 0.6 kg per week. Good, but I’d like it to be shifting a bit faster – might need to be more careful of calories??

    Day 9 UK CD

    Yesterday was nearly another unplanned FD – I’d only had hard boiled eggs, spinach and tomatoes until mid-evening. Decided to make Friday night treat of keto-friendly gf bitter chocolate mug cake with ff Greek yogurt and frozen blueberries. I would Still have been under 800 calories but decided I needed cheese and apple to finish off the evening, so came in at a solid CD instead.

    Somehow I’m back in the zone, enfin. I think it’s a combination of preparation and better balance – prioritising sleep, pacing, rest, yoga & meditation, time off as well as commitments. I seem to have slipped into a good routine … but this is usually where I get complacent and go back to zero – time to be mindful.

    It’s a bright blustery day here and I was woken early by a delivery. For once I decided to stay up and potter, so now my house is tidy & the scene set for a lovely weekend….I’ve even tidied out my handbag & backpack! Now for an hour’s yoga & meditation then lunch and relaxing afternoon. Today’s a day for rest, rugby & reading – the Fast800 is calling my name 🙂

    @jaifaim yes I’m also super thirsty. So are my DD and my 82yo mother, who regularly get bladder infections if they don’t drink lots. I’ve not found out why – GP has only ever run standard blood tests inc diabetes – and would love to learn from your journey please.

    Here’s to wise choices and gentle minds this weekend x

    Day 9 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Ate pretty smartly yesterday. Even got out to town for errands despite the ice storm the day before — sun through the ice was just oh so glisteny! Diamond looking everywhere.

    @snowflake56 – your late FIL sounds like quite the industrious man. The dairy industry isn’t an easy vocation, and around here the number of family owned farms keeps decreasing. More and more are being taken over by large businesses.

    Off to another busy Saturday –

    Onward and downward.

    Forgot to mention —

    Yoga with Adriene looks good – I see she is in Austin, Texas, where our youngest daughter lives and also teaches yoga! I will have to ask Monique about her.

    Day 9 California FD

    Day 9 pocket list

    @judyjudes FD
    @dingping FD
    @snowflake56 FD
    @flourbaby FD

    Happy fasting everyone!

    USA Day 9 FD (800 cals.; 16:8)

    Pocket List:

    @judyjudes Fast800
    @ccco Fast800

    Sorry I’ve been out of commission for the last few days but still in the game. Just popping in to add myself to the pocket list. Have a great day, everyone!

    USA Day 9 FD
    Second Post

    Jaifaim, I just read your post and thought I would respond. In the Summer, I do a lot of outdoor sports in the heat. To ward off an electrolyte imbalance, we drink something called Gatorade. I don’t know if you have this drink in Ireland but I recommend it. It actually works in maintaining the electrolyte balance and many professional sports players drink it, too. If you don’t have that product, maybe there is a drink similar to it in Ireland. BTW, it also tastes very good and isn’t expensive. I wake up dehydrated, too. From what I’ve read, most people wake up with some level of dehydration. Good luck!

    Day 9 Canton OH 800FD

    Day 5/21 day challenge

    I had some cashews and that threw me off my goal by about 300 calories. First day I didn’t check all the boxes. Pesky nuts!!!
    Steps: 18,000
    Tre: 16:8

    I dropped another pound on the scene this morning on my quick and dirty weigh in this morning. I hope I can keep it up, as @michelinme said getting comfortable in my groove has messed me up so many times and I want to avoid it.
    Again my twin @flourbaby has summed up the way I feel perfectly. Gone is the pressure to stay within Tdee on the weekend, I have had a couple cups of coffee, I hid the cashews and I have dinner all planned. I believe this will be a good weekend. Oooh I’m stoked!!!
    Stay strong my friends!!!

    Second post

    @cornish jane Canton is in delightful North East Ohio. We have painfully cold winters and freakishly hot summers here. Every winter I wonder why I have not relocated somewhere warmer, but this is home now and I’m not planning a move anytime soon

    Day 2: Gloucestershire, UK: NFD
    @90-day-diet: welcome. I guess you’re with us for the next three months then? Hope it works for you. Lots of successes on this forum (not me, alas!)….
    @basyjames: once again, I’m so grateful we live in temperate climes in the UK.

    Day 9 Ireland NFD

    Had mainly veggies and a few eggs today although did have a scoop of ice cream after dinner. Think im doing okay so far this month, only one day (last Sunday) where i overindulged. Really trying to watch what im eating at the minute. When i have attempted 5:2 previously i have always managed FDs with only liquids. Cant seem to do that anymore and having a small dinner makes it alot easier to get through the day so hoping I can stick at it this time.
    It’s inspiring to read so many of your success stories. Hope everyone is having a good weekend….

    Day 10 Wellington, NZ, F800

    Back to F800 for the rest of the week til wedding weekend. Too scared to weigh myself today so will wait til at least one good FD under my belt – so to speak – and weigh tomorrow.

    @judyjudes, @snowflake56 – thanks for your kind words. Our grandson is 18 months and soooo cute.

    @dingping I understand eating your emotions – hope you get through to your Mum and the situation de-escalates

    Gorgeous sunny Sunday here so I’m going to be kind to myself and have a relaxing day.
    Adding myself to Day 9, but it’s day 10 here for me

    Day 9 pocket list

    @judyjudes FD
    @dingping FD
    @snowflake56 FD
    @flourbaby FD
    @ccco Fast800
    @chipmunk13 F800

    Day 9, UK, NFD

    Yesterday was supposed to be an FD, but I failed in the evening when I decided to have a couple of glasses of wine 🍷 . Ah well , I’m annoyed with myself, bu we carry on …. 🙊

    I had a good laugh reading about cow stampede and other cow adventures 😂 , @cornish-jane “The young bullocks (not mine!) peer over the wall and stare at us – some snort snot if you get too close!” – you made me laugh with that 😂. I like cows, they are great animals, very under rated 🙂 . But I remember when I went for a walk with my friend near some fields, we saw few cows and a bull, and I saw him looking at me, that look “oh thats a nice target to chase” and I refused to go on that path alongside the field that was going pass them/him 😮. I’m sure he would have chased me if we did haha 😂

    Anyway, I hope everyone is having a great weekend 🌼

    Day 9, Rocky Mountains, US, NFD

    Quick check in. Will read posts later.

    Hope everyone has/had a good Saturday! 😊

    Day 9 Minnesota, USA NFD (under TDEE)
    Day 8 FD800
    Day 7 CD (under 1200)

    Sorry, people, I have been AWOL as there hasn’t been much to report except miserably cold weather with snow (8 inches on top of ice) and -9F (-23C) temps, worse in the wind. Finally, tomorrow it should get up to 20F, (-6.7C) and that will feel great! It may give the chemicals on the roads a chance to melt ice. That means we may actually go out and about if it doesn’t snow too much throughout the day. Maybe a restaurant! Maybe some wine (once weekly is what I’m trying)!

    I’ve totally wimped out on fasting under 500 calories as planned because I get so cold by 2 PM, and I just can’t take it with the dark, gray, bitter cold all around me. Also, it’s more trouble than it’s worth going out in this stuff, so I find myself in close proximity to food, the kitchen, and temptations all day long….. for most of this past week.

    I have made it a point to eat healthy, and only from noon to 6 PM, but I’m having a hard time not snacking once I start. Oh well. Spring and summer can not come soon enough. I’ll do better when it’s warmer and lighter. I usually do.

    Another NFD tomorrow. I will try to do 3 under 500 FDs next week. I’ll be basically snowed in on Tuesday, so I’m planning to declutter several more closets the Marie Kondo way starting Monday (it’s what I’ve been doing this past week).

    @annemarilyn…your trip to the southwest sounds like a dream. I’m so happy for you! Wish I was there too! 😉

    @cornish-jane…your Cornwall home and B&B idea sounds so lovely. I wouldn’t really mind the “bullocks”. Might want to raise the wall or add a bit of fencing if it’s really low.

    Best to everyone and hope to catch up on posts this next week as well.

    Day 9 Ohio, US — FD(#51) ✔️
    Day 8 — NFD ✔️

    Yesterday was a mixed bag — I did eat beyond the TDEE, but kept my sugar intake low and also got my yoga practice in as well as 10K steps. Because I did go over the TDEE, I decided to do a FD today. It went well, but it was a very busy day filled with chores that there wasn’t time to do during the work week, including driving two and a half hours to get all of my out of town shopping done. As a result I wasn’t able to get any exercise in.

    @northerndawn I know what you mean about the cold weather, even though it is a little warmer (I think warmer by about 5 degrees F). And when we had a full day of freezing rain and mist and fog, fasting was a really hard pull. I too have experienced feeling incredibly cold on FD’s. What helped a little was watching a short YouTube video by Dr. Eric Berg about it. He explains that it’s due to one’s core temperature lowering and that that decrease in temperature doesn’t affect fat burning. I found that sipping hot water throughout the day helps, as well as doing 5-10 minutes of stepping every couple of hours. Fasting is so much easier when it’s 80 F (26 C) outside with pleasant sunshine!

    Day 10, Emden Germany, NFD

    had problems posting yesterday, my post came in a lot later than I actually posted it.

    @dingping I’m so sorry your mother upsetted you again, I hope you have calmed down a bit. I wish I knew a way to help you. x

    @songbirdme my FIL had a great life and loved his work.

    @northerndawn are your winters always like this? I will think about you when I’m decluttering. My husband now agrees we just have too much of everything. Stay warm!

    Have a nice day and stay warm everyone!

    Day 10, New Zealand, NFD
    Went for a 7km walk at 7am before the day warmed up, got to 31° this afternoon. Went for a swim in the river and enjoyed a bbq with friends at our local community swimming pool this evening. Did 18:6, but still probably over ate.

    Day 10 Herefordshire UK NFD

    I’m very disappointed in myself all my fighting talk at the beginning of January and then again this month has not changed my behaviour, thinking and doing aren’t following through. The very difficult conversation with my mum and struggling with negotiating DIY tasks with OH have ended the house moving honeymoon period, I haven’t escaped those relationship life stresses they have followed me. I knew they would of course but it was just a shock when they shattered and shoved me into reality from my idyllic state.
    Rhythm is still another thing I’m struggling with and don’t understand why as now most days can be what I make them. My priorities seem to be on getting the house straight and not me, my learnt default position is always focus on others/ other things and not yourself. I need to learn to put me first, give me the time, love and respect I deserve. Going to try hard this week and do my best. I have a planned visit to my mum’s which will be emotionally challenging and stressful so am determined to not let it derail me or at least not too much!
    @snowflake56 – Thanks for your concern, she’s just a difficult lady and falls out with us and others frequently but this neighbour thing is on another obsessive level.
    Re your house sorting and re vamping are you following the Kondo method, many here are talking about her methods and DD was all enthusiastic. I’ve not watched the series but am intrigued. Love the names of all your paint choices, who thinks them up? F&B had one called elephants breath, I can’t even imagine what colour that would be! I imagine your house being stylish with a clever mix of eclectic styles. I imagined @merryapple and her artist husband’s revamped house being something similar.
    Wish I was more brave with my colour choices, especially when painting as you can always re do. I always wanted yellow ochre walls in our sitting room and got a decorator to paint the walls. I came home from work and he proudly showed off his work but I couldn’t hide my horror of the affect the colour had on our walls, it looked like it had been smeared with mustard and light just got absorbed not bounced around the room. Always played safe since!

    Found all the bovine talk very amusing. We’ve had a few unsettling encounters on country walks, the most disconcerting was being followed by a heard around their field, we purposefully didn’t walk across the middle incase we needed to hop over a fence or bush. We didn’t need to thankfully, but very unnerving having our footsteps matched by the slow plod of a heard of 30 plus curious cows behind us!

    Right on with today, going to enjoy it with OH, hopefully a walk to a pub and a Sunday roast.
    To everyone enjoy your day.
    Ta x

    @dingping – I agree. I was full of good intention in January but not doing too well, and my clothes feel tighter. There’s a bit of a difference between knowing about fasting ( and that it works) and actually doing it! Duh! Maybe we should just cut ourselves some slack. Things move forwards and back. It’s all dealable with. And your new place sounds lovely. I just got my kitchen painted pale greenish/yellow. Someone described it as Chartreuse. I really love it. The walls all change colour all the time, but as one of my (elderly) students once told me – green is nature’s own colour – and every time I’ve lived in green rooms, I’ve loved them, even though I don’t particularly like green otherwise.
    Good luck with your mum. You always want those relationships to be good but I guess it’s not a given. I hope you find away to deal with it. H

    Day 10 USA (Illinois) FD

    Had a nice funeral lunch yesterday that included lots of wonderful dishes. I had a sample of most of them, but honestly still came in right at TDEE yesterday. (Maybe a few more carbs than I normally do?) I wore a new black & white suit with good trim trousers that I never could have worn a couple years ago. Yeah for 5:2!!

    @matpi – I found that YouTube video you mentioned on why I am cold on FD’s: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nHnH8wxbdr8
    nice to know I am still burning fat. Doing a FD today with snow coming again to Illinois, I will be sipping lots of tea. Maybe even doing some light workout.

    @basyjames — you are so right about those pesky nuts! I love the mixed nut variety, but I do have to be very careful when I snack on them. I probably could eat a cupful, but I think the recommended serving is 1/5 cup. Even that is around 200 calories.

    Onward and downward.

    Day 10: Gloucestershire, UK: NFD (as always)!
    I too seem to have good intentions….on a full stomach….but can’t seem to follow them through once the slightest hunger pang starts.
    I try to be relaxed about it, and hang in with the forum, mixing with the achievers, hoping it will rub off one day.
    Stress doesn’t help at all, I also have some long-running problems with things not working to plan and not sure what will happen in the end. Causes a few sleepless nights. Boredom also comes easily to me, and causes me to turn to food! Sigh…
    Well done you; able to fast extra well. Hope it had a good result.

    Day 10. UK. Fast800

    Last couple of days have also been OMAD but higher carb. Cals between 750 – 850. However, not seen the results I’d hoped for; Carbs seem to like me as they stick around and mess with my weight loss journey. I need to be more mindful of carbs, especially ones from brown rice, fried chips/fries and gluten free chocolate brownie! All of which I’ve eaten each one once within a 7 day window. Pesky carbs!

    Hope everyone’s weekend is going well.

    Peace & Love

    day 10 Canton OH Fast800

    I went a little over 800 again yesterday (by about 200) because I gave in and had some cashews, they were sitting right there when I got home. But rather than beat myself up about that, I am going to celebrate the cookies I did not eat. My daughter was baking giant cookies for a church fundraiser, and my home smelled like a bakery when I walked in the door. In my fasted state, I was not sure I could resist; however, by some miracle – I did not have a single one. I grabbed a handful of cashew nuts, drank some flavored water and that saved the day!

    Yesterday was also the first Saturday in a year that I did not succumb to self-sabotaging EFS activities. Scales stayed the same this morning as well. I am planning my meal for today to make sure the same thing happens again.

    @dingping go easy on yourself and celebrate the small wins they add up to a lot. And take one day at a time, stress has derailed many good intentions since the beginning of time and self recrimination only increase your stress level. maybe you need to take smaller bites of the apple for now, until things ease up a little; you can do this.

    I have found that consuming sugar always derails my good intentions, but once I can stay away from sugary treats, I am usually able to take back control. turning to higher fat treats (like nuts and cheese in pre-portioned amounts)has worked for me in the past, I also cut up some celery to munch on when I get bored, turns out there’s is only so much celery and water that you can eat LOL.

    Ok, gotta get back to my day. See you all Monday

    Day 10, Rocky Mountains, US, FD 800 cals

    Slept only 3 hours and feel tired and irritable. FD will be a challenge today. Lack of sleep was due to my poor old puppy’s diarrhea. He woke us up 4 times to be let out. Very good puppy to let us know. 🐕❤
    Will walk soon before more snow is arriving to get to 10.000 steps. Perhaps walking to a coffee shop in the early afternoon.
    Food will be fake spaghetti (zucchini noodles) and homemade meat sauce with mushrooms and topped with a generous portion of parmesan cheese. There will be some nuts on the menu as well!
    I also had all kinds of scary cow 🐮🐂adventures when hiking in the Alps in Austria. They are grazing in the alpine meadows and quite often the hiking path crosses them. At some huts they are around as well and checking out the hikers when resting and snacking. 😊😆

    Have a good Sunday everyone! 😊😊😊

    Day 10 UK NFD

    My weekly NFD has often been a blow out – and thank goodness I’m vegetarian, otherwise today would have been completely derailed by Chinese New Year celebrations! Which arrived right in front of me at church and community gatherings. Luckily I just had a v small portion of noodles, 3 mini spring rolls and a big heap of pak choi. Plus a portion of mango mousse cake, which had more mousse than mango but no cake! Also unexpected coffee with DD, but stuck to black stuff and no nibbles 🙂

    Yesterday I didn’t make/eat my usual oat bread and didn’t feel deprived – breakthrough! But then had awful stomach pains after cauliflower, peas & sprouts supper 🙁 I think my body’s tolerance of cruciferous vegetables has gone down. Time to think FODMAPs… as well as veggie, gluten-free and low carb 🙁

    Feel the need for fresh food today ahead of FD tomorrow – esp as meeting in town first thing. And struggling to get the papers ready for that so going to start with food then focus on what I can fit into an hour. First supper…. a sort of stir-fry meets pasta sauce – rice noodles, spinach, quorn chicken, spring onions, garlic, mushrooms & quark 🙂

    I’m picking up a few people are struggling to keep going, falling into old patterns or not yet finding a good rhythm. It’s natural to find things harder sometimes, esp when other issues take up our time or attention. We only have so much capacity, and have often had years of eating our feelings, keeping energy going with sugar or over-eating when tired.

    I’m finding it so helpful this month focusing on balance – intentionally prioritising my own self care, making time for sleep, yoga, meditation, planning & pacing. It’s taken me 2 months of intending to do it to actually begin, and not doubt I’ll slip at some point. But focusing on sleep, building to stretching and spending time mindfully, make this WOL so much easier: food and drink become part of the bigger picture of health and well-being. ANd looking after ourselves creates energy to look more kindly on others…

    Go gently x

    Day 10
    I weighed in and lost 4 oz. which I will gladly take considering we ate our every meal last week. 🙂
    We are having perfect weather, sunny, cool, light sea breeze. I love making Florida my new home. 🙂
    We went on a bus trip today for an art and craft show. It was very nice. A lot of variety of arts.
    I’m not sure if I shared this info, forgive me if I’m repeating myself. Our new health insurance has an incentive to keep up with exercising and being involved in social activities. If I walk 5000+ miles for 8 days, they will pay me $5.00 towards a gift card of my choosing. Plus any checkups you get they will pay different amounts. I’m happy to say my $$ is increasing.
    Hope everyone has a great week.

    Day 11 Wellington, NZ, F800

    Weighed this morning and wasn’t too surprised to find I’d gained 600 gms – I think I got off lightly (ha ha) considering the eating and drinking while family were here. Back on the F800 yesterday and going along well today.

    Just off for a bike ride – gorgeous day here again – and yoga tonight so that will keep me focussed.

    So I’ll start a Day 11 pocket list


    Day 11 – New Zealand – Fast 800

    Having days like today make it so much easier to fast. Stinking hot and I’m drinking water constantly so I don’t feel hungry. My family and I spent yesterday evening swimming in the river because it was still hot at 5pm.

    Any pickle lovers out there? Make a low-carb pickle “sandwich.”

    Slice pickles in half lengthwise. Using a spoon, scoop out the seeds.
    Spread mustard and mayo on the bottom “bun” of the pickles. Top with ham, cheese, and tomatoes. Top with the other pickle “bun” and serve.

    Suppose it could be made with a cucumber, eggplant (aubergine), or zucchini. I have seen “sandwiches” wrapped in a lettuce leaf instead of a wrap as well.


    Day 11 – Japan – WFD (#11)

    This morning I ran just over 6k. Basically my metabolism seems to slow down on fasting days which I notice by having overly cold hands, lower heart rate, etc. When I used to run a lot I noticed that a morning run would tend to push up my metabolism through the day. So I’m trying to balance that out a bit. It would be nice to keep my TDEE high on a fasting day. Almost 10am and ~1400 calories burned so far.

    Day 10 Ohio, US — NFD ✔️

    A good NFD: got my yoga practice in and was right on target with the TDEE. It was pretty cold today and it snowed all day, so I didn’t get any walking in. In fact with the heavy overcast sky and steady snow, I found it difficult to get really motivated to do much of anything. So it was a very laid-back day.

    @songbirdme I think that the video is a nice quick explanation of the phenomenon. Based on personal observations of my own body temperature I have a theory about it: When I eat a lot of sugar I run very hot, and when I fast I run cold. I think maybe that when I’m burning glucose, my temperature goes up, and when I’m burning fat, my temperature goes down. Does that make sense?

    @kaywesterman My brother spent the weekend in Orlando at “Ham-cation,” and said that the weather was terrific. There was a thirty degree F drop in temperature when he got home in South Carolina.

    @neilithicman When the weather gets warm, my appetite also goes down. Of course, it seems to to go the other way when it’s icy cold and snowing steadily!

    @kaywesterman – if I walked 5000+ miles for 8 days I’d need hospitalisation not a gift card!!! “I’m guessing you mean 5000+ steps? That is a good incentive.

    Day 11 – Melbourne AUS – FD

    Had a wonderful weekend in Sydney catching up with friends, meeting the new nephew (little Oscar who is not quite one week old yet!) and going to celebrate my cousins engagement party. Way too much wine, but food choices were relatively good – until the Sunday EFS happened. Ah well.

    A weekends worth of posts to catch up on but will enjoy the reading later on.

    Day 11 Pocket List:

    Day 11, Cornwall UK, FD

    I’m involved in horticulture and can never quite tell which weekend the ‘rush’ will start in spring. This year its this weekend. Its been wet and not that warm, so feels uninspiring – maybe there was a good gardening programne on TV/radio!

    Was off-colour yesterday so fitted in an extra unintended fast day. Not sure it helps the weight loss as I spent half the day in bed. I blame it on picking up some unspeakable bug while beach cleaning on Saturday. We found a tractor tyre, a loo seat and lots of nylon rope and plastic. But have to avoid the odd dog poo in the seaweed! Why are dogs attracted to seaweed?

    @missybear – you can get low odour paint – I’ve used indoors no problems.

    @northerndawn – i get cold on winter fast days too, especially in the early evening. I have been seen snuggled to a hot water bottle on the sofa! Feels geriatric but i don’t care.

    Day 11 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – FD

    A very busy weekend and zero mindfulness on food choices. But the focus was on Dad so 5:2 had to take a step back.

    We took Dad out of Hospital on Saturday, he was all dressed up in his shirt and tie (love how he still aims to stay smart) and off we went with the wheelchair. It was a learning curve for all of us…right from having to reverse the car into the drive so Dad had access, to making sure the new ramp was steady, to actually getting him into the house, moving furniture out off the way, the strangeness of wheeling Dad around his own home in a wheelchair, the embarrassment of the commode……

    But, we had irish stew for lunch, watched the rugby by the fire, family coming and going, and when we dropped him back later that evening he was tired but happy. He is eager for us to get a bathroom in for him, though honestly, Dad is really quite immobile right now, so it will be a while before he can come home. ☹️

    Busy day yesterday catching up on chores, then I flopped in front of the fire with wine and watched a dancing program and was asleep in bed by 830!

    Another week ahead…I feel my mojo slipping….fed up of this plateau.

    @cornish-jane So jealous of your horticulture world. I do miss working with plants (but not the bully boss or the low wages) but I had a pleasant hour yesterday sowing seeds and pricking out plants, all for my own private enjoyment.

    Day 10 UK ?FD

    Aiming for regular FD today but in town at big meeting so may need to host working lunch for colleague. I’ll play it by ear.

    Stayed up late getting a paper ready, ate oats with cacao, Brazil nuts, apple, raisins and plant milk. Hopefully not so carbtastic that I’ll puff up again.

    Thinking of @rainbowsmile yesterday, hope you are doing ok? X

    Wishing all a Happy Monday with wise choices

    Day 11. UK. Fast800

    Good morning All 🙂

    My weight loss journey has become bumpy again. Up a bit, down a bit, up a bit. Nonetheless overall going downwards. Weighed this morning to find I’m .2lbs down. Mostly this past week have been OMAD and 750-850 cals. I the only way I can explain any gains on this regime is water weight from carbs & salt. I have reduced carbs. Perhaps having 75g – 100g new potatoes with skins on is still too much. I don’t have them everyday. Nonetheless I will look at reducing carbs further. I very rarely have alcohol or added sugars so can’t make savings there. Hmmm.

    @daffodil2010 Sounds like you had a lovely but tiring day! I bet your father really appreciated being in his own home once again, with his family around him, albeit for a short time.

    Day 11 Herefordshire UK NFD

    Had a lovely switch off day yesterday with OH focussed on enjoyment and relaxation, perfect.

    Woken after a poor nights sleep to a beautiful morning here and plan is to quickly finish some DIY so we can spend most of the day outside walking and talking.

    @emma-taylor, @basyjames & @ciren2 – It’s true sometimes we just need to cut ourselves some slack, forcing things doesn’t always work. I’ve already taken some pressure off and am feeling ok about my derailment but having a positive attempt at working out personal priorities for mind and body and finding a balance in my daily life. This is the first time in my life when I can craft my own existence on a daily basis and learning to put myself upper most is an alien concept but one I need to embrace so that life can be long and well lived. Going to apply my old trade of occupational therapy to myself, I have the tools, just not using them!
    @michelinme #balance, sums up all that we crave in life and is the path to happiness.
    @emma-taylor – I bet your kitchen looks fab and a perfect joyful colour I looked it up and found this ‘… Psychology of Chartreuse: Chartreuse represents enthusiasm, happiness, nature, growth, and youth. Like standard green, chartreuse is associated with the liveliness and the blossoming of spring.’ Does it sum up your nature and character?

    @basyjames, @judyjudes – carbs are a big spanner in the works! Started reading Fast 800 so I’m sure I will be up to speed on all the new talk and new approach which has me intrigued.
    @basyjames – I always assumed you lived in China until you said where Canton was the other day! It seems also Canton in China is now Guangzhou, I’m not keeping up!!

    @chipmunk13 – ha ha, my thoughts exactly reading @kaywesterman 5000 miles!

    @daffodil2010 – sounds a lovely day you created for your loving dad.

    Have a good happy and healthy day everyone.
    Ta x

    Day 11 Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 FD

    Bright and sunny here today so looking forward to a walk with DH to the zoo to buy our annual passes. Talking of passes I had a passport photo taken yesterday……so depressing, I don’t recognise the grumpy old woman in the picture! The photo is needed for a bus pass which you are entitled to at 60 in Wales for free bus travel. I will hope the bus drivers query my identify on every trip……unless the camera never lies 🙈

    Happy new week everyone 🙂

    Day 11 – Ireland – FD

    Well my weigh in on Saturday was a high light of my year so far! Finally fell below 170 lbs 👍 but…. was pretty good on Saturday but at dinner out with my friend I chose two delicious but bold dishes – no dessert!!! weight was back up by 2 lbs the next morning….. there was nearly tears 😭
    I did stay on the dry through this weekend so doing well on that front. It makes such a difference for me.

    Great 100km spin yesterday in beautiful crisp weather. I do love February 💕and this morning weight appears to be heading back downward 👍
    @michelinme chronic dehydration affects many of my family too but we’ve never really found a solution so I’ll absolutely let you know how I go… it can be so debilitating…. Thanks @ccco i have tried Gatorade and electrolyte tabs as I use them when cycling as it’s important to replenish the electrolytes lost through perspiration … but it’s hard with the dehydration during sleep and I’m trying to cut added sugars so I’m hoping to find another solution but will let you know how I go…
    @kaywesternman I hope you mean 5,000 steps… not miles 😂
    @songbirdme – I LOVE PICKLES! My favourite curry is an achari.. don’t find it everywhere but whenever I’m in the UK it’s my go to curry!

    Wishing you all the very best for the day ahead…particularly those of you who are struggling in any way..
    Onward and downward ⬇️

    Day 11 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Couldn’t sleep well – my norm after a FD – so am up and at’em. Will break my fast shortly.

    @dykask & @cornish-jane — I do believe you are right about burning glucose vs. fat, and likely why we are cold on our FD’s. I use rice in cloth bags that I heat up in the microwave instead of water bottles, but then again, I AM a geriatric! 🙂

    Onward and downward.

    Day 11, Emden Germany, NFD

    the weather is great today, feels like spring.

    @dingping glad you had a better day yesterday. I had to look up Marie Kondo on youtube, a bit weird, all this folding. I’m sure it’s practical but not in my household. My house is not messy, I’m very organized, we just have too much of everything. I still have a lot of space in the cupboards and drawers. Does anyone really need 46 vases, 15 globes, 8 microscopes, lots of old suitcases (atm filled with summerclothes), seatrunks, hatboxes with hats (I seldom wear), hundreds of pharmacy bottles (in old pharmacy cupboards and drawers), 35 cardigans in different colors (I think I do), 70 silk scarves, most of them in their own box (need them to match with the cardigans), 84 shirts (DH thinks he does)? But I only have 30 pairs of shoes and 2 handbags! We still have a lot of things from the practice in the basement, I want it all out. I love the colors F&B have and they seem to have a very creative person making up all the names for the colors. I like duck shell blue, sounds so much better than blue. I don’t think our house is very stylish, I wonder how @merryapple styled her house, being the partner of Billy Apple, not in our eclectic style I suppose.

    Have a nice day everyone!

    2nd Post

    Sorry not food related but @snowflake56 if they are surplus have you considered selling your silk scarfs … I’d consider buying one as they are my guilty pleasure 🙂

    Day 11, north-east Surrey (UK), FD (800)

    Long time no post, so just a quick update to say….
    – Thank You @at for hosting this month and last. Greatly appreciated!

    – Still on target at 150lb, there or thereabouts. Have been in maintenance mode for about 4 months now, after initially losing 50lb over 11 months- yes you read that correctly! Still, I consider myself still very much on a learning curve with this WOE. I try to follow general principles – Mediterranean diet (mostly); TRE 12:12 which I’m finding very do-able; and regular 800-cal FDs once or twice a week.

    – Sorry not to respond to individual posts, but I do enjoy reading them and take great comfort, as well as learning, from all your experiences. Thank you. You really help me stay with this WOE, which has been working for me for well over a year now. Long may it continue!

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