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  • Day 7 Belfast FD

    I was reading this forum in the waiting room. Thank you all for your good wishes. And @matpi 😀🤣 you made me laugh out loud! Yes, pancakes sound good. Well, it’s done and dusted now and I managed without sedation; apart from inflammation, there doesn’t seem to be anything sinister. I’ll just have to wait until the biopsy results. All the more reason to watch my diet.
    I went to see the stage version of ‘The Bodyguard’. It was just amazing! The music, special effect, the dance; it was an absolutely brilliant night and I can thoroughly recommend it if it comes your way.

    @gretta have a wonderful honeymoon. I believe Japan is amazing.
    @cornish-jane – good to hear that you’ve sorted your yoga teacher. Is she close enough to you? I know you were concerned about the distance you might have to travel.
    @daffodil2010 so glad you’ve got your dad on board. Knowing how much love and care is coming his way will surely boost his mood and spur on his recuperation.
    I’m adding myself to today’s fast list

    Day 7 pocket list:
    @judyjudes (800)
    @flourbaby (800)
    @daffodil2010 (800)

    You only get one body in this life – love it and look after it.

    2nd Post

    @flourbaby Lol. We were in Southern Ireland, somewhere near Tipperary, in the beautiful countryside. Just walking along a narrow path which meandered through a sunny meadow with trees, bushes, flowers etc. Idealic. Then we felt a rumble, then heard a rumble. Instinctively we both jumped from the path into the bushes, which turned out to be thorny! Micro second later a stream of cows/bullocks stampeded past us. I dread to think what would have happened if we hadn’t taken evasive action. I feel nauseous thinking about it.

    On a happier note another place we visited in Southern Ireland was quite magical. Things placed on the floor went uphill! Really. It was said that it was something to do magnetic fields and the place was the polar opposite of a similar place in Australia. Also when we drove back down the same hill the brakes momentarily failed. True story.

    I have since revisited Southern Ireland and returned unscathed 🙂

    Today’s planned menu has been changed. Woke cold, queasy, very tired, slightly dizzy and off balance. So I have had an early lunch rather than late. I just had to eat 2 slices of gluten free bread (small slices) slathered in mashed avocado. Delicious it was too. Total cals today will still be 800 or there about.

    Peace & Love.

    Day 7 Canton OH 800FD
    Day 4/21 day challenge
    Day 3 progress report
    Steps: 15,027
    TRE: 16:8
    Calories: 760
    Alcohol and Sugar: Nada

    So today is the first day since I started the challenge that I feel my energy level lagging. I need my coffee!

    @debster251 I used to use swerve but you are right it is quite expensive. I found an alternative that I bought from Amazon – Hoosier Hill Farm erythritol Granules. It tastes even better than swerve and it’s cheaper in comparison, I paid more for the bag but I have had it a few months and it will probably last me the year. I tried adding a link but no dice, search this on amazon and it will come up: Hoosier Hill Farms Erythritol Granules

    @emma1202 I used to feel pressure to be pure on my FD but now, I do whatever I need to do to make it through– if it means drinking a cup of coffee with a little sweetener; girl I am all in!!

    @ciren2 I am with you, I think fasting/staying active was easier during the warmer months; the only thing keeping me going is that I have bought too many beautiful clothes in my new size and I am not giving them up, that was a wakeup call when my clothes starting feeling snug. Plus I have all these cute summer outfits and beach wear all lined up and I am determined that come summer they will still fit. Like @annemarilyn staying hydrated may help, Hugs!

    @flourbaby – Preach!!!!

    Day 7 pocket list:
    @judyjudes (800)
    @flourbaby (800)
    @daffodil2010 (800)
    @basyjames (800)

    Day 7 UK F800
    Just lost a long post where I merrily chatted to most of you with comments on your posts! Arrrgh 😩 Off to the opticians in a moment so can’t repeat it. Never mind. My Spanish meal last night was amazing and I ate every morsel! No mindfulness at all. Never mind back on it today.
    Hope you all have a happy and successful day,

    Day 7 USA (Illinois) CD

    Another ice storm last night (freezing rain), so staying in today. Just sprinkled salt along the walk — expecting some deliveries today, and I want the way to our front door safe. This winter has been really crazy.

    @cornish-jane – how good for you and your yoga! Our youngest teaches Core Power Yoga in Texas and helped me get a really good mat. We had a new gal in our class yesterday who obviously is not new to yoga. I was impressed with her moves. I have much to work toward!

    @daffodil2010 – how exciting for your dad and the house plans! You are an amazing daughter. (Lost my mom and dad both in 2009… enjoy your parents while you have them)

    @yellowandblue – congratulations for keeping temptation away. This little band of travelers on our path is so supportive for that, too!

    @michelinme – smart of you to have freezer meals. I learned a long time ago to make low carb Italian stew that is going to be my main meal today (also out of the freezer). It starts with Italian sausage, can of diced tomatoes, and a freezer package of Italian vegetables that I dice down. SO much easier than buying all those veggies.

    @diggly – I hate losing posts too! I have found over the years that I need to MAKE SURE my account is logged in before I hit “submit” because I will use multiple devices to access this site. Sign-in is always on the bottom.

    Onward and downward.

    Day 7, Rocky Mountains, US, FD 800

    Yesterday was a snow day. University was closed because of the weather. That meant DH was home and could take care of the snow.

    Off soon to the court house volunteering at the National Trial Competition as expert witness. I am playing a toxicologist for the defense. It will be exciting and fun.

    Have a good Thursday everyone! 😊😊😊

    Day 7, Idaho USA

    Been ages since I’ve posted. I went through some medical testing Sept-Dec of 2018 and I quit fasting, afraid that fasting was actually harming me, even though my GP didn’t seem to think there was a link. Once I got off routine I just gave up completely. I’m rebounding now, finally! I am eager to read through posts and be encouraged in this WOL again. I have a big goal for loss in February, mainly because I gained so much (10 lbs!) that I know the first couple of pounds should go off pretty easily, and I am just starting to run again, so that will help too. I really liked the 20/4 on weekdays and no plan on weekends, so I’m going to try that again, but will switch it up as needed. I really do want to get my mind to acceptance that it doesn’t have to be extreme or overnight, but at the same time I’d like to see good progress towards getting that 10 pounds off in February before I take it slow. We’ll see what the body thinks of that.

    5’5″ 38 years old, currently 149, was 138 last October. Ultimate goal around 125.

    Day 7 pocket list:
    @judyjudes (800)
    @flourbaby (800)
    @daffodil2010 (800)
    @basyjames (800)

    Day 7: Gloucestershire, UK: NFD
    Bit more relaxed at work today, mail down on yesterday, so took one hour less to deliver….only slightly under five hours!! Also I was down to train someone, which has (luckily) gone by the board as we’re short-staffed again. I prefer to work alone…

    @foodfreedomgirl: welcome back. I also fell off the wagon completely….but keep tagging along in hope.
    @annemarilyn: I probably do get dehydrated at work….toilet-stops being not readilly available, it’s a bit risky to drink too much! I always drink a couple of glassfuls when I get home, as besides being starving, I’m also parched!
    @judyjudes: Scary, just SCARY!! Phew… My daughter works with cattle (she’s a dairy research scientist) and I wonder why she’s not scared of them, they could be killers if the mood takes them.

    2nd post

    @judyjudes…I just had to post re your cow experience, yes, it must have been scary. I love cows though.

    There is a monastery near me that is also a working farm, and the public are welcome to go on walks around the grounds. Every morning and evening there is what I call “the walking of the cows” where the cows are led to pasture after milking then back again in the evening. Mostly they walk in single file through well worn paths and if they are walking across your path you stop and wait. There is a sign at the entrance stating farm animals expect the right of way, so don’t try to teach them otherwise. I find it relaxing to watch them…….but would be frightened if they stampeded 😱 I guess your cows must have got a fright somewhere. Glad you are ok.

    3rd Post

    @daffodil2010. Yes I think these cows were in single file. We heard and felt them before we saw them. We didn’t see them until they were running past us. No signs that we saw either. Yes it was proper scary.

    On another note. It’s all gone belly up today. I had toast & avocado for an early lunch. I had intended to have steamed veg and 1 low carb sausage for evening meal. However my lovely other half had to pop out earlier and brought gluten free fish & chips back. Bless him, he said he knew I was very tired and he was saving me from having to cook. So I know I’m over 800 (hopefully not much over, only ate half portion) but definatley not over TDEE. So would this be a controlled day?

    Peace & Love

    Day 7 second post

    Just accidentally deleted long post while copying it so I didn’t lose it – ooops!

    Accidental FD but happy to take it – good to start the month with a boost! Thus far had two hard boiled eggs for brunch, a small bag of popcorn and two clementines. Plus around a litre of fizzy water, a litre of ginger tea and two cups each of black coffee and peppermint tea. More water needed, tofu & veggie stir fry with rice noodles for supper followed by frozen blueberries – yum!

    @diggly easy to lose posts here… usually works to copy the post before posting – unless you are working with tired hands and delete instead 😀
    @foodfreedomgirl welcome back – and well done for hitting reset
    @judyjudes stampede sounds terrifying, gravity-reversal sounds phenomenal! Yup, sounds like a CD to me – how on earth did you stop at half a portion of chips?!
    @debster251 glad your procedure went ok x

    Day 7 pocket list:
    @judyjudes (800)
    @flourbaby (800)
    @daffodil2010 (800)
    @basyjames (800)

    Day 7 Eastern WA USA- FD

    On my phone in the waiting room while my car gets an oil change. If someone puts together a pocket list, please add me. After having an NFD yesterday, I’m on a 48 hour fast now.
    Getting ready for a 2 -3 week road trip as I head down to Arizona and Texas to get my bones warmed up. Also I look forward to connecting with family and friends. One thing I’m also hoping to do is stop by Waco, TX to see all things Magnolia. Some of you may have heard of Chip and Joanna Gaines of “Fixer Upper”. I love those guys. Maybe I”ll find a birthday gift for my adult son. He likes them too.

    @ciren2 – I can see why finding a restroom is a challenge in your job. I wish you well in your journey.

    @daffodil2010 – I bet your dad appreciated your helping him visualize things. Sounds like a mutually encouraging time.

    Not sure what my plan will be to enjoy the holiday while trying not to undo what hard fought progress I’ve made.

    Glad we’re on the journey together.!

    Day 8 NSW Australia NFD
    6.30am Friday
    Hi everyone, just checking in!

    Getting ready for a relaxing weekend in the country, with my family. There’ll be river swimming, riding the rapids on a tyre tube, BBQ’s, munchies, medicinal alcohol, long walks, late nights sitting under the stars, lots of conversation – just love it, all just being together!

    There’ll be no mobile coverage, so all enjoy your weekend and I’ll catch up soon xx

    Day 7 – USA – NFD

    @arelkade, good to “see” you, also @steffieagle! @daffodil2010, glad you are able to make Dad’s dream of being mobile a reality; @annemarilyn, kudos on your long fast! I only kept from eating for 22 hours, but noticed upon eating, oh my…very queasy and what I ate did not stay with me for long, if you get my drift. I wonder if my habit of eating quickly may have something to do with it?

    2nd post –
    @metatauta – yes, you’re probably right. Eating quickly probably made your stomach rebel. What I try to remember is to eat a little, and wait 20-30 minutes to eat the meal. Maybe I’ll nibble on a little bit of cheese, finish preparing the meal & then sit down to eat.

    2nd post
    Really struggled this evening. OH decided to go to the pub with a friend so I was very tempted to have a glass of wine whilst he was out. I did not do it! Yeah! I read through the forum again and stopped myself. A cup of green tea did the trick. Sooo happy I didn’t succumb. I made prawn and pesto pasta for supper but decided to forgo the pasta part! OH was only too pleased to have the extra carbs. His weight means he can eat it and still loose weight. It’s weigh in day for me tomorrow and I’m not expecting a very good result so I wanted to give myself the best chance possible. We’ll see tomorrow!
    @songbirdme I do hope you stay safe in the horrid weather you’re having.
    @daffodil2010 You are being so kind and loving to your father. It is such a difficult time for you all. I went through something similar two years ago. It has made my relationship with my father so much stronger and I know he is deeply greatful for what the family did for him. Stay strong.
    @redrockgirl302 what an intriguing post! What is the National Trial Competition all about? Are you role playing or are you an actual toxicologist? It sounds fascinating!
    @foodfreedomgirl welcome and good luck. You’re in a great place for encouragement and support.
    @judyjules your cow story sounds terrifying! I love cows as long as I’m in a different field to them…my OH always laughs at me when we come across them. He says he never sees me move so fast to get past them. 😬
    @michelinme good advice. I’ve saved this as I go along.
    @arelkade your family get together sounds wonderful. I hope you have a lovely weekend.
    @metatauta I hope you’re feeling better soon.
    See you all tomorrow

    I’m on a bit late to this but I’d like to join in.

    It’s Friday the 8th February here in New Zealand. I’m doing the fast 800 so I’m on just 800 calories a day. I’ve done 2 weeks of it so far and I’ve had great results (lost almost 7 kilograms in 2 weeks) So I’m going to continue it for 12 weeks.

    My goal for February is to drop 1.5 kilos per week so a total of 6 kilograms. That will very nearly drop me down into the 110s after starting in the 130s.

    Good luck all

    Day 8 New Zealand FD
    Had a good fast day yesterday, just what I needed to get me started again. Lovely sunny day here (Sorry Northern Hemisphere Fasters). Working today to make up for having time off earlier in the week (Friday is usually my day off). Looking forward to the weekend to catch up on household chores (that doesn’t sound very exciting does it?). Also planning on a bike ride and doing some walking. Am doing a challenge in late February 15.5km walk, mainly beach and hills, I have done it twice before and hope to better my previous times. Have a great day everyone

    Day 8 – Japan – WFD (#10 in 2019)

    I’ve been thinking about what I’m trying to do with fasting. I’m mostly in it for the health aspects at this point as well as keeping my body fat reasonable. So when I have conflicts I’m not going to worry about the fasting and I’m going to try to maintain the fasting when it is reasonable.

    Right now my main goal this year is building a more strength which is why I’m trying to get to the point of being able to do a planche. I have a very long way to go.

    Day 7 Ohio, US — FD(#50)

    Ran an experiment today to see if there would be any difference between an original FD and the MFD. And actually not all that much. So I think (at least at the moment) I’ll return to the original 5:2 plan. Did yoga first thing this morning and it got the day off to a good start, even with the steady rain and fog that lasted until this evening when 45 mph winds started blowing and will continue throughout the night. Well, tomorrow is another day!

    @wacm Thanks for mentioning having a great sunny day. It helps to remember here, even in February, “Summer is coming!”

    @diggly Congratulations on holding firm. Green tea tastes better (IMHO) than wine any day!

    @arelkade Hope you had (when you read this) a great weekend with your family. It sounds like a perfect time with people you love.

    Enjoy the day!

    Day 8, Emden Germany, FD

    @debster251 enjoy your holiday!

    Pocket list day 8

    @neilithicman (800)
    @dykask (WFD)

    Will be back later after reading posts.

    Day 8 – Ireland – CD
    Dry til Fri February (weekends are too busy!) Sugar free.
    Bread and Crisp clampdown🤞

    Forced myself out on my bike last night was so happy once I got out… 25km on hills which felt good even though it got quite cold in the moonlight. I love it!

    A controlled day yesterday and another one today. Hoping this weekend doesn’t derail me..
    @at I’ll be back over in Morzine/Avoriaz in March. I know the area quite well but mostly from hiking in the summer months.. skied a couple of weekends there years ago but that’s it…so looking forward to it and need to get ski/board fit before I go…
    Welcome to the February challenge @neilithicman!
    @arelkade enjoy your time out of busy life .. it sounds divine.
    @michelinme there is nothing better than an accidental FD… well done!
    @diggly – well done on getting through the temptation 😇
    @debster251 have fun in the sun ☀️

    Onward and downward ⬇️

    Day 8, Cornwall UK, NFD

    Good 500cal fast yesterday!

    OMG @judyjules 😱 on the cow stampede experience! I see i need to take measures to reassure/inform guests. The young bullocks (not mine!) peer over the wall and stare at us – some snort snot if you get too close! And no fun if they chase you 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️.

    Today is weigh-in day. Will send an update later as i don’t want to step on the scales. 🙄

    Day 8 Herefordshire UK FD
    I know it must have been awhile since I last looked in here as you’ve all moved on two pages and it was day 4! Apology for being absent more than present and engaged.

    I don’t know where the days have gone and I seem to have hit a brick wall of exhaustion. OH hating having to do DIY in the new house and I’m fed up having to hold his hand whilst doing it. Took us a whole afternoon to put up a blackout blind for our bedroom, what with his dread of drilling and my numerical dyslexia, fitting and cutting the blind was an awful ordeal and one we need to repeat two more times, aaaagh!
    Will try an FD today, missing my soup and salad!
    Hope everyone is doing better than me.
    Ta x

    Day 8 – Ireland 🇮🇪 -NFD

    I struggled for a bit there wondering should today be FD Fast 800 or an NFD……and then I decided it has to be an NFD as I am really looking forward to catching up with DH tonight over a bottle of wine (due to our work patterns we don’t really see each other awake during the week….great for me on my fasting though ).

    So I have done 4 days of Fast800, down 5lbs from Monday’s whopping carbfest weigh-in, but the same weight I am last Friday which means last weekend was a 5lb gain!

    I always expect to put on a couple of pounds at the weekend then try to lose. A bit more than that the following week……so here we go again. I will try to be mindful this weekend.

    Early tomorrow we go over to pick up Dad and bring him back to the house in a wheelchair so that he can see how many rooms we have cleared out and where his beðroom and bathroom will be. I have bought a 6ft long wheelchair ramp to get into the house, it’s such a beautiful but inaccessible old house if you have mobility issues. Dad has requested Irish Stew for lunch so I gave pre cooked a huge pot and it will taste nicer tomorrow in the old kitchen with Dad and some of my brothers and sisters ☺️
    Thank you all so much for your kind comments. A@songbirdme, you are right, it’s time to enjoy parents while we can. @diggly, thank you ☺️

    Then Sunday I have so many chores and then relax in the afternoon. Not sure if I will be able to check in, so if not, have a great weekend everyone.

    Oh and @arelkade your weekend plans sound amazing.

    Have a good one Fasting Friends.

    Day 8. UK. Fast800

    Good Morning All

    After my menu changes yesterday I’ve changed the spreadsheet entry to a CD. I slept much better but feel stuffed and over full. I Will get in a 24hr fast today. I shut my belly at 18:00hrs yesterday and today will be OMAD. This evening we are dining out with family and want to compensate for yesterday’s feast. Hopefully I won’t have done too much damage. Although I dare not weight as I feel ‘heavy’ and stuffed.

    I feel that if you deviate and eat over Fast800, the impact is instant. Even with immediately returning to Fast800 it is not so instant at coming off again iyswim and won’t disappear overnight. I think it’s more to do with increased carbs/glycogen stores/water weight than actual laid down fat. But those processes takes days to reverse (as I well knew from having a Biryani last weekend). I suppose being informed is half the battle.

    @arelkade your weekend activities sound awesome! Enjoy 🙂

    Right I’m off for a nice Beetroot tea. It’s a Tea Pigs one called ‘Up Beat’. Allegedly gives you energy 🙂

    Have a great weekend everyone.

    Peace & Love

    Day 8 UK NFD
    Oh well I’m 1lb up since last Friday but I’m not surprised. Note to self…must try harder! On the other hand my measurements show a 6.5cm loss over the week. I’m delighted but also taking it with a pinch of salt. How do I ensure I measure in the same place each time? I’m going to create a measuring set of clothes so I can be sure I’m actually changing shape. I must admit my jeans feel less snug so maybe the tape measure doesn’t lie.
    @daffodil2010 I do hope you have a lovely day with your dad and siblings. I shall think of you eating Irish stew and cheering your dad up with his children around him.
    @dingping good luck with your blind hanging, it can only get better surely.
    Happy Friday everyone.

    Day 8 – Perth AUS – 800???
    Day 7 – 800

    Today the wagon had wheels made from Arnotts Mint Slice biscuits, so I ate two, and the wagon crashed into a chocolate brownie so I ate that too. Think I might still be around 800-900 cals, haven’t sat down to think it through. Things are super busy and it’s making me snack-eat which it turns out is a super slippery sugary slope to be on. Better not eating at all, but for some reason I think I ‘need’ to because I’m so run off my feet…? Poor excuse in hind sight. I still haven’t had time to go through all the posts properly, but skim read a few pages… hopefully I will have a chance at some point because there is always great inspiration, recipes and advice, but things are just hectic… so I hope no one else has been eating the wheels off the wagon! Mmm actually I like those wagon wheel biscuits too… chocolate, bit of jam, marshmallow, soft biscuit… NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUST STOP!

    Take care all, and please do better than I am!

    Day 8 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Probably overate a bit yesterday, but with the ice storm happening outside, I didn’t go out. Crazy – ever so glad we didn’t lose power. The driveway is a skating rink. Must spread some more salt this morning.

    @redrockgirl302 – is that Trial Competition for the U Law School? That sounds like a fascinating way to learn trials!

    All this talk of cows is fun. Our home is backed by a dairy farm, although the farmer now has hay storage (big round bales covered with plastic) in the pasture nearest here. It used to be one where cows grazed, and they would come right up to our back fence. These are all Holsteins – good milk producers. Our county makes lots of cheese too, much for Chicago pizza. 🙂

    Onward and downward.

    Day 8 Ireland NFD

    Planning to be fairly careful with food choices today but looking forward to eating as normal Saturday and Sunday.
    This week I have been thinking about calories a lot and checking labels on everything, something I hadn’t done in years. I know it’s good to be aware of what is in the food I’m eating and was actually shocked at how many calories are in the handfuls of salted peanuts I had been eating regularly everyday!!! Not to mention the sugary cereals, “healthy” granolas etc…..
    But I don’t really want to obsess about it either especially at the weekend!
    Hope everyone having a good Friday

    Day 8 – North Carolina – NFD

    Great week so far. I had decent NFDs where landed right around my TDEE and I had a good WFD yesterday even though I found it harder than usual. Plus I got my work outs in all week so that’s a win.

    On a side note though, I am so impressed with all of you doing 800 cal per day for several days at a time. It is such a struggle for me to stay at 1350 which is my TDEE. I cannot imagine cutting it down to 800. But I’m going to have to try it! After all, all of my friends here I think I’m a complete nutcase for fasting twice a week and they’re convinced they could never do it, but in reality it’s fine so maybe this Fast 800 is the same.

    @annemarilyn, thank you so so much for that information! That really helps! Thought I understand, you enter autophagy after anywhere between 12 and 36 hrs depending on how long it takes for your liver to burn through the glycogen (I think I got that right) and since I do eat carbs (I sort of do a Mediterranean diet with less carbs but tons of vegetables) my body is probably not starting autophagy until the end of the range anyway. Interesting!

    So glad to hear that your dad is happy about your plans for the house @daffodil2010. All we want for our parents is that the last chapters of their life be happy so it’s always nice to put a smile on their face! Fingers crossed the quotes will be decent. Enjoy your lovely evening with your DH tonight. You certainly have earned a night of relaxation!!

    @basyjames, thanks for the tip about the swerve alternative you found on Amazon. I will look into it! And I totally need to adopt your attitude about my FDs. Yesterday I was cranky as all get out and I was mentally exhausted in the afternoon. I would’ve been a much nicer friend/wife/mom if I had had my cup of tea with sweetener. The herbal tea was not doing it for me. I was a grumpy mess!!!

    Welcome back @foodfreedomgirl. Being active on the board has been so helpful in keeping my motivation going even when my scale acts unfriendly.

    Have a great weekend everyone!

    Day 8 Canton OH Fast800

    Day 4/21 Day challenge
    Day 3 progress report
    Steps: 13,893
    TRE: 16:8
    Calories: 900

    I am more feeling less draggy today, but I have that weird feeling that comes with fasting, can’t quite describe it- empty but not hungry inflamed feeling? I can literally feel the fat burning away, and lucky for me the first fatty area that melts is usually my tummy. Let’s hold fast to that. I stepped on the scale for a quick and dirty idea of where I am weight wise and I appear to have lost 4 pounds, mostly water weight I bet but still quite gratifying. I also went on a run this morning and almost froze my face off – yowzer! Winter is back!!!

    The weekend will be a true test of this challenge, and I have to be prepared. It’s a no brainer for me to practice TRE during the week but on weekends, I have to make an effort. The greatest reward will be waking up on Monday and NOT having to undo all the damage I did over the weekend. That my friends will feel really sweet.

    @emma1202 you said it! Sometimes all or nothing works, but other times you just gotta do what you gotta do 🙂 It’s actually been much easier for me to maintain a steady calorie rate of 800/day than doing the 5:2 at 500 calories on FD. I am also not as cold as I usually am on my 500 cal days. I would like to understand the science behind this. Anyone?

    @elektron we can all attest that we have had days like that, consider that there was a time when most of your days were about eating the wagon and the wheels, but now that counts as a slip up not the norm which equals progress

    @daffodil2010 I wish you the best day ever with your dad and siblings

    @judyjudes I concur, being informed is half the battle and enjoy your energetic Beetroot tea

    @diggly congrats on your changing shape, again progress!

    Pocket list day 8
    @neilithicman (800)
    @dykask (WFD)
    @judyjudes Fast800
    @elektron Hang on!
    @basyjames Fast800

    Hold fast everyone 🙂

    Day 8, Cornwall UK, NFD (2nd post)

    Well – weekly weigh-in and I am 0.4kgs down to 71.8kg. Yippee. I know its not a lot but its progress for me! Celebrated with oak-milk cappuccino and biscuits at our nearest Waitrose(posh supermarket to those who don’t live in the Uk!) – darn it.

    @basyjames – where is Canton? It sounds very cold. Assuming you are not in China?! We don’t get very cold here in Cornwall, which is the far western tip of England – just a lot of rain, especially in winter. Although I did get stuck in a snow-jam last week when we had buckets of snow fall in a short time. Our local town was snow-free, but as we drove up 100metres the hills were gridlocked. Scary, as I thought we would be on the road overnight, and we are not prepared for that kind of thing round here. Fortunately we got out before it iced over.

    Day 8 UK CD

    Yesterday swerved back into an excellent CD at around 950 calories, I’ll take that. Also pleased to have drunk plenty tho I’m increasingly realising that, like sleep before midnight, a litre of fizzy water towards the start of the day sets me up much better than a flood later on! 🙂

    First week of this challenge has been good, with 2FDs, one MFD and 3CDs. I seem to have begun good habits across the board with sleep, yoga & meditation and they all feed into each other…esp when I’ve put in the time to prepare. I was SOOOO tired last Sat making vegetable stews, but now I’m unbelievably grateful to my Past Self for making the effort!

    Today’s weekly weigh day shows me 1lb down to 145.5lb, almost back to my November plateau & only 2.5lb above my pre-Christmas low. Also 0.5″ off my waist this week, HWR 0.45 & BMI 23.5. Numbers are moving in the right direction and I’m feeling good – now I need to keep it up.

    It seems I do much better avoiding carbs who knew?! (ME obvs…I just don’t want it to be true!!) I’m coming to realise that if i want to be healthy and not carry extra weight carbs will have to be a once or twice a week treat, visitors into my veg, protein, 16:8 or OMAD routine. It is what it is, and I have clear choices as to how I use that knowledge.

    I find myself looking around at friends in their 40s and 50s with new eyes. There’s a real mix of energy and lifestyles. Many have gained substantial weight because they haven’t changed anything, continued eating at the rate they did in their 30s but less active and not alive to the change in their bodies’ needs. And those who have made substantial changes in lifestyle – taking up exercise or other activity, adopting different approaches to eating from mindfulness to veganism. I’m looking compassionately but also wanting to introduce them to fasting.

    OK, back to the grind…

    Wishing you all well, whatever your day or weekend brings. Here’s to healthy choices and balanced lives – stronger together x

    Day 8 Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 NFD

    Well I was a little hangry yesterday, probably because of a couple of days of carb birthday celebrations eating…..certainly made the FD a different experience. There will be more celebrating during this month so I will make better choices!! I’m impressed by those of you doing Fast 800 for multiple days/weeks and I think I may have to try that in March.

    Stay strong everyone 🙂

    Day 8 – Eastern WA USA – NFD

    Skimmed through posts but needing to get packed and on my journey. Will be gone 2 – 3 weeks, so not sure how much I’ll be able to tune in to the forum. The scale gave me a nice send off with a new low by .2 lbs this morning. I’ll try to keep to TRe of 18:6 as much as possible and make thoughtful indulgences (if they’re worth it). This is a hard fought journey but I also want to give myself permission to enjoy something as I connect with family and friends.

    Until later forum friends!

    Day 8 2nd post

    @annemarilyn wishing you a safe and happy trip, enjoy yourself 😊

    Day 8: Gloucestershire,UK: NFD
    Got another soaking at work…rained ALL the delivery….that’s five hours (but also most of last night as well. Wet and stormy.
    @cornish-jane: I think bullocks do it for a laugh. I remember years ago, as teenagers, we were on a walk in the country with our “elderly” (she must have been getting on for 60!) geography teacher, when a herd of bullocks decided to chase us. Teacher told us to remain calm and keep walking towards the gate at the far end. Briskly.
    Some of the girls got a bit panicky and after a short time our pace quickened considerably as we made for that gate. The bullocks saw where we were heading and, bellowing, as a group, charged to the gate and blocked it!! We were cut off…(I’m sure they were laughing) thinking quickly, all of us, as one, including our “ancient” teacher, took a flying leap over the barbed wire fence at the side, just as they came running back to stop us!
    It was a public footpath through that field too!
    DD, the dairy scientist, would scoff at this…!

    Day 8, Rocky Mountains, US, FD 800 cals

    Another day of trial competition. I am enjoying it immensely! 😊😊😊

    @diggly, @songbirdme: I am playing a toxicologist for the defense. I really like it. I am a music educator 🎶 in real life. National Trial Info: The National Trial Competition is arguably the most prestigious law school mock trial competition in the nation, which was created to stimulate law students’ interest in developing trial advocacy skills. The competition is co-sponsered by the Texas Young Lawyers Association and the American College of Trial Lawyers. This year, over 300 mock trial teams will compete at regional competitions during February and the top two teams from each of the 15 regions will advance to the national competition in Texas.

    Have a good Friday everyone! 😊😊😊

    2nd post

    not in the mood for a FD, changing it into a NFD.

    @diggly had to look up rolling fog from Little Green, it seems to be grey. My cousin in Canada has grey walls combined with yellow ones. I loved it, I have yellow walls, never tried grey. I like flower wallpaper, one of our rooms on the top floor has a lovely British wallpaper with small roses on it. Now the bedroom walls are yellow, I don’t like the combination with the blue walls in the adjacent sitting room. I feel like I’m in an IKEA store, which I’m not very fond of. The sitting room wil be yellow also.

    @debster251 we have a colorful house, we also have cherry red (kitchen), rectory red (dining room), pitch blue (living room) and aloe vera (library/music room). On the outside of the house all the ironwork is in ultramarin, we seem to be the only ones to like it. I love the colors of Farrow & Ball.

    @songbirdme, @annemarilyn and @steffieagle thanks for clearing up what half and half means. You can buy something like that here, but we always have real cream.

    @arelkade and @foodfreedomgirl welcome back!

    @daffodil2010 how good you explained the new layout of the house to your Dad, have a wonderful day tomorrow, enjoy being together. x

    @neilithicman welcome!

    @dingping what can I say, HUSBANDS! I’m decluttering the house under huge protest from the OH. I’m behaving like an obsessive compulsive cleaner and rant like a British cook, but I get a lot done!

    @rainbowsmile and @bert1802 I miss you both!

    Pocket list day 8
    @neilithicman (800)
    @dykask (WFD)
    @judyjudes Fast800
    @elektron Hang on!
    @basyjames Fast800
    @redrockgirl302 (800)

    Have a nice day/evening everyone!

    3rd post

    @annemarilyn enjoy your journey and take care! x

    Day 8 second post

    @annemarily travelling mercies to you – have a lovely time with your family and the sunshine x

    Second post
    @redrockgirl302 well that sounds absolutely brilliant! I wonder if they do anything similar in the uk. I’ve not heard of it but what a fantastic idea. Hope you have a great time.
    @snowflake56 you’re right it is a grey colour but looks more moley/minky on the walls and I really like it. The carpet went in today and sets it all off a treat. Just the curtains left and then we’re all done. I have loved having the new paint work done and can’t believe what a fresh outlook it’s given to everything.
    Bedtime now, have a great weekend everyone.

    Day 9 Wellington, NZ, EFS!!

    I think I have been stress eating with the family here. The main thing I have been biting is my tongue, however, as my daughter-in-law’s possessiveness of the grandson is tiring. She won’t leave him alone for a second and even our son barely gets a look in. I don’t want to start a long vent here (I’ve been doing that enough to my friends!) suffice to say, while it was lovely to have them here as they live so far away, it was nice when they left too!!!!

    I went to yoga this morning and when I came home I lay down and slept for 3 hours – where did that come from??

    Dinner at friends’ tonight and I shan’t even try to be mindful- I will be F800 from tomorrow til the two weddings nest Friday and Saturday.

    Sorry for the negativity, but you are all so good at listening 🙂

    Day 9. UK. Fast800

    Good Morning/Evening All 🙂

    I managed OMAD, Fast800ish & 26.5 hour fast yesterday. I’m unsure about calories as it’s difficult to work out when you’ve not prepped it yourself but I think I was around 850. No alcohol (I was the driver) and no sugar. Really enjoyed what I did have. Going for OMAD again today to give my system chance to process what I had last night.

    @chipmunk13 Vent away & Bless you! How awful for you but well done on biting your tongue. It sounds like it was a pleasure/pain experience. You probably slept extra due to being emotionally exhausted with it all. Some events give energy and some take it away. How old is your grandson? I would think once he’s a little older he’ll be toddling towards his grandma as grandchildren love being engulfed with affection by their elders. Enjoy your evening with your friends!

    Peace & Love

    Day 8 NFD Central Coast California.
    Oh so lovely: I got to eat today. Because I had a terrible week last week of constantly gaining. So this week this week I worked on simplifying my diet and just having soup and a salad on FD, and I spread them apart one meal at 1 or 2 in the afternoon and the other around 5/6 and I seemed to manage to lose about 3 pounds this week. Today I was invited out for lunch and ate a glorious baguette with veggies, so very yummy, and the I got home I had an 1/2 acorn squash with no sugar ( which I actually dislike,) just butter , garlic and a few spices, then salad , and a mostly veggie soup with chicken added, oh and a glass of wine and now I’m stuffed, it feels as if my capacity for food is shrinking, which I love! I’ll see in the morning if I gained anything from actual bigger meals. I’d be interested to know if anyone is having anymore luck with a keto, full fat diet? I still find that a bit difficult but I do love butter and cheese, which I have mostly cut out. I don’t really have a sweet tooth, however I know my sugar fix is a glass of wine a night!
    I’ve been lax on the exercise because of the rain but have weight training in the morning. and because of the weather of rain and cold, I’ve done no hiking nor Kayaking. I’m looking forward to summer which is cold and foggy but at least about 62 degrees most of the time.
    I’m so enjoying these emails, I read through them all at once so in the end I don’t remember who said what, but the compassion and care is really lovely. The cow stories make me laugh, In Scotland we used to hike through the fields and the young bullocks would come scampering towards us but we would just hold our arms out and kind of charge them and they would scatter, but I won’t go into a field with Bulls! Somehow I think there is no such fear in them. But still I smile with these stories. Thanks to all of you for sharing your struggles and triumphs, also a treat to hear a gripe for once! Sometimes it seems everyone is living such a perfect life that this was a relief to hear.
    Hope this weekend is wonderful for you all

    Day 9 – Japan – NFD

    10 water fasts done in 2018. I actually hardly noticed the fast.

    Day 9 Herefordshire U.K. Hopeful FD!

    Yesterday’s FD was going fine until I had a difficult and challenging phone call from my mum which left me emotionally drained and frustrated, had to try and stay neutral but supportive over a neighbour dispute she’s having and wants to escalate. End result I ate my emotions… need I say more!
    Trying for an FD today but after a heavy carb fest yesterday post phone call I know it’s going to be challenging in more ways than one, fingers crossed.

    @snowflake56, @debster251 & @diggly – Catching up on paint discussion – I like having a soothing home, a refuge and place of calm amongst life’s turmoils, so colour choices are important to me as well as it looking comfortably ordered and clutter free, but don’t open my cupboards!
    I’m not very daring with colours tend to go with neutral colours with colourful soft furnishings, though @snowflake56 we did have an eating room red (F&B) dinning room (purple/red) which I loved. @diggly love your rolling fog, in our old house we used a similar colour palette. Here in our new but old house the previous owners painted most walls a F&B grey – Purbeck Stone. I didn’t mind it when looking to buy the house but it’s everywhere and on these grey winters days with low light it’s a bit much and in the lounge our sofa colours don’t gel with it. Thinking of painting something on the lines of a greyish cream.
    The blackout blind fitting went faster and smoother second time around but the third didn’t happen as we/I picked up an inappropriate size for the window from that we’ll know Swedish store. So two steps forward and one step back (possibly many more) as swapping it will be a 160 mile round trip to the nearest store – the joys of country living!
    @arelkade – lovely to see your early posts again and your planned w’end sounds heaven, re booting the future happy memory bank.
    @annemarilyn – enjoy the sunshine
    @missybear – I missed your b’day but hope the celebrations were joyful and you have a fantastic year.

    I really need to re think my approach to this way of life, must find time/make time to read Fast 800 book and work out what’s best for me. I know and understand a lot of the science behind fasting, low carb etc but implementing it is another matter when it gets personal! @michelinme I think we’re struggling with the same disconnect!!

    Have a good day everyone.

    Day 9 Pocket List

    Day 9, Emden Germany, FD

    @songbirdme my late FIL was a vet. After the war there weren’t many cows in Germany and the ones left over were sick. He went to Canada and the USA to buy semen and cows to set up a new Holstein production line for the North of Germany. My DH grew up among bulls, cows and calfs, the whole family loved living there. When one of my SIL’s was breast feeding her daughter, my FIL told us, she was a good milk producer! While scanning the photographs of the family a lot of cows and bulls came by.

    @chipmunk13 I’m sorry the visit wasn’t like you expected it would be. Hopefully it will get better as your grandson get older.

    @diggly it’s amazing how easy it is to change a room, just with different colors. We’re going to put in a cherry wood parquet floor in the bedroom and sitting room. We had a red carpet in it, but it was hard to hoover the cathair from it.

    @dingping my FD didn’t go well yesterday, I hope yours was better. Are you with me today? Time to get up and fill the next garbage bag!

    Pocket list day 9

    @judyjudes Fast800

    Have a nice day everyone!

    Day 9 – Ireland – NFD

    I’ve had a good fasting week with more FDs than I have ever done and am about to get up to face this wild day here and to do my weekly weigh in but am reluctant as feel I should have lost a little and will be a little bit bothered if I haven’t… 🙄…
    Body and mind feel good – much better than before.
    I’m working on eliminating food that makes me feel foggy and tired and I definitely think that’s working.
    Trying accupunture and some very light yoga with Adriene too – thanks to those who mentioned her videos in YouTube…
    can I ask if any of you have had issues with electrolyte imbalance? For most of my 30s and 40s I have felt very dehydrated and wake up in the morning feeling very tired… I mentioned this here before and to many doctors/consultants but I have two auto immune conditions so it gets muddled up in all of that and docs find it hard to see past those…spent a lot of 2018 trying to get to the bottom of it but no real change (other than a lighter wallet 😂)…
    I do drink a lot of water💦. @michelinme I think it was you who mentioned that you drink a litre of water when you wake… I have tried that too. So have been trying to get the bottom of that also with a complementary health practitioner and it looks like I may have an electrolyte imbalance. So.. i’m wondering if anyone is in the same boat and if so, what do you take to help?

    Hoping to have a nice meal with a friend who is going through a rough patch tonight…will stay on the dry for this weekend but looking forward to good food.

    Wishing you all the very best for the day ahead…
    Onward and downward ⬇️

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