Fat Busting Brits!!

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  • Well it’s had 2 coats, still needs more, supposed to give it a light sanding after 2 coats . Will see.

    Evening All…

    A lovely windy day, a bit chilly..got my towels and some washing dry… barring the two walks nothing much done a bit of a boring day…

    I shall be fasting tomorrow…

    Sorry turned over page can’t remember it all…

    Jean x

    Dave- does sound like a tough job for you back & knees…hope it turns out well in the end! Great that Chloe’s getting up & down albeit with help, at least you’re not having to kip downstairs!
    Jean- lovely to get washing dry outside, our garden’s still too shady! Not been a very nice day here…
    Have managed a FD, althoygh just over 800 cals, will do another one tomorrow. Didn’t have a good walk with Xena- she’s always eaten lots of grass & is normally fine but the last couple of times has been sick in.the middle of the path- not easy to clear up! Annoying too that it’s both the walks I can do from here without having to use the car, which saves on petrol! Had to put her on the lead which isn’t enough exercise for her…walked Gwinnie too, did our Church online & cooked roast chicken. Youngest has now gone back to eating meat sometimes so he enjoyed it!
    Have a good evening ☺

    Afternoon everyone. Have had a wonderful few days away in Norwich with plenty of walking involved which I think helped in the scales showing a one pound gain this morning.Am fasting today so it’s my usual Salmon and pasta for my evening meal boring I know but I like it. A beautiful sunny day here today so a lovely walk this morning and lovely to get the washing done and put outside to dry.
    Hope everyone has been okay whilst I’ve been away.
    Nana x

    Hi FBBs hope all is well with you Xxxx

    What a wonderful day… its a job to imagine all the crazy happenings going on in this world.

    Well Done HH on your 1.5 loss thats brilliant news.. Xx

    Well Done Nana just the lb that will soon go .. lovely you enjoyed your break. Xx

    We had a good 2hr walk this morning did some old fashioned foraging and came back with some daffodils from the fields how they ever got there i don’t know lol.. 2 big pockets full of baby cones and 2 nice logs for the wood burner. Felt quite pleased with myself. lol

    I still haven’t bought any bread at all so very weird as not even thought about it while shopping.

    Weight staying stable.. within a lb or two.

    Friday hygienist went ok hadn’t been fro 2 yrs since covid so she was a bit robust lol but I felt really good after. Back this Wednesday to the dentist for an hour and a half appointment to prepare etc for my 2 crowns. I think temporary ones till 5th April. Quite a wait I thought being private. Still probably a backlog.

    Just had my Ryvita’s cheese and Branston pickle 2 satsumas .. will cook up the 2 Hunters chickens tonight wth BBQ sauce. .. my favourite thing at the moment. lol
    Going to mow the lawns this afternoon. Hooray.

    Hope everyone is enjoying their day we have soo much to be thankful for.

    You have to overcome a challenge everyday to become a champion one day💜❤

    FD done, another one planned for tomorrow.

    Need to get March back on track!

    2.5 weeks before going away for a few days, so end of month weigh in is 30th!

    Lovely afternoon pottering in the garden in the sunshine.

    Blue sky and a bit of warmth makes such a difference…

    Good evening everyone. Been bowling today, a lovely sunny day.F1 starts again on Sunday so looking forward to that. A good fast day today. Going to a show tomorrow so that will be good.

    Morning All…
    A lovely day and long walk along our riverbank, walked with Fay for a 25 mins, she turned back home, then Rod a neighbour joined me for the last 60 mins..so a nice different chatty walk…

    Boules at 1.30..I think 9 of us…

    Must get the vac out and do some cleaning, upstairs at least and stairs before boules..

    A good break away 1 lb up is nothing it will soon go….

    A good walk and foraging some nice things found…soon have nice smiling teeth good luck for Wednesday….nice to be at goal maintaining and good to get back into our summer clothes..

    Nice to have another trip planned, I do really miss it…..I thought of going on my own but not much fun talking to anyone……gardening for me yesterday although hard work….

    Enjoy your show tonight……F1 Steve always loved it…

    Jean x

    Good afternoon.Chloe slept downstairs last night, no problems so we had room in bed🤣. Good fast yesterday. Going to a show in the town centre tonight, got to be there at 6pm but it dosent start until 7:30😲. Denise is going to Spanish lesson, I’m going to Sainsbury’s to do the shopping then we will probably go to the chippy for quickness.

    Evening everyone a quick check in. It’s been a lovely day here again so helped OH to paint our garden and bicycle sheds and now I’m feeling it. Usual Wednesday lunch tomorrow.
    Dave 🤞 Chloe continues to sleep downstairs and the show was good.
    Jean another busy day for you.
    Enjoy the rest of your evening everyone.
    Nana x

    Dave- hope the show’s good! Real progress with Chloe, your patience has paid off ☺👏
    Jean- sounds like a nice sociable day with the walk & boules…could you not go back to the place at Bridlington & have visitors again? I guess you were lucky with the weather last time when you met with Natalie & Oreo…maybe you should tour round UK visiting near all of us for company!
    Kay- well done with your FD & hope today went okay. Nice to be out in the garden ☺
    Nana- hope you’re not too stiff after all the painting! Enjoy your lunch out tomorrow!
    Hemmy- hope your dentist appt goes okay tomorrow…
    Forgot to post yesterday, did a FD well under 800cals, busy with haircuts, sewing (yuk!) & ironning (another yuk!)
    Did a longer walk with Xena as not walking Gwinnie, felt a bit weary so haven’t done too much ekse, we went to a diy shop & have done dinner 3 times- younger son had his early as he was going off to do more overtime, hubby & I had ours usual time & then eldest has his at 9pm after kickboxing- got it all ready & just had to reheat though. Just over 800cals today, might do a nonFD tomorrow, have done 3 on the trot…

    Good morning, the show was good last night we both enjoyed it. Still no bread but not sure if I can last out much longer. I felt a little dizzy walking home last night had to grab some railings. When I don’t have bread I tend not to have breakfast or dinner so that might be the cause. Just had a big bowl of porridge.When it got to bedtime Chloe was walking about and she jumped up on the sofa so I went to bed, she was great, not a whimper from her all night.

    Evening All…
    A miserable day here very wet walk this afternoon…

    Out and about shopping, lots of no food buying..I think 9 birthday cards, new tea towels, toiletries, vanilla slice….I was having bother with a new debit card it kept being refused so I thought I would go to a hole in the wall thinking it might need more than just buying something….it kept my card!!…hopefully a new one is on its way….

    I am fasting tomorrow…anyone else?

    Chloe must be settling nicely now if she’s sleeping downstairs, she knows where you are….hope you feel better today…

    Garden jobs done, nice to get it all ready…

    Where I went last year in Brid, he was a new owner and wants anyone wanting just a few days in the downstairs room at the back although very nice the door to the room is on the outside on a walkway, I wouldn’t feel safe…parking was very tight too.
    I get lost very easy if travelling about I would need to keep to areas I know..then you are still on your own…I might.
    You were very busy yesterday you should slow down a bit…

    Jean x

    Dave- glad the show was good, but a worry feeling dizzy…lovely that Chloe is so much better at night!
    Jean- sounds like a successful shopping trip! Shame about the Brid place having a new owner…if it’s all too stressful then it’s not a holiday & no point, I wouldn’t want to drive somewhere I didn’t know reasonably well either…
    A nonFD for me, have done a few jobs but been a bit lazier, made a healthy ‘blondie’ recipe which has chickpeas in it, not sure if the boys will like it!
    I’ll be fasting with you tomorrow Jean

    Good afternoon everyone.A fast day today so only 2 cups of tea so far. Back on the bread, think not having breakfast or dinner might have made me have a dizzy spell.Been ok since.A nice day today Chloe behaved again last night, seems happy downstairs on her own.

    Afternoon everyone what a lovely day after yesterday’s heavy rain always seems to be nasty weather on a Wednesday when I need to use my bicycle. Found out my waterproof trousers are no longer waterproof yesterday.
    OH has been to meet up with his retired work colleagues for lunch today and I had planned to enjoy Ely on my own looking in the shops that he’s not keen on but sadly the bus never arrived today 🙁
    Dave good the dizzy spells have stopped.
    Hope everyone else is keeping okay and enjoy the rest of your day.
    Nana x

    Hi FBBs hope all is well with you Xxxx

    A decent day after the rains yesterday ,, fields sodden again now though and had just dried up.

    Ohh a long day yesterday .. feeling tired today.. so not much on this afternoon.. just a few bits and bobs done.

    OMG I love my two new crowns.. I feel 30 again lol… They look soo good and a big difference. Feeling vain and have to keep looking lol.

    These are just the temps but look brilliant.. soo worth the money.. plus going private it was more easy and relaxed. Ended up being in the chair for 2 hours.. Its along procedure having two done together.
    Bonus this morning as only had soup yesterday and milky coffee. .. this morning a pound down. lol

    Brads … sounds like Chloe’s found her place lol.

    HH and Sym… good luck with todays fasts.. What are you having. Xx

    Nana what was for lunch … plus when you do the salmon pasta is it smoked salon or salon steak .. ( Just saw your post.. re todays lunch what a shame. )

    Kay and Mel how are things with you

    Have a good day all. People may forget what you look like, but they will remember the kindness in your heart. ❤️ Xxxx

    Afternoon All…
    What a lovely day, slight chill in the wind…I left my over trousers off for the first time this winter for our walks …

    Fast day has gone well I will finish about 550 cals…popped out to order some new bras, ordered a couple…

    I might pick up something for a couple of nights, I need to investigate…
    Will you tell the boys chickpeas are in the blondies?…I have made some flapjack with seeds and nuts added, only a small amount I usually double up but not this time..

    So back on bread, I have cut back but I do have a bit……well done Chloe..

    Oh dear new waterproofs needed, mine are getting past it but still waterproof might get another winter out of them 😂
    Shame on the bus today…

    A couple of hard boiled eggs chopped in salad cream and a few crackers, an apple for me tonight..I now need to buy some ryvitas…
    I have just made an appointment at the dentist my eye tooth is moving a lot, don’t know whether it’s the crown along the same side crowding or my mouth getting smaller, may need a tooth taking out. 😬

    Have a good evening..

    Jean x

    I bent down sanding the floorboards and my knee is painful now and I’m hobbling 😲 good job Chloe dosent pull. It’s turned out a low day so can’t complain.

    Good morning everyone I’ve lost almost 6lbs since I have up the bread, back on it now so will have to eat less of it.

    Afternoon All..
    A lovely day quite warm although still wrapped up.. I took off layers yesterday and was chilly.. usual village riverbank walk, Natalie was busy…

    A few ounces off but still maintaining…

    I feel a bit tired today so I am not doing a lot.. a few bills arrived for the coming year so updated my accounts so I know where I stand… still more to come in..
    I have been told about £150 going in my account for fuel so that’s nice but it will soon disappear..

    Well done on your weight loss that’s good going .. a lot off this year 12 .4 lbs… you might do more than your 2 stone goal 😁👏👏👏
    Hope your knee has improved a bit for you..

    Might have a chippy meal if I can be bothered to drive.. I will see..

    Have a good day everyone…

    Jean x

    COVID infections rising fast. But very few wareing masks.A new varient causing it.

    Hi FBBs hope all is well with you Xxxx

    What a glorious March day .. really lovely.

    A wonderful sight on this mornings walk .. watching a load of sheep being rounded up by 2 sheep dogs. The dogs are sooo very clever an fascinating to watch close up.

    Weight good .. I had lost another pound this week.

    Still no bread and not missing it at all.

    Brads Well done with the 6lbs off that’s really brilliant.

    Sym… Lots of bills about at the moment.. Not a lot of good news at the moment all round.
    Have a good weekend everyone.. The more content you are.. the less complicated it is. XXXX

    Afternoon everyone it’s been a lovely sunny day again here – all washing up to date and dried outside.
    Dave well done on your weight loss and hope your knee improves soon.
    Hemmy also well done to you on your weight loss. I use a salmon steak which I cook in my ninja and then flake it into the cooked pasta along with some Philadelphia Lightest cheese.
    Lunch was a lovely Tuna, Cucumber and Red Onion with a side salad and the usual two glasses of Pinot Grigo. Tonight is going to be a Chicken Tikka Shashlik takeaway and my turn to drive so no alcohol until we get home.
    Enjoy your weekend everyone and hopefully this lovely weather which is here to stay for a few days according to the weather forecast.
    Nana xxx

    COVID is bad lots getting it…

    What a watch..I love the sheep dogs working lucky lady…..yes not good as all the bills drop through the door….
    The days been glorious very much Spring in the air….

    A lovely day for food and wine…just had a couple of wines from last Fridays bottle..I didn’t get my fish and chips…our weather said good weather to stay till the end of the month 🤞

    Have a good weekend..

    Jean x

    Dave- very well done with the weight loss, really seems to make a difference with not having bread for you, shame you’ve been feeling dizzy…
    Hemmy- well done on your pound off, good you’re pleased with the crowns! Are you grinning at everyone?! Nice to see a sheepdog at work ☺
    Jean- well done maintaining! Did you have fish & chips today? Not nice having the bills to sort out, can’t believe how much everything’s going up 😞
    Nana- shame about the bus not turning up, doesn’t encourage people to use public transport really! hope Mick hadca good day… enjoy your takeaway tonight!
    Had a good 500 cal FD yesterday (lentil koftas & salad), but no weight loss this week. Lovely day here, everything outside covered in the Sahara sand/ dust, has everyone else had it? Car needs a good clean but had indoor stuff to do & we had a trip to get wood from the DIY shop, hubby has worked out what he needs…
    Hopefully a FD tomorrow.

    Good afternoon everyone, Chloe’s in the bad books, she’s chewed my hearing aid beyond repair. Is a lovely day here today, took her out without her coat, summer is just around the corner. Next fast day is Monday.

    Evening All..
    A lovely day but a bite in the wind…really nice playing boules the weather makes all the difference..we played two games and won one each…we went to the pub near my house first day of doing meals, very small menu but homemade and very good..just Saturdays and Sundays at the moment.

    Washed three of Charlie’s blankets looking grotty..all fresh again.

    We have got the Sahara dust too all over my clean windows ! …no fish and chips I couldn’t be bothered to go, lots of road works in the village, traffic lights, single traffic etc..
    Yes all bills are on an increase, sorted all my figures out making sure I have some money left, I spend food etc without thinking it’s a bit naughty…but alls well 😂

    Oh dear bad news on your hearing aid..naughty Chloe!

    Jean x

    Will have to move everything tonight to a safe height where chloe long legs can’t reach.

    All safe, nothing chewed although she was nibbling my ears when I got out of the shower. Looking forward to the F1 today, will record it saved watch it later.

    Dave- Chloe’s a pickle, good job she’s so loving! They do keep you on your toes!
    Jean- shame about the fish & chips, but a pain to have to drive. We can walk to or Chinese takeaway but fish & chips is a drive too…hope Charlie doesn’t mi d having his blankets washed, not like Xena!
    Hope everyone else is okay…
    No FD yesterday as I’d had an awful headache in the night, it lurked a bit in the day…lovely weather for my 2 walks, saw mum for a game in the afternoon, she didn’t want to go out as usual…good walks again today, boys both out this afternoon so nice & quiet! Found some of my lists of what I ate when I first started on here- I did ADF 500cals, & kept between BMR & TDEE on other days, but had to go lower than that when I got near goal- not sure if I have the will power for that right now but might try it again… Difficult now the boys eat veggie, before they’d have meat with hubby so that didn’t make me envious!
    Have a good evening everyone x

    Hi FBBs hope all is well with you Xxxx

    What some lovely days we are having.. the whole week looks good.

    Trying to be very careful this week as Kristy coming Thurs -Monday. so will be on holiday with meals out.

    Its a sad week this week as Mums 2yr anniversary on Thursday. I still miss her and her wisdom very much. I spent half my week with her here.

    My weight keeping very stable .. still no bread.

    Have a good day everyone ..Honesty saves everyone’s time. ❤️ Xxxx

    Afternoon everyone lovely weather here today. Having a FD my usual Salmon and Pasta. Weighed myself this morning and have lost one and a half pounds the pound I’d gained from our time away plus another half making seven pounds in total since the start of the year.
    OH felt poorly this morning and thought it was his hay-fever but it felt differently so we both took a covid test and his was positive and mine was negative so our social life is put on hold for a while 😒
    Hemmy you’re doing well and lovely to have a visit from Kristy to look forward.
    Enjoy the rest of your day everyone and stay safe.
    Nana xxx

    Hope you don’t catch it Nana.Up early today got to take the car in for an MOT.Far too early fo me being up at this time. Speedway was good last night, a Peterborough rider won the meeting, some great races. Just had tea and toast so not a FD today. Good fast day yesterday. I’m hoping to lose 2lbs then I will have lost a stone this year. I promised Heidi I would lose 2 stone this year.

    Morning All..
    A glorious day, peeled my winter layers off..goo walk on the riverbank just the two of us…

    A boules day…confusing change of time, then a change back..faffing Brian 😂…I now can’t get hold of Fay who was going in the early group, I shall go at 1.30 and hope she isn’t going, we could of played as a pair not good but I would have if she wanted to play…she can’t play pm….

    Lots of Whoosh going on through the night hope it’s a good sign….

    A sad week..this year has passed very quick…you don’t forget them…..I talk to Steve all the time…
    Enjoy Kirsty time a lovely few days…

    Well done on your half a stone off a very good start…hoping OH is ok and you don’t catch it…thinking of poor uncle and aunt too..

    Nearly a stone Heidi would be proud of you…hope the car passes the MOT and all is well…

    Hope you sort a plan out to shake it up……nearing goal is always much harder…

    Jean x

    Hi FBBs hope all is well with you Xxxx

    What a fabulous day .. so wonderful and we are only in March.

    Lovely walk with My friend and Wesley .. my favourite dog next to my Pips.lol

    Pam over tomorrow .. we are out to lunch by the canal ..she has been laying low as just had tests on her throat chest ..as she had an awful cough for months .. She had thought the worst but all ok..

    Brads .. Hope MOT goes well… you can do that 2lbs no probs… just cut out the cobs. lolol

    Nana.. Thank you for the recipe for the salmon pasta … I am going to try it… Hope OH is not too bad and you are ok.Xx

    H H… I think now better weather is arriving it will be easier .. Sometimes its harder to get in a good pattern. You do so well with all the different times and meals you cook.
    I would never be this weight if I was cooking for others. I struggle after Kristy goes as I always eat more and put more effort into the meals.

    Sym… Hope your Boules times got sorted ok… Its lovely to discard the winter thick clothes.
    Just had a cuppa in my neighbours garden .. so lovely in the sunshine… Uplifting.

    Kay and Mel how are things with you. Xx

    Have a good day all… Be gentle with yourself. You’re doing the best you can.
    You’ll get there one step at a time. 🖤 Xxxx

    Hemmy Sainsbury’s have stopped making mycobs😩.Car passed with flying colours.Great weather here, think it’s here for a few more days now. Bowling again tomorrow, need the practice. The season starts in a couple of weeks. Still waiting for my bowls to be repaired.I took them in on the 11 of November,I rang up and it’s going to be at least another week.

    Nana- poor hubby, hope he’s not too poorly, & that you don’t get it too. Hope uncle is okay as well, a worry xx
    Dave- glad your var was okay…will be nice bowling this week in the sun, hope you get yours back son! Very well done with your weight!
    Jean- hope you got a game in the end! Weather lovely here too! I’m not really close to goal, it just seems to have come to a standstill, not sure what to do for the best!
    Hemmy- sending you a hug, your mum was a big part of your life, nice Kristy can be with you for the weekend xx
    Have actually managed a well controlled nonFD! So pleased with myself, & both the boys were off so constant food here 😇 Youngest has his new car & is very pleased. Borrowed mum’s hoover but it’s not really man enough for our house, it got full up before I’d even done the lounge! Getting my new one tomorrow, but eldest has a new gf & is bringing her round for lunch so need it to be clean! So can’t do a FD tomorrow, will try to be controlled again!

    Morning All…
    What a beautiful day…a park walk for us, new signs to stop dogs running up to people which is fair enough…but it’s hard I have to be totally focused on Charlie and what’s ahead so can’t talk to people. He is getting very good now he is a bit older and listens to me, I have had him under training again to remind him..
    I had my breakfast at the cafe which was nice I must start doing it again once a week..Charlie had already eaten….

    Fed the birds and washed their water baths/bowls…getting Charlie trained to going to pee in one area to save my lawn so moved the bird baths so he has a bit more space 🤞 work in progress..only three accidents ( on grass) in a week so we are getting there….

    A lazy day I seem to have hedgehogs headache not like me at all…

    Enjoy your lunch with Pam on the canal side sounds like a good idea..I like to be near the water. Hope your week is going well and you are ok 🤗 to you….boules went well lost two games won one, I was playing with a new player…I had a good three games and played some good shots…

    Your bowls have taken a while to be sorted, this lovely weather makes playing a lot better…

    Hope the GF is nice and she fits in..it’s a shame when you get you used to one then they change…I like a new hoover hope it’s good like mine I am so pleased with it….

    Hope hubby is ok and you are avoiding it…

    Enjoy the sun….

    Jean x

    Afternoon everyone not much to report as we’re in isolation due to OH having covid. I’ve just done another covid test on myself as I’ve started to slightly lose my sense of taste and smell also have a cold but it was negative luckily.
    Currently sitting in our garden enjoying the sunshine with a bottle of pinot gringo as I would normally be having it on our usual Wednesday lunchtime meet up with our friends.
    I don’t mind the self isolating but sadly we can’t have our daily constitutional walk.
    Take care everyone.
    Nana x

    Nana you can still go for your walk, just wear a mask. It’s not a problem, you don’t have to isolate anymore. Just keep clear of other people. Had 3.5 hours bowling in lovely sunshine.I am hoping to get my bowls back next week. Chloe was well behaved last night.

    Evening ☺
    Nana- hope hubby isn’t too rough & you keep testing negative- I think you should still go for a walk too, you can keep away from people…
    Dave- glad Chloe has been good at night! Hope she doesn’t eat anything else! You’ll be getting a tan bowling for that long!
    Jean- nice to have breakfast at the cafe ☺ New hoover seems a bit flimsy for the money but I needed one lighter…I thought I’d messed Mum’s one up too but hubby sorted it, I’ll take hers back tomorrow!
    Hemmy- hope you’ve had a good lunch out & have a nice time with Kristy, will be thinking of you xx
    Woken up at 5am by son’s car, it’s even louder than the last M4 he had, the exhaust really roars! It’s close to neighbours baby’s window, hope it doesn’t wake her up…he’s going to look at different settings, might be a quieter mode!
    Son’s gf is lovely, more right for him I think, can I say that?! I did like the last one but she was quite hard work. My house is sparkly clean now & we had a nice lunch, managed another more controlled day & then a FD tomorrow.

    Another sunny day here,Chloe jumped up on the sofa and put her legs across mine. She’s so loving, I will have to take her to the park later to pick Denise up from linedancing, all the women look forward to seeing her. Fast day today so got to be good.

    Quiet on here today. Been out twice with Chloe, a woman stopped me in the street asking about Heidi. Fast day going well.

    Evening All..
    A lovely day again…play date with Oreo…I even got my shorts on in the afternoon!!

    I had my brows sorted and tinted, look nice I have to keep off them now…toes painted I do like them done for the summer months, dark blood red with sparkle which shines in the sun…

    Fast day hasn’t gone well I got in a picking mode..800/900 cals not very good at all…I called at my friend for a couple of coffees sat in the garden it was lovely.

    Hope you both soon feel better…

    This weather is lovely for bowls/ boules makes such a difference….nice to have a loving Chloe..

    Hope there’s no trouble with the noisy car 😂……good the gf is nice makes such a difference, nice to be lovey dovey…

    Jean x

    Morning All…
    What a beautiful day expecting 20 degrees…a lovely hours walk on the riverbank with Charlie…he was a good boy…..we walk off lead through several gates, me in the land of dreams..I went through I said Charlie come, Charlie stood and again…then realised I was at a gate which I put his lead on as it’s near a road…..he knew and stayed put!…bless him….

    I have someone coming to have a look at my lead flashing it’s lifting a bit, Jans hubby said he will take a look it’s a bit higher than I told him…see what he thinks….just been he will do it next week….

    I am back to goal weight the same as I started at the beginning of the month…I had a really bad fd yesterday picking a bit…then lost a pound …I will never understand weight loss….

    Enjoy your few days with Kirsty….

    Enjoy your trip away…

    Jean x

    Good afternoon had 2 nice walks in brilliant sunshine. No coats for Chloe or me. I lost a few ounces this week but better than putting them on.Lost 12.6lbs this year so going in the right direction.

    Evening ☺
    Mary- hope you & hubby are better soon xx
    Dave- hope you weren’t too upset when you were asked about Heidi…good Chloe is a soppy girl, nice to have a cuddly dog…well done on the weight loss still!
    Jean- Well.done back to your goal! It is syrange how the weight loss goes…ready for the summer with your toe nails, mine aren’t worth painting, my little toes are deformed 😱 Charlie was such a good boy on your walk!
    Hemmy- thinking of you…
    FD yesterday was good, not quite as controlled as I’d have liked today- did lots of cooking so picked, but just had an apple for lunch. Saw Mum in the afternoon, she should’ve had a visit from my brother tomorrow but his wife has covid, sis is away so will see mum again, sis is having her on Sunday, my chef nephew is cooking lunch for them! My uncle has covid too- he’s been to hospital tonight & has antibiotics for a chest infection as well, a worry. Both the boys work places are badly hit with covid, been lucky to avoid it so far…
    FD tomorrow hopefully!

    Good morning everyone, I think the weather might change soon but summer is around the corner. It’s nice to have a bit of sun. Chloe is a big softie, she snuggles up to me most nights now, as an hour leaning on my legs😁.I walked with Chloe to the nearest bowling club, they asked me if I wanted to join them.

    Evening All..
    What another cracking day, sat for a couple of hours in the garden….

    Played boules just one game of singles, three players but I lost…good tight game and on to the pub for lunch..which was disappointing this week, tough beef, but I am fussy….we sat outside.

    I am being taken out for lunch with Jacqui tomorrow weather is on the change…..

    Good weight loss..well done…lovely to walk out without coats…I have had my shorts on the last two days…..nice to be wanted at another bowls club, shall you go?

    Hope just son hasn’t got covid as he’s still unwell….you seem to have a lot of covid around..keep safe.

    Thinking of you this evening..having ryvita with cheese and tomatoes, all new now in their own packets of 4 it’s a good idea…hope Kirsty is keeping you busy…

    Jean x

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