Fat Busting Brits!!

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  • Afternoon everyone. A lovely evening with our friends yesterday didn’t get home until 1:15am so feeling a bit tired now.
    OH’s birthday tomorrow so we’ll be going away to celebrate for a couple of days.
    Dave well done on losing 3lbs especially with the birthdays celebrations last month.
    Won’t be posting again until next Monday so just wanted to say to everyone keep safe.
    Nana x

    Nana- will be nice to have a break away, hope hubby has a lovely birthday 🎂
    Dave- well done with the 3lbs off & fingers crossed for dog news!
    Jean- a difficult week for you, hopefully it’ll be nice busy things…
    Hemmy- glad you had a good weekend with Kristy, well done only 1lb up! Yes, doing the 800cal days again…
    Kay- you’re so busy! Loads going on in your village, nice to be involved😀 hopefully no injuries bell ringing! I’ve only lost 1.5lbs in total for your tally- going away & my birthday haven’t helped!
    Page has turned, sorry if I’ve missed anything!
    Yesterday’s 800cal went okay, busy with dog walking, hair cuts, & took Mum to visit Dad’s ashes. Another 800 cal day today, but very hungry! Have been out to a garden centre, got seed potatoes ready for March, & spent a couple of hpurs outside- the willow tree is as pruned as it’s going to get! Hubby has been looking at maybe going away again next week, taking Xena, he did say he wouldn’t take her again, so has relented! We’ll look to see if they reduce the price for late availability!

    Evening All..

    A chilly turned out quite well…riverbank walk with Oreo…we are having Oreo come over Saturday night to sleep over two friends together hope they settle down…Natalie is stuck for some help.

    I was doing three fasts but given up today…I got some meat for a pie I am going to make it was unbelievably delicious, so no fd today…meat gravy and chips..it did get in a box for the freezer then I changed my mind…😂..well worth it…so fasting tomorrow……

    Shame on your disappointing meal so many about, glad you had a good time with Kirsty.

    Hope your results are ok on Friday.. 🤞on doggie things..well done on 3 lbs off..

    Enjoy all your busy things… you are always so busy…

    Jean x


    Glad the tree got finished pruning….and potatoes for planting soon…lovely to get away again didn’t think of last minute bookings…hope you find something…

    Enjoy your time away and hubby enjoys his birthday too…

    Jean x

    Good afternoon. Been bowling for 3.5 hours so stiff as a board. If I get a dog tomorrow and have to walk it there I will have to walk better than I am at the moment. Will have to go and buy a guard for the dog just to be safe. Think I might get an harness in the pack I buy from them but better safe than sorry, in not taking any chances.

    Hi FBBs hope all is well with you. Xxxx

    Its a mild but dull day here ..cant complain though for winter.

    Just come back from town … well stocked up on Ryvita.. I never thought I would say this but I am not missing bread at all. 32 cals each and quiet filling. Ideal for lunch with some nice cheddar and pickle or cold meat. Nice with marmalade too.

    Its my 3rd 1000 day today .. weight back to goal .

    Nana have a lovely break away. Happy Birthday to hubby

    Have a good day everyone.. If we are struggling it doesn’t mean we are failing…Just keep going.. ❤

    Evening All…

    Long river bank walk bright and chilly..

    Fast day has gone well….

    I have Steves sister Sheila and Louise visiting tomorrow, so getting organised meat and potato pie made, trifle half done….Steves birthday so decided on one of his favourite meals…made hedgehogs shortbread biscuits. I didn’t want to go overboard with sweet stuff or I will have to eat it!

    Looks cut and dry for tomorrow another one joining the household, hope it all goes well…hope you are not too sore with the bowls.

    Good you are back to goal. I must look at cheese and biscuits for a change. I must start eating better, I need more fruit and veg, instead of quick can’t be bothered meals….you do give me ideas…
    Weigh in for me in the morning hoping I am the same as last week…

    Enjoy your break away and a good birthday for hubby…

    Jean x

    Dave- everything crossed for tomorrow! Will be good for you to get out walking more…
    Jean- thinking of you, hope tomorrow goes okay & that you can share happy memories…
    Hemmy- well done back to goal!
    Nana- have a good holiday!
    Did a nonFD as yesterday was 500cals. Cleaning & ironing done, online asda order done for tomorrow, still not booked the cottage as it’s not been reduced yet, hopefully nobody else will book it! So wasn’t easy planning the week’s shop…
    Back to fasting tomorrow!

    Happy days, got a greyhound called Chloe, she’s 4 years old and eats food like a Tasmanian devil. Took her out for a walk and she’s very good on the lead.

    Dave- fantastic news, a good choice! Hope she settles in well & sleeps okay. Did they tell you how much to feed her? Greyhounds always look so skinny anyway…
    Jean- hope your day went okay, hugs for you x
    Kay- hope you’re on the mend soon…
    Hope everyone else is okay ☺
    Had a good 500cal FD today. Walked Xena, then Gwinnie, then as it was nice hubby & I took Xena to the forest for her 2nd walk. So my feet are aching now! Hoovered & dusted a quick flick through as well. Promised eldest I’d make him the chocolate courgette cake- he is now going vegan, but youngest is lapsing a bit!

    Well I did do some work over at the cottages on Tuesday and my weight was looking OK on Wednesday morning but everything has gone pear shaped since then!

    Neil and I both tested positive yesterday and have 2 days of feeling rough…somewhere between a bad cold or mild flu. Hoping the worst is over and we start to improve from tomorrow.
    Obviously not been able to do anything that was planned.

    Managed to get a Tesco delivery for tomorrow afternoon so that will see us over the weekend.

    Not really been eating properly these last 2 days, simple stuff not exactly high on nutritional value!

    Dave, it’s fantastic news. Chloe will keep you on your toes for a bit! Hopefully she will settle quickly.

    Jean, I hope your day was OK.

    HH, so the other son is going vegan now! Might help on the meals front!
    Well done on the FD! Is that 1.5 loss for February?

    I’ll update Febs tally when there are some more results in.


    Good morning everyone, Chloe slept downstairs on her own, my son is up at 5:15 for work so let her out. But at 7am I heard this howling like a wolf so had to get up, she followed me around until I sat down and now she’s gone back to sleep.

    Hi FBBs hope all is well with you Xxxx

    A beautiful spring like day quite warm in the sunshine.

    Brads .. I am so very pleased to hear you have a lovely new friend.
    Greyhounds are lovely.. very graceful and gentle . We regularly see one on our walk.
    Happy walking.

    Sym… I hope yesterday went ok for you .. nice you had the company to share. I am loving the Ryvita I like the dark Rye one .. Just had them with some lovely ripe Stilton I got out the freezer from Xmas. A bit of salad and it s a nice filling tasty lunch. Brie and cranberry is nice too. Kristy had sliced banana on hers

    HH… . It will be easier if the boys have the same meals. You do a good variety for them.

    Kay .. Take care of yourself .. lots of rest. I am back to maintenance weight now lost the pound I had gained last week.

    Nana .. hope you are enjoying your away time.

    Have a good day everyone.

    Let a series of happy thoughts run through your mind. They will show on your face. 💜💛💙


    Evening All..
    Cold day again..looks like lots of rain is on its way….

    Nature reserve walk this morning. Then out for lunch with my Park Ladies which was very nice although I am so full up with food over the last few days.

    I have got over the week, a lot better than I thought…all well and no tears….

    Lovely that Chloe has joined your family and she is settling in nicely…get you out walking again….

    All your change around with food for your family…are you back being veggie now ?…hope your cake turns out well…

    Hope you both soon start to feel better, good it’s only a weeks isolation if you get a negative. I would get a mask on and take Tara for her walk, take her away from people…that’s what people are doing here.

    I must buy some Ryvita’s next time at Tescos, banana sounds good…nice you are back to maintenance.

    Feeling very tired the last couple of days bed early tonight I think….

    Jean x

    Jean- glad the week has gone okay for you…you’re very strong ☺
    Dave- oops, an early start! Early days, will be a while before Chloe’s into your routine, sounds like she’s doing really well already though!
    Kay- hope that you & Neil feel better soon, if you have to take Tara out hopefully you can avoid people! I know a couple of people who thought they were over it & then had a bad headache for a couple of days so be prepared in case! & lots of vitamin C when you do your shopping order! Hugs to you xx
    Hemmy- you’re doing so well maintaining ☺👍
    A busy day here, a long walk with Xena to see the snow drops again, so beautiful! Cooking to do- a vegan chocolate cake, as it’s a nonFD! We did a Tesco shop as Asda’s vegan choices aren’t as good, & we might have visited M&S for some goodies for our break 😉 Saw Mum, she seems to be doing better at the moment- very repetitive, but a much happier mood…had a lovely satay stir fry tonight ☺

    Good evening Chloe as taken over the house, likes both sofa’s and her bed. She’s not been upstairs yet, otherwise she’ll have the bed as well.

    So some updates…Hemmy back to goal and I’ve managed to lost my gain of last week and extra 1 so back in the losses!

    FEBRUARY (Up to 11th)
    Hemmy ✔️
    Jean 1 ✔️

    Kay 1
    Nana 0.5
    Mel 1.5
    Julie 3

    Next week I will add in January’s results alongside so we see the running tally…a bit more incentive to keep it up!

    I think Neil and I are marginally better, well at least the runny nose and sneezing has eased. Still got constant headache and very fatigued.
    I did take Tara out for a short walk this afternoon. Poor thing was bored. But I didn’t go far as didn’t have the energy!

    Got the rugby to watch tomorrow so that will pass the day a bit and hopefully I will feel a bit better so I can do something other than lounge on the sofa!

    Dave, it sounds like Chloe is settling in well 😀 I’m guessing she won’t know what’s right and wrong at the moment so she will need some basic guidance. Bless her 🥰

    Jean, I’m glad your week has been OK with the right amount of busy-ness. It does sound like you have some good friends and things to do.
    Hope tomorrow’s sleep over for the boys goes OK 🤣

    Hemmy, Love ryvita with sliced banana 😋

    HH, when is it you go away?

    Have a good weekend all


    Good afternoon,I will never forget Heidi bit Chloe is a big help. She is lay on the sofa with me and as her head on lap while I stroke her.She is definitely the right dog, so loving. Bit of a nutcase but will get better in time. She likes to get up early 6-30😩. But we can cope with that.

    Afternoon All..

    A dry riverbank walk.
    Played boules at 11 am only one game as it started to rain which I won with Dorothy, then onto the pub.
    I need to sort the car inside and out but raining heavy ready for the service on Monday, heavy rain tomorrow too…

    We have Oreo sleeping over he’s coming at 6 pm ish till 9 am in the morning hoping they settle they will be so excited!

    I don’t think I am strong..I am trying to think of the last good things, conversations etc we had and not the traumatic memories…it seems to be working, I am trying the army way of relaxing and going to sleep that is working too, I drop of quick. I feel a lot better this last month so it’s helping a lot.
    A lovely break to look forward too and some naughties to take with you…enjoy.

    Hoping you soon feel better, I think it leaves you very fatigued you will have to take it steady.
    Enjoy your rugby today…

    Chloe sounds lovely and fitting in very well. She has definitely fell on her feet she will soon having you jumping through hoops into her new way of life..😂..enjoy sitting on the floor or squashing on the other sofa….
    You will never forget Heidi, she won’t mind you having Chloe….

    Raining so heavy here…a wet walk later!!

    Jean x

    I feel guilty, I loved Heidi so much.Started crying again now thinking about her. Chloe is so gentle and loving,I almost think she knows how I feel. Well done on the boules,I think we might struggle this coming season in the bowling,a few of our players are I’ll one as passed away 2 have cancer and we don’t have a big squad. We could Eve up with just one team on Monday’s and Fridays Hopefully we will still have 2. Next fast day is Monday, so hope Chloe let’s me have a lie-in, it’s difficult when your up at 6am.

    Dave don’t feel guilty x

    Heidi was special and can never be replaced.

    But she knows you have doggie love to give and if you can give a dog with no home a chance of a good life, she would want you to do just that.

    You are not replacing her, you are rescuing a dog who needs a loving home.

    I struggled for a while after losing Ellie and was too scared to contemplate getting another dog as I didn’t want Ellie to think I was forgetting her or replacing her and was scared that I couldn’t love another dog.

    We definitely love Tara but it feels different and I still miss Ellie and say hello to her on the’shelf on the stairs’

    Now you’ve started me off 😢
    And I feel guilty to Tara that I still have feelings for Ellie..

    It’s not easy but we are doing our best for them all x

    Dave- of course you’ll still miss Heidi, I still miss Josie, she was very special…Xena is so diffetent but we love her 😍
    Jean- you are strong & coping so well- just keeping focussed on the good memories takes strength! Nice you had social time as well as the boules. Hope the boys are good & sleep tonight!
    Kay- hope you soon feel better, hard when you have a bored doggie! Enjoy the rugby!
    Hemmy- hope you’re having a good weekend…
    Busy day- walked Xena & Gwinnie, made meals for tge boys & tiffin, caught up with the washing & ironing…have managed an 800cal FD too! We’re off tomorrow & are allowed in at 2pm so looking forward to it!

    Kay you’ve got me going again😭. It’s a struggle to get on my sofa now a certain long legs as claimed it. She had her first accident in the kitchen this morning after Denise had took her out, a big pile of poo and wee. She had already done the same outside. She howls like a wolf every day at 6am, might have to try getting her upstairs.Fast day tomorrow but it’s difficult if I’m up so early, will watch the Superbowl tonight if I can stay awake.

    Good afternoon everyone, very wet here so no bowling.Long legs is next to me as usual. Fast day today so only a cuppa so far. Just took her for a good walk so she’s asleep straight away. Met 3 dogs but she is not like Heidi, she’s scared of them.

    Afternoon All…
    A wet walk this morning …..then on to a car service that’s all done and home now, most things have been put back into the car, Charlie’s covers etc…
    Called at M& S for a couple of packets haddock fish cakes, not as good as mine but nearly 😂

    A quiet afternoon I have been tired of late, I must try and cut some of Charlie’s walks down maybe going a bit too far…aching a lot, my neck and shoulder and my sciatica is in the background…..my winter coats heavy I am wondering if that’s causing my neck and shoulder to hurt…

    I am fasting today chicken for tonight….

    Sorry to hear you have lost a player and another couple are not well…you will have to try and get some new players…
    Boules for me tomorrow the weather is dry from 1 pm unless it changes out start time is 1.30..
    Chloe will get better on walks she just isn’t used to mixing…

    Tiffin I do like that it sits in the fridge waiting for you 😂..I still haven’t made rocky road I have everything in to make….it’s just the calories…

    How’s things going?..do you have quiet time when Kirsty leaves you….

    Hope you are both feeling better and Neil can get a negative test and back to work….

    Jean x

    Hi FBBs hope all is well with you Xxxx

    What a wet weekend and its carried on into today lol.

    Lots of the fields are waterlogged again… very mucky dog walking weather.

    Brads .. sounds like you have a lovely gentle companion there.. The Greyhound we see on our walk was a rescue .. a beautiful girl and nature and sticks to her human Mum like glue.

    HH .. Have a lovely time away you deserve it.

    Sym.. How did the sleep over go.lol

    Kay .. How are you feeling today.. It seems like energy levels really suffer.

    Nana and Mel ..How are things with you.

    Just had 1 banana sliced over 4 crispbreads and 2 satsumas lovely ..

    Have a good day all whatever you are doing. Be the reason someone smiles today. 💙💛❤ Xxxx

    The sun as finally come out, to late for the bowling though. Might get a dry walk in later of the train stays away.Fast day going well hope everyone is doing ok on their fasts.

    Evening everyone, a lovely short break away with OH to celebrate his birthday which was reflected by a two pounds increase on the scales this morning just as well I completed a FD yesterday or it might very well have been more. As it’s Valentines Day OH cooked us a steak meal for our tea. Another FD planned for tomorrow.
    Enjoy the rest of your evening everyone and stay safe.
    Nana x

    Good morning everyone.Chloe is in the bad books, she stole Denise’s toast😂. The sun is out so looking good, off for Spanish lessons then on to Sainsbury’s.

    Hi FBBs hope all is well with you Xxxx

    Its an awful day here again .. hasn’t stopped raining at all. We got soaked again lol

    Sym.. Good to get your car serviced .. I don’t think this damp weather helps with aches and pains.

    I try to get all my house and garden projects done while Kristy not around.. As I don’t go away I then treat it like a holiday completely when she is here .

    Brads Chloe is settling in well lol

    Nana .. you will soon shift any gain.

    Have a good day all.. Take time to appreciate your life. Only when you slow down, you become aware of the beauty of life. Xxxx

    Bought Chloe a large chew it’s keeping her quiet, she’s been chewing it for ages now. Heidi used to strip the meat of it and leave the chew, Chloe is working her way down it.

    Afternoon everyone. What a horrible cold wet day it’s been hope it improves for our usual Wednesday cycle ride although the local weather forecast is for gusty wind.
    Having another FD but I’ve struggled and been so cold and hungry all day. Having a omelette with salad for our dinner tonight.
    Dave Chloe certainly landed on her paws coming to live with you. Does she behave herself when you leave her on her own ?
    Jean hope your aches and pains are easing.
    Enjoy the rest of your day everyone and stay safe.
    Nana x

    Evening All..
    A nature reserve walk this morning, it was very blustery so a better idea as it’s a bit sheltered, Charlie and Oreo on form as usual…a riverbank walk tomorrow for both of them…

    Played boules won two out of three games…so all was good…on to the cafe…

    I had a bad nights sleep with my back, I got my hot water bottle on it ..thinking cancelling out on walk and boules but managed…I am going to have a gentle week…

    Sleepover went well both very good boys, I wouldn’t want it every week but don’t mind to help out if needed…Oreo is a mucky boy dripping water all over, walking in it..all floors needed cleaning after he went..Charlie is much cleaner I only mop once a week…car all good..
    Good idea to treat Kirsty’s time as a holiday…I am struggling to get flights to visit my daughter, I still think it’s a bit early…I have Charlie booked in at dog sitter in October.

    Hoping your bike ride tomorrow is a dry one….have a nice lunch…

    Can you leave Chloe on her own yet..hope the Spanish lesson goes well and you have your talk planned…

    Jean x

    We leave her alone every night and she’s been ok, she howled at 7:30 this morning so an extra hour in bed, Denise got up so I stayed in bed. Denise as started taking her for a walk every morning, she’s not done that with the other 2 dogs.

    That’s nice Denise is taking her out in a morning…will you leave her for Spanish lessons? or is your son home…


    Son is home, so not on her own. She gets up at 7:10am every morning now, don’t need an alarm.She howls like a wolf😁.A good fast day Monday and good low day yesterday. Might have a day off today then another fast day tomorrow. I’ve left Denise in bed so I took Chloe out this morning.

    Sat in my car waiting for green flag to come, got a puncture and there’s no way I could lift the wheel at the moment.Hope there is a spare wheel. Never seen it.

    Evening All….
    What a blustery awful day, the wind is very bad…soaking wet tonight…not good walks today…..

    I had a lazy day, I didn’t sleep well so had a snooze this afternoon…my dog sitter pushing me for dates in October, I settled on some but it’s difficult as I can’t book yet.

    I shall be fasting tomorrow…

    Hope you managed the bowling today. Shame on the flat tyre…

    We have a Northern Power warning with the storms arriving…more general I think…

    Jean x

    Good afternoon were on a red storm warning here today. Fast day going ok but feeling hungry now only had 1 cuppa and nothing else. No rain but very windy. Got to go and get a new tyre now and ask about the tyre pressure monitoring in the new tyre. Also ask them if they will put my spare tyre back, it had to go under the car, stupid Idea.

    Afternoon all!
    Had a lovely break, weather not so good but lovely to sit & watch the sea, a good book to read- & too much food! Back to fasting today, a 500cal day, & then a nonFD tomorrow- with eldest now going vegan I want to try a new recipe, youngest is working in the evening tomorrow, it’s not something he’d eat, eldest is more adventurous!
    Dave- good if Chloe can stay quiet a bit longer in the morning! Nice that Denise is taking her out too…hope you get tge tyre sorted.
    Jean- I do find the tug games can set my neck off a bit- do you play that much with Charlie? I hope the weather’s not as bad as forecast for you tomorrow…
    Nana- glad you had a good break away too! You’re braver thsn me, I’m avoiding the scales this week! Hopefully the extra will come off quickly for you…
    Hemmy- not much fun with muddy walks! Was expecting it to be worse here today, but some bits had dried out already…
    Hope everyone else is okay, our newbies have gone quiet again!

    Hi FBBs Hope all is well with you Xxxx

    Its a beautiful day .. and a job to believe a nasty storm is on its way. Hopefully it wont be to windy .. I worry about the dry stone walls.

    Brads … Lovely that Chloe is settling so well for you.

    H H .. Glad you enjoyed yourself away. A nice break for you even if it wasnt perfect weather.
    There is always something wonderful of the look and feel of the sea in winter.

    Sym.. Hope your fasting is going well today ..

    Nana .. How is it going wine now..

    Have a good day all whatever you are doing Outside of a dog, a book is a man’s best friend. Xxxx

    Afternoon All…
    Pouring down here and windy…soon be walk time..

    Chicken for tonight starting to feel peckish…..

    I am not looking forward to tomorrow with the storms forecast and for Saturday too…going out with the boules girls for lunch…

    Hope you got your tyre on and the the other put away…does seem a daft idea to hide it underneath…

    Nice to get away even just for a rest….I do miss it….Charlie only does tug games he is so strong, it might be that, he puffs me out…good luck with your new recipes…

    Yes..a book, I have just started to read one…a bit of cleaning tomorrow and hairdressers…then the book 😂
    Turned the heating up it’s a bit chilly…

    Well walk time, I have just bought a new coat from Screwfix for walking, Natalie has bought one, Waterproof and breathable £35…looks like it’s going to be tested 😂…I really don’t want expensive ones when the dogs jump up all the time…my old faithful German police coat has the zip broken and it’s so heavy I am wondering if that’s causing my neck, shoulder and back pain…..I see blue sky, might give it 10 min and see if the rain stops….

    Jean x

    Afternoon everyone forgot to post yesterday as it was so windy we decided against cycling and walked to catch the guided bus and clocked up just over six miles by the time we’d been to visit our daughter had our lunch and walked back home.
    Hemmy had cheese and pickle sandwich plus two medium glasses of pinot gringo my first since Saturday night.
    No Ely trip today as Uncle was taken into hospital in the early hours of this morning having difficulty with his breathing and low oxygen levels and latest update is that he’s going to be in at least two to three days. Luckily my cousin also lives in Ely so can keep an eye on her mum. We thought we’d not visit today so that she could catch up on her sleep.
    Stay safe everyone in the storm that’s coming up.
    Nana x

    Good evening, got the tyre changed, what a palaver putting the spare wheel away it took him over 25 minutes. Ridiculous place to put the spare. Chloe went berserk when I came home, wagging her tail, it was so nice. Fast day going ok 629 calories so far.

    Hi FBBs hope all is well with you Xxxx

    Well talk about dedication lol My friend with her King Charles Spaniel me and Mr Pips walk for an hour and a half in the rain and high winds. lol

    I wasnt going to go today .. as lots of warnings and it was bad when I left .. I had to prop the gate back with some heavy stone as it wouldn’t hold its fastening.
    I thought Oh go for it girl you have done sillier things in your life lolol.
    So glad we did as very exhilarating out there. Lots of trees down though.

    Weight really good this morning.. no bread now for nearly 3 weeks. Loving these Ryvita dark rye. Just had 2 boiled eggs with them today. Loving banana too.

    Hope everyone is having a safe day ….

    If people had hearts like dogs the world would be a better place 🐆❤🐆 Xxxx

    Good afternoon, Chloe was howling last night, tried to get her upstairs but she wouldn’t go so Denise spent the night with her downstairs. Hope she’s better tonight.

    Afternoon everyone hope everyone is doing okay with storm Eunice. We have a few trees down on the local roads around here so not going to be visiting our friends this evening. News on Uncle is not good bless him.
    Have a good weekend everyone and stay safe.
    Nana x

    Dave- I hope Chloe is better tonight…could you bribe her upstairs with food? Sounds like she wants the company 😞
    Hemmy- very naughty going out in the wind, good job that none of the trees fell on you!
    Jean- your poor police coat, it’s done well! Did you get your hair cut today?
    Nana- hope your uncle improves, very sad…
    Took Xena early to the park, quite a few doing the same, Xena stayed longer than everyone else though, she chases the ball for ages. We had to lay our arbour down as it nearly blew backwards through the fence! One of Mum’s fence panels blew down, hit a neighbours car but luckily no damage…mum got really upset about it, even though we’ll sort it for her, she’s been better recently 😞
    NonFD here- tried a new recipe for vegan biscuits today- very nice- & a different curry recipe tonight which was good too. FD tomorrow…

    Evening All…
    Very mixed day for us much worse from 3 pm, I cut our late walk short as I was struggling to stand up in the gusts.

    Hair cut, one more cut before she goes off on maternity leave..

    Up 1 lb, I seem to be hovering at the same weight.. just up and down by a pound.

    Very naughty going out if it was very bad, it’s shattering walking when the wind is so strong. Still on the Ryvita it seems to be working.

    Hope Chloe is better tonight, I wouldn’t know how to stop her, she will be upset, as you say is it the dark..

    Hope your uncle has a good night. It’s not good when there’s no visiting your Aunt must be very upset.

    I just love the pockets in the police coat but it’s so very heavy.. new coat managed the torrential downpour this morning., I will still need a new good winter coat..
    Hair cut good, it’s changing colour a lot now, going lighter another 6 months at least to go…
    A worry the fence and the car, glad no damage…. Good your Mum is coping s lot better too, maybe shes turned a corner.

    Night from its bedtime.
    Jean x

    Jean your doing great hovering,I don’t know what to do with Chloe, see what happens tonight.If she starts up again I will try and get her to go upstairs.

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