Fat Busting Brits!!

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  • Thanks for adding me to the list Kay ! That’s great and thanks for the advice re carbs on fast day . I’ll stick to that tomorrow on my 3rd fast.
    Ah weekend goes too quick ! Back to work tomorrow x

    Morning everyone. Well got back from holiday Friday, fast day Saturday and not too bad yesterday. I am a pound down from before holiday! So 5 1/2 lb for January. I know we walked a lot but I honestly don’t deserve that. I think we have generally had a better January than the end of last year, sign of good times to come.

    Realised I can’t go back on the page or I will lose this so will have a read later. Newbies did you know this? Never do a post and then go back to check something without posting, you will lose it.

    Hi FBBs hope all is well with you Xxxx

    Another lovely day .. its a good winter so far. I don’t think we have missed one walk this year.

    Mel.. well done with your brilliant loss for Jan.. I bet all your walking is helping… plus your good choice of food.

    I am having 3 under a 1,000 cal days as my Kristy will be here from Thursday till Sunday. I am not going back to Christmas weight gain again. lol

    Out of interest .. how many calories are peeps counting for a pint of whole milk . It seems to vary from 296 -360

    Have a good day all whatever you are doing. Good luck fasters. .. every one else be mindful
    There’s only one thing more precious than our time and that’s what and who we spend it on.Xxxx

    Afternoon All..
    A very bright, windy and bitter day quite misleading until you are out….Park walk this morning Charlie was very good no barking at anyone, kept away from dogs when I asked…

    I am fasting today, starting February a day early…hoping to loose more than my January pound this month.

    Boules tomorrow then a AGM meeting at the cafe….trying to change the committee they are all dinosaurs it want shaking up…we need on line banking, our Facebook and website hasn’t been touched in years. We are trying to get some more members and maybe ask other teams to come and play against us. See what tomorrow brings…

    Happy Birthday to you and your sister hope you both have a lovely day….anything planned you haven’t said..a cake I am sure?

    Lots of movement in weight for the month I do think it helps to register it down…
    Good luck in your new walking doggie hope they are good.

    Good luck on your fast day have a good day at work…

    You wouldn’t realise how hard it is to find a dog for rehoming…we found Charlie online, I know you have to be careful but we were lucky. His owner had died so we talked to her sister, she had declined one person she liked the sound of us 😀…..it’s a thought.

    Lovely to have Kirsty visiting again. A good idea of three 1000 days.
    Re milk I wouldn’t bother too much for us as we can be more flexible, I don’t really count the calories I have a rough guide over all the years I have been counting. If I was having half a pint to drink I would check. My Tesco milk 100 ml is 64 cals. I do check if eating something different or if too much weight is going on and I log it.

    Page has turned hope I have caught everyone…Have a good fast day everyone….

    Jean x

    HH… I have just read its your Birthday today. Have a lovely time on your special day I hope you are very spoilt as you spoil everyone else. Xxxx

    Happy Birthday HH, hope you have had a lovely day 😀

    Mel, well done with your extra pound off and 5.5 down for January!

    I’m down a pound too, so 4.5 down for the month for me.

    Dave, hope you hear something soon. Keep going, it will happen. It seems so much harder these days.

    Jean, hope tomorrow’s AGM brings up some changes.

    I walked Queenie for the first time today. A four month old cockerpoo. Someone was at home today so I didn’t need to feed her or play, just a short walk. Wednesday is the next walk so hopefully she will be OK home alone from 8am til 11.30am.

    Hemmy, nice to have Kristy coming for the weekend and a good plan for a few 1000 cal days.

    JANUARY (Pounds lost)
    Hemmy 4 ✅️

    Jean 1
    Kay 4.5
    HH 1.5
    Nana 5
    Mel 5.5
    Nicky 3


    Evening everyone pleased to report a pound loss shown on the scales this morning making a total of six pounds lost for January but some of it was my Christmas weight gain. OH and I have been successful in our dry January so pleased about that but will hold off having a glass of wine until our Weds lunchtime meet up with friends.
    Hope you’ve had a nice birthday so far today Hedgehogs.
    Mel well done losing even though you’ve been on holiday.
    Well done to you also Kay.
    Dave let’s hope you hear about a dog soon.
    Jean will be good to revamp the Boules committee up a bit.
    Hemmy nice to have a visit from your daughter to look forward to.
    Julie D hope your FD went well.
    Enjoy the rest of your evening everyone and stay safe.
    Nana x

    Quick post! Thanks for the birthday wishes! Have had a lovely day, felt a bit bad for sis as she worked this morning & did lunch duty in the playground & it’s been freezing here! Was thinking about going out but was freezing after walking Xena & Gwinnie, so had a hot chocolate back home & snuggled up with a book…a Chinese was planned for tonight but they were closed for new year, hubby got fish & chips instead & very nice they were too 😀
    Back to fasting tomorrow- well done to all of you losing lots in Jan…

    Jean I don’t know why you don’t join a boules league, you would enjoy it immensely.I was just like you are with bowling then I joined the league and meet some lucky people and have a good laugh.Fast day gone well today but will be out on the beer tomorrow, probably for the last time for a while.

    I think all the results are in now. I squeezed in an extra low/FD yesterday and managed an extra half so 5 lbs off for January.
    15 lbs to go and I mustn’t let myself go over the stone marker again….the only way is down!!


    Hemmy 4 ✅️

    Jean 1
    Kay 5
    HH 1.5
    Nana 6
    Mel 5.5
    Nicky 3

    Well done Nana…you did the best! Maybe your dry January helped. I think Mel and I gained from our damp January 😃

    HH, shame about the Chinese being shut, good job the fish and chips were good.

    I’m going to have a lazy day, feel out of sorts and anxiety levels a bit up – too much on my mind, bad dreams and poor sleep. Grey weather isn’t helping!

    Fasting today though…anyone with me?


    Hi FBBs hope all is well with you. Xxxx

    A lovely spring like day … just re potted a few house plants..

    Well done Nana …6lbs is a brilliant amount to lose especially in January when everything’s very grey

    Well done to us all … Its just finding out what works for you.

    Sym… Your AGM today… It sounds like they need a good shake up too like we often do lol Hopefully new blood will soon get it on its feet ready for the summer games.

    HH Sounds like you had a lovely day.. Nothing like Fish n chips. .. often my choice when out eating.

    Thank you Kay for keeping us in check . I hope you feel better soon. Just tell all those old thoughts in your head that they can play merrily on in the background but you have present things to attend too and don’t have time to listen. . Xx

    Another 1,000 cal day for me .. just had crispbread’s ..cheese and some lovely pickle I had in a Xmas hamper 2 satsumas. This evening… M&S Count on us Lasagne 350 cals.

    Have a good day all ….Focus on how far you have come..💚 not how far you have to go 💙 Xxxx

    Afternoon everyone and well done to all of us on here for January’s losses and thanks Kay for being our record keeper. Am pretty sure doing a dry January helped with my loss. Walked over to our Drs and back this morning to have my shingles vaccination. A lovely walk as it wasn’t very cold but lovely and sunny and a little bit breezy. No cycling for us tomorrow as our cycle route to catch the bus is fully closed for a week so going to have to use our car for our usual Wednesday lunch and although I was looking forward to a glass of wine I’ll be driving but get to have a drink with our Friday night friends as OH will drive then.
    Kay sorry no fasting for me today my next one will be Saturday. Hope having a lazy day will be helpful.
    Hope everyone is keeping well and staying safe. Enjoy the rest of your day everyone.
    Nana x

    Nana- really well done to you- I’ve lost my half a pound a week buddy 😂 another few days of dryness for you then, I bet you’re looking forward to Friday?!
    Kay- sending you a hug, keep strong, you’ve done well with the weight loss if you’re having a wobbly spell…
    Jean- hope the AGM goes okay, & hopefully no noses put out of joint…
    Hemmy- are you doing the 1000 cal days as FDs, or regular days to maintain? Spring like here too although still blowy…
    Dave- enjoy your beer tonight, what’s the occasion?
    Hope everyone else is okay…
    Met up with the lady from the forum I moderate today, we had a long walk through the town & by the river, her choice but she was getting really tired walking back, overdid it a bit I think, she seems lovely & we’ll do it again…a FD for me but undecided how much, dinner plans altered as youngest has overtime & eldest out so can do something different for dinner. Might manage a 500cal day, not too hungry!

    It’s a fishing meeting HH, It’s held in a working men’s club. So would be unfair not to sample the beer. We had a Spanish man called Marcelo to help us with our Spanish lesson, it was good and we all had a good laugh. I’ve booked an appointment for a diabetes anual check-up for Monday so no bowling😲.

    Evening All…
    Bright day but still blustery…chilly for our morning walk much better pm….

    Lost two matches at boules but very close..AGM went well the treasurer stepped down before we even got to the meeting.. voted 4 in, one stayed with us on the committee to help if needed…all went well.

    Kay ..
    All very good losses reported..well done everyone…here’s to February!
    Queenie looks lovely hope she walks nicely and behaves herself….

    We are going to do an inter group play for a cup through the summer..then hopefully we will bring a club over too as we have another cup….
    A fishing meeting that’s a different one…enjoy the beer…good luck on your clinic day hope the weight loss has helped….

    I am thinking of a couple of days fasting..see how I go…lovely to get back to your plants and re potting..I don’t know about you but my grass needs cutting!

    Looking forward to your wine on Friday 😋 you have done well on your dry January..

    Your river walk sounded nice …did you leave Xena behind?..good luck on your fasting day…

    Jean x

    That will be great Jean, I bet you enjoy it, it’s nice to play different players, it will help you concentrate more and you will get even better. Fishing club paid for another year so only the bowling club to pay for now. They asked me to go on the committee, but I wouldn’t know what to do. It’s a miserable day here today, wet and cold.

    I wasn’t very good food wise yesterday. Like Kay yesterday I feel a bit out of sorts and anxious. Went out for a walk yesterday and had to keep stopping again. Just couldn’t get the breath in. Knew I was going to be like it before I went. We had heard of two people we know just died prematurely, one a friend’s cousin who was killed in a car crash aged 40. Live for the day. Sorry a bit of a downer post.

    Anyway fast day today, going to be lazy and cosset myself, cross stitch and a new book.

    Have a good day everyone, onwards and upwards.

    Afternoon All…
    A park walk this morning he does enjoy it..a really good boy listening it makes a change….I really must take him more…

    Well !!!….first grass cut of the season, plant pots and troughs put back in order after the gales…..car washed and drive cleaned of foot prints….when we go to the nature reserve it’s sandy/cement type dust, foot prints everywhere and not easy to rinse down needed a stiff broom.

    A low day today, a bit of a upset tum yesterday, taking it steady…300 cals up to now…

    Cuppa now and a sit….

    I kept off the committee left it to the bit younger office sort of people, not very confident in that area I would worry. Fay got the chairperson she’s 58 and was a office manager. We threw a lot of good ideas in…the men wanted social evening with or without boules, it made me laugh they never join us for a social cuppa, some of the men do….
    I have been looking on line for boules tips….

    It’s a shame on the bad news so sad….definitely live for today and tell people what you feel for them, if you do, tell them some more….so it’s not too late. Hope you soon feel better.

    I am keeping busy next week but I have my wedding anniversary on Monday and Thursday is Steves birthday…just I case I am having off days. Louise and Steves sister is coming on Thursday for a visit.

    Jean x

    Hi FBBs hope all is well with you Xxxx

    Still a very mild day but cloudy.. not complaining though. lol

    Just been and done a Tesco shop .. got carried away as it was so nice and quiet had time just to wander and have a good look.

    The 1000 cals days are going well .. quite easy to do especially if you only have 2 meals like I do. I think for me 3 days of that will work well then just sensible meals ..
    I know I keep saying it but cutting the alcohol really helps with cals plus you are more in control .. well I am lolol

    Looking forward to Kristy coming tomorrow .. nice to catch up with things.

    Have a good day all… Every time life tests your limit, you find
    your new limit. Xxxx

    I will cut out the alcohol now for who knows how long, days, weeks but more likely months. Been bowling today, first time this week and I feel very stiff now. Lots on the green today, we let another club use of green, think we charged them a £1 each, they are coming back next week.

    Evening everyone have had a very nice day. Nice visit with daughter and son in law and then pub lunch which ended up with OH who was feeling quite mellow offered on my behalf to drive the others home I wouldn’t mind but none of them live on our way home. I chose a bacon, brie and cranberry baguette but no chips this week. Still not had any alcohol since Dec 31st and don’t fancy any this evening.
    Ely tomorrow as usual.
    Mel sending hugs.
    Dave good you’re back to the bowling as it means your getting some exercise back into your life.
    Jean a hard week for you next week.
    Hemmy have fun with your daughter.
    Take care everyone and stay safe.
    Nana x

    Jean- next week will be hard, good you have some things planned, take care of yourself…sounds like the boules meeting went well & good there’ll be some changes!
    Mel & Kay sending you both hugs xx
    Dave- glad you had a good night out, hope you don’t ache too much from the bowling…no news on the shoukder injection I guess?
    Hemmy- have a lovely few days with Kristy! It sounds like you have the food really under control 👍
    Nana- hope Mick’s not going to make up for a month off alcohol 😂 sounds like you’ve had a good day today, your turn Friday…
    Done another 800cal FD, very hungry today though! Had a lovely walk with Xena- we had a nice chat with a calf, he was braver today & stayed by the fence. Xena has a new playmate, a gorgeous black lab boy we’ve seen alot recently, his name is Baloo, she keeps humping him if he stops playing 😂
    Hope everyone else is okay…

    Denise did line dancing today, and u think she enjoyed it, will see if she goes again next week. They are going to do it all year round now. Fast day today but had a sandwich already after bowling on my own. So not got a lot to play with. Might be a good idea to emulate Hemmy 3 days of 1000.

    Hi FBBs hope all is well with you Xxx

    Another mild day .. roll on spring.

    Nana.. lolol Love how your OH volunteered your driving services. Do you think cutting out alcohol helped your weight loss for January.

    HH.. sounded like yesterdays walk was fun..lovely to see the calf and that Xenas got a playmate .. You asked if Mr Pip was good with other dogs ,, he is in general as just wants me to throw all the time. ..I never trust a situation though with new ones we don’t know.

    Like us I suppose sometimes we just dont take to someone.

    Sym.. Glad the committee got sorted and new blood. .. Hopefully with less restrictions it will be a good social time for you at your club this summer.
    Don’t dwell on next week to much .. Just pat yourself on the back and celebrate how very far you have come. Looking after yourself and Charlie boy. Xx

    Brads .. Yes try the 3 1000 cal days .. do them Mon-wed .. its worked very well for me.. weights good today plus I think it is shrinking my appetite. Not a bad amount of calories either. 2 decent meals.

    Kay and Mel… hope you are feeling better today. Xx

    Have a lovely weekend everyone. .. I am signing off on holiday till Monday afternoon see you then. Xxxx

    The Happiness of Your Life Depends On the Quality of Your Thoughts💙💜💛

    Afternoon All..
    Met Natalie and Sam on a different riverbank, the three dogs get on very well…as I was going for an eye test kept an eye on the time….going out with them both tomorrow evening for a meal must look at some outfits to wear 😂
    Eye test fine no change of glasses, I have a cataract forming it’s got a bit worse but he’s saying now more like 7 or 8 years before surgery…it was 4 years last time…my eye sight is very good for my age.

    Fasting today I am feeling very hungry …

    I like a look around at the shopping, I always seem to be dashing…..picked up two small vases from the charity shop today, looking for a few different sizes.
    The 3 x 1000 cals days sound a good idea for us, it’s mixing it around and see what works…I am generally feeling quite positive a different way of thinking..🤞
    Enjoy your weekend with Kirsty hope you do some nice shopping trips….

    So lovely to be the nominated driver..No…the night seemed to be a good one..

    Billy no mates 😂..still you got a bit of practice in…looking through the videos, first one worth a print off….

    I have the humping still with Charlie, blonde labs or retrievers he’s a tinker…I keep him away from cows, ok with horses now.

    Walking soon feeling hungry!

    Jean x

    Evening everyone have had a lovely day visiting Ely and when we got to Aunt and Uncles they’d got in a lovely Chocolate cake to share as it’s OHs birthday next week.
    Hemmy enjoy the time with your daughter and yes I’m pretty certain that cutting out alcohol helped with my weight loss but am thinking of having a glass of wine this evening 😊
    Hope everyone else is keeping okay and stay safe.
    Nana x

    Hemmy- have a great weekend ☺
    Jean- did Natalie have covid very badly in the end? Nice you can all go.out together…hope your FD went okay if you were that hungry!
    Nana- yummy chocolate cake! Enjoy your wine tonight…
    Hope everyone else is okay…
    Had a good FD, although dinner tonight seemed quite big, hope I worked the cals out okay (roasted squash & couscous with roasted broccoli) Had good walks with Xena & Gwinnie- she loves seeing other dogs, very pleased to see a German Shepherd, I don’t trust him, he was fine with her though. Had our Asda order, dropped shopping off to mum & then did more pruning in the garden- got on better on my own without hubby, shhh, don’t tell! Looking forward to a nonFD tomorrow…

    Morning all hope everyone has has a good week. I’m so glad it’s Friday I’ve had a very busy one and need a rest.
    Weighed myself this morning and lost another 3 pound which I’m well happy with !
    I have had a good week , kept to my 500 Cals on my 2 fast days , ate healthy on my others and I’ve been to the gym 3 times too but only half hour on the bike as it’s good for my hips problem.
    Going to have a treat this weekend.
    Hope everyone is ok and have a lovely weekend 🙂

    Morning All..
    A rainy day here so a wet walk… still in bed but must move…. Meeting Natalie at 9 on another riverbank.

    I shall have a late breakfast and I am eating out tonight.

    Some movement this morning 1 lb off so back to goal.. I need a few more off for wriggle room.

    A lovely chocolate cake for hubby an early birthday cake.
    Well done on the no alcohol last month.

    Natalie was totally ok just bored of the house.. no symptoms at all. Charlie is having issues with French bulls and any snuffle dogs he only likes one who lives in the village, I am always careful as we have others in the village too 😂
    Good pruning job well done, I need a couple of bushes doing but I need the steps they sinking in the ground so later in the year.

    Well done on the 3 lb off a very good start is that half a stone?.. always hard for the workers to get on line each day. Enjoy your treat this weekend well deserved..

    Hemmy ..
    Enjoy your time with Kirsty and maybe some treats too..

    Jean x

    LOOK,….. it looks as if you haven’t researched it enough!..go back to the drawing board and look again….
    Go elsewhere with your own thoughts and leave us alone!

    Afternoon everyone, we had rain mixed with sleet this morning then the sun came out but it’s quite chilly.
    JulieD well on losing 3lbs.
    Jean did indulge in a glass of white wine last night and it did taste nice but only had the one as I didn’t fancy anymore.
    Usual Friday night meet up with friends before getting an Indian Takeaway on the way back home. OH will be driving so I’ll be able to enjoy a drink with them.
    Have a good weekend everyone and I’ll be back on Monday.
    Nana x

    JulieD- well done with your 3lbs off, it certainly seems to be working for you! Have a good weekend…
    Jean- well done to you with your pound off, have a good meal out tonight ☺
    Nana- enjoy your takeaway too, & the wine!
    Hi to everyone else!
    Had a busy day, soaked on our walk, went into town, made a chocolate pud to use up some nearly out of date tofu, baked a banana cake for hubby to use up fruit, helped son with an application form…
    Maintained this week which I’m pleased with after my birthday, had a nonFD today & back to fasting tomorrow.

    Afternoon All…
    A village walk this morning so very bitterly cold.
    We played boules a bit drizzly, Dave sent me a new way of playing pétanque an absolutely disaster for me, a very bad loosing game😂..need more practice or keep to my old way of playing….

    My meal was very nice last night still feel very stuffed….

    Hope your takeaway went well last night..

    I think I will be very up as now after my meal…..I shall keep away from the scales…good cooking for you to use all your bits and pieces up….well done.

    Jean x

    Good afternoon everyone. It’s pouring down here, steak for tea tonight so not a FD. I’m beginning to think I won’t be able to get a dog. Think I need a garden to get one😩. I’ll have to win the lottery. There have been some good loses on here lately.

    Good evening everyone, I’ll talk to myself😂. Are you all busy?

    Still on my own so goodnight. 🤪😁

    Evening! Sorry Dave!
    Hopefully you’ll hear soon about a dog, people are allowed to adopt when they’re in flats, better for the dogs than being in kennels…
    Had a nice walk with Xena, then as it was so nice I took Gwinnie on a longer walk, put her on Xena’s long training lead at the park so she could actually run, she was so happy! Saw Mum for a game, although she’d had a friend round all morning, she didn’t tell me! Have managed a FD today, 700cals.
    Hope everyone’s having a good weekend ☺

    Morning All..
    A wet start this morning rain over night… I suppose we need it.

    Walk soon then going to daughters for lunch, she seems to be very busy at the moment. Faffing about to sort another car for the son who wrote his car off, they now have another.

    Sorry Dave I seemed to forget to post later yesterday.

    Nice your mum was busy Hedgehog it gives you a bit more time.

    Jean x

    Good afternoon it’s pouring down here, don’t miss dog walking when the weather is like this, but saying that if I had the choice I would be out in it now. I’ve decided to do one 800 day 2 1000 days and 3 16000 days and a day or off for good behaviour 😂.

    Afternoon All…
    Very bitter here…we had a thunder, lightning and sleeting only lasted about 15 mins, it was very dark…then we got out for our walk in between the rain….

    A nice couple of hours at Jacqui’s her MIL was there too….nice to get home to the boy…

    A different week a bit busy…Monday and Wednesday fasting, low day Tuesday….weigh in Thursday morning.

    Have a good evening ..

    Jean x

    Hi everyone. Well another week gone. Four days without wine and on FD800. Lost one and a half pounds. Still bad on non fast days and since we got home haven’t walked much. Anyway that is six and a half pounds this year. Have given myself the whole year to lose just under two stone because we are going away so much so pleased with progress.

    It goes to show when you give up alcohol for a week or two you lose weight, you and Nana are testement to that. Fast day for me today, 800 then going to try and do two 1000 days then three 1600 days and a day off to be naughty.

    Afternoon All…
    A park walk very bitter again….

    Having a good clean up…all going well..waiting for floor to dry….Charlie’s blankets on the line…

    Having someone for coffee on Wednesday and Louise and Sheila coming Thursday, lunch out Friday, boules Saturday…a bit too busy, glad they are one offs for a week.

    Fast day going ok…the scales were sky high this morning after meal out and weekend, flap Jack was the main culprit from Fay…rest has gone in the freezer 😬

    You have done really well you must be so pleased…and breaks away too…

    Hope your new food plan works..good luck at the doctors appointment…

    Jean x

    Hi FBBs hope all is well with you Xxxx

    A chilly day .. the sun never lasted very long this morning.

    I had a lovely few days with Kristy.. and was pleased to see since Thurs I had only put on 1 pound. Would have been a whole lot more with wine.

    We had another disappointing meal out on Saturday lunchtime… expensive too but very average.

    My Sunday roast was very welcome. lol

    Just having an easy day .. did a general clean through .. now going to have a read.

    Well done Mel with your loss this year so far.

    Brads .. Good luck this week with your eating plan.

    HH.. Are you doing your 800 days this week.

    Sym.. A busy week for you .. enjoy it you can always rest next week.

    Have a good day everyone.. whether fasting or being mindful.

    Who you are tomorrow begins with what you do today💚💛❤ Xxxx

    Back from the doctor’s, was only in 2 minutes, she took my blood and that was it. Results possibly Friday but might wait until Monday. Fast day today just having a cuppa, couldn’t wait for it not having had anything since last night.

    Afternoon everyone have had a nice weekend not doing much. Was so looking forward to sharing a bottle of prosecco with my Friday night friends after doing dry January and had my usual half bottle but felt really squiffy afterwards so am thinking of only having one glass in future when out. Scales showed half a pound loss this morning so wondering if alcohol does slow down my weight loss 🤔
    Was planning on doing mu usual FD today but had forgotten about going to visit our Newmarket friends for a curry this evening so will make it tomorrow instead now.
    Mel well done on your loss.
    Jean a busy week coming up for you.
    Hemmy glad you had a good time with Kristy.
    Dave sounds like a plan.
    Hope everyone else is keeping okay and stay safe.
    Nana x

    688 calories so far today and only a cuppa or two so will finish under 800😁😁.Not sure how many calories it will be tomorrow 1000 or 1600.

    A pound on for me!! Oops….that be the weekend then! Saturday night was fancy dress party at the pub for the landlords birthday 😄 Followed by carbs on Sunday!!

    Different weigh in days for people so not sure I’ve caught everyone correctly for first weigh in for February!


    Hemmy +1 ❌️
    Kay +1 ❌️

    Jean 1 ✔️

    Nana 0.5
    Mel 1.5
    Julie 3

    This week more of… dog looking after, deep cleaning at the holiday cottages, bellringing practice, pub meat draw and darts, fund raising bingo at the Parish Hall and a village planning meeting for Queens Jubilee!

    Oh yes and apart from today’s FD, 3 further FDs, 2 x 1500 days and 1 day off!


    Your a busy girl Kay. The weight should be dropping off you.A good fast day for 760 calories. May have some doggie news later this week.

    Good morning,a dry day at the moment.I got weighed and have lost 3lbs so got to be happy with that. Didn’t feel like fasting much after Heidi passed. And two birthday meals out and beer too. Good fast day yesterday so started the week well.

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