Fat Busting Brits!!

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  • Morning All…
    A dark day again but not so cold considering it’s zero, there’s no wind it makes a difference ..a long river bank walk keeping away from any dogs..Charlie enjoys that walk.

    A fast day for me..after the 10th I will get back and pull my socks up.

    Off to Tesco a bit of shopping and a few things to do in town…..

    I had a chicken dinner too and a glass of wine, I enjoyed it, I don’t do a lot of dinners these days.
    You will get upset at things what remind you..hope there’s a chance on the young German Shepard 🤞for you. Birthday boy this week and meals out!!

    Welcome and come and join us. You have to give it a good month and it gets a lot easier, it’s a good way of life even for health benefits. Try not to look into it too deeply, choose your two fast days separately and don’t overeat on your non fast days. Do the chart on the right at the top Fast Diet Tracker and it gives an idea on we’re you should be eating. Eat your protein on your fast day keep off the carbs.
    I do Monday and Thursday non negotiable I hate changing them, I weigh in Friday morning and I have Friday as my day off !….fish and chips, a cake, wine, whatever I fancy…..not over the tops but the carrot at the end of the week helps….Good Luck shout if you need any help….

    Hope your holiday is going well and you are getting the walking in….

    A few today fasting, me, Hedgehog, Dave, JulieD,….keep strong….

    Jean x

    Hi all,

    Finally another pound down for me!
    Hemmy you are in maintaining now; Jean 1 up from goal; Mel is away; HH weighing in next week; Nana down 1 too.

    JANUARY (Pounds lost)
    Hemmy 4 ✅️

    Jean 1
    Kay 3.5
    Nana 5
    Mel 4.5

    Welcome JulieD. It does work but remember it’s a way of life so stick with it.

    Nicky, welcome back. Definitely go back to fluid only if it works best for you.

    Mel, sounds you are enjoying your holiday and plenty of walking to offset the nice food.

    Another grey gloomy day here and a bit cool.

    Indoor jobs I think.

    Hemmy, I’ve started writing things down again, not sure if it’s helping as yet but I am also going to do 2 calorie counted days (TDEE) in addition to 3 fast days to try and limit the damage of the NFDs.

    If you are fasting today, keep strong and if you aren’t, be mindful.


    Hi FBBs hope all is well with you Xxxx

    Its 5degs here today but very chilly and dark.

    Welcome JulieD This is a good way to lose weight .. then its more of a way of life. Good luck. Xx

    Sym .. You are doing so well .. just keep doing what you are doing… before anniversary’s are harder than when they actually arrive I find.

    Kay .. I think that writing down does help as after awhile you can look back. Only last night I looked back at this time last year to the day to see how it compared.

    I have found that it keeps it fresher by keep shaking things up a bit ,, sometimes I change lunch with dinner etc.

    I am out to lunch Wednesday .. so being careful with the carbs today and tomorrow so no holding back on my Wednesday lunch. lol

    Have a good day all whatever you are doing

    Don’t let yesterday take up too much of today. Xxxx

    Hi all,
    Back to water fasting for me today but himself says he’s going to have a ready meal this evening. It’s very cold here today and I’m really feeling it now because I’m just on water so I may have a look at my teas later and have a lemon and ginger tea if I have any. We are out to lunch with friends tomorrow so I have that to look forward to. Had a nice walk this morning for a good hour up (and it is quite some hill!) and down the country lanes here with the dog this morning. We stood for a good five minutes and watched a kestrel sat on a branch right in front of us, it then flew off and hovered nearby for ages. We’re very lucky living here, the more unusual birds and wild animals are very easy to spot.
    I weighed myself on Friday and am down 2lbs so far in January which is a relief after the excesses of December! Are we keeping a record of weight lost? If so can you add me please, it’s good to keep track.

    2nd Post my first has disappeared 😒 was pleased to report that the scales showed that I have lost a pound making five pounds so far this month. Also welcome to JulieD as the others have said 5:2 is a healthy safe flexible way of losing weight plus we’re a friendly bunch on here.
    Hemmy hows your friend doing with her weight loss?
    Hope everyone else is keeping okay and stay safe.
    Nana x

    Nana Xx

    Funny you should mention my friend Sarah on that 1 to 1 .. ( The old Cambridge diet ) you go to a counsellor to be weighed and consultation Shakes etc delivered to your door.

    She went today and the scales showed absolutely no change.
    Bless her she does admit she’s not been sticking to it.. hoping for a better February

    Trouble is you cant change her from it because she did lose 3 stones on it a few years ago. Not cheap either .. especially as not sticking to it. Lol

    Well done losing 5lbs so far this month. Xx

    Hi all!
    Julie- hello from another Julie ☺ not easy when you have hip problems that limit exercise, hope you stick with us…
    Well done to all those who lost, Kay you forgot my measly half pound last week! I don’t feel as if anything’s moving, usually lose from my waist first, so feeling a bit despondent…
    Hemmy- not surprising your friend’s not lost, even without the cheating it sounds alot, I had to replace all 3 meals with shakes to lose on that…
    Jean- sending you a hug, anniversaries are hard, best try not to look too far ahead, still a couple of weeks away xx
    Dave- hope you get somewhere with the dogs!
    Mel- enjoy your holiday!
    Nicky- good luck with the water fasts! Rather you than me, hope hubby does well with 5:2 as well.
    Nana- the dry January seems to be making a difference for you with the weight!
    Not sure where the weekend went- walked Xena & then Gwinnie, that takes time as I can’t always go out when it suits me, Roger doesn’t always answer the phone, & he’s having carers now which is good…saw mum today, threw her into a tizzy by booking her an appt to have her ears syringed this evening! If that doesn’t work it’ll be hearing aids!
    Dinner eaten early for me, so will be hungry later. Just doing the others theirs & then out! Did a FD Saturday & another today, 800 cals

    Hi everyone and welcome Julie. I am on holiday this week and not fasting at all, just trying not to go totally overboard and put all my four and a half pounds back on. Hopefully will tackle any gain quickly when I get home before it “sticks”. Not sure of the science on this but it seems to apply to me. Doing some good walks, nearly seven miles today and hilly too.

    Julie hope you stick around and go for it with us. Won’t repeat any of the suggestions and advice given already as you have all you need. I lost two stone a few years ago and kept it off until last year when I was a bit unhappy and comfort are, put just over a stone back on. Tackling it now.

    Thank you everyone for your lovely answers and welcomes I really appreciate it and for the tips too.
    I have had my fast day today as it seems a popular one and will do Thursday too.
    Stuck to my 500 calories although I was hungry at work I’m not going to lie but I know it will take some getting used to.
    I also did half hour on exercise bike at the gym as it’s good for my hips so all good on day 1 !
    Thanks again 😊

    Julie you can do 800 calories,I lost a few stone doing 800.And MM says that’s the magic number these days plus it’s easier to stick to.

    Evening All…
    It got quite chilly here pm….fast days gone well but it’s nearer 800, a bit high for me, not sure on my calories today….I had to eat something which wouldn’t fit in the freezer….chilli chicken..it’s still ok.

    Thanks for keeping Januarys list..I think it helps everyone…
    Some good losses..😀

    It’s a shame Sarah won’t join us..you can’t continue on shakes for life….enjoy your meal out on Wednesday…

    You do very well doing water fasts I couldn’t do it…glad your other half is joining you…lovely to see nature around you about it lifts your spirits…

    Well done on 5 lbs off this month..no alcohol has definitely moved some weight this month…

    Hope your Mum got sorted tonight and she can hear again…lots of dog walking again you are a kind neighbour…

    Enjoy the rest of your holiday, you do walk a lot it must work your food and biccies off 😂

    Well done on your first fd, hard when you are at work…us oldies on here still do the first 5.2 diet but as Dave said the new diet says you can have 800 cals…I am now a loose 500 to 700..although I have gone a bit over today.

    Have a good evening..

    Jean x

    Hi all,
    Another cold night here and the morning has dawned quite grey and overcast. Down another pound on the scales this morning since I last weighed on Friday. I normally only weigh once a fortnight but as we’re going out to lunch with friends today I thought knowing I’m losing slowly but steadily might help with my food choices today! 😂 Hope everyone has a good day today.

    Morning All..
    A walk in the nature reserve this morning with Natalie and Oreo….Boules at 11, it was very cold just two games, me and my partner won both games…no cafe today everyone was busy and dashing…

    Just going to do lunch, thinking what to have…

    Well done on your pound off…enjoy your lunch with friends…

    Jean x

    Nicky- well done with your pound off! Enjoy your lunch out today ☺
    Julie- well done for your 1st day 👍 We are a very pet friendly bunch, have you any?
    Jean- very chilly for boules, I’m happy to walk in weather like this as you can keep warm, but wouldn’t catch me standing about! Did you try them in hot water? Mum was very pleased to have got her ears done, fingers crossed she can hear better!
    Having a lazier day today, making the most of both boys being at work, youngest has a week off again next week so will be about too much! Another 800 cal day, woke up hungry already though!
    Am I on my own?

    Hi FBBs hope all is well with you Xxxx

    Oh a cold day here at 4deg.. After walking decided I must wash my car off soo muddy.

    I did it in a fashion lol but oh my goodness I had forgotten what frozen hands were like when they come back to life, lolol I felt quite sick for while .

    It reminded me of a wasp sting in summer not having had one for years lol Anyway two things got from that … a clean car and that I will not be doing it again until its double figures temp . lol

    Nicky .. Well done on your pound loss brilliant. That’s why I like to weigh often so you have a guide to know what you can and cant get away with. Enjoy your lunch. Wonder what you will choose.

    Sym.. Well done winning your games Xx

    H H .. Good luck with your 8oo day .. Do you do 2 or 3 meals a day with that.

    Just had crackers cheese and fruit. This evening.. Chicken a few chips and broccoli bit of garlic mayo a bit of a concoction but I enjoy it lol.

    Have e a good day all ….We will be exactly as happy as we decide to be” 😊 Xxxx

    Afternoon everyone another cold dull day here. A very chilly walk this morning but at least we did one. Not sure if we’ll be able to meet up with our friends for our usual Wednesday lunch as we’ve been advised that an order made by Mick is due sometime tomorrow and needs to be signed for by him upon delivery so might end up having another unplanned fd.
    Having a salmon fillet flaked into some pasta for my evening meal tonight it’s one of my favourites.
    Nicky well done on the pound loss and hope you enjoyed a nice lunch.
    Enjoy the rest of your day everyone and stay safe.
    Nana x

    Evening All…
    Absolutely bitter tonight, glad it was a long walk this morning…shorter one tonight..

    Hoover and dust through, quick one at that…a bit of a read..

    It wasn’t too bad for boules, just getting cold after second game so we finished…boules we’re only hot for 20 mins so not really worth the faff…
    The boys seem to have a lot of holidays if not one it’s the other 😂..nice though..

    It was zero for our walk this morning..and 3 degrees for boules…a very chilly day…zero for our walk now..boiled eggs for me tonight can’t be bothered…I seem to be very upbeat at the moment I am working on a different plan it seems to be working…🤞
    Cheese and cracker sounds nice I could have had them but my eggs are on…

    Enjoy your salmon..hope your delivery is early and you can get to Ely..

    Jean x

    Hi all, long walk again today. So cold and I had problems in the morning. It’s weird, sometimes when we start a walk I can’t get my breath in. Everything seizes up, sort of in my diaphragm. It’s not at all the same as when you just get out of breath on a hill. I am 99% sure it is an anxiety thing, even if I am not actually feeling anxious. The first time I had it was in hospital after my cardiac arrest. Sometimes I just do a few steps, on the flat, and have to stop again. Particularly bad this morning. Then for some reason it suddenly goes and I am back to normal. Very frustrating. Haven’t really mentioned it before but wanted to get it off my chest for some reason.

    Food wise think I am doing quite well for a holiday. A good breakfast then just a couple of biscuits when we get back from the walk. Nice dinner and a piece of cake (ok not so good) but I haven’t even been having my Lindors after the first night 😇

    Nicky good with the pound off – I am sure Kay will add you on Monday to the list.
    Julie first fast day under your belt 🤗
    Nana do you have a sauce with your salmon and pasta? I love pasta. One of my big problems is a love of pasta, rice and potato. My portion size is way too much.
    Jean I am glad you are feeling upbeat. I admire you so much the way you kept so to goal weight last year while I turned into a slug!

    Must go and cook now, nearly wine time.
    Love to everyone else. A long post for me. Wittering on!

    Good evening everyone, did our Spanish lesson this afternoon.She didn’t pick on me today. Next week we have a you Spanish lad coming in, so I told Olwyn how to say toy boy and they were all laughing.

    Good morning couldn’t sleep, went to bed at 2am and up already😩.I was thinking about Heidi and how she loved meeting other dogs. I see two German Shepherds when I go bowling and the woman who owns them always let’s on to me now since I stopped her to stroke her dogs, she dosent know Heidi as gone yet. Still waiting to hear if i have been successful in getting a dog from the RSPCA.If I don’t hear anything by Friday then I won’t be getting the dog I am hoping for.

    Off out now to buy season ticket for speedway.Dull weather but warmer than yesterday.I expect I will put on some weight this week, going for a meal tomorrow and Saturday then beer will be involved in Tuesday 😛.

    Jean- well done to you, you’re amazing 😀💐 The boys only have the standard 4 weeks holiday a year, but youngest had a year without much because of the pandemic, so he’s had some carried over. Eldest takes an odd couple of days here & there rather than full weeks so it feels like he’s about alot!
    Dave- thinking of you, lots of sad memories, hard bumping into people you used to see with Heidi…hope you hear soon about the right dog for you x
    Hemmy- brave washing your car! If I do mine I lug buckets of hot water from inside & wear rubber gloves! I like your meal concoctions for dinner ☺ having stuff that needs using up here tonight- some sausages & veggies. I do 2 meals usually Hemmy although am really struggling with hunger at the moment!
    Mel- good that you do so much walking on holiday, sounds like you’ve been good with the food too! I wonder if it would help to do stomach breathing for a few breaths when you get that tightness, sounds like the diaphragm is maybe going into spasm?
    Hope everyone else is okay?
    A nice walk through the woods to the lake this morning, it was chilly & bright…no sign of the pair of swans I saw last year, do they migrate Mel? A few jobs done & finally caught up with my old HS family, it never seems to be a convenient time to ring them with young children. Waiting to hear about a new family for HS…Did a beginners workout this afternoon, trying to ease back into exercising! Another 800 cal day here, although I did scrape the bowl out after I’d made rice krispy cakes for the boys, they love them…

    Evening All…
    Turned out a milder day…..river bank walk this morning didn’t see a soul ..
    Hygienist for me I am not keen to go, 10 mins so quite good …ok now for three months..

    Decided on a fd today and again tomorrow..I have been a bit naughty of late and the scales are not good! Must pull my socks up….

    You must take it steady when you are up and about early in the cold weather maybe you need checking it out…are you away for the week sorry I have forgotten ? ……Sounds like you have had a good holiday…

    Hoping you hear something soon about a dog…it would be lovely tomorrow what a lovely birthday present…

    Lovely to have the boys about make the most of it…new HS families hope they are nice…
    Good to start your keep fit programme hope you are not to stiff in the morning…still if you don’t hurt you haven’t worked hard enough! 😂

    Grandson got his quote off his car..he’s lost £2000 a big ouch!…so he’s got to look smaller and cheaper, in good order !!!….stupid boy I hope he thinks more when he’s driving again…

    Jean x

    Evening everyone a nice bright day for a change but a really chilly wind.
    Mel I don’t put a sauce with the pasta but stir in some Philadelphia lightest cheese before adding the flaked salmon. Sounds like you’re having a nice time away.
    A nice lunch today a tuna mayonnaise sandwich salad and shared a bowl of chips with OH. Still doing dry January so had lime soda to drink. Ely tomorrow the days go by so quickly almost at the end of January already.
    Enjoy the rest of your evening everyone and stay safe.
    Nana x

    Hi all, another good day, a bit warmer. Had my problem again, the thing is I start walking, get anxious that it will start up so of course it does. Not as bad as yesterday and went off quicker. I will talk to the doctor Jean but am sure it is nothing physical as I have had it on and off for years. Been particularly bad the last couple of days though. Once it goes, like today, did 7 1/2 miles no problem.

    Food wise, Paul stopped off on the way back for a big pack of Pipers Crisps. He would never think to do that at home, mad fool thinks he’s on holiday 😂.

    HH no, our normal mute swans should be here all the time I think. It is the Whooper swans and Bewick swans that migrate. (I am fairly sure on this, should check with Paul but he is in the shower.

    Jean good luck on B2B fast days. I am planning this for Saturday and Sunday as home on Friday. Weigh in Monday.

    Good morning everyone no doggie news so will have to look in other places. They are so expensive so don’t know what to do. Going for a meal tonight so definitely not a fast day.And going out again all the family on Saturday so the weight will be piling on😲. Will pull my socks up in February.

    Morning All..
    A beautiful day a nature reserve walk this morning with Natalie and Oreo……a mucky pair a bit on the muddy side in places…

    Sunny and wind blowing, three Charlie blankets on the line, three just finished in the washer…two more to do…..car looks like it needs a spruce…

    Fast day for me doing B2B ….I have been asked to go to quiz night tonight, not sure yet, 2 halves of beer are 153 cals a pint, I don’t do fizzy…I can keep under 800, wish it wasn’t on a fd.!….I will see…

    The months do fly by nearly February…brighter weather will soon be with us….enjoy your Lunch today…

    Enjoy your lunch out today with your friend too….a bit of buying ….

    Happy Birthday have a lovely day …is it meal out tonight ?

    Have a good fast day everyone…not sure who is with me today….

    Jean x

    Hello everyone,
    Hope everyone’s well.
    Fasting day for and himself today, water only for me which is going ok so far. Lovely lunch out on Tuesday, I had a steak, salad and a few chips followed by a honeycomb cheesecake and every mouthful was delicious. I didn’t feel the need to eat again till the following lunchtime.
    The dog is most confused that neither of us is eating, it just goes to show how much of our daily routine she knows. She’s a creature of habit and expects us to be the same!

    Hi FBBs Hope all is well with you Xxxx

    Its a gorgeous day here again.. sun shining and double figure degrees.

    It was lovely yesterday … really enjoyed lunch and the wander around the antique centre. Very enjoyable. Never got anything as quite expensive.
    Found the Anne Sloan chalk paint .. there are 6 colours I love.. so the helpful lady there told me to bring the chart home and lay the colours on my bench .and keep checking against carpet etc. So far veering against a burgundy.. will be a nice change after the dark wood.

    Sym.. go to your quiz night .. you are at your goal Xx

    Brads.. I thought there was sooo many dogs needing a home. Kristy got Teddy no problem.. Had him for a weekend to see how it went. I will ask who she got him from.
    Also Greyhounds have a lovely nature homes for them always wanted.

    Mel.. Hope you felt ok today before your walk. I have been prone to panic/anxiety attacks .. I come over feeling light and giddy .. Enjoy the rest of your holiday.

    H H .. Is your Mum s hearing better now.

    Nana .. that pasta with the salmon and philly cheese sounds lovely .. will try that.

    Nicky … Talking about routine.. lol I knew I had to change my dog walking times around as a neighbour rang and asked if I was ok as I wasn’t ” On Parade ” at my usual time. lol

    Hope everyone else is doing ok.
    Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see. Xxxx

    Afternoon everyone it’s turned out to be a lovely sunny day after a drizzly start but the wind has turned cold. Lovely visit to Ely which was quite busy but pleased to see that a lot of people were still continuing like us to wear our masks on the bus and in the shops.
    Jean go and enjoy yourself tonight as Hemmy said you’re at goal and you do keep active so those calories won’t be a problem.
    Dave 🤞 for news of a dog. Happy Birthday for today also.
    Nicky well done on doing a water fast something I’ve never been able to achieve.
    Hope everyone else is keeping okay. Stay safe and enjoy the rest of your day.
    Nana x

    Happy birthday Dave 🎉🎁🎂 Enjoy your meal out tonight & a few pints ☺ Worth waiting for the right dog…read an article today saying yes, there are lots of dogs needing homes but they all have problems as not socialised properly with the lockdowns. I’m amazed at how much some of the rescue places charge, but I guess it weeds out people who aren’t committed?
    Jean- you go out & enjoy yourself tonight!
    Nana- good you had a nice day out & well done with your dry January- roll on Tuesday?! Or will you stick to having less?
    Hemmy- the paint sounds lovely, much more interesting than dark wood! Are you still okay with your cutting out alcohol? I haven’t seen mum- her social life is in full swing which is lovely for her (cake club, over 60s club, afternoon tea for a friend’s birthday today & then a party Saturday!) but she said she thinks it’s better…
    Mel- well done with your long walks, hope the weather is a bit brighter!
    Nicky- well done with your water fast! Poor doggo, they do like their routines! Xena knows to sit with hubby when we eat, as he has meat!
    Julie- hope you’re doing okay?
    Walked Xena & Gwinnie then had coffee & a rock cake at a friend’s- just salad tonight so still an 800cal FD…

    Morning all hope everyone is ok!
    So I weighed myself this morning and I’ve lost 3.5 lb since Monday which I know is mainly water but I’m happy with that . Friday is going to be weigh in day so wanted to start today.
    Yesterday was my second fast day and I had a hospital appointment after work so was late getting home . I had a healthy ready meal for my tea which was 320 Cals then a yoghurt.
    But it has noodles in it and I only thought after I had eaten it do you guys avoid carbs on fast days ?

    Just lost a long post…..grrrr

    So just posting an update for now

    JANUARY (Pounds lost)
    Hemmy 4 ✅️

    Jean 1
    Kay 3.5
    HH 1.5
    Nana 5
    Mel 4.5
    Nicky 3

    Morning everyone,
    Kay, that’s so annoying! You spend ages typing out a long post only for it to disappear before you can send; it happens to me all the time! Thank you for adding me to the tally.
    Another successful water fast for me yesterday, I even coped with himself having his meal in the same room as me! I made do with a lemon and ginger tea so strictly speaking not just a water fast, liquid fast might be more accurate. Weighed myself this morning and I’m down another pound since Monday so that’s 4 for January…basically the 4lbs I put on during November and December! 🤣
    It’s another cold crisp morning here which is lovely. Just been out and topped up the bird feeders and hoping we see all our usual so we can record them for the garden bird watch, what’s the betting they all stay away? We normally see nuthatches, bullfinches, chaffinches, goldfinches, all the various tits and a greater spotted woodpecker pops by most days. It’s a real time waster sitting watching all the comings and goings.
    Dave – I do hope you find yourself a dog soon. I’d be lost without a dog in the house, it just wouldn’t feel like home. Have you thought about taking on a rescue greyhound? They make lovely pets, they really don’t need much exercise at all, are very gentle and take up surprisingly little room.
    Hope everyone has a good weekend.

    Hi FBBs hope all is well with you. Xxxx

    What a gorgeous day again… we are soo lucky with this winter so far. We haven’t missed one dog walk yet.

    I was pleased to see I had lost 1 lb this week. I have eaten my main meal at lunch time Wed and Yesterday .. just a few crackers cheese and fruit in the evening. Wonder if that made a difference.

    I am convinced though the Cider apple vinegar helps as while I take it no build up of fluid.

    Kay .. Thank you for keeping tabs on us all. How is it going for you.Xx

    Nana… Whats your Friday take away. If its curry I am in envy.. Chinese not … never had one in my life lol.

    Brads… Are you feeling delicate today after your B Day celebrations. .

    H H … Blimey .. lol your Mums social life sounds brilliant well done her.
    Yes good with alcohol .. No wine for months now…a glass of cider at the most now just the 5% one. Feeling soo much better as there is soo much suger in it.

    Sym..Did you do the quiz night …

    Julie and Nicky .. well done on your loses this week .. hope next week is good for you too. Xx

    Mel… is it the last day of your hols.

    Have a good weekend everyone whatever you are doing.

    Don’t let anyone who hasn’t walked in your shoes tell you how to tie your laces.Xxxx

    Good afternoon the meal was not the best the steak I had would have been ok for repairing my shoes, so tough and chewy. Going out again to a different place so hopefully it will be better. I have applied for a rescue greyhound so waiting to see what happens.

    Afternoon everyone, another nice day here have been busy doing housework whilst OH was outside cleaning the car and doing some other bits and pieces. It’s so much easier to do housework without him around.
    Hemmy it’s Chinese tonight so need to be envious. Am finding it okay doing without the alcohol also.
    Well done Julie and Nicky my turn to weigh on Monday.
    Have a good weekend everyone and stay safe.
    Nana x

    Brads – I’ve realised I called you Dave in my last post when I was talking about Greyhound Rescue! Apologies, it was a Freudian slip as that is my himself’s name!! Good luck with your application, fingers crossed hey have the right dog for you.

    Well I am called Dave, so long as you don’t call me David it’s fine, I get called David when I’m in trouble, or the doghouse😂.

    Afternoon all!
    Nicky, Julie & Hemmy, well done on your losses 👏 I am trying not to be envious as it’s so hard for me to lose, I did manage a pound this week! Debating whether to keep on with the 5 x 800cal days or switch to ADF 500cal with low nonFDs, my metabolism seems to adjust so quickly to whatever I do!
    Dave- shame about the meal & fingers crossed for the greyhound…
    Busy morning- a two & a half hr walk with Xena- we chatted more than usual to other dog walkers & to the young cows- Xena was a disgrace today! Cut youngest’s hair, made a pud for tonight, did his lunch, popped round to Mum’s with a dinner, got sister’s birthday present, a pile of ironing done, kitchen floor washed…will start chopping veg for our stir fry when it’s dry!
    Have a good evening everyone!

    Evening All…
    A milder day is Spring is on its way….

    I stayed the same..quite surprised as eating fish and chips, a big meal and pudding and wine…a new month must make a better effort…really need 4 lbs off….

    Picked up my sister and we went to Beverley a small town, wanting to go to a walking shop were I had ordered a coat on line…surprised as it had already arrived and I bought another different one, which the colour I wanted they have ordered and it’s coming to the house….saved £150 in the sales…
    With going out more and going to boules I am lacking in jackets, feeling I am wearing the same all the time.

    Well done on 3 1/2 lbs off a really good amount…when new and just starting the 5.2 it’s best to keep off carbs on a fast day, you will loose more…..we have been on this for years so we tweak ours to suit us, after 3 or 4 months you can give a bit.

    Well done on the list..lots of losses well done everyone…are you doing another for February?

    Well done on loosing your Xmas weight..4 lbs is a lot to loose…
    Hope all your birds arrived and you got a lot counted….😀

    You are still keeping with the cider vinegar I know you swear by it.
    Well done on your 1 lb off, you do better than me….I did go to quiz night I am glad I went, 27 1/2 out of 40 so no were near winning….sweating on a full house for one number but unlucky…
    I do a lot of brunch and dinner these days unless I am doing something different, we have to shake it up a bit now..

    Glad you had a good night shame on the steak..hope your next meal will be better…

    Shall you keep off the alcohol for February?…always nice to get cracking on housework on your own..I know what you mean…

    Well done on your pound off I know you are going through a hard patch, working hard with no movement…what a busy girl you have got loads done…

    Jean x

    Hi FBBs hope all is well with you. Xxxx

    It s a beauty of a day here on the Oxford / Northants border. Warm at 12deg its summer lol.

    A lovely walk .. met a lovely old collie and 2 young terriers all the same family.. wonderful.

    Ohh I am excited and in Luvvvve after many years I have just discovered Dark Rye Ryvita again. 34 cals a slice against a 35 cal per smallish cracker. plus I enjoyed the taste and at 102 cals for 3 that’s solved my lunch time bread problem. Yay.

    Brad s.. Hope your steak was ok.

    HH .. well done on you lb loss.. I think we have to just keep tweaking and shaking up a bit . Are you drinking plenty of water.. Give the Cider Vinegar a try. 2 tbs in juice or I put mine in my morning Berocca.

    Sym… Nice to have the new jackets… doing lots of outdoor stuff and its easy just wearing the same old things. We are worth it .. if we don’t treat ourselves now we never will. lol

    Hope everyone is enjoying their Saturday..
    Dogs are not our whole life but they make our life whole. ❤ Xxxx

    Good afternoon everyone.9°C here and windy, not been outside but can see things blowing around.Its been a month since Heidi went but still miss her terribly.No news on any new dog yet. Can’t afford to pay thousands for one so will keep trying. Going for a family meal tonight, I think I have probably gained weight in January instead of losing so will make a determined effort in February.

    Afternoon All..
    A very lazy afternoon I finished reading a book..I shall go and look on my shelves for another to start..

    No boules today went out with the girls for a tasty breakfast a lovely chatty couple of hours..too windy for boules..

    Charlie already waiting for his walk trying to push to 4 pm nearly there….

    I like Ryvita a while since I have bought them, I like the ones with seeds…shake things up and find different things…I never buy tinned soups but make my own but had a tin of chicken soup the other day a large can for 200 cals easy…tasty for a change.

    Enjoy your meal this evening hope it’s better than the other night…shall it be steak again?
    I can’t believe it’s a month since Heidi passed, time flies. Take your time to find the right dog there is one waiting for you somewhere…

    Blue skies here still windy but I think better than this morning…seems dark for this time…
    Well it’s coat on time boys waiting…

    Jean x

    Taxi booked for 6-20pm.Not sure what I will have tonight, could be a mixed grill but would have to give the gammon away. It’s a carvery but gravy and I don’t go well together, I end up spilling out all over me, need a bib😁.Steak is always a possibility.

    Enjoy your birthday meal hope it’s good….

    Jean x

    Dave- hope your birthday meal was good. Hugs to you, a month already without Heidi, so sad xx
    Jean- your shopping trip yesterday sounded successful, was your sister okay? Nice to have a trip to the cafe with your boules friends ☺
    Hemmy- I like the ryvita too, used to have them with a little cheese spread…Haven’t had any ACV recently, my tummy’s been sore, I like balsamic vinegar on a salad but that was too much…nice to meet different dogs on a walk, is Mr Pips good with all dogs?
    Nana- hope your takeaway was good!
    Hope everyone else is having a good weekend!
    Had a controlled day today, was pleased with that. Gwinnie missed her walk with me as Roger wasn’t answering the phone, we had to go out…had a hot chocolate in town but it was quite disappointing, & had queued for ages! Just did the bank & window shopping. Saw mum this afternoon- she showed me what she’d planned to wear to the party, she does have some terrible clothes 😱 She goes for bright gaudy tops! Hopefully she’s had a good night- instead of worrying about the boys getting home safely, tonight I’m worried about her with her friend’s driving! Did offer her a lift…

    JANUARY (Pounds lost)
    Hemmy 5 ✅️

    Jean 1
    Kay 3.5
    HH 1.5
    Nana 5
    Mel 4.5
    Nicky 4
    Julie 3.5

    Julie I’ve added you to the list, it will help keep your focus!

    2 days left of January.

    Julie, as Jean said it’s best to keep the carbs low on FDs, if only to give yourself more calories to play with.

    Dave, I hope you have a better meal tonight. A month already, without Heidi. Hopefully you will get some news soon from the rescues.

    Hemmy, I love ryvita too. I’ve got some of the sweet ones which I can eat dry as a treat.

    HH, hope your mum has a nice evening, no matter what she wore!!

    Jean, your breakfast meet up sounded nice. Hopefully this storm will pass over soon. We’ve only had the tail end of it down here.

    I’m off to see someone tomorrow afternoon to possibly walk her cockerpoo twice a week.
    Also need to take the avon orders round the village.
    And we have Tara at the enclosed field at 12 and apparently they have added more to the stuff in there!
    It’s a FD tomorrow so plenty of things to keep me busy and then Monday morning I will see if I’ve earned a day off or need another FD!


    Good afternoon everyone,a nice sunny day today but cold only 3°C.My shoulder is still very sore.No idea how long it will be before I get it seen to. I renewed my season ticket for the speedway and will renew my license for the fishing club then next month renew the bowling club then that’s it for the year.

    Still looking for a dog, very difficult finding one😩. But I will keep on trying. In glad January is almost behind me can concentrate on losing weight better without anymore birthday meals.

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