Fat Busting Brits!!

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  • Hi FBBs hope all is well with you Xxxx

    A beautiful day again but cold. At least drying up a bit.

    I am pleased to say I have lost 2 lbs this week so back to my goal weight.

    Sym… Well done on your loss .. you are doing so well with your cafe trips included. I have had no food out since Christmas. So a lot easier.

    Brads .. hang in there ..not easy but you just have to go with the flow of how you feel everyday. It comes in waves I am afraid. Take care.

    Nana ..I bet you just wanted a sit in front of that TV after that good walk . lol
    Is it a take away this evening.

    Mel HH and Kay hope you are having a good day.

    Sarah doing ok.. but feels very cold.. she thinks it is from having her booster Covid like symptoms but negative testing,

    Just going to give my little boot room a good clean .. Its muddy and my geraniums that are winterising in there need some attention to leaves. they are still flowering. I should cut them down and let them rest really but its nice having the colour out there
    Have a good day all whatever you are doing.

    Even if you make the tiniest of progress today .. it still matters. Xxxx

    Afternoon All..
    A good game of boules seem to be playing better…won two games…back to cafe latte and cheese scone…so was quite good…

    We are playing again tomorrow…girls day!

    People are insensitive..11 weeks after Steves passing I got a text of friends… “ Happy New Year have a good one 🎈🎊🎉🥂….don’t people think!

    I may join you tonight in a drink…see how I go…you have had a good week..

    Lovely to have a boot room hope you get it sorted out and your plants too…weatherman said we were going to have 8 weeks of mild weather, mild as for winter, missing all the cold sounds good to me..

    Jean x

    Afternoon everyone it’s been another lovely sunny day but a frosty start.
    Hemmy yes meeting up with our Friday night friends and an Indian takeaway is planned.
    Jean sounds like you enjoyed a good game of boules boules.
    Dave a hard thing to do collecting Heidis ashes sending hugs.
    We’re both still continuing with our dry January almost half way through not that we’re counting.
    Have a good weekend everyone and stay safe.
    Be back Monday with hopefully a weight loss to report.
    Nana x

    Evening all…
    Dave & Jean- hugs to both of you xx
    And you too Mel, a year gone without your lovely Jodie xx
    Hemmy- well done back to goal so soon!
    Nana- a long walk for you, definitely deserve to sit & watch TV now, & enjoy the takeaway for tonight…
    My weight was the same as after Christmas- I’m happy with that as probably had put on a pound or 2 with last weekend’s break. Not been good today though- must do better on nonFDs, I think I might go back to writing down what I eat those days & counting cals- it worked before! It is more like being on a permanent diet then though…
    Ended up spending quite a while cooking yesterday, but did finish my book in the evening. A new one started today! Made a lovely katsu curry for eldest & I tonight 😋

    All quiet today!
    Have done a Saturday FD, 700 cals. Lots of walking done, have seen mum, lazy evening ☺

    Evening All…
    Thought it had snowed this morning but a very heavy frost..very slippy walked on the grass on the river bank stop me slipping…

    No boules at 1 degree too cold…went to our new cafe in the next small town..absolutely delicious..a toasted steak sandwich with cheese and onions and a latte…good chat then a bit of shopping in the high street..

    Might try for a fast day tomorrow I will decide and see….

    I am feeling much better…

    Well done on your dry January it’s hard going…have a nice weekend..

    Well done back to your pre Christmas weight….well done on your fast day on a Saturday..

    Jean x

    Good morning everyone, Jean I love steak toasties.I used to make them on a George foreman grill. Watched the football then cleaned all the grouting in the bathroom.Lovely and white now. Had a few wobbly days but feeling a little better now.

    Morning All…

    A milder day although we got wrapped up not thinking it was a better day…coat open and hat off, Charlie’s neck warmer in my pocket.

    No fast day for me ….I shall tomorrow ….

    Well done on the grouting not the best of jobs…glad you are feeling a touch better, one day at a time…

    A day in …..not sure what I am doing…I am sure it will involve a hoover!

    Have a good Sunday…

    Jean x

    Morning all,

    A bit warmer today, no frost. Think I will have a potter around in the garden, do a bit of tidying, start thinking of what I want to do in a few spots in spring.

    Fast for me today. Don’t expect much movement this week sadly as some of my NFDs have been too high!

    Hemmy well done with getting back to goal.
    And you too Jean although I know you would like a couple more off for wriggle room.

    Another week gone….this month is going so quickly and I don’t feel I have anything to show for it!

    Have a peaceful Sunday all x

    JANUARY (Pounds lost)
    Jean 2 ✅️
    Kay 2.5
    Nana 2.5
    Hemmy 4 ✅️
    Mel 2.5

    As a matter of interest I looked at my TDEE and it’s 1539 at sedentary, so definitely eating too much on NFDs

    1539 sedentary
    1764 Lightly active
    1988 moderately active

    Must do more exercise!!!

    Good afternoon everyone hope your are all well. Sunny here. Going bowling tomorrow unless it freezes.Season tickets for speedway are on sale now so will have a look how much they have gone up.

    Just realized I’m not getting out much these days, bowling twice and shopping twice that’s it😩. Not sure about holidays this year. Will have to see how covid progreses.

    Morning all. Meant to respond to HH’s post of a few days ago re writing down what you eat. I always do when following the WOE, but don’t count calories. Just to be accountable. I have kept the notebook from when I lost two stone and find it useful to look back on. I can see how much sugar I was cutting out which I am struggling with a bit, also ideas of what I used to eat on FDs which I may have forgotten.

    Official weigh in with another two points off so that is 4 1/2 in January. Pleased but going away for a week from Friday and don’t want to blow it and put it all on again. On the other hand I love my holidays and don’t want to deprive myself. Hopefully lots of walking will help offset the treats!

    Dave when I lost Jodie I really noticed I was not going out much. Just shopping once a week. Trying to stop that and walked a lot so far this year. Jodie would have been 12 today. Feel a bit fragile .

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