Fat Busting Brits!!

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  • Hi FBBs hope all is well with you Xxxx

    A beautiful day again but cold. At least drying up a bit.

    I am pleased to say I have lost 2 lbs this week so back to my goal weight.

    Sym… Well done on your loss .. you are doing so well with your cafe trips included. I have had no food out since Christmas. So a lot easier.

    Brads .. hang in there ..not easy but you just have to go with the flow of how you feel everyday. It comes in waves I am afraid. Take care.

    Nana ..I bet you just wanted a sit in front of that TV after that good walk . lol
    Is it a take away this evening.

    Mel HH and Kay hope you are having a good day.

    Sarah doing ok.. but feels very cold.. she thinks it is from having her booster Covid like symptoms but negative testing,

    Just going to give my little boot room a good clean .. Its muddy and my geraniums that are winterising in there need some attention to leaves. they are still flowering. I should cut them down and let them rest really but its nice having the colour out there
    Have a good day all whatever you are doing.

    Even if you make the tiniest of progress today .. it still matters. Xxxx

    Afternoon All..
    A good game of boules seem to be playing better…won two games…back to cafe latte and cheese scone…so was quite good…

    We are playing again tomorrow…girls day!

    People are insensitive..11 weeks after Steves passing I got a text of friends… “ Happy New Year have a good one 🎈🎊🎉🥂….don’t people think!

    I may join you tonight in a drink…see how I go…you have had a good week..

    Lovely to have a boot room hope you get it sorted out and your plants too…weatherman said we were going to have 8 weeks of mild weather, mild as for winter, missing all the cold sounds good to me..

    Jean x

    Afternoon everyone it’s been another lovely sunny day but a frosty start.
    Hemmy yes meeting up with our Friday night friends and an Indian takeaway is planned.
    Jean sounds like you enjoyed a good game of boules boules.
    Dave a hard thing to do collecting Heidis ashes sending hugs.
    We’re both still continuing with our dry January almost half way through not that we’re counting.
    Have a good weekend everyone and stay safe.
    Be back Monday with hopefully a weight loss to report.
    Nana x

    Evening all…
    Dave & Jean- hugs to both of you xx
    And you too Mel, a year gone without your lovely Jodie xx
    Hemmy- well done back to goal so soon!
    Nana- a long walk for you, definitely deserve to sit & watch TV now, & enjoy the takeaway for tonight…
    My weight was the same as after Christmas- I’m happy with that as probably had put on a pound or 2 with last weekend’s break. Not been good today though- must do better on nonFDs, I think I might go back to writing down what I eat those days & counting cals- it worked before! It is more like being on a permanent diet then though…
    Ended up spending quite a while cooking yesterday, but did finish my book in the evening. A new one started today! Made a lovely katsu curry for eldest & I tonight 😋

    All quiet today!
    Have done a Saturday FD, 700 cals. Lots of walking done, have seen mum, lazy evening ☺

    Evening All…
    Thought it had snowed this morning but a very heavy frost..very slippy walked on the grass on the river bank stop me slipping…

    No boules at 1 degree too cold…went to our new cafe in the next small town..absolutely delicious..a toasted steak sandwich with cheese and onions and a latte…good chat then a bit of shopping in the high street..

    Might try for a fast day tomorrow I will decide and see….

    I am feeling much better…

    Well done on your dry January it’s hard going…have a nice weekend..

    Well done back to your pre Christmas weight….well done on your fast day on a Saturday..

    Jean x

    Good morning everyone, Jean I love steak toasties.I used to make them on a George foreman grill. Watched the football then cleaned all the grouting in the bathroom.Lovely and white now. Had a few wobbly days but feeling a little better now.

    Morning All…

    A milder day although we got wrapped up not thinking it was a better day…coat open and hat off, Charlie’s neck warmer in my pocket.

    No fast day for me ….I shall tomorrow ….

    Well done on the grouting not the best of jobs…glad you are feeling a touch better, one day at a time…

    A day in …..not sure what I am doing…I am sure it will involve a hoover!

    Have a good Sunday…

    Jean x

    Morning all,

    A bit warmer today, no frost. Think I will have a potter around in the garden, do a bit of tidying, start thinking of what I want to do in a few spots in spring.

    Fast for me today. Don’t expect much movement this week sadly as some of my NFDs have been too high!

    Hemmy well done with getting back to goal.
    And you too Jean although I know you would like a couple more off for wriggle room.

    Another week gone….this month is going so quickly and I don’t feel I have anything to show for it!

    Have a peaceful Sunday all x

    JANUARY (Pounds lost)
    Jean 2 ✅️
    Kay 2.5
    Nana 2.5
    Hemmy 4 ✅️
    Mel 2.5

    As a matter of interest I looked at my TDEE and it’s 1539 at sedentary, so definitely eating too much on NFDs

    1539 sedentary
    1764 Lightly active
    1988 moderately active

    Must do more exercise!!!

    Good afternoon everyone hope your are all well. Sunny here. Going bowling tomorrow unless it freezes.Season tickets for speedway are on sale now so will have a look how much they have gone up.

    Just realized I’m not getting out much these days, bowling twice and shopping twice that’s it😩. Not sure about holidays this year. Will have to see how covid progreses.

    Morning all. Meant to respond to HH’s post of a few days ago re writing down what you eat. I always do when following the WOE, but don’t count calories. Just to be accountable. I have kept the notebook from when I lost two stone and find it useful to look back on. I can see how much sugar I was cutting out which I am struggling with a bit, also ideas of what I used to eat on FDs which I may have forgotten.

    Official weigh in with another two points off so that is 4 1/2 in January. Pleased but going away for a week from Friday and don’t want to blow it and put it all on again. On the other hand I love my holidays and don’t want to deprive myself. Hopefully lots of walking will help offset the treats!

    Dave when I lost Jodie I really noticed I was not going out much. Just shopping once a week. Trying to stop that and walked a lot so far this year. Jodie would have been 12 today. Feel a bit fragile .

    Morning All
    A lovely frosty morning but mild in a strange way…walked out of the village on the river bank it was not too muddy…

    Fast day for me and a late breakfast still it’s a normal time for me..10.45…

    A few jobs to do pop to the town, a couple of phone calls, chasing a tablet short at the vets just can’t get through…

    You are doing well 2 1/2 lbs off. I am like you possibly too much on a non fast day, a bit of biscuit eating which I must get out of..

    It’s strange after all the walking then it stops…it must be hard. Enjoy your bowling today..

    Hugs to you today 🤗, the anniversaries are hard.
    Like you over the years lots of books and weight records, not so many now they are nice to see what you have done and a reminder.
    On your holidays you do get the exercise in, life’s short enjoy them get the weight off when you get back…
    Even us without holidays need off days with treats, it makes fasting easier….

    Jean x

    Good morning, I’ve got to get back on track, had to much of the wrong food since I lost Heidi. Fast day today so will try and eat sensibly this week. Going out for a meal next week so must try and fit in 3 fast days next week. Mel hugs to you today.

    Grrr…just lost my post!

    Well done Mel and Mary.

    No loss for me this week at all.

    I’m going to write things down for a while see if that helps. I don’t want to have to count the calories.

    And I need to do more proper exercise a few times a week.

    HH when are you going to weigh in? End of the month perhaps?

    I’m out in a bit to do a holiday clean from Christmas. Hopefully they haven’t left food in the fridge!!

    Mel, be kind on yourself today.
    Dave and Jean, you 2 as well.

    K x

    JANUARY (Pounds lost)
    Jean 2 ✅️
    Hemmy 4 ✅️

    Kay 2.5
    Nana 4
    Mel 4.5

    Hi FBBs hope all is well with you Xxxx

    What a glorious day .. quite warm in the sun. I am considering.. window cleaning .. Car cleaning or neither lolol.

    Big Hugs to all that need them today. Xxxx

    Talking about writing down .. For years now I have kept a diary .. well not really diary unless I get a Xmas one. lol Just a cheap note book.

    I have it by my bed .. and every night I write a few lines.. Eg.. Date .. how much water I have drank. My weight that morning and night.

    Then I write ,, if it was an ok day or funny or sad day. .. anything that stood out I swear about people in there too lol ( When K comes I put it under my mattress ) lolol It all helps to see how you felt and what happened that day re food as a result. .

    The last sentence .. I always end. for example.. Coffee … cheese nuts fruits ,,, Chicken.. Jacket potato veg.. yogurt honey

    If I do a bad day I write .. THIS NEEDs TO STOP NOW.

    Like Mel said you can look back see how you did and what you did.

    After losing Andrew I suffered anxiety/ panic attacks they came from no where .. quite astounded me as I am a very grounded person in general. Writing down helped me with that then I came here soon after and found it helped with controlling the weight. I have just continued and always will now.

    Luckily for me panic attacks went and the weight too. .. Hope this helps.

    Lunch done .. so better clean those windows before it gets to cold. Enjoy your day everyone.

    Do whatever makes you happy. The days aren’t coming back. Xxxx

    Good afternoon everyone, back from bowling so aching a bit, only practice but the way I played I need plenty of it🤪. Fast day today so got to stick at it, determined to lose 2 stone this year hopefully by August.

    Evening All..
    A good fast day about 650 cals I am ok with that..

    Generally I am having my breakfast at 10.30 after my walk, so it’s two meals a day. I only change if I know I shall be out for lunch then I have earlier breakfast….then have a very light dinner if any…

    You are doing really well, if you can fast that’s good but you will have wobbles, don’t worry about it…hope you don’t ache too much after bowling…we need some practice on Saturday, do it when the men aren’t about…

    Hope the cottage was left clean and tidy….shame on maintaining but that’s still good..no gaining 😀
    Hope the days bright tomorrow for a good walk with Tara..

    I quite like the idea of writing down, maybe good on my wobble times. I have tried to put the bad thoughts of Steves passing away and remember the nice things said and we did over his last few days, I think it’s helping.
    Your anxiety you had after Andrew makes me feel more normal thanks for sharing.

    Did you get your windows done..that’s in my thoughts too…my car has been cleaned today it was getting quite bad….by my Romanian people! 😂..£7 and a good job done…

    Might go to the park and cafe tomorrow..see if Charlie will wait for his breakfast, his breakfast of choice scrambled egg and sausage with his biscuits added 😂

    Jean x

    Evening everyone it’s been a beautiful sunny day here and so OH and I decided to try a new walking route part of which included walking around a new man made lake which has already had a good variety of birds inhabiting.
    Pleased to see a loss of one and a half pounds on the scales this morning and am thinking that not having alcohol is helping.
    I keep a daily food log and only count the calories on my FD’S.
    Hemmy my late mum started keeping a daily diary after my dad passed away in 1986 and when we were clearing out her home we found every one. It made such interesting reading as she also noted down her feelings from first being diagnosed with breast cancer and her ongoing journey.
    Mel hugs for you today.
    Dave you’ll manage the two stone off.
    Hope everyone else is keeping okay and enjoy the rest of your evening.
    Nana x

    Mel- well done with your weight loss. Sending you a hug for sad memories of your lovely Jodie xx
    Nana- well done with your loss too! The walk sounds lovely, so nice to be able to walk to water as you’re a little way from the sea…hope your knees aren’t aching now!
    Dave- sending you a hug too. Hope you can do a FD today- really strong if you do, difficult time for you xx Would you go out for a walk to your reservoir by yourself, or would that bring back too many sad memories?
    Jean- well done with your FD, hope you’re feeling better. I’m sure everyone must have anxiety losing your spouse, so much to face on your own…you have done so well xx
    Kay- hope that the holiday cottage wasn’t too bad & no food left! Thank you for keeping tabs on our losses- shame yours was the same but as Jean says, better than gaining! I’ll probably weigh Fridays- mine was the same this week but I think that was a pound or two on from weekend away & then off again!
    Hemmy- keeping a diary of feelings & how that’s affected eating & weight is interesting! Mum keeps a diary, she’s always threatening to go & look things up if she doesn’t believe us about things in the past! She argues alot with my aunt about stuff although she is right quite often!
    Have had a sore face, think a salivary gland stone starting, had it before, so ate lemon sweets to try & flush it out yesterday, ended up with a painful stomach from them instead! Luckily much better today, so managed my FD, 750 cals. Had a busy day too- walked Xena, did hair cuts, then gave Gwinnie a longer walk as it was so nice out. We made a start pruning the tortured willow tree, spent a couple of hours outside. Took Xena out for a river walk- hubby had a senior moment & parked in the wrong car park, so it was alot longer than planned- she was desperate to get to the park & play with her ball, so pulled all the way there making weird squealing noises- very embarrassing 😂 Hubby suggested a takeaway but I resisted 😇
    Hopefully another 800cal day tomorrow…

    700 calories today so a good day, will try not to go overboard Tuesday.

    Good afternoon Going for Spanish lessons soon then shopping. Not a fast day today but will try not to eat too much. I got an email from my GP saying the wait to have an injection in my shoulder will be a very long wait😩.

    Evening everyone, hope you’ve all had a good day whether fasting or not.
    Not much happened here today another nice day so had a shorter walk than yesterday. Received a text from my Drs surgery inviting me to book a shingles vaccination as apparently I’m eligible so am booked in to have it done in two weeks time.
    Have to be up extra early tomorrow morning as I’m going over to daughters for eight to look after grand dog Poppy whilst they go to visit son in laws parents who live in Bicester. They’d normally take Poppy but son in laws dad has recently had a hip replacement and they’re worried Poppy might knock him over. No pub lunch for me but OH will still go.
    Dave good you still attend your Spanish lessons but not so good regarding having a long wait for the shoulder injection.
    Enjoy the rest of your day everyone and stay safe.
    Nana x

    buenas tardes a todos, Spanish lesson was ok, she picked on me again😮.But I managed to do it. Denise might be doing line dancing on Thursday, I dropped hey in it. Will wait and see if she goes, she was going to do it but got cold feet😁.

    Dave- well done with the Spanish class! I have line dancing envy, Denise should go 😁 Well done keeping low today…grim having to wait for your shoulder injection, you’ve waited for ages for the diagnosis too 😞
    Nana- have a lovely day with Poppy tomorrow- will you walk her as well? Is she good on the lead?
    Hope everyone else is okay?
    A lovely bright frosty walk this morning, cooked the boys breakfast, love having them at home to spoil! Youngest was on a late shift so did lunch for him before work, was very good as it was a FD. Very hungry this afternoon, had raw carrot & did ironing to keep busy…not a very exciting day!

    Good morning,a nice sunny day and were going bowling this afternoon. Got to renew at the fishing club and the bowling club next month. Will never be rich. Not a fast day today, yesterday I was almost 1000 below my TDEE, Will try and do the same today

    Hi FBBs hope all is well with you. Xxxx

    A decent day .. we are doing so well this winter.

    All sheep gone now.. so it is lovely to get our fields back. lol

    Doing well this week with eating .. back into pre Christmas mode now. Lots of water also and feeling energy levels returning.

    I reckon it really is true ” You are what you eat”

    I am starting a new little project next week getting things done before the spring garden work. I am thinking of painting an old carved monks bench in another colour to its dark wood shade. Wondering if anyone had used Anne Sloan chalk paints.

    Brads .. it sounds all go now with your sports

    HH .. Bet your boys love being spoilt you have to make the most of them while they are at home.

    Nana… Bicester is not far from me. I often go to Bicester Village designer outlet. I love those shops.

    Sym… Mel.. Kay hope you are well. Xx

    Just going to put shopping away now after a cuppa .. I have been to town .. and charity shops.

    Take care everyone. Accept yourself. Not everything about us has to be perfect Xxxx

    Dave- a nice thought, back to fishing & the bowling league…could you go fishing in the cold if you wanted to or does it have a season?
    Hemmy- what did you buy from the charity shops? Nice to have a painting project to do, not heard of the paint, sorry!
    Mary- hope you’ve had a lovely day Poppy minding!
    Jean, Mel, Kay hope you’re all okay…
    Doing another FD althought the slightly spicy fillets I had last night set my stomach off again, so have had to change what I’d planned! Looking like just toast or cereal as we’re running out of everything (Asda delivery tomorrow!), & couldn’t be bothered to go to our little local shop! Mouth still a bit yucky too, definitely an infection lurking, hopefully I’ll fight it off 😁 So something soft best…
    Jave a good evening everyone ☺

    Evening All..
    Lovely dry day nice walking this morning, had a late start and a lazy day.

    Went to our favourite chippy tonight, delicious as usual a bit close to a fast day…just fancied it.

    Seem to have missed a couple of days….

    Just paid our £10 for the year..it really needs to be higher…A AGM in a couple of weeks we need a new chairperson, Fay will take over…
    Nice fishing and bowling …new season and subs well worth it….

    I need a charity shop run, smashed a couple of vases..so need to find some more. You are ahead of your spring jobs..hoping we can get in the garden more this year. Good luck on your monks bench can’t help you with chalk paints.

    Hope you have picked up a bit and feel better…toast won’t go down well with the boys….I can imagine their faces 🤣😂

    Hope you have had a good day puppy sitting.

    I shall fast tomorrow…

    Jean x

    Evening everyone a quick check in. Have had a lovely day with Poppy and the cats Stealth and Willow. They spent most of the day asleep though 😉 Today has turned out to be an unplanned fd as I had my usual breakfast of porridge and a mug of soup for lunch and didn’t feel very hungry when we got back home so had scrambled egg on toast.
    Ely for the first time this year and I’m looking forward to seeing Aunt and Uncle again.
    Enjoy the rest of your evening everyone and stay safe.
    Nana x

    Good morning.Another nice day here. We have applied to foster old dogs, debt an email last night so got to wait for a reply. My daughter told me about it and sent me a picture, it was of a 14 year old German shepherd and it looked just like Heidi.

    Hello everyone,
    This is the first time here since before Christmas. Life has been busy, my daughter and her husband made it over from Switzerland and we all managed a few days together for the first time since August 2020 which was lovely. Since then I’ve been catching up with orders for socks, and sorting out the house and garden as well as fasting. My husband decided after the excesses of Christmas that it might be a good idea to finally get on board with 5:2 and has surprised himself (and me if I’m honest!) by how easy he’s finding the fast days and is doing really well.
    I haven’t managed to catch up with everyone’s posts…there are pages of them! so I hope everyone’s well.

    Evening everyone. Welcome back Nicky and lovely to have been able to have time with your daughter and good to hear your OH has decided to join you doing 5:2 my OH also does 5:2 with me which makes it so much easier.
    Was lovely to go to Ely this morning for the first time since before Christmas and to visit my elderly Aunt and Uncle. It wasn’t as busy around the market as usual though.
    Dave hope you get sorted out with s dog soon I really enjoyed my day looking after Poppy yesterday I’d forgotten how nice it feels having them around.
    Hope everyone else is keeping okay.
    Nana x

    Evening All…
    What a lazy day I have had…two Charlie walks which were very cold…play with Charlie and I got biscuits everywhere…a hoover through down stairs no dusting 😂

    No quiz tonight I couldn’t be bothered…

    Fast day has gone ok..finished about 650 cals ..ok about that…weigh in in the morning but after my bad eating Wednesday not expecting much…

    Glad you doggie sitting went well. Back to your trip out to Ely and catching up with your Aunt and Uncle I bet they enjoyed seeing you.

    Welcome back, you sound very busy. Good your family got over for Xmas so nice to get them back.
    Fasting is much easier when hubby’s join you, you both keep each other on track.

    Hope someone can find you a dog, it will get you walking again….

    Jean x

    Dave- fingers crossed for you with your doggy hunt. Sounds like you’ve been lucky with your dogs in the past, & had really special ones…
    Nana- glad the dog & cat sitting went well, maybe Stealth needs a name change if he slept all day 😂 Good you got to see your Aunt & Uncle yesterday too.
    Jean- sounds like Charlie had a good day yesterday, could he not help hoover up the biscuits?! Well done with your FD.
    It was just me who had toast the other day, the boys had a curry which I’d planned to have too, but decided not to risk it & had something plain 😞
    Nicky- welcome back! Are you still doing liquid FDs now that hubby is joining you?
    Hemmy- you were quiet yesterday, hope you’re okay?
    A bit fed up yesterday as had only lost half a pound after the 5 x 800cal days, had a day ‘off’ yesterday & back to another 800 cal day. Busy round the house in the morning, had our asda delivery & then saw mum in the afternoon. Off out for a chilly dog walk shortly…have a good day all!

    Good afternoon just had a shower so ready to go shopping, got a new mask to try out, will still wear one in supermarkets or public transport. So still on the lookout for a dog, no idea what breed to get this time. I like the idea of a collie Jack Russell cross.

    Hi FBBs Hope all is well with you. Xxxx

    Not a bad day but no sunshine. … I nice walk but muddy.

    Scales are showing a good week.. back to normal eating.

    It looks like it will be more normal from next week.. Hopefully we can get back to enjoying days out again.

    I have found a stockist of this paint I am looking for at an antique centre towards Oxford .. so will go next week with a friend and have a look around and some lunch.. My kind of day out lol.

    All the bulbs are coming through well now… lovely little snowdrops will be first.

    Have a good weekend all whatever you are doing.

    One small positive thought in the morning can change the entire outcome of the day! Xxxx…

    It’s bitter down here today in North Devon, I think we had the coldest night so far this winter last night and our wildlife pond was still partially frozen at lunchtime. I made a batch of veg soup in my soup maker jug using up all sorts of veg and it was delicious. I must say I was very sceptical of soup makers in general but my daughter got one and raved about it. I realised that I hardly ever made soup anymore because having it simmering on the hob for ages steamed up the kitchen so much so decided to buy one and see. So far it’s been used twice weekly every week since I bought it and it makes at least four portions in 20 minutes with no hassle so I’m a convert.
    Hedgehogs – I’ve been having an cheese and mushroom omelette when himself has his meal on FDs but I find I’m thinking too much about food now because I know I’ll be eating and I really prefer not to so from Monday I’m going back to water only days as it suits me better.
    Out and about this morning walking Mabel and getting a few errands run so now have lit the fire and am going to get on with some hand knitting rather than knitting socks on the machine as it’s far too cold in the room I use for that.

    Good morning just a normal winters day here, cold but dry. I sent an email off to the dogs home to book an appointment, so I’m waiting to hear back from them. Next fast day is on Monday but will be a light day Sunday.Nicky just bought a load of socks,I like ones that are not to tight around my ankles.

    Afternoon All…
    A bright very frosty day..a good walk down the river bank easier walking on the frozen grass, I got quite warm, coat open and hat off at one point….

    Boules this morning, one game didn’t play well ..lost….we were talking too much, we have a AGM a week Tuesday, talking about what we want to do …changing the the top people….lots of the paper work is years out of date….web site needs updating..Facebook needs updating…

    Charlie is 6 today..we have had him three years, half his life.

    Grandson wrote his car off yesterday only had it about 8 weeks, at least he and his friend walked away from the crash. He was in a line of slow moving traffic an Amazon van braked suddenly and turned left nearly missed his turning, lorry braked, James went into the back of the lorry…just too close!
    Police said they had both been very lucky to not have damaged their legs!

    Keep pushing on you will move the weight, have another good week..then get the whoosh 😀

    Go slowly and get the right dog. Steve always found socks tight around the ankle, I think he liked Asda socks the best.

    You always seem to have good weeks. It’s good you have found your paint and it’s a day out with your friend and with lunch too…
    My bulbs at the cemetery seem not to be coming up, hoping they are a bit slow it’s disappointing. Shall go next week and check again.

    My daughter has a soup maker she likes it too, I keep thinking about it, a bit like a jug.
    What are you making on your hand knitting?…it always a bit slow for me, I made bobble hats and scarves a while ago now…

    Having a sit before next walk…

    Jean x

    Quick post to say hello. On holiday in Yorkshire this week, hoping not to put all the four and a half pounds I have lost back on. On the other hand don’t like to deprive myself on holiday. A conundrum!
    On the plus side did a very strenuous nine mile walk today – nearly killed me! Up hill and down dale. A more relaxed day tomorrow – going to Harrogate for a Sunday lunch. Unusual for us, I prefer to eat out in the evening. Paul fancied it. Then cheese and biccies in the evening. I love Lindt Lindors and have just discovered their salted caramel ones. Disaster…..!

    Hi FBBs hope all is well with you. Xxxx

    A decent day quite mild but gets very cold after about 3pm.

    A good walk then a nice visit this afternoon from a friend. I did have a laugh out loud. I had some fresh cream cakes for us with our coffee.

    Chris refused saying she had started her diet today.. but could she take one home for later lolol

    I am having a no cooking day today.. enjoying my cold roast beef and mustard rolls for lunch and dinner. Oh and the éclair lol

    Sym… I am doing well while I am not drinking wine.. That would start me on a down hill track of eating.
    Thank goodness your Grandson and friend were unhurt … youngsters are such a worry these days.

    It sounds like the Boules committee needs a good shake up with new blood.

    Funny you saying about Bulbs not coming through yet. Sarah sent me some pics this morning of snowdrops all in flower .. yet mine which I thought were doing well are only green stalks as yet… Although I am quite sheltered.

    Sarah only lives about 30 minutes away from me. So strange.

    I hope everyone is ok.. Enjoy your evening.

    Your mind is a garden. Your thoughts are the seeds. You can grow flowers or you can grow weeds. Xxxx

    Morning All..
    A very dark day but a lot milder..a river bank and village walk this morning…washer on and a lazy day ahead…maybe start a book.
    I was going to shop but will leave it for tomorrow..I need to look around charity shops I have broken two vases recently see I can can find some replacements…

    Harrogate is lovely for a walk around..enjoy your lunch out….Yorkshire is such a large different county.

    It’s the one you eat on your own which doesn’t count, I hope she enjoys her cake.😂
    Thinking on the bulbs I suppose if it’s sheltered they will come up quicker, they were nearer the end of February last year they missed Steves birthday…so there’s still hope..

    I know what you mean on having the drink, it’s then the nuts and maybe the packet of crisps too…I am eating too much sweet stuff giving me heartburn I should know better, alcohol too…finish a few things off then I really must keep off them…
    I have to get over Steves birthday and our anniversary Feb 7th and 10 th..then I can move forward again….but I am doing ok….

    Think a cuppa is calling…have a good day everyone….

    Jean x

    Good afternoon dry and cold here. Lots of people walking dogs🥺. Going for a low day today and a fast day tomorrow.Roast chicken for tea so just a small dollop of mashed potatoes,peas and carrots and a small portion of chicken breast.

    Picked a chicken wing and started to cry. I always gave them to Heidi. I think I definitely need to get a dog quick to help me get over Heidi

    Hello everyone, my name is Julie and I’m just joining this group if that’s ok !
    Spent the day reading about the plan and really looking forward to starting with a fast day tomorrow.
    I’d like to lose about 2 stone , I’m about a 14-16 size. I’m struggling with both of my hips which eventually are going to need replacements.
    I’ve gone from being able to do tons of exercises to very little however I’m going back to the gym tomorrow for 20 mins on the bike as I’m allowed to do that.
    Any tips gratefully received if possible 😊

    Welcome Julie keep coming on here it really helps. If you stick with it you will easily lose a couple of stone. It’s a way of life more than a diet. Is good that of you are going out for a meal you can change you fast day to suit your needs.

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