Fat Busting Brits!!

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  • I don’t like this cold damp weather, not good for my arthritis.I feel very stiff after bowling. Going to be a low day today, around 1200 calories. Will go for a FD tomorrow.

    Good evening everyone.

    Strange weather here in North Devon, very cloudy and overcast all day but so warm for the time of year…15 degrees…which just doesn’t feel right. Homemade veg soup for today made with all the veg which would otherwise have gone out in the food waste bucket so feeling very virtuous, and it was delicious. Four portions made in the soup maker so enough for the two of us for another day’s lunch. I’ll be fasting tomorrow and only having water so mine will keep till Friday unless my husband eats it all! My clothes are already feeling slightly looser so that’s great incentive for tomorrow’s water only fast day.

    My dog is an English Springer Spaniel called Mabel, nearly seven years old. She’s a show type so has longer hair than the working variety, longer ears too. She’s a princess and doesn’t do water, just occasionally paddles in the water when we walk on the beaches here. In all the years we’ve had spaniels she’s the naughtiest one ever. Her recall is zero despite endless training…she knows she’s being called but employs selective hearing nine times out of ten. Because of this I always keep her in sight as I’d be distraught if she became lost or worse.

    Hope everyone is well. x

    Hi all- page turned so I’ll probably forget things, sorry!
    Nicky- I do love spaniels, yours sounds a character! We have a 3yr old lab, she is brilliant with recall but that’s her only good habit! She is not a soppy girl, grumpy when she’s tired! Good for you still keeping fit with your painful knee!
    Jean- good you have help with the dinner organising! Nice to have more walks to go on- much less for us with the seasonal canine illness…difficult doing your cards, sending you a hug x
    Nana- love brie & bacon together (well, veggie for me!) Well done with your pound off!
    Hemmy- well done your pound off too- you do seem to lose it quickly! Well done with your Christmas shopping too!
    Dave- rather you than me getting your phone etc sorted- hope the speed picks up! Did they give you a guarantee what it would be?
    Kay- keep plugging on with the fds, you’ll hopefully get close to the stone! Is Tara still reacting as much to dogs?
    Mel- nice to get a walk in with friends, do any of them have dogs? Hope you can keep strong on your FDs…
    Had a busy few days- trying to get ahead as today was picking mum up, & getting her birthday cake made, will decorate it tomorrow, made carrot cakes too, & washed my kitchen floor again- I am so messy! Took Xena for an extra long walk this morning- of course she chose today to roll in something really stinky so had to have a good wash, dogs! She’s not done that for ages!
    Not fasting tomorrow either- making afternoon tea for mum!

    Morning all, yesterday’s fast day didn’t happen, mainly because I wanted wine in the evening. Didn’t go overboard food wise though. Friends over to dinner tonight, bringing Jasper the lab to my delight. Wine will be consumed. Then FD800 tomorrow. Saturday weigh in but not expecting much now.

    HH on the ladies walk, a few have dogs but it has been designated a non dog walk! Think the theory is the dogs won’t get on and will run amok. I don’t agree but there you go. To be fair there are often stiles which might be a struggle for some.

    Nicky I love springer spaniels. We grew to know and love a friend’s springer many years ago, called Heidi the same as Brad’s dog.

    Have a good day everyone.

    Good morning everyone it’s a sunny day and not to cold. Denise was supposed to go line dancing but feels a little under the weather so not bothering this time. I’ve talked her into going shopping in Stockport so I can take my bowls in to be repaired. Give them a good polishing and whatever else they do. Is not cheap but worth it I hope. Since the clock went back Heidi is getting up an hour early 🤯. HH they guarantee a minimum speed of over 500Mgz but at the moment only getting 20.😟.So lots to do to get things sorted, including my ultrasound scan.Nightmare yesterday.

    Hi FBBs hope all is well with you Xxxx

    A warm day but cloudy .. no complaints though it is winter lol.

    Nicky .. How lovely living in Devon…its so very pretty. We had a time share in Exmouth for 25 yrs at The Devoncourt hotel it was always week 8 in February out of season and glorious.. I enjoyed that week and felt more refreshed than all the foreign holidays.

    I too have an English Springer … Male Liver and White. Piper Mr Pip for short he will be 10yrs old on Dec 22nd.

    He is my first thought in the morning when I wake and last at night. We are very protective of each other being just us two for the most we are very bonded. People are amazed when we stop and talk how he just sits and look s up at me. lol. A loving wonderful breed.
    He is a hunting/working type.. very lean and fast. He just lives for chasing pheasants etc over the fields. He keeps me very active too. lol

    I must say I do admire your all day water fasts .. that must take some doing.. I might try it lol

    HH.. how is your Mums Birthday cake decorating coming on.. Oh that rolling is awful I hate it with a passion .. nothing you can do though as they are so quick and have done it. I think the deer is bad too like the Fox lolol

    Brads .. you are so brave with all these new gadgets .. I just dread having any new computerized stuff lol.

    Mel… You are doing so well .. its not easy getting back in the swing especially if socialising .. I think just the fact we keep aware of what we are doing make s big difference. If we can do little adjustments here and there hopefully with a wing and a prayer our stomachs shrink lol

    Nana and Sym.. Hope your day is going well.

    Keeping low cals today just a light dinner scrambled eggs on toast .. Natural Greek Yogurt and honey.

    HH and Sym… I honestly think having a tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar per day does help with weightless. Keeping the system clean It needs to be with “Mother ” though.

    Have a good day everyone Be Stronger Than Your Strongest Excuses Xxxx

    Well I got my phone number sorted, still got to sort out NHS login,O2 login and Virgin broadband speed. Thrown the towel in for a fast day today, my head’s spinning. Took my bowls in to be repaired so another job done. Will take Heidi out when I’ve had a cuppa.

    Evening everyone,its been a dull day here today. Have had our usual Thursday visit to Ely and popped in to visit elderly Auntie and Uncle who are both keeping okay.
    OH decided to get himself a new Christmas jumper- I had a look for a new one for myself but nothing took my eye.
    Had a cooked breakfast when we arrived as we usually do and not sure what to have for my tea most probably end up having a couple of eggs.
    Enjoy the rest of your evening everyone and stay safe.
    Nana x

    I am shattered! Got Mum’s cake done- a chocolate drip cake (more of a splodge cake, a new ganache recipe which went a bit gloopy! Still tasted great!), with chocolate dipped strawberries. Carrot cakes iced too, & made some smoked salmon pin wheels. We had our asda order, with very strange subs today- 3 big pots of double cream instead of vanilla yoghurt?! Walked Xena & Gwinnie too. Mum seemed to enjoy her birthday- the last couple of years she’s tried not to because of the anniversary of Dad…so glad she seemed better today ☺
    No FD tomorrow either- our Dutch friends are coming so there will be cake 😂

    Good morning everyone, horrible day here.Wet and got to have our covid boosters today then shopping, may have a Cobb if there are any left.Got revenge on Heidi today,I got her up for a change😁.I took my bowls to be repaired yesterday, will cost £69 to do. But they should look great when they are done.I my broadband speed at 480Mgh at the moment so need to get on to them about that, and also I am not getting some of the things they promised so something else to chase up on. Then I have to sort out my NHS login and my O2 login. And hopefully book an appointment for a ultrasound scan.Other things need repairing in the house, I feel like my head will explode soon🤯🤯🤯.

    Morning All…
    A pleasant morning, a good walk around the village called to see Steve and tidy him up….
    Boules later an extra day I am after Xmas dinner choices and money, so a coffee after too..

    I stayed in my wriggle room this week….lots of meals next week so it won’t be a good weigh in Friday 😬..three meals out!

    We are having dry weather at the moment so good …hope you get some cobs when you shop…hoping Denise is feeling better today…

    Water only fasts are hard to do..I have never done that…soup is always a good choice filling but good on the calories…Mabel a lovely name she sounds very lively….

    Mums birthday sounded good and she enjoyed it better this year…your cakes are amazing…double cream every time….enjoy your Dutch friends later all the lovely things they usually leave you…not a good week for you too 😂

    Shame on the non dog walk, walk…a bit like me with Ivy, trying to stop that one…shame on the wine but if there’s a need……

    Mr Pip sounds adorable sitting, waiting and watching you…Charlie has been trained to wait while you chat but from his previous owner, she must have been a talker!!…tried the vinegar ages since it tasted awful!..do you mean it was one of your Mums ideas….?

    A new Xmas jumper..posh..😂….I am it the process of making a sparkle scarf, I can’t find one so bought some material..see how it looks….

    Having a cuppa before boules..

    Jean x

    Morning all,

    So, two water fasts under my belt now, no problems as I find it much easier to eat nothing than eat a little, except that yesterday I was cold all day despite being busy and on the go all day. In the evening I wrapped a wool throw round me which helped. I handknit wool socks so put a pair on, having warm feet always helps!
    This morning I got on the scales as I’ve decided Fridays first thing will be my weigh day & am using the weight tracker here, and I’m down 4 1/2 pounds, which I’m counting as a good 4lbs lost. Very pleased with the result after two water only days and I feel lighter, more energised and clothes are already a little looser. I’m into a new stone on the scales and back into my size 12s though I’m aware it’s mostly water which has gone, it’s still very encouraging and motivating to see the numbers go down. I haven’t told any of my family or friends that I’m doing 5:2 again as I know what their reactions will be and I can’t be bothered with their opinions!
    The other side effect of my water fasts is that I don’t cook for my husband on my fast days, so although he’s still eating three meals a day, he isn’t eating a main meal as he would otherwise. He cooked himself an omelette last night which is about the height of his culinary expertise and had a very light lunch so I’m hoping he might lose some weight too. He’s a real nibbler and loves his sweets and no amount of my nagging changes his habits so I’ve given up. His mother and sister are both type 2 diabetics and he needs to lose at least two stone…he’s an intelligent man but just will not join up the dots to see just what is going to happen to him! He says he can’t cope with 5:2, I think he could but doesn’t want to and sadly that’s his right.

    The next three weeks or so are going to need some care as regards eating and I nearly delayed starting 5:2 again until after Christmas but thought that if I did I might never get back to fasting. My husband and I both have November birthdays and we have two pub meals and a restaurant meal booked with friends from next week to the end of the month followed by three pre-Christmas meals in early December! Somehow I will need to fit my two fasting days a week in around all the celebrations!

    I love reading all your posts, you’ve a real community feel going on this thread which is lovely. And it’s so good to be able to share the ups and downs with other folk doing the same.

    Symba7 (sorry I don’t know your name) I read your blog posts detailing your 5:2 journey from the start…such an inspiring thread.

    Hope I have t gone on too much, it’s nice to share with like-minded folk!

    Nicky.Symba is Jean. Been for our covid boosters today and done the shopping.Put the vaccine details into the app, the one who gave me the jab said it won’t go on the app but it does on the app I use. All 3 are there plus the flu Jab.Managed to get cobs so back on the bread😐.O2 is good I can’t get 5g where I live but got it on when I went for the jab.

    Afternoon All..
    A good close game of boules, won 1 and lost 2 ….last game got to 12 all, its first to 13 and lost to the other team…very enjoyable..then coffee and cheese scone.

    Snuggled up to the boy to fuss him up before we walk at 3.30…

    A good loss you are straight back on board, well done on 4 1/2 lbs off…like you three meals out next week won’t be a good week for calories…
    It’s good hubby can see to his self when you are fasting, it will help…

    I did my blog faithfully it’s nice to read back…I have been at goal for two years now, up and down a few pounds but quite steady… my hubby passed away last year so it’s been a tough year, I am getting back into a social life but it’s hard at times.

    Hope your arms are fine, just a couple of days of soreness for me…flu much better than other times….lovely cobs enjoy…

    Jean x

    Hi FBBs hope all is well with you Xxxx

    A damp day here but dry walk with a friend and her King Charles… Wesley . My favourite little dog So very plucky carries sticks nearly his size and in and out of the water.

    Well done Nicky on your 4 1/2 lb lose this week.

    The scales were kind this morning and I have lost 3lbs of the 4 gained.. Back on track with no wine or snacking. A shaking start but all good now.

    Sym… Lolol Oh that did make me laugh about the cider vinegar and my Mum. lol No.. its Cider Vineger With Mother . There is normal stuff or this with “Mother” I think the Mother means its in its natural state It is important though to get the right one.
    I get mine from either Holland and Barrett own make. or from Amazon called Braggs.. It does taste awful but I have a tablespoon in some water with either orange or cranberry takes the taste away.
    My Australian neighbour that’s lost stones in weight swears by it so do I now. Its good for other things too

    Have a good day all Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean. Xxxx

    Sym …Xx. 6 Health Benefits of Apple Cider with Mother

    1. High in healthful substances

    2. Can help kill harmful bacteria

    3. May help lower blood sugar levels and manage diabetes

    4. May aid weight loss

    5. Improves heart health in animals

    6. May boost skin health

    Read more on healthline.com

    Afternoon everyone another cold miserable dull day here again and a cold wind.
    Well done Hemmy and Nicky on your losses 📉.
    I have my weekly weigh in on a Tuesday as my FD’S are Saturday and Monday.
    Hemmy OH having a kebab this evening and I’ve opted for a small pizza with a mediterranean topping of feta cheese , olives , tomatoes and oregano. My turn to drive so no alcohol until I get home and usually don’t fancy one then. I think it’s because I enjoy having a drink when out with friends at the pub, a party or a meal out.
    Enjoy the rest of your day everyone, have a good weekend,stay safe and will be back on here again Monday.
    Nana x

    Nicky & Hemmy, very well done to you both! 👏
    Hemmy- I should try the ACV, don’t mind the taste with sparkling water…
    Nicky- my hubby won’t do 5:2 either, he’s not diabetic but has hereditary funny blood sugar levels, he does go a bit hypo so won’t fast- tried to get him to do keto with me when I was on it but he wouldn’t! I cook different meals for him anyway as my 2 sons are now veggie/ vegan same as me so I don’t mind cooking on fds…
    Jean- you are doing so well getting out & trying new things! Very brave ☺
    Dave- hope that your arm’s okay, & you can get some things sorted today, awful when everything’s going wrong at once!
    Nana- enjoy your evening, pizza sounds yummy!
    Hope everyone else is okay…
    Lots of tidying done today- my house looked lovely for a while anyway, we are so messy! Lovely to see our friends- they never seem to change, 2 years since we’ve seen them! I think they timed their visit well as it looks like Holland’s going back into lockdown tonight, they’re heading back on the ferry now…
    Was going to fast tomorrow but there’s cakes left over still & will be seeing mum, she’ll have birthday cake left as well!

    Quick visit for accountability. Not a good week but have managed to lose another pound. Slow but sure – 4lb off since coming back from Scotland, three weeks ago. Will try and stick to ADF this week so today is a FD800. No wine yesterday either after rather a lot Thursday night when friends came for dinner. So hopefully two dry nights will help my liver recover!

    Hi FBBs hope all is well with you Xxxx

    A cloudy day but dry and mild so no complaints here as its nearly mid November.

    Well done Mel… brilliant going 4lbs in 3 weeks.

    Nana .. That pizza sounded gorgeous nothing like a good tasty Pizza .

    H H .. Give the ACV a go .. apparently Victoria Beckham is a big fan.

    Brads .. Sym… Nicky .. Kay hope you are having a good day.

    Out for an early walk as was meeting with a friend at the Antiques centre for hot chocolate… then a tour of her flat she has just moved too. .

    All enjoyable .. found some pretty old bits for decoration… so lovely compared to some of the new sparkly stuff.

    My friends flat was gorgeous in a courtyard and lots of old buildings around it .. The old hay store etc All very old beamed quirky my kind of place lol.

    A good day so far with just hot chocolate which did have cream and marshmallows .. will wait for dinner now. I think I will keep it simple with egg and chips .. Cant miss strictly lol.

    Enjoy your evening all The Only Person You Are Destined to Become is The Person You Decide To Be Xxxx

    Good evening, can’t get my phone login sorted but will keep trying. Managed to get a cancellation so my ultrasound scan is in December. And virgin are coming round on Monday to sort my broadband speed and TV out.I was up at 6am today so don’t think I will be watching the ice hockey tonight.💤💤💤

    Dave- good you have a date for your scan…so frustrating all trying to get the tech stuff sorted today, hope you sleep better tonight!
    Hemmy- the antiques centre sounds nice, as does your friend’s flat! Used to watch strictly but gone off it now, enjoy it & your egg & chips!
    Jean- hope you didn’t get wet playing boules?
    Mel- well done with your pound off! Have a dry weekend 😉
    Nana, Kay, Nicky- enjoy your weekend!
    No walking Gwinnie today- Roger thought he might need to go.out, his son’s come for the weekend again. Hoovered out the car ready for it’s MOT next week- Xena has made it so messy 😱 Took mum to the garden centre for winter pansies & cyclamen, went back for cake but there wasn’t much left- thought she’d eaten it all but she’d frozen some! Phew- when FIL was getting worse he was forgetting he’d eaten, he got through packs & packs of cakes each week, averaging 5 cakes a day, & he was supposedly diabetic!
    Youngest still looking for a car- he’s very fussy…

    Morning All…
    We walked from the village on our riverbank walk, the cows are in for the winter, Tony rang and said how cold it was so we got well wrapped up…it was so warm I took Charlie’s coat off and carried it..I got hotter and hotter…

    I shall keep busy today I am not feeling my best, fragile I suppose….no fasting as I wanted too…

    Well done loosing your 4 lbs really good after your holiday…

    Nothing like egg and chips..my dad always cooked me that, the only thing he could do if mum was working…always my favourite …your friends flat sounded very lovely and easy too look after.
    Hot chocolate is a thing I wouldn’t choose sometimes too sweet for me in the past…

    Our weather is beautiful here, a bit of rain through the night…nice trip to the garden centre, good mum has thought to freeze some cake…I have started doing that with Fays Thursday cakes, too many for me…

    Hope you get all your Wi-fi sorted…

    Up stairs to hoover and sort all this fluff off Charlie’s blankets all over the floor..it’s awful !…maybe better after I have washed them later in the week…

    Jean x

    Good afternoon,3pm and It’s going dark already. Dry but murky outside. Got a Virgin technician coming in the morning at 8am-12. So up early😩.5 weeks to Christmas, soon be here.I’m praying that they find something with my ultrasound scan and can fix it. I feel a bit in the dolldrums at the moment, it’s not like me, I must get out of it somehow. Just bought Denise a big bunch of red roses.

    Good morning everyone, up early again, not impressed.Would sooner be in bed. I don’t see the point of being up this early. Waiting for a Virgin technician to come and sort out my slow broadband and TV channels. Knowing my luck he will come at 12oclock😩.

    Hi FBBs hope all is well with you. Xxxx

    What a fabulous winters day. Blue sky and sunshine where did that come from. lol.

    A good week-end .. still have a pound to shift so going easy today and keeping busy.
    Just mowed the lawns perhaps the last time mainly leaves though … sorted out my Geraniums in pots I have brought into my little boot room for wintering. Then take cuttings from them in spring.

    I have also taken about 10 rose cuttings and planted Maybe get 3-4 out of them.

    I do so hate putting my garden to bed for the winter. lol.

    Brads… What a lovely gesture buying Denise the red roses I bet she was thrilled.

    Don’t get despondent with that technical stuff that s all it is really just stuff.
    Try although I know not always easy to be optimist trust the Universe it will look after you.

    H H … Nana .. Kay.. Mel Nicky Hope you are all having a good day.

    Sym …I hope you are feeling less fragile today. You are such a plucky lady .. going out there and facing the world .. giving things a try. You have my greatest admiration as its very hard probably one of the hardest things we have to cope with losing your soul mate. Keep doing what you are doing Xx

    Have a good day all whatever you are doing. All thing s are difficult before they are easy. Xxxx

    The Virgin technician came at 8:20am he tried a few things that didn’t work then checked the network and found out my account had not been set up correctly so I am not getting the speed and channels I am entitled to. He said he will tell them and have it working today. He said he will call when it’s done but not had a call yet.I am ok with technology but this is out of my control. Will see what tomorrow brings. Been bowling so I ache now.

    Evening everyone, had a nice weekend. We walked up to our village memorial to attend a remembrance service yesterday afternoon not many there but was pleased to see a couple of young boys with their dad turn up.
    Hemmy sounds like you’ve had lovely weather today ours was yet another grey miserable one.
    Hedgehogs hope today has not been too stressful for your mum and yourself.
    Jean hope you’ve had a better day today.
    Dave 🤞 your technical problems are resolved soon.
    Had a fd today coming in at 750 calories so hoping for a loss on the scales tomorrow morning.
    Hope everyone else is keeping okay.
    Enjoy the rest of your evening everyone and stay safe.
    Nana x

    Jean- hope that you’re feeling better & have a good night out to take your mind off things…I second what Hemmy says 💟
    Dave- another early start, hope they get everything sorted for you…bet Denise was pleased! Sending you a hug, your poor shoulder… x
    Hemmy- my aunt ‘puts her garden to bed’ too, mine seems to arrive in winter still not ready! Haven’t planted up the pansies etc yet, too damp here. I’d love a boot room, I miss the utility room we had in our last house!
    Nana- nice you had a service for Remembrance- not one here. Well done on your FD!
    My car passed it’s MOT all right, hubby was up early so he took it while I walked Xena & Gwinnie. Went with mum & sis to the Churchyard where Dad’s ashes are, 3 years today since he died. Mum a bit better than expected, but very forgetful…
    Eaten too much today, should really fast tomorrow, it’s been a week 😱

    Good afternoon fb’s, it’s a dull day today, Spanish lessons at 1pm, not dinner my homework, you might know Denise as though. Sainsbury’s after that so better take Heidi out first.

    Hi all, did 950 calories yesterday but at least I am not having wine on my so called fast days. Went to catch up with friends this morning. They own Basil the Airedale who was given about two months to live over eight months ago. He is 12 next month and still bouncing happily around. Unfortunately catch up involved coffee and walnut cake 😆. Will try and be mindful the rest of the day but hey 🍷🍷!

    Well done Mel. Done the Spanish lesson, got a bowling match tomorrow. So all go. Still not got virgin sorted out, it seems never ending. Not been fasting, to much going on. I think Nana is right about losing a stone by Christmas 2022😃.

    Evening All..
    Missed a couple of days….

    I went out last night with Natalie and Sam, no dogs…strange 27 year old a 50 year old and me..a was good catch up night.
    Boules today won one and lost one..
    Going out with my new Meetup group to a fish restaurant, just a busy week..I was only out two hours with boules no cafe, feel guilty going out again…just an odd clash…I am not used to driving at night I will take it steady…

    Nice to see you romantic..how lovely……hope the Spanish lesson went ok..

    Getting your garden looking nice, the weathers changing so no more cutting..hopefully…busy with all your cuttings..
    Feeling much better thanks, just three hard days….

    First year I haven’t watched the memorial service, I couldn’t cope with it this year….

    Good the car passed the MOT….and Mum managed better this year at the cemetery, it’s strange how things hit you…

    Lovely day with coffee and cake 😀…enjoy…

    Must dash and get ready…

    Jean x

    Evening everyone started out a beautiful blue sky and sunshine with was nice as we needed to walk to the next village to collect our repeat prescriptions wish they’d start doing two monthly instead of monthly like they used to before covid happened. Still it meant our daily constitutional walk was a five mile one as opposed to the usual three miles which is just as well as I’d not lost even an ounce when I weighed myself this morning. As Dave remarked I think I should aim for a stone off by Christmas 2022.
    Mel well done for yesterday. Glad Basil is still going strong our neighbours dog Alfie is still defying the odds and enjoying his life. Hedgehogs glad your car passed its mot and mum wasn’t to bad yesterday on the anniversary of your dads passing.
    Usual Wednesday visit to daughters and then lunch with our friends in St Ives.
    Enjoy the rest of your evening everyone and stay safe.
    Nana x

    Hi FBBs hope all is well with you Xxxx

    Where did the sunshine go today lol. A cloudy but mild day ideal dog walking .

    Brads .. Come on you can do this. Just cut those cobs lol. Christmas chocolate is around the corner you need some room.
    Did the technician sort your stuff ok.

    H H .. Glad your car Passed MOT always a worry.. at least we get to give them a good clean lol

    Glad your Mum and you were able to cope better this year with the anniversary of your loss.

    Mel.. Well done on your low cal day.. its not easy missing the wine. lol

    Nana.. That’s a good walk you do … Wednesday is a lovely day for you visiting your girl and then the lunch with friends. Perfect what could be better.

    Sym.. I love younger company too .. It keeps you young I think.. I hope lolol

    Nicky .. Hope all is well with you.

    A good day.. more time now with the garden done till spring really.

    I had to have some paint mixed at Homebase as could not find a primrose colour yellow anywhere for the tongue and groove in the kitchen.

    So that’s my job tomorrow to finish that…

    A good day with food no rubbish ..so long may it last lol

    Have a good evening all. Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, “I will try again tomorrow. Xxxx

    Dave- swapping your contract has been such a pain, hope it gets sorted soon…very bad not doing your homework, you should copy Denise’s 😂
    Jean- nice to do a few different things, but a shame it’s all the same week! Is Charlie okay being left in the evening? Josie was fine in the day but always seemed even more pleased to see us after an evening out!
    Nana- shame about no loss, you do well being careful on your meals out…lots of walking too! Enjoy your day out tomorrow!
    Mel- well done with your FD, & no wine! So pleased that Basil’s still doing well ☺
    Hemmy- hope you’re okay & getting back to no alcohol & low carb?
    Nicky- where are you?!
    Had a dodgy tummy this morning- felt fine so not a bug- but couldn’t take Xena out, eldest took her out & she had much more fun with him! Caught up with some online shopping- Christmas cards & charity gifts all ordered. Had a low day rather than a FD, decided tummy needed toast, not salad!
    Got a friend sorting mum’s front garden tomorrow, so think I’ll be going round there early! Mum’s not met him, she gets a bit flustered when she needs workmen in.
    Have a good evening ☺

    Evening All
    A good night at the fish restaurant, 12 people a chatty night, I managed the night driving and would go again..the haddock was delicious.

    Charlie so fussy when I got back home lots of kisses and a big play time..

    Shame on the weigh in, lots going on in December it will be a busy month for eating….a good walk for you both.

    Hope you are feeling better and it doesn’t hang about. Nice Xena enjoyed her walk with your son… hope you get the garden sorted out for your mum, my sister would be the same she couldn’t organise anything..

    The weather is very good at the moment I think a couple of more days before the cold weather hits….hope you get the painting finished tomorrow.

    Night from me it’s sleep time… Charlie is already asleep.

    Jean x

    Hemmy I already have plenty of room for chocolate and naughty stuff. It’s funny Jean but I don’t like driving in the dark anymore. I will do it but not by choice. Heidi as got me up early again so she can get in her comfy bed and go back to sleep😱.I can’t copy Denise in the class HH because Olwyn spilt us up. Denise is at the top of the class with Lesley while I’m at the other end with Sheila. Olwyn was telling us a story yesterday about a male member and they ladies. The ladies were fighting over him😱 in the end he chooses one and non of them every came back. She said they were old people she’s 77 and said they were similar age😂.I have a bowls match today against the one who is organising it all.

    Funny Dave reading your post about not getting virgin sorted out. Looks a bit iffy without the capital letter!
    Jean it is nice to have friends of different ages. Nana I don’t think any of us are going to get a stone off for Christmas. Think we all got carried away and too ambitious! Hemmy love your little inspirational messages! Always look out for them. HH hope you are ok now.

    Anyone else fasting today? I got up and said to Paul I’m not doing it today. He said “why?” And I didn’t have a good answer so I got the look 🤣. So I am fasting today.

    Hi FBBs, successful water only day on Monday but it was hard work despite keeping myself busy all day. Tried not to eat all the things yesterday as it’s dawned on me that not going over my TDEE might help things along…although I never count calories so it’s always a (very) rough approximation.

    Wonderful walk along our favourite beach Crow Point which was where most of the beach scenes in the recent ITV drama The Long Call was set and filmed. Luckily no dead bodies there yesterday and no film crews either! Actually virtually no other people there at all which was great, just us with Mabel and another dog walker in the distance. Coronavirus rates have gone through the roof here and North Devon and Torridge have the two highest rates in the country at present! We are wearing our masks in all the shops though to be honest we are trying very hard not to go shopping unless we really have to; really hoping things improve soon as it’s very hard for local businesses now the season is over. Husband and I are getting our booster jabs on Sunday and I can’t wait!

    Yes Mel, I’m fasting today, another water only fast as tomorrow is the first pub lunch and I don’t do Friday fasting if I can help it.

    Hope you’re feeling better now Hedgehog.

    Hope all’s good with everyone else.

    Afternoon All..
    Just booked our Xmas dinner with the Petanque group, 20 people for the 1st Dec…hoping it all goes well.
    Christine did well with her spread sheets the restaurant was very impressed…Does she need a new job! 😂

    I have booked through the Meetup group another fish meal at the Whitby’s restaurant, we have to get tinsel out, hats, fancy earrings, usually only 12 but she’s opening it to more as Xmas.

    A lazy day for me snuggling with the boy, unfortunately not a fast day..may have this week off…I will see.

    Hope you have a winning bowls day…

    Is your fast day going well….I cracked some smarties so mine isn’t happening 😂

    It’s a worry with COVID cases rising, I am always careful wearing a mask in busy areas especially shopping. You do very well doing water fasts I don’t think I could do it….your walk sounds delightful I love beach walks..I was thinking about it tomorrow it’s about 60 mins drive, tide times good and weather too…I always have Friday off after morning weigh in….

    Bright skies but starting to look dark…..

    Jean x

    Evening everyone just back from our lunch with friends- I stuck to my usual 2 glasses of wine but the others had more than usual. OH managed to cycle home and is now fast asleep on the settee 😴
    Unfortunately a man collapsed in the pub whilst we were there and was taken away in an ambulance hope he’s alright.
    Usual Ely trip tomorrow – there’s a Christmas fair on in the Cathedral so might have a look around if we have time.
    Enjoy the rest of your evening everyone and stay safe.
    Nana x

    Hi FBBs Hope all is well with you Xxxx

    A mild day the weather is being very kind to us.

    Yesterday Pip rolled in the most disgusting stuff lolol I think it was Deer . Still smelling it today after a good wash so just had a wipe over with vinegar again lol

    Just got back from the garden centre .. I am trying to track down a nice natural looking Christmas door garland.

    I would like one I could keep .. but they are all so glitzy not what I am looking for at all.

    Dinner will have to be very healthy and small this evening as I came back with 6 buttercream butterfly cake s.. and just eaten 3 lol.

    Nana .. hope you got to the Christmas Fair today .. it sounds wonderful

    Have a good day all whatever you are doing…
    Simply be true to yourself, of course without harming others, and wish people well who misunderstand you.🌿 Xxxx

    Evening All…
    A riverbank walk with Oreo and Natalie this morning nearly went to seaside but was too blustery..then onto my sisters, I think she is getting worse very confused counting some notes for a car service…only 3 x £20 and a £10..

    Going out to the quiz night, Charlie is so tired no sleep today purposely done…he will sleep!

    A good trip to Ely, Xmas is on its way…..

    Feeling like Christmas, you will have to keep looking for what you want, more things about shortly.
    Naughty Mr Pip he’s a stinky boy!..lovely buns..

    No fasting for me this week too many meals out so a week off!….weigh in a week Friday.

    Jean x

    Evening everyone my it’s dropping dark quickly these days not to mention colder.
    Yes Jean a lovely time in Ely had a look around the Christmas Market that was being held next to the Cathedral which was free but there were a lot more stalls apparently inside the Cathedral but it was pre purchased ticket entry only. Mainly food and drinks stalls and quite pricey. I’m on the look out for a new door wreath for our front door but there were no stalls selling anything like that.
    The usual market was full and there were lots of people walking about so we kept our masks on the whole time walking about.
    Auntie and Uncle both fine and are always so pleased to see us bless them.
    Had our usual cooked breakfast mid morning so not feeling that hungry but might have a mug of low calorie soup in a bit.
    Enjoy the rest of your evening everyone and stay safe.
    Nana x

    Good evening,our German Christmas markets are in full swing now. I’ve not been to them for a few years. Think I will get weighed tomorrow and see what damage I’ve done. Heidi’s chewing her leg and she’s had flea treatment so bought a bottle of flea shampoo, it comes tomorrow, more expensive than ours £15 a bottle. I’ve put a bandage on her leg to stop her nibbling at it. Will have to give her a good brush before her bath. She won’t be happy.

    Seem to have missed yesterday- a FD & backwards & forwards to mum’s as she was having her front garden done- my idea & I organised it, so happy to be there so she could go out to her club. Today have got my winter pots sorted, planted & tidied. Tesco was delivered- covid rates very high in Ipswich too, so not so keen on shopping. My Homestart family I spoke to yesterday said 70 out of 90 children in one year group off- they caught it after a visit to a care home! Quite alot missing from our order though…
    Jean- good to have meals out planned, & hope your quiz night is good ☺ A worry about your sister…
    Dave- hope the flea powder helps, not nice when the dogs are itchy.
    Nana- lovely to have a Christmas market to visit!
    Hemmy- I saw some artificial natural looking wreaths on ebay- mum wants us to make ours again but our oasis’ are a bit past it! Naughty Pip again!
    Mel- well done sticking to your FD, good Paul encourages you!
    Nicky- well done with your fast- I’ve done liquid ones but couldn’t face one without tea! The walk sounds lovely, haven’t watched the program though so will just have to imagine it! Keep safe…

    Good morning everyone,a nice sunny day today. The lull before the storm. Waiting for Heidi’s shampoo to be delivered then it will be world war three.Heidi got up early again😟 since the clocks went back she’s got me up early every day. Keeping a close eye on Black Friday deals, it’s still another week officially but they have started already.

    Hi FBBs hope all is well with you Xxxx

    Another mild day. Time is ticking on we are so lucky.

    Sym.. It must be hard seeing your sister getting more confused. This seems to be happening to so many now.
    A good plan having a rest this week from fasting .. its best to enjoy the social times completely.

    Nana.. Your day sounded lovely in Ely .. what’s the takeaway this evening

    Brads .. did you brave the scales this morning…

    HH.. Lots of my friends are still having their shop delivered prefer it. I am thinking of buying a fresh holly wreath then adding garden bits to it .. I have some lovely ivy’s and coloured conifer. Still some time to look..

    Mel .. how is it going for you.

    Hope everyone else is doing ok .

    Back to my happy weight .. when I keep off wine no probs. Hedgehogs .. I have got the special addition Nozeco from Tesco. Its really nice not too sweet.

    Have a good day all.. Your best teacher is your last mistake Xxxx

    Afternoon everyone a dull day here but mild for this time of year.
    Hemmy it’s going to be a Chinese takeaway this evening planning on having prawn chow mein also my turn to enjoy a glass or two of prosecco with my friend. I’m also looking for a new Christmas wreath for our door. Last year we had a lovely natural one but sadly the birds pecked all of the berries off 🙁
    Dave hope Heidi’s sorted out now.
    Hope everyone else is keeping okay.
    Enjoy the rest of your day everyone and stay safe. Have a good weekend everyone and I’ll be back on here Monday.
    Nana x

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