Fat Busting Brits!!

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  • Hedgehog..
    Yes pleased with hair it’s coming along nicely, short bob a bit shorter than normal..it will take a good year to grow out (May) hoping by Easter there will be a good difference.
    I am not keen driving at night but will give it a go, a lot by motorway 25 mins drive… what I do for fish and chips 😂

    Hope you are feeling a lot better best to keep away from mum.

    Well done you have had a good day… my daughter has another week at school to half term, unless other areas are different.
    It’s good you can get rid of the grass and soil easy and make a start before winter.

    A bit later night for me, the boy is fast asleep growling and woofing it must be a good dream… strange he never does it when he’s awake…

    Well it’s night from us.

    Jean x

    Jean do you eat the fish and chips as soon as you but them? They would be cold after a drive home. My arm is not to bad after the flu Jab this year, just wish shoulder was better. Still waiting for the ultrasound scan on it. I gained half a pound after having the cakes Denise made, still a couple left so not sure I’ll lose this week. One more speedway meeting left this year. The Peter Craven memorial meeting then that’s it until around April.

    Hi FBBs hope all is well with you Xxxx

    Another beautiful day .. hopefully just going to mow the lawns. A bit wet I think but will chance it. lol

    A busy week .. lots of bits finished off I sort of think I am upto date now with paperwork etc too.

    Weight staying good .. no alcohol for months now.. but drinking more coffee. lol

    I will have to be good next week as Kristy coming Thurs till Mon the following week

    Well done any weight losses Have a lovely weekend all.

    You become a powerful person once you learn how to control what you react to. Xxxx

    Afternoon All..
    A lovely but chilly day, thinking of buying some thermal vests. I had some for the motorbike but need some more discrete..
    A village walk all wrapped up.
    We have another new lady for our Saturday group, we are up to 7 we could have one more. She has been a widow for three years and needs to get doing things. She was so pleased to be invited..and she has a dog 😂
    At boules I won one and lost one..so good games…we went to pub this week so a change…

    I usually bring fish and chips home only 10 mins away usually still very hot and put on a hot plate. Well wrapped up..it has been known to eat in the car park too….
    Speedway seems to have passed quick this year..

    Hope you got your lawn cut…Kirsty seems to be visiting quick this time another enjoyable time to look forward too.

    Have a good evening.

    Jean x

    I could hear the speedway before, it’s a big meeting at Belle Vue.Speedway of nations. It’s on this afternoon and tomorrow afternoon. It’s on TV so I have recorded it. Not the same as watching the Aces. Took Heidi out twice to to now, she met a young black Labrador and they had a good sniff at each other and their tails were wagging.

    Hi,I am a professional fitness coach. I have an Ebook that can help you guys. Email me at jacksonkyle075@gmail.com to get for free.

    Hi FBBs hope all is well with you Xxxx

    A dull day here .. my friend just mailed from Torquey and its like a summers day. lol

    Having a nice relaxing day… did the lawns yesterday and cleaned my car so I was on a roll. Just a nice afternoon of reading and finishing my book today.

    What s everyone eating today … just had cheese nuts and fruit as spaghetti with homemade sauce this evening.

    Sym… Yes it is a short time since Kristy . She needs to use holiday up and i think she is tired been really busy. .. We will be able to get out a bit more this time. Coming on the 27th for 5 days. So will be good fun.

    Have a good day all whatever you are doing .

    The company you keep matters, so choose wisely. ❤️ Xxxx

    Good afternoon, had a bad night with Heidi, she kept being sick so didn’t get much sleep. She’s a bit quiet today. Took her for a very short walk, think she was glad to get back home. Will keep my eye on her all day, she keeps snoozing then opens her eyes to see if I am still there.

    Evening All..
    A chilly start to the day but it improved…
    I had a busy cooking morning, Charlie’s batch veggies cooked, I decided on a cold meal tonight so cooked the chicken this morning…then made my granola buns, I did a big batch and shared them around my village friends, just kept a few.

    A lazy afternoon a few phone calls….

    I shall be fasting tomorrow, nothing much happening another quiet day I think…

    A lazy day for you quite nice those sort of days….lovely to have Kirsty coming for 5 days you will get out and about a bit.

    Hoping Heidi is feeling better she’s a worry…

    Jean x

    Just took Heidi out, she wanted to go out today, she’s having a bone now and a drink. Just gone in the kitchen so hope she’s ok. Probably gone for a drink. Supposed to be bowling this afternoon but the rain is on its way. A fast day today, had to much yesterday being worried about Heidi I filled my face with stuff I shouldn’t have had.

    Hi FBBs hope all is well with you Xxxx

    A dark damp day here … so no outside work today.

    I had some extra carbs yesterday .. so I am having a careful day ..

    Brads … Hopefully a good FD for you today. It is easy to forget about calories when worried. I hope Heidi is ok after enjoying her bone.

    Sym… I find on a Sunday I often have cold meals .. I think its the day I find the hardest food wise. I just don’t seem to have the interest to cook a roast for myself. It was always a roast when Mum was here her favourite was lamb chops She never wanted a leg of lamb just chops said they had the most flavour lolol

    Hope everyone is having a good day.

    💛Be kind to everyone, including yourself. Xxxx

    Afternoon everyone had a
    a lovely Indian takeaway on Friday evening. A quiet weekend as usual and managed a FD yesterday which is just as well as our Newmarket friends are coming over for a curry night tomorrow.
    We do love our curries in this household.
    Enjoy the rest of your day everyone and stay safe.
    Nana x

    Heidi left her bone and it’s still not right, been sick again today but did want to go out. Got some chicken and rice to cook for her.

    Nana … You have got me fancying a curry now.. Well done with yesterday fD you will be able to enjoy tomorrow night now .

    Brads … Chicken and rice is the best thing .. Hopefully Heidi will eat that. It must be an awful worry for you.

    Hope everyone else is doing ok.

    Evening All..
    A fast day for me..all well and now finished..

    My washer won’t spin waiting for the guy to ring me back, dismantled all my units again a nightmare of a job, I get all up tight…if he can’t mend it £700 for a new one..ouch!..hoping he can fix it….

    It picks it’s moment 4 of Charlie’s fluffy blankets full of water, had to wring them out by hand, two are dripping in the wet room the other two are in a bucket!!…raining outside…

    A couple of walks and not much more…a bit fed up today….

    It’s a worry about Heidi hopes she’s ok….

    I seem to have easy meals, I can’t face big cooked dinners. I love lamb always a bit pricey so I don’t do it, chops sometimes.
    Finished my cold chicken tonight…

    I like a curry, I think I have some in the freezer…enjoy your night tomorrow with your friends..

    Walking the riverbank with Natalie and Oreo tomorrow morning …raining I think..a wet walk….

    Jean x

    Sym … With your washer spin… I used to have some thick bath mats and a couple of times mine wouldn’t spin.. so got them out took any water out then kept doing a spin cycle a few times with nothing in .. It seemed to clear it. Is that possible with yours or wont it spin at all. xx

    Sorry again I think I forgot all weekend! A bit coldy, not ill but not feeling very energetic, so had lazyish afternoons- after walking Xena, Gwin & Alfie!
    Jean- a pain again with your washing machine, hope you can get it sorted! Annoying with heavy dogs bedding! Hope you’ve felt better this evening…x
    Dave- hope Heidi’s not sick any more, such a worry…hope you managed a FD today.
    Hemmy- nice to look forward to Kristy’s visit again! Hope you get to have some trips out. A shame about Sundays, they must be hard for you, definitely wouldn’t do a roast just for myself either…
    Kay- half term in another week here, but schools do vary. Hope you get the front done easily, good you don’t have to get a skip or do tip runs with the grass, surprising how heavy it is. Nice to have a garden project!
    Nana- love a curry here too! Might be one on the menu tomorrow…
    Did a FD today, tried a new recipe of squash Wellington, it might be a Christmas choice! Just had a little piece, the only meal today. Am going out for lunch tomorrow, so won’t be a FD- my friend has asked me to be a substitute granny for her daughter’s bring your granny to lunch day. Not sure whether to be insulted or flattered 😂 Did a test in case I cough! Sinuses were playing up today, but have steamed my head & feels better.

    Afternoon everyone a quick check in. Been a strange day here weather wise. Rain and wind this morning and now sunny and windy.
    House cleaning all done so now off to relax in a nice warm bath.
    Off to St Ives for our usual lunchtime meet up tomorrow after firstly visiting daughter.Will be cycling 🚲 and also doing a bit of walking 🚶‍♀️ so should help offset some of tonights food and drink.
    Enjoy the rest of your day everyone and stay safe.
    Nana x

    Hi FBBs hope all is well with you Xxxx

    A dark damp day here… but very warm. A dry walk again so that was ok.

    Just come back from town.. Very quiet fuel absolutely back to normal here.

    I took advantage of the quiet and got a few Christmas bits. Lovely wild life calendars with diaries … usually £12 on offer for £3 .. I never go in Iceland but did today and they have lots of the tubes of sweets for a £1 .. Nice stocking fillers. Think I may go back this week save facing the Christmas rush.

    To night I have spurred on by Nana lolol A Slimming world Chicken Marsala Curry. £3.75 lolol it looks nice chunky chicken pieces never looked at the cals but reckon it should be ok.

    HH… Be careful with using too much energy walking .. you have to be careful now with the cold. .. Hoping you feel better today… you do so much for others.. I hope you can take it easy now. .

    Have a good day all ..

    There are few gifts more precious than truly listening to someone and making them feel heard❤️ Xxxx

    Good afternoon.Heidi had the chicken but left the rice, she went back to it this morning and finished it off.Gave her some of her good and she’s had all of it. Denise and I went to Spanish lessons this afternoon, were did it for 8 weeks before COVID out a stop to it. All new people today so we don’t know them but we had a laugh with them so all is good. They have a two week start on us.

    Evening All..
    What a wet walk this morning on the river bank, I had to give Charlie a good rub down in the car he was so wet,I was getting into the car and I realised how wet I was….I got Charlie’s towel died my face and rubbed my hair…good job I know him 😂🤣😅

    A good day at boules, I played with a new person, so lost the first one, then won one playing a different game then lost a third game, nice different …trying to arrange a Pre Xmas get together having a pub meal..

    Thanks I tried your tip but it didn’t work, I think it might be brushes needed, my guy hasn’t got back to me but Gill at boules SIL mends washers I might ring him tomorrow….
    I have a couple of free days nice for Charlie…
    Nice to get the Xmas bits and pieces, I have most of mine done for me, money for everyone else it’s what they prefer….I don’t want to do Xmas I shall just do family cards, maybe neighbours in my court…( I might need their help 😂)
    Hope your curry was tasty..

    Spanish lessons, you enjoyed it last time….I am glad Heidi is eating again…

    Enjoy your day out tomorrow a bit of exercise too..hope the weather is good….

    Charlie’s bedding still wet, two nearly dry, the other two hanging in the wet room….good we have plenty.
    ( was caravan dog blankets )
    Your Granny lunch so so, different and a change…hope you are feeling better..

    Jean x

    Dave- glad Heidi is eating & sounds like she’s perking up, these fur babies do give us some worries! Good you can get to the Spanish lessons, especially as Denise comes with you for that ☺
    Jean- hope you can get someone to sort the machine! Especially with wet walking clothes! Boules sounded good…
    Nana- enjoy tonight & your busy day tomorrow!
    Hemmy- well done getting organised for Christmas already! Might be nothing left by December at this rate! Thought petrol getting better here, but they were then closing the pumps when I went by this afternoon! Easier couple of dog walking days, just Xena today & tomorrow!
    Granny lunch was fun, nice to spend time with my friend’s little girl, she enjoyed it too. Stopped at Tesco on the way home, got all I needed, but pasta was almost empty & loo rolls looked bare as well!
    Tomorrow will be a FD, make up for today!

    Good morning, bowling this afternoon then a match tomorrow against another member of our club, then I play a lady member then last of all my mate who I’m playing with this afternoon. Heidi not stopped eating all day, been out 3 times forgot her band the second walk and she did a Bambi.So will use it every time from now on. May try a FD today and tomorrow, but still think I will have gained weight this week, I worry too much about Heidi, At least I haven’t turned to cigarettes, so good is better than them.

    Good morning yet again. Heidi wanted to go out so she got me up early. She is still eating like a Tasmanian devil 😈. It’s raining so the bowling could be in danger.

    Dave- good Heidi is eating! Hope you do get to do bowling, lots of rain here too.
    FD for me, thinking 2 800 cal days, getting pretty hungry already! No answer from my HS family, a few jobs done, not feeling very motivated though! Alfie’s Mum thinks she can manage walking him now, was expecting to be needed another week…although not complaining looking at the forecast. Hubby has seen somewhere he liked the look of to go away to is available next week, but would be a pain with bad weather trying to get Xena clean & dry there, it’s very expensive so probably not happening!

    Hi FBBs hope all is well with you Xxxx

    Lots of rain last night .. water butts overflowing this morning. Sunny now.

    I am in the middle of sorting two deepfreezes … trying to condense down into one I dont need two these days. I will keep one in the work shed as a backup just incase needed.
    Just made a lovely veg soup with some left overs .. now going to stew apples to have with my Greek yogurt .. I love it its my favourite food at the moment lol. Having a good day of using up bits.

    I am not sure what todo .. this slimming world chicken curry I have .. I didn’t feel hungry last night so for some reason I left it in the fridge not freezer.. It says cook from frozen.. not sure whether I should use it now..

    It says..cook for 50 mins on gas 5 or micro for 12 mins. H H .. Sym what do you think. Shall I still use or bin.

    Brads .. so glad Heidi is eating again… Hope your managing a bowling day with the weather.

    H H … Hope you get a response from you HS family … At least one less walk for you today..

    Your colds probably left you low on energy and motivation. You will soon get it back.

    Sym…I hope you get someone to sort your machine out its always a nuisance when things go wrong. Its nice to have a few free days to potter.

    Have a good day all. Pay attention to actions, not words. Hear what they say but see how they act. Xxxx

    Afternoon everyone, just got back from our lunch. Hemmy it was halloumi with salad and menu said it came in at 650 calories so quite good but did have 2 medium glasses of white wine as well. Last night was good fun but surprisingly for me I didn’t eat as much as I normally would’ve but did enjoy a few glasses of wine. Didn’t get to bed until gone 1am and was woken up by the heavy rain on our velux windows which of course then made me want to visit the bathroom and I woke up again at 7am and couldn’t get back to sleep so am feeling a bit tired now. Got my invitation for my 3rd covid booster this morning so that’s booked in for a fortnights time.
    Off to Ely tomorrow as usual.
    Enjoy the rest of your day everyone and stay safe.
    Nana x

    Evening All…

    A double wet walk day…not nice at all….
    A cleaning up full house day then nothing much more…

    Still waiting for another engineer to ring…but thinking my washer must be about 10 years old so I think I will replace it…the one I have will be near to £800 a Bosch, thinking of a cheaper one….but what make anybody have any favourites or recommendations??

    A good wet day at bowls…Heidi us going through it poor girl…

    Lovely to be thinking of a break…I do miss them..well done on your 2 x 800..

    Debatable the curry throw away I think, the chicken might be uncooked as some are when frozen…
    Lots of rain here too, not nice at all…
    Thinking of going to have a look at the washers take my tape measure..and chat and see what I think…dripping washing everywhere…

    Sounds like a good meal and a good night…

    Jean x

    Good evening, managed the bowling, got a little wet playing. Nana you dirty stop up. You will sleep well tonight. Was going to do a FD but too hungry.

    Hemmy- I’d definitely bin the curry, can’t be too careful with chicken…well done having a freezer clear out, fruit & greek yoghurt sounds good!
    Jean- shame about the washing machine, mine is a cheap hotpoint but has been rubbish! Hope it’s drier for you walking today…
    Dave- hope Heidi is okay, hard to fast when you’re worried!
    Nana- sounds like a good evening, hope you’ve caught up on your sleep! Have a good trip to Ely today ☺
    Yesterday’s FD went well, but today’s not happening- we had torrential rain over night so took son in, the roads both ways were flooded so he’d have had to wade through 😂 🐟 So I was up at 4.30, too early to fast! Walked Xena, quite muddy but dry, timed it right as raining again now!
    Have a good day all ☺

    Good morning, it’s a beautiful sunny day here.Heidi was bad again yesterday evening, had the runs. Got through the night ok.I am struggling to stick to fast days at the moment,I just want Heidi better. I could burst into tears when I see her face after she as done something that she wouldn’t normally do.She even tried to eat her poo, luckily I managed to stop her.

    Afternoon everyone a lovely sunny day here again after a lot of rain again overnight. I noticed quire a few fields were waterlogged in places on our bus journey to Ely this morning.
    Seems to be more stalls coming back to the market now which is good. Auntie and Uncle had both the flu and the Covid booster done at the same time on Monday said the only problem was that both arms were very sore.
    Had a lovely nights sleep last night so am recovered from Tuesday night.
    Stay safe everyone and I’ll be back tomorrow.
    Nana x

    Hi FBBs Hope all is well with you Xxxx

    Lovely to have a sunny day after all the rain Everywhere so wet.

    I never ate the curry as I cant afford to be ill and chicken is dodgy. I will get it again though as it did look nice for a ready meal. I had made some lovely soup for today so had that instead.

    Just going out to play with Pip for half an hour .. before it gets chilly .. A line full of dog towels to get in too. lolol

    Brads .. I am really feeling your pain re Heidi Such a worry I am sure. I hope she is better soon.

    Enjoy the rest of your day all… ❤️ Contentment is not the achieving of what you want but the realization of what you already have Xxxx

    Heidi got me up at 6am just for a drink of water😱. She was very pleased to see us when we came back from shopping,she did a quick jump up like she used to do years ago. So that was lovely to see. She’s eating ok now and been out a few times for her walks, with her getting me up early I managed to get cobs so that’s a plus.

    Knock Knock

    Afternoon everyone. Dave I’m here. Chimney sweep has just been so we can now light our multi fuel fire if we need to. Glad Heidi is going alright still. Glad you managed to get some cobs.
    Chinese takeaway this evening and my turn to have a drink with our friends. A quiet weekend and then a busy week ahead before going away for a couple of days next weekend.
    Enjoy the rest of your day and hope you all have a good weekend.
    Stay safe
    Nana x

    Hi FBBs hope all is well with you. Xxxx

    A lovely morning walk .. nice in the sun without the wind today.

    Just checking in as the scales were kind this morning and I am still on target.

    Without the wine I am not eating the amount of food I did.. it triggered me off. lol

    Lots more water these days topped with cranberry juice… feeling the energy.

    Brads .. so glad Heidi is more herself bless her. There is nothing like an animal friends greeting when you walk through the door.

    Glad you got your cobs.. you can enjoy them now.

    Nana.. Don’t you just love a market I do… wonderful atmosphere .. Take away tonight ? What are you having… please don’t say curry . lolol Just seen you are having Chinese .. lol enjoy.

    Enjoy your afternoon and evening all .. take care

    May you allow yourself to rest when you need it. Sending lots of love to anyone who is tired of being strong this year🤍 Xxxx

    Evening All…
    Two lovely dry walks chilly but beautiful..

    I went out with my ‘Ladies Luncheon”…once a month, getting to know them more, it was more chatty and relaxed today. We have booked again for next month. Just three people from the park, one my age the other two a little older, we are all widows.

    Eaten enough, main and pud smaller portions on a lunch deal, enjoyable….I have a trifle for tonight might have cheese and biscuits too I feel full….

    Scales showed the same as last week, so my half a pound off last week has stayed off!

    Got you up on the early team…a fussy girl wanting a drink…bless her…got your lovely cobs too. I must shop tomorrow…

    A chimney sweep don’t see many of them…strange I saw a coal delivery man this morning haven’t seen one of them in years, it all looked very clean 😂
    Enjoy your Chinese this evening…

    Glad your scales are still being kind to you..I know what you mean with the wine, crisps and nuts I always seem to think they all go together lol….
    Checking my diary I have three meals out in one week…it can get too busy….

    My builder ( neighbour) has been across to measure for my new washer, I was right so I shall buy tomorrow…I am buying local, he was so lovely on the phone today I must have been on for 20 mins, it’s about £20 or £30 more but easier if any faults etc..

    Have a lovely weekend..

    Jean x

    Dave- glad all that Heidi needed was water, good she seems brighter! A bonus being up early getting the cobs, you’ll have to try it again 😂
    Jean- glad your lunch was nice, you’ve done well staying the same! Good you can get a new washing machine now, good idea to go to the local place…
    Hemmy- hope you can get the dog towels dry! You’ve done well maintaining too ☺ love back to you if you’re tired of being strong as well x
    Nana- enjoy your Chinese, one for us too, boys working/ out tonight. Good the market’s doing well in Ely. Will be nice to light the fire, getting colder!
    Had a lovely walk with Xena this morning, bright & chilly, met a gorgeous bouncy retriever, Xena not as charmed as me but he was oblivious! More baking done, mum occupied today, should’ve seen a friend but she realised it was the anniversary of her dad passing so she was seeing her mum…hopefully a FD for me tomorrow!

    HH if it’s a choice of getting up early or missing out on cobs I’ll miss out on cobs. I don’t like being up early apart from fishing, and even then don’t like it. It’s the Peter Craven memorial meeting at speedway tonight then no more speedway until April next year😩. I’m struggling to fast at the moment.My shoulder is very painful, it hurts to make a cup of tea. And if Heidi falls while I am holding her up that’s extremely painful but as to be done.I will try and keep low instead of fasting and see how I go for a while we I’m waiting for an ultrasound scan so I won’t hold my breath.

    Right I said I would come back so I have! Hi to friends old and new. Think it is only Hemmy I don’t know well – yet! After being inactive on here for a year or so, not a good time for anyone, I feel perhaps I can try again. Having lost two stone and maintained for a good while my beloved dog became ill and we lost her in January. Devastating as I am sure a lot of people will agree. I have not dealt with it well. Enough.

    So I have put back nearly all the weight and am really feeling it. Back yesterday from a very indulgent food holiday and straight into a FD800. Going ok but it’s not wine o’clock yet 😬. Will be fine! Trying for alternate days which is what I did last time and found doable. Time will tell…….

    I’m still around….and ’round’ 😆

    Really struggling with motivation! Had wanted to end this month a few pounds down, but it’s slipping away!

    I do struggle at this time of year, need to make sure I get outside every day.

    We did 3 small holiday lets today and then this afternoon I’ve been adding compost into the border and repotting some of my plants.

    F1 qualifying is on later as its in America, so we won’t go to the pub after all. We went up on Wednesday after our bell ringing practice though. That was funny, I was ringing when we had a power cut 😱 luckily there was someone stood with me!!

    Good to see you back on the wagon Mel! I have put my weight back on too! We’ve done it before, we can do it again!

    A few on here at goal now. Something to aspire to!

    FDs planned for Monday and Thursday next week. Still need to work around social stuff otherwise I won’t stick to it. Ideally I want to do 3 per week or ADF, so will see if I can squeeze another day in somewhere.

    Dave, my mum said she saw Peter Collins (Aces) on the TV the other night, I assume it was an old speedway memory or something!

    Time for food….quorn meatballs in a spicy sauce with pasta….but with a bottle of red 🙄…..there lies my problem!!!
    Hemmy I’ve envious of you going alcohol free! I would definitely loose weight more easily! But I enjoy it too much 🙈


    Evening All…
    A good day two walks…not wet always a bonus 😀….my daughter called with SIL they where going to the airport to Spain, just 30 min coffee…must be special SIL last visit Boxing Day!!

    Boules went well..5 of us today, three in my game, we played two games and I won them both..close games…

    Washer is now bought and being fitted Thursday…hoping it fits…it should !!

    These days are chilly now, you never really know what to wear, usually later in the day is better..always busy lovely baking done….

    My shoulder is hurting too, very painful…I was going to look for some heat rub but keep forgetting…it will hard if you have to help Heidi and she takes you by surprise …

    Enjoy Kirsty for the next few days do some lovely things…..

    Glad you are back with us..holidays over for the time being…let’s get you back on track…..

    A couple of months to Christmas see if you can get your motivation back and a few pounds off before the end of year…your bell ringing sounds exciting a few calories will be burnt off…

    Jean x

    Mel- nice to have you back! You do seem to lose easily when you stick to it, hope you soon get into the swing!
    Kay- I don’t miss wine now, there are quite a few alcohol free ones in the supermarkets now, I think are lower cals & still taste good, is that worth a try? The bell ringing sounds fun!
    Dave- poor you with your shoulder, catching Heidi won’t help 😞
    Jean- nice to see your daughter & SIL, hope they’re not going to Alicante with the floods!
    Nana- good luck with your FD & hope hubby didn’t watch Saturday kitchen today!
    Hemmy- was it this weekend that Kristy is coming, I missed that, have a good time!
    Had a good FD, been busy so it’s gone quickly. Tried doing some exercises yesterday which I haven’t done for a while- I’m so stiff today, old crock 😂Saw Mum, still trying to help her sort her holiday plans, we’ll help with getting her home, she might stop off to see another aunt on the way home…
    Have a good evening everyone!

    Yesterday went well so will try and have a controlled day today. Unfortunately like Kay I like wine too much to give up. Think I too could lose the weight so much easier if I did. At least when I do ADF I am halving my intake.

    Good afternoon everyone, I’ve gained about 3lbs so have decided to try and lose a stone by Christmas.I managed it last time when we did sofa. So don’t know what to call this challenge.

    Hi FBBs hope is well with you Xxxx

    Not a bad day and at least dry. Lawns too wet to mow.

    Its been a busy few days .. helping a friend who has broken her wrist .. Its made her feel very low as its her right one.

    I am having a good clean through too as Kristy coming Wed till Monday. Having to work though from here Thursday. I am really looking forward to it hopefully some lunches out and shopping this time.

    Brads .. you can soon shift those pounds look how you did it before .. Did you give up cobs to do it .. I know you lost a fair chunk of pounds. You need to make room for Christmas goodies lol.

    HH .. nice for your Mum to have a holiday it will give her something to focus on.. Well done your FD no mean feet on a weekend.

    Sym…Glad your washer is coming on Thursday .. its best buying local you have somewhere to go if things not right not on the end of a phone.

    Your Boules are going really well .. it is so lovely you took that up and you seem to be a natural at it.

    Nana.. A fresh week tomorrow is it a busy one for you.

    Kay and Mel.. Mel so nice to see you back I can so relate to your sadness. Xx I can also very well lolol relate to the WINE .

    Honestly both of you I cant tell you how its been a completely different ball game losing weight once I stopped alcohol.

    Some it doesnt affect they don’t want food at all .. Kristy it makes her turn back to smoking not eating. She has in the most has packed it up.. Its powerful and worrying that the wine can start it up again.

    I couldn’t just have 2 glasses .. I would have a large glass at 6pm when I get Pips food. That was my sign.. I would end up drinking about 3/4 to a bottle . Then I was sooo hungry something sweet then followed by savoury so much consumed.

    It wasnt easy to stop .. I started by spritzers the non alco wines .. then weened off completely . Once I saw the difference it made in weight it inspired me.

    It was habit I see now .. I am drinking soo much more water I top it with cranberry juice and energy levels have really increased… I cant eat so much now .. Milky coffee for breakfast about half a pint of full fat milk .. cheeses nuts fruit lunch .. anything you want for dinner … loving Greek full fat yogurt with honey or stewed fruit .. No snacks at all careful with carbs .. a treat day once a week.

    Come on girls you can do this .. just cut the alcohol till Christmas.. be honest with yourself write things down how you feel praise yourself ….if you slip just start again..

    Have a lovely Sunday everyone ….You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step and you are on your way . Xxxx

    Oh Hemmy such inspiring words, but it’s not going to happen! I really enjoy my wine and at home have half a bottle of good red (share a bottle with hubby Paul). An extra glass if we are out. We always have red so a spritzer wouldn’t work and P would hit the roof if I contaminated a glass of wine! I don’t think it affects how I eat though. It’s the extra calories that does it but I accept that. As HH says, I am lucky as when I get tough with myself (ADF) I do lose quite easily. And wine consumption halved. I will live with that. Having said that, so glad it is working for you 🤗. You do eat well and like you I don’t tend to snack between meals. Think that makes a big difference.

    Mel- well done yesterday! Hopefully back into the swing now…good you can do ADF, like you say it halves the alcohol consumption!
    Hemmy- busy week for you, cleaning then Kristy coming- you’ll have to tiptoe about on Thursday when she’s working! You are very disciplined & doing well maintaining! ⭐
    Dave- how’s Heidi today? Are you doing a chicken for her? Good to do another challenge- I won’t lose a stone as it comes off so slowly for me, but it’s helpful when we’re all more focused together 💪
    Jean- has it been a quieter day? Dry walks here…
    Kay- not much more holiday let cleaning for you I guess after this week? Did you take Tara to the field today for a run?
    Picked lots of chestnuts on my walk today, had some roasted for lunch. Phone calls to both aunts, sorted getting mum home, she was getting stressed- mind you, so am I with all the to-ing & fro-ing 😱
    Eaten well today, back to fasting tomorrow…
    Have a good evening ☺

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