Fat Busting Brits!!

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  • Afternoon All…
    I got up feeling dizzy and out of sorts, sicky and going to the loo..walked Charlie and had breakfast felt a bit better. I have been to boules, we played two and won two, we hammered them today it gets a bit embarrassing.
    I had a tea cake and coffee at cafe but still feeling off….it’s not like me at all….

    At Christmas I have been invited to go to the beach with the girls and their hubby’s, and Fays mum will be joining us and then come back and snuggle down with Charlie with treats, TV..and a simple meal cold turkey and chips one of my favourites…Fays invited me for a meal but I will leave them to have family time.
    I suppose it will depend on the weather…
    It’s awkward when there’s two birthdays, I can see how Kirsty wants to see you..

    Hoping the snow is a long way off…I need to look at my winter stuff and see if anything needs buying…a couple of long sleeved tops I think I need…

    A lazy afternoon just rest up today….I will be fasting tomorrow…

    Jean x

    Brads .. Brr we don’t want to start thinking winter yet lol. I can remember going to Devon in late October and having to buy suntan lotions lol.

    Sym well, done on your win. Oh I cant believe it as you have just described how I felt yesterday .. Felt quite dizzy on my walk it just to came over me …sweating as well .
    I didn’t tell my friend as she was going away for the weekend and didn’t want to worry her.
    Like you in and out of the loo didn’t feel right. So sat for a while just took the day slowly and last night just had some toast although felt quite hungry later .. I seem ok completely today it seems to have pasted but being careful.. Just had soup and a roll

    I think there is so much going around at the moment in some shape or form bound to be with the virus . Hoping we both feel ok now… and it was just a 24 hr thing. Strange though. Xxxx

    Hi Brenda, nice to have you join us! I’ve been here 3 years now- lost 2 stone but have put a bit back on, it comes off very slowly for me now! & I’m eating too much on nonFDs! Hope it works for you so you can get those knees sorted. Sending a hug to your cat…
    Dave- well done on your pound off! Lovely that Heidi’s calm enough for the cat to say hello ☺ Enjoy the ice hockey tomorrow!
    Jean- sending you a hug, difficult times, hope you feel better soon too, I’d give fasting a miss tomorrow, get over this bug xx
    Hemmy- the barge sounds wonderful, happy memories…hope your bug goes quickly too! Must be hard to motivate yourself to cook much, think I’d live on soup or beans & toast!
    Had a lovely couple of days- gave mum no choice with what we did yesterday- said we’re going to Aldeburgh do you want to come, & she said yes! So we have a nice walk along the front- not too far, she’s not kept up with her walking so can’t go as far now, & an ice cream. A late night- youngest had a puncture cycling home at 11.30pm, so hubby had to go & get him- he can’t walk with his studded cycling shoes, plus there were some strange people about! Today eldest was about for Xena so we went to Southwold, enjoyed watching the dogs on the beach- shame Xena is bad in the car, she loved it there on holiday. So more icecream & a nonFD for me!

    Morning All..
    A chilly start at 9 but by the end of walking it was getting warmer….feeling more myself today, I wondered if I had something not quite right at the McMillan coffee morning …

    A bit of ironing and grass to cut before the weather changes are the two jobs of the day…I really could check over my winter clothes too….see if I need anything…

    I think I shall have a low day today hopefully 800 ish…🤞…give my stomach a rest….

    Strange you felt the same as me, I was hot and then cold…I tried to eat through it to make myself vomit, nearly, but it didn’t happen…ok today…
    First day in a while that nothing is happening and tomorrow too..I worked it that way…me time or is it us time and cuddles 😂…might sit out later and read as the weather will be on the change tomorrow …

    Poor son with his puncture at that time, good job dad is about to help….two lovely beach days with ice cream.. perfect!
    Looks like with the petrol I won’t be going far..I have filled up but nothing left at the garage quite hard when you live in a village…
    Wish the ice cream van would come round calling it was a good excuse to have one…

    Where are you??…let’s have you back…

    Have a good day…

    Jean x

    Good morning, Ice hockey this evening not been for over a year. They have asked my son if he wants to help out, either as a timekeeper or goal judge. Will see what happens, only problem with that is I will be left on my own. There was queues at the petrol station at the bottom of our street. Idiots,I will wait until I need it. Will need some soon because I am driving 30 miles today then going to Sheffield on Thursday which is 38 miles each way. Heidi make me laugh, she gets me up then comes downstairs and goes to sleep on her bed.

    My low day didn’t happen…my cold chicken was calling for some chips, one of my favourite meals, then of course a glass of red!…delicious..

    Ironing all done only a small amount and grass cut, finished off with a magnum…

    Definitely a fast day tomorrow …

    Ice hockey started again… enjoy your evening…nice your sons been asked to help out….
    No petrol at our garage…I will try and manage to stay in the village with no driving…

    Jean x

    Hi folks, miserable weather today. ‘P ing’ down here. FD and thinking after my weekend of binging a WFD might be the way to go.
    Jean, got petrol yesterday on our trip back from Haggerston Castle. Hope it sorts itself out though. Pain in the posterior and dangerous for some 😧
    Hedgehogs lovely to hear from you. I have plenty to lose and put most of my loss back on this weekend. Think I’ll drop the weighing to monthly. It’ll just annoy me!
    Flora appreciates the hugs, she’s very sooky at this time of day lol. Dave, Heidi may be calm but Flora gets her back up and spits at dogs I’m afraid! Hates her territory being invaded lol. Even by our other cat Fergus!
    Have a good day folks 🙂

    Afternoon All…

    What a wet wet wet wet walk!!…I looked as if I had jumped in the bath with all my clothes on..abandoned our walk after 40 mins just too bad…
    Just been sat finishing my book off drying clothes CH on high…just put a bit on the line as it’s blowing with blue sky…

    I am fasting today and I am feeling hungry, just having a cuppa but must do a few jobs to get busy or I won’t make this evening….

    Our garage ran out of fuel but looks up and running today.
    My weekends are a bit naughty, I only used to have Fridays as my day off which is my weigh in day..slipping to Saturday and Sunday too…must pull it back really…Charlie chases the pussys I can’t get him to leave them alone..he likes horses now he was very frightened of them for a while…

    Keep strong today fasters..I think hedgehog is fasting too..theres a few on holiday…

    Jean x

    Hi FBBs hope all is well with you Xxxx

    A wet start here but managed a dry walk .. now its sunshine and windy .. good for drying the washing lol.

    Going to be careful this week as Kristy coming Fri-Mon eve .. so extra treats I suppose lol well I know so.

    Sym ,, That idea of walking on the beach Xmas morning then back to snuggle with Charlie eating and drinking what you want not fussing about who wants what seems idyllic.

    Its a lot of work and hype if you are catering for others or even going to theirs.
    Hope your fast day goes well today.

    My homemade Pasta sauce this evening with either jacket potato or pasta .

    Have a good day all… whatever you are doing ….Trust your hard work. It’s unlocking doors you can’t see yet Xxxx

    Good afternoon played last game of bowls on a Monday. Lost so ended up played 20 won 10 and lost 10.Happy with that for a first season. See what happens next season if the drop me down to the second team or leave me where I am. Fast day going well only 40 calories so far today.

    Dave- you’ve held your own with the bowling then, good to be in the 1st team for this season. I think I’d enjoy watchimg ice hockey, no rinks near us…
    Jean- hope you found enough to do to keep to your FD! You’re at goal, so you can afford to relax over the weekends, they must be hard enough for you as it is xx
    Hemmy- nice you have Kristy’s visit to look forward to! Is it just her or her partner too? Hope the weather’s nice so you can get out…
    Nana- hope you’re having a lovely holiday…
    Brenda- what days are you fasting? Do you do the old 500 cal days or the new plan 800cal days? That’s sad your cats don’t get on! When we had our cat, we adopted another one- Tom chased her all over the house, she hid under a chair & once he’d shown her who was in charge they were fine, she used to curl up on top of him, so sweet…We just have the one dog now, she’s enough!
    FD has been okay, not too hungry until dinner time. Been busy, walked Xena& then neighbour’s dog. We’ve been walking round the fields rather than going in the car, as the garages are still low or closed here. Cut son’s hair, made vegan quiche for tonight, saw mum & have done a pile of ironing, so the day’s gone quickly!
    Have a good evening!

    Evening All…
    Fast day gone well considering I haven’t been busy..finished at about 600 cals so happy with that…it’s been a very hungry day…

    Just hope Xmas days dry…the tides right so all is good…not sure which beach yet…I think thinking of Xmas day is more upsetting than the day it’s self…
    I thought this two weeks would be more upsetting than I am…again more the thought than what it is..🤞
    Something to look forward too Kirsty at the weekend she will lead you astray 😂…make the most of it…

    The bowls you finished very well bang in the middle, you should be very pleased with yourself…

    Hope your fast day has gone well…

    I am a pound up on the wrong side of goal!!!..Charlie knew he had been cut short on his walk this morning, he was waiting from about 2 pm for his next one..a long one he’s shattered now…
    Hair cuts all done..you must be good or cheap 😂..you have had a busy day…mine has been lazy…

    Walking the riverbank with Natalie and Oreo at 9 am…

    Jean x

    Hedgehog, I’m trying 500 but today didn’t happen. My OH made some wonderful smelling foods so I was ‘starving’ by lunchtime. On the bright side all leftovers have been ‘tidied up’ and chutney made with the glut of courgettes.
    Jean love a lazy day with walks.
    Will try again tomorrow. Have been roughly doing Mondays and Thursdays but change if not happening for me 🙂

    Hedgehog, I’m trying 500 but today didn’t happen. My OH made some wonderful smelling foods so I was ‘starving’ by lunchtime. On the bright side all leftovers have been ‘tidied up’ and chutney made with the glut of courgettes.
    Jean love a lazy day with walks.
    Will try again tomorrow. Have been roughly doing Mondays and Thursdays but change if not happening for me 🙂

    Good morning everyone.Raining here so a quick walk for Heidi then we will go shopping. Will check if there is any petrol because I will be driving to Sheffield on Thursday for the speedway semi final.Dont want to run out of petrol on top of the Pennines.Fast day went well yesterday, cobs today.Will have to change my FD from Thursday to wednesday this week. It will be burger and chips in Sheffield, so not good fasting food.

    Morning All…
    A lovely long riverbank walk with Natalie and Oreo..the boys played hard fast asleep now….sunny and dry. Winter police coat needs bringing out for tonight, rain again…

    Boules at 1 pm hoping weather holds, looks like rain about 3 pm…might just make it, rain coat needed. Coffee at the cafe ….

    Hoping you will get a fast in today, you sounded very busy yesterday….chutney yummy…

    Passport needs stamping again..already done!!
    These seasons pass quick, I think we will push on unless raining hard..hope you find an indoor pitch to play on…

    A bit of lunch before I get changed to go…

    Jean x

    Dave- hope you can get some petrol, still a bit iffy round here…nice to have the trip to Sheffield to look forward to, are you going on your own?
    Jean- well done with yesterday…I always feel with mum she builds up all the anniversaries/ special days so far ahead, she gets herself so upset, but all days are hard for her on her own… equally you can’t ignore all the reminders the time of year brings, for Mum it’s wearing the poppies as we’d watched son’s parade the day we found out about dad, on her birthday too 😢 I hope that you can strike a balance between keeping busy & giving yourself time to grieve. Hugs xx
    Hemmy- is your garden produce quietening down ?
    Brenda- I found a lovely recipe for a chocolate courgette cake this summer, good for using the extra ones, but not good for the waist! Mine have pretty much finished now. Your naughty OH cooking tempting stuff when you’re on a FD, it is easy to swap them about though!
    Another 800 cal day for me, not too hungry. Had a longer walk with Xena, then cooked eldest a big veggie breakfast 😇 Have cut his hair too- annoying that they have different days off so can’t do them together! Taking Xena to the vets later for her boosters, she won’t be happy so will have treats waiting!
    Have a good day ☺

    Good afternoon shopping done but no cobs. I am going with my son to Sheffield.Got petrol easily at Sainsbury’s no queueing at all. Must be sensible around here.

    Hi FBBs hope all is well with you. Xxxx

    Cooler today it think it will soon be coat time.

    Just staying in the village shopping I have about 3/4 tank so hopefully thet will see me through till the madness is over.

    I have told Kristy not to come if she has got to wait in long queues for fuel its so silly.

    My walking friend mailed and said hubby has Covid .. very fit 51 double jabbed and its knocked him for six. Herself and to adult children are negative at the moment all able to work from home.

    Have a good day all whether fasting or being mindful.

    One day we will look back and realize that we worried too much about things that don’t really matter.- Xxxx

    PS .. Where is Kay Xx

    Kay is still about she’s ok

    Hi All…
    Managed a bit of a wet walk tonight but missed the real heavy rain…police coat out nice not to take a bag out as I have loads of pockets..doesn’t seem to be beading a lot when raining so see how I go, may need spraying for reproofing…

    I seem to be holding my own, struggled on the 17th Sept the day we were told the news at the hospital. My new boots I am taking back tomorrow, cracking tops and soaking wet inside when supposed to be waterproof, I think they were £70 so should be better, only used them about 6 weeks…
    Days are strange on your own, I think I am getting more used to it but I have Charlie, to be totally on my own I would struggle.
    Poor Xena and her jabs, Charlie got done in the car park…

    Fuel back to normal near us..shame on your cobs.

    Hope your friends family get over the COVID and not too ill. I am not going too far, stay local and not use petrol.
    Kay’s about but she’s not really fasting at the moment…she will start again shortly and be back with us.

    Hope the holiday is going well and you are getting your walking in..

    Jean x

    Hi FBBs hope all is well with you Xxxx

    A decent day with sunshine but windy and chilly . Lots of rain last night all water tubs completely full.

    Just had a lovely thinly sliced beef sandwich with crusty bread .. so low carb this evening.

    Sym… how is it going with the nuts .. my favourites are the pkt of Brazil nuts from Lidl I think about 1.85 .. I find they are a good size and about 6 to nibble with a satsuma they are a nice treat as a pudding.

    Brenda .. how did yesterday go.. did you manage the 500 day .. Maybe 800 might be more comfortable .

    Glad Kay is ok and will soon be back Xx

    HH .. Kristy just coming this time alone. Her partner has an elderly father and aunt so will spend time doing jobs for them at the weekend. Last time he painted my hall and and stairway.
    How did it go at the vets yesterday. Hope Xena got lots of treats lol.

    Brads .. Good luck with todays fasting .. just think burger and chips tomorrow lol.

    Have a good day all whatever you are doing

    Forget all the reasons why it won’t work and believe the one reason why it will Xxxx

    Back from bowling, and at the halfway everything stops for tea and biscuits, today they had muffins, but I just had a cuppa😇😇😇. Team lost but I won, that’s the last Wednesday game.Tomorrow is the last Thursday game.Speedway tomorrow night weather permitting. So fasting today instead, that’s the beauty of the 5-2. You can change to suit yourself.

    Hemmy, didn’t happen was away to a hospital visit and stopped for dirty fries on the way home. 2hr drive up and back.
    Hoping for a good FD tomorrow. You might be right about the 800. Will try it and see.
    Hedgehogs, last thing I need to make! The chutney is yum though!
    Jean, one day at a time x
    Hope everyone had a good day.
    Tomorrow is another day 🙂

    Evening All..
    A chilly bright day…a good village walk….my walking boots taken back and money back in the bank…

    Felt tired this afternoon I had a nap with the boy unusual for me..

    Fasting tomorrow…

    I am having crusty bread, beef and chips tonight, we have good choices….I have almonds and cashews on the go, I enjoy them..
    Lots of rain expected tomorrow..

    Well done on your bowls, you have done really well….enjoy speedway later…

    Come on fast day tomorrow be positive….a new way of life…..a few of us will be doing it …

    Jean x

    Dave- well done with the bowling today, end of the season seemms to have come round quick! Hope you do okay fasting…
    Jean- well done getting your money back on the voots, £70 not cheap ones…hope you felt better for your nap!
    Hemmy- hope your friend’s hubby gets better soon & no-one else gets it…I like GrapeTree for nuts, big packs, we get through lots! I hope Kristy can come, would’ve thought it would be sorted by the weekend. I thought it was better here but passed a garage today that was shut again!
    Brenda- that was a long journey to hospital! Pretty much all day gone I guess?! Hope you can fast tomorrow, Thursday’s a good day!
    Had a day off today, I had crusty bread too, tiger bread again! Spoke to my new HomeStart family- seem very nice & felt I was a bit helpful already with some suggestions of useful websites they’d not seen, the family are waiting for an autism diagnosis for their daughter.
    Tried a new curry recipe tonight- the son who doesn’t like curries much liked it, the eldest who loves it usually didn’t! Something completely different for hubby!
    Back to fasting tomorrow, I’m hoping for 3 800 cal days…

    Hi FBBs hope all is well with you.

    A dark wet cold day here .. I should have worn something warmer for walking. Still cold.. first time for ages.

    My friends hubby doing well just tired now and still a bit of a cough.. Lucky so far the rest of the household are negative.
    She is walking different fields this week and next. Working from home she works for the local surgery.

    Brenda .. lolol I just love the dirty fries.. are clean ones less calories lolol
    You can do this .. maybe even if you just got started with one 800 day per week it would get you started.

    Brads .. Enjoy the speedway and burger.

    HH Its so lovely those HS families have you on hand to help.. It must sometimes depress you though.
    I love Tiger bread gorgeous with thick butter lolol. I am having my bread again but trying to limit other carbs.

    Sym…Glad you got your money for the boots refunded. They were expensive pair so need to be right.

    An afternoon nap is a very good idea .. I dont know about you but I don’t sleep well these days .. nice after lunch have a read and sleep. lol

    Well I am taking a break now till Tues so will see you all then.. I am at my lowest weight today for years but I don’t expect it will be come Tuesday. lolol

    Have a good day all..Don’t be discouraged. Many big things had small beginnings.-Xxxx

    Afternoon All..
    A forest nature reserve walk with Oreo this morning, not my favourite but lots of tree cover although the weather wasn’t too bad.

    Popped out to look for walking shoes/boots, not many about the shop said they are all held up in a container in Holland…I have sent away on line for a pair which will do if they fit in the sale…I would still like some better ones, Mel told me about some and I was told today Go Outdoor sell that make, so might head there next time I am about and have a look..I would think they will all be held up might look in the Spring.

    I am fasting just starting to feel peckish, soon be walk time, might ring Katie and the time will pass ..

    These are trainers in the sale, Goretex, £56..if they fit a good buy. Shame one of the boys didn’t like your curry, you can’t win them all.
    A new home start family, hope you can get along and need your help.

    Enjoy your weekend with Kirsty. My sleep varies just felt very tired the other day…well done at keeping your weight around goal..speak again Tuesday…

    Jean x

    Speedway rained off, rescheduled for Monday.I got about 5 miles from home when my son said it had been called off.Finished bowling for the year, in the league anyway. Will still go and practice.I won my last game today so that means I won one more game than I lost.

    Well hello all!

    Ah…Hemmy is offline for the weekend….Kristy must be arriving!

    Time to get back on the fasting journey before I end up putting any more weight back on!

    Slim-tober….lol…but first I need to brave the scales!

    Brenda, Hi! How long have you been on the 5:2? The update from M.M. is that you can do 800 cal fast days and will still lose weight.


    Well I weighed in and have only put on 1.5lbs since 21st August, so I’m happy with that!

    FD 800 cals today and motivated for a good month!

    Morning all!
    Forgot to.post yesterday- sorry!
    Brenda- how did it go yesterday, did you manage a FD?
    Kay- nice to have you back on here! You’ve done well not to put much on!
    Hemmy- have a lovely weekend with Kristy!
    Dave- good yiu can still do bowling even if the league’s finished- do you just turn up & see if anyone’s about, or are there proper sessions?
    Jean- hope you get the trainers delivered!
    Nana- safe journey home…
    Yesterday’s FD went okay, & not too hungry today, lots of tea though! Had a very wet walk with Xena & then a run in with a group of dogs- she’s starting to get quite anxious around other dogs now 😞 Saw mum yesterday, she said she’s okay today, so an afternoon off- sis is poorly so keeping away.
    Have a good day all!

    Afternoon All…
    A beautiful day a bit chilly, you never really know how to dress this weather…a park walk for us on our own today, we had brunch at the park cafe, Charlie was very good I took his bath towel to lay on he is a lot more settled with his ‘mat’.. He had his scrambled egg, sausage and I took his kibble to mix in, bacon butty for me. A nice start to the day.

    My new Goretex trainers have arrived they seem fine a bit stiff but I think they will soften up. I am sat with them on to test them. A good sale price £55. I am struggling to get any waterproof boots or shoes all stuck in containers or on ships…my other boots I took back as water logged when they should have been waterproof!!

    I have stayed the same again for the third week to the ounce!!…

    Well done on the bowls, you have done very well…

    Glad to see you back on here…well done on maintaining these last couple of months, I think it is a good idea to see if you can hold your weight. Back to the basics to get some weight moving again..good luck…

    Enjoy your weekend with Kirsty..maybe some shopping…

    A day off from visiting mum she must feel stronger..hope your sis soon feels better…

    Hope you can fast today….

    Have good day all..

    Jean x

    We are bowling in Monday, just 4 of us. Then they’re is a league consisting of 4 groups of 4. The top 2 are promoted and the bottom 2 relegated They have put a list of people’s phone numbers on a WhatsApp group so we can arrange when to play. Gained 2lbs this week, don’t know how.

    Good morning everyone cold and wet here. Winter is on the way. I would get Heidi a coat but German shepherds are ok in weather up to -15, so it would only make her feel uncomfortable.I had a big bar of chocolate last night so got too lose weight now so I don’t feel guilty.

    Afternoon All..
    A chilly dry start….played boules a new lady joined us, there were only three of us this week…she played well…she has played before. Rain stopped play I took the win at 12 points, all close as usual…then to the cafe….

    Still very chilly CH on trying to keep it at 20…..usually it would be higher…I have a fleece on!! I don’t usually.

    We are on a WhatsApp group for boules…Tuesday for our official games..Saturday for our ladies group….it’s good to see who’s playing, we put our names down on Monday for the Tuesday game or if bad weather or if it’s called off…sometimes we have to split the times if we have a lot of people that only happened once. Good luck hope you enjoy it…

    Raining very heavy here a wet walk I suppose, very chilly…

    I shall be fasting tomorrow, I have my daughter coming on Monday we will be eating…

    Jean x

    Wet here been raining all day. We are playing bowls on Monday at 1pm, just 4 of us. Then off to Sheffield for speedway weather permitting.Deffinatly cooler.

    Jean- glad you got in a bit of boules today, nice there’s a good group…Charlie is a good boy at the cafe! Does he sit nicely when you order or do they come to your table? Hope your FD goes okay tomorrow…
    Dave- very frustrating when yiu’ve had a good week & weight’s gone on, hope the chocolate was good! It’s good Heidi doesn’t mind the rain with the amount you get!!
    FD for me today, so have managed 3 x 800 days in a row- finding that really hard to do right now! Have done 5 days this week so will weigh tomorrow & have a day off…had a dry & thankfully stress free walk with Xena this morning, & with Gwinnie, hubby got soaked this afternoon. Lots of cleaning & saw mum this afternoon. Looking forward to my dinner!

    Evening All…
    A bit of a wet walk but not as heavy as earlier…snack tonight, wasn’t hungry…fasting now…

    At park cafe we order at the counter although they bring everything to the table…I sat him on his bath towel folded in half next to the table he is always better with his ‘ mat’…he just settles.
    The village cafe, I think it is not as good as when we first started, they need to change the menu and cakes are not always to standard, which is good for me as I have missed a few….

    Is it inside bowls or still outside? Nice to be continuing…we are looking to see if we can find fingerless gloves with some rubber grip on the palms…hands were very cold today with the metal boules.

    Jean x

    Morning All..
    A very chilly morning all wrapped up, I wonder what I shall wear when it gets colder …Charlie had his coat on…sun out now so feels a bit better..

    I am fasting today, my daughter is coming up after school tomorrow and is eating with me so I thought it would be safer to change.

    Batch cooking Charlie’s meat for the freezer and a few jobs to do keep myself busy…

    Hope everyone has a good day..

    Jean x

    Good morning everyone, cold here but the sun is out. Fasting today as well, going to speedway in Sheffield tomorrow weather permitting so it will be fast food tomorrow.Definatly getting cooler 83 days until Christmas. We will be ok for dog walking Jean when our gloves come from Amazon. Might even try them for bowling.

    Mine are really for boules..but might see how they are on a walk I never use gloves as I take them off and on..

    Charlie’s beef and chicken cooking with chopped carrots…washing on and hand washing on clothes horse.

    Just having a break with a cuppa, will ring my sister for a chat….then see…

    No idea what I am having tonight…eggs??

    Jean x

    I don’t ware gloves often and don’t take Heidi far these days. But she walks that slow maybe I will ware them, would but ok for speedway.I can remember going to Kings Lynn a couple of years ago and my have were that cold I held them under very hot water and couldn’t feel it.

    Good morning everyone, cold today. Going bowling at 1pm, just 4 of us to keep us moving. I am the youngest 😂.Got a jumper on today, going to Sheffield tonight for speedway but rain predicted. Did a fast day yesterday so it will be burger and chips tonight at the stadium if I actually get there this time.

    Hemmy- hope you’re having a good time with Kristy!
    Dave- enjoy the speedway tonight!
    Jean- I bet the boukes fets cold, hope the gloves work. Have a nice catch up with your daughter!
    Sorry, busy yesterday & forgot to post again! Was an eating & baking day, very narked as I’d not lost anything last week despite 5 x 800 cal days…
    Walked Xena & Gwinnie, did youngest a veggie cooked breakfast, smelt so good, but a FD for me. Saw a couple of ladies from Church for coffee, had a nice catch up & a teeny piece of cake (no icing). Helen has 2 lovely labs, nice to make a fuss of them, one isn’t good with other dogs so can’t usually go near them when I’ve seen them on walks with Xena…Mum seeing a friend today so we nipped out for a bit of shopping, still no petrol, the garages seem to get emptied as soon as they get any!
    Not sure what I’ll eat tonight, maybe soup as it’s so chilly!

    Evening everyone, have had a fantastic week away. We came home on Friday so I gingerly stood on the scales Saturday morning to find I’d gained 3lbs so decided to have a FD. Woke up in the early hours of this morning with an upset stomach so haven’t felt like eating much so that’s helped my planned FD today 🤗
    I had a dry piece of toast this morning and a couple of scrambled eggs for my tea so 🤞for a good result on the scales tomorrow.
    Haven’t caught up with all the posts on here since I last posted so hope everyone is doing well.
    Enjoy the rest of your evening everyone and stay safe.
    Nana x

    Evening All.

    A lovely evening with my daughter…a late walk for Charlie as it was bucketing down, he wasn’t amused..

    No fast day today my next one is Thursday.

    Hope you keep dry tonight enjoy yourself…my gloves have arrived good quality really for bowling but feel warm maybe for Charlie walking.

    Nice catchup with your friends. Our two garages were working normally today..enjoy your soup, getting that weather now….

    Glad to have you back after your holidays…the 3lbs will soon disappear…

    Jean x

    All quiet here!

    Is Minols still AWOL?

    No Brenda?

    Well I fasted on Friday and lost those 1.5lb!!! Problem is I’ve done nothing since eat since then….lol

    The plan was to nip up the pub for an hour or 2 this evening to support the darts team, but we didn’t go as its been pouring down all evening. I should have had a FD after all 😑

    We are off to see James Bond at our little local cinema tomorrow at 6 and have pizza to have when we come home, so definitely not a FD!
    And Wednesday we have our 2nd bell ringing practice and then the usual drink afterwards…

    So it’s looking like 2 back to back FDs this week, Thursday and Friday 😱

    Hope you got to the speedway tonight Dave and it wasn’t rained off.

    Have you tried handling the boules with the gloves yet Jean?

    Did you have soup HHs?

    Hope you are feeling better Nana?

    All FB, Messenger etc still down…its been ages now. Hope my mum has seen the news and doesn’t think its her Internet!!

    Hemmy have you had a lovely weekend with Kristy?

    I don’t have any work scheduled this week, apart from my usual dog walking, so need to keep busy and away from the kitchen!!

    Hope this weather isn’t the start of a long winter 😥


    Good evening, WhatsApp and Facebook have been having problems today. Just home from Sheffield, we won the Speedway by ten points, the second leg is on Thursday at Belle Vue.I played darts for years, was reasonably good. The best I ever did was an 11 darter.I played in a league from being 17, was tall so got away with being 18😂.

    Good afternoon managed to buy the last two cobs😋😋. Speedway was good last night, were won by 10 points so the second leg is this Thursday weather permitting. They had some heavy rain in Sheffield yesterday but managed to sort the track out.Fast day tomorrow and maybe Thursday also.

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