Fat Busting Brits!!

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  • Afternoon everyone just got back from our usual Thursday trip to Ely. Auntie doing well but Uncle getting confused a bit now about things. We always put their wheelie bin out for collection the next day as we leave but Uncle saw us walking up the path and said you’ve not put the bin out. Quite busy in Ely again a lot of tourists.
    Can’t remember if I mentioned that I was due a medication review blood test which I had last Monday, anyway I received a call from the Drs surgery yesterday afternoon after I’d got back from blood doing to say that I needed to have a phone consultation regarding my cholesterol levels which I’m already on medication for- at least my liver function test was alright as that was the one I was concerned about.
    Breakfast in Ely this morning as usual so having a boiled egg with salad for our tea. I’ve been trying the 16:8 method this week and will brave the scales tomorrow 🤞
    Hemmy wise words regarding enjoying a social life it’ll soon be winter before we know it.
    Jean hope washing machine fixed.
    Dave a better result for the bowls today.
    Hedgehogs hope mum will be happy with her fire being sorted.
    Enjoy the rest of your day everyone and stay safe.
    Nana x

    Good afternoon,it’s scorching here in the sun. Got a good tan bowling and won for a change. I like bowling Thursdays I have won the last 5 game’s on Thursday.Jean I wouldn’t worry about eating out can always lose in in winter.

    Good afternoon shopping done had to reset the door bell, it’s a pain resetting everything just because I changed my phone🙄.Cooler today here but still no coat needed. I lost half a pound this week. No bowling tonight, having a rest.

    Hi FBBs hope ll is well with you. Xxxx

    Very cloudy but warm so a good day for getting things done. A good tidy and hoovering through then I am on holiday till Tues lol. Will just be pottering about doing what I fancy.
    Nothing planned for the weekend as I dont care for driving much these days even more with the heavy traffic of the holidays.

    This week weight has been good almost weighing within the oz so i am pleased with that. !0 weeks today no alcohol.

    Brads .. Well done on your loss this week and you managed your cobs too. Sometimes best to have a little break from things. They then become more enjoyable.

    Nana… A shame about your uncle so hard to see it happening. What is this evenings Takeaway.

    Enjoy your day everyone

    Some people could be given an entire field of roses, and only see the thorns in it. Others could be given a single weed and only see the wildflower in it. Make sure you see the wildflower. Xxxx

    Evening everyone a quick check in. Scales showed that I weighed the same as I did the last time I weighed myself so pleased about that pity I’m not at goal weight as I seem to be maintaining.
    Hemmy Indian takeaway collected this evening so Tandoori chicken and salad for me plus my turn to drive so no alcohol but that might change.
    Dave well done.
    Enjoy the bank holiday weekend everyone and stay safe.I’ll be back Tuesday.
    Nana x

    Good afternoon, very quiet on here today. Heidi was a nightmare last night pooing everywhere, on her bed downstairs and upstairs, on the stairs. I was up at 3am this morning cleaning up.Shes just dashed out now so no good today for her. Water only. Got the stairs clean now so hope she gets better soon. Denise not happy.

    Watching the Paralympics, only me on here? Just tieded Heidi up, will have to give her a bath this afternoon. She’s heavy to lift into the bath.

    Morning everyone, not much sleep last night, didn’t go to bed until 3am.We starved Heidi so hopefully she’ll be better today. She had a 24hour fast yesterday.Will take her out now, it’s a nice sunny day here.

    Jean- well done getting your washing machine sorted. I’m with Hemmy- we could end up with another lockdown over winter, so enjoy while you can!
    Dave- well done with the bowls, but very upsetting about Heidi, hope she’s better after not feeding her for a day…
    Hemmy- your food plates sound good! Shame about Pips mum, but 13 is a good age, Josie was 13, we were surprised she made it to that, she had a few health problems.
    Nana- well done maintaining, I think given the lovely social life you have right now, that’s good!
    Forgot to post yesterday, sorry! Mum’s fire is not a problem, but she wants her hob doing too & that is more of a pain & she’s got to buy one to fit herself, co-ordinate the electrician, she won’t manage that so guess who will have to sort it out, all so unnecessary! Did another FD yesterday, it was grey & chilly, didn’t feel like doing much, I get fed up fasting some days, so was lazy! Lost just over a pound this week with 5 800 cal days so pleased with that! Walked Xena & then Gwinnie today, a long walk for both!
    Have a good day all ☺

    Good morning, Heidi got me up early. Speedway today.Wolverhampton at home at midday then away at 7-30. I normally go to both but will just go to the home one this time. Not been to any away games this time. Before vivid I went to Ipswich, Peterborough,Kings Lynn, Wolverhampton,Swindon and Somerset.Fast day today.

    Afternoon All..
    Sorry missed a few days..
    I joined Fay for a game of boules with her hubby he has not played before…which was nice. Played three games, I won two and Dave won one, he played well. The terrain is very hard to play on since we put more grit on, I think we need some heavy rain to settle it down.
    I came back and put weed killer on my lawn to get rid of the dandelions…my daughter is feeling a bit better today, she had a very unwell day yesterday, she is on day 8 of COVID, it’s a good job she is jabbed up…

    I am fasting today…I think there’s 4 of us…

    Washer is all fixed and I put all the units back together..all tidy again….I have had a wobbly few days, I don’t know why, it just comes over you in waves. I don’t think people understand it unless they have been through it…

    Have a good fasting day everyone..

    Jean x

    Very hungry now, was tempted to buy food at speedway but resisted 😇.Not sure what to have for tea.

    Jean- sending you a hug, not surprising having wobbly days, it’s still early days for you, not a year yet, & your Steve was so special…hope today took your mind off it a bit. Glad your daughter is feeling a bit better, school back soon? My sister is back Thursday…
    Dave- well done keeping strong at speedway! Must be so tempting! Hope your team won…wonder why Heidi is having another spell of accidents?
    Hemmy- hope you’ve been okay over the bank holiday? Is Kristy having a good time away?
    Nana- have you been out today?
    Been a busy day for me- walked Xena, then Gwinnie, baked 2 quiches for tonight, cut son’s hair, made him a cooked breakfast & some protein bars & then saw mum this afternoon!
    Couldn’t face a FD today although I usually do Mondays, so hopefully I can do tomorrow!
    Keep strong Jean & Dave!

    Evening All…
    Finished for the day about 650 cals I am ok about that…

    Hope you get the wasps nest sorted for your mum..
    Jacqui goes back to school next Monday, she could do half a day after her morning meetings, the staff go and sort their classrooms out..she is far from being right. Philip is having another week off, he is not fit enough to drive his articulated lorry, he feels he wouldn’t be safe.
    I have had 3 or 4 rough days no idea why, just a bit weepy…

    Have you been busy in the garden our weather hasn’t been good..you must miss Kirsty when she lives away from you, hope she enjoying her holiday….it will take time to get used to being on your own..I feel as if I am ok, then I am not..

    Well done not eating at Speedway, it’s hard going…

    Jean x

    We got beat at speedway, team not good enough this year. Heidi at our again this morning while we were shopping.Might have to consider locking hey out in the back when we go shopping,don’t like the idea though. Bowling today rearranged from yesterday so bowling today, tomorrow and Thursday.Had my cobs.

    Hi FBBs hope all is well with you Xxxx

    I hope everyone enjoyed the holiday weekend , We had our village Fruit and veg show on Saturday so that was nice and the weather was good before it turned quite chilly Sun/Mon.

    I had some extra carbs over the last few days .. Tea and cakes at the show .. plus a few more bits.. I had only put a pound on this morning so that was ok .. Back low carb today. Just had cheeses nuts plums I need some cold meat though shopping tomorrow. lol Will be 11 weeks No A this week .

    Sym .. Hope you feel a bit more uplifted today .. you are doing brilliantly be proud of your achievements creating another life is never easy.

    I do miss not having Kristy around but enjoy the times she comes .. I quite enjoy my own company the easiness of just doing my own thing. I read a lot and of course the garden lol.

    Nana .. Did you have a nice weekend was it a busy one .

    H H .. Are you fasting today .. you are doing so much more extra walking with Gwinnie to walk too… It will help with the pounds.

    Brads.. I read yesterday in The Oxford Mail they are reopening The speedway at the stadium next year.
    Poor Heidi she doesn’t sound well at all .. bless her. Maybe the vets.

    Have a good day everyone whatever you are doing .

    When you make your well-being a number one priority, the rest will fall into place 💚 Xxxx

    Evening everyone. Weighed myself this morning for the end of the month and had lost half a pound and my total loss for August overall is three pounds. I did manage a fd on Saturday and Monday.
    Hemmy had a lovely weekend thanks but the weather wasn’t that great.
    Been to visit daughter today and she gave my hair a long overdue cut.
    Jean hugs to you.
    Usual rest of week for us lunch out tomorrow,Ely Thursday and Friday night meet up with friends.
    Enjoy the rest of your evening everyone and stay safe.
    Nana x

    Hemmy I’ve been to Sandy lane to watch the Cheetahs.Signed petition’s to open it up again. Heidi is having a few accidents lately, Denise is not happy. She’s looking at now very sheepishly.Bowling was good today, I lost but only by 2 points.

    Evening all!
    Jean- hope the wobbly days pass again, hugs…poor Jacqui, hope she’s okay when she goes back.
    Dave- a worry with Heidi, it’s hard when they can’t help it…
    Nana- well done with your loss over August! Hope you feel better for it, & I’m sure you’ll look great at the wedding, had your hair done too! Enjoy seeing your friends this week ☺
    Hemmy- nice to have the village show, ours was cancelled again this year. You’re doing really well with the no alcohol, I think it’s nearly 7 years for me!
    I had a rough spell in the night- bad stomach ache but not actually sick, still felt a bit wobbly this morning so had a lazy day (took Xena to the park in the car for a game with her ball 😱 hubby would’ve taken her out but I wanted a bit of air…) And a FD!
    Poor eldest went to Somerset to surprise his gf as she’s been a bit down, he messaged her mum to let them know but she didn’t see it, gf’s dad wasn’t impressed at him turning up & it was all awkward! Long trip for him 😞
    Hope the fasters have done okay today!

    Evening All…
    A park walk and coffee at the cafe sausage for Charlie they do spoil him..I caught up with three ladies we are lunching next week, all my age and on their own, I only know them by saying hello, we arranged it earlier when COVID was on, waiting for things to get better…

    I played boules, played 3 only won 1..very hard playing on the new grit.

    Playing bowls too much you might go off it 😂

    A lovely fruit and veg show something different to do..I don’t mind my own company you can do as you please…I am feeling better today, my mind runs away with me sometimes…it is what it is but it’s not easy.

    Lovely to have a hair cut mine on Friday….hedgehog possibly too…

    Hope you are feeling better..take it easy..poor son a long way to go when not expected…

    Jean x

    Good morning FB’s a dull day but dry.Bowling again this afternoon.We play Burnage garden village.Sounds nice. Oasis come from Burnage but doubt they still live there. A low day today and fasting tomorrow.

    Afternoon All..
    Morning walk then met up with daughter at garden centre, pot of tea and a huge cherry scone with jam and cream hot out of the oven..no cake we were very full, latte to finish…
    Bought a new ceramic trough for the cemetery and two ivy plants to go either side, getting ready for winter pansies, to buy in October..

    Daughter has booked Xmas dinner out with friends and one grandson the other will be working, so I am now deciding what I want to do with the boy. I did say if we are not doing Xmas might as well knock cards and gifts off!!, apparently she will still be doing gifts, I shall be thinking about it.
    His mother and brother won’t be invited either, she won’t be going to her on Boxing Day…she is fed up of having an awful Xmas, having his side all the time and cooking….looks as if she’s digging her feet in!

    I shall have a reasonably light day might just have soup tonight…I will be fasting tomorrow …

    Enjoy your bowling our weather has turned out rather nice..

    How are you feeling today?….you should be resting up!

    Jean x

    Hi FBBs Hope all is well with you Xxxx

    Another cloudy old day but I think its warmer. It was really quite cold last night.

    Two of my neighbours have gone on holiday today .. so hopefully some nice weather to come.
    I am on gardening duty for one lot 2 greenhouses and veg plot etc so that will keep me busy. They said help myself to veg .. lol I cant keep up with my own green beans and tomatoes. Will have to find homes for them.

    Oh I have just come back from Tesco I dont know why but seem to buy far to much when I go there. Not sure if it s the variety or those club card prices.
    Anyone interested and I hate mentioning the C word but big tins of Quality street and Heroes etc at £3.50 .
    Having an easy day just shopping to put away after a cuppa.

    Nana .. Wow 3lbs loss for the month that’s brilliant well done you. I am thrilled for you. You have juggled those FDs around your life to fit in with you Well done.

    HH…I hope you are feeling better today Xx You have been so busy lately more than ever. You remind me of my friend Sarah she runs a busy cleaning comp looks after her hubby and two farmer sons she is often tired or an off day but doesn’t realize how much she does. Take care of you too.
    What a shame that surprise visit didn’t go down well for your boy. Oh young love .. a long time ago. lol

    Sym… Try to just live in the moment not always easy I know. Keeping active like you do and the pure love of your boy Charlie will see you through.
    It will be lovely to lunch with the three ladies you all have a special bond you all understand .
    I have just read your post ( posted together) The trough sounds lovely and ivy .

    Oh the scone with jam and cream sounded divine lolol .

    Brads .. How is Heidi today. Good luck with todays bowling ..
    I would imagine speedway at Oxford will be very well supported next year.

    Have a good day all be happy .

    Be exactly who you are and the people meant to be in your life will show up. Losing yourself and trying to be someone else will never work out well for you.
    It just can’t. Xxxx

    All the gardening and greenhouses don’t do too much and your own to do…my hot water bottle has been out for a couple of nights, maybe a change of duvet I will try and push on a bit…no CH yet….I shall keep off the Christmas stuff…..

    I try not to go to shops too much as you seem to buy more of the bargains..still working out the freezer it’s going down nicely…Charlie is on steak in gravy, he’s helping me out 😂, a few meals for him….

    I am getting the look, his alarm clocks gone off..4 pm…I shall get ready to go…

    Jean x

    Got beat at bowls. It’s the worst green I have ever played on nobody wants to play there.Only had 60 calories so far today, having chicken breast and baked potato with green beans for tea so that won’t be too bad for a non fast day.

    Shame ….needs some money spending on it….

    Scampi tonight so higher than I was doing….feeling like it!!!


    Afternoon everyone Have had a lovely lunch with friends chose a duck scotch egg with salad but had three medium sized glasses of wine 🤔. Ely tomorrow.
    Hope everyone is well.
    Enjoy the rest of your day and stay safe.
    Nana x

    Thanks for all the well wishes, I’ve been feeling really good today- had breakfast & then lots of energy so have caught up a bit!
    Jean- hope the scone was good, it sounded it! Nice your daughter felt up to meeting up- can’t believe she’s planned Christmas already! Will you have a day with your friend like last year? Nice to have a lunch out to look forward to…
    Hemmy- lots of gardening & watering for you! Hope you can find homes for the veg…
    Dave- the bowling green sounded awful, but obvs their team are used to it? Has Heidi been okay today?
    Nana- lunch out sounded good 😉 have a good day at Ely tomorrow!
    Talking of the chocolates for Christmas, we’ve ordered ours from asda 😱 at least we’ll have them if nothing else on Christmas Day with the food shortage problems!
    Have a good evening ☺

    Lunch sounded lovely wine included ..

    Glad you are feeling better..Jacqui is late it’s usually about June!..I shall be on my own with Charlie, to go away it’s too much money three days more than £1000…Sam will be going to see her sister down south..I wouldn’t want to do the same each year it’s hard to break the thread…
    Looking at the bright side I can buy or not buy..just enough for me….sad really I am very disappointed with her…I feel quite abandoned…
    Is everything going to be short?..I think I heard turkeys might be…

    Jean x

    Morning All..
    A lovely river bank walk with Natalie and Oreo…I haven’t seen her for a couple of weeks, she has been working three jobs..she does work hard…

    I am fasting today….quick cuppa then downstairs housework….I have been to a car wash, so I need to do inside….a bit of shopping too…

    Keep strong everyone….

    Jean x

    Hi FBBs hope all is well with you Xxxx

    Its very chilly again today .. sweater on for walking first time for months.

    A nice walk and catch up with my younger friend with the King Charles .. lovely nature and company for Mr Pip.

    Just going to mow the lawns ..

    My weight seems to stay stable .. if a few extra carbs one day and an increase it just comes straight off again cutting back again. I haven’t bought any bread for about 3 weeks and dont miss it at all . I honestly never thought I would say that.

    Brads … Minister Lovell is about 25 miles from me.. How is Heidi today.

    Nana ..Ohh 3 glasses of wine you are having my share too. lolol Good for you. It sounded like a lovely lunch .. I have never tasted a duck egg do they taste different to chickens.

    H H …Glad you feel better and it was just a blip. This morning found a home for a load of green beans lol. I am trying to eat them nearly every day lol telling myself how lovely and tasty and that I will miss when they are over. lol

    Sym… Good luck with your fast what’s on the menu today. Going away Xmas is expensive and all a bit overrated I think .. looks like warmer days at the weekend.

    Have a good day everyone whether fasting or being mindful

    The person to please never mind the others is the one looking back in the mirror. 💖
    (Sometimes happiness looks like staying home, minding your business, telling people no, and doing you Xxxx

    Jean- sending you a hug…I could fancy going somewhere self catering, remote & scenic. A hotel for Christmas would not be my idea of fun! Will Tony be on his own, or would seeing him be too hard?
    Dave- hope the bowling green was better today?
    Hemmy- glad you found a home for the beans! I always grow them but we end up having more salads in summer, not so many meals they go with…Nice that you & Jean have had company on your walks today!
    Nana- hope your socialising goes well!
    A busy day- walked Xena, then out with Gwinnie- she was hard work today & coukdn’t decide which way she wanted to go! But brought her back for a play in the garden. Had our asda delivery, a few jobs & popped round to mum’s- she’s quite down again but is having a good social life. The site I moderate was very busy tonight so that took a while. Been a decent FD, 650 cals.

    Good morning.The bowling green was in much better shape but extremely difficult to bowl on definitely a home green.I lost 21-19 but enjoyed it.Shopping at Sainsbury’s now but will take Heidi out first. I lost a pound this week so happy with that.

    Morning All…
    A nice park walk met up with a few people I chat too…coffee and tea cake at the cafe…going for my hair cut / blow shortly ..

    I have stayed the same, just a few ounces down…still 2 lbs above my goal…need to move some weight!!

    I have cooked a ham joint so cold ham tonight maybe with homemade oven chips, I have some nice chutneys to go with it..
    Yes very expensive holidays at Christmas, you feel ripped off but the staff have to be paid more…
    Nice your weights stable but mine could be lower…

    I shall be on my own at Christmas with my boy, I am upset about Jacqui it would be nice to be asked but it’s such a miserable household with her hubby..I am better on my own….I shall be naughty and say I am seeing someone keep everyone else happy but stay on my own….stay with Steves memories..
    Your mum is so lucky to have you and your sister..enjoy your walking but don’t do too much…

    Cob day! Enjoy them….

    Must dash to the hairdressers..

    Jean x

    Hi FBBs Hope all is well with you Xxxx

    A better day with sunshine and its warmer. A lovely walk again today with little Wesley and my friend Honestly him and Mr Pip were terrors this morning like naughty children if one didnt roll the other one did. lol Its what the farmers have put on the fields it is sooo pungent .. sometimes the whole village reeks of it lol Country living hey lol.

    Weight staying in maintenance so I am happy with that.

    Aching a bit today as I edged a long path yesterday with lawn each side .. and the grass quite dry so hard going . Looking trim now though.

    H H .. Its a shame your Mum is down but good she has that nice social life . I expect Gwinnie wonders where your neighbour is .. can the husband walk her at all.

    Well done on yesterdays 650 cals

    Brads .. well done on the pound loss .. you can enjoy your cobs today.

    Nana .. Whats the evenings Takeaway lol ..

    Sym… The ham joint sounds lovely do you roast it.. That would be good for me as Pip loves ham .. always likes a couple of slices at lunch time.

    Well done maintaining .

    I think Christmas is too commercialised now .. It changes when no young children around .. I don’t like it but Kristy comes to me and Phil to his Dad and Aunt .. Young ones don’t seem bothered now about being together. Andrew and I wouldn’t have dreamt of being apart.

    I keep telling her for the two of them to just go away for the holiday .. I will tell her again this year.

    Have a lovely day everyone whatever you are doing

    Being alone doesn’t always mean being lonely. Being in a relationship doesn’t always mean being happy. Xxxx

    My butcher told me how to cook the ham…I simmer in water….I cover the ham with water bring to boil it goes frothy, throw away water, put clean cold water bring to boil and simmer, I do 40 mins and turn over for another 40 mins (the size I pay about £4 in money), take out of pan and take any fat off, put it back in pan of hot water leave to go cold. It’s lovely and moist, I share with Charlie 😂…keeps us going for three or so days.

    I think you are right young ones do Xmas different, leave them to it. Your stinky walks the joys of village life..I don’t seem to have the rolling problem here thank goodness.

    A lazy afternoon, pleased with my hair, cutting more of my colour off..all going lighter and silver !!!..a bit of a read now..

    Jean x

    Afternoon everyone, well my call with the practice nurse didn’t really achieve much except she asked me at least four times if I was sure I was eating enough 🤔
    A lovely day here today much warmer than the last few days. Hope it’ll be the same tomorrow for my nieces wedding.
    Hemmy chicken tikka from our local Indian takeaway this evening OH’s turn to drive.
    Jean nice to get a haircut that your pleased with.
    Good visit to Ely yesterday as usual.
    Enjoy the rest of your day everyone and stay safe and I’ll be back Monday.
    Nana x

    Good afternoon not a fast day today, more of a naughty day, tea and cake😱.My shoulder is still sore, out some Deep Relief on but not having any effect.Took heid out and she met 3 new dogs so she was very happy. Met the cast I call her car yesterday and they were very close with no problems.I stroke the cast then Heidi and they seem to like each other.

    Afternoon all!
    Jean- well done with maintaining- I think it’s good even if you don’t! Good you like your hair! Probably better to be on your own rather than with miserable SIL, maybe something will turn up…I will try cooking the ham like you say, I do the same as you except for the last bit! Enjoy yours…
    Hemmy- we lived right in the sticks as a teenager, the farmer dumped a huge pile of chicken manure in the field opposite, boy did that stink! No rolling here for a bit fingers crossed!
    Maybe Kristy would rather spend Christmas with you than her partner? Seems strange to me!
    Dave- can’t stand the smell of deep heat, I use ibuprofen gel…sounded like a close game yesterday! Well done with a pound off!
    Nana- hope the takeaway was good & enjoy the wedding today, have a lovely time 💟
    Went out early with Xena- have given up having her in the front with me , she’s started barking more & won’t sit, so she’s back in the boot, naughty girl! Should’ve walked Gwinnie but the other neighbour who helps too has got in a muddle & went the wrong day! Seen mum this afternoon, patience needed- she asked if the monthly craft market would be back on as she’d really like to go- the one I’d said I’d take her to last month & she then didn’t want to go, aaargh! And she thrashed me today at Rummikub 😂
    Looking forward to pizza tonight, not fasting this weekend… Have a good evening all ☺

    Evening All..
    A drizzly start on our walk this morning..not too bad but my hair soon goes frizzy…

    Boules today, won one -lost one..only two of us playing so a fair game, onto the cafe quiche, salad and jacket..I left some, no cake…😇

    Hope your wedding was nice and you enjoyed it…enjoy your curry this evening…

    Your poor shoulder it’s been hurting a bit….

    Looking for holidays, found a solo holiday but must wait till after COVID calms down to Malta could be tempted…I would like a uk hotel with loads of land to walk on, it’s possibly in my head but a thought 😂 for me and Charlie.
    Charlie is reactive naughty at times then we go a few days as good as gold then takes me by surprise again!..Enjoy your pizza tonight..well done to mum winning the game, she keeps you on your toes 😂

    Have a good weekend..

    Jean x

    Good afternoon just.Fun and games around here. The police came knocking on our door asking if my doorbell was motion activated.I said it was but only screenshot I don’t have the video running.She asked me if she could look on my phone, she found a photo and asked me to send it to her phone so I did. The road across from me is all taped off.She wouldn’t say what had happened.Its a lovely sunny day here today.Heidi kept barking at her😂.Well she’s lost her bark, sounds like a seal these days.

    Where is everyone?

    Evening All..
    Lovely day two good walks, a bit of a sit in the garden. I had a pizza and chicken wings delivery just for a change I enjoyed them…
    A quiet Sunday nothing happening…

    I am fasting tomorrow ..

    I wonder what was happening around you all very interesting…

    Jean x

    Yes it was like something off TV.All quiet now it was a street that I take Heidi down. Just been down it now.Sick of broken bottles everywhere.Cant get to the park now unless I sweep up all the glass.

    Hi FBBs hope all is well with you Xxxx

    Its a beautiful day again .. summers back. lol.

    I had a lovely weekend .. Decided to shake my Sat up so Pam and I went to the big carboot sale .. it runs every Sat till November. Its very popular as on a disused airfield plenty of room to park and spacious for stalls. Lots had long tables. Anyway got lots of bits from there .. lovely just strolling in the sun.
    We then decided on a pub lunch of fish n chips. she came back to mine after and never left till 5pm. A lovely but long day as had to take Pip out at 7.30 am a different Saturday.

    Its 3 months this Fri with no Alcohol .. so hopefully cracked that lol
    Keeping low with carbs .. weight still maintaining.

    Brads .. all happening at yours at the weekend. .. Glass is awful so very dangerous. A shame its by the park too.

    H H .. I agree about the Christmas set up re Kristy . I find lots they do or don’t do strange. lol
    It s like 2 lots of my neighbours .. been married yrs yet one lot do their own hobbies and social entertainment never together. The others are like peas in a pod and don’t move without each other .. lol It seems to work for both parties though.

    Nana .. hope you had a lovely weekend .. Is it a busy week for you.

    Sym… Its been harder with Covid for people that have to adjust their lives through loss… all that time in lockdown wasn’t helpful at all
    A nice change to have the delivery on a Sunday save cooking.

    I love the sound of that ham recipe. When you say take it out of the hot water and get the fat off then put it back into hot water then let it go cold. Is that just back into the water you boiled it in or new boiling water.
    I am not shopping this week at all. I am buying too much food still .. I cant resist sell offs at my local shop .. its so silly. I have to think buy for one person . lol

    Have a good day all… The best weight you’ll ever lose is the weight of other people’s opinion of you. Xxxx

    Back from bowling lost again, on a very bad run at the moment.It was roasting on the green.Fast day going well, nothing to eat yet. Speedway tonight against Sheffield, war of the Roses. Better take Heidi out, will go on the church yard walk I think.

    Afternoon everyone and what a lovely one it is. According to our weather station it’s 29°C at the moment but there’s a bit of a cool breeze which is nice but am sitting in the garden under our umbrella. A Fd for me so having a BBQ later which will be a chicken breast and some salad.
    Hemmy weekend was good and the wedding went off very well and the weather was kind. OH has booked us in for another Thai lunch tomorrow but we’re going with our Friday night friends this time and he’s driving. Sadly I do enjoy a glass or two of wine when out with friends.
    Hope everyone else is keeping okay and staying safe. Enjoy the rest of your day.
    Nana x

    Evening All…
    A beautiful day, miserable start but it really improved to 25 degrees…
    I had a ride to a Beverley met up with my sister, found some walking trousers very pleased with them very tidy and fit me well, a coffee too..dropped her back at home…

    Came home and cleaned up and mopped the floors…sat out for a bit too….

    A good fast day possibly about 600 cals..nice and easy today….

    A lovely weekend for you with Pam and car boot, it’s nice doing something different and making it a good long day…
    The ham goes into the same hot cooked water…my old butcher used to cook ham to sell, he told me how to do it…..in the early days of my first marriage he told me how to do things and what cuts to buy….I love butcher shops just like sweetie shops 😂..he was kind and lovely.

    Poor you on the bowling, they are all so good but you should pick up tips from them..it takes time…..enjoy your speedway…

    I used to love bbq’s more with the caravan…lovely hubby cooks for you..enjoy your Thai lunch hope it’s as nice as last time, enjoy your wine…

    Jean x

    Dave- shame about the bowling but most of your games are close, & if you’re playing the best teams in the league…I guess that it must’ve been something pretty bad over the road if it was all taped off?
    Jean- sounds like a good shopping trip! Nice for your sister to get out aswell I’m sure. Good you have a few ideas for trips in the future…
    Nana- glad that the wedding went well! Hope your bbq was nice today & enjoy the Thai meal tomorrow!
    Hemmy- I do love a car boot! But they’re all really early round here, & too late by the time Xena’s had her walk…hubby goes sometimes. Funny how couples are, some thrive on lots of time apart! Not how we are…
    Been hot here, but because I do the shopping once a week online, I have to go by the forecast then- so we’ve had pie & veggies tonight! Had a vegan pie with the boys as it’s always made my mouth water! Have done lots of cooking too for youngest as he’s still aiming for 4,000 cals- I pick when I cook, so definitely not a FD! Did sit out for a bit though to enjoy the sun, & the peace now the children are back!
    Have washed Xena’s bedding, but she’s not been quite so funny today…
    Hopefully back to 800cal days tomorrow, but we might have a trip to the beach at some point, for fish & chips!

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