Fat Busting Brits!!

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  • Definitely keeping it going🤣

    Dave- hope the phone & case are good…hope that your car is okay with it’s service!
    Jean- how thoughtful of the new lady bringing cake! Hope your grandsons soon improve, & SD too, lots of worry for you! Good you’ve had a productive day yesterday! Well done with a scales shift! (Mine have been, but in the wrong direction 😂)
    Hemmy- no harvesting here yet, a soggy walk for us but not too muddy! I had egg mayo & cress salad tonight, so nice & simple! Hope you can find things to replace the carbs…
    Nana- lovely that the great grandsons have missed you & you got to see them ☺ hope you can fit FDs in okay this week!
    Another 800 cal day for me but have been very hungry so it was hard work! Walked Gwinnie- she’s a funny thing & will only walk on the left side of me & on the left side of the road (like Heidi, Dave?), I keep forgetting!
    Sadly my plan of a few days 800cals on the trot are having a hiccup as something’s come up!

    Heidi walks on right, she thinks she’s in Germany where their drive on the right. Raining here so will get wet at bowls match today.Car cost £216 not sure if that’s dear or cheap. They did tell me to have just an interim service next year because I don’t do many miles.Hemmy I will soon have the phone up and running,I like messing around with technology.

    Morning everyone had a lovely curry at our Newmarket friends last night sadly not a low day but I drove so no calories from alcohol also made it omad so 🤞 it helped a bit. Off out for our usual Weds lunchtime meet up shortly. Hope everyone is keeping alright. OH and I did a home covid test this morning as we’re getting out and about more now and both were negative. I really struggle with the throat part so am going to get the nose only ones from our chemist for next time.
    Enjoy the rest of your day everyone and stay safe.
    Nana x

    Morning All..
    Seem to be sleeping a bit longer, back to 6 or 6.30 which is better…a park walk this morning and brunch at the cafe. I took Charlie’s kibble to add to his 2 sausages and scrambled egg I had a bacon butty, nice to people watch and pass time…

    Took Charlie home then went back out to do a few bits of shopping, not food…got a parcel of birthday cards off to Texas which I needed to do….I bought a lovely vase from a charity shop, I dropped and smashed it 😱…

    One grandson worse than the other, they got up feeling better and both was back in bed within the hour…..
    Jacqui is doing school work this week as she is keeping in to keep an eye on the boys, lots on the computer to do…might as well clear it then she can be free to go out again…
    Gwinnie walks on the left I like Charlie on my right, as that hand is stronger to hold him..when training it’s always on the left!

    That price seems reasonable but it depends what sort of service , ours do big ones and small ones…??
    You will be pleased for me..my TV was still doing the blind talking…I went through everything on my TV carefully and with my iPad..I worked it out and managed it 😀 I was nearly shouting you again….

    Always a busy social girl, lots of things you do….. make the most of it life’s too short….daughter says you don’t have to go right at the back of throat..so don’t worry…

    Well sitting here and not much to do…Charlie snuggling with me what more is there to do…
    Life was so much busier with Steve about I didn’t realise how much caring I did, not that I am complaining he was worth every minute..everybody on here said how busy I was I just didn’t realise it…

    Sunny now it’s much brighter…

    Jean x

    Hi FBBs hope all is well with you. Xxxx

    A sunny and cloudy day again today quite windy too.

    OMG I cant believe the scales this morning … I have given myself till Sat to complete this no carb program. So I will weigh in then instead of Fri.

    Ohh so far funny enough after all my attempts at it in the past and failed .. i am quite liking it and haven’t cheated once and may be my imagination lolol but this morning after a long walk I usually want to sit with a cuppa but I came straight in changed and out to out of town Tesco …back for my lunch time platter of ham cheeses blueberries and nuts. Feeling really full too. lol.

    HH …Well done on your 800 cals yesterday .. are you still incorporating Keto.

    Brads … I am in envy you being so clever with technology .. It would help if i could get interested lolol.

    Nana…Good that you and hubby tested negative .. enjoy your out and about.

    Sym…Its amazing how much time can be spent on caring for someone.. I didn’t realise how much time I spent with Mum..here from Sat till Tues.. Picking her up and taking her back.. out for meals etc.. Its funny as its 17 months now and I have only just started getting extra things done. Not sure what I have done with the time.. Of course she did up until the last year of her life keep me on my toes shopping .. in the garden she did so much for a 93 yr old.
    I haven’t yet faced going to the garden centre in Buckingham that we went to so often for lunch .. I must do it soon.

    Have a good day all whether fasting or just being mindful.

    Success isn’t what others can see, but how you feel. It’s living your truth and doing what makes you truly happy. That’s success. Xxxx

    Hemmy I used to go round to my parents house every day, I had to give my dad eye drops and I took him out to get his feet checked regularly.I have lots of smart lights,plugs and devices.Smart TV’s.

    OMG…is that good scales or bad??…so you are into protein I would say good scales 😀…you can move a lot eating protein….I am eating more fish, I think because it’s easier for one …a dressed crab lasts me two days, a tin of red salmon two days, into sandwiches but I enjoy it, prawns too, back to emptying my freezer two lamb chop dinner tonight…it is getting less ….
    How many nuts are you eating?.a platter is my sort of meal..easy
    You must miss your mum it was a good age but you will still miss her, it won’t be easy going back to the garden centre but you will…I get the pull back to Bridlington where we were going to move too, I am glad I stayed here around people I know…a good walk on the beach with memories is still nice and even tearful and a cafe stop…

    I must feed my birds, get the chops in the oven, get my potatoes out of the garage, get Charlie’s dinner on defrost and set up, it’s all go then we can walk…

    Have a nice evening..

    Jean x

    Just took Heidi to the park and on the way home there was a black and white cat in our street.I call it Heidi’s cat because she never goes for it.It seen us coming and just stayed still.When we got close to it,it walked right up to Heidi and touched noses with her. I couldn’t believe it.

    Going bowling now and it’s raining 😫.Got wet yesterday bowling so will be the same today.Not a fast day today but will try and keep it low.

    Morning all!
    Hemmy- I’m guessing the scales were good! Leaving out carbs helps but alot of it is water weight, if you go back to eating them again it might go straight back on! I’m not doing keto now, I did 3 yrs except for holidays, it was getting really hard, especially when eldest went veggie, cooking things for him that I couldn’t eat…no wonder you miss miss your mum lots when she was with you so much 😞
    Jean- we know how much you did for Steve & of course you didn’t mind…you are doing really well, going to Bridlington very hard, will you go there for a short break again?
    Dave- that’s a bit less than I pay for a big service. I do keep Xena on my right usually but she’s not bothered. It’s so nice when dogs & cats get on ☺
    Nana- just be careful if you get the nose swabs & don’t put them as far up as they say, there’s no need, it can be dangerous…sounds like you’re doing really well keeping low even with eating out! Have you got an outfit?
    Yesterday disappeared with dog walking, shopping & cleaning! Didn’t get much sleep last night & Xena was up twice with the squits & has been very sick this morning, no food or water yet, she looks a little brighter though. Don’t feel very with it, have walked Gwinnie & not too much else!

    Morning All…
    Park walk this morning I think it’s favourite place, lots of running and smells..lots of chatting this morning…

    I met a dog sitter Izzy she was lovely, Oreo and Twiglet go and stay with her, Oreo is going for his first sleep over next week…I think I might go down and see her and see how Charlie might fit in, she has two very small dogs of her own so they must all get on together. Only thing he would have to sleep in a large cage in her bedroom with his bed, still it would be better than kennels. She has a large house and large fenced garden. It’s a thought.

    I am fasting today…I was going out but changed my mind can’t be bothered getting too late now.

    How lovely Heidi gets on with the cat, rubbing noses too…it’s not good bowling in the rain…

    I have not thought about going away again..I will wait till the children are back at school…I have been thinking of going for the day, even tomorrow as tide times are good ….you have decided to go back being a veggie, it must be hard doing all the different meals, it makes things easy..
    Hoping Xena picks up soon and it all passes…

    Jean x

    Hi FBBs hope all is well with you. Xxxx

    A warm day we had a sharp shower about 2 hrs ago just as I went to get out of the car to shop.. lol No coat.

    Yes the scales were in a OMG good mood lol. Like you say HH its probably lots of water.. I have noticed my legs often ache in the evening but they have been good this week.
    H H … Funny you saying about if you revert back it goes back on. I was walking this morning with my neighbour who’s hubby has lost 3st in weight on this way..
    They have cut the carbs.. eg .. rice bread pasta etc man made stuff.. but they dont worry about any carbs in fruits or veg..
    When they go out for a meal with friends they eat chips etc enjoy them .. relish she said lolol then just continue the next day.

    Honestly her hubby is a star with it.. he is 64 an Aussie .. always a striking man but losing that 3 st after he had awake up heart attack out of the blue.2 yrs ago . He now looks like a really young man.

    He started on the 800 cals plan that he saw in a Sunday mag that I pass on to them.. So I am chuffed.
    LOLOL I have just convinced myself to keep going at it.

    It sounds like we all have been carers and so happy to have assisted our love ones.
    i really feel that it helps with the loss and helps also to come to terms with knowing we did our best. Xx

    Salmon tonight with green beans .. and salad..cheese and fruit.

    Sym .. a good handful of nuts .. just bought 2packs from Lidl … Alesto .. Mixed nuts high fibre .. I think about 1.85 per generous pack and they are lovely all whole no bits ..

    Have a good day all whatever you are doing

    Remember we are in this together one day at a time.
    Rest when you need to, but never give up. Thats us. Xxxx

    Back from bowling and got away with the rain, it stopped just before I went on, had to dry the bowls every end because of the wet grass. They all laugh at me because I can bowl them a good way without much effort but they struggle 😁.Going for a low day today.

    A sunny day here today, typical I should have been bowling but going to speedway so it’s good weather for speedway.Just had a shower so will get weighed when I’m dry.

    No movement on the scales this week🤪.Must try harder. My new phone came today but I missed it by 5 minutes.So got to wait until Monday now.

    Afternoon All…
    A good walk then I decided to visit my sister, Charlie came the dogs are really getting on now, just wander about with each other, not playing but getting on!
    Charlie started whining after three hours I think he wanted to sleep, I shall take his bed next time..

    Over the two weeks I have lost 3 lbs of the 4lbs as the scales went flying up…I am 1 lb up on goal so must work on that this week..

    Well done on your neighbours weigh loss and all because of you..it makes you feel good.
    Must look at the nuts, I like them, good on the side without the bag at your side 😂

    Shame on your phone a bit more of a wait..enjoy speedway..

    Jean x

    Evening everyone a quick check in. Decided not to weigh myself after the week of eating that I’ve had but I did try too keep it as low as I could and a couple of days were omad.
    Jean well done on losing and glad you and Charlie had a good visit with your sister. How are you grandsons doing now?
    Dave annoying about your phone and having to wait until Monday.
    Hemmy you must feel proud that you were instrumental in your neighbours weight loss.
    Have a good weekend everyone and stay safe.
    Be back Monday.
    Nana x

    Hi FBBs hope all is well with you. Xxxx

    A cloudy day here for the most but warm..

    A busy day .. a good walk then I went charity shopping with Pam my bestie this afternoon… I had my lunch before I went so just a coffee.
    I wanted to get to tomorrows weigh in without going astray. lol .. I am pleased with those scales. lol

    9 weeks today No A and feeling good more energy.

    HH .. hoping you are enjoying your day.

    Brads … Roll on Monday for your phone to tinker with . Enjoy speedway.

    Nana .. Have a lovely weekend ..

    Sym.. So pleased for you the dogs are getting on well.
    I bet thats a relief not having to worry about that.

    Have a lovely evening everyone.

    Never let your mind become the greatest obstacle to success. To get your mind on the right track, the rest will follow. Xxxx

    Grandsons are now fine waiting till Sunday evening for isolation to finish…three days of positive results before they started to improve with negative results on the lateral flow tests.
    Good idea on the scales a bit like me last two weeks..I feel much better now…

    Well done on just having coffee and a good look around with Pam…good luck on the weigh in tomorrow..

    Nothing on the TV off for a shower and PJs on..

    Jean x

    Good morning, heavy rain here today, took Heidi out and gave her a good rub down when we got back. She loves being dried with the towel.Speedway was good last night. They had a round of the youth championship before the main meeting and some of the riders could just about climb onto their bikes😁.

    Sorry, I forgot to post again yesterday!
    Dave- glad the speedway was good, & it stayed dry- shame aboutthe scales, better than up though!
    Jean- well done getting the dogs comfortable with each other! I thought you were happy with the dog sitters who had Charlie overnight? Or do you want to have 2 in case? Both the 2 couples who had Xena for us are retiring, she’s such an odd thing it takes her a while to get used to new people…
    Hemmy- nice to have a trip out with your friend! & great to have inspired your neighbour’s weight loss! You’re doing well on the acohol free front 👍☺
    Nana- you’re very controlled in between all the socialising, so I’m sure the scales would’ve been okay!
    Managed a 600cal FD yesterday- I’m doing okay with the FDs at the mo but am finding the nonFDs I’m so hungry I overeat, very frustrating after all this time on this WOE…
    Saw mum yesterday, my aunt & uncle were here for a brief visit, I think they took mum to look at electric fires, she doesn’t need any encouraging with her silly whims, & we’ll be the ones taking care of her when she gets stressed about having workmen in, great! My aunt is good with mum otherwise though & hopefully they’re taking her on holiday in October, so can’t really say anything!
    Walked neighbour’s dog, & Marg has now gone into our local care home, so relieved about that!
    Hoping it stays dry for a bbq tonight!

    Hi FBBs hope all is well with you Xxxx

    Very dark here it looks like winter apart from its not cold. lol

    Well … so very pleased that I have lost 3lbs this week .. I haven’t done that since early days.

    I dont have breakfast as you know just the full milk coffee. I love the lunch platter idea .. just bits and bobs cheeses a bit of ham .. salad leaves .. fruit nuts. I even did two pieces of salmon one evening and had the other cold on my platter. Funny as I never missed bread at all… She the queen of wedges of sourdough. lolol

    After a few days I did miss some carb with evening meal I just ended up with a piece of meat or fish with just veg with butter on A bit bland

    My neighbour like HH cooks a lot does nice tasty things with veg.. These days I just cant be bothered for one.

    Weight is good now .. clothes fit well .. I will continue with the lunches but include some carb in the evening meal. EG Jacket potato this evening. lol It was good to shake things up a bit.

    Brads well done staying stable. What a lovely natured dog Heidi is with both dogs and cats.

    Nana Have a lovely weekend. You do so well with your fasts. Not easy I bet with all those lovely meals out you have. Enjoy them while you can.

    HH..A nice change for you with Mum duty lovely to know your Aunt is taking care of her even if between them they are creating ” New whims” lolol. At least you will have had a little rest.

    So pleased for Marg and family /friends that she is being cared for it must be a relief for all. Well done on your 600 day.

    Sym.. Well done losing the 3lbs the last 2 weeks that was brilliant as you had some nice cafe stops.

    How are you find Sat and Sun I am ok Sun I have wound down.. still finding Sat super hard as it was always so busy but an enjoyable routine. .. every Sat I think next week I must do something different but I dont . Enjoy your day. Whats for dinner. lol

    Have a good day all.

    Life is like a book a beginning .. middle and ending dont close the pages to quickly. Xxxx

    Afternoon All…
    Village walk a bit drizzly this morning. Boules day and it was dry while we were playing, a game of singles with three of us, it works out a longer game…I won but was very close I came through on the last throw.
    Then to cafe to finish off…

    We are getting new grit on Tuesday so all hands on deck to spread it..arriving at 8 am but we are all there for 10 am, I shall take Charlie as it would be too long to leave him a long lead and his bed, I shall take him home at 12 as we are going to the cafe before playing…I am also out for a meal on the evening so a long day for him otherwise…

    A wet walk for us this morning but warm..looking better now….

    I thought another sitter would be a good idea, this one can have up to 4 dogs plus two of her own, some are just day boarders…she is lovely Oreo and Twiglet go to her..only thing he would be in a large cage in her bedroom at night, better than kennels…she has a very large fenced garden….the other one only has one dog, she would have another in an emergency…what do you think?…it’s just back up..
    It’s shame on your sitters having to Xena start with another new one…
    Hope mum sorts her fire out and also have a holiday away with your Aunt, it gives you a break..my sister seems a bit better of late, she still repeats herself but she’s not forgetting who I am…
    Glad Marg is sorted out and he can go and see her and go on his scooter, it will be better for him.
    Enjoy your bbq this evening…

    Well done on your new routine and 3 lbs off for you that’s great…I think I am a bits and bobs meals now, not a lot of potatoes or bread…a cafe meal of ham sandwich and salad, cream apple turnover and latte, I feel very full it was a large granary bread cake..not much tonight.
    Saturday I am ok with as I play boules…Sunday sometimes flat I may go shopping tomorrow I need some waterproof shoes, for boules and Charlie walking…see how I feel when I get up…

    Just ordered three tee shirts to add to my others, I like them through the winter, some are needing to be thrown out…

    Thinking cuppa time..

    Jean x
    Jean x

    New phone pretty much set up now.It was a surprise when I got it this afternoon. Just a few tweaks needed and all will be well.

    Hi FBBs hope all is well with you. Xxxx

    A better day today at least some sunshine.

    I couldn’t believe it this morning Sunday is usually a very naughty day .. Fresh bread and a pastry .. picked up when I get the morning paper . Today I never bothered at all just walked by. lol.. Long may it last lol.

    The garden calls this afternoon ..still lots of colour the warmth and rain did it so much good.
    Loads of green beans now .. getting a bit bored with them.. I dont care for them frozen so will see where I can find them a home. Nice picked when young.

    Brads … glad your new phone came early and you have it all ready togo. Heidi is hoping its roast chicken today lolol .

    Sym.. Did you go shopping for your shoes. …

    HH Hope your day is going well .

    Have a good day all.

    The relationship you have with yourself is the foundation for everything you do in life so you must give yourself the care you are always giving others. Xxxx

    Good afternoon, it is roast chicken so Heidi is very happy.She met 2 new dogs in the park this morning one jumped up and gave her a hug, the other growled at her so she just ignored that one.

    Hemmy- well done with 3lbs off, & avoiding the pastry today…weekends must be hard I’m sure. A friend was widowed when her boys were 6 & yrs, she couldn’t bear to be in the house at weekends on their own so they would go out. Hubby worked weekends then so they coukd often come to us (the 6 yr old was a horrible boy though so I dreaded it!) Our runner beans had a slow start, so not fed up with them yet! I’m sure a neighbour will enjoy yours!
    Dave- enjoy playing with the phone, I’m sure you’ll soon master it! Hope Heidi enjoys her chicken!
    Jean- well done with your boules! Good you can see your sister more, I’m sure that will help her to see you regularly…
    Nana- hope you’re having a good weekend!
    We got our bbq done, no rain but very grey, it’s like October! A lovely walk with Xena, met quite a few dogs, although she’s more interested in her stick! Took Gwinnie out, she led the way so we went for quite a long walk, met a lovely friendly collie & they had a bit of a play, she loves to see other dogs. Youngest is off today so have cooked him breakfast & made rocky road. Luckily not a FD- will try another attempt at 800cal days next week!
    Have a good day all ☺

    Afternoon All…
    A village walk then decided to go to a shopping outlet, needing waterproof shoes then I think do I need them??…no luck but bought a pair of trousers and two tee shirts..all with good discounts..I like my short sleeves into the winter…
    I have more than enough tee shirts save me buying next year ….

    Frying my haddock tonight with homemade oven chips, I really enjoyed it the other week….

    My daughter has caught COVID off the grandsons, she was positive on the lateral flow test this morning just waiting for the PCR confirmation tomorrow…felt grotty for a couple of days…headaches and sniffy..
    I won’t see her this week second cancellation!!…best to be safe as it’s proved…

    Phone all set up and ready to go…hope you like it…enjoy your chicken meal…

    Well done on missing the pastries, I must admit I am missing my biscuits there’s none in the house..
    Enjoy the garden our weather isn’t too good…nice if you can have a potter..I must feed the birds just noticed they are empty….my £58 trousers for £20 a bargain, I always buy these good for dog walking and around the house, nice and tidy…wash drip and non iron 😀that’s what we like…

    Weather is strange better for a few days from tomorrow…nice getting the bbq done, I quite like them…the nights are drawing in, quite dark at 8.30 last night unless it’s the gloomy weather …here comes the heavy rain..!!
    I shall try and see sister more as I can…

    I am fasting Monday..

    Jean x

    Afternoon all!
    Jean- good to get a bargain! Hopefully I will too with a new coat when we go into town…hope your daughter & SIL are okay & don’t have it too bad. How’s SD getting on with her broken leg?
    Dave- enjoy your bowling today 😃
    Hemmy- hope you can keep.to.low carb days!
    Nana- did you have a good weekend? & get everything with your Tescos order?!
    Fasting today, okay so far. Kept busy with an extra long walk with Xena as our other neighbour is walking Gwinnie. Hair cuts for hubby & youngest, rang my HS family, she is as disorganised at ever, not sure why people ask for support & advice & then don’t get round to taking it! Mum is nice though. Going to Mum’s soon, not even going to ask about going out!

    Hi FBBs hope all is well with you Xxxx

    A lovely day nice to see the sunshine autumn will be with us before we know it.

    We had a nice walk .. looking at the square bales in the fields all regimental waiting for the farm trailer .. reminded me of days in childhood climbing haystacks.. such fun. . Oh they did look lovely .. still I suppose things cant stay the same. Not always an improvement though unfortunately .

    Had a low carb lunch .. I think I can stick to that now ok.. Just have a bit of carb included in my evening meal.
    Back to cleaning my blinds… not my favourite job.. lol.

    Have a good day all
    It’s not what we have in life, but who we have in our lives that matters. Xxxx

    We got slaughtered at bowls, you know when they are a top team,they all ware the same shirt with the club’s name on it. Bowling again on Tuesday night,we have invited a group of carers to come and have a game of bowls,non of them play so we will be helping them.

    Hello Everyone hope you all are well. Have had another busy weekend which started off on Saturday morning moving a one ton delivery of firewood that was left in front of the garage and unfortunately we (OH ) forgot to get our specially brought little tipper trolley for moving the logs out of the garage the night before. This managed to aggravate even further my painful knee from our nine mile walk on Friday. Woke up on Sunday aching all over but much better today. At least I had a good workout.
    Dave bad luck on the bowls.
    Hedgehogs Tesco delivery all delivered with no substitutions.
    Jean some good bargains.
    Hemmy yes will soon be Autumn.
    Enjoy the rest of your evening everyone and stay safe.
    Nana x

    Evening All…
    A good 90 min walk this morning then loads of jobs to keep me busy…4 loads of washing, cleaned through downstairs, repotted 4 plants, food shopping I thought I would push it to Wednesday but needed Charlie’s dinners and veg…lots more to do which will be Wednesday…

    Busy again tomorrow, new grit being delivered to the Petanque pitch so all hands on deck at 10, taking Charlie with me with his bed and long lead, he’s back home at 12 when we go to cafe, then play boules there might be too many so I may not play..as I am out again for an evening meal…I will see..

    I have two more down in Texas with COVID very same symptoms, Katie and Zack both in bed this morning feeling grotty….but ok.

    Good luck on the coat it’s a pain when the zip breaks..hope you got the haircuts done..

    I have picked up some ham and almonds, chicken to cook too…all cold with salad bits..hope you got the blinds finished..all my windows need doing, just thinking about it at the moment I hate window cleaning!!

    Shame on the game, still pick up tips if they are good …enjoy tomorrow with the caring team…

    Hope your knee is feeling much better..take it easy…

    Toe painting in progress for tomorrow evening, I have to try my best with Natalie and Sam the young ones 😂..they do have a good laugh, lovely to be so young…

    Jean x

    Jean- hope your grit spreading goes well & Charlie behaves! Nice to have an eveving out to look forward to!
    Nana- glad you’re okay after all the hard work! Walking again today?
    Dave- sounds lovely to be hosting the carers group, I’m sure they’ll enjoy it…
    Hemmy- yes, autumn on it’s way, has been a bit chillier for the early walks…good luck with the blinds cleaning, mine haven’t been done for a while, maybe if we have a rainy day!
    A lovely walk with Xena, then took Gwinnie out- she got scared by a bag of rubbish & I had to carry her past! Roger is having a new fridge delivered today- despite emptying the old one he’d forgotten & had planned to go out! Glad I could remind him but decided to keep out of helping…hair cut for eldest in a minute, the day is disappearing 😱
    Another FD, 800 cals.
    Have a good day all

    Good afternoon, been shopping and had my cobs.Took Heidi out and she met a dog her age, not many 15 year olds about.Going to take my old phone to the post office now too trade it in. Got a bag to p post it of in, will served it registered post, it’s insured for£500 then.

    Hi FBBs hope all is well with you Xxxx

    Its a lovely day .. looks settled for the week now.

    I am soo chuffed with myself … I decided this morning to bite the bullet and go to The Buckingham garden centre . Not been since Mum passed…
    We had spent so many happy lunch times there … then strolling the garden plant section.

    This morning while walking got it into my head I had to go and face it. Sooo pleased i did it seemed a bit strange but not too bad.

    I thought I would just have a coffee today no food.. well goodness the queue was 12 deep for a table so never bothered .. Everywhere you go everyone is eating and drinking so it seems. lolol.
    Anyway so glad I did it.. I got a pretty rustic wood plaque with some nice words about herbs for Kristy..its the colour of her kitchen.. A nice trailing ivy for my bathroom window .

    Brads .. enjoy those cobs.. Fifteen is a wonderful age for a dog. Heidi is doing so
    very well. How did the bowls go with the carers ?

    Nana … Hope your aches have disappeared after the weekend ..

    HH… I dislike blind cleaning too. These are the wooden ones cream and get very grubby in the kitchen .
    You are such a good neighbour but you cant be helping with everything all the time. You have a pretty busy day with your family. Hard I know not to get involved. Take care o you too.

    Sym.. Hope your day gritting is going well and pitch is looking good. charlie will feel he is on a little outing taking his bed. Hope he gets a sausage reward for being good boy. lol

    Have a good day all .. The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be. Xxxx

    Afternoon All…
    Up early and out….grit arrived and took us about a hour to sort it out there were 6 of us..hard sweaty mucky work..we had two games of boules to trial it, very fast and unbelievably slow, it needs bedding in as it was very wet…I got slaughtered on the first game, the second I lost on the last boule..worst I have played since starting.
    We all went for lunch, I decided against the pm game I was tired and I had left Charlie..home for a shower and hair wash.

    I am out tonight with Natalie and Sam for a meal just for a couple of hours…

    A night out is rare for me now, I am looking forward to it….Roger is a worry too, you do too much for people hard for you I know…

    Lovely cobs hope you enjoyed them…Heidi is a good age..

    Well done going to the garden centre, you have to be in the right mind set, glad you wasn’t too upset…some nice things bought too….I find it hard going in cafes now on my own, you have no table then queue then there’s nowhere to sit, I give them a miss which is a shame.

    Jean x

    Good morning,a bit cooler today, overcast.Bowling later so just took Heidi out. A woman just walked past our house and the dog she had would fit in Heidi’s mouth 😁.

    Afternoon all!
    Hemmy- well done for facing the garden centre, a big hug for you x I’m not good with house plants, you’re green fingered though! Enjoy the dry spell outdoors, have you found a home for the excess beans?
    Jean- hope the night out was good! Would all the dogs sit together outside if you took them or would they be too playful together?! How are your daughters, hope not too bad with covid…
    Dave- yes, Heidi is special, a grand old lady! You have looked after her well 😉
    Nana- hope your lunch out yesterday was good, what’s on today?!
    Decided on a nonFD, felt very hungry ladt night & didn’t sleep well. Saw mum this morning- she sprained her ankle out walking with a friend yesterday, but still hobbled home & didn’t think to ring me to get her! She hasn’t taken advice to ice it either! She was very down about it, she gets understandably scared of having to manage without dad…Was going to take her to her group this afternoon but a friend’s giving her a lift.
    Cloudy here now- the sun was out early when I walked Xena, typical, she got really hot!

    Afternoon everyone. Just got back from donating my 80th pint of blood am hoping to be able to get to donating 100 pints.
    Hemmy my late mum had a favourite garden centre that my sister and I used to take her too. It was very hard the first time we went there after she died and my sister actually cried.
    Hedgehogs Thai meal was good and we’ll definitely be going back again. I had no breakfast and was so full from the meal that I didn’t have anything else to eat so a nice lowish day. Hope mums ankle isn’t too painful. Am I right in thinking that she’s going away soon ?
    Jean hope you’re not too achy today after your hard work yesterday and also that you enjoyed your night out.
    Dave enjoy the bowling.
    Enjoy the rest of your day everyone and stay safe.
    Nana x

    Morning All..
    A park walk and a call in for a coffee at the cafe..

    Lots to do today but not much done…my washer is broken, the spin, I managed to get my towels out but it’s full of water. It’s integrated so a bit awkward, I managed to get a drawer out it’s clipped in, fiddled and thought it through, needed to get to some screws out, taken the kick board and another piece of wood off, unscrewed it all…spoke to an engineer he talked me through things but it hasn’t worked so he’s coming tomorrow…I have drained the washer but now I have to do again as the engineer asked me to fill and spin again….now full of water!

    Sat having a cuppa..cooked Charlie’s dinners meat and veg…need to bag them up when cold.

    My second sparrow has flown in the house in a week, that’s never happened before…got him out, Charlie was good I put him in his bed as I did the other day…

    Hope the bowling is good today.

    Girls night out no dogs!..it was a good night, ate too much…. out for thee hours…Jacqui is quite off colour, strange bad head aches and her ears, laid asleep a lot then up a bit and laid down again, worse than the boys, Philip still no symptoms..
    Hope your mums ankle is improving and she got to her group ok…

    The Thai meal looked delicious nice to go back to again. I am not aching too much but a bit tired…
    Well done on 80 pints of blood hope you get to 100 😀

    It’s not good weather quite strange really..looks and feels like rain, dull and dark but not forecast…very calm…

    Jean x

    Hi FBBs hope all is well with you Xxxx

    A cloudy day but warm… nice for walking and the dogs.

    Ohh I am really liking this low carb way of eating .. no bread for 10days until today a Sainsbury ham and cheese sandwich mayo .. and it was mainly filling .. thin granary bread. So no carbs tonight .. eggs bacon mushrooms tomatoes.
    Went to Banbury where there are lots of charity shops. So went from one end of the town to the other lol. Picked up a nice jade green hooded jacket for walking lots of books
    A Denim Company kaki green long skirt.. lovely skimming down to the hips then a slight flare. Its my first skirt for about 30yrs lolol. I live in jeans blue for day and black or white for going out. I wanted to see if I fancied wearing them again.,, before buying new. Oh and I must add lolol SIZE 12 . Thrilled to say the least.

    Brads good luck bowling. Is your new phone living up to expectation. lol

    HH.. I am not so good with house plants .. outside better. My friend keeps telling me a home need s lots of plants its really good for you.
    I expect it gets rather scary for you Mum without Dad ..I hope her ankle is better soon. I was wondering how long you have been veggie.

    Nana .. it is very had going back to places without your loved one. People in shops etc still ask how Mum is. It was even harder during lockdown as all shops closed so we were not missed at the time it happened.
    Your meal sounded lovely glad you enjoyed it.

    Sym… Glad you enjoyed your evening out and your toe nails all newly painted were not disappointed. lol
    Hope your washing machine gets fixed tomorrow at no great expense.

    Have a good day all ..

    Be Hopeful … be Happy .. Most of all be Kind. Xxxx

    Well done on your two buys, lots of bargains to be had at charity shops. Size 12 is brilliant too.
    I have cut down on bread and potatoes not intentionally it’s just happened.

    I am not too bad on house plants my favourites are the African Violets I always have them on the go….I took three from my mums house when she passed, they stood my house fire, leaves died with smoke damage and then came back to life, I had them at least 10 years I don’t know how long mum had them.

    Have a nice evening ..

    Jean x

    The phone is good, great if I want to record video.Lost at bowls again, will try harder tomorrow.Think I have done too much bowling this week it will be 4 in a row tomorrow.

    A beautiful sunny day today.Bowling at 1-30 so hopefully I will play better today. Just took Heidi out to the park and she met a really tiny dog, The owner wasn’t keen on going up to Heidi but the little dog started wagging it’s tail and so did Heidi. After a while we moved on and the little dog was going mad because Heidi left it😁

    Morning All…

    Across the fields walk this chilly morning, looking very like Autumn hay stacks and empty fields, mud creeping in on the floor too, lots of leaves falling lady was sweeping them up, it’s a bit early!

    Finishing my cleaning…a nightmare this washer, my plug is behind another cupboard, that now emptied, shelf out and the back removed which was very tight. I hate things about it makes me feel chewed up, hoping I can put everything back without asking for help…

    I am fasting today, these meals out do put the calories on..so easy to increase the weight..I am not happy.

    Sitting waiting for the washer man, it’s cuppa time…

    Hoping your bowling goes better today…our pitch is so very different hope I am better this week…

    Jean x

    Afternoon all!
    Jean- hope the washing machine man comes soon & gets it sorted easily, you do do well getting these things sorted. Hope Jacqui gets better soon…strange that SIL is okay.
    Hemmy- well done with the charity shop bargains! & a size 12, good for you! I’ve been veggie for nearly 35 years 😱
    Dave- hope your bowling score improves, nice you have sun! Heidi is so sweet ☺
    Nana- well done with just lunch- if I eat at lunchtime it makes me hungrier later!
    Walked Xena, not too long today, & then took Gwinnie out- we did a 45 min walk, so she’s getting longer! Waiting for our asda delivery…going to mum’s after, she says her ankle is much better. The surveyor’s coming to give her a price for her stupid fire, when I’ll be there. FD for me, hoping to do another 2 or 3 800cal days.

    Jacqui seems to be improving a bit, Philip seems a bit off today but she said could be in his head as he’s waiting for something to happen…Katie and Zack both positive too but both seem to be improving ..everyone except Philip have had strange very bad headaches as the main symptom, high temperatures..glad it seems to be easing..

    I do get chewed a bit, if I struggle to do things..I did with Steve about always see the negative..he used to say it will get sorted it’s ok….
    I couldn’t get the drawer out, it’s easy but couldn’t seem to find what to do..I sat and had a cuppa chatting to Steve, What do I do?, and thought lift it, I did and it came away…

    I am struggling with all these cafe/pub meals out, weights creeping up again…I must pull back but it’s hard..eating and having company or just have a coffee/drink.

    Hope your mums ok and she gets to sort the fire out and it’s not too expensive..she does get bees in her bonnet 😂

    Keep strong everyone who’s fasting..

    Jean x

    Hi FBBs hope all is well with you Xxxx

    A decent weather day quite windy but lovely drying day bedding on the line.

    Such a shame . Pips Mum Millie not good .13 yrs old so decision time for her human Mum.
    So very hard. Unfortunately due to their activeness ( springing ) they dont seem to live a great age.

    Busy today a good clean through then hopefully lawns later.. seem to be more motivated without those carbs. Maybe all in the mind. lol

    Hopefully a lovely weekend as Kristy is off to Symonds Yat… with her partner .. both busy with work and dont get much time together.

    Just made my lunch platter on a smaller plate .. the nuts .blueberries ham cheeses very filling. In the evening meal I am loving some fresh fruit some honey micro 3-4 mins with natural full fat greek yogurt.

    Page turned so .. Brads… have a good game practise makes perfect… so they say.

    HH .. you are doing well with your lower days. Hopefully the fire gets sorted and makes your Mum happy.
    Do you have any HS people on the go at the moment. Hopefully they are cooperating taken your kind help.

    Nana.. hope you are having a good day whatever you are doing in your very active day.

    Sym… It is hard when things go wrongs at home that you have no control over. Like you over the years I have been very frustrated if i cant fix something . Elated when I can. It took a long time for me to just chill and think .. ” Its just life” . Then I remind my self of sad time s I have been through and coped. Everything else is easy really but seems soo important at the time.

    Dont worry about the eating out enjoy it now maybe not so much chance in the winter months .
    As I said to my favourite younger walking friend this morning who is very down .. Its been a very hard 18 months all round for everyone .. just be kind to yourself.

    Have a lovely day everyone whatever you are doing …. Don’t blame yourself when things go wrong. At times,even the best efforts don’t turn out to be the way we would like Xxxx

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