Fat Busting Brits!!

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  • Hi FBBs Hope all is well with you Xxxx

    Happy Fathers day everyone.

    A dull day here with drizzle .. the type of rain that doesn’t look much but soaks you.

    Just going to sit and read this afternoon, on my second day of no wine or G&Ts I did 3 months last time so hoping to do at least that. So many calories…

    Ty .. eat your chocolate and enjoy it .. tomorrow you can start again. Life is too short to save chocolate lol

    Have a lovely day everyone what ever you are doing

    To lengthen your life, shorten your meals Xxxx

    I have taken your advice and have had some chocolate but so far made the smallest of dents in that 850g bar of Dairy Milk.

    I also have a giant bar of chocolate for father’s Day. Got to try he Bowling club this morning and my key wouldn’t open the gate😲, had to buy another key. Played my son and he absolutely slaughtered me.Claire is having another bad day today and as got a driving test in the morning.Not sure why she is doing it unless it’s for a job maybe.

    Good morning everyone,a dull day here but the sun is trying to come out. Denise is off to the hairdresser,pre holiday cut.Bowling this afternoon,we play the top of the league so another difficult game.They have won 6 out of 6.Just having a cuppa then I will take Heidi out.

    Steve- hope your FD goes okay today after chocolate yesterday!
    Dave- hope Claire’s test goes okay, it’ll be expensive runing a car if she does pass, but might give her a bit more flexibility with jobs & where she lives maybe? Shame your son beat you yesterday- he should’ve let you win as it was Father’s Day!
    Jean- shame you haven’t got boules tomorrow, but I’m sure your sister will be pleased to see you! Keep strong today!
    Hemmy- good luck with no alcohol! 3 months was a good long spell last time…No gardening with the rain at the moment?
    Alannah- good that you’re finding 5:2 okay so far, you’re very strong not weighing! I have a fat wardrobe & a slim wardrobe- I’m a bit inbetween right now!
    Minols- hope the packing is going okay, thinking of you…
    Had a good weekend, nice to see son’s gf again, they ate well- veggie lasagne & then cheesecake, pancakes for Sunday breakfast, fajitas for lunch…Xena was over the moon, & followed her about everywhere! They went off & are visiting friends the next couple of days, then popping back on Weds for abit, so will have to keep everything clean still!
    Dental hygienist appt today, so teeth quitesore now, will help with fasting! Not sure what I’ll have tonight- would’ve been salad but it’s a bit cold! Youngest is now thinking about trying a veggie diet for abit for health reasons- hedoes eat alot of rubbish- I bet it doesn’t last long! Hubby feeling worried & outnumbered!!

    Symba, so impressed that you slimmed into and then beyond your jeans! Hedgehogs – two wardrobes 😀 I wish I hadn’t given away my size 12 things now, but perhaps it’s just as well – if I don’t slim down to them they’d be sitting there accusing me. My third week of two consecutive days (Sunday and Monday) of fasting at present. I hope I can keep it up. Weighing in will not be before week 6 if I can be strong about it. Brad, it must be hard to diet when you are given gifts of chocolate!

    Even harder I go away soon on holiday. Will start afresh when I get back from holiday.

    I’m back!!!

    And back to basics, so Mondays and Thursdays are FDs. Today is the first in a while!

    Hope everyone who was fasting today had a good one!


    Hi FBBs Hope all is well with you Xxxx

    What a change in the weather quite cold tonight.

    Kay… Lovely to have you back .. Good luck with your back to basics .

    I am so chuffed as I at long last have started painting my lounge.. I thought it time I stopped thinking about it and did.

    I am really pleased with how its going on.. only a cream paint but its really freshening things up.

    Fasting tomorrow.

    Good luck fasters .. Take care.
    Being different isn’t a bad thing.It just means you’re brave enough to be yourself.Xxxx

    Evening All..
    A busy day…a good walk in a wood this morning. Cooked 30 Charlie’s dinners for the freezer, made 4 meat pies for me to go in freezer.

    Fasting days gone well about 600 calories I am ok with that.

    A lovely relaxing day for you yesterday, hope your books good. Our day was poor too lots of drizzle. My CH has gone on a bit today just to take the edge off.

    Hope you have only had a tiny bit of choccy…good today?

    Getting slaughtered by your son 🤣😂..your mind isn’t on in the game…hope Claire can get sorted out soon, she’s going through a rough patch..

    I could have played boules but thought I would leave the men to play on their own..one is showing too much interest in me, I would rather have the girls with me!
    Hope your teeth are easing off, they can ache for a few days. My crown is still sensitive with hot and cold.
    Busy with family and guests but sounds all well…

    I think my leather jeans belt I have lost 9 holes!!..good it’s leather I keep chopping a bit off 😂..stationary now.
    You are doing really well and very strong on not getting weighed.

    A plan and good to get back to basics…I think we tweak it too much at times..but it’s nice for a change.

    Have a good evening…..tearing my hair out with all this sport on the TV 😱

    Jean x

    Morning all

    Just had the last video quoting from a removal company – have to get three quotes. Just decided I’m old enough not to be embarassed by the state ofthe house. I’d like to say it’s just because we’re in the middle of ‘sorting’…but it’s only marginally worse than it normally is!

    Thought we’d got a cottage to move our spare stuff into at the weekend…but they’ve pulled the property, so I’m now looking for a storage unit until we can get settled, and then look at our leasure. By far the best idea, but you know what it’s like – you think you really can do a million things at once!

    Today has to be writing and practising my BSL – it’s really limited to a very particular script, but I’m being tested tomorrow!

    Given we’re moving into a smaller place and I’m losing at least one closet-worth of space…I think anythign that isn’t comfy is going to have to go – it’s so long since I wore most of those clothes anyway…someone really should be enjoying them!


    Symba 9 holes – wow!

    I’m a bit down today. After fasting since 7pm on Saturday, this morning (Tuesday) I had only trace ketones. After the other two, two-consecutive-day fasts the chart showed moderate ketones. I may not have burned any fat even after being really strict all week 🙁

    Not giving up, though.

    Well I actually won at bowls and they have a very good team, we won the team game too.Weather is not great today but dry.Hope I don’t get a repeat of the weather we had last year.Still got 2 umbrellas what we bought on holiday.The weather forecast is on TV now 19°C at the best.

    Hemmy, I think cream is a good choice – clean and fresh but relaxing. Are you pleased with it?

    Alannah don’t worry about keystones, you could possibly be the only one who checks them,I could be wrong.If your sticking to the 5-2 and not eating too much on non fast days you will be ok.Back from Sainsbury’s got the last two cobs😁.The weather dosen’t know what to do, sunny one minute then dull the next.

    Afternoon All..
    A long 90 min walk on the riverbank then dropped Charlie off at home and went to see my sister…a nice few hours, a lot of forgetfulness on her part but I kept up with her so plodded along nicely.

    Sat in and out of the garden so hot with the sun, chilly with the clouds…

    You will be upside down when you are staring your packing, good news on recycling of clothes I don’t know why we keep them all, we stay with our comfy favourites …lots of work ahead….

    You are looking into it too closely..just do 5.2 it’s tried and tested…why would you want a stinky breath!

    When are you off on holiday, you keep talking about it…is it this week?….stuff your face holiday 😂..I could do with one of those….
    Well done on winning the bowls…enjoy your cobs…

    How is the painting progressing ?…once I start I can’t stop..are you doing one room or is there more to do…

    Getting on to walk time….

    Jean x

    Good morning everyone,not a bad day here, will take Heidi out to the park soon.Definitely a stuff my face holiday,no diets allowed on holiday.So a big push when I get home.I will get weighed when I arrive home then my next weigh-in will be around Christmas.

    Morning all!
    Minols- going somewhere a litlle smaller- than will be hard! Hope you get the storage unit sorted, shame about the cottage- I thought house buying was easier in Scotland? Hope your BSL goes okay today!
    Alannah- I did the keto diet for nearly 3 yrs, never worried about testing, as from what I learnt on the 2ketodudes forum you shouldn’t be excreting ketones once your body is used to it- the ones your testing for are excess ones & doesn’t show whether you’re in ketosis or not. Plus alot of people need to eat alot lower carbs than MM suggests on the fast800 diet. (I had to eat less than 20g a day) I hope that makes sense- basically, don’t worry!
    Hemmy- good you’ve startedthe decorating, is Pips good & keeping out the way? We had to send Xena to doggy day care when we did some!
    Jean- another admirer?😉 Nice you got on okay with your sister, I’m sure she appreciates it.
    Dave- not long now, hopefully the weather will be better for you this holiday!
    Kay- hope the fasting doesn’t affect your fasting, good luck with it!
    Yesterday was a bit stressful as youngest was off; he & hubby kept locking horns, me stuck in the middle…they are very similar but can’t see it! Not doing well with fasting or 800cal days right now- Monday was good, but planning meals for boys that I want to try too! Maybe see if I can do one meal a day or just small helpings, not sure…eldest & his gf coming back today & then she goes home this evening, so cooking son’s favourite enchiladas- & one of mine too!


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    Morning All..
    A beautiful early walk this morning out of the village a different way..across the fields so lovely and peaceful..passing my friends house she’s away just managed to get her bin out and emptied as the refuse lorry was nearing her house..good deed of the day 😂…it was getting so hot as we returned home.

    A bit of ironing today, maybe a car hoover that will be pm it will be in the shade then…

    I have been getting lazy on meals making me picking about all day..so a plan today..fruit lunch…tonight’s meal, small homemade meat pie, new potatoes and peas.

    Enjoy your holiday whatever you do when you get there, you really need it this year…I don’t know how you go 6 months between weigh ins….good job we are not all the same.

    Hope the boys have settled down today…too many hormones kicking about!
    Have a restful day waiting of the return of your visitor, hope she’s had a nice visit…
    I don’t like these admirers, this one just seems more friendly to me than the other girls, they wind me up…I am not sure as yet but he will be told!!

    No idea what to do today…might be a relaxing reading sort of day 😀

    Jean x

    Jean every time I have a long period without getting weighed I always lose at least a stone.Just been bowling,warm but not too hot.

    Spent a pleasant day pottering about in the garden. Now relaxing with a chilled glass of wine in the garden…

    Hi FBBs hope all is well with you Xxxx

    So pleased to see the sunshine back again.. although I wont want to do this painting lol.

    Allannah I am ever so happy with it so far I have done about half so far. Dong 2 hours a day. I am only using a brush though as feel more in control.

    Having a break today from it.. as I have been shopping for more paint and some ready made filler a few cracks by the beams near the fireplace .

    While out it was quiet so I had a good look around.. bought Pip a bone thing you put in the freezer from Wilko .. thought it would be good this weather.

    I supposed to be fasting today but had my Lidl little pizza and a Portuguese custard tart but i have been good this week and staying stable. Hopefully. lolol

    Sym .. I feel your pain… not easy being a single woman even the more mature of us. lol
    I have a similar problem at the moment with a friends hubby … maybe something or nothing but find myself having to supress my natural friendliness. A shame really.

    HH Pips not bad when I am doing things .. I usually go out after into the garden and do bit of throwing for him.

    Enjoy your visit tonight and meal.. you have lots going on it s hard sticking to those 800 s .. Dont stress about it .. it will be ok again soon it seems to go like that.

    Kay enjoy your wine. I just going to Mow lol .

    Brads .. All this bowling bending about you should lose pounds. lolol

    I hope everyone is doing well … Go England with the football brilliant so far.

    Take care all enjoy your day.

    Treat yourself with respect and loving kindness always. Speak to yourself like you would your dearest friend. Xxxx

    Hemmy you can hear me creak when I bowl😂. You ladies seem to have admirer’s. It’s good that you still get a second glance.Just booked a trip on a steam train then a ferry across the river Dart and back. Also booked tickets for speedway in Plymouth,only problem I will miss England’s game on Tuesday night. Will be at the speedway.

    Morning all!
    Quick post- busy day yesterday, got our arbour up, but have to sort a base for it, weren’t sure exactly how big it would be, getting some stainer for it today. Xena was bitten by another dog on our walk, scary but luckily no blood drawn…Been trying to help neighbours, Mum’s dishwasher isn’t working so will help her with that this afternoon…Was going to fast but hubby fancies a Chinese!
    Have a good day all & keep strong if you’re fasting!

    Hi FBBs hope all is well with you. Xxxx

    A cloudy day here but warm. Busy with my decorating while the sunshine is missing .

    Having a mindful eating day .. I just had an omelette for lunch .. and can honestly say I wouldn’t care if I never ate another one.. I am so bored with them lolol I did have some lovely fresh eggs from the farm too. lol.

    Have a good day Fasters .. choose something you really like and enjoy or your calorie quota .

    Take care all enjoy your day ..

    No one is in charge of our happiness. Except us. Xxxx

    Morning All..
    Very cloudy day but warm…Charlie walk then I went out with Ivy to walk again, she came to me for coffee afterwards.

    Poor Charlie was attacked by three dogs behind a 5 bar house gate, he was sniffing along and they took us both by surprise, they were snarling and growling, he went too them before I could stop him and he has a 1 inch slice cut on his face..I am doing salt baths and sudacream on..looks very bruised this morning but the congealed blood is holding it together. He is very quiet today.

    Slowly doing the painting, you won’t get so tired glad it’s looking good and fresh. It’s difficult to read the men maybe just being friendly, the girls winding me up doesn’t help!..it’s hard to buy drinks not to buy drinks all so different on your own, men insisting to buy….it’s so awkward.
    I am chatty I talk to anybody maybe I should think more..
    I seem to be on eggs a lot so I know what you mean 😂..it’s just easy when fasting…

    Lots of things planned for your holidays..soon be going ..😀

    What is it with these dogs…glad Xena is fine…you have a lot on as usual…I am getting very hungry, it’s a bit early but awake at 4am again….

    Keep strong..

    Jean x

    Hi All, I’m Jaye and I started this post way back when. I’m in the North West. Not been on the site for a couple of years. Utterly fell off the wagon and then it drove over me lol. Back at 19 stone. This is obviously the barrier I can’t cross. Got here a few times now and then got back to fasting. So here I am, hopefully this time I will stay through thick and thin. Started with a fast day on Tuesday. I bought the shake powder a few months ago but didn’t use it. At this point I need to put as little thought into food as possible because I’m breaking my sugar addiction. 3 days sugar free so far. When I get to day 10 it will be a lot easier on my brain. I like the vanilla shakes made in my bullet with a banana or some berries. I’m doing 3 fasts (800 cals) a week and the rest of the week sticking to 1400 calories a day.
    Hope everyone is doing well, love to hear from the regulars still using this thread.

    Thank you for the supportive messages. No testing of ketones for a bit! I’m about to reach the end of week 3. Most days, I’ve stuck to 800 calories on non-fast days and 500 on fast days, and have avoided pasta, rice, and bread (did succumb to a potato on one day) but though I thought at first my clothes were more roomy, I am now not sure if I have lost any weight or girth. The waist might be a touch smaller, but the belly below it is still horrible. Bigger than when I was pregnant! I need to drop a size and get back to a 12. I’m resigned to never being a 10 again 🙁

    I’ve just read _The Fast 800_ and slightly lost faith in Dr MM. After confidently proclaiming the benefits of the 5:2 diet based on 500 calories a day twice a week, and insisting that this was based on good scientific evidence, he is now blithely upping this to 800 and dismissing the original 5:2 as largely based on animal testing. If he wasn’t sure at the time, he shouldn’t have promoted the diet. Wondering whether his publishers frequently nag him to come up with a new version to sell more books. Having said that, I am nonetheless grateful for the push the original book gave me to try this, and it has been much easier than just starving for weeks and then giving up. 🙂

    Hello, Gemma, from another newbie. I hope that you will be able to make your fast days tasty and filling so you can stick to this one and have a great success 🙂

    Hi Jayegirl, & thank you for starting this thread! I’ve been on hear for over 3 years☺ This is as close to maintaining as I’ve ever got but still up now more than I’d like! I ditched the sugar & carbs for 3 years with keto but it’s too hard at the moment…good luck with kicking the sugar!
    Alannah- I don’t know how you’re doing all 500 & 800 cal days- I’ve done acouple of weeks of 800 & that was my limit, never mind 500 days as well! You should definitely lose on that!
    Dave- happy holidays, hope the weather’s better than forecast…
    Jean- you be your usual chatty self, if people take it the wrong way that’s their problem, don’t change! Hope Charlie’s cut heals okay…
    Hemmy- good idea to crack on with the painting while it’s not so nice! I like a cheese omelette every now & then, maybe try frittata for a change?
    Didn’t get the arbour all painted yesterday, & a bit drizzly today, but we did get a base done, & it on- it’s so heavy we didn’t know if we could do it, but it’s on…hubby will suffer with his back though 😬 Now got to get some shingle & another shrub for beside it! Very pleased with it though. Managed just the one meal yesterday (not a takeway in the end), have had to eat up something out of date today…hopefully I can do better next week!

    Hi FBBs hope all is well with you Xxxx

    A funny day with the weather not sure what it wants to do. lol

    Its been a decent week and I have managed to lose a pound. .. so sticking to my happy weight. .. Must be all the exercise I have done with the painting lol finding muscles I never knew existed. Last push today with that.

    Jaye .. lovely to have you here again. Thank you for starting this thread its brilliant.

    I think I may have just started here when you left. I had a break put on some pounds but have lost them again. lol
    Hopefully you will soon be back on track. Xx

    Sym… It is hard when you are naturally chatty and you shouldn’t have to change but it seems to be a whole different ball game when you are a single person. A shame but true.

    HH.. I hope xena is ok after that nasty encounter … Trouble is you just never know how other dogs are going to react.

    How lovely getting the Arbour will you put a rose on it. Its so funny as I have spent a fortune at the garden centre over time. Yet one of my very best roses the size of a tea plate this year Mum had bought from the pound shop. lolol

    Alannah… Dont go too low on your cals everyday else your body will get used to it and you wont lose.. I found I lost my weight by just doing 2 500 days a week then sensible days with the odd treat at weekend after weighing Fri.
    I know you dont plan to weigh for awhile but it does give you the feed back to see what is going on. Have a good weekend .

    Brads .. just enjoy your holiday .. lots of cobs and choc and some beer. lol

    Have a good weekend everyone .. Take care

    One thing at a time, one step at a time. All we need to have is patience. Xxxx

    Afternoon All…
    A very wet drizzly sort of day, very wet for this mornings walk..it’s still at it!!

    Charlie’s cut is healing a lot getter than I thought it would be, so I am very pleased.

    Just been out for a bit of shopping picked up a crab and fresh crusty bread to go with it, I shall have half tonight and the other half tomorrow …

    I have stayed the same again…still at goal but really need another 3 lbs wriggle room off…two meals out this weekend so not a good week ahead eating wise.😬

    Hi Jay..
    Nice to have you back, we have a great friendly group here. I think Kay and I started about 6 months after you started it so it’s way back now, I think in 2015, Hemmy before us …..goodness 6 years time flies…

    Glad the Arbour has got the first coat, I suppose it could be fiddly, mind the back if it’s heavy …my Red Robin shrubs I have got for my awful neighbours fence, I don’t like them, too spidery and wide, the garden is too small to take them……bought three more to replace, more solid colour..a weekend job or maybe next week when they working!

    Well done on the pound off, lots of exercise used when painting….is there much more to do?..feeling quite lazy at the moment, first too hot now the rain …I am on top of most things..

    Safe journey and enjoy your holiday..

    Hope you got a walk in today before your journey back home…you have had a good time with lots of walking…well done.

    Have a good weekend all…

    Jean x

    Thanks, Hemmy. I was hoping kick-start the diet by a few first weeks of very low cal, then go to just 5:2.
    Need to exercise more!

    Good luck with going sugar-free, JayeGirl. I hope it goes well.

    Hi FBBs hope all is well with you. Xxxx

    A lovely day here .. an enjoyable walk my favourite time with all the/wheat/barley green in the fields then gradually watch it turn to a field of gold.

    The only thing that marred the walk was Mr Pip rolled and absolutely stank. lolol I just had to tell myself at least he enjoyed it. lol

    Having a nice lunch of my favourite 3 cheese crusty bread a nice chunk of cheddar and spring onions. Simple but tasty.

    Sym … I am glad poor Charlie is healing well … its such a shame that should happen to him.

    Pets at Home do a wonderful Tea Tree oil spray for cuts etc. ​

    ​Alannah …Do you go walking it seems to be good exercise for all ages plus easy to fit in with life.

    Have a good day every one … whatever you are doing. Dont forget to be mindful because……….

    We dont want to become pickers and then have to go and buy bigger knickers. lolol Xxxx

    Afternoon all!
    Hemmy- I am definitely a picker! Do need to watch it, I can manage not to on FDs so shouldn’t the rest of the time! Well done with that pound off! Naughty Pip, stinky boy! Enjoy your lounge if it’s done…
    Jean- hope uou’ve had a good day with boules & lunch out. Good Charlie is healing well!
    Alannah- this time last year I was doing lots of workouts & much fitter- stopped when it got too hot & not got back into it 😬 Have a good weekend…
    Jay- you too!
    Dave- safe journey, hope the hotel is nice!
    Sitting in our arbour, all done, been out for bark, got that round it, & a plant in a pot has covered the old stump, so no need to buy anything new! Noisy neighbours are having a bbq & it’s right by our fence behind it, smell is making me hungry, I am fasting today!
    Tried to get mum out today but she wasn’t in the mood for it so stuck inside playing games all afternoon! Then she kept saying how she hoped she’d get some days out in the summer! Joy…salad for me tonight, pizza for the others.
    Have a good evening everyone 😀

    Morning All…
    A very dark day but no rain…
    On Charlie’s walk all hell let loose, barking and circling…it was a Gate!…the grass is growing high on the riverbank it’s quite long, it must of taken him by surprise ..we pass by it and go through it a couple of times a day !! Stupid boy…

    Going out for Sunday lunch will get ready shortly..meeting with Sam and Natalie..no dogs….

    Keep going it does work…just a bit hard at the beginning…

    Mr Pip is naughty he does a lot of rolling in stinky places !!…as Steve would say he was having fun 😬
    Charlie’s cut is healing, a bit scabby he lost a bit and a small bleed. My step daughter sent tea tree oil, lavender oil and coconut oil mixed in a bottle, her friend does aromatherapy..she uses it on her dog..so fingers crossed.
    The fields look beautiful didn’t think of them all changing colour I shall watch for it….so peaceful walking through them.

    I am a picker too..as you say not on a fd..why!..shame you can’t get your mum to do things, she sounds so like my sister. Your Arbour is such a pretty colour nice to sit in with a cuppa and book..much bigger than I expected…

    Fast day needed tomorrow after two meals out..still I won’t eat this evening…

    Have a good day…

    Jean x

    Morning all!
    Must’ve missed posting yesterday!
    Jean- maybe Charlie thought there might be dogs behind the gate after getting bitten the other day? Maybe he’ll be wary of all gates now?! They are funny! Nice to have had a lunch out yesterday!
    I spent yesterday in the kitchen- trying new recipes, all good fun! Vegan pancakes- yummy; a quinoa salad which was nice, & vegan rocky road, which was very good. Obvs had to try it all…
    Dull & damp here, a nice walk with Xena, youngest’s bike needs taking in to be repaired, but the place it goes in is in Ipswich town centre & a pain to get to. Might pop in to Mum’s… Going for just one meal today, cooking squash & spicy couscous for the boys so will have that too.
    Have a good day & keep strong any one fasting!

    Morning All..
    A long village walk..dull but dry here…

    Two meals out with puds over the weekend has shown 3 lbs on😱….fasting today I think gaffer tape is needed !! and a strong week…fruit for breakfast, kiwi and a pear.

    Sounds like a good day in kitchen with all your new recipes..tried and tested !!
    A nightmare getting the bike mended hope you have a plan in place…enjoy your visit to mums later…didn’t think of the gate and the nasty dogs, maybe it’s a thought…talking of the dogs apparently a dog warden has given them a warning and another incident the police called over a dog bite on the river bank!

    Have a good strong day…

    Jean x

    Jean, poor Charlie! I’m so sorry he was hurt – must have been so worrying for you.

    Hemmy, yes, I walk a lot.

    So far the waist may be a bit smaller but the belly is still huge and wobbly, so my jeans are gaping open at the back but not the front!

    Afternoon everyone well I’m back after a lovely week away which involved a lot of walking and eating and drinking. Haven’t weighed myself though. Was rethinking my two fds now that our social life is picking up again and have decided to do Mondays and Saturdays with my weigh in day being Sunday but have already realised that I can’t do this Saturday as we’re booked to go to the pub for a meal in the evening with our neighbours so will do tomorrow as a fd instead much as I hate doing b2b fds I shall have to do so.
    A lovely BBQ yesterday at my sister in laws to celebrate her birthday it was so nice to see family and friends after such a long time and the weather was kind to us.
    Haven’t had chance to read up the posts whilst I was away but hope everyone is well and those of you fasting today are not finding it too difficult.
    Stay safe everyone and take care.
    Nana x

    Hi FBBs hope all is well with you. Xxxx

    A dull day with drizzle at times here. .. Just come back from town as needed to get my years tax for the car and paint for the skirting and door frames. . Honestly the state of the roads etc £315 seems a lot. lol

    Feeling tired… I think I did too much last week.. I must stop multi tasking so much and just do one thing at a time. Mum would have said “There is always another day” lol.
    Had a good week end but wanting sweet things as once again I am on my 10th day no alcohol. lol.. It seems that replacing it with sweet things is normal but should level out again… so to go with the flow of it.. I have bought those little Time Out chocolate biscuits hoping 1-2 will satisfy while I need it.

    HH … Do you live near Ipswich thats where Mr Pips breeder lives.
    What some lovely food you make .. it makes the mouth water . lol Good luck today and enjoy your one meal.

    Sym… Its amazing how quick pounds can appear when eating out … but you have to just enjoy it at the time then cut back a bit later.
    Hopefully Charlie is healing well.

    Alannah .. It sounds like you are doing brilliant if your waist is smaller .. it is usually I find the last to lose from. Are you doing low calories every day this week or just a few days. Good luck ..

    Have a good day everyone whether fasting or being mindful

    Nana .. Just crossed with your post Xx Lovely to have you back and pleased you had an enjoyable week .. Lots going on for you socially now. Xxx

    Being healthy is a way of life.
    It’s not just about what we feed our body; it’s about what we feed our mind and the social environment we keep too . Xxxx

    Hemmy, only a little bit smaller! Long way to go. I’m now trying to kick-start weight-loss by going low calorie every day. After 8 weeks or so I’ll go back to 5:2.

    Hi FBBs hope all is well with you Xxxx

    A cloudy day here but no rain and nice for working .

    Fast day today .. going well not feeling hungry at all .. busy going over my car for MOT tomorrow morning … early pick up at 9am so will have to walk early .
    Just fingers crossed no awful rolling lolol..

    Better get back out side need to be all settled for the England game later.

    Alannah .. every little lost is a step in the right direction Xx

    Have a good day everyone take care.

    Happiness does not depend on what we have or who we are, its solely relies on what we think. Xxxx

    Hemmy, not being hungry must be a sign that the diet is working and changing your appetite 🙂
    Thank you for the encouragement 🙂

    Glad you had a lovely week, Nana.

    Well Day 2 and is going well! Will be under 800 again. NFD tomorrow but keeping to the fasting all day.
    Pizza evening with the people we work with tomorrow so that will be nice!

    Best turn on the TV I guess. I don’t like football but I have to watch this game!

    Keep strong fasters and if you aren’t fasting, enjoy those calories!

    Well done, Kay! I daren’t go for pizza – I wouldn’t be moderate, I’d scoff the lot!

    Thought I would check-in,on holiday so definitely no fasting.Weather mixed but dry watching the football so Navi tomorrow maybe.


    Evening All…
    A good walk this morning the boys were very shattered after playing on the river bank…
    I played boules today played three games, I won two ..we mixed around the teams, I played well against the men.

    Watched footie, England played well they deserved to win..still I was asleep for the first goal 😂

    Charlie keeps scratching his scab off, I think it ok…scarred his face I hope it goes.

    Good the waist is getting smaller, gives you motivation..

    Hard to fit the fasting in on your big social life..I am sure you will get it to work again…I think I am in the same boat 😂

    Very warm and humid here especially this afternoon, not a nice feeling.
    You are doing so very well with no alcohol, it does add up..I am going to a baking group tomorrow, there will be 6 of us taking biscuits..so 6 biscuits to try!!..it’s more of a chat to see what we want out of the group..I have my reservations at the moment…
    Hope your car passes it’s MOT..

    Well done on your week you are doing really well 😀

    Enjoy your holiday hope the weather improves for you…

    Enjoy your last two days of your holiday…you seem to have been away ages..safe journey home…a few days and you are off again you lucky girl…

    Jean x

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