Fat Busting Brits!!

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  • Hi FBBs hope all is well with you. Xxxx

    A better day today and no rain as yet. .. Went shopping after my walk and so chuffed as I resisted eating anything out .. never had lunch again today till really late..then just strawberry’s and cubes of cheese. ,, I am trying to do just protein and natural carbs today… a chicken breast and veg his evening. Then a Fast tomorrow fingers crossed its a good week so far. The munchies seem to have got thank goodness.

    HH.. I bet those ladies do like having ” A young man” around lolol Your Mum must be proud. Dont stress over your son not being brilliant with paper work re his new business. .. The lady that I have used for my rental property for 15 yrs was useless at paperwork when she started but brilliant with clients face to face.. she has built up a wonderful business with 6 staff so it never held her back. Good for him well done and good luck to him.

    m I have treated myself to a new denim shirt From M&S .. I haven’t had one for years.. will be lovely over Tshirts. I need some more T Shirts ..3/4 sleeve scoop neck.. just need to find the right ones. Not a wasted day yesterday going to the pub lol.

    Brads .. lovely you can get about again with your sport… hopefully now we can go forward and no more set backs.

    Hope everyone is having a lovely day .. Take care all and stay safe..

    Make yourself a priority once in a while.
    It’s not selfish,
    It’s necessary. Xxxx

    Afternoon All…
    I have been to see my sister I took Charlie, we went for a walk and then coffee and cake at the pub..an up market pub or was….the outside of the pub looked dirty, last nights ashtrays, looked as if she still wanted to be on furlough!! Miserable landlady…cake lovely coffee disgusting..

    Looking dark again here…we have had thunder and heavy rain, drizzling now…think we will move and go for our walk…

    Nice the shinty is starting again the boy enjoys it…good luck on your freezer meals…Hemmy and I are eating through the freezer and clearing it out..pizza tonight for me…

    Hope you managed bowling..the weathers awful here…wrong day for a valet, my car stinks of dog must vac it out before we go away…

    Fasting tomorrow…

    Jean x

    Sym… clashed posts. Xxx

    How very disappointing about your coffee and cake. You really dont feel like paying when that happens.
    You saying about the miserable lady reminded me of my friend s hubby .. if they are served by someone rude or miserable.. he says.. Oh I feel sorry for you working in this job as you obviously dont enjoy it do you lol She finds it so embarrassing .Enjoy your walk. Xx

    Back from bowling, won again so I am on a roll. Weather is good now so can’t complain.Our last 2 games have been at cricket clubs.Next 2 matches are at home.

    Evening everyone forgot to post yesterday and almost today as well. Went to St Ives yesterday morning and then called in on our Daughter on the way home and had our first hug for ages and made me feel quite emotional. Today we went to visit my sister and brother in law and enjoyed some scones that I’d made first thing this morning purposely left the uneaten ones with them less temptation for me. A FD planned for tomorrow and then we’ll be going away on our holiday Friday so need to be careful about my eating before we go.
    Some good losses reported well done and Hemmy nice to treat yourself.
    Enjoy the rest of your evening everyone and stay safe.
    Nana x

    Pizza out of the freezer tonight, just a baby one from Lidl…just a good size for me….are the strawberries getting better, not bought any for a while..British should be out in June.
    Lovely sunny evening, I have got Charlie’s blankets blowing on the line…

    Well done on winning again …you must be getting better…

    Lovely scones, I always like some in the freezer plain and cheese…a lovely hug with your daughter too, I had one with my sister today …good the scones went down well with your visit this morning…

    Jean x

    Sym well done with your freezer meal .. I only shopped for fresh stuff today. The strawberries were from Aldi .. from Spain… they are called Wonky as uneven ones sweet and juicy Not bad but will wait for British.

    Re the scones and freezing I love cheese ones.. have never frozen them though .. What do you do with them when you get them out .. defrost them warm through or reheat from frozen .. slow heat or high ?

    Brads .. you are doing so well .. no stopping you now. lol.

    Nana .. Lovely to have a hug,,, try to go easy the next few days then just forget it all and enjoy the treats while away.

    Have a good evening everyone. Xxxx

    I’m doing better at bowling but not fasting, really struggling at the moment. It’s chucking it down at the moment.I got Denise a mobile phone, only took her 69 years to have one, but the one I got I chose on size and it was an ancient operating system so will send it back today. Ordered her a new one Android 10 it’s not the latest but will do everything she needs. She dosen’t like social media so I will just put WhatsApp on it and that will be it.

    Dave- well done with the bowling again! I hope you get a phone sorted for Denise okay…& can get back to fasting- hard when you have worries 😞
    Jeamn- shame about the pub yesterday, hopefully there’ll be more places open & you can find somewhere else next time you visit! Hope the dentists goes okay today…
    Hemmy- nice to treat yourself to new clothes, hope you find the T shirts you want! I freeze scones, defrost them & then warm them in the microwave quickly…
    Nana- lovely to be visiting family! Well done leaving the scones behind! Keep busy packing today- should help the FD go quicker!
    Xena was doing really well resisting the bracken- loads of praise & treats- but she couldn’t resist a quick bite! But it’s giving us time to practice the lead walking, she’s getting very good at that! Hubby has given up & got her another Gencon, hurts his back when she pulls him.
    HS family have been rung, Asda order delivered, have some shopping to take to Mum’s, but she’s out shopping with a friend, & has a lady coming later- to do cleaning! As my aunt has a cleaner, Mum thinks she should have one too- just hope it doesn’t give her more time to think up new schemes & things for us to sort out for her! FD for me, 800 cals, will see if I can do a couple of days- not weighing this week as it’s been a bad one!

    Hi FBBs hope all is well with you Xxxx

    A chilly damp day .. once again a wet walk. Doesn’t look up to much of a change till next week.

    Fast day going well .. aiming for no carbs again today .. A chicken breast again today with broccoli .. Just had some cubes of cheese and 2 plums.
    I was impressed at the scales this morning .. having no carbs really does work a treat.
    Think I have said before neighbours hubby has lost about 3stone very quickly .. He will just have cheese or boiled eggs a bit of chocolate during the day 1 meal in the evening no carbs. He looks 10 yrs younger ..

    HH Xena was a good girl bless…then couldn’t not resist a little bite .
    Oh your Mum is wonderful .. I bet you dont know what to expect next lolol. I love how she decided she needed a cleaner too like your aunt .. lol

    Brads … Ditch the carbs you know you can do it. .. It makes such a difference.. you need to keep agile doing the bowling.

    Have good day all… Good luck fasters… think of those scales tomoz. Take care stay safe .

    Not everyone has to understand you,
    As long as you understand yourself. Xxxx

    I don’t have a clue about carbs. It will be good to see my daughter and grandson on Sunday, If her husband decides to take them I will definitely put a stop to it. Baked potato and chicken for tea. Maybe some green beans. It’s been a miserable day here,hope the weather bucks up Nana.

    Afternoon All..
    What a wet awful day…it started off quite well..

    Fast day for me but don’t know if I will make it..

    Two appointments at the dentist for a molar crown…feeling a bit rough sore and aching, she said it could last a few weeks..

    It depends how big your scones are, I do a 30 sec to defrost them, see how they feel, do a bit more on defrost until they are just warm….I often warm things on defrost cakes etc what’s going a bit dry to bring them back to life….
    I bought strawberries from Holland they look nice..
    Well done on your fast day…

    Nice to get Denise on the phone…😂..you have a lot on, its not easy when there’s upset….

    Your mum is funny…freeing up time so you can do more things with her….nice to keep you busy 😂….her house will be clean with her the only one in…good Xena is getting better on her lead…..I have had some tablets…

    Jean x

    Morning all – thank goodness for waterproofs this morning! It’s wet and wiled here…more like April was supposed to be! The shinty field will be ‘interesting’ this evening!

    A finishing off day for me today, although I’ve got a couple of tricky ‘people’ situations, too. And last night I got everything ready a made a wee start on another quilt. This one should be a quick construction one, though, with ready cut squares and sashing. I’ve found a brilliant set of youtube videso called ‘Man Sewing’ – someone else who likes to get a quilt top constructed simply – I’d love to have the bulk of the panels constructed by the end of the weekend…! It’s not going to be massive – maybe just a single size, but I want it to act as a new dust sheet for the church sound-desk now we’ve got all the fancy equipment!

    Hungry for porridge…better go and make some!


    Morning everyone a quick check in to report a half pound loss this week. Off to pack now be back again Monday week 😉

    Mary- well done on your half a pound off…safe journey & hope you have a loveky break!
    Minols- I don’t know how you find the time for sewing…hope the tricky meetings/ people get sorted today! Don’t envy you washing the boy’s shinty kit later 😂
    Jean- hope your tooth improves quicker than the dentist thinks…keep up with the painkillers! I said to my sister if mum gets bored & wants entertaining I’ll suggest she pays for the cleaner to do our houses too & then we’ll have more time to see her!
    Hemmy- good result for you on the scales then today?! Cutting down carbs does help I think, but when you start eating them again it does come back quickly! Your neighbour’s doing well!
    Dave- hope that there’s no trouble when you do MILs ashes, will be upsetting for Denise…hope you can spend some time with Claire & Sean…
    Hope everyone else is okay!
    I did jump on the scales in the end- wasn’t going to as it’s not been a good week- 2lbs on so not as bad as I thought. 800cal day was fine yesterday, another one today. Sister’s seeing mum so we have the day free, but weather’s horrible here too, so not worth going out anywhere!
    Have a good day everyone ☺

    A quick post I have gained 4lbs so must try harder this week, time to go shopping.

    Shopping done, weather terrible.Speedway rained off🥺.Managed a dry walk with Heidi, she’s fast asleep now. I will go and watch the bowling tonight,told them I couldn’t play.If the green is not waterlogged.

    Afternoon All…
    A very wet day and a soaked walk this morning…a play date with Oreo at the park….

    Step daughter is coming to stay over tonight, she always runs late trying to catch up with everyone..last text it will be 2.30…so I ate lunch without her…booked for an evening meal at favourite place of mine and Steves, the food is always good.

    My mouth feels better today I was quite rough yesterday but no tablets today, aching but not too bad…

    I have stayed the same this week…

    You seem to have a lot of tricky situations hope it goes well…another quilt on the go how do you find the time….

    Well done on your usual loss 😀..enjoy your holiday, weather is supposed to be improving…

    Hope your mum gives you a bit of relaxing time and she’s kept busy….shame on the 2 lbs on it will soon come off…

    Hoping the catch up with daughter goes well and there’s no trouble…the evenings tend to be better hope for a dry night to watch bowls.

    Jean x

    Hi FBBs Hope all is well with you. Xxxx

    Mr Pip and I got soaked too on our walk.. it almost feels like winter today.

    A busy day yesterday so we are having a sofa snuggled up reading afternoon. lol

    Nana .. well done on your loss.. now you can relax for a while. Hopefully the weather will improve for you. Have a wonderful time.

    HH… You will be back on form again next week .. Everyone needs cut themselves a bit of slack now and again.. You have been very busy with things this last week. Enjoy your day.

    Brads .. Did you get any cobs today .. Enjoy the games.

    Minois ..I Wish I could sew always been useless.. I think i am too impatient . lol

    Sym.. Enjoy your time with your S D .. it will be nice going out for a meal. I am looking forward to Kristy back again in a couple of weeks. Well done staying in maintenance .

    Well I am sooo thrilled as I have lost 2lbs this week. So I think I can happily settle now at this weight. Yay
    Not having the bread and pot … pasta .. rice .. just protein and veg .. fruit really does make a difference.

    Problem is I will have to go into it more as I do find it boring. Basically end up with cheese and fruit for lunch then lots of chicken with some veg meals.
    Maybe start doing some Keto baking .. make it more interesting Really going to be careful this week-end and not ruin it. Not buying bread .

    Have a good day all take care and stay safe ..

    When you see something beautiful in someone, tell them. It may take a second to say, but for them it could last a lifetime.- Xxxx

    Well done on loosing 2 lbs you can now take it easy…
    Always love a snuggle on the sofa, only when Charlie wants too…I don’t think he had a lot of cuddles in his life before me but we are getting there…

    Soon be Kirsty time again it’s always nice when they visit….still waiting for step daughter to arrive I might be going to the restaurant on my own!!!

    Jean x

    Hemmy yes I had cobs.Delicious too.The bowling and speedway have both been cancelled 😭.My mother decided to lose weight years ago and all she had was chicken, for every meal.Very boring but she lost 100lbs.I could get my arms around her and pick her up😁. The downside she died a few years later.

    Sym… Its an awful day here .. rain hasn’t stopped at all. I am really worried about mu hanging baskets as they are soaking. Not had time to establish really.

    Lol That reminds me of waiting for Kristy re your S D .. I have numerous times of arrival before she gets here. lol .. I expect they are young and busy.
    Enjoy your meal. Xx

    Brads .. Glad you enjoyed those cobs.. .. Wow how brilliant your Mother lost 100lbs.. that was some going.
    The cutting out of carbs is the way to lose… as you know cutting the bread how much you lost I think you do have to get more imaginative though with meals to keep from being bored long term.

    Enjoy your evening all. Xxxx

    Morning all!
    Jean- have a lovely time with SD- hope the meal was nice, & I bet Charlie will be happy!
    Hemmy- well done with your 2lb loss! Nice to be back in maintenance! I have the seed crackers for lunch instead of bread, or lots of salads, I love them but I can see it gets a bit boring! Hope you enjoyed youe lazy afternoon & the hanging baskets survive…
    Dave- shame about the speedway & bowling…not too many cobs I hope!
    Minols- have a relaxing day if you’re off today! I hope that yesterday went okay. How’s the running going?
    Kev- how was your week, any loss?
    Hope everyone else is okay?
    Did some baking yesterday, millionaires shortbread, youngest is off so he’ll hopefully tuck in, plus there’ll be some for neighbours & mum- & not me 😇
    FD was okay yesterday but maybe a little over, was very hungry! Another 800cal day today. Seeing Mum this afternoon.

    Good afternoon, just took Heidi out and she met one of her relatives, and it was the same colour as Heidi but bigger and possibly similar age,it tried to run then stopped and barked at her, then walked past. Heidi just ignored it, she as no time for unfriendly dogs.

    Xena met a staffie today- we’re both a bit wary of them, she stayed in a big puddle so it had to go in to see her, the owner was hopping about because he didn’t want it to get wet 😂

    Hi FBBs Hope all is well with you. Xxxx

    A much better day with the weather today. A nice walk in the sunshine.. I think the first dry walk this week.

    It must have been a dog meeting up day .. as we met 2 little Jack Russell’s Pip not over fond of them usually .. strangely enough he was completely fine with this pair. lol
    I do find though if we approach a new dog and i speak out and say Oh hello Pip seems to sense its all ok.

    Just had some sour dough lovely with a Golden crust.. and thick butter lol and some tomato soup .. Pizza tonight so allowing a carby day treat day. . Back to cutting them tomorrow again .
    Its so lovely to see some sunshine on my waterlogged baskets

    Have a good day all…. take care and stay safe.

    You make the world a better place by just being yourself. 💖

    Afternoon All…
    A busy morning, up at 6am out with the boy early at the park a meet up with Oreo. Louise left at 11 am I went to boules lost on the last throw a good game. On to lunch at a cafe. Lazy afternoon reading.

    Lovely meal last night, felt very stuffed…strange how you get used to smaller portions felt ill in the night, I just can’t do it now.

    What a lot of weight to loose she did very well…spitting and spotting with rain but managed to play boules, quite chilly really.

    The rain is spoiling everything still the dry weathers not good either!!…have a good relaxing day..I am having another day off then cutting back tomorrow…

    Millionaires shortcake is very nice…I bought my half tray bake of the week Bounty Brownies very delicious, sent home 4 pieces with Louise…have a nice day with mum, hope she has no surprises for you 😂

    Jean x

    F1 qualifying was interesting, won’t say anymore about it.Will record the race tomorrow as we will be scattering Denise’s mum’s ashes tomorrow. Been out twice with Heidi she just a new dog called Ollie, she gets on with every dog so never a problem.

    Going to Lytham soon for the scattering of Denise’s mum’s ashes.Weather is sunny at the moment.Just took Heidi out and she met 2 Shar Pei dogs.She loves meeting other dogs.

    Morning All…
    A bit of a slow start…had breakfast before taking Charlie out…he is looking for Louise …

    A bit of washing done, starting to get things together before we go away Tuesday..the car needs cleaning definitely inside and possibly get the outside done too today or tomorrow…strange doing it on my own must remember everything…

    I shall fast tomorrow as I will be eating out while away, haddock and chips too.

    Thinking of you today hope all goes well with MILs ashes….

    Enjoy your time in Norfolk..

    Jean x

    Morning all – just finishing off at work until this evening, and waiting for everyone to leave the zoom breakout rooms. If they leave quite quickly I might be able to get the video done and uploaded!

    Had a bit of a domestic day yesterday – it was quite nice here. A quick look out my office window shows that I think I might be going otu to rain! Starving as usual cos I don’t tend to eat on a Sunday until after work.

    Dave – hope all is peaceful at Lytham for you and Denise. Har a bit about the GP first thing…might be one to watch as Hamilton back in the pack at a circuit where it’s really difficult to over take…!


    Minols- you don’t usually have time to post on a Sunday! How’s the cottage hunting going! Hope everyone zooms off quickly 😂
    Dave- thinking of you & the family today, hope you can find a quiet spot to scatter the ashes, hugs to Denise…did hear a tale about some picnic-ers who were unfortunately downwind of someone scattering ashes 😱
    Good that Heidi loves dogs, it’s nice she meets so many!
    Jean- lots for you to think about doing the packing all yourself- I do pretty much all of ours…not too far to go home if you forget something! Hope this weather cheers up for you, & Nana! The bounty brownies sound great!
    Hemmy- good you had a dry walk at last! I do call out hello to dogs too, it puts them at ease as well I think…hope your carby day was nice yesterday! You make the world a better place with your words of wisdom 😍
    Nana- hope you’re having a good time!
    No surprises from mum yesterday- she’s very pleased with herself for getting her cleaner organised, & the bench, plus meeting up lots with friends, & my aunt & uncle are coming up Friday to take her back to stay with them for a week, that’ll be lovely for her!
    Had a bad night, up at 3.30am, feel jetlagged now! Was out at 6.30 with Xena, it was lovely & quiet…FD went well yesterday, eating today & then back to 800 cals tomorrow. Trying a new recipe for a whipped lemon & feta dip tonight- made it already & it’s good!
    Have a good day all!

    Morning all!
    The whipped feta was lovely!
    Joining the usual Monday fast group today. Hopefully speaking to my new HomeStart family today- if she remembers! Got to pop into town to pay in a cheque, & stop off at Tesco for my seaweed, not many places sell it!
    Have a good day all, & keep strong fasters!

    Morning all

    Gave up on my mornign run half way through…I’m using fighting a cold as an excuse, but actually just wasn’t motivated!

    I’m going to be spending a lot of time listening to debates this week, so that’s how I’m planning to get all my sweing done! Hemmy, the current project is just short straight lines – the secret is in the cutting and the ironing! So, for example, you get 4 square of 10″, stack them on top of each other and lice through into 4 random quardants. restack each quadrant…then sew them back into a square with white sashing between them. Do that 10 times and you have 40 squares. Sew those together randomly into 8 rows of 5, sew the rows together and you’ve got a quilt top! Simples! I’ve even got my work space set up so I have may cutting table on the left, my sewing machine (with laptop for wathcing/listening on a shelf) in front of me, and a table with a pressing sruface to my right…I just spin my office chair round! Of course, what I really need is a fourth side behind me with a kettle, mug, etc…but it’s probably good for me to stand up and walk to the kitchen sometimes…! (It’s only taken me 20 years to figure this setup out!)

    So I’ve already had my omelette for the day, and got my carrot soup out of the freezer for tonight, and chosen the boys’ food to be something I don’t really like. Conscious that I’ve got a week until weighing and measuring and we’ve got an overnight at the weekend to look at some more cottages…I’m putting my serious face on!


    Good morning everyone, the weather can’t make it’s mind up. Rain then sun then dull.Bowling today so it’s bound to be wet. Just having a cuppa then I will take Heidi out.

    Hi FBBs Hope all is well with you. Xxxx

    Brads its the same here with the showers.. its like we are a month behind and in April.
    Hope it was dry for Heidi’s walk and for your bowls.

    Minois .. You really have that patchwork down to a fine art..lol those quilts really are lovely.
    Did you enjoy your omelette .. I have just had one too and I have had soo many now I dont care if I never have another one. lolol

    HH.. I hope your HS family remembered today. Your Mum is having a very busy time at the moment bless her.
    It will be soo quiet for you when she is away bank holiday weekend too. Any plans?

    Sym .. sounds like lots to-do before going away. There is so much to cover when its just you to do it.

    Just trying to be mindful now with eating.. relaxing a bit Sat and Sun .. Its the carbs I need to keep under control .
    Really noticing now .. if I have some chocolate it doesn’t seem to bump the scales like a cake would. Maybe just me. lol

    Have a good day everyone… ( TY you ok.. ) take care and stay safe.

    Listen, Smile, Agree and then just do whatever you were going to do anyway. Xxxx


    Afternoon All..
    A bit of a busy day, morning walk then shopping…grass cut….Charlie’s veg cooked…packing is in the process..Charlie keeps unpacking his toys and they are back in the garden!..think I might leave them till last…

    The apartment owner rang to say I can in from noon instead of 3 as it’s empty today and ready so that’s quite nice…a 10.30 off hopefully…

    Weighed in today a few ounces up which is quite good after all the food I have eaten, bounty brownies, meal and pud out with drinks, cafe meal out Saturday …so I am now on holiday so I have maintained!

    Steves answer you can always buy if you forget…nearly all packed, for tomorrow, just a tiny bit of food, bottle of wine and too many sweets 😂
    Hope you catch your HS family and get your jobs done…

    Quilt sounds very organised, don’t think I would have the patience now…it’s annoying with specs, can’t always see right for close work…

    Dave …
    Enjoy your bowling hope the weather holds…well done on Denise’s 2 lb off….

    Looking forward to going it will be strange on our own…chocolate tried and tested here 😂, cake too…must slow down on it….I think all the Charlie walking helps a lot….love the quote..😂

    Enjoy your hols thinking about you…

    Jean x

    Back from bowling it started raining near the end of my game.I recognised the man I was due to play, he beat me easily last year in a friendly game.He is a good player but I won 21-14😁 so doing well since I got my new woods.He came up to later and asked if I wanted to play on his Thursday team, but I think 3 times a week is enough.Some of them play everyday.

    Morning all…stayed up late last night to watch the extended end of Season 4 (4?) of Line of Duty – good stuff! We’ve never watched it becuase it all started when we lived in NZ, but after the furore over the finale the other week, I suggested it for our ‘after the boy has gone to be’ wind down. And of course, we get to watch an episode a night…we were about an hour in, and it was so tense last night, I suggested we just stay up and watch the last episode…grumpy said no…but then the episode didnt’ end, and it was too late before we realised it was a double episode – yippee!!

    Working down at the church this mornign before I need to head back to catch up on the conference on-line…and putting in the long sashings on the quilt – it’s beginning to look a goodun!


    Morning all!
    Jean- hope you have a good break & Charlie keeps you busy, lots of memories there for you, thinking of you…
    Minols- hope you’re not too tired after your TV binge! (Have to admit I did lose track, doesn’t help nipping out with Xena last thing & missing bits!) We did that with the Innocent series- a very good watch!
    Dave- well done with the bowling, very nice to be asked to play for another team! Might be a bit much for your knees!
    Hemmy- keep strong with the carbs…hope you get some sun for your plants! Not sure what we’ll do when mum’s away, if the weather improves there’s some lovely places to visit nearby, a nature reserve we’ve never been to…
    Nana- hope your holiday’s going well!
    HS mum had remembered, she’s quite hard work, glad it’s only a phone call! The Co-ordinator doesn’t think she’ll stick with it, that she’s really looking for professional advice not emotional support…
    Supposed to be seeing a friend today, but she’s being a bit vague about time! Having a nonFD, yesterday’s FD went well, but woke really hungry this morning.

    Good afternoon, I would have liked to bowl for the team that asked me but I need time to go fishing,I already play Monday, Wednesday and Friday so that’s enough.Some on my team play 5 or 6 times a week. Still never seen Line of Duty. Don’t think I ever will. Managed a dry walk with Heidi, she collapsed but I saved her with the band around her belly,she makes me laugh. She was sniffing at some long grass and collapsed but carried on sniffing 😄.It’s funny how she speeds up when she sees a cat.

    Hi FBBs hope all is well with you. Xxxx

    A better day… dry with some sunshine. Hopefully get a few hours in the garden today without rain stopping play. lol

    Sym.. I hope you and Charlie have a well deserved break.. and a nice meet up with your SD
    May the sun shine on you for nice walks rounding up with those ” Haddock and chips. Xx

    Minois.. Hopefully you wont be too tired after your late night telly. Does the colour of the quilt lean towards any one colour or all mixed.

    Brads.. What a dilemma you have lol more bowling or the fishing.
    Some of my neighbours are keen fishers .. love the competitions… Hubby and wife. They are either out fishing or if at home the big nets are on the lawns. I was amazed when I saw the bait some were little orange things that smelt like chocolate orange. lol

    HH.. I would imagine that some of those families are sweeties and probably some hard going. Its amazing how is so with lots of people in general . lol
    Hopefully the weather is looking lovely at the week-end so far.

    Not fasting but having a mindful day. Just going to have a little quiche with some salad this evening and tend to be liking a bit of stewed fruit and icecream at the moment.

    Take care all whatever you are doing

    Failure is a part of life. It you dont fail you dont learn. It you dont learn you`ll never change. Xxxx

    Morning all!
    Jean- hope you have a good day today, lots of fun at the beach with Charlie & a few treats!
    Dave- yes, good to have time for fishing too. Good the band’s helping with walking Heidi ☺
    Hemmy- Hope you got out in the garden for a bit yesterday; I dodged the showers to plant out a couple of courgette plants, hopefully can get the runner beans out at the weekend- it’s all quite slow this year! Hope your mindful day goes well!
    I did eat a bit much yesterday so aiming for a FD today. Friend ran out of time yesterday, so hopefully will see her today.

    Morning ..
    We got absolutely drenched this morning, everything drying and I have brought in another coat for me and one for Charlie.

    Last night was lovely and warm blue skies could have been anywhere.. met up with Natalie and Oreo, they went barmy a lovely surprise for them.. seeing them after lunch today when it’s drier weather, they are driving to me.

    How’s the head this morning?.. sounds a good night..Heidi is still staying strong..

    I am ok better than I thought.. glad the HS lady remembered hope she stays and takes your help. Hope you catch up with your friend later..

    Just a haddock yesterday I was a bit stuffed through the day.
    Quiche and salad sounds good. Nice and easy…

    Jean x

    Hi All – feeling a little overwhelmed with everything I need to do this week…how can it suddenly get so busy??

    Hemmy – the quilt is pinks and purples, primarily, with the odd fabric being a bit more mixed. It’s tones are designed to go with the double wedding ring I finished a year or so ago to cover the piano, and I’ve managed to incorporate some last scraps from that quilt, and teamed them up with a beautiful range of batiks. Just need to wad, back, quilt and bind it now…but that will need to wait until next week, I suspect…and I need to find a large, clean area of carpet, too!

    Right…nose to the grindstone…need to get some work ticked off!


    Hi FBBs Hope all is well with you Xxxx

    It seems to be getting warmer now at last. .. Maybe get the chairs out on the lawn this week-end.. I haven’t had them out since end of March when we had all the lovely days.
    Well lolol sooo much for my low carb preaching .. just eaten a big cheese twist and a cherry lattice pastry lolol carbs for the whole week I reckon. lol

    Just fancied them in the car after shopping. I found another Martina Cole book so I must have them nearly all now.

    HH I am putting runner beans out at the week-end too. I dont feel very enthusiastic though I must say as everything s seems behind. My plants are given to me so must do my best with them.
    Hope you FD goes well today.

    Brads ..What a wonderful girl Heidi is.. lovely nature with other dogs and is so determined to keep going. Bless her.

    Minois.. The colours sound lovely for the quilt. You and I am sure others will enjoy the work and beauty of it.
    You haven’t mentioned biscuits lately. lol

    Sym.. So very glad you are enjoying yourself…. a lovely change although I am sure wistful at times.
    Its good you have Charlie .. what would we do without them.

    Hopefully a sensible dinner for me after lunch time fiasco .. lol

    Enjoy the day all and take care.

    Be Silly ..Be kind… Be weird .. There’s no time for anything else. Xxxx

    Jean my head’s fine, always is. Unfortunately the bowls want got beat 21-14.Cant win them all. I am doing ok for my first full year bowling.Rain was predicted here but we never got any. Heidi meet 2 new dogs in the park.

    Sunny day here, but I don’t feel very sunny.Fast day today if I can manage it. Didn’t sleep well,too much on my mind at the moment.

    Afternoon all,
    Dave- thinking of you worrying about your daughter…hope she can get some legal advice…
    Jean- lovely to have company on your break, more today? How long are you staying? Hope the weather’s okay xx
    Hemmy- oops with the carbs, I have done the same 😱 Hopefully getting warmer, that would be good! Maybe you’ll be able to read your new book outside!
    Minols- the quilt sounds beautiful ☺
    Hope you get all the work done…
    My eldest son is a bad influence- he’s been away & brough me back some vegan pastries from Greggs to try, oh dear…
    Xena was very well behaved on our walk, no bracken, very pleased with herself coming back for treats every time she left it! Asda shopping delivered, & seeing mum in a bit.
    Doesn’t sound like anyone’s fasting?

    Hi FBBs Hope all is well with you.Xxxx

    What a beauty of a day ,, everything seems to suddenly be blooming. The blossom is a picture and all the cow parsley is wonderful.

    I used to pick bunch’s of it for indoors till Kristys ex said it smelt like cats pee. lolol That was it, lol.

    I am sort of fasting today .. limited carbs after yesterday. Just cheese and fruit for lunch. Apricots I got from Lidl a bit disappointingly very tart.

    HH was the pastry nice.. Hope your Mum enjoys her away time from tomorrow.

    Brads .. I hope things improve for you .. not nice losing sleep.

    Sym.. hope your day is going well… and its a sunny day for your walks.

    Minois.. are you fasting today .

    Just going to mow .. then maybe a sit out.

    Have a good day all .. whatever you are doing..

    If someone tells you ” You cant ” They are showing their limits not yours. Xxxx

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