Fat Busting Brits!!

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  • Mornign all
    Quick drop in…
    Love the soudn of your scales, Kev!
    Cold again today…I put both heaters on, the temp builds up to almost too warm in my office…and then one goes off (it’s on an hour switch). I was in the middle of a meeting so I couldn’t do anythign about it – need to go into the halls to switch the switch and then my room will gradually heat up again.
    FD for me today – lots of complicated stuff to work through so hope to be thoroughly distracted!

    Afternoon everyone, it’s been another mixed day of sunshine and showers but fortunately the strong winds have died down. Taken our usual daily constitutional walk this morning and then back home to do a bit of housework before getting on with painting up my gnomes again.
    A nice piece of salmon planned for my evening together with a salad so nice and low calorie wise. FD planned for tomorrow.
    Enjoy the rest of your day everyone and stay safe.
    Nana x

    Sunny for the bowling today but the last game which was 20-20 when the hailstorm started. We got tea and biscuits at the halfway point.So getting back to normal 😄😄😄

    Morning All…
    A lovely morning, will warm up I think…a village and riverbank walk….

    Walking with Ivy this morning at 11am and a coffee usually…

    I am fasting today, hoping to pull back and maintain just up slightly…

    Your heating sounds a nightmare..I love to be warm…

    Hope your gnomes are coming along nicely, a relaxing job..

    We had hailstone too…lots of exercise with the bowling….ours will be off again Saturday torrential rain forecast….

    Jean x

    Morning all!
    Jean- enjoy your walks this morning- extra for you! How did your nasty neighbour react to the gate?!
    Dave- nice to have refreshments with the bowling! Might have to switch FDs about, which days did you decide?
    Nana- hope the gnomes don’t take you too long…keep strong with your FD!
    Hemmy- hope you’ve not got too wet with walks this week. Are you fadting today, have you tried ADF this week?
    Minols- hope you’re not too cold today, it’s certainly chilly, still have our storage heaters on which is not normal for May!
    Steve, Kev- hope you’re both okay…
    Yesterday’s 800cal day was okay, another today. Busy day- out early & had a good long walk with Xena, ringing my HS family, Asda order coming & seeing Mum this afternoon. Hopefully will take my mind off eating!

    Well I went back on the bread yesterday,had 2 Tiger rolls.But I then played a bowling match and won so maybe I will change my fast days to Tuesday and Thursday when I am not playing. Sun as just come out so will take Heidi out.

    Hi FBBs Hope all is well with you. Xxxx

    What strange weather we are having.. I am really hoping to get my plants out tomorrow as it looks like warmer night temps at last.
    Made up 2 big baskets yesterday will do a couple more this afternoon.

    Fasting Today … its a good week so hoping for a loss tomorrow. lol

    Hedgehogs.. I will try alt next week just to see how I go. .. I Hope your 800 day again today goes well for you. .

    Sym.. I hope you dont get any nonsense about your gate from your neighbour. I hope you enjoyed your walk and coffee with Ivy.

    Nana .. how is the painting coming on. .. I have a dove sitting on my bird water stand .. I got him from a car boot.. He had been painted white which was lovely but now he is peeling. Underneath he is grey I think thats what he should be. lol So I feel a new coat of paint coming on. lol

    Brads… Ohhh Tiger bread so very tasty.. could just eat a cob now. lol

    Minois .. hope you are warmer today .. How did yesterdays FD go for you. Did you still have to eat the end of the sausage roll. lol

    Kev… Kay.. Ty how are you all doing today.

    Bacon egg tomatoes this evening ..

    Take care all .. and stay safe..

    Never apologise for how you feel .. thats like saying you are sorry for being real Xxxx

    Evening everyone a good FD and my calories in total are 630. Kept myself busy throughout the day so that helped. My gnomes are now finished and I’ll be putting them outside for the summer tomorrow. It’s been a lovely day weather wise apart from a chilly breeze.
    Hemmy I like the sound of Dave’s Tiger bread also. You’re evening meal sounds more appealing than mine which was a grilled chicken breast with salad.
    Enjoy the rest of your evening everyone and stay safe.
    Nana x

    Good evening everyone

    It’s been a very wet and quite chilly day here so much for spring we seem to have regressed back into winter.


    I’m good thanks just sulking because Kev ate all his chocolate and never shared with the group that’s just not cricket. 🤪😝😳

    Fasting has gone okay today and I’ve decided to start eating fish again after 5 years so had some pasta and tuna for my dinner today.


    Tiger rolls are a very nice way to break your bread famine.

    I’m going to be daring and weigh myself tomorrow it will be very interesting to see those results.

    Stay safe everyone and if you’re fasting remember it’s only for one day and tomorrow we can eat normally.

    Evening All…
    A good fast day nearer 700 cals but ok…..met up with Ivy nice chat and walk..so three walks today.

    Lots of hail about today…

    Neighbours not seen the gate yet..tucked away towards back of house..he will!!…hope Mums bench gets sorted out or forgotten would be even better.

    Tiger bread lovely…..I am cutting back but I need some…

    Frost is still about be careful with your plants…a lovely dove to paint….Ivy showed me her greenhouse and plants, she has lots of pots it reminded me of yours..hers are not painted…

    Hope your gnomes bring some warmer weather I am getting fed up with this ‘winter’…it’s sleeting down here and so dark, we had hailstone a few times earlier.

    I like fish but it’s very expensive…I bought tin of tuna last week a while since I have had any..it’s still in the cupboard.

    Weigh in for me tomorrow 🤞

    Jean x

    Morning all!
    Jean- walk sounded lovely with Ivy- is she far away from you? Hope the scales are good, & you keep maintaining ☺
    Steve- I do still eat fish sometimes- so I suppose I’m technically a pescatarian not vegetarian, otherwise we’d never eat any meals the same! I don’t feel too guilty about eating a prawn!
    Dave- are you bowling today, is it the mixed match? Hope it goes as well as your last match!
    Hemmy- hope you can get your baskets out, I used to do them but kept forgetting to water them! Now I just do tubs, I need to buy some bedding plants…are you weighing today?
    Minols- how’s the running going?!
    Nana- will be nice to get the gnomes out, is hubby enjoying pottering in the greenhouse?
    Kev- you’ve gone quiet, hope that your family are okay…
    Lost a pound again this week, so pleased with that. Trying a new recipe tonight- a roasted red pepper pasta sauce for eldest & me, looking forward to that!
    A great walk with Xena- she’s realised she gets a treat if she leaves the bracken, so very pointedly walks up to it, sniffs, & makes sure I’m looking, then comes back for a treat! So that’s good, but if I wasn’t watching I think she’d still have a crafty nibble!
    Seeing mum again this afternoon- she wants to go to the Church where Dad’s ashes are, her latest obsession is having a memorial bench there…always something!
    Have a good day all 😁

    Morning All…
    We walked the River Ouse bank this morning one of my favourite walks, joined up with Oreo and Twiglet…Charlie was so excited…2 1/4 very fast walking I or should I say we are shattered….out of the house at 7.30!

    A bit of ironing and a pan of veg for Charlie to cook…then a reading a relaxing day….the way I feel at the moment a sleep!!

    We all have our own choice, I have been doing this for 8 years…so go and do what You want to do and leave others alone!

    Ivy lives about 7 miles away, we walk for about 50 mins just slow and chatting, then finish with a 30 min coffee, quite nice really.
    I still would like a couple of pounds off but I am ok about it as long as I keep were I am.
    Are you going to help your Mum to sort a bench out for the cemetery?…I am having a problem with flowers and plants, the dry weather and then frost, soon look tatty or dead….my daffodils were a success but finished now.
    Well done on loosing, good Xena is working to your treat plan with the bracken..😂

    Make the most of the weather a big change tomorrow..

    Jean x

    Morning everyone just. Am pleased to report that the scales rewarded me with a pound loss this morning. Well done to all the other losers on here meant in a nice way also the maintainers.
    My gnomes are now finished and put back outside in the garden for the summer.
    Hedgehogs yes OH is in his element in his greenhouse.
    Jean a lovely walk for you this morning. Hopefully all frosts have finished now and the plants will recover.
    Off for our usual Friday afternoon meet up with our friends later and I think we’ll be collecting a indian takeaway on the way back home this week.
    Enjoy the rest of your day everyone and stay safe. I’ll be back again Monday.
    Nana x

    Hi FBBs hope all is well with with you. Xxxx

    A really lovely day .. I am making the most of it outside as rain again tomorrow .

    Quick lunch then mowing. lol

    Well done to everyone losing and to those staying in maintenance.

    Hedgehogs… It seems like your 800 days are doing you well. I am so pleased for you.

    I am pleased to say I lost a pound this week…so glad to be back on track.

    Have a good day all and stay safe

    Unkindness is only cured by kindness Xxxx

    I got the cobs today, they didn’t last very long 👿.Just had rain so the green will be wet tonight for the mixed bowling.Well said Jean I think we know what we are doing as far as food and when to eat it. Took Heidi out, she seems to like the band around her belly to give her support.She as started sitting down if the road is busy.Anyone looking will think what a well trained dog she is😄.

    Good evening

    It’s been a very mixed day here weather wise it’s hard to believe that we’re in the first week of May.

    Well done Hemmy and Hedgehogs on your pound loss this week that’s a very steady loss and always a positive result.

    I got on the scales after a fortnight of not weighing myself and have had more chocolate and biscuits than probably recommended but I have lost 1lb this week and quite happy with that.

    Stay safe everyone

    Ty .. Well done mate. You have done brilliantly even with the very stressful situation of your Dad not being well.. Good for you. Lets hope next week will be good for us all once again.

    Thanks I’m trying to get back into the same mindset I had before the news about my dad it’s slowly getting there.

    The good news about eating fish again is I can now enjoy the luxury experience and overall yummy ness of fish finger sandwiches again.

    Lolol Ty … Just do not put those fish fingers in Cobs. lolol

    Good morning everyone,think it raining all over England, not sure about Scotland.Heidi is asleep so won’t disturb her just to get soaked.I wish I had her bladder though. She’s not “been”since 10pm last night. Good job I’m not bowling today.Must slow down on the bread, I get carried away with it.

    Evening All…
    A very wet day until 4 pm…a very wet morning walk and a dry mild walk pm…

    No pétanque it was cancelled so a very long day for me, one phone call and that’s it….

    Well done on the pound off..your gnomes all lined up in the garden and looking very nice.

    Well done on your pound off…you got the grass cut mine is long and wet!

    Our pitch has got a lot of puddles on…hope it dries for Tuesday…..

    Well done on your pound off….I am eating too much sweet stuff seem to have got into that eating mode..it must stop.
    How is your dad doing? Is he still in hospital?

    Hope tomorrow is a better day…

    Jean x

    Hi FBBs hope all is well with you. Xxxx

    A nasty day all day here its hasn’t stopped raining at all.

    Got wet walking with my friend this morning .. but she had a saga so we never noticed lolol.

    Brads.. How is your weight with eating bread again… I am back to an Omelette now every lunch time instead of bread until I find something else filling. I want to really cut it down. Its my downfall.

    Sym… Yes soo glad i did my grass was hours out there yesterday .. as Andrew would have said .. ” I got lost in the garden “Lol . I do so love it though. Oh what a shame your game was cancelled I bet you were looking forward to that with the company. They sound lovely people.

    HH What delicious things have you been baking for your family today . I quite envy them .

    Ty How is your day going did you have this awful weather .

    Just having a nice glass of Merlot. I am allowing 2 SMALL glasses lol.. (Hopefully)

    Hope everyone is well and its a better day tomorrow for us all. Take care and stay safe.

    Believe in yourself and you can do unbelievable things.Xxxx


    Jean- a shame your boules was cancelled, sounds like it’s been a hard day for you, sending you a hug xx
    Dave- glad that Heidi likes the band, would be nice to have a bladder like hers, I agree!
    Steve- well done with your pound off, especially under the circumstances! Ooh, fish finger sarnies, nice, I used to love the MacDonalds filet of fish…
    Hemmy- well done with your pound too, back on track, but not much to go for you as well as Steve? Hope you got the grass cut, has been horrible here!
    Nana- have a good weekend, shame you can’t enjoy the gnomes in the garden!
    Hope everyone else is okay…
    Got soaked on our walk too, have made a start on a new book, made mini Victoria sponges for son, took some to neighbours & mum again, none for me 😇. One of my aunts rang to ask about the keto diet, but she decided she wouldn’t be able to stick to it. I encouraged her to go back on 5:2 but she said it was too hard! She has so much to lose, she’s struggled with her weight for years, even though she had a heart attack at 40 it didn’t give her the incentive…a shame. Not too bad food wise for me today…

    Morning All…
    Lovely to have the mild weather back..it’s dry too.

    Long village walk, slowly chatting with a few people, back for a cuppa. I am not doing a lot today, grass is shooting up but too wet to cut.

    I did miss meeting up for pétanque and friends I felt it a long day, Saturdays are always my worse day. No catch up with either daughter they are busy at weekends.
    Lovely you can keep busy in the garden always lots to do. I may go and look through my summer clothes it’s a job on the list to do…..

    I go a while and I am ok then it hits you for some reason. I can’t keep busy all the time, doing things on your own isn’t easy even with Charlie. I am meeting up with the dog sitter on Wednesday hope to book him in for a day and night, goodness what I will do without him. I think it will do him good I think he’s bored with just me and no other company. Hope there’s a man to play with him.

    Fasting on Monday, I must stop picking and eating sweet stuff I think it’s boredom…

    Daughter was flying into Heathrow on the 8th June looks like she’s on Amber List, so it won’t be happening, she possibly would have been about for a month or so…Shame…it will be a change of plans to somewhere else.

    Jean x

    Hello everyone the sun as just come out. I am getting better with my contacts now, managed to get them both in first time. Just under 7 weeks until my holidays.And keeping an eye on Lanzarote next year. Going to Devon on holiday only problem is nowhere to park the car so will have to find some solution.

    Good afternoon one and all

    Not really sure how the weather is going to be today it’s quite grey outside so will probably end up raining again.

    I’m trying to think of the last time I actually had some fish finger sandwiches yes it’s really been that long and way overdue lol.


    We have had so much rain the last few days Tesco has been selling dinghys and rubber rafts instead of rain coats and wellies 😂😝

    Once you’ve broken your resolve and returned to eating the sweet and unhealthier foods I have found it is harder to get back into the mindset we had before but not impossible we can do it.

    Stay safe and have a great weekend people.

    Hi FBBs Hope all is well with you. Xxxx

    A much better day today warmer and some sunshine.
    After a lazy day yesterday due to the weather It is planting up again today. Looks like night frosts are finished at last.

    HH.. I expect it is hard for your Aunt to get into a diet mode.. with a lot to lose i expect its daunting.
    One of my village walking friends.. this week discovered she had High blood pressure and High cholesterol Drs put her on statins she is only 49 . Really trying to get weight off now.

    Sym.. What a shame about your daughter .. I bet you were really looking forward to it… having her around.

    Years ago i found weekends hard going alone .. now i enjoy them as I just usually .. treat them like a mini holiday .. just doing what I fancy.
    Lucky though I am good with my own company never get bored. .. can always potter and fiddle with something. Pus read a lot. lol
    My old friend lost her hubby last year .. after 50 yrs .. she is just starting to do what she wants todo .. redecorating .. making it all her taste now. Spoiling herself.

    Ty… I found a few weeks ago after a bad week eating cakes etc.. the more i ate the more I wanted. .. The stomach is like a seagull the more you feed it the more it wants. .. I am trying to just eat carbs with one meal a day now. It seems to work better… because I am not banning them completely. Good luck this week you know you can do it you already have.

    Brads ..Having your holiday to look forward to will give you good incentive. .. to stay off those cobs. lol I must say though it does make a big difference cutting the bread. Trouble is at the moment the only thing I can think to replace a sandwich at lunch is an omelette.

    Enjoy your day all whatever you are doing.

    Striving for success without hard work is like trying to harvest where you haven’t planted.”Xxxx

    Afternoon all!
    Jean- such a shame your daughter can’t come over…you will miss Charlie if he goes for his trial, will have to plan some trips out that you don’t normally do, longer shopping trip or maybe do some decorating? I know you keep on top of it all though anyway, but you could go a completely different colour?!
    Hemmy- glad you can occupy yourself outside, I do enjoy a potter in the garden but ours isn’t really big enough to do too much…& nor is the budget 😂 I agree feeding the tummy too much definitely makes it want more- I’m sure I have the Labrador gene too!
    Steve- dinghies are better for the waistline than hot cross buns, at least you can’t eat one!
    Dave- Well done with the contacts today! & enjoy the sport on TV… Hopefully you’ll have better weather in Devon than for your holiday last year!
    Hope everyone else is okay & enjoying their weekend ☺
    Nicer weather here today too, Xena was a pickle & ate bracken again, so I put her on the lead & she walked really nicely to heel, had lots of treats for that! Both boys off today, although eldest had to go in & catch up with paperwork, he had a good day yesterday & sold 4 cars again…so have been feeding them up! Still enjoying my book, luckily mum is occupied today! & tomorrow too with a friend visiting! Have been checking my seeds- have a few runner beans & courgette plants popping up now, a bit slow this year…

    Afternoon All…
    A quiet day reading then sat outside with a coffee, then a play with Charlie…the garden got the better of me, cut the grass and took some temporary fencing down where my new grass seed is growing, looks much better…another walk..awaiting my meal….

    Glad the contacts are working better, lovely sunny and warm a bit late in the afternoon but nice.

    I do like my own company I am never bored, it’s the weekend especially Saturday, remembering when Steve passed it was quite traumatic for me I suppose peaceful for him, sometimes I am ok but other times it just hits me, not so good this weekend.
    Hope all the planting got done it’s been a lovely day..

    Yes I will miss him but I think he needs it, I have bras and walking boots to buy so I have some shopping to do…
    Your son 4 cars sold everyone must be buying again, my neighbour has just bought a small electric car, still it hasn’t moved off the drive yet, it’s been there two days!

    Dinner pipping ready to eat…

    Jean x,

    Good evening not been a bad day got out for 2 dry walks before the rain came. Heidi surprised me on our second walk she got right up to a cat that lives a couple of do it rs away.When she got up to it she started wagging her tail. She’s never done that before.I call out Heidi’s cat😄

    Good morning everyone,wet here and bowling later 🙄🙄. Going to try to a fast day but it may be a low day. Will see what happens.I may change fast days to Tuesday and Thursday, so no cobs on Tuesday 😲😲😲.

    Morning All..
    A park walk he gets so excited..good boy today he was listening!

    A lovely bright morning looking black now a storm brewing??

    I am fasting today, I am not sure who else is joining me…

    Having change around see how you go…hoping for boules tomorrow but there is some rain about 🤞

    Keep strong anyone fasting with me…

    Jean x

    Hi FBBs Hope all is well with you. Xxxx

    Its like an April shower day here today.. dark… rain .. brilliant sun .. blue sky. lol

    I decided just to do my usual Tues and Thursday again this week.. only a few pounds to lose really now.

    I am working on having just carbs in one of the meals .. I only have 2 meals a day
    Lunch.. dinner.
    I did it over the week end and was amazed to see this morning I had lost half a pound. Unheard of after the weekend. lol

    Lets all really go for it this week Guys and Gals ..lets get that pound off… we can do this all together.

    Have a good day all whether fasting or being just mindful ..

    The nicest thing about teamwork is that you always have others on your side. Xxxx

    FD for me too, going for a few days of 800 cals again this week.
    Mum was supposed to be having a friend round- suddenly today got cold feet & cancelled it as it’s against the rules- which she hasn’t worried about before, & even yesterday had a friend over?! Have things to do so leaving her to have a day on her own…had a long walk with Xena, met some dog walkers to chat with, have done a cleaning blitz & making steak pie for the meat eaters, plus a pile of ironing to do 😬
    Keep strong fasters!

    Back from bowling, sun then rain🙄I lost but the team won, Playing again Wednesday and Friday this week.

    Hello everyone have had a busy day which has helped my FD and am going to be having my evening meal shortly and my calories in total for today are 700 calories. Next FD will be on Thursday. Had a lovely weekend even with the terrible weather.
    A new week so hoping to have another loss on my Friday weigh in. Good luck for this week everyone and stay safe.
    Nana x

    Hello! How long was it before you saw some weight loss? I’m in my second week and nothing!

    Morning all!
    Hi earlybirdsarah! Usually people would lose the first week or 2, although this is a slow & steady weight loss, you won’t lose loads every week. Might be worth checking how much you’re eating on the nonFDs, in case you’ve eaten a bit more then. On the homepage you can work out your Basic Metabolic Rate & your Total Daily Energy Expenditure so you can work out how many cals you should have on the nonFDs. That said I didn’t lose doing 2 fast days a week so had to do more to lose. Hope that helps!
    Hope everyone else is okay today!
    800cal FD went okay yesterday, another today. Bluebells are out now in the woods here, I love them! Supposed to be ringing a new HomeStart family today, but the time’s been changed already, the Co-ordinator’s not sure that it’s going to work…Seeing Mum this afternoon.

    Morning All…
    Weather quite good and mild this morning…boules at 1.30 possibly some rain about 🤞

    Village walk this morning catching up with a few people and dogs..

    Have you bought the 5.2 fast book of Michael Mosley, it’s a good read and puts you on track. As hedgehog says you should of lost a bit on the first two weeks, she covered most things, are you eating too much on your non fast days? Chocolate, biscuits, cakes, alcohol, really need to cut them out or a very small amount at the beginning. On your fast days count calories it helps at the start, as we all tend to eat more than we should, MyFitnessPal App is free and good for that…come on here every day too…

    Hope your new family is welcoming to you and are nice..with not too many difficulties. Bluebells looked nice in the wood. Hope mums not missed you too much yesterday…
    I thought I was going away school holidays but it’s the week before so that will make it not so busy, pleased at that. I can see Jacqui when I am back as she will be off for the week.

    Jean x

    Hello, thanks for your reply. I have been doing 8:16 for a while now and have just transitioned to 5:2 so I know it’s early days. I am also hypothyroid so I know that can affect weight loss. I may have over indulged on my non fasting days but still well within my calorie allowance however it is far more than I was allowing previously. I have also just come off a course of antibiotics and that always mucks me up. All things considered I’ll keep going and trust that it’ll all even out. It’s so nice to have such a supportive group.
    Thank you all for being so warm and welcoming
    Sarah x

    Good morning everyone,Sarah try to keep well below your TDEE on non fast days,it doe work,I have lost 3 stone but it a way of life more than a diet, it’s a slow process but if you stick to it you will definitely lose weight.Shopping today but it’s also a fast day so no cobs😭

    Hello, thanks for your reply. I’ve discovered Lifesum which I am being guided through to do the 5:2.
    I will stick at it for the reasons above but then may try 3 fasting days to see if I need that.
    Thank you again!
    Sarah x

    Good morning all

    I wish the weather would make up it’s mind as it’s quite nice out but cloudy so will probably rain soon enough.

    I have broken my fast this morning with those delicious yumminess of a fish finger sandwich with ketchup of course I have been looking forward to them just needed to get the fingers and bread but well worth the wait.

    At least if the scales don’t shift this week it will almost be worth it 😳.

    Stay safe everyone and enjoy the weather if you’re lucky to have some sunshine.

    Hi all,

    Hope your all well?

    What do u all eat on FD? I really need to start again as i cant stop eating ATM 🙁

    Brads27 What’s ‘well below’? I’m at 2170 TDEE and am usually about 1800 per day on a NFD. I don’t really want to go lower!

    Hi FBBs Hope all is well with you. Xxxx

    Another April showers day here. .. then sunshine.

    Just been out to town for more compost .. getting excited again with the garden.. Lots coming into bud mauve and white lilacs…. Orange blossom. I think it will be a lovely year as trees loaded with blossom.

    Welcome to our little corner .. Sarah and Gem. Xx

    It seems we all do our different versions of 5-2 whatever suits us. Its a way of life really not a diet and you have to enjoy it long term.

    For my self.. I just do 2 days 500-600 cals. Nothing special no making up special things for me.. Its just what I fancy that day .. within the cals. When I first came on here 2015 . I basically had fried egg sandwiches every fast day.. lolol Its each to their own really.

    Good luck to both of you..

    Fast day today .. Scrambled eggs on toast and milky coffee for me and a bit of fruit.

    Take care all and stay safe…

    If you really want to do something, you’ll find a way. If you don’t, you’ll find an excuse. Xxxx

    Sarah 1800 is fine. I am having an omelette for tea tonight. I have started having alpro milk,no sugar version. Only 5 calories in a cuppa😄.Got hungry so had an apple.

    Afternoon everyone been a horrible day here weather wise with a heavy thunderstorm and torrential rain for a while. I was given as a Christmas present a selection of seeds to grow which included Charantis Melon haven’t a clue what it’s like but have been able to grow a few and managed to plant a couple of the seedlings out side this morning so at least it’s been watered in.
    Welcome Sarah and Gem we’re a friendly bunch on here and you can always ask for advice.
    Enjoy the rest of your day everyone and stay safe and fasters stay strong.
    Nana x

    Evening All…
    A good boules match but lost 2.0. Very close…we are getting a lot better all of us, it’s only a month. No pub as shut because of the weather, we made it home before the skies opened…

    Dry walk with Charlie but late meal.

    It’s a bit hard fasting to start with but after two or three weeks you find it easier…you end up missing it when on holiday etc..
    I would stick to two fasts a week for a month and see how you manage, it’s hard doing three..

    I thought of you the other day when I was having fish cakes and bread….very tasty. We have been having rumbling thunder for two days and with rain to match at times….need better weather now.

    I eat a two egg omelette with ham, tomatoes with a smattering of cheese with salad…poached egg, 2 bacon and tomatoes ..two boiled eggs one slice of bread….I make it easy then there’s no thought ….

    You love your garden I see the excitement in your writing..I need a small trough and viola plants for Steve, I may go to the garden centre tomorrow and see what I can find…

    The boules go through all the year I was surprised at that…doubt if us ladies will….still I could join the fellows.

    Never heard of the melon, would it be better in the greenhouse?..two weeks till my holiday I need better weather always cold at the coast.

    Jean x

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