Fat Busting Brits!!

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  • Minols..
    Hope you had a nap and you feel better…

    Oh lots of deer I think Charlie thinks they are big dogs…I will be thinking of you on Saturday, have a quiet day…🤗

    Birthday, holidays, sun, there is always something coming up…that why it’s a way of life and not a diet..you can change it around to suit….

    Well gammon, egg and chips tonight (my own oven chips got them off to a tee)… now the boy to walk…a very lazy day caught up with myself, I was awake about 5.30 a bit early.

    Jean x

    Evening everyone have had a busy couple of days. Yesterday morning our Daughter and Son in Law came over with Poppy the Labrador and we had a lovely long walk.
    After they’d gone home husband and I started on the construction of his new greenhouse – not a simple job as the instructions are not that clear. Today we went to drop off a wedding anniversary gift for our niece and her husband and then after a light lunch we carried on with the greenhouse again. I really ache now but luckily my contribution to the assembly is finished as it’s at the glazing stage which he and a neighbour will be doing tomorrow.
    Sounds like all of you are keeping busy.
    Enjoy the rest of your evening everyone and stay safe.
    Nana x

    Evening, or good night! Just realised I didn’t get round to posting!
    Lovely warm walk with Xena, then spent the morning in the garden- where it turned really chilly! Have got our new screen up- looks fine from a distance! Have a couple of gaps to fill with some new shrubs at some point…had to.sort out some techie stuff for a group I moderate- they want moderators of all their groups to join a mods group- more to keep up with! I think some of them don’t have a life! Done our asda order, tried a new recipe tonight- mujahara, lentils & onions with my low carb rice, quite nice & low cal, so I’ve had 600 cals today, pleased with that!
    Sleep well everyone! ☺

    HI all

    Got my nap eventually, and felt much better. I also managed a two or three ‘put the world to rights’ conversations (one in person!) with people I haven’t caught up with in a while and that did me good, I suspect.

    The BB changed their plans last night cos of the didgy weather, so the boy was in the kitechen ‘baking’ on zoom while I was in ameeting int he study. All I knew was I’d had instructions to buy two types of choc, cereal (we don’t keep it in the house – it’s my one good parenting choice!) and pop-corn…the OH had to be on hand ‘just in case’. There was one moment when I was glad I was muted at the meeting because I heard the OH explode (apparently the boy doesn’t know that when you put something in the freezer you have to close the door…I know, another failed parenting momnet!), but when I finally eased upright from my position infront of the screen (really should get a new chair – or a new back!) and went into the kitchen the most disgustingly delicious splodgy mess was waiting for me. Oh the heaven of mixing cereal, melted choc, butter and sweet/salt popcorn and letting it congeal int he freezer!

    I begged my OH to take the remaining splodge to work and leave it in his car and then bring it home later, because I’m not sure I can be trusted in the house with it today…but he wouldn’t. So I’ve told you it’s here, and you will have to be my guardians and help me not touch it!

    Because I am fully intending a good FD today. I’m treating myself to a slow coffee out, and then a haircut! It hasn’t been touched in more than a year, and the ends really need trimming. So now the rush is over, it’s my turn!

    Anyone else fasting with me today?


    Morning All..
    I am not a happy bunny, I got up a 6 am in the shower and hair wash dashed out to take the boy at 6.45, to get back to go to a double appointment day at the dentist…just rang to say it’s cancelled she is ill….my daughter was going too so hers is cancelled too..

    I am fasting today…had the munchies yesterday don’t know what’s the matter not been good with food at all it’s not like me….

    Glad the frame of the greenhouse is up can be quite tricky at times…nice catch-ups too..

    Busy too outside, your screens gone up and it’s pleasing to the eye…I am getting used to my different coloured fence now, my bushes have grown about 4” , grass seed covering in nicely after a slow start.

    Sounds like a messy kitchen hope he left it tidy…keep out of the fridge!!….thinking of you while I had the munchies of custard creams 😂…I must stop buying biscuits, must write out 100 times!

    Now the dentist is cancelled…I really should visit my sister….ummmm

    Jean x

    Good morning everyone,7°C here so not so warm, at least we don’t have snow like Jo does.Happy after the football last night, Denise’s team play tonight so more football to watch. Not aching as much after bowling now. Getting used to it again. Got to drive Denise to the vaccination center for her second jab.We both had the first one together so not sure why I have not had my invitation for my second one.

    Jean – I hate it when a plan gets cancelled that I’ve built my routine round…find it really hard to settle to anything else.

    Had all today’s cals at lunch, and not hungry…just bored! Have a meeting tonight that I ahve to be at, but I have no responsibility for – hope it will prove distracting! Might need to weigh and measure tomorrow…


    Afternoon all

    The weather hasn’t decided what it’s really going to do today it’s either sunny or rainy.

    Nothing new to update on my dad so that can only be good news but I can pretty much guarantee he won’t be enjoying himself in hospital.


    If you want to send some chocolate it will always be welcome and I’ll find a very good home for it.

    Not sure if I’m weighing in tomorrow morning or if it would be a waste of time this week as I haven’t fasted.

    Stay safe and have a great day everyone.

    Evening All..
    A good fast day possibly 600/700 cals I am ok with that..

    I decided on going to see my sister I haven’t seen her for a while…all was well…we went over lots of things she has already told me but went along with it…it was nice to see her…

    Good you got your jab too with Denise, a bit cheeky but it worked 😂

    I have felt upside down with plans being cancelled..sat here at 9am everything done dressed and ready to go…a good morning in the end.
    Weigh in for me tomorrow not really a good week, so not expecting much.

    No news is good news..no one like hospitals, the food is usually bad…hope he’s ok, has he got a mobile phone?……..it would be fasting every day for me if I was in!

    Jean x

    Evening everyone a successful FD but I’ve found it hard and I’ve been so cold. Will see what the scales say tomorrow morning. Can’t believe it’s the end of the month already.
    Jean annoying about the dentist but at least you got to see your sister.
    Hope everyone else is keeping okay and stay safe.
    Nana x

    Hi FBBs hope all is well with you. Xxxx

    Well it quite feels like winter again this evening…. heating’s up.

    Well what is going on with us all today on this Fast day lolol… I feel I really have lost the plot today..

    I have eaten 2 Lidl’s pizzas .. 2 Portuguese custard tarts .. half a bag of soft dried apricots and just going to get my 2nd G n T not a good day at all. ,, Or a very good day whichever way you look at it lolol

    It must be the weather I reckon with us all… spoilt with those lovely early spring days.

    Just going to have some prawns in garlic lemon and parsley butter with crusty bread I had planned for tomorrow after weigh in. lolol

    Well Lets all weigh tomorrow … draw a line next week… I m wondering if sometimes maybe we just get a bit wayward go against plan like a child lol

    We have all done sooo well though .. Xx

    Take care all and stay safe..

    While we cannot undo what is done,
    We can see it, understand it, learn from it and change. ( Never a truer word. ) Xxxx

    PS Hey Nana Just seen your post . Sounds like you have been brilliant well done to you. Good luck with the scales. xx

    Feeling very cold and hungry and I have had my tea. Must be a side effect from the jab😲😲😲.

    A hard day but we got through it, it’s so cold…….it’s been a hard week for me…

    What a lot of food blame Lidl, the tarts are so nice as well as the pizzas..I was like it yesterday really just stuffing my face!..it must be the cold weather..
    Love your quote..

    Hope you are both ok after your jabs…

    Jean x

    Morning all.

    Frustratingly, haven’t lost any weight (no gain, though), but the good news is I’ve lost a couple of inches round my waist!

    Hope everyone else’s weigh ins are less mixed.

    Just a finishingnoff day today, and then standing in a cold shinty field this evening.


    So it looks like everyone has done well.Denises arm is sore after her second jab.Me apart from growing another head 👽feel ok.Going to take Heidi out then rejoin the bowling club followed by Sainsbury’s shopping.

    Morning everyone am very happy to report a two pounds loss shown on the scales this morning think it was helping husband erect his new greenhouse 😉
    Have been catching up with the washing and housework. Off to visit our Friday friends this afternoon and will be collecting a takeaway Kebab on the way home. My turn to have some wine as I drove last Friday – it’ll be my first alcoholic drink since last Saturday.
    Jean hope the second vaccination goes well and Dave sounds like you and Denise are doing alright after your second vaccinations yesterday.
    Not got much planned for tomorrow as the greenhouse is at the glazing stage 🙄
    Have a good weekend everyone and stay safe and will be back again Monday.
    Nana x

    Hi FBBs hope all is well with you Xxxx

    More sun today but still chilly. I need to get all my plants out.lol

    Well done Minois on losing your inches.. and Nana on your 2 lbs loss. Brilliant news.

    Not a good week for me and a 1 lb gain. .. a bit disappointing as all was going so well for weeks.
    This week though for some reason I seem to be craving carbs.
    I am wondering if it was cutting them right down last week … who knows.

    From today I am being very mindful .. and trying to get back on track.

    Have a good week-end everyone Take care and stay safe.

    The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over again expecting a different result. Xxxx

    Afternoon All…

    Jab done, no badge so I bought Haddock and chips ..delicious .
    Charlie still asleep two hours later still wrapped in his blanket on the settee..😀

    Well done on the inches, possibly better than weight…

    Looking forward to the bowling season…I suppose we will have to pay subs soon…only £10 a year.

    Well done on the 2 lbs off..hope the glazing all works today..plants going in next, tomatoes?

    Sorry on your gain..like you I had a munchies week, I think the no bread might have balanced me a bit.
    I will join you in being mindful…

    Have a good weekend everyone.

    Jean x

    I paid our subs today £12, not bad for a year. Was absolutely hopeless at bowling today,if I play like this on Monday it will be a whitewash. There are 3 of us driving to the away games, think we take it in turns to use our own car.

    Sorry- just seem to have been so busy, not sure with what though!
    Well done Nana & Minols on your losses/ lost inches!
    Hemmy- hopefully your pound will come off soon- a difficult time for you, hugs x
    Jean- sounds like Charlie didn’t miss you while you were out! Hopefully no ill effects for you…
    Dave- oh dear with the bowling! Hopefully better on Monday!
    Kev- hopefully you’ve undone some of last week’s damage!
    Steve- any news on your dad? Don’t blame you leaving it a week for your weigh in!
    I lost a pound with that- pleased as although I’ve done 4×800 cal days I wasn’t very good on the others. Not sure about next week, had a bit of an iffy tummy for a bit…Lots of jobs done yesterday, had our Asda delivery & saw Mum. Sister’s turn today & seem to have been in the kitchen most of the day- youngest squeezed in a cooked breakfast & lunch before he left for work at 12.30! Have done a lovely satay stir fry & sesame tofu for eldest & I, hubby had pasta. Made a snuffle mat for Xena to hide biscuits in, she’s a happy girl, cooked some extra beef medallion steak for her too!
    Have a good evening everyone ☺

    Morning all!
    Hemmy- sending you a hug today & thinking of you xx
    Not a good walk with Xena- eating bracken, praising her & giving her treats for leaving it wasn’t working so had to keep her on the lead, & then a battle to stop her pulling- kept stopping every time she did, so it took a long time!
    Trying for a light day today, I think that’s harder for me than fadting, I’m a bit all or nothing!
    Hope everyone has a good weekend ☺

    Good afternoon.Took Heidi out and she met a boxer dog,she gets on well with all dogs big or small. It’s very cold here today. Don’t know when to get weighed, almost caved in and had bread.

    Good afternoon again,am I alone😄.Another dull day and it’s just started raining☔Will get soaked the speed Heidi walks.Still off the bread,2 weeks now but I don’t think I am losing much weight. Not been on the scales though.

    Morning All…
    A good riverside walk then around the village a different route, met Jan my boules friend chatting a while on to pass by Steve and home…2 hours!! A very late breakfast for me..😂

    A few jobs to do but not a lot, pan of veg cooking for the boy..prepared my meal for this evening..

    Monday looks awful if you are bowling…I think it will be off..I have had bread a couple of days without thinking, chicken burger at the pub in a bun..I am trying…

    It’s not good the bracken eating, Charlie is eating I think beet, the deer are bringing it off the field.
    Does Xena ever have bad ears?, Coco brown lab, my nephews /sisters dog they are terrible and it’s ongoing never seen such brown gunk, he cleans them everyday and is always at the vets. She may have to go under and have them deeply cleaned.

    Thinking of you hope yesterday wasn’t too bad…it’s memories and getting through the anniversary…

    I am fasting Monday and Thursday this week…

    Jean x

    Hi FBBs hope all is well with you. Xxxx

    Its been a lovely warm sunny day but just clouding over and not looking good tomorrow.

    We met up with a beautiful pair of Grey hounds this morning .. Blue /grey they have just moved into the village . I never realised what lovely natures they have .. so very majestic and calm. Mr Pip really liked them. lol Oh the owner was lovely .. chatty too. lolol

    I often remember the dogs names but not the owners. lolol

    H H and Sym.. Yesterday went well .. spent a couple of hours with a good friend I think this the 9th year was not so bad… Softened .. Kristy felt the same. Thank you very much for your kind thoughts Xxxx

    Enjoying my meals this weekend but being mindful.. I am finding that going back to my carbs for lunch and dinner work well for me… not hungry in the evening at all. so no rubbish .
    Salmon steak this evening with a few small potatoes .. Broccoli and some garlic parsley and lemon mayo. Marked down strawberries from local shop.

    Brads.. weather doesn’t look up to much for tomoz with your game. Hopefully you dont get rained off .

    Hows everyone else doing this May bank holiday weekend. .. Are you being naughty or nice lolol Well done whatever. lol

    Take care all and stay safe..
    Love and kindness are never wasted. They always make a big difference. Xxxx

    I have had a quiet afternoon then I baked hedgehogs shortbread biscuits they are so delicious, Maybe I shouldn’t have..

    A lovely beef dinner with some wine, the beef last of my Xmas beef and the wine a gift…so very hit the spot.

    I am glad your day went well, its nice to think of the anniversaries but it’s all new to me….each Saturday for me is not good I am not to the year anniversaries yet…I think I am am improving and Steve would be proud, he told me to push on and find things to do.
    Definitely a naughty weekend for me..I felt the need..
    Bank holidays seem long everyone is so busy…I met my boules friend this morning along the way so a lovely chat while doing a different walking route..my one hour walk changed to two hours but the day passes, she is a lovely lady…..all new friends and hopefully more solid friends.

    Jean x

    Hemmy- glad that yesterday passed a little easier than others…sounds like you’re being mindful with the eating, nice to meet new people for dog walking ☺
    Jean- glad you met a friend on your walk too! The beef sounded nice & enjoy the wine! Hard on your own at weekends…Xena’s ears are usually fine, she’s had a couple of infections, that’s all, Josie was the same. Must be awful for dogs to have constant problems 😞
    Dave- hope you didn’t get too wet? Are you having a roast today?
    Hope everyone’s okay?
    This weekend seems to have flown by! Had a lovely walk with Xena this morning; found somewhere with a bit less bracken! We did some scent work in the garden after online Church too. Kept it light today food wise, but quite a struggle! Hopefully another light day tomorrow & see if there’s any ill effects!
    Have a good evening ☺

    All very quiet this weekend, hope everyone’s having fun!
    Both boys off today, so didn’t get woken early & managed a lie-in until 8am! Stayed dry for our walk- did the same one as yesterday so no bracken eaten. Seeing mum this afternoon, I think she’s keen to go to a garden centre soon but supposed to be raining later…Hoping for another low day, anyone fasting?
    Have a good day all ☺

    Morning all – stuck at my desk trying to get ahead a bit as the noy is off on Thursday as well this week for the elections. Having a FD but my colleague is brinign in coffee soon, and half hoping she brings something yummy, too – it would be rude not to!


    Morning everyone Hedgehogs yes I’m on a FD. Have had a quiet weekend as usual and OH has finally finished his greenhouse and I now have my dining table which is in our conservatory clear of tomato chilli and pepper seedlings. Weather has been to cold to sit outside and have BBQ’S though unlike this time last year.
    Have a good day everyone whether fasting or not today and keep safe.
    Nana x

    Morning All..
    A park walk before the rain arrives later..

    I am fasting today ..debating what to have to eat later….

    A lie in for you…I seem to have a 6am alarm in my head every morning..I need to go to a garden centre to have a re think for the cemetery, this dry weather has been no good for plants/flowers…

    Hoping no cakes arrive..😱

    Good the greenhouse is up and you can get the plants cleared from inside..So chilly again CH needs a notch or two up…..

    A bit of shopping and some flowers / card for my boules friends birthday. Nothing really planned as yet.

    Jean x

    Hi FBBs Hope all is well with you Xxxx

    A different day today.. chilly and damp looks set in for a few days.

    Thank goodness i seem to be back on track again with just the 2 meals and no rubbish. lol

    Fasting tomorrow and Thursday.

    H H did you go to the Garden Centre today with Mum. Are you on you 800 days this week .. you seem to be doing well with it.

    Sym.. Well done fasting today .. I think its going to be a fry up for me this evening.. Sort of breakfast .. lol

    Hope everyone is doing ok … Typhoo .. How is your Dad now. ..

    Take care all and stay safe ..

    Choose to do things and spend time with those who make you happy.Xxxx

    Back from bowling,lost again but I did play well so not to concerned about losing.It was horrendous conditions, puddles all over green and it really slowed the bowls down.It was pouring down all the game and still is now. Don’t like playing with a coat on but had to. Stripped off now drying clothes.

    It’s still pouring down, so Heidi will have to wait for the next walk. On 850 calories so unsure what to do.

    Good morning everyone, weather still bad but dry at the moment, very windy though. Bowls match again tomorrow then a friendly match on Friday, the Friday team is mixed. Men and women.Still not sure which bowls I like the best. All different weights🥴. Think I will go back on the bread😋😋😋.

    COld and freezing here today!
    Down at the office, but might bail soon, as I can’t get warm.
    I have the end of a sausage roll waiting for me – they’re too big for the boy, so I have to chop a third off every morning!

    Typh00 LOL the chocolate is gone now I gave some to my daughter Sabella and her mummy Nicky had some and the rest I gave to some friend of ours, sorry 🙂

    hedgehogs yes I have undone some of the damage that I caused last week. I have lost what I put on plus an extra pound of loss as well, so, all good.

    The weighing scales are really good. They made a loud cheer when I had lost some weight, I don’t know technology, where would we be without it.

    I’m happy to see people really doing well with the weight loss and every bit counts. 🙂

    I am trying something different out where I have soup with 3 breads per day on a Mon, Tues, Thurs and Friday, so, basically it comes to 460 calories and then for the Wed, Sat and Sun I will eat as normal and see how I have done next week. Then the following week change from soup to maybe salad going to the max of 460 calories or just over. It was difficult going yesterday but I scraped through LOL.

    Good luck everyone and stay safe


    Soup🤮🤮🤮.Went to Sainsbury’s but the cobs were sold out😭😭😭.So I will stay off the bread until Friday, if the cobs have sold out again I will stay off the bread until Tuesday next week. The sun is trying to come out but had rain also.

    Hi FBBs hope all is well with you. Xxxx

    Awful weather again .. just managed to get back from walking before the rain..

    Brads .. good luck with your games .. they are keeping you busy.. I cant leave bread out or I just seem to want rubbish carbs to compensate.

    Minois.. If you are cold .. maybe go home a hot cuppa and that end of sausage roll .lol

    Kev .. you are doing so well. .. its good to shake things up a bit try different things ,, see what suits best.. Its not just one way for all thats the beauty of it.

    I have been thinking of trying alternate day fasting on 800 cals. Maybe next week.. Lucky I dont have much to lose now…

    Hope everyone is doing well .. Take care and stay safe

    Being ok if it happens and okay if it doesn’t is a very powerful place to be. Xxxx

    Good afternoon all

    It’s a wet and a little windy day here can we please have spring back again.

    I only did a 30 hour fast and probably shouldn’t have been that long as I woke up with a headache yesterday morning but feeling much better today.

    No real updates on my dad he’s getting the best care but still being a pain at times not doing as he’s told. He doesn’t have a mobile phone he’s never thought the need for one it’s a generation thing I think.

    Stay safe and remember May the fourth be with you. 😝😳😳

    I got weighed after cutting the bread out for a couple of weeks and have lost 6lbs.

    Afternoon everyone another horrible grey blustery day here again with hail and rain showers on and off earlier. We went to our local garden centre this morning as my OH wanted to buy some support canes.
    Well done Dave and Kev for losing.
    Minols no fun being cold hope you’ve managed to get warm now.
    I’ve spent the afternoon making a start on painting up my garden gnomes as they’d got a bit tatty looking of late before putting them outside. I have a set of Snow White and her seven dwarfs sad I know but they make me happy.
    Enjoy the rest of your day everyone and stay safe.
    Nana x

    I like gnomes they make me smile. It’s raining here now so will be a short walk with Heidi out I will get soaked like I did yesterday bowling.

    Evening All..
    A busy day walked Charlie on returning my neighbour came across to hang my side gate. So pushed Charlie in the house, it took us three and half hours I was helping. Looks very nice waiting for fireworks to start off my nasty neighbour.

    We called Pétanque off due to the weather, we had birthday drinks at Fays house, nice couple of hours..late walk, late meal..

    Well done on cutting the rubbish out I need to try harder….I like a breakfast ‘dinner’..too much in a morning. Weathers awful hate these wet walks back to drying the boys..

    Are you bowling three times a week?…it seems a lot…oh dear no cobs that’s a disaster!!…you have done well moving 6 lbs off…I have cut the bread down but I am still having some…

    Well done on the weight loss…it’s a good idea to have a plan, see how it works…..oh giving away chocolate😱 how could you…

    Interesting your gnomes, nice painting and brightening them up. You don’t see many about these days…always look nice..

    In all day waiting for my passport tomorrow, I have to be up early to walk and back for 8am when they start to deliver….between 8 am to 8 pm!

    Jean x

    Evening all!
    Dave- that’s good, losing 6lbs, giving up the bread does work for you even if you find it hard!
    Kev- well done with your loss too, you’re getting off to a good start!! Hope your new plan works…
    Steve- & May the fourth be with you too…spring would be welcome to come back here as well! Hope things go okay with your dad, not easy if they don’t do as they’re told 😬
    Minols- hope you warmed up & enjoyed the sausage roll!
    Nana- would love a green house to potter in but no room here…hope your hubby enjoys his! The dwarf painting will keep you busy!
    Jean- shame about the weather for your boules, is the gate all done now? Hope it keeps the neighbour out!
    Hemmy- hope you had a good book to read today, filthy weather! Might be good to do ADF to get the last couple of pounds off! I’m doing a few light days rather than the 800cals, trying to get to the bottom of my iffy tummy- pardon the pun 😂
    Hope everyone else is okay…
    Too wild & windy here to walk in the forest, decided to take Xena to the park instead, but she was so awful pulling, even keep stopping & making her sit every time wouldn’t work, gave up & went to the little park, so she didn’t have much of a run- then she did exactly the same with hubby this afternoon, so she is in disgrace! She knows how to heel, just gets far too excited to do it 😣 Did haircuts & then floor wash today, Mum had a friend over so spent the afternoon baking- made choc chip shortbread (& gave some to the neighbours), & tarte tatin- gave some of that to mum! & I didn’t eat any 😇 Managed to dodge showers to do a little bit in the garden too.
    Have a good evening!

    😇 how can you do all that baking and give it away…I gave my neighbour some of your shortcake biscuits with a cuppa break, he rather liked them..so two less for me to eat.
    What’s the problem with Xena walking, you have had a few days of it…they do go in strange moods at times…Charlie is still barking at people when he has his moments..is he protecting me?? I don’t know.


    Morning all!
    Jean- Xena is pulling really badly- she knows how to heel & does sometimes, but awful walking to the park! I lost the gencon halter thing we had on holiday- she still pulled with that but not as badly- so we decided not to replace it & be really consistent with the lead walking, she’s nearly 3 now so should calm down a little?! Not working though! I’ll take her to the forest today, couldn’t go yesterday as it was so windy, she’s better off lead!
    Funny Charlie barking, it could be he’s feeling protective…they are funny!
    Hope everyone has a good day, we have to go to the bank today, a few bits of shopping. Hoping for an 800 cal day, tummy seems better!

    Morning All…
    I was out at 6.30 walking back for breakfast..I have my passport arriving today and I have to receive it personally, delivery time 8am to 8 pm..looks like a house work day…windows are desperate…

    I use a Halti harness, I like it, Charlie doesn’t I think he knows I am in charge 😂..I don’t use the nose part but that’s extra anyway.It has the front ring for his lead if he pulls he goes in a circle. He is so strong he would have me over, so he has no choice. The matching lead is very good, with clips at both ends. I would re buy them both.

    They do push their luck at times it’s a battle all the time, keeping them in check.
    Glad your tummy’s settling it’s been a while.

    Jean x

    I had a halti harnes for Heidi when she was younger. But didn’t use it much,she hates it.It was so embarrassing,she rolled on her back and tried to kick it off in the middle of a busy road,on the pavement but lots of people watching her😲. Bowling again today, the sun is out but rain predicted for midday.

    Passport arrived 10am 😀

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