Fat Busting Brits!!

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    Good morning everyone,a lovely day here again. Heidi’s not “been” so don’t know how her stomach is at the moment.Will take her out now, don’t think I will need a coat☀️☀️☀️😎😎😎🌻🌻🌻

    Good afternoon all

    It’s a beautiful spring day here too the sign of things to come we can all hope.


    I would find it very difficult to not overeat if I had a cheesecake here and it’s probably worse as I live alone with noone else to share.

    Maybe Kevin is trying out some of the recipes from the recipe book let’s just hope he hasn’t faded away after his fasting or he has been left home alone. 😳🤪😝

    Well done everyone who has managed to lose weight this week and to those of us who didn’t there’s always next week.

    Enjoy the sunshine and be careful all

    Took Heidi out, still no movement of her bowls.But she as seen off a bowl of chicken.Nice to take her out without the need to ware a coat. She as her band wrapped around her all the time on her walks, it seems to give her confidence.

    Hi FBBss Hope all is well with you Xxxx

    What a glorious day .. sooo warm .. a lovely walk with my neighbour lots of wild life around today.

    I do so love the company of younger people .. lots of interesting chat this morning she filled me in on village goss as she calls it. lol

    Well it doesn’t look like my lost pound is going to be safe today lolol think I have found it already with the carbs eaten for lunch . lol

    Brads .. Hope Heidi soon will have “been” bless her.
    My first husband love his bowls he played for the the local town and the county team too. There were lots of really good local ladies too we were only young and it seemed to sedate for me at that time. lol

    Typhoo so very pleased for you your weather is on the turn at last nothing like natural Vit D .

    HH … Enjoy your afternoon .. relax in the sunshine. You do soo well resisting all your wonderful baking .

    Sym … Hope you had a lovely walk with Charlie in the sunshine.

    Take care all and stay safe.. Thoughts are with our gracious Queen this afternoon.Xxxx

    Afternoon All..
    An early village walk. I then went to daughters for lunch and she took my photo for my on line passport, so I have got it sent off..hopefully all ok…

    Brought home some lovely flowers for my birthday on Wednesday from one of my grandsons…cards too…

    Fasting tomorrow as I am going to the beach Monday with Charlie …

    I feel as if some people already think ‘I should of got over it’..it feels hurtful…I thought the second year would start getting easier…maybe not.
    Cheesecake always sounds lovely. I am sure your glasses are just fine, just different, which is nice.

    Hope Heidi is ok…

    Here’s to us loosing next week…Kevin is a bit quiet..

    I am finding mixed age groups nice to talk to….it’s chilly a bit now just closed the door, very nice earlier…soon loose the pound, they do totter a bit..

    Thinking what to eat, not thought about it, I have a lamb shank maybe I will do a dinner..

    Jean x

    Morning All..

    A disaster of a morning, took the boy to a walk my daughter talked about a path on the Humber, 20 mins drive away…no path at all ..continued my drive to the Humber Bridge a walk I knew about another 10 mins , all car parks closed due to work on tidal barriers …so a hours round trip wasted, to walk our village walk….!!

    Fast day for me today..

    Car clean a bit later just having a cuppa…then a book read??

    Have a good Sunday everyone..

    Jean x

    Good morning all

    Well it’s a wetter start to our day here but it could be much worse.

    Maybe going for a food shop this afternoon depends on the weather but will avoid the crisp and chocolate aisles and will watch out for any hot cross buns finding their way into my trolley.

    Looking forward to my upcoming fast day tomorrow and hopefully being rewarded with a weight loss on Friday.

    Stay safe and have a great weekend everyone.

    Good afternoon everyone,yet another sunny day. Who said it always rains in Manchester.Still no movement with Heidi so I will take her out now and see what occurs.Wish I had her bladder, she’s not been for 14 hours. Won’t need my cost again summer is here🌻🌻🌻.

    Hi FBBs Hope all is well with you Xxxx

    Another glorious summer like day.

    How is everyone doing… I have to say I am failing miserably this week end really having carb overload. Plus drinking more wine than I should after months of none at all.

    So after today as Sym would say I am drawing a line under it. lol

    So strange as it had been going sooo well. I think yesterday events triggered me ( My excuse) I watched TV for the 4 hrs dont usually watch much.. it really got to me.

    My friends got a theory that sometimes when you have lost weight .. your body just suddenly demands in one day all the things its craved .. you have to go with the flow and feed it. lolol

    Going to cut all carbs other than fruit from Mon -Fri weigh 2 fasts see what happens. lolol

    Have a good day everyone .. take care and stay safe

    Sometimes it’s best to just remain silent and smile. Xxxx

    PS .. Brads I hope Heidi is ok… its a long time not going .

    I’ve been out for my food shopping and managed to get around without buying anything with lots of unnatural calories.

    The only sweet thing on my list was frozen sweetcorn which I do like with my pasta or spag bol.


    I like your friends theory I must use that next time I have a blow out with the cake and chocolate lol.

    If Heidi dosen’t go this time I will buy a stick of dynamite.Lovely sunny day again ☀️☀️☀️.She got me up to have a drink,I was hoping for more. Fast day today and I reckon I have put a lot of weight back on so cutting out the 🍞 again.

    Good morning all

    It’s a lovely spring day here so far not sure you would get away without a coat yet though.


    If you start using dynamite on poor Heidi the 💩 will really hit the fan.

    Another fast day here for me as usual and so far just had a cup of coffee with a splash of milk.

    Stay safe all and to those fasting remember it’s only for one day and tomorrow we can eat normally.

    I don’t need the dynamite, she’s finally gone 😁. Definitely no coat weather here. I have changed to alpro milk, HH suggested it only 5 calories in a cup of tea. Looks very strong but tastes ok.

    Hi FBBs Hope all is well with you Xxxx

    Another glorious day .. no coats here Typhoo lol.

    Brads .. Heidi must be oh so much more comfortable now bless her.

    Just had lunch of cheese and fruit … Prawns and a small herb omelette later. Feeling quite excited about my 4 day no carbs… other than natural ones from fruit and veg. Definitely no wine. lol

    How is everyone else doing today.. is it mass fasting..

    The garden calls …

    Take care all and stay safe. .. Confidence is knowing you are enough exactly as you are. Xxxx

    Sorry everyone been busy lately, my partner Nicky hasn’t been feeling too good. She’s got to up some of her medication for her fits, so on the maximum now. But touch wood (tapping my head 🙂 LOL) she might feel better soon.

    symba7 did OK on first day…loss of 2 pounds. I will be weighing myself tomorrow morning then I will know what I have lost, fasting today so weighing tomorrow. No calories so far today unless you count 2 black coffees.
    The fasting is going OK, was starving yesterday but that’s because I tried to do another fasting day and end up with 3 in the first week but couldn’t manage it and decided not to do the extra day seeing as I am fasting today anyway.
    So, last week I fasted on Tuesday and Friday, because I had plans arranged, this week it’s Monday (today) and Thursday…might try Saturday as well but might not try to do 3 yet until I am OK with the 2.

    hemmy finding the fasting OK, it’s trying to get use to not eating on a night after my last meal. I don’t have a breakfast anyway and just have one meal a day and this is for everyday of the week, on my fasting days I stick to no more than 600 calories and on the non – fasting days I try not to go over 1800 (3 times the lowest amount).

    hedgehogs my daughter Sabella is settling back into school really well, thank you for asking, that’s really nice of you.

    Typh00 no not fasted away yet LOL You did really well not buying anything with lots of unnatural calories, if it was me, I would have been tempted. Makes it worst for me because tomorrow is my birthday and my step – daughter got me an 850g bar, she gave me it yesterday. I have worked out from the box that 8 pieces are 200+ calories, so I should be OK to eat some surely on non – fasting days as long as I don’t eat the full bar in one go LOL.
    Not tried the recipes yet but will do soon and will keep you informed of what I am trying. 🙂

    Weighing myself tomorrow, my first one on the 5:2…I might not look :-O No time today to do the HIT so might shove that in sometime tomorrow but with it being my birthday I am not sure. No birthday cake this year but I still have that big bar of chocolate to eat yet.

    Take care everyone and stay safe

    Afternoon everyone and what a beautiful one it is – making my FD a lot easier as I’ve been out in the garden.
    Had our usual Friday afternoon meet up with our friends after getting my second Covid vaccination and I was fine, however, when I woke up Saturday morning my arm was quite sore and I was extremely tired with a mild headache and I just sat around all day but it’s a small price to pay. Yesterday I was back to normal and we enjoyed a BBQ in the afternoon.
    Kev hope Nicky starts to improve soon and enjoy the chocolate.
    Dave glad Heidi has been.
    Enjoy the rest of your day everyone whether fasting or not and stay safe.
    Nana x

    Been out twice with Heidi, the band round her belly saved her a couple of times, she is so concentrated on sniffing she forgets her legs give way.Even when they give way she carries on sniffing while day down😁.Fast day going well, 296 calories including my tea which I have still to eat.

    Kevin- good you’re still with us, hope the medication helps your partner & glad your daughter’s enjoying school
    Jean- what a shame your walk wasn’t great yesterday, a lovely day for going to the beach today though, hope the fish & chips were good! Did you have a look at where you’ll be going for your holiday?
    Dave- good that the band is working for Heidi & then she’s been 😉 Cutting out the bread will really help again I’m sure!
    Hemmy- sounds like a difficult weekend for you, I watched some; very sorry for our Queen on her own…hopefully going without the carbs will get you back on track!
    Nana- glad you were okay after your jab- read about a 2 year old who died of a blood clot in the US trials… BBQ weather for a few more days for you!
    Steve- good the hot cross buns didn’t sneal into your trolley! Hope you’re getting some of this spring weather too…
    Had a lazy day yesterday- was really stiff & sore but had only done abit of gardening the day before, even walking Xena was an effort too! Ate too much as well- 3lbs on last week with the holiday so going back to 800 cal days.
    A big pile of ironing done, saw mum this afternoon, beautiful out but she wanted to stay in & play games. Stir fry for dinner- my tummy is rumbling!!
    Keep strong if you’re fasting!

    Evening All..
    A most lovely day at Bridlington, Charlie was in the sea and galloping about..a good walk around the harbour to the apartment where we are staying at the end of May, checking where it is as I am not a confident driver….then to a new fish and chip shop which I give 10/10, 20 yards from where we are staying..
    Very strange being on my own, baby steps..

    Poor Heidi a good job she managed…good the belt us helping.

    Have a good fast day…I had a fleece on but quite warm….

    I am having bad days then fast days…..I am sat with wine, I do like wine on a hot day…I am fasting tomorrow…I agree with your friends theory..don’t fight it, eat it, line drawn…
    Hope your gardening day was productive…

    Hope Nicky soon improves and the meds kick in…I think three fast days at the beginning is hard going, depends how you feel…you get use to feeling hungry but it takes time..good luck on your weigh in…
    My birthday Wednesday…chocolate sounds lovely ..

    Glad you are feeling better after your jab..mine in 10 days time..

    Shame mum didn’t feel like going out. I have been sat outside, we didn’t do our late walk Charlie seems tired like me..a lot of walking.
    I thought I may get upset but I didn’t, lots of memories as I went about, remembering how poorly he was and struggling to walk..not nice really. I hope he was with us.

    Jean x

    Its been a beautiful day .. Just ended up sitting out reading.. making the most of it.

    Kev So sorry your Nicky hasn’t been well hopefully the new meds will help asp.

    You are doing so well … Maybe 3 fasts quite hard to start see how you feel. I quite like doing Tues and Thursday .. i can gently then get back on track Mon after the wk-end then fast Tues.. Then Thurs before weigh in day. Good luck with those scales.

    Nana .. what a lovely social life you have .. you do so well with your weighing .. as I expect food and drink is involved lol Have a good week.

    Hedgehogs ..The holiday gain was not too bad at all… well done. You will soon shift that . Doing well so far today with low carb .. just had a omelette and prawns different from all that wk end carb fest lolol. Doesn’t Mum like the warmer weather or is it the games keeping her inside. I hope she won. lol

    sym… Sounds like you and Charlie had a lovely day . It is hard to do things with out your special one. You are brave doing a holiday will it be just you and Charlie.

    For some reason I dont feel my usual enthusiastic self .. maybe grieving Mum as the year is just up. Plus like you I am sure finalizing wasn’t straight forward with the covid rules to follow all added to it. Onwards and forwards

    Hope everyone is doing ok .. Enjoy your evening Xxxx

    I am going to a studio apartment in Bridlington, just with Charlie. Trying for three nights for our first trip away. My stepdaughter is coming up for one night with her partner and dog staying in a B&B, she thought I may be upset with first time away and giving me some company the middle day.
    We had bought a house a Bridlington which we had to pull out of when Steve got his bad news.

    It’s hard for you a years anniversary, I hoped it may start getting easier but maybe not. I still haven’t paid for the funeral yet, I know it’s good not knocking on your door but it needs to be sorted out..I have spoke to them twice, they have said they are in the process of doing it…I am still waiting.

    I remember my mums passing it was about two years before I started coming around. The better weather might help us both and getting back to normality..

    Jean x

    Mortning everyone – sorry I wasnt around the last few days.. Had a glorious day off on Saturday, a frantically stressful ‘new tech’ day on Sunday, and woke up yesterday feeling just ‘wabbit’, so cancelled the FD in short order!

    So just coffee so far today, but hopefully after the next meeting I’ll have time to get an omelette before the next thing, and that will set me up for the rest of the day.

    Office sorting went well – six monitors to go tot he tip for recycling! My admin colleague is off furlough today, so the poor thing walked in to the aftermath this morning!

    Btw, HH you asked about chicken balmoral – essentially a chicken breast with haggis inside it, often wrapped in bacon and smothered with a whisky/pepper sauce? Yum!

    Now I’m REALLY hungry!


    Morning all!
    Minols- eww, the chicken balmoral doesn’t sound good! Sounds like you’ve had a busy few days, hopefully back on track today!
    Jean- you’re doing really well I think, a lovely thought of SD to come & meet you in May. Hope you’re okay today, difficult time for you, anything planned for tomorrow?
    Hemmy- hugs to you, it’s been so hard with the lockdown too. Hope your FD was okay! Mum normally loves to get out & the sun, she just seems contrary right now!
    Dave- how’s Denise? Hope Heidi’s enjoying going out still with the sling thing…
    Steve- enjoy your breakfast today!
    Kev- how did you do yesterday?
    Another 800 cal day today. Getting my hair cut & coloured, yippee!

    Morning all, another sunny day yet again. Going to Sainsbury’s shopping but will take Heidi out first, I have to put her lead on for this walk as well as her sling.At 10pm I just use the sling,but sometimes she walks like a crab sideways 😁.Not a fast day today but aiming for around 1600 calories.Managed just over 800 yesterday.No bread again so no cobs😭😭

    Hi FBBs Hope all is well with you.

    A beautiful day but just clouded over. .. Had a coffee in my friends garden after walking.
    Much excitement as she is getting another Childrens book published . Writing a new one now and me and Mr Pip are in it she also does the illustrations . I cant wait to read and see it lolol

    Yesterdays no carbs went well and i had lost 2bs gained at the wk-end. I struggled lunch time but got over it ok.. Dreamt last night and mouth was not pleasant this morning. … drank lots of water

    So carrying on till Thurs Eve. .. Just interested to see how it goes.. Chicken fillets tonight fried in butter and herbs plus veg.

    Sym… The break sounds lovely with Charlie ..plus your daughter coming will be nice make it different.
    Hopefully you can get all paperwork done and dusted soon.
    A lovely walking day.

    Hedgehogs .. I love although I expect you dont lol .. that your Mum is contrary .. shows she still is in control lol Mum always used to say time over ” I do what I want todo not what others want ” and she did. Lol .. Lovely to get your hair done makes you feel better.

    Hope everyone is doing ok .. Take care and stay safe
    Life is lived in every present moment The past is gone so learn the lessons and let it go, Xxxx

    Afternoon all

    There’s a few clouds here but otherwise quite a nice spring day I don’t think it’s going to rain though.

    Breakfast was my usual porridge but does seem to taste that much better after a fast day.


    I have read that Arnold Schwarzenegger has given up bread to lose some extra weight so though neither of us may look like him well I’m speaking for myself at least I will join in to see if it makes any difference.

    Stay safe everyone and enjoy the good weather.

    My birthday today so I am glad it’s not a FD 🙂
    The amount of chocolate I have got to get through is nice LOL.

    Nanafixit thank you for your kind words and yes Nicky is feeling much better today. 🙂

    hedgehogs yes still here, and enjoying the chat 🙂 I lost just over 4lbs in my first week.

    symba7 I hope you have a wonderful birthday for tomorrow. Not touched any chocolate yet but will be doing later. Still got a lot to eat but mustn’t eat it all in one go LOL. My partner Nicky bought me a box of 20 crunchies from the online card factory store and I still have a lot of that 850g bar of dairy milk.

    hemmy thank you and yes Nicky is feeling better today, thanks 🙂

    My first week is over with and the second day of fasting was my hardest, the first one wasn’t so bad. Anyway, I did eat a bit of my chocolate and tomorrow going for a drink with some friends, had to book a table outside a pub near where I live. I am happy about losing 4lbs in my first week. Not sure about my waist and neck measurements. I am going to have a treat at the weekend instead of today but might have some chocolate later, but, not too late. I only managed 2 HIT days last week and probably the same again this week.

    symba7 my deepest sympathies to you and your family. I have tears in my eyes reading your post from earlier, you are in my prayers 🙂

    Just want to wish everyone good luck and take care and stay safe


    Happy birthday Kevin 🎉🎁🎂 Hope you enjoy a little bit of chocolate 😉


    Happy Birthday wow 850g of dairy milk I could probably stretch it out and make it last for three days lol

    Thank you hedgehogs I might have a crunchie and some of the dairy milk chocolate lol, why not 😉

    Typh00 thank you and LOL.

    Evening everyone, Kev a Happy Birthday enjoy that chocolate and pleased to hear that Nicky is feeling better.
    Husband and I plucked up courage to go into St Ives Cambridgeshire not Cornwall today using the guided bus and it was fine on the bus not many people on at all. St Ives was busy with all of the shops open but not too busy and we only had to queue outside the bank. Planning a visit to our local garden centre tomorrow morning.
    It’s been a lovely day but now clouding over.
    OH cooked us homemade hunters chicken with a few homemade chips in our Ninja cooker for our evening meal with a total of calories 520 calories so not that bad.
    Enjoy the rest of your evening everyone and stay safe.
    Nana x

    Happy birthday Kev.I would soon see of the crunchies or any chocolate for that matter. Steve I have up bread before and lost a fair bit. This time I have got weighed and won’t go near the scales go at least a month.

    Evening All..
    A village walk and major part of the day a hair cut!!….definitely more like me…

    French boules this afternoon which I was invited to join in and I did enjoy it….practice Saturday morning there are 4 newbies then join the Tuesday afternoon with the regulars ..

    My neighbour has offered to put my gate up for me…he also told my awful neighbour of Steves passing the day after and told him to back off from me as I was grieving…😬

    Fasting day has gone well been too busy to think about it….

    You have been very busy hope it all looks tidy and nice…I don’t fancy your Chicken Balmoral

    Nothing planned for my birthday not seeing anyone!!…quite a few cards to open….Natalie is staying in Bridlington while I am there not sure where as yet, she is with her family said maybe meet up if I have time??
    I am having a good stretch at the moment….both of us with hair cuts makes you feel better.

    Hope you got your shopping done, no cobs for you again…poor Heidi she is struggling.

    How lovely to be in a book you and Mr Pips so exciting..did she ask you first?…good news on the 2 lb off, I do think it moves up and down quick at times.

    I do like bread it would be so hard to give up…good luck in trying…

    Happy Birthday today hope it’s been a good one..🎂..lots of chocolate to be eaten the crunchies sound rather nice, I still have a crunchie Easter egg to eat.
    Well done on 4 lbs off that’s good going..
    Thank you on your kind words, we were very close two halves as one..

    Glad the bus ride was empty and you managed a hair cut too….hunters chicken more my thing you are lucky having your own chef!!

    Have a good evening..

    Jean x

    Heidi’s come ok today, 3 walks and chicken for dinner and a full pack of diced beef for her tea, needless to say she scoffed it all.

    Morning all!
    Happy birthday Jean 🎉🎁🎂💐 Will be thinking of you xx Glad you enjoyed the boules, sounds fun!
    Hemmy- sorry, I forgot to say how lovely that your friend has included you & Mr Pips in her book! If you let me know the title of her book I’ll look out for it- I keep a few books at home for reading with my HomeStart families ☺
    Kev- 4lbs was a good loss last week, might not be as good this week after the birthday chocolate! A steady 2lbs would be good 😀
    Dave- glad that Heidi enjoyed her dinner yesterday, our dogs get spoilt! Xena had a scrappy piece of salmon I found in the freezer!
    Nana- good your trip to St Ives was successful, enjoy the garden centre today!
    Minols- hope your omelette kept you going yesterday…Has your old dog escaped again recently?
    Steve- good luck giving up bread too!
    Sorry if I’ve forgotten anyone!
    Explored some new paths in the forest with Xena, we found our way okay! Decided against another 800cal day as yesterday seemed really hard,& I have to do our online shopping order so will have to think about food 😬 I’ll start again tomorrow!
    Have a good day all!

    Morning all

    The sun is shining here in deepest darkest Scotland I think spring may have fully arrived unfortunately.

    I won’t be enjoying it too much as I woke up with a bad head but breakfast has been eaten and feeling a little better already.


    4lbs is a very good loss in your first week but as Hedgehogs said after the Birthday celebrations a 2lb loss will be good.

    I don’t eat alot of bread it’s quite sporadic I can easily go weeks without then as a couple of weekends ago eat loads. 😎

    Stay safe and enjoy the wonderful weather everyone

    Morning All..
    River bank, Village walk, passed by Steve this morning…
    Lots of cards, flowers, gifts and money…so many kind wishes from everyone ..

    Going out to lunch with the girls Natalie and Sam my dog walking friends, so young and so thoughtful.

    Lazy day no working today…

    I am ok so far, a few tears earlier. Nice you have found some new paths in the forest you are so lucky to have it close by.

    Good news on Heidi, she is testing you for chicken!!!

    Hope you feel better later…take it steady…

    Jean x

    Heidi had a full bag of diced beef yesterday,plus some chicken left over.Today she’s got a full chicken so that will last until Friday where she’s got a thin of salmon.Really getting spoiled rotten,but worth it.Everyone stops and asks about her band and are all supprised when I tell them she’s 15.Think I had about 1500 calories yesterday, not a fast day today so hopefully will be around the same. Going bowling at 2pm.

    Hi All

    Dave – we should get Heidi and our old boy together…they’re of an age and they could jsut be distracted and forget their back legs! our old boy has the habit of stopping now with his stuck out one to each side to keep him balanced as he gets absorbed in a smell, and then when he starts to toddle on it looks like there’s some other dog controlling his back end remotely, and hasn’t noticed he’s on the move again!

    Hope your birthday’s been alright, Jean. I confess I’m not a big one for birthdays – as long as it’s been nice out, I’ll take it!

    Omelette was more than enough to get me through, although I confess I also made cauli and bean mash in the evening. Enough for tomorrow as well, so I’ll probably have a FD then, as well.

    A trip down to the church this evening to go through all the tech again with our teenager and his Dad – totally amazed by what they’re achieving, but they want to get things just a bit more polished before we start having peopel back inside, and combining it with zoom and everythign else…makes my head spin when I think of how far we’ve come!

    So I’d better go and make some final decisions on music, videos etc…


    Hi FBBs Hope all is well with you. Xxxx

    Another beautiful day .. I hope it continues.

    Happy Birthday Sym Xxxx I hope you are enjoying your special day. Lots of treats for you and of course that includes Charlie. I hope you enjoyed your lunch with your friends. Xxxx

    Just come back from Town .. feeling happy .. lol Found a beautiful pale pink peony in Homebase .. two new geraniums A white and coral I love them .. So good to stand dry weather colourful and you can take loads of cuttings .
    Found 2 Martina Cole books I haven’t read at 50p each .. plus a pretty china flower jug. £2 In the charity shops So a good days finds. Nice to be getting out again… uplifting

    Wow so amazed in only my 3rd day and how good the scale looked just doing minimum natural carbs. eg fruit and veg. With just protein. Its not too bad today either.. I did forgo my pizza at Lidl and had to rush back and make an omelette at 3pm as went straight out after walking ..so it was 21 hours since last food . I wouldn’t want do it for any great time but ideal after a naughty wk-end.

    Hedgehogs… apparently publishers have up to 200 days to get a book up and running.. My friend has two pending .. and the one Mr Pip and i are in she is just illustrating so not sent in as yet for approval . I will tell you when her first book is on sale it is really different .. set for the most in her garden. lovely for the children.

    Have a good day all whatever you are doing Take care and stay safe

    Ask yourself what is really important and then have the courage to build your life around your answer.Xxxx


    Morning All..
    A very frosty start, I put my layers on and Charlie’s coat, goodness sun came out we were very warm.

    Waiting in for plumber to change a stat on my radiator it’s dripping, then painting a gate post my neighbour sorted for me he has kindly offered to hang my gate for me.
    Apparently Roger ( my neighbour) went around to my awful neighbour told him about Steves passing and told him to back off me, leave me alone as I was grieving and I wanted some space…so kind.

    Fasting day for me today, anyone else?…I ate quite a bit yesterday but not on the evening, birthdays are once a year!

    I don’t know who’s spoilt more Heidi or Charlie …they give back so much to us, so why not 😂

    My birthday was a nice day…nice to have a tech family to help you..I am surprised at my daughter ( the head teacher) she is getting much more into it, she even answers her phone now !

    I had a lovely lunch out such a surprise, over two hours and it wasn’t too cold, lattes ( keep us warm), main and Bakewell tart. They have been my rock these last two years, so very kind.

    You have bought some lovely geraniums for the garden..sound pretty colours..
    Now re charity shops is it a hand smack!..I believe a few years ago you were clearing all your bit and bobs out taking them to charity shops 😂what’s happening…
    You are doing well keeping off the bread, I do like bread especially granary..

    Have a lovely day weathers looking good now…

    Jean x

    Good morning everyone another beautiful day. It’s good to go out without a coat.Jean yes the dogs are worth all the spoiling.I know Heidi’s time is running out so I will spoil her rotten, she’s the best dog I have ever had.Fast day today but not sure what to have.

    Jean- so nice of your neighbour to help out! Hope the nasty one takes notice! Hope that you get the gate & the radiator sorted. I’m joining you for a FD.
    Dave- glad that you’re treasuring Heidi…
    Hemmy- sounds like a successful day’s shopping! I like a bargain, usually get summer plants from car boots, the one we like isn’t running yet though.
    Steve- hope your headache’s gone, & you can enjoy the weather!
    Minols- well done getting your service sorted. Lovely that your old dog still enjoys his walks!
    Nana- did you buy much at the garden centre?
    Kevin- can’t remember what days you’re fasting, if it’s today then keep strong!
    Chilly walk for me- coat & hat needed still as I go out early! Rang my HS family, difficult call as they’re having a hard time, so difficult to know what to say, just have to listen! My manager wants to end the support for them, but I think we need to keep it up- I’m never good at the endings! Had our Asda order delivered, & will see Mum this afternoon. Fasting today, so salad for dinner.

    Afternoon everyone a beautiful day here shall go and sit outside even though next door are having a new patio layed so it’s noisy at times. Can’t waste this lovely weather though.
    Jean glad you’re getting your gate installed at last and hope grumpy neighbour takes notice of your lovely neighbour. Sounds like you had a good birthday yesterday.
    Hedgehogs we had a good look around the garden centre but only came away with some pots that we wanted. A lot of people had loaded trolleys with plants though.
    A FD for me today so am off to the garden now and chill out with my book.
    Enjoy the rest of your day everyone and stay safe.
    Nana x

    Afternoon all…lovely here – but cold!

    Dropped my sewing machine off to be serviced ahead of my next project…really looking forward to it! our shops don’t open until Monday…can’t wait to have a coffee indoors!

    FD for me – had a lovely protein-y omelette at the back end of the morning, so feeling fine hunger-wise, but obviously nibbley! That’s just habit, though! I’ve got a little bit of cauli/bean mash for this evening and I’ll do meatballs for the boys before I have a nice complicated meeting that i’m in charge of to take my mind off things ths evening.

    Catch up again soon.


    Afternoon people.Took Heidi out without her safety net😲she got round ok.An old man stopped me and asked about Heidi,he was amazed when I said she’s 15,he said it’s marvelous she’s still going so well. Will take her out again soon,wait until all the schools have gone.

    I got the car washed and cleaned inside loads of hairs!…washed the driveway down full of bird muck because no rain…

    It’s not been the best fast day I needed to eat some garlic chicken up..possibly nearer 800 cals but it is my third…plus I enjoyed it…the day itself has been good.

    Shame on your GS family, it’s always down to cuts..hope you can stay with them. Have you been playing games with mum, it’s been much nicer here this afternoon.

    We have a driveway being laid at the grumpy neighbours, it’s very noisy and dusty…blaring music!
    I have got my shorts on it’s still very nice here.

    What is your next sewing project ..I don’t think I have had my sewing machine serviced in 40 years 😂

    Heidi is so very good at 15 it’s a big age for a large dog…..

    Jean x

    Hi FBBs hope all is well with you Xxxx

    Another glorious day really enjoying it long may itlast.

    Just come in .. I have been painting a couple of wooden garden chairs I stand plants on. lol .. ( Got my Mojo back ) My neighbours hubby was most intrigued told her I had two chairs on the patio but couldn’t be sat in as they held plant pots s lolol Men…

    Brads ,, Heidi is a wonderful age .. 15 thats brilliant . Down to your caring and that chicken. Long may she continue with her wonderful life.

    Hedgehogs… Yes car boots are brilliant for plants… hopefully all open soon. It must be oh so very heartbreaking having to leave a family you have worked with knowing they still need help. Very hard for you indeed and what a wonderful job you do .

    Sym… Yes I do need a smack .. lots of bits of good old china from Granny and Mum now in the cupboards but still buying bits from charity shops. lolol You do have to laugh.
    So very pleased to hear your other neighbour has stepped up to the plate and put your other side right. Awful behavior from him… bullying.

    Hope everyone else is doing well… You ok.. Mel, Kay and Kev..

    Hopefully good results tomorrow and scales happy for us all.

    Take care all and stay safe

    You MUST always take care of yourself first. Remember you can’t pour from an empty cup. Xxxx

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